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Full text of "Memorial, genealogical, historical, and biographical, of Solomon Leonard, 1637 : of Duxbury and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and some of his descendants"

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ge:imeal6gy coLLErcrraS 


3 1833 00851 7655 ^ 

















'And Solomon made affinity with Pharaoh King of Eijypt. and 
took Pharaoh's daiighter, and brought her into the City of David " 
" And Joseph died, and all his brethren and all that generation." 
'• Tell it to the generation following." 




No. '^ O / 

Press <.!■ 

K.NAPP, l^ECK t'v: 'I'hciMSO.N, 
Al'MTRN, X. \' . 



Siiu.-f the (U'urli of ^[r. ]\[;iiiniii,!i' Lcoiiai'd. Iii> children li;i\-c 
.^ouo'lit to lill out tlie rerord of the Brid'jeirater Brandi of ih': 
Leonard Family, by sn})|ilyin,u" some of the data lacking in his 
niamiseri}it : and. without assuiuinu' that the record is complete, 
they now |)ul)lish the book, making grateful acknowledgment 
to all who have sc) courteouslv replied to their rec^uests for items. 

In addition tti the engraved portrait of himself at the age of 
twent^'-fonr. which ]\[r. Leonard had modestlv jirovidcd for the 
book, an artotype likeness made from his last }»hotogi'aph is 
given, that his reailei's may k'liow the man to whom they are 
indebted for this record. 


While some seem to luix'c little interest, and a tew niaiiil'est 
a eoiiteni|>tuous in(liffei'<.'iiee. in rcLiaril to tlieii' ancestry, most 
]iei'soiis feel a desire to know sometliinu' of their |iroL:eniti>i's. 
Tliere is (juite eertain to come in the life of e\-ei'\' one who 
attains matiirit\'. a time when he is led to make some iiii[nii'y. 
and perhaps reseai'eh. into his familv genealo^uy. It iis)ially 
does not oeeni' nntil a period when nian\' of those \vho, from 
their extreme ag'e were imjiortant links witli the '• long past." 
lia\'e de|»arted. and tlnis valnahle hieilities for obtaining veri- 
tal)le inh)i'mation of ones pi'ogenitors ai*' h:)st heyond reeo\-ei'y. 

The early settlers of New England were so constantly oeen- 
pied in suhduing the forests, erecting rnde dwellings, and pi'o- 
eiiring a scanty snbsistence for their families, that they had 
hnt little time for making written I'ecords. even if they had 
the disposition, al:)ilitv, and faeilit\' for doing so. .Vnd then. 
1)V the sudden attack of the Indians, and often eomjilete 
destruction of their homes, all that had heen written was Ire- 
(juently lost beyond re])lacement. Duxbury, which was the 
parent town of Bridgewater. lost all of its town records pre\ i- 
f)us to l()o4:. — sai<l to haye been burnt. The Colony ivcords 
of births and deaths pre\'ious to KJ-t" were also lost: and in 
lySiS all of the records of the t(_i\vn of "i^annton wer(' desti'oyed 
l)y hre. Though the materials haye been so scanty, siu-li has 
been the interest in family genealogy, and such the industry in 
gathering items from e\'ery source — family biltles, addresses, 
ecclesiastical and town records — and ])iittinL: them into accessi- 
ble and durable fV)rm. that most descendants of tin' Colonists 
can trace their family comiection to the ■• hi'st settlei'. with 
tolerable acciiracy. 


In mv earlv rears I used to listen with (Iee}> interest to the 
conversations between nivaged grandniotlier and my ])arents in 
res'ard to their "C(^nneetions,"" and some of them have never 
been f(3rg()tten. 

In the year 1846 I was chosen by the heirs (jf an nncle who 
had died, childless and intestate, in Natchitoches, La., as attor- 
nev to settle his estate. He was of a family c^f tliirteen chil- 
dren, and his eldest brother had a like number. Other l)rothei's 
and sisters had considerahde families, several had deceased. — 
and in some cases their children also. — leaving issue. To pro- 
cure legal ])owers from all the heirs, I had of necessity to 
become somewhat acquainted with a large numljer of relatives 
livin^!' in many dilfereiU states of tlie Union. About this time 
I ])rocured a copv of the Ilistoiw of Bridgewater l)y Hon. 
Nalium Mitchell, which contains the fullest genealogical his- 
torv of our brancli of the family that has ever been published. 
I saw at once that his dates and ('onnecti(_)n of families (bd not 
agree with what I had gathered from my father and other.^. I 
sought his ar<[uaintance and found he had alivady discovered 
errors which had occurred from the fre([uent repetition of 
Christian names in ditferent families leading to inisconnection, 
and a hick of c/arefully verifying dates and statements that had 
been fui'nished him. In an a])})eudix to the later bound copies 
of his liistor\', some of these errors we're ni_)ted. AVitli his 
idiaracteristic courtesy and k'induess he aided me in my 
researches and under his own hand gave me valuable ir.forma- 
tion which will a])|)ear in its proper jdace. I hail also some 
ac([uaintance with Hon. dames Savage and souglit to have in 
his u'l'eal work, wliicli w^as then in manuscript, a I'orrection of 
the puMislieil eri'ors in regard to onr progenitoi's. Many of 
them, howevei', it will be seen. ha\'e been jiei-petuated. 


I Itecanu' ;uM|u;iiiirril (ami in smiic cases iiitiiii;itcl\-) with ^\\: 
Saiiuu'l (i. Dnikc. Dr. Natliaiiicl W. Slmi'ilcir. l>r. Winslow 
Lewis. ^Ii-. V\]\\. U. l)eaiie. ^Ii'. Win. B. Towiie, (all now 
deceased). Mr. -lolm \V. l)e;in. Mi'. Wm. 1>. Trask. ;iiid otliers 
coiineeted with tin- Nc'W KiiLiiand llisturie ( ieiieak iiiieal Society, 
oi which T Iteeanie tirst a I'esideiit and then ;i life nienilier. 
ThrouLiii Mr. Drake 1 I'eeeived the New England Historical 
and (renealogieal Kegistei' until his decease, and from the societv 
since. The perusal of this pul)lication. and tlu' incidents nai'- 
rated. awakened an interest in genealogical lore and lia\e led 
to extensive research in oi'dei- to ivconcile the difl'erent state- 
ments regarding our family, or to learn what is false and what 
true, anil to discover the missing links in our genealogical chain. 

For some time I ardently cherished the }inrpose of ])nl)lisli- 
ing a very full and voluminous I'ecord of all those in this 
country l)earing our family name, lait I have met with so manv 
obstacles that 1 have al»and()ned the plan. I am now content 
to comhine, in as intelligiMe a form as 1 am al>le. the sulistaiice 
of what I liave gathered l>v haig lalior and at consideraMe 
expense and leave the work for others to complete. 


Leoxakd. This is a veiy ancient naniL'. and has l)c'en kn(.)\vn 
for several centuries, both as a christian and surname. 

Much lias been written and published in regard to the nomen- 
clature of surnames — tlieii" derivation and signification. Those 
who are curious in these matters can examine Camden's British 
Remains, puljlislied in London in 1687, Lower on English Sur- 
names, Chaml)ers\ Fesenden's and Brande's Dictionaries. A 
verv interesting article on Indi\"idual and Familv Names was 
published in the N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register, 
184:8, Vol. IL page 162. It was written by Rev. William 
Cogswell, I). I)., who was editor of the first volume of the 
Register, memlier of tliis societv, also of the American Anti- 
quarian and tlie Massachusetts Historical Societies, and was 
well verse<l in historical and antiquarian lore. Pie states that 
this is one of the class of surnames that originated from the 
christian name. The signitication is. Lion-hearted, from Leo or 
Leo7i and arrj. It seems strange that those who attained the 
lionors of knighthood did not ado]»t a lion's head for tlieir crest 
instead of a tigers/ 

AVhile some would sav in the words of Cowper: 

■'My boast is not that I dfducp my bntli 
From loins enthroned, the rulers of the earth. 
But higher far my proud pretensions rise — 
The son of parents passed into tlie skies." 

others are ambitious to trace their lineage to the nobility of 
the old world. For the benefit of such, and of all others inter- 
ested, an engraved coi)y of the coat of arms said to belong to 
the Leonai'd family is printetl with description of that, and of 
that of the family of Lennard, Ijord Daci'c, whicli it will be 
observed are very similar with the exception of the motto.* 

♦Description of Leoniird Coat of Arms: Arms— Or, (gold) on a fesse azure 
(blue) three fleur-de-lis argent (silver). Crest^Out of a duc-al coronet or, a tiger's 
head argent. Motto—Memor et Fidelis. 

Description of Lennard (Lord Daci-e) Coat of Arms : Arms -Or, on a fesse gules 
O-ed) three rteur-de-lis of the first or field. C'ri'st— Out of a ducal coronet or, a 
tigei-"s head argent. Blotto— Powr Bieu rifsircr. 


T]\f )>(' licariiiL;' tlic hitter title were acciisti 'UumI \n spell the iiiiiiie 
l)oth waA's. ainh imtwithstaiHliiiL;' what has lieeii written \n |iro\-e 
the eoiiti'ary. thei't' ishiit little doiilil that ■" the LeoiiaMl.- are 
of the l'aiiiil\- of Leiniard. Loril l)aei'e.'" Lord St. Leonards 
was a niend)erof (^iieeii \detoi'ia s |ii'i\\- eoimcil am! dieil in 
-lannarw Is7o. aii'etl ii.'J. 

St. TjOonai'ds is a parish and faiiioiis wati.'rin!i ]ilaiH' of 
Ensa'land. 'in the eoiint\- of Sussex adjoininL;' Hastings, on the 
c-oast. 7;t miles cast of Loniloii. St. Leonard's l^'orest is in the 
sanu> eonntv near norshani — oernpies Id. (KM) acres and is an 
enclosed part of the ancient .Viidredswald or \V( nnl of Anderida. 

St. Leonai'd is a ])ai'ish in En^a'land in the eonntx' of l)c\on. 
where is the West of Kii,L;land Deaf andDmnl) .Vs\liini. It is 
also a jiarish in Scotland. connt\' of V\U' : and a \dlla!it' in 
France. an<l a town near l^iiiiou'es contaiiniiLi ;d h tnt -l.t'tMl iidial)- 
itaiits. There arc nnnierons \dlla,L;es in France liearinii' the 
name of St. Leon. St. Leonhard is the name of several towns 
in Gcrmanv In this connti'v there is St. I^conai'ds a \"illaee 
in Calvert eonntv. Leonardstown. capitol of St. Mai'v's eonntv. 
lioth in ]ylar\dand : Lconardsville. a \'illa,L;(' in Madison eonntv. 
Xew Voi'k : Leonardsl)nr,u' in L)claware countv. ()hio: Leonard- 
\ ille. ALiiiiiioiith t-onnty. New Jersey : and LeoiianK ille, Riley 
conntw Kansas. f 

The earliest ,L;'encalo,L;'ieal acconnt of anv hraiich of the Leon- 
ai"d faniil\' in this connti'x is that imlilished in the ('ollections 
of the ^Li.-sachnsctts Historical Society in 17!i4. \(>\. III. pa-e 
173. 1)}'" Perez Fobes. LL. 1). It is an Apjiendix to a l)escrip- 

+ The following post-offices in the United States bear the name, viz.: 
Leonard, Cherokee County, Alabama. 
" Taylor County, Iowa. 
" Harlan County, Kentuck\-. 

" Oakland County, Miihigan. i 

" Shelby County, Missouri. 
" 5hidison County, North Carolina. 
" Chester County, Pennsylvania. 

" Fannin County, Texas. 

Greenbrier County, West Virginia 
'■ Cass County, North Dakota. 
The last mentioned received its name fi-cmi ^h-s. :\Iary (Hewett) Watts who 
gave the name as a compliment to a son of the cnnipiler. who spent the summers 
of 187S and ISTP in that localitv. 



ti(;ii of Hayiili:iiii which Cv^utaius an account of tlic Ii'oii Works 
established hy two nienibers of the family in llio^ — the f]-ien(.l- 
sliip exhibited towards them l)y Kin,i:; Phiii|) on the bi'eakinu: 
out of the Indian War in li)7o. etc. 

This was tlie most conqilete familv genealogy that liad ever 
been jirintcd in New Ki gland, but. beside those of hiter vears, 
very meagre. It was limited to one branch of the family, 
which is to be deejily I'cgrettccl for Dr. Fobes had a l^nowledge 
of the rtdation tliat the difi'erent branches in this countrv b'ore 
to each othei'. lie contemjilated |)id)lisliing a more elaborate 
liistoi-y, l)iit (bed before it was accomplished, and whate^'er he 
had wi'itten. with (jther \'a'uable pajiers. seems to have been 
lost. ]\[r. Wm. \{. Deanc prcjiared a more fidl account of this 
branch wliich was publisheil in tlie Historical and <T(.'nealogi- 
cal Register, \'ol. \'. page 40."5, is,')!. ;ind an a]ipendix in Vol. 
Vll, page 71. l'Sr)o. Co]>ies of these articles V\'ere stitched in 
a pamjdilet and entitled. "A (icnealogical Memoii- of the 
Leonai'd l''amily: containing a full account of the lirst ihree 
generations of the l^'amily of -lames J^'onard, who was an early 
settler of Taunton. A[as.s." 

Tills .lames, with brothers IIem'\- and Philip, it is said, came 
to this coiiiitrv about food from l-*ont\ pool. Ab )nmouthsliire. a 
county of England bordering the l)i-istol Channel. cclebi-nTed 
for its mines of coal and iron, beautiful scenei'v, and number 
of l)ritish and nie(li;eval remains. It once belonged to \Vales^ 
but was made an Knglish countx' b\- ileiii'v \'11I, earh' in the 
sixteenth centui'v. lienrv Leonard removed with his faiuily 
to New Jersey : Phili]) settleil in Duxbuiw and dieil withi_>ut 
leaving male descendants. 

\ genealogv of John Leonard, of Springfield llloll. and 
descendants was publisheil bv Rc\'. John A. \'intoii in the 
' G-ile-; Mcmoi-ial,"" 1864, ])age '279. This nuauoii' was mainly 
coiii|iiled from a gcnealogx' made by ISIr. Mlislia (dark Leon- 
ai-d mF Xcw Px'dford in \x')^l. ^^l•. Leonard is. in the judg- 
ment (if the writer, one of the most thi'^rough and perfect t)f 
gcneakigists lixung. He has spent weeks in inx'cstigat ing tlu' 
county I'ccoi'ds of Pn'istol at Taunton, making transcripts of 


the ciMiveyanees l)v LcoiKinls. etc.. ;iinl has ac(|uirt'il umi't' 
kiiowleilge of the ■■Taunton Ui'aiicli of tlic laniih' than anv 
other ]KM"S(~>n. li\"iiiji' or dcaiL We sincc'iX'ly lioitc, and ha\(' 
some reason to l)elie\"e. that he will ]iuMisli the result of his 
extensive researehes. With jirorouml Liratitude 1 desii'e here 
to repeat niv ol)ligations to him h)r his great assistance and 
ciKvMiragement in mv arduous work.'" 

I shall make no ;qiolog\- for the frc^juent use of the lirst 
|ierson. singulai'. exeept that of eouN'enienee. 

liiee Leonard was in I'l'lu'liotli in lii-t-l- and one of the 
original proprietors of Attlehorough in Iddl. lie Imd two 
daiigliters, Raeliel and Sarah, and one son. Sanniel. who die<l 
without male issue, therefore there ai'e no descendants hearing 
tlie family tiame. 

The descendants of Solomon of l)uxl)urv, Hl^!?. dohn of 
Springlield. llioi^'. Jami>s of Taunton and Henry of New .ler- 
sev are verv numerous and are scattered all through this coiin- 
trv. The e\'idenees are very cogent, if not entirely con(dusi\-e, 
that all of them were related and fi'om the same not \ery 
remote aneestor. • 

As has been stated. ]\'rez Fol)es. LL. I)., knew the relation 
that the different bramdies of the family bore to eaeli other. 
He was a native of Bridgewater — a descendant of John Fohes 
of l)uxl)urv. one of tlie original proprietors of Bridgewater. 
and it is thought came to this counti-\- with Solomon Lt'onard. 
Hi'. Fohes had a love for liistoi'ical and antiipiarian investiga- 
tion and research, and jiossessed rare facilities for its gratilica- 
tion which he sedulouslv improxed. He once wi'ote that he 
was acipnnnted with a man who had seen King I'hilip. He 
aided mv father in litting for college, was one of his ]iroft'ssors 
in Brown Universitv during his college course, and there was 
great intiuKuw between them to the close of l)i'. Fobcs lih'. in 
Lsl'i. He often spoke to in\' father of the eonneetion between 
the branches of the faniilv. If anv written record was made 

*Mr. E. C. Leonard, d. in New Bedford, Mass., September 7, 1894, leaving in 
manuscript form a large amount of genealogical and historical material of ines- 
timable value. A portion of this was ready for printing, and it is lioped liis 
work will tje completed and its pulilication not long delayed. 


of it by my father it lias gone to ()l)livi()ii with that made 1)V' 

When ill Europe in 1804, 1 visited Moimiouthshire in the 
hope of linding some reeords of the famil\' liefore their emi- 
gration to this eountry. I found the old reeords in Pont\'])ool 
had heen verv badly kept and got no satisfaetoi'v information 
from them. Several persons l.earing the name were living in 
tlie vi(.'init\". and an [iged man by the name of John Leonard, 
took me to the gravevard neai' the ancient ehuirli (^f Treve- 
tlian, not far from the town, wdiere I found insei'iptions reeord- 
ing the deaths, at an earlv date, of those 1 .earing the names 
John and dames. 

A prominent gentleman, the acknowledged head of the 
family of L'^tmard. living in Biiekingliam Villas, Clifton — the 
beautiful environ of Bristol — and his faniih', took mueh inter- 
est in the matter. He bore the cdiristian name of Solomon as 
ditl his father and grandfathei' before liim. 1 was assured that 
not onl\' this name, but also John, Jaeob and Isaac, had been 
common in the faniih' there h.r manv generations: that they 
Avere dissenters and some of the familv went to Leyden, and it 
was lM'lic\-cd from there to America. In a corresjiondenee 
with members of the family, continued for several years, this 
belief was confirmed. 


The enrlii'st settler in this coiiiitrx-, l)c;iriiiu' the l';iiiiil\- ikiiiic. 
of whiiiii we h;i\'e ;i rccoivK ami the aiu'cstur of what has loiii;- 
l)eeu k'Mowii as the " P)riilL;'c\vatei' J')raiicli of the Lcoiuiril 
Faiiiilw" must have liceu Ixii'ii ahout IdiM in Moiiniouthshiri'. 
or x'icinitv. in the soutliwesterlv part of Mnuiand. 

He seems to ha\'e emiL;'rate(l hrst to Lrxilcn in llollaml, 
prohahlv with his fatliei' whose name it is liclicx-ed was Saniucl. 
There is some })rol)al>ilitv that the\" came to this conntrN- 
togetlier -if so. tlie father must hax'e diiMl soon after. The 
exact |ierio(l that Solomon emiiirate(l to tliis countrx-. an<l the 
place from wliicli he em1)ark'(Ml. it lias heen impossilije to 
ascertain. .1 udi^e Mitchell, in his Ilist()ry of ])ri(lL;'ewatei'. sa\s: 
■•111 11)21'. tliirty-ti\-e of the Jjcvden ])eoi)h', with iheir himilies, 
arrived at Phniouth. and in l()o(>. si.xtv more came. Manv of 
the Brid;:!'ewatei' pi-oprietors wvvc douhtless aniouL:' these."' 

It has been stated that he came with the fiimilij of Ministei' 
Kohinson. hut late investi^ji'ations seem to]ii'o\"e that hut (uu- of 
the family, his son Isaac, came in Idol. ll has also heen 
stated that he (/ame with Ivoji'cr Chandler and i)ei'lia))s Kdmund 
Chandler, who were ju'ohal il\- brothers. Tlie\' were both taxcil 
in Plvniouth. (and ruhnitted freemen), in li;;-!;'). and soon alter 
were in l)u.\burv. wdiere l)oth lunl u'rants of land. 

He was en^a.Li'ed in the sei'vice of the Colon\' Coni|ian\' in 
Plvmoulh hn'a lime, but l)ecame one of the early settlers of 
L)uxbui'y. Mr. Justin \Vinsor, in his histoi'\' of this town. 
says it was settled by the ])eoi)le of I'lvmouth and thai they 
were, nianv of tlu'iii. of the hiu'licvt rcspi'ctabilitv and in the 
colony alfairs took |ii'ominent and actixc ]Kii'ts. ( )f the twenty 
suk)seribers to the i;i\"il conipact. sii;ne(| in the cabin of the 
Mayllower in November, lillin. who sur\-i\-ei| ilie fatal lirst 
wintci', seven — Klder P)rcwslei'. ("apt. Standish, Mr. ^Vhien 
^Tr. Ilowdand. I'Vancis Katon. Petei' Prown and deoru'e S(Mile 
— became iidiabitants of l)uxbui'\'. At one time it was of 


vast aiv;i, inelii<]iiig within its bounds Pembroke. Hanson, 
Marshfie.lJ, part ot Ivingston. and Bridgewater. 

The exaet (hite of Solomon Leonard's settlement in Duxburv 
cannot l>e lixed. ]\[r. Winsor says the records show he was 
there when the town was incorporated. IGoT. lie had land at 
"Blue Fish," in what is now the noi'therly part of the ^■illage 
of Duxburv, near the bay. 

The records of that [)eriod "that esca})ed tlie ravages of lire 
and flood," and )iotabl\' of decay. fr()m lack of proper care, 
are \'erv meagre and imperfect, and so incomplete that the his- 
torian of the present day is often sorely perplexed and <lisa}i- 
pointed in his researclies. I have ransacked all the musty 
archives and records of that period that are accessible and for 
those who mav not have the o}»portunitv of seeing the origin- 
als, verhatim copies will be given to some extent. 

In the " Records of tlie Colony of New Plym()ulh, in New 
England. Court ()rders."" 

A'<d. I page -19. \ "There was graunted to E<lmoiid 
"2 Januarv 163H-7.'" \ Chandlor fourt\' acrecs of land Iving on 
the east side of Moyses Symonson. where ]\Iorris formerly 
begunn to cleare for Mr. Bowman. — This was made voyd and 
{!){) acres granted afterwards. " 

Page 82. \ " Three score acres of landf are graunted 

''2 April 1688." ^ t(.) Edmond Chaundler, lying on Duxbon-ow 
side, and to be lav<l forth for him bv Captaine Standish eV !M'. 
Alden, w'" was accr)rdinglv lavd forth on the north east side 
of the laiuls gi'aunted Moyses Synions tV ranging as liis doth 
in length nortli & by east and south iS: by west from the mark'ed 

Page 8?). / "Solomon Lmner is ]iromiscd lands on 
"7 ]\rav l()o8." ^ l)uxl)Ui'i-ow side (in |itc of those due to him 
for his service) in some convenient place" 

Page 112. \ "Solomon Limnrr isgraunted twent^' 

"4 K('bruar\' l(>o8-!>." pine acres of land to b(>c la\'ed hirth 
for him 1)\' Ivlniond Chaundlors. w''' was hi\'' fortli for him 
on the cast si(h'of the lands graunted to Kdmoiid Chaundor. 
and ranging as his dotii. north east in length, and south ^.^ bv 


west from tlie luarkcd tivcys. mihI ImhiihIciI ;i1 tlic v|i]h'1' cihI 
\v"' ;i swaiiijK'. 

"Nov. 2. liUo." •• Twenty aercrs wci'c Lirauutcd lo J^)u-('r 
ChauiuUor, that Ivr mu'tliwai'd from I )m xl>orro\v Mill. to\vai-ils 
Greens Harl>our." ""SoUl to Ifrauiiris Godfrew l'"('liriiai \- 

lion. Tlu)nia.< Sj'ooner. in tiic ■•Spooner Memorial." states 
that Solomon Leonard was admitted fi'eeman in li)4."!. l)iit his 
name iloes not appear in the [irinted list of those admitted 
from l)nxl)ur\- that \'ear. lie is ennnierated anionu' those 
"males that are al)le to lieaiv amies fi'omX\'l veares old to 
^it» \'eai'es \v'''in the To\vneshi]ip of iJuxliorrow llUo."" 

By the Reeords of the Colony of New Plymouth — Deeds, 
Vol. 1. paue llo. SeptemlxM' 1(). I()4o. " Mem or aw I That 
Morris Truant and Solomon Lennerof l>uxliorro\vcanie before 
the Gounor and aeknowledued That tliev lia\"i' mutualh' 
exehaunged their now Dwelling houses and \plaiids and med- 
dowes w'''Miow thev hane in possession or anv gi'aunt of The 
<:)ne w'" the other So that the said Moi-ris Truant shall haue 
and eiijov tlie house ^•[llands and meddow of the said Solom<in 
Lenners w''' he lately Itouglit of Edwai'd Bumpas and all the 
peell of Comon laiid w"'' the Towne of Duxhorrow graunted the 
sai(l Solomon lying hetwixt the said house <{• land cf- jmrehased 

of Edward Bumpas as afoj-esaid and Mr. Aldens. And 

likewise That the said Solomon Lenner shall haue and enjoy 
the house garden tt- buildings and yjilands and meddow w''' 
apptaiued to the said Morris Truant at Blew thsh Hiuer w"' 
all and singnler the app'tene S to the said })'niiss belonging." 

Xo reeord of eonyeyanee of this land "lately bought of 
Edward Biim})as " ean be fouml. or of the lauils of Solomon 
Leonard when sold bv him. It should be stated that in ynst 
number of instances at this jieriod. and h)r fifty years sid)se- 
(juently. deeds of pnrehase were ne^■er recorded. 

Page loo. March the -ith. l<)-t7. is recorded a dee(l by whi(di 
" Moris Trnante Inhalntant of the Towne of Duxl»orrow and 
Jaane my wife haue h)r diners Reasons and y[)on gcx^d Concid- 
erations sonld to .lohn AVashburne Inhabitant of the .same 


Towne." ihis with other '•lands housses out housst-s — land 
lying between .lohn Irishes <[■ John Aldens Inhabitants of the 
same Towne — one |>eell adiovning to tlie lands of Phillipe 
Delanov Constant Sonthworth John Irish."' 

Paue 17s. f '-(Torg Partridg of the towne of Dnxberv 
''Julv '28, 1<)J1I.'" ^ in the Cohny of New Plymouth in Xew 
England in ameriea Tavler — in eoneideration of the Som of 
foner jiound sterling to him alre<ly payed by Sergeant William 
Merirke and Jolni Yobes of the t(nvne ah.resaid — S(_)uld vnto " 
them "about Hue aears or theral»outs in Diixbery aforesaid at 
}»e!ulder point betwixt the lands of (xorg Soule on the one 
side and Solomon Lenerson on the other side. 

Associated with the renowned ]^[iles Standish, John Alden, 
Constant Sonthworth, William Bradhu'd and others — 54 in all 
— Solomon Leonard became one of the original proprietors of 
Bridgewater and one t>f the earliest settlers there: Mr. Savage 
savs as earlv as l(')4:o, but it nnist have l:)een some years later. 
The grant of tlie plantation by the Court was not made until 
liUo. and the Indian title to the territory was made by deed of 
'•the good old ]vIassasoit,"" ilated March 28. KUD. The town 
was not incor|)orated as a distinct township until Kioli. It 
contained at one time about ninety-six s(piare miles of territory, 
the u'reatei" part of Abingtoii and what is now Hanson, were 
ini-luded within its bonnds. as well as the •■ Four Bi'idgewaters,"" 
— the North Parish l)eing now the thriving city of Brockton. 

The first settlement was made near what is now AVest Ih-idge- 
water. •• Each settler had at tirst a grant of a house lot of six 
acres on the town rivei', then called Nnckatest or Nuncketetest, 
;iii Indian name in close allinitv with that of the pond from 
which it flows, now called Xippenicket, foi'merlx' written 
Xca]iiincket or Xeapnuncket. The tirst lots were taken up in 
West l)ri<lgcwatci'. and the Hrst houses built, and tirst improve- 
ments made there: and the settlement was called after the 
name of tiic i'i\-ci-. X'uuck'etest, or X'^unckety. sometimes Uid<- 
ct\'. These Indian names wei'e \"ai'ionsly written — in (^o^•er- 
lioi' Hinckle\s decil of conformation, tlie jiond itself is called 
Uiik'ctesi. Tlie plantation bore tiie more gcnei'al aji|ie]lation 


of Saturket. Tlu'sc' lir>iis(.' lots wcro eoiitig-uons and the scttlr- 
iiieiit r(^ni|»a(_'t, with a vii'w to mutual aid, when couuuou |H-o- 
teetiou and deftuuH' against the Indians should lie i'C([uii't'(l, 
and extended on each side of the ri\er.'" [History of BridiiV- 
water.] SolonKMi Leonard's liousedot seems to have l)een near 
the center. On this he ereeted a liumMe hal)itation that was 
|irolia1ilv the dwelliiiL;' jtlaee of himself and family to \\\v close 
of his life. 

After a faithful and indefatiLi'alde search of man\- \-ears it is 
hard to l)e obliii'ed- to sav that no record can l»e Liixcn of the 
familv name of his wife, the nlate of their marriaLi'c. <>r the 
l)irths of their children. We only know that she l)ore the 
excellent name of Mary, which has hecn so creditalil\' jier- 
petuated in the families of her descendants. It is sad to real- 
ize that so much of our knowleilg'e of the family is dependent 
upon tradition which is often unreliahle. 

Thev were undouhtedlv married hefore l(i4(> and had a laru'e 
familv of children, most of them prohahly horn in Duxhury 
and several dyinu' while youn_u\ As they had aideil in tlie 
subduing and settlement of the. two towns, their li\-es nnist 
have been tilled with almost ceaseless care and laboi-. with few 
conveniences and no supertlnities. Their dwelliuL;' house, like 
otliers of that periotl, was probably made from hewn logs. 
with the spaces filled with clay: the chimney, of sticks or 
stones ami jdastered outside and in with clay, was built against 
one end on the outside of the house. Idieii' clothing was of 
homespun W(.)olen, flax, or hem}», supplemented perhaps, with 
leather made from the skins of deer. Their food consisted of 
various prepxarations of Indian corn, beans, rye or wheat bread, 
a few vegetables, tish, clams, lobsters, wild game, and in thcii' 
season, the Ijerries and wild fruit that were common in Xcw 
Ensfland ; beef and mutton were luxuries seldom induliii^d in. 
and neither potatoes, tea, nor cotfee had been heard of. TIkui- 
dishes, douljtless, were few and mainly of wood, with pcihaps 
a |)late or two of [tewtei".'" 

* A very vivid impression of the lives of the early emigrrants to New England 
may be gained from the accurate and intensely interesting book from the press 
of Ticknor ct Co., "The Pilgrim Republic," written by the late ;Mr. .lolni A. (iood- 
win, and also from the stories by Mrs. .Jane (Goodwin) Austen. 


Tliev wei'e uneducated, and ^vel•e e\'idently aniDU^;- tlif -Tude 
forefathers." Imt were respeetaMe. lidnest. industrituis. fru,L;al. 
and tliriftv. and these worthy traits have iieen transmitted to 
their deseen(hints to the ])resent day. 

A church was formed in Duxhury as early as l(v)2 : and 
Kev. Ralph Partridge, '"a man of pious and Ijlameless life. 
gentleness of spirit, and meekness of heart," was the minister 
from 1(337 to his deatli in llioS. AVhether they were mend_)ers 
it is im})ossil)le to state, as the records (_^f the church were 
Ijurned with tliose of the town. Xor can we tell if they were 
members of the church in Bridgewater, which was organized 
on its first settlement. Kev. James Keith was theii' first settled 
minister, ordained in l(i(54. and C()ntinued until his death in 
1719. He was from Scotland, educated at the University of 
Aberdeen, "a worthy man, faithful sliepherd. and al)le divine." 
on intimate terms with Increase Mather, Judge Sewell, and the 
leading men of that d.ay. He was a fine })enman and wi'ote 
many of tlie deeds, wills, etc., of his parishioners, and. without 
doubt, kept a careful chiircli record, but it cannot be found. If 
accessible to the historian of that period, what aid it would give ! 

At the Second Centennial Annivei'sarv of the Incorporation 
of Bridgewater, June 3, 1856, Hon. Emory Washburn,'^ in an 
adcb'ess delivered on the occasion, said, — "In selection of a 
minister, the town seems to lun'e been jiarticularly fortunate, 
and he seems to have stann)ed his own character upon this 

" riiough in the very infancv of the town its inhabitants had 
shown the interest they felt in the cause of education, bv con- 

* JnhiO Washburn was early in Diixbury. He and his s. John were original 
proprietors of Bridgewater. John'i b. 1621, m. Elizabeth Mitchell, ]fi45. Josfph-^ 
m. Hannah Latham, whose grandmother on her mother's side was the famous 
Mary Chilton, said to have been the first female to set foot on the Plymouth 
shore, 1630. Joseph' m. Hannah Johnson. Sethoh. 1733, m. 17.50, Mary Harrod, she 
d. Sept. 16, 1787. He m. 3d, 1788, Mrs. Sarah (Denny) Sargeant; he d. Feb. 13, 1794. 
Jo.s-ep/ii! b. May 18, 1755, m. May 6, 1787, Ruth Davis b. Oct. 8, 1765: he d. :\Iar. 37, 
1807; she d. Mar. 23, 1837. Emori,' b. Feb. 14, 1800, graduated from Williams foil. 
1817, youngest in his class, studied law at Harvard, admitted to the bar 1S31, m. 
Nov. 3, 1830, Marianne C. Giles; he d. Mar. 18, 1877, at Cambridge, Mass. "The 
legislature of Massachusetts expressed its deep sorrow at the death of Hon. 
Emory Washburn, the senior member of the house of representatives, '1836, 1837. 
1877), formerl.v state senator. (IS41), and governor (185:i), of the Cominonwealtli." 


tributing tweh't' jxhukIs. in Indian corn, tortlic licndit nf II;ii'- 
vard C\)llei;e. I di> not liiul coriHirntc iK.-titm lor rst;dili>liiiiu- 
schools within tlu' town till ahont tin' \cai- 17o(). when 'a 
scholar who came ont IVoin Kniiland. whosi' nainc is 'I'lionias 
]\[artin," was engaged lor ton r yt.'ars to !<(_■(■]> a school in loni- 
places ill the town in each year. — three niontlis in each jilace. 
Bnt. though entering late into the liekl, we are warranted, from 
its whole historv. in believing that few towns liaxe heen more 
uniform or consistent in sn])|>lying to the young the means of 
education. Though there were among the early settlers, few 
who laid claim to much scliolarslii]i. there were none who 
wanted that general intelligence and |iractical good sense so 
much more useful to men in tlieir coiiditi(.)n. 'i'here was in 
this respect a remarkal»le uniformity among them, and scared \" 
if any. less remarkal)le identity in their religious faith and 
ohsei'vance of their iiKjral duties. ^\nd, as an evidence (jf this 
it is Ixdieved by those who have mad.e it a subject of investi- 
gation, that drunkenness and its kindred vices were unknown 
among them: and not a single conviction of an inhabitant of 
the town, for any crime involving moral turpitude, was had 
while Plymouth existed as a cohjuy I 

" When a better system of religion or of practical hiith than 
this can be discovered, the world may begin to dispense with 
the old-fashioned notions of Robinson and Brewster. And yet 
it was not because the men of that day were wanting in sjiirit 
or energv or enterprise. 

'■ Tn speaking of those who ga^■e a character to the first gen- 
eration, and whose teaching and intluenee trained u]i tho.<e who 
were to be worthy to succeed them. I must not pass over the 
wives and mothers, wlio came here into the wilderness to gi\e 
to the sp(.»t its strongest attra(_'tion, the simple charm of iKjint^. 
Thev caine here while the howl of the wolf was yet heard fi'oiii 
the deep forest aro)ind them at midnight. Often and again did 
they clasp tlieir little ones, with more than a mother's lendci-- 
ness, as they saw the shadowv foi'iii of the savage stealthily 
})rowliiig around their scattered <lwellings: oi' waited in feai'fnl 
suspense for the return of a husband from the bold forays in 
which thev souukt h)r the h)e in his laii\ 


" But history does not tell of a mother's eouni,ue that (juailed,, 
or a woman's iV^rtitude that shrunk, amidst tliese dangers." 

Hon. Lemuel Shaw,* Chief Justice of Massachusetts, said: 
"In the first place the founders were actiiated and governed, in 
all their thoughts and in all their movements, hy high relig- 
i()us and moral })rinri]tlc. They A\ere not adventurers who ha<l 
left their country for a time to mend their fortunes and then 
return : they came to seek a permanent al tiding place, to estaV)- 
lish a home for themselves and their descendants, which should 
satisfv their cherished ideas of a }iure, religions connuon- 
wealth. Thev came with little })ro}ierty : hut the means on 
which they relied, — and on which, as tlie e\'ent pro\'ed, they 
migiit rely with success, — next to an und(_)ul)ting faith in the 
pro\"idence of God, were earnest minds and willing hands. 

"But it is not on their religious character, however, that I 
would dwell : hut I (h) wish to ask yijur attention to their high 
m<jral })rinciples. In my judgment they were truly and con- 
scientiouslv governed l>y a princi})le of strict integrity, a pure 
sense of exact justice, of strict c<(uality of rights in the dis- 
trihation and enjovment of all civil and s<)cial Ijcncfits and 

" l)Ut next to their religions character and the higli-toncd. 
strong sense of moralitv, of jnsticc and integrity, or pcrfci-t 
e(|uality of rights, wliich markcil their conduct in all their 
social and ])olitical dealings and relati(.)ns with each oilier. I 
consider that the remarkahle growth in ad\-ancing from povci'ty 
to competencv, t*^ wealth, and to all the I'chncmcnts of an 
advanced civilization, are mairdy atti'ihntaMe to two (pialities, — 
industry and frugalitv. Lahor, honest lahor, c\'en hai'<l and 
persex'cring labor, in a laudalde and honest calling, hrougjit no 
discouragement, no want of respect, no loss of social position. 
This was a genei'al and per\'ading feeling, and extended to all 
classes and to both sexes: niothei's and dauiz'htci's. as well as 

*Hon. Lemuel Shaw, LL D., son of Rev. Cakes and Susanna (Haywai'd) Shaw- 
was b. in Barnstable, Jan. VI, 1"S1, m. Jan. (5, 1818, Elizabeth dau. of Josiah Knapp 
of Boston; she d. June K!, IS:.':.'. He ni. 2d Aug., 1827, Hope dau. of Dr. Samuel 
Sava.ije of Barnstable; he d. in Boston, Mar. 30, I8(il. His .genealogy : Abrahami 
Sliaw of De-lliMin, freeman, ItliiT. John- (Ui.v>, of Weymouth). Joseph-' b. l(i(U. 
Jobiu b ITOS in Kast Hrid.gewater. Cakes'- b. June 10, irSi; d. l-'el). II, 1807. 


fathers ami sons, wci'c actiiateil alik'c 1)\- a coinnioii sclt'-dcxo- 
tioii to useful iii.liisti-v, to ailvaiicc the coiiiiuoii interests of 
the faniilv. 

"1 wisli to exjiress for myself, and niv eoiiteni]torarit's of the 
])reseut time, a deep feeling of ui'at it m h'. \'cneration. and lilial 
atfeetion, for our fenude ancestors. ^'Jdiongh h'ss ('oiis|iicMoiis. 
their duties wei'e not less im])ortaiit and criicicnt. AnimatiMl 
li\' an ahidiui;' st'nse of religious (U'j>endeMcc, and siistaincil li\- 
an unsliaken faith; governed hy an entii'c de\'otion todut\'. 
and in self-saei'iheing sjtii'it: witliout displaw and without a 
thought of being ai)|ilauded oi' noticeil ; — th('\- jiroeeeilud in the 
performanee of their aj>j)ro]iriatt' duties with a (piiet bnt perst'- 
vering energv. whieh did nnich to mould tiie characters of 
tlieir sons and (hiughters to honor and \irtuc. and ele\ate the 
tone of society l>y impressing it with sometlnng of their own 
];)ure and loftv s]>irit. 

"These virtues and eharaeteristics were not rar(\ exce])tionaI. 
and occasional, hut excrywherc al>onu<le(l as the leading char- 
acteristics of the wives and mothers of our cai'h' anct'stors. 
and tended to give to society h)i'med under domestic auspices 
a character of high excellence, though still little ad\ancc(l in 

Hon. James M. Keith said, "There is a heantx' and moral 
SLibliniity in the patient devotion to dut\". manifested iu tix' 
daily life of the conscientious Christian minister, wiiich ajijieals 
even to wduit some consider the callous iieart of the legal ail\o- 
cate in tones more thrilling than the highest-wrought ]ieriods 
uttere(l fi-om the rostrum. 

"The eloquence of such a life was shown hv t!ic Rev. .lames 
Keith, the iirst minister of Bridgewatcr. for moi'<' than lifty- 
live years, amidst the toils, the i)ri\'ations. and the dani;ci's of 
a colonial settlement, in the foi-ests around the sjioton which 
we are assembled, in the hdthful dischai'gc of the duties of his 
ministry, till called to his reward in 1711L 

"The Iirst minister of l)ridgewatei' did not preach, noi'did 
his hearers practic(,\ a sickK' sentimentality, which showcil 
more svmpathx' for the criminal than Ionc for the obsei'\- 


aiK/e of law : l)ut he tatiglit, and tliev Relieved in a willing 
obedience to law, and in the speedy ])niiish]nent of its vio- 
lators. Thev devoutlv l»elieved in i>i'aver. and trnsted in God; 
l»nt thev also trusted in tlieir own I'iglit arms to achieve their 
defence. When attacked l)y the Indians, whom tluw had 
treated with uniform kindness, they did not ;d)andon their 
lionies, as adxdsed l>v the timid of other settlements, nor ti'eml)- 
ling wait for ( )iunipoten(_'e s}KK'ia]ly to inter[)(xse for their deliv- 
erance ; but, seizing tlieir weapons with resolute hearts, they 
attacked the f(K', and drove him from tlieir settlement." 

Although all their lives deprived of the }n-ivileges (.)f instruc- 
tion hv the school-master, and the ap})liances of the schools 
that aft(n-wards hecaine so common, Solomon Leonard and his 
familv must have acquired instruction and growth in grace, 
refinement, and virtue, from the dailv intercourse with their 
iieiLi'hhors, some of whom perchance of more culture and in el- 
ligence : and the miiiisti'ation, instruction, and exaiii})le, of 
such pious, hiithful and beloved miuistei's as Hi'x. Ealph Part- 
ridge and Rev. James Keith. 

His name appears once more before his death on the Colony 
Eecords, Ab)l. 8, page 160, :\rarch 4. l(i:>S-il. -'An ln(|uest 
was held on the bodv of an English Man which some Indians 
toi)k ui)out of thelliuerof Tetacutt, a little below Xemaskett. 

•' W^ee found iioe blemish about the man that should in anv 
wav cause his death, but as we conceive was (h'owned acci- 

lie was associated on the iiajuest with the following citizens 
of Bridgewater, nearly all of whom we Hnd prominently con- 
nected with the eai'lv histoi'x' of the town. ••Saninel Edson, 
Nathaniell Willis, dohn Willis, John \'opes, Arthur Harris, 
John Ilavward, sen'', ]\Iark Laythrop(\ Thomas Ilayai'il Jun'', 
William Snow, Lawrence AVillis, (iuydo l)ayley. Xathaniel 
Ihiwai'd. and John Carew. ' 

Soon ;d'ler this period he seems to ha\'e acipiii-ed the i'es]>ect- 
ful title of •• ( ioodiiiaii iiennerson.'" which he bore until his 
dentil. it has been impossibh' to ;iscert;iiu when this e\-ent 
occui'red. lie was prob^biv bni'ieil in the ancient gi';i\ e-y;ii'd 


:tt West l^ridii'cwaTci-. ••luit no iii;iii kiiowctli <it' liis sc] lulclirc 
iiiito this il;i\" : mill. slrniiLic ;i> it iii;iv scciii. tlic s;iiiir is ti'uc 
of all the iiiemlii'i's of his faiiiiU' I .liul^ic Mitclicll. in his ilis- 
torv of BridiiX'watci'. sa\'s he dinl m Idsii, ainl thisciToi' has 
lit.'cii rcpeatt'il 1)\- ^[l•. Sa\'au(' ami 1>\' iiiiiiiiiicraMc foljowci's. 
This seems verv straiisic foi' hoth of these L;'eiitleiiicii were 
familiar with the Coiu't Records of IMviiioiith. 1 he records of 
deetls there, and the Pi'oprietoi' s Records of r)ridL:('\vatcr. cither 
one of which wonld have shown that he must haxc died man\' 
years hefort' the ]iei'iod iianie<l. dndiic Mitchell also sa\'s. " his 
(Estate was settled 1>\' his son Samuel and was the lirst settle- 
ment recorileil in Rlvmoiitli Probate Conrt."' ATr. Sa\a,i;'e 
notices this statement, and seems to take (Exceptions to it. I)n1 
makes no explanation. I fail to find any reeord of the settle- 
ment of tlu' estate. Ijnt few pa])ers ivlatin^i;" to tiTinsactions 
dnrin^i;' that pei'iod can hefoniKh At the time of King Philip's 
war. and sabsequentlv, the antieipateil or aetual raids of the 
Inilians oceasioned fre((neiit hasty removals of the Pi'ohateand 
other papers and reeoi'ds, for safetv, which rcsultcil in sci'ions 
h)ss. For several veai's the whole connli"\' was agitate<l and 
absorbed in these Indian wars and neai'K' e\'er\'thing (dse seems 
to have been left to "take eare of itself." ]t is ipiite impossi- 
ble, in these ]ieaceful times, foi- ns to lia\'e an\' c()nce] »tion of 
affairs at that ]>ei'iod. The town of l^ridgewater ordcreil the 
meeting honse and minister's house to be fortilied. powdei' ami 
ball to l)e procnre(b and pav foi- soldiers ]ii'o\ided. " Tiic for- 
titlcatioii al)out the meeting house to be made with half trees, 
seven feet high above the ground, six rods long and h)iii' i-ods 
wide, beside tlie tiaidx'ers." 

The following shows the ai'tion of the colonv. ('olon\' 
Records, \'ol. o, ptage 17ii, ( )ctobei' d. fiiTo. •• Meniorand : 
that tlu' Court pi'o;daime(l a sollenme da\" of humilleat ion. 1o 
be obserx'ed bv fasting and |)ra\'ei' which was oKscrxi'd by 
theii'c order on th«.' 14th of ()ctol)ci' li'u'* throughou! this jur- 
isdiction, to hund)le our soules. and seeke and bcgi;' the Lol'il s 
healp in oui- psent ti'onliles. bv I'cason of the Indians, tlicii'c 
]»-isting on in theii'e hostillitic an 1 barbaiMrous creweltieaml 
outrau'c aii'ainst the Kniiiish. 


" It is ordered l)V the Ci)Lirt, that daring tlie time of pid)]ieke 
dano-er every one that comes to tlie meetino- on the Lord's (hiv 
bring his amies with him, and t'lirnislied witli att least six 
charges of |)owder and sliott, vntill farther order sliall he given, 
vnder the |)enaltie of 2' for everv such defect, to l)e leuied l)y 
distress, hv the constable, bv order of any of the comission 
ofhcers, for the townes vse. 

''This Court, takeing into theire serions consideration the 
tremendous dispensations of God towards tlie })eo}>le of Dart- 
mouth, in snfi'ering the barborus heathen to spoilc and desti'oy 
most of theire habitations, the enimie being greatl\' advantaged 
thervnto by theire scattered way of lining, doe therefore order, 
that in the rebuilding or resettleing tlierof, that they soe order 
it as to line compact together, att least in each village, as they 
mav be in a ca})assitie l)otli to defend themselves from the 
assault of an enimie, and the bettei" to attend the pnbHcke 
worshi]) of God. and ministr^Mjf the word of God, whose care- 
lesnes to obtaine and attend vnto, wee fear, may haue liine a 
])rouocation of God thns to chastise theire contempitof Ins gos- 
pell, whicli wee earnestly desire tlie people (»f that })lace may 
seriously consider off, lav to hart and be humbled for. — 

" Alsoe this Conrt doth order, that the people < >f ]^[iddleberry 
doe attend the like conrse in theire rebuilding and resettleing, 
as is ordered foi' Dartmouth." 

The settlement at Dartmouth, 25 miles disttnit from Bridge- 
water, was attacked by the Indians several months liefore this 
date, many of tlie houses burned and the inhabitants slain. 
The people of Middleborough oid\' about ten miles distant, all 
tied to I'lvmouth for protection and all their houses were 
burned. A\ a later period. Bridgewater was savagely attacked, 
but the peo]ih' courageoiislv and sucees<full\' defended th<Mn- 
sch'es. '^riiough wrv nian\" of the men of this town were 
engageil in the war from the x'cry begimiing to its close it has 
been stated tiiat not one was slain. 

In the Ivecoi'ds of I)eed> of Bl\-mouth CololiN'. Pxiok' M, jiage 
liM.l. ;i coiilirmatoi-N- dee(l from Samuel Leonard to his brother 
dolin is rci-orihMl which states: "•Forasmuch as m\' father 


Solloinon Leonard of IJriilp'WMTcr while lie \va< lix-iiii;' diil \\'.;li 
m\' laoTlier t'nllv and lirniU' Ix'stow on ni\- lirotlicr .lolm Lri.n- 
ard l1ft\' acres of land lieinu' and Imtnii;' on the south or sonth- 
westerl\" sx'dc of Pnnk'atest ri\ei- next adjoining;' unto Lldci- 
Brett his lifty acre Lott that lie Ixni^i'hl or exchanucd with 
Robert Latham on the one sx'dc anil nnto ni\- land on the oth.'r 
syde with all the nieildow — and not liaxinL^' nrnle \)rrt\ df (iift 
nnto niv lirother -lohn Leonard lieinu' prcxented l'\' death — 1 
sannu'll Lconai'il — eonhrni — ni\' hand and seal this lirst of tlir 
thii-d month May 1(171. 

^Veknowledu'e(l l)efore mee Constant S )ntl!wortli 

Also Book 4. ]iau'e ."). 

■■ Winslow Gox-'". 

"AVheri'as Xidiolas ]')vram and Sollonion Leonard did 
exehan^u'e land and p(.)ssess them several veares l)eh)re the death 
of Sollomon T^eonard & Samnell Leonard his son doc I'atifv 
ami eontirni the said Exehan<je "" \'e. 

■• Ac knowd edged hv Nicdiolas Bvram and Samnell Leonard 
l)efore Constant Sonthw(_)rth assistant Jnne 2il 1()7-1:. ' 

The tV)llo\vin,u' is from Plymonth Colony Kecords ■ Coni't 
Orders. Vol. o. paiae ITi'. ( )ctol)er 27. 1H7.3. 

•■ Li reference xnito the dispose of Sollomon Lconai'dson, of 
Brid^i'eAvater. deeeased. the (N)nrt hane ordered, that such 
])ticnlars as l)eloni2- to Samnel Leouardson, the eldest son of 
the saiil Leonanlson. l)ein,L;- firstly sett ajtart. y\/.. d- lifty acrees of 
v|)land, lying" on the sonthsx'de of Xunckatateesett Kiuer. and 
twenty more adjoining to it, on the northerly syde therof. and 
twelne acrees hdng att the town of P)ri<lgwatci\ on which the 
lion^e standeth, and three lotts of me Mow. containing two 
acrees and an halfe, oi' thereabouts, to a lott. and lift\' acrees of 
Lnal aj)])ei'taining to John Leonardsoii. the second son of tin- 
said Sollonion Lt'onanlson. and all debts and dues owing to an\' 
from the estate being hi'st payed, the Couit doth ordia-. settle 
and distribute the remaimha- as followeth : — 

"W/.. d\ that Samnell Leonai'dson. the ehlest son of the said 
Sollonion Leonardson. shall hane a double jioilion. with what 


liee Imtli ah-etldy reeeiueil from liini. of his estate. l)Otli real 
ami ]is()iiall. according' to law. and tlie I'eiiiaiiidei' to lie e(|i;allv 
deuided amongst the reste of the (diildreii in equall and :dike 
])i'opoi't!ons. pj'onided that what any of them hane reeeiued of 
theire fathers estate he likewise rei/oned onward to them off 
theire ptes. 

'"This Court hane graunted Itres of adminnestration \-nto 
Samuell Letjnardson to adminnester on the estate of Sollonion 
Leonai'dson. deeeased : and the Court doe I'i'ipiest Elder P)i'ctt 
and ^NI' Samuell Edsiju to he super\dsors and assistant vnto the 
said adminnestratoi', in things ])i'oneing diiheult I'elating to the 
})mi ses." 

In a seareh which T made at the Pi'ohate ()ttiee in Plymouth 
some years ago I found, among the miseelhmeous papers that 
liad "'escaped the ravages of the war." the original hond given 
hy Samuel Le(jnard t<:) settle his hither's estate. The following 
is a eopv : — 

"Know all men hy these presents that T Samuel Leonardson 
of tlie towne of Pridgewater in the Jurisdiction of New Plv- 
mouth, (Airpentei", do acknowledge m\'self hereh\- to stand 
l)ound nnto the (rovenor and Conit of I'lvmouth aforesaid in 
the jicnall sum of one hundred pound for the pa\"nient of 
whi(/li sum well ami trnl\' to he m:ide 1 hind nix'scH' m\' iieirs 
executors and adnhnistrators. hrnd\' h\- these presents, sealed 
and given this 27 of ( )ctohcr l(>7o. 

"The condition of the ah(.)ve written ol)ligation i< sii-li that 
whereas the aho\-.' hounden Samuel L.aiardson liatli ohtaintMJ 
lctt<M"s of administration, to adnnnistei' on the estate of Solc)- 
nion Lenardson of the towne of Pridgewater in the ('olone 
ah)re<aid, weaver. If thei"eh)re the said Samuel administi'ator 
shall and do pav all such ileht acciiunts. of his said adminis- 
ti'ation, ami he rcddv to gi\'e an acconnt. thereof nnto the said 
Court when hv them i'c(|nii'ed and kee|) an<l sax'c harndess the 
said (r;)\-. and Coni't fi'om such damage as nia\" aci'ew nnto 
them h\" his said administration That tlnai this ohJiLi'ation to 


1)1' voiil and of iioii cli'cct or oTlu-rwisf to rcuiaiiic in full forcr 

sTivugtli and vt'i'tue. 

Sainncl Km mai'd ) Seal ■ 

SiLi'ned sralt'd and (ltdi\a'i'rd in 

the pl'l'StMK'C ot 

■'^^Villianl iM^irsstow 
Kobert Stetson." 

Wliv leu'al ste})S \veiH' not soojum' tak'cn to settle the estate 
we ean (■)ulv conjecture. Pei'lia|>s elforts to (|o this l»y auree- 
nient were made and failed.' PossiMy it may lia\-e Keen 
arranu'erl to defer it until the death of the \v:(h>\v. which had 
doubtless now oceurre(h as nt» mention is nuuh' of lice and no 
]»ro\'ision ,m'aiited in the or«h'r of the (/ourt. 

In the aibiiiuistrator's bond Solomon L(_'onard is calleil 
'"weaver." This is the onl\' instanct' tliat has been found 
where he has been so caUeih In all h\L;al instiMiments of that 
(lav it was the custom to nanu' the eni|iloyment of the |iarties. 
It is possible that he ma\" liax'e served an ajt[>i'eiitieeshi]) at 
weaviui;'. in his eai'ly years and h)llowe(l it to some extent 
throULiii life, but more pi'obabjc that he had bceonie unable to 
|)erform the hard work of the hirm and the last woi'k he diil 
was weaving. 

Although copies of manv documents luive been gix'cn. it 
.-^eenis proper, before proceeding to the historv ot the second 
generation, tt) add the following from the l*roprietors IJecords 
of Bridgewater. Book I, |)age 1I2 : 

"The lands of Samuel Leonard dolm Leonard Isaack Leon- 
ard and Jacob Leonard hear in the town of bJridgewater Kel >- 
ruarv "7il — Lmprinns — Samuel! Leonard is as foljoweth, t\vel\-e 
acres (jf laud wheare he now dweJIeth l)e it more (_)r less being 

*Win. Barstow was probably son of Wni. wlio was in Dedham wlien liis son 
.Joseph was b. 1639 and in Scituate wlien Win. .tr. was born Sep. Itio^i. Hix first 
(hild (wit'e Sarah.) Rebecca was b. Mar. l~', Mir.i. His wiU dated 1711. Both .loseph 
and Wni. with Joseph Spra^ue proved "Cornet"' Rol^t. Studson's will, :Mar. 1, 

Ri>hfit Sttfsn I was probably son ot" the "'Cornet,"" b. .Jan. 20, lt;r):i ni. .loaiina 
Bro )k* KJTti. "The same year the Indians burned his house" in Scituate. He lived 
ill Pembr,)ke which was taken fi'om Duxbury and Marshrteld. "Here was tlie 
first saw-mill in Plymouth Colony," &c. 

Barber, p. .51" See John Stetson Barry's Town of Hanover, ji. UU. His family 
of Stetson, p. 92- U. 


to sixe acar Lotts eighty pole in lengtli and tweiitv foniv or 
five in })ole in l)reailtli or tliere al)out.s Ranging mirtli and sontli 
or thereabouts Butting on the Towne river on the south sid of 
the River. 

"More — twenty aears of uplands on the south side of the 
Towne River liing betweene tlie lands of Edwai-d Foabs to the 
norvvard and Jaeol) Leonards to the southward rnnning in 
le.igth eight seore })ole and in breadth twentv pole ranging 
Northeast and Southwest from the river or thereabouts. 

"And here follows Samuel Leonards med<h)W one Lott and 
a halfe of meddow liing on the south side of the Towne River 
b'jing between the meddow Lands of Joseph Bassett to the 
westward and Nathaniel AYillis to the eastward ami bounded 
bv tlie River to the norward and by the u[dands to the 

" More — one lott of meddow in Slashing Cove liing betweene 
the meddow lands of Mr. James Keith to the westward and 
P^liliu Bretts to the eastwai'd and bounded bv the U})lands 

"More — one Lotte of meddow on the south sid of the towne 
rivei' in the Great Meddow running from the v'wvv to the 
Swam})e liing lietweene the medilow of John Car\' Jun' to the 
east and Ni(d\'ols Biram Senioi' to the west. 

"Hear follows the Lands of John Leon;ii'<l. P)eing hftv 
Aeres of uplands on the south sid of the Towne ri^■er Butting 
on the River being eight seoiv [)ole in fjength and l1l't\' pole in 
breadth liing betwenc the lands of Klihu P>ivtt to the eastward 
and his brother Isaaeks to the westward rnnning for its Range 
northeast and southwest nearest. 

"J\b)i'e — onetiftvaear I^ott belonging to Isaaadc Leonard and 
Jacob lieonard Tsaaeks pait being next his Ib-otlu'r dolins Iift\' 
acai' Lott to the eastward and Jaeob Leonard to the westwai'd 
being tweiit\' li\'e aears lamning the same length and bi-edth 
witli the aloi-csaid lifty acar Lott of their Ib'other Johns 
I'anging ii]ioii the same ]Hiint of eompas and Ibitling on the 
iSame side of the ri\er Jacobs jiart of his Mft\' acres of Lands 
being Iwcaity li\-e aia-es lietli to the westwaril of Isack's twent\' 


five acres ami l)i)UHileil liv tlic twenty acar Lott nf his ln-oTlicr 
Saiuuell Le;>iiar.l t'.) the westward all the aforesaid lands IJiit- 
tiu.u" of the River. 

•■ ^[ore — hft\' ar.irs of T/iiids laid out to Saiiiucl Tjencrson 
liiiiL;' to the soutliwai'd of fln' towiic rix'ci' luittiiiL;- on ;i Kiduc 
and P>onnded l)\'a Red ()ak wcstcrU- and li\a Wdiite ( )ake 
easterlv Itrin^;" Hft\" |iole wide and eiiiht score pdle in leiiLith 
ranu'inu' south and 1)\' west n<.>arest, and l)onnded liv the Lands 
of Samuel K Ison .luiner to the westward iS: a Li'reat \VhiL:iit 
(Jake l)einu' marked at the head of tlieii' lands and li\" the 
Commons to the Eastwai'ik \ ,u"reat wdiiLiiit oake lieinu' mark'ecl 
there also for his breadth X iijion the II()rse Plaine. 

"More — tenn akers for John Leonord at x\\c head of his 
twoo tiftv aker Lotts wdiei'e his house stands hounded at the 
head rauii'e 1)V a reil oake sajilim!' in a heap of stones and a 
small wdiite oak hush with a Eoek at the h)ot of it. 

"More — h)r John Lenaiiard thirteen acars a swam]) lott and 
three aear which hee bought of Josiah Edsoii liing ii])on a small 
brook l)ordering upon the horse plaine it a bounde(l by a straight 
.Range from a pine Tree marked on two sides ^S: to a red oake 
marked on towe sides and from thence to a white oke marked 
on foure sides standing near the Brook and from tluaiee to an 
Ash stamling in'are the swanipe A: thence to run upon a straight 
line from the .Vshhe to a smalle wdnte oak'c mai'lced on tow 
sides and so to the bounds first mentioned. 

Laiil out by Josiah Edson and Edwai'd Foljes." 

At t!ie top of page S)?j is entei'cil : 

■■ Lands of Solomon lenord. 

Two akars for Solomon lenortl at the head of his tow house 
lots. • 

\ long blank spac-e is then left, ajipareiith' to make addi- 
tional rci'ords, and lower down: — 

"Five akers for Isaac lenord at the head of his twenty live 
acres wliere his house stands." 

On page i^'-f is " .V Plan of lands b;)u_;ht of the Leonards by 
David Perkins, laiil out 'li June 1()SS." I was assure(l b\- 
AVilliams Latham. Esip. whose researches made him competent 


;»i'itv ill sucli iiuitti'i's, that this tract L'()\-ei't'<l a \k\v\ of tlie 
grounds of th<' l)ri(lg('\vat('r Iron Works. He also stated that 
tlie lands forini'i'lv owned liv the Leonards eoveved a consider- 
able part of the present \illage of Bridgewater. 

A grant of land seems to have l)een made to the family hy 
the J^lvmouth Colon V at "Saconett" after the father's death 
and as the wi'iter has heeii unable to ti'ace it, lie will gi\-e fur- 
ther reeords in the hope tiiat othei's may l)e more successful. 

Plvrnouth C'oloii\- Records — Court (Jrders, Vol. o, p. l(i'/, 
Marcli 1, 1074—."). '• \'poii the }>etition of the propriatoi's of 
the lands aft Saeonett, and ])laces adjacent, the C(jurt hath 
granted vnto the said ]»ropreators, or the major pte of them, 
as a towneshi})}), to make sueh aetes and orders as shalbe need- 
full or convenient for the welbeing, settleing, and ordering of 
the said place oi' |)lantation, and espe(.'iall\- for the settleing of 
such a society there as maybe instrumentall for the mannage- 
ing and carrying on of the worship of Cod, and matters in the 
page 2Hr), July o, IdTS. 

"This Co\ii't haue ajtpointeil ami impowered dohn Irish, of 
Saeonett, to serae in the ollice of a constable att the Sae(.)nett. 
and his liliertyes and \vardshipp to extent to J^uncliateesett and 
])laces adjacent, and soe to Pocassett, and as fai'r as the Fall 
Ki\'ei\ and l;)y speciall order haue impower Ca]it. InMijamine 
Church to adminnester an oath to him."" 

A^>1. (), ]>age LS, July 3, l(>7i». 

"Atttliis Coui't John T^eonard appeei\'d. to I'ctpu'st a coin- 
p)etency of land for the su}»]ily of himselfe and his bretheren 
in the right of his father being one of tlie old ser\-ants : in 
aiisware therof the court liaiu' gineii libertie to him. in the 
behalfe of liimselh' and bretheren. to look out hu' accomoda- 
tion in aii\' land that is free, l»eing not coiKpiest land, nor 
otherwise engaged; and in case the\' shall not be supplied, 
that the\' ap|)l\" tiienisel\"es to the Saeonett coinpanie att their 
next meeting, that they nia\" he snppl\'e(| out of that grant, if 
the coni|)aiiie shall see reason, or in that which did bclonor to 
'!'( itaniiiniucke."' 


Vol. (). ]>a-\' 4r4. .Iiilv 7. liiso. 

"This ('oiirt (lotli onliT. tluit .M' X:it li;ili!<'l TIk iiii:i>. ( ':i]it 
Beiijaiiiiiu' ('liiircli, and William Pa\lioil\- shall IxiiumI oiit 
T;itaiiiaiiiu;krs thousainl aci'ccs of lain! att ci' al m )iit Saconctt 
from tlu' lands of Mamaiicwt'tt : and thr ('oni't liaiic '_:ranntcd 
an hnndrcil and ht't\- ai-rccs thrrcof. \iz. of the said Tatama- 
niiekes land, vnto Samucll and -lohn L/anardson. and an hnn- 
(Ired and fifty aerees tlierot' \iito William Rcynalds his children, 
the said Krynalds liancinL;' l)in one of tlu' companies serxanls, 
soe called, formerh'. and lifT\- aerees thei'of. \iz. of the said 
laid, vnto Zackei'iah Paddnch'c, son of Holiert l'uddiick'<', 
"deceased: these seuerall urannts of lands to lie la\'eil aiid 
bounded \"nto them li\- the said M"' Thomas, I'apt. Chni'ch, and 
William Payliody, 1)\' the appointment vl the C'onrt. 

■■ .Vlsoe. this Court haue iirannted vnto Kichard Wi-i,L;ht hftv 
aerees of the said lan(h \'iz. tifty aerees of the thonsaiiil aei'ees 
of land that was Tatamamn(d<s land is _L;raunte(l \-nto the said 
Kichard Wriiiht. to l»e la\'e(l out and l)onn«h'd h)r him 1)\" the 
said M'' Thomas, Capt Cliui'ch, and William Pa\d)od\- ; and in 
deft'ct of ^V Thomas, Jose]ih Cdiiii'ch is appointed to aete. 

"Likewise the Court haue ^u'raunteil \-nto M' Thomas Ilinidc- 
ley, Seni'', two hundred aerees of land out of the alioue named 
thousand aerees of hand att Saconett, and haue ap})ointed AI' 
Nathauiell Thomas, Capt Church, and William Pavbodv to 
bond and lave it out to him. or an\' tW(_) of them ; and in deh'ct 
of W Thomas or any other, Jose}>h Church is a[ipointed to 
help to lave out Ar Thomas Hinckley his land." 

Vol. (5, pa.Li'e 7(», Ji dy 7, fli-Sl. 

"This Court ,2Taunted vnto John Cooper, of Barnstable, tlnvi-- 
score aerees of land out ( f the land that was ]^Ianiaiiiewetts o|- 
Tatanionuckes. att or about Saconett; if it be there to lie had. 

"This Court haue ,u'raunte(l \-nto W dohn Done, df Kastham, 
threescore aerees of land out of the aforsaid lands of Mama- 
mewed or Takamanu(d\es, if it be thereto be lia<l. 

■■ Threescoiv aerees of lan(l is Li'raunted bv the Court to ('apt 
Josiah Standish lyiuL!' abdiu Saconett. if it maybe li;id after 
those Li'raunts there are layed out. and to be layed out b\- those 
which are ai ijiointiMl to la\" out the othei' L;raunts there'." 


Vol. (i, pa.iiv 7o, O.'tober 28, 1(381. 

" 'IMiis Ciiurt liaue ordei-dl ^Lajor Bradford, AYilliiiui Pay- 
lj(^ih', and J()se})li Warren to run the line betwixt the lands of 
Saeonett and Punekateesett to Dartmouth bounds, and to lay 
out Tataniunuekes tliousand aerees of lancb and to make dis- 
tril)ution therof vnto those to whom the Court haue ui'aunted 
it, and alsoe that tract (_)f land that the eountry are to haue 
fr(.)ni Mamanuitt. 

Il This was (ordered l)y the (ienerall Court 'July, 1(>S1."' || 

Vol. (1, ])a,u-e 88. ^vlareh 7, l(i8l-2. 

" Wee whose n;nnes ai'e undei" written, l)eing' ordered by the 
C<nii't, (^);;tol)er, 1(581, to run the line between y'' lands of Sae-- 
onet and the lands of I'oeassit ])i'o|)riet(.)rs, haue done as fol- 
loweth : We began on the wn-sterly end or side of a great 
spruce swamp, at a white oak tree marke(l foi-merly by men 
ap})ointed there vnto, and caryed it on the same point of com- 
pas east noi'therly through the said swamp, and marked a white 
oak tree on y'' east end or side of y said spruee swamp, hauing 
a fiintv rock and stones on y'' west side of the said tree, and so 
V)v a range of trees marked on y" east and west sides to Ce^kesit 
River or Brook, and there marked a white oak tree on tw^j sides' 
wdtli an heap of stones against it. This line was run Novem- 
ber, l(i81, l)y vs. 

William Bradford, 

Joseph Warren, 
William Pavl)odv."" 

l-*age 88, June (), 1()82. '•A"])on the })etition of IsV Joseph 
Church and X\\o rest of the jtrojiriators and inhabitants of Sae- 
onett. the Court haue gi'aunted. that the said propi'iators and 
iniiabit:uits that are or shall)e there admitted orderly, according 
to the laws of this Collonie, shalbe from this time a township, 
ami haue the liberties of a towne, as other townes (.>f this Col- 
lonie, and shalbe calk'd by the nanie of l^ittle Compton."" 

it will be ol»sci'\-cd that in the early records the name is 
written ill ;i \ariet\- of wa\"s. .Iiidge ^Mitchell in his histor\- of 
Bridgewatei', sa \ s : " 'I'lie name was somet iiiies wi'itten JiCon- 
ardsoii. Lennersoii. or LeniK'r. hut b\- the taiiiiK' tlieiiisel\-es 

/. P:0.\\ 1 /i' I> (I EXEALOa 5 '. 


;ilw;i\'s writTi'ii Lci )ii;i rd." It \v;is (|iiil(' o jhhiiom ;ii liiis |i('rii)il 
t() ilistiiiLi'iiisli tlic son iVdiii tlic r.-itlicr liv ;i(Miii,L:' '" son "" in the 
ii;iiii('. Ill sdiiic casrs the ;hIi lil i( mal s\'llalil<' was | icriiiaiiciit I v 

C'liililivii of SiiloiiKiii' ami Marv LcoiiartI: 

'2. fSaiiiiicl,' 1). al>()iit liI4;!: in. 1, AMLiail AY«)(>«1. 

III. '1. 1 )('l ior;ili 

o. t.Iolni." 1). alioiit 11)4.'): in. Sarah ( (_'lian<llcr ? ) 
4. f.lacol)/' 1.. alxiut 1(;47: m. 1, ( nicWr C'lianillcr?) 

III. 'J, Susanna KiiiL!'. 

."). flsaar,' It. aliont liiod; ni. 1 )('li\(a'anc(' 

H. fSoloiuoii.' li. al'tiT Idod: in. Marv 

7. +^[arv.' 1». after K'.r.O: m. Dec 24. KiTH 4(nin rollar.l. 



SA^[^Kl. LKoXAiiir, soil of Solomon^ and 'Wayx Lconai'd of 
1)11x1 lury, lioni tluTc Itei'ore l'i-l:r), in. 1. ^Vlii^ail \\'oo(l'"' of 
Plyiiioiitli before 1(J7(). Slie was the dau^Liiiter of -lolm and 
Sarah AVood of Plymouth, and sister to Mar\' who in. f, IJcw 
.John llolines, the sec(.)nd minister of I)iixl)iir\'. 1 )ec. 11, Idlll. 
and -i, Maj. William Bradh)rd of riymoiith. (his third wife) 
ahout 1()77. 

l^ut little in re<^'ar<l to his carK- histor\- has l>een ol)taiii("<l. 
In his administrator s Ix.tiid he calls himself " carjieiiter." lait 
in deeds of later date " hiishaiidmaii "" and '• ])laiitt.M'.'" He 
li\'ed in Prid^i^ewater at the time of his mari'ia^Lic. lia\'in!i' luiilt 
a house upon his fathers land — a (•ommon tliinu' h)r sons to do 
at that time — liaAUUL!' assurance that a title would he ,L;■i^■en at 
Some future date. He heeame an early ]iro|>riet<»r oi Worces- 
ter, wliere his brother Jacob had been li\'iii!i' seA'eral \'ears. 
and removed to that place ])robal)lv before llillO and was li\'iiiL;- 
there when his onh' son Samuel was ta!<eii (.-aptix'c 1»\- t!i<' 
Indians iu iGUo. About this time he seems to haxe reino\'ed 
to ISTorwieh, Comi., and bou,L:'ht land in Preston on the opjiositc 
side of the Shetueket river. He was ju'obably led to this ])la.c(' 
by the fact that some of ALajor Bradford's famih' had located 
here, also several of his oLl frieuds and iiei,2'hbors from Dux- 
bury and l-)rid,u'ewater, ainon,u' the uumber Josiali and ^filcs 
Staiidish (son and ^araiidsoii of the renowned Cajit. Miles 
Standish of the Mayflower) and Dea. Caleb Fobcs. He was a 
constituent ]iieinber of the lirst chuixdi in Preston, hirmed 
N<:)\'. 16, IGDS. when liev. Salmon Treat wasorihiined as pastoi'. 
Mr. Tn^at resigned ^[arch 14, 1744, and died Januarv (i, 17(>2. 
aged 90. 

The following is taken fn^m the Church Peeords : "The 
followiiisi' luiA'ing l)een members of other churches in full com- 

*Savage says " John Wood of Plymouth 1643." 

Plymouth Colony Records, Court Orders, Vol. 6, page 161-2 3. "June 24, 16S5. 
NathanicU Wood alias Atwood son of John Wood alias Atwood deceased— Sarah, 
niv mother, relict widdowof my late father John Wood & Mary. Sarah, Abigaill, 
Mercy, p]lizabcth A' Hannah, my sisters, the daughters of the said Jolin Wood 
release "' etc "to Nathl Clarke " 

" Nathaniell Wood— 

Sarah ^Vood, reli(-t widdow, 

Mary, the wife of Major Wm. Bradford with his alhiwancc. and Sar.ih, tlie 
relict of John FoUoway & Mercy Wood X Hannah Wood all acknowlcdt^ed 
before mee Will Bradford 

l)ei>uty Goiiern'."' 

".Inly 10. KlH-). Elizabeth Nye, the wife of Caleb Xyc, witli his allowance 
appeai'cil iV. ga\e up her interest. 

brforc in.'c Will Bradfoi'd, 

I )eput.\ ( iouer'."' 

I.EOjSARD (lEyKALOay^ ^ '>/>r>ri^ ^o 


inunidii wrrc I n'oiiLiiit into oi'dcr liv l;'1\!1il; their (■diisciit tn ;iili- 
elcs of faith and ri'iicwal of coxciianl. Thoiiuo |*ai'k — Thomas 
Tracv — .loll 11 Hicliards — llopi'still Txlri'- - .loiiathaii Tracx- — 
Sainuel Loonardsou — Hol)Cit Park-- .lohii Pai'k — ("ah'h l-'olies 
— Jose])h Moi',i;'aii — Kheiiczrr Witter — and .loliii Wch-h.'" 
Before the lirst conuminion elex'en ft-nialcs joined. ainoiiL:' the 
nuiiil>er ^[arah Folies wife of Cah'li l"'ol)es. l)orith\- Witter 
wifi' of Kbeiiezi'r Wittei', and Mrs. Standi>li wife of Josiah 
Staiidish. ( )f wliat chnreh he had pre\'iou.<l\" l»eeii a inenilier 
we have no means of h'ai'nini:'. It is reasonal)l<' to eonelMih' 
that his tirst wife was then ilead and alioiit this time h<' married 

2. I>eliorah . Whose dan^iiiter she was it is impossilih' 

to teik lie was intimate with the family of .lohn Leonard of 
Sprin,i;'lielil wdio were relatives: the_voni\u'est daiiiiiiter. l)eliorah. 
lias lu^x'er been traeed. perhaps this was she. 'It is l)elie\-ed 
that thev had a ilanu'liter AMiiail. tlioiiL;li no record of liinh or 
l)aptisni has been found. The chnreh records gi\'e the liaptism 
of a (laughter Phel)e, Oet. 17. l"*';;. lie seems then to lia\-e 
aci[iiired the title that had been given to his father liefore his 
death — " (i-oodman Leouardson." — and must ha\'e l)een nearl\" 
or (piite sixty years of ag(\ His wife was admitted to full 
eominnnii>n with the ehnrch, Xo\'. d. 171<i. 1 lia\'e spent ninch 
time, and emploved others, in the examination of records, but 
have never leai'iied how he acipiireil his title to land there, 
ddie tradition is that he purchased it of the Indians. Ileseeiiis 
tr) iia\-e li\'ed near Pachaiig in what is now the town of (iris- 
wold. In Miss Caulkins llistorv of X(_)rv\'ich he is nientioneil 
as one of tlie a];)]iraisers of the estate of Joseph Benjamin. 
June o. 17<*4, wdio was also from Massaeluisetts and, a fi'iend 
and neighbor. He sold all his lands in Woreester to \\c\. Iien- 
jamiii .Vllen of Bridgewater with the exception of a house lot 
on the west side of (.^uinsigamond Lake wdiere he probably 
lived when in Worcester." This he eonve\ed to John Benian 

*From City Document No. 40, ISSd. Woicester, Mass., page 348. ■ 

■■ The subjoined note will doubtless pi-ove as interesting to the community now as it 
did. wlien received, to the Park.<;-Coiiiiii/ssifiu. 

■■ Worcester, July 24. 1885. 
■' E. W. Lincoln, Esq.. 

Jly Dear Sir :— I am quite sure that within tlie hounds of the new Park, at the Lake, 
once stood the house of Samuel Ijeonard of Bridfrewater. And it was from that house 
that his son Samuel was stolen by the Indians in the year 1696. Investigations thus far 
point to the spot on the hill, where the old cellar-hole is found, as being the site, or near 
the site, where the old log-house of Samuel Leonard stood. It would seem the best 
natural location for his house on that beautiful rise of ground. About one year after 
the capture of Samu^-l Leonard, or Leouarrlson. liis master took part in the descent on 
the town of Haverhill. Mass.. and succeeded in capturing Mrs. Dustin and Mis. Neff. 
The story of their capture and escape, by kilJint; the Indian.s, will be found on page is.'i 
of BarTjer's Historical Collections of Massachusetts, and forms an interestinjr item to 
the history of Worcester and her new park : for I am quite sure that it was fi-om that 
territorj- that the Leonard boy was taken. * * * * I shall have to 

go to Boston now before I cati connect all tlie titles to the land from Leonard down to 
present owners, which I hope to do. 

* * * * Yours, with great respect. E. B. Crane." 


of Deerticld l)y deed «late(l .Mar. 'Jl. ITlS-l'.i. It is thn.iigli 
this deed, or latlier the I'eeord of it, in Renistrv <>f Deeds at 
Canihvidp-e, (l)(:)()k "io, pao'e '2^J^!). that a knowledge of the name 
of his hist wife is of)taine(L ( )ne of the witnesses to tfie deed 
was Haeliel Leonard f)eHeved to l>e a (hmghter of dolin L(_'on- 
ard or of Rice Leonard of Hehohoth wlio was |)rol)ality \isit- 
ing, or Hving with him at this time. Lender date of ^lay 11*. 
17LS — eight (hiys after death of Ins only son Samuel — h)r"a 
va^luahle eonsideration. with wliich \ am satished and well eon- 
tented " lie eonveved to his son-indaw, '^Jdi()nias (darke. of 
Norwich. ;dl Ids right and title to "all ye eoiiimons and uidaid- 
ont lands \vithiii ve township of I'reston all and exei'V pareel 
thei'eof ^vhiell hv any wa.v or means shall oi' may ai'ise there- 
from, & all di\ isions or distrihnting <.)f s'' lands aeeording to 
my right "' etc ddus deed was acknowledged Dee. 21, 1711), 
and reeorded Jan. lH, IT'JU. Lhe grants eontii'ined nnder it 
w^ere very numerous. 

( )n the h)rmation of the North (dinreh of Jh'eston — now the 
First Congregational Chnreli o'i (iriswold — Xov. ot», 172tl, his 
name is seeond on the list of memhers, ])i'eeeded by that of 
Ilezekiah Lord, who was ordained ami installed that day, and 
continued the pastor of this ehureh until his death, -lune "io, 
17H1 — over htrty years. .Vs the name of his wdfeis not included 
in the list of memhers, (though those oj; his daughter Merey, 
with her hushand liidiard Adams, and Lydia. widow of his 
son Samuel, ai'e). it is i-easonahlc to conclude that she had 
deceased. 'V\\\^ is the last record of him that has hcen found 
and it is prohahle that he died soon aftei". 
■ His children were : 
By hrst wife, Abigail 

<S. -t-AEarv,"' b. — ; d. — ; m. 17'l() Ivlwai'd Newton. 

!). f:\rcn'y,'' b. — : d. Dec. 24, 171".': m. Hichard A. lams. 

10. fLliza'beth,-'' 1). — ; d. — : m. dulv I't, I7ii;) Thomas 


11. tSamuel,-M). about 1<)S;*): d. Ma\- U, 17lS: m. Lv(lia 

1)V second wih', 1 )eboi'ah 

12. Abigail.^'? b. — ; (1. — ; m. duly L 1722 Isaac Heed, 

b. Ang. ;!1, I(')l)!l son (.f dosiali iS: ?dizab(>th ( Arres- 
dale) Ih'cil. of Xoi'wicli. ( 'onn. 

Childi-en— Abigail IJcc.l.' b. A pi'. 2!i, 172;!. 
Annuity Iveed,' l>. dulv 1(». 172o. Isaac 
Ihvd.' i.. .lulv 4, 1721I.' 

i;;. I'liclic,' baptize! 1 ( )ct. 17, 17<>;;. 

L EOXA RD (iEXE. I i.0( i 1 ' 


.lollN LkoxaIID.'- ( .S^/o/,;oy^' ) lirotluTof I'lii' |)iv(T(l!ii:^- ; 1 1. in 
I)il.\liiir\- ;il)()ilt lli-l:.'): 111. S;ir;ili. si1|i|mis(m1 t^ 1 )c olic of tlit' 
'• three sisti'i'.^.'" il.iiiLiiiter of Ivoiicr ( 'luim Her. .-ilioiit 1(')7'*. 

I'iyiuoiitli Colony IJeeord^. \'ol. 4. [ki-c 11<». ( )ci. ;!. Iik;:.. 
'■(Jut' liumlreil ;inil lift\' nerees of l;in(l ;ii'e ;_:i';iiili1e(l li\- \\\r 
Court x'Uto the thi-ee sisters, the ihiuuhtei's of IJoiicr ('hnndlei- 
\\7.. (['. to e.ieh of them tift\' ;iel'ees hiiiL;- hetween the \\a\ 
line and the Ixmnds of 'raiiutou. aeeordiuLi' to the (h'sire of 
.lohn Bunile\'."" 

The Taunton IJeeords show that ten acres at ("raniierr\' 
Meadows. Xoi'th Puivhase. in riiiiit of thi' Court i^'rant to the 
three dauii'htei's of IvoLi'er Chainder. was eonlirnied to dohn 
Leonard <if J')rid,u-e\vater. duly VI. Ki'.i-j!. 

lie seems to ha\"e had less of tiie unL;rator\' sjiirit than his 
brothers possessed, foi' all his life. exeeptinL;' a few \'ears of 
ehildhood. was sjieiit in Bridiicwatei'. He ae(|uii'ed more ueie 
ei'al kuowledu'e than an\- otliei' memher of the himilw and held 
]iositions of more j»romiuenee in the ttiwn. lie was e\ identlx' 
iutelli,u'ent. and much i-es]ieeteil. often emj)lo\'e(l in hxini;- 
houinhiries of si'rants of land, dixdsions, etc He died in the 
year litHH. lea\ iuu' to his wiilow. 1i\'e sons and one daughter- — 
all of a,L!e l)Uttlie latter — a lai'iic tract of \'alual)le laml extend- 
\\\\l into what is now the l)eautiful \dlla,L;'e of l>ridii'ewatei'. A 
])artit.i(_»n of his estate was made hy Kliliu P>rett. Samuel 
Eilson. l)a\id Pei'kdns. John Washhuiai. and ('apt. do.-iah 
Edson, \\vy. o(». 17<il: which is rectirded in i'rohate Hccdrds, 
Plymouth. Book 1. paiic oii<*. 

"^Idieir children were — 
Id. .lohn,'' the date of his hii'th an<l death ha\e lawer keen 
aseertaineil. d udi^'e M itchel 1 has con fi nmdcd 
him with his ne|)liew. dolud ( <il i. the eldest 
sou of Josialr' ( 17). His share in his kithers 
e.-^tate was the honiestea.d. to ke lieM with 
liks mother d urinal' her lifetime. .Vftei' liei' 
decease, ky dee(l dated Mar. C. 17iil'-k». he 
(•oiivcV(m1 it to his ki'othia- Moses, and went 
to li\'e with him at MaiikoroULih. and |»i'ok- 
akly continued with h'm. unmaiaiel. until 
his death. He was with him in W'oi'cester 
a^ late as F<'k. •_>.'.. \--H\. 
lo. Knocli.-'k. — : (k — ■ m. Fek. k_kl7H(; i-dv.ak.'th Hooper. 
daULi'hter of W ilkam and Su.-annah Hooper 
of lieaikiUL;-. k. did\- s. Ids'.i. 'Idiere is uu- 


(•(.'I'tiiiiitv ill I'esi'anl to tliis faniilv. 'riie\^ 
IkkI rliildi'cii, Kiiocli/ i). Ill Bi'idgewater 
Dec. jlT), 17<i7. 111. Aliiuail Perkins of Ilanip- 
ton. X. II.. N'oungest sister of Martha who 
111. Kjihraiiu Leonard^ (SO. ) 

Prolial)lv se\('ral other children, then — 
Elizabeth. M). in Bridgewater Sept. 17. 1711). 
The father, or the son, built what was known 
as "p]noeli"s Dam "" on Town Hiver. Under 
date May 1. 1717. Enoch Leonard <leeds to 
Xi(dr B\'i'ani .Ir. for ^oOd •■'.'> s(/oiX' acres 
where l' dwell." Feb. 14. 17o7. tV)r £(;0<>. 
p]nocli l^coiiard con\-cvs to Solomon Leonard 
"the homestead where 1 live. A])r. 17, 
1744, Lnocli Leonard and wife Abigail deed 
to Sv' Blossom '•'2(» acres of onr hoinestead, 
next to Rich. l)a\'enport."" Xo trace of the 
family aftei'wards has been h)nnd. (There 
was an Knoch in Kibingly. C^)ml.. 17('>0. 
See Hist. A^'indllam (.'ouiitv, |i. 7x.) 

](). -fMoses,'' b. — : d. — : ni. 1, 1707) Mercv X'^ewtoii. 

111. 2, Aug. S, 171() Mrs. naiinah ( Woods) 
AVitherljee; m. '■>, (pnb. Xov. '2'). 177)7). ^frs. 
Sarah ( ) Hall. 

17. ■fJosiah.'' b. — ; d. — : m. 1. X^)V. 2, l(l!»i» :\Iai'jor;im 
Washburn: m. 2, Now 21, 1717 .Vbigail 

IS. -fjoseith," 1). — : (1. — : m. Xow 111.1712 Ilannaii deii- 

lit. Sarah,-' b. — ;'d. — : m. . I ulv 2s. 170S Thomas Wash- 


Jacoh Leoxar]),- {Solomon,^) brother of the preceding, b. in 
Dnxbury, aliout 1(^47, in. hrst, it is suppose(l. Plielte Chandler, 
dauglitei' of IJoger ('hainUei'. one of the "three sisters '" — proli- 
abl\- about the time he became of age. She must ha\'e died 
beh ii'c l()7l'. for aliout this time he mai'i'ied his s(>coiid wife. 
Where he li\(M| aftei' his marriage with his Hrst wife, and 
where hei'tleatli occui'reih it is impossible to ted. Tiie tradi- 
tion is that he was \y'\\\\ the earliest settlers of ( ^)uinsigamond, 
(Worcester), if so, he was I bi\'en off, as were the otliers. b\- the 
Indians in ll)77). Tiie fainil\- ma\' ha\(' tarried hir awhile in 
Ararlboi-oiigh. but probab|\- during most of King I'hilip's war 
were in liridLi'cw.'iter as that was considered nioi'c secure from 
the attaeks of the Indians than the newer towns. 


II(^ \v;is ill ^Vt'Vlll(mrll in lii?'.'. iiinl in;irric(l. sccoimI. Siis;iiiii;i. 
;i ilaiiL^iittT I >!' S:iiiiiu>l ;ni(| lv\] ici'iciicf ( l'liilli|is) Kiiiu' of tli;it 
town. u'lMiiddaiiLilitiT iif •■ ( i()i)(liii;iii (.IdIui) 1\ ihl;' si'IMmi-. ' i )|k' 
of tlic iiriii-iiial prd] irii_'t( irs i •!' .Mt'iHloii. Slic was 1 loni in \\'c\- 
nioiitli Ma\' ('». li').')*!. ami diiMl in r)riil2('\vatci' Ix'lnn' 17-"!<i. 
Tlu'V livi.'il a few N'cai's in AV. wIhtc tlicir MJilcst twi > (laiiLilitrrs 
were lioi-n. I'mlrr date oT dan. I'S, lilsl. •■Jdlm Aldrirli. 
souietinic nf tlic town of Mcndon. now of the lown of IJridLi'c- 
water. 'ra\d(>i'. of The one i)arTv ami Jarol> l.conai'dson of Wt-v- 
nioiitli, coiix-cx's, ■•in cxclianu't'. all ni\' inlici'ilaiicr KiiiL:' in \'t' 
town of Mcnilon aforesaid, \vliicli was liix'en iiic li\- ni\- fallier 
(ieorge Aldrirli." (ddie lattei" was also an oriiiinal ] m o| o'ictor 
of ]\[endoii. ) In cxi-liaiiLi'e. da('o1i I.conardson (■on\c\ s to John 
Aldi'ii'ii, ■"All ni\" iJ'.Ltlit l\; Inlicritanrf ;n said l)i';di:cwatcr. 
namely J?.") aeres of iijiland hin.ii'at a ]>la(^' i\'nownli\ the name 
of Indian lield next iinlo m\- Brother Isaac Lconardson's '!') 
at-res of Land I)ntt:nL;' and lionndi-d as his is Kxpi'csscil in the 
Deed ( iixen as Part of ni\' father's Inheritance li\- niv l^)i-o' Sam- 
uel and likewise an equal Share in all the Land tliat is to he 
l;ii<l out of niv fatli(a'"s Purchase with the rest of ni\- P)r(.'tliicn. 
l^c<er\ini:' a (hudde Portion foi' ni\^ Kldest Bro'AV t\vcntv-li\"c 
acres for m\' l)rother Solomon. 

■■ All wdiich fore ' Lands ali'cady laid out ..V to l»c laid out. \- 
.Vll the afore' 2o acres of ujiland widi the forcmcnl ioncd e(|ual 
Share with mv Bi-ethrcn in the l)i\ision helonLi'inL!' to m\ fath- 
ers Purchase l)otli ujiland cV' mea(h)W '" etc ddie ^V^vA was 
ack'UowledLicd l)efore Samuel ddiaxter, dune "2''^. 171-!. 

l'"eli. 4. liisl. John ^Vldrieh conwys all this |)i-oiuM't\' to Sam- 
uel L"onai'dson in (.'xehanu'e foi' other lands in P)ridL;('water. 
In tlu' hitters ileed he calls himself "Samuel Leonanlson of 
]')r:d,L:vwatei'. Plantei'."" It is also siiiued 1)V his wife AhiLiail. 
and lioth ackuiowledu'ed hefore Wm Bradford l)e|i. (io\' Sept. 
2s. Kis;-',. 

Both deeds were iveorded in We^i. of l)ee(ls at I'Kiiiouth, 
Mar. 17. 1714-10 in Book 11. pa'o-e ilii. cVe. 

Possil)ly they may have lived a shon time in Meiidon. Imt 
on the second attempt to settle ( ^)n!nsiL!aniond. now named 
A\ orcester. in l(')>>4--o we Hnd him and his faniiU' locatc(l in die 
vicinity of wdiat is now calK.'il (^)uinsiiiaiiioiid Lake. d'lie\- 
wer(,'. howe\-er. so troulile<l l>y the raids of the Indians that 
they kecanie discoui-a:i-c(l and remoNcd to liridijcwater aloiit 
^hiy 1. ICiti;!. fol' the lowii records show thai at this dale tlaw 
were " warned out." 

lie lived foi' a >liort time in 'raiintoii. Xordi Purchase, iiiow 
Kastori I i)ossi1»|\- on laml i^ranleil to his hrsl wife, as one of the 


" tluve sisters." foi' luidcr date of (.)ct. 'I'l. lliiJl (?) lie ci.nn-eys 
laiuls here to -lames Harris of Bridii'ewater, iiielmliiiL;' oiie- 
tliii'd of tlie tell aei'es in ('raiil)errv Meadows that had lieeu 
(.■oriliriiieil to his l)rotlier .loliu — as l»e1ore iiieiitioiied — calling 
himself as then of that place.-" 

On making a jiersonal iiii|uir\' of Judge Mitchell in Boston, 
]\Iar. 2. Ls,");-). ahont some errors in regard to the families men- 
tioned in his iristor\' of Bridgewater, he kindlv ga\'e me infor- 
mation of m\' ancestors, not in his liistor\' : showed me what 
ei'rors he had alreadv dete(/ted. and with his own hand wi'ote 
the following: '\Since the ])nMicatioii of nn' Book I lia\'e 
satisfactory information of the h)llowiiig additional facts as to 
tlie family of Leonai'd. 

■■Jacob Leonard (o) lia<l two other sons besides those men- 
tioned in mv book, wa.: dose])li and Josiah. one or both of 
whom ma\' liax'c been boi'ii of a former wih'. as in his will he 
calls Susanna his ^^rese/// ivift. 'Idiis doscjih m. Martha ( )rcutt 
D. of \y'" Orcntt of Scitnate tirst, & then of l')ridgewater, about 
1(59."'). She was born 1(>71. Joseph (17) was their son (born 
1()!H)) and not son of ,b)se[)h (11), as stateil in ni\' book, who 
VI. Hannah Jennings 1712. They had also E])lii'aim who is 
mentioned nnder Solomon (7) wlu) went to Ilojtewell N. Jersev. 
and a I), who m. a Idslier of liehobdth. Probabl\- ^fartlia. 
mentioned as having ra. Kben' Eddy 17^1:, ma\" lia\e been 
their daughter also. 

'"Samuel (IH) was son of Josiah abo\-e name<l. son of Jacob 
(o). — Jacob (5) tliei'e is reason to believe. remo\-ed from jtlace 
to jdace. ainl did not come into Ib-idgewater till llil);!, when he 
was warned diit. (This warning' out was a common jiractice in 
those days, to pi'eveiit a faniih, when lii'st coming to a town, 
from gaining a liabitanc\- and rendering the town liable to the 
maiiitciiance of the jiosterity. and was done in all cases, liow- 
v\-rv respectable o)' Wealthy the new comer might be.) 

■• 'Idle ])riiii-ip;il autlioi'ity 1 lia\e h)rtlie aboxc additions is 
dei'i\i'd from Simeon Ijconard (2()) who also sa\s thai ('a|it. 
Jai-oli. son of C'ipt. Solomon ( l!l) told him that he wa^ named 
for his great gi'and father (Jacob (T)) of course): ;ind sa\s fur- 
ther that his own hither Simeon (2;->) told him that Samuel ( 1(5) 

* During King William's War in the expedition sent against the Canadas in 1600. Capt. 
Hunt of Weymouth commanded a company of men from Weymouth and vicinity, in 
the hst of whom appears the name of Jacob Leonard. The financial condition of 
Massachusetts obliged her to issue bills of credit in paj'ment of the troops : in the case 
of this company these were not redeemed until IT^O. when their heirs or legal repre- 
sentatives were granted a tract of land in Huntstown. Among the names of the origi- 
nal prcprietors of Huntstown, now Ashfielil, is niat of Solomon Leonard, who probably 
held his father'.s share. Very few of the oi-iginal proprietors ever settled in the town. 


;ni(l SdldUion ( !!•) wcit lirst coii'^ins tu .Id-cpli i 1 7 ), si > lli:it 
.larol) [')) must li;i\'(' Ix'cii l';itlu'r not (iiil\- of SoIohmim ( 12) l)iit 
;ils(i of ,I()S('|)li ;iii(l .losiali, iioi iiiciil ioih'il in ni\ liislorw 
Tlici't' is lio\V('\'('r liTcat (lil'fcrcucc in the l>irtlis of tlicir rcspcct- 
i\e L:'i'an<l cliiMrcn : .Ios('|>li s cMcst Lii'aml cliilil a]t|ii'a rs to lia\r 
lu'cii lioi'u ill 17'J'i. Solomons in ITo?, ami .lo>!ali s in 17ol. 
If his tradition tlicrcfoi'c is true. .lose] ili must lia\r liccii tlic 
ridi'st son ainl |ii'olial»l\ 1>\' a lirst wife, ami .lo-iali ina\' lia\(' 
!)(_'( 'ii, also. 

For a |iro|)*"r iinilcrstanilinL;' of tins, rcfcri'iicc must lie ukmIc 
to the IIistor\' of P>ri(l,L;('\vatcr. |iau'('s 2.">o-j!.".7. It mav on 
statcil hnrn. howcxcr. that .Iosc|ili and .losiali were liotli liorn 
lU'arlv or ([uite twcntN' \('ars Imfoi'c their lirothcr Solomon. 
The first marrit'il when 2ii. the sccoiul when some older |iroli- 
al)l\'. and the last when he was ;!s. 

'IMie following' fi'om Plvmouth Proliate lu'coi'ds, rxiolc 4, 
l-iage 31, is a eoiiv of his will : 

'■ I Jacol) Leonard of j-ii'idi^cwatcr in the ('(»uiit\- of V\y- 
nanitli in New Euii'land I Iusl)aiidmaii heiiiii' x^'vy si(d< iV weak' 
of l)oil\- but of perh'ct mind \' menioi'v. thanks he to (iod for 
the same, callin,!:- unto mind the mortality of my liody c^ know- 
ing that it is apjiointed for all men li\'iiiL;- once to d\t' (hi make 
and ordain this m\' last Will and 'I'cstameiit : 'i'liat is to say. 
])riiici])allv ami lii'st of all. 1 uixi' and I'ecomeiid my soul into 
the hamls of (iod that ,L;'a\"e it, and for mv l)ody I rccomcnd it 
to the Kartli to lie lmric(l in (diristiaii like and decent manner 
at the diseretiou of my exeeutors — nothiui;- doulitiiiL:' Imt at 
the (jreiieral resurreetiou I shall receive tlie same au'ain hv the 
mig'htv 1 tower of <iod. And as touchinu' such worldly Kstate' 
wherewith it hath pleased (xod to Mess me with in this lile I 
ffive de^"ise & dis])ose of the same in the hillowiui;' niauner c^ 

■"Impr' — [ u'ive and hequeath unto m\- two KIdest daughters 
^\l)i,i;ail 'WashhuriM.' <S: Susanna Hill, a certain tract of land 
that I have now in the Township of Woster, heini:' ni\- whole 
riiiiit there more oi' less Item T li'ixc and Keipieath eipially to 
he di\ ided hetween iii\' two afores' daiiiihters Ahigail W'ash- 
hiirii iiv' Sustimia Hill. 

"Hem r Li'ix'i-' and l)ei|ueatli uiitom\' three \-ounL!'er dauu'hters, 
that is to sa\'. Mxiierieiice Leonard ^^•lry Leunard vV Sarah 
Leonard all mv mo\'eal)les to he h\- them possessed at tlieii- 
mothers (h^cease and not hehire eipialK" to he then dixided 
amoiiLi'st tlu'in — 

■■ Hem I L;'i\'e unto m\' two sons Solomon liConard and dacoh 
Leonard and their assiu'iis all mv land in this Town of IhhlLi'e- 


water Cijually to l)i' (li\'i<l(''l Uctwixt them and mv son Solomon 
to liave the lirst choice, |)rovi(h'i] that the\- do each of them 
Jointly toL!'ether alt'oi'd and ])ro\-ide an (Jomt'ortahle and Snita- 
l)le A[aint;iinance h)r my present wife Susanna Leonard their 
motlier dni'ini;' liei' natnal life, and if failure he made thei'eof 
tlien my will is that my said wifi' shall ha\'e an lm]trovement 
of tlie thirds part of tliis Kstate duriuL!' her natural life. 

" Item I Constitute and a])]ioint mv well l»elo\-ed son Solo- 
mon Ijconard Sole executor of this iuv last Will & 'IV'stannait. 
and I do herehv utterlx' <lis;dlo\v (S: re\'ok'e c\: disauuU all for- 
mer AV^ills ratifying cV conhi-iiuiig this :is mv last Will lV Testa- 

" In witness and C;)nh>rmation hei'eof 1 have set to mv hand 
and seal this fourteenth dav of Dccemhei' in the "^'eai' of our 
Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Sixteen. 


•lacol) I Jjconai'd 


'■ Sigueil sealed pid)lished and ])ronounced and declai'eil hv 
the al:)ove s'' Jacoh Leonard to he his last Will cV 'I'estament, in 
the ])resenee (_)f us the subsei'il)ers — 

Nathaniel Woodward 


Lli/aheth X Woodwanl 


l^phi'aini Leonard 

■"Lee. It), 1717 Xathaniel Woodwai'd >S: Kphraim Leonard 
made oath that tliev saw the ahove.laco;> Li'onard sign and 
seal iS: heard him declare the al)o\-(» written InstruuKMit to he 
his last Will L^ 'IV'stament. 

Xathaniel Thomas 

.ludge of Prohate." 

\t appeal's that the signature to his will is h\- mark. prol-)al)lv 
on account of age and inMi'nht\', h>r prex'iously he wrixte his 
name and in a \'erv I'espectaMe hand foi' that period. It seems 
strange that no mention is made of his children li\- his former 
wife. His grandson Lphraini, son of his eldest son .losepli. 
was one of the witnesses. After his will was made. 1)\" deeil 
dated Ma\' !•. 1717, recoi-dc(l in Uegistrv of Leeds in ('am- 
lii'idgc. r)0()l< j!1. page -i!>7). he con\'e\('(l all his lands in Wor- 
(/estei- 1o his nephew Moses Leoiiai'd then li\ing in Marlhor- 
oiigh, hut who remo\'e(l a few months aftia'wai'ils to Woicester. 

His widow was one of the original memhersof the Second 
('hnrcli ill Lridgewater at its formation .Inh' 7. 17h">. Her 
X'oinigcst two children. Sai'ah and .lacoli. wtTc hajitized li\- the 


lirst jiastoi'. Rrv. ]>iMii;iiiiiii Allen, ami pruliaMN' tlu^y were 
meiiiltoi's ( >l' the cliui'i-li also. 

His (/liildrcii 1)\' lirst wile were: — 
•in ■f-.Ic.^cpli.-' 1). — : (1. Jan. 211. 174'.); ni. liiK.') .Martlia ( »ivutt. 
'2 1. .losiali.'' 1». — ; uncertain alu >ut liini. sec .1 nduc M itclicll's 
l>v second wile. Susanna : — 
22. AUipiil.''' 1). ill Weymoiitli, Nov. 11. l<;s<"»: m. Thomas 
Washltui'ii — liissecond wife.-' .ludi^'c Milch- 
el 1 Li'ot his \vi\'es 1 i'ans|n iseil. She was nearl\' 
t\vent\" N'cars Nouniicr than his lirst wife. 
1 )eli\-erance (Paek'ard.) lie iiomiiKited Iu.t, 
and his cousin .lojin Washhnrn. cxeeiitoi's 
of his will made March — . l72!>-.")<*. proxcd 
1 >ec. 4. 17-'>2. and the\' were aiijiointcd. 
2;-'). fSusannah.-' h. in WcNiiiouth Dec 24. Kis;!: d. Nov. li), 
17(i4 : m. A[ar. 22. 1714 Khenc/.ci' Hill. 

24. E.\[)erience,''' h. — 

27). Mai"\".'' I). — ■ m. Xov. 27, 171'.' iMMijainin Willis, son of 
rxaijamin and Susanna (Whitman) Willis: 
licit. — . l(;il(). Tlie\' had idiido-e) l->enjamiir"'" 
Willis,' 1>. Sej.t. '12, 172(1;' -Taduated at 
Harxard (\ille-v 174(1; d. .Iidv .'!. ls()7 ; 
m. 1. 1742 llatlisheha Williams;' m. 2. Dec. 
17. 17()1 Mrs. Sarah (Spoonen lii'aiHord ; 
h. .Ian. ;-!l. 1727 ; <l. .Ian. 1. 17s2. 

2(:;. +S )lomon.' h. in l>rid--e\vatei' — , LC'.i.j ; d. May 2'.i. 17(51 ; 
m. — . 17o(J Klizaheth I'tM'kdns — perliajts sec- 
ond wife. 

27. Sai'ah,'' I), in Bi'id.uvwater -lune 11. l(i!»'.>; m. Fed. 27, 
1720-21, William Oivutt. Thev had .lacod 
Orcutt.^ 1). Mav 2. 172:!. 

25. .lacoli,-' h. in l)i'id,L;-ewatiM- .Iniie LM. 17('2: d. Dec. (:>, 

1722. llis l)i-other Solomon uaxc a hond 
for the settlement of his estate, dated Dec. 
21, 172(), with K/ra Cla})}) ami I>eiijaudn 
White of Taunton sureties. 

'•^'.John Washburn in Plymouth 16.32— his wire Margaret aged 49 came in 1635 with ch. 
John 14 & Pliilip II. "He was of the Di.xbury side of the water and became one of 
the original settlers of Bridgewater and d. before 16r0.'" John s. of preceding m Eliz. 
Mitchell lB45-had John, Thomas. Joseph, Samuel b, about 1C51, .Jonathan, Benjamin, 
Jlarj' 166!, Eliz. .Jane. .James 167i, and Sarah. He hid probably lived in r)u.<bury some 
years but removed before 1670 : made his will 16-*0. .Jane m. Wm Orcutt Jr. Sarah in. 
John Ames 169r. Saml s. of John second m. Deborah d Sam'l Packard had Sam'l b. 
1678 d. 1720, Thomas br. of the preceding had 8 wives. Deliverance d, of Sam'l Packard 
and Abigail d. Jacob Leonard— his will 1729 

Savage, Vol. 4. p. 429-30. 

**.See Records of William Spooner, Vol. I, p. 13.j. 



Isaac Lkoxauh.- {Solomon}) hi-otlicr (if the prrreding. 1). 
al)()Ut 1(;).jO, pi'(»l)al>lv in Bridgewater. Pie was one of the .S-tll 
soldiers that were m " Narragansett Plight" — King PhilijVs 
war — P)ee. U', ItiTo, ti;) whom, sixtv rears afterwards (1) seven 
townships of hind were granted hy the State of Massadiusetts. 
P'onrteen of the nnnd»er were from I')ri<lgewater. an<l wlien 
their shares were drawn Oet. 17. IToo. onlv two were li\"ing. 
His share was drawn 1)V his son P<aae. Tliese grants were con- 
lirmed li\- tlie Lt'gishitnre A])ril is. 1785. See IPist. and (ieii' 
Eegister X o\. 16, page l-lo-o. 

I have never l)eeri aide to ascertain where his grant of land 
was loeate(L 

He was ]»i'ol)al»h' m. to 1 )eli\"eran('e , ahout the eh)se cjf 

this war. P)eeds of land in Bridgewater made to him liy his 
hi'other Samuel in 1()77 and lH7y are on record, and we have 
seen from the Pi'o})rietor's Records that he ha<l a house there 
in 1()7!). He seems to liave owned land in ^[endon, and was 
taxed there in 1691, 161>o, l(ii)o and IWMS; and may have 
li\ed there a ])art of that jieriod. He owned land also in AVor- 
ce-Ater. and Judge Mitchell in his historv expresses the belief 
that when he deeded his homesti'ad in I^ridgewater, April 17, 
1717. to his son Joseph he ma\' ha\'e removed to AVorcester. 
He conveved land in that towu to Nathaniel Jones liv deed in 
which he (.'alls himself " wea\'ei'." dated March 27. 1717. 
The wife Heliveranee, signed it March 7. 17l!'-20, and two 
davs afterwards Benjamin Leonard (doubtless his youngest son). 
a])peared before the General ("mirt of Sessions and cei'titieil 
that he saw him sign the deeil. Prohahlv he ha<l died about 
this period. His wife was also one of the original menibei's of 
the Second Church in Ib'idgcwater. 

Their children bom in liridgewater, wt-ri' — 
211. -Hsaacdi. — ; d. — ; m. — . Mrs. :\[arv (Bailev) Randall. 
;-;o. Hamiah.-' b. Mar. lo. 16^0; d. A])r. 22. lYo;; : m. 1, 
H;ii7 David Newton- of Marllion,ugli. b. — , 
1(;72: d. 2d. 17it2. Their diildivn 
were L\dia Xewton.^ b. — . l(i!is (?); d. — . 
-17;;i(?): m. Aug. 12. 1711' Sanrnd Moi;se 
Jr.. 1). .lulv 2<'. iClHi; d. Dec. 27. 17:):). son 
of Samuel vSc ( irace ( ) Morse : (had Han- 
nah Moi^e.'' b. Mav 20. 1720; m. Wni. (iil- 
mer of Wdnccndon ; L\dia Moivc.'' 1 1. .Ian. 

*Ser foot iioU' to :M:ir\ Li-onanl (S.) 



'I'l. M'l'l' 111. 'I'inioTliy XcwiDii (?) : Zci'\-i;ili 
M. )rsr. •■■ li. M;iy 'Jo. !72;l: d. prol.. \-.)iiii--; 
\';isliti Mci's.'.'' 1>. May 1. 17-J<i: d. S'rpt. 1 4. 
17'J7. S;iiiiiicl Morse.'' li. Mar. 27). 1 7 jIs : m. 
Sarah Wlicclci': .Iciluthan Mnrsc' 1 1. Mar. 111. 
17o<';il. 177<t. ill <v\-\\rr at (Vowii I'oint:) 
'riiaiikfnl Xewtiiii.' Ii. 17<H): d. 177o: m. 
17'-!4- .loiiatliaii Waslihiini. 1.. 17<»(): d. 
17lii) : (I'ail Im'uI.-iIi Wasliliiini.'' in. 17ii<> 
KliciK'ztM' PraTT') 111. 2. — . XaTliaiiicl Man- 
ley, (sou of Win. ]\[anle\' of Kastoii.i wlio 
d. Xyv. 21. 17o;!. Tlieir children were 
Tehalnxl A[aiile\-,M). Dee. 2(;. 17(l'.» : (L.laii. 

11. 17ii;) at lla 

k. Ma>s.- 1 

aiiiiali .Man 


lev.' I), dlllie 10. 1711 ; d. X.>\-. 2(;. 17'.H); 
UK ( )eT. II. 1721I. .losejih Packard of Kastoii : 
Rebecca Manlev.^ 1). :\lav 21). 1714: d. Ai)r. 
30. 17!)(); 111. :Mav'29, 174(n)aiiieniaiilev (?): 
Elizabeth Maulev.^ b. Mar. 11, 171 C,': m. 
Feb. 18, 17-)H James Piichards of WeViuoutli : 
:\rarv Maiilev,^ b. dulv 7. 1720: d.'Dec. 25, 
I >eliverance." b. — : ni. Jan. H. 17ol Sainuel ^Vasllblll■n. 
.]y. of P)ridg'e\vatei'. !She innst ]ia\'e soon 
die(l for he married a seeond wife in 17o."!. 
Jost^|>li.'' b. — : <1. — . It has been found im|H>ssible to 
trace this dosejih. In the dee(l which has 
been mentioued. his father cou\-eyed his 
homestead ■"in coiisidei'atiou of loxc o( x k] 
will is: natural afl'ectiou for my uatni'al son 
dosejih — Hesei'vin,i!yve uses A; Iiii]iro\-emeuts, 
of s' Houses <S: Laud, unto m\"seif Duriuii' 
ui\' natural Life." LiKler date of Lee \'A, 
1720. Joseph (h.'e(led a pai't of this ]iro|uM-tv 
to his brother P)enjauiiii. in exchauuc for jiis 
lioiiiestea(L and Reujaiiiiu coii\-e\'e(l it. li\- 
deed dated May :\\. 1722. to ■■ Kiea/er ('ar- 
^•<■r. Jr.. Bloomer, of Lrid^iz'ewater." 

'riiei'e were h\e Jose|)li Leonards lixiuL;' 
in ib'idu'ewatei' about this period, ami il has 
bei.'u impossible to ideiitifx' each of tiiem al 
all times. 
fBenjainin.''' b. — : d. — : m. 1. Aii'j. lo. 171o naiinah 
J^liillips: 111. 2. dune 1:;. 17;;4. Ahiry Cud- 



Soi.oMox Lk(.)XAHI),'' (Soloinoh}) the voungest son of Solo- 
mon' tlu' emigrant, was hoi'n in Bridgewater after l(i3<>. 
•Jiulgr Mitehell in his histoiy stated that lie conld gi\"e no 
aeeoiint of him. He evidently sn|)]»o>ed the iiivent(_)i'y of the 
estate reeorded in the Eegister of Prohate at Ply month. l)ook 
1, page 1, was that of Siiloinon senior. I presiimed this Xo he 
the case myself, until I had occasion to examine the matter 
critically, when I h)niid the evidence eoneliisi\-e that it was 
that of the son. The land stated as his on tiie Pro|irietor"s 
Eecords was released, or deeded to him, hy his hrotiier Samnel 
and wife Abigail (Wood) undei' date of iVpril Ls. li)S2. — tiie 
deed acknowledged l>eh)re his brotlicr-iudaw Will Bradford. 
Deputy Gov', ]\[ay -i. Kjs,'). 

licA'. Benjamin ^Allen. the iirst pastor of the second cliureh 
formed in Bridgewater, in his records stated that among those 
" added to the church between tlie time o[ his ordination in 
171b and dismission in 1781 was the wife of Solomon Leonard" 
and hef name was starred ("•'') showing tliat she had died 
before the latter date. Mr. doshiia Kdd\- Crane, dr.. of Bridge- 
water, who has investigateil this matter nci'v carefullv is of the 
o]»inion that this must be the widow of Solomon Leonard," ]\Ir. 
xVUen calling females ivives \vlien the\' were widoiv\ I have 
thought it possil~»]e that Cajit. Solomon LeonaixF (26). son of 
Jacob," mav \\n\Q had a wife before Llizabeth Pt'rkins, to 
whom he was married when he was 8^. and that she may luu'c 
been the church inend)er named. 

The following is a co])v of the Iirst inx'cntory recorded on 
the I'lvniouth Goniity Probate He<-ords. 

•• An iin"entorv made the 21 of the 8d month ^\\\\ llisCiof 
the estate of the late Solomon Lenerson who det-easeil 14 of the 
;')d month ^Nfav 

lb. s. d. 

'■Imprimis: ( )ne snte of homespun cloath 14 

great coat and three \(ls. homespnn l(i 

four oi(| coats and ]tair old l)ree(dies S 

1 \-d. of ..... . '•> ]»i'. stok'cns. 1^ re(l cotton. . 18 

a cotton jack'et, 8 pr. lireeches, 2 coates 2 o 

8) pr. draws .'> cloak'es 4 handerchfs se\'en shirts. , 1 b") 

1 lal)le cloath 14 napkins 1 2 

1 lether be(k bolsters 2 l>illei's 8, pr. sheets 4 lo 

a co\ci'le(| '1 klankets. linen, woolen \arii 8 lo 

2 pi', shoes, gnn. sword. ]iowdcr. bullets IS 

a iron slio\-el \ard jiater earthen ware, glass 1 1 


]i()t. kittle, iriiiii: pan put honks tramincls. toUL^s. . 

and an a\ I 1 (» 

o rhcsts. a kau'. .""> chairs. '1 wheels I Is 

kneading troughs, k'athei' kriille and saddle » 

karrils.'. 1 

pailes. tubs, liarril. dishes, hannner. cdnijiass and 

other small thing.-^ 1 1 

kooks, lookinu' glass 12 

swine, a rnai'e. a eolt. eow and vei'ling (i 

a hive of kees , 8 

house and land. oO 

SO () (I 

"A true and fair apprisal of the estate of Solomon Lenerson 
of the town (*f Bridgewater taken k\- John Field, (iiles Leaeli. 
John Ames Sen'r and John Willis sen'r. witness our hands. 
John AYillis. sen'r. 
John Ames, F. A. ins mark". 
The mark of Giles lieaeh. 
John Field. 
••Mary Lenerson made oath kefore the eount\' eoin't hold at 
Plymouth. June L"). liisi;. that tlu/ akove written is a true 
in\"entorv of tke estate of her late liusl)and soe far as she kiiowes, 
and when she knowes more will diseo\"er the 

as attests 

Xatli. Thomas 


\\\- this it ajijiear.- that he ilied May 14. KiSli. The date of 
his marriage, the faniil\- name of his wife, lier kirth. or (leath. 
ha\'e not been ascertain.ed. 

It is suppo.sed that they had the f(.)llowing ehikk'en — 
:'A. :\[artha.M). — : in. Nov. !•. 17(»ll Nathan Pei'kins and 
they liad ehildren. Nathan Perkins,' k. 
Aug. 2-4:, 171»t. Solomon Perkins,' k. June 
;-5(».'l712. Timothv Perkins.-* k. Jan. ](>, 
171o. Martha IVrkins.^ k. Dee. 10, 1717. 
James Perkins.' 1 >. Mar. 7.. 1720. Sih-nee 
Perkins.^ 1>. May. 172:J. He <lie<k and his 
widow 111. May !.">. 172s. Isaac Hay ward. 
;-)7). Sarah. ■■ k. — : m. Dee. 14. 1710 Samuel Perrw 
;;(*). Ly.lia.-'' k. — : m. Dee. II. 1712 Josejih ' Prall. Jr. 
They had lo ejiililreii, and after her (h'atJ!, 


lie 111. 2. — . 1741) Alice (jau. of Dl'ii. Thomas- 
IJaywanl, 1). A\n: ITOT. <l. (_)el. iso;]. aged 
DC). She was tlic mother of Ca})t. '^rhomas 
Cnshiiiaii. Sec '•Cushiiiaii (TciiealoLiV, ' ].). 


Mary Lkoxaim),- only (huighter of Solomon.^ was horn in 
Bridgewarci- after KmO. She m. Dec. 24, l(.)7o '.lohn Pollard 
of Taunton (his second wife) h. in Boston. June 4. 1()44. ch.lest 
son of William Pollarth and A\\\\ eelehrated in the aimals of 
Bostoji as living to the extivme age of nearly lOo years. She 
died Dee. (>, 1725. Her |)ortrait. painted a short time l)efore 
her death, is in the gallci'v of the ^Nrassaehnsetts Historical 
Society, Boston. For notices of her see Memorial History of 
Boston. A^ol. 1, })age 84 ; Sewall Pa])ers, Vol. 1, page 7o : N. 
E. Hist, and Gend Eegi.ster. A^.l. ;](>. i)age 441, etc. ".John Pol- 
lard, m. 1, Deliverance and luid Hannah, 1). Aug. 17), 

1(;|;^ : William, h. Feh. 1, r(i71. 

The <diildren of Marv and John Pollard were — 

87. John Pollard.-' 1). Marcli 20. l()77)-(;. 

oS. Marv Pollard.M). March S, l(i7s. 

8!». Samuel Pollanh' h. Jan. Ifi. Kiso. 

Xo trace of the familv has been found after the hirth of their 
third ehihl. 

THIRD c;exeration. 

^Tau^" LkoNAIM).'' I-V'//////^V,- .S'/A>//^fv^'.') eldest cliiM of Saiii- 
uel'- and Al)iii'ail (Wood) Leonai'd, oT l)rid:i-e\\a1('i'. 1). — : in. 
— . l7tH) Kdwai'd XewToji of Mai'll loroiiuii. h. Maivh j|;!. IC?!'. : 
d. A\)V. or Aug. 8, 17<t4. ile was the foin-tli ofclc\cn rliddrrn 
of Moses and Joliannali (Larkin) Newton, tlii'cc of wliom 
nuiiTied Leonards of Bridgewatcr. all cousins to each other. 
The father aei[uired gi'eat eelelji-itx- foi- his hei'oism and gal- 
hmtry wlien tlie Indians attack'e(| \larll)oronLiii in 1(')7() (See 
llistoi'v of Marlhoronoh 1)\- Hon. Charles Hudson, paiie 421, 
ete.f ■ 

The children of Mere\' and Ivlward Xewton were — 
4(». Kdward Xewton.' b. (Jet. o. I7<_)1 : m. — . 1720 Elizabeth 
Allen of Shrewsl)urv, l). — , 17('.'). da a. of 
Klnathan and Mercy (Hice) Allen. They 
wei'e admitted to eliureh in Shrewsbury 
1 / •)(), dismissed to foi'm a church in west 
part of Lancaster 1744. His will dated 
(.)ct. 18, 17()o, names his wife Lli/.alieth. 
son.s, Edward, Jr. and Ezekiel : daughters, 
Martha Newton. ^Lary wife of Daniel Perrv 
and Estlier wife of John Britton. 

41. David Newton. M). Julv 24. 17<>o: d. Oct. L 17(i;J. 

42. "Marv Xewton.' 1). .Vu<j. 2S, 17(»4. 

*Richard Newtoni came from Eng^land where he was b. about 1601, was in Sudbury 
1040, was one of the petitioners for Marlborough which was settled in 1654. He proba- 
bly had two wives, Anne aad Hannah, tlie latter d. Dec. 5, 1697; he d. Aug. 24, 1701, 
"aged about 100 years." His chil. by first wife were -John Newton,-' b. Oct. 30, 1641 ; 
Mary Newtou.-' b. Jan. 12, 1644 : Moses Xewton,-' b..Jan. (Mar. ?) 26, 1646 ; Ezekiel New- 
toni ; Joseph' Newton-' ; Henry Newton,^ d. Apr. 13, 1654 ; Hannah Newton,-' b. Apr. 13, 
1654: Daniel Newton,i' b. Dec. 21. 1655; Elizabeth Newton^ ; Isaac Newton-': Sarah 
Newton-'. [The above may not be the proper arrangement of the names.] Moses Xeiv- 
ton,-: m. 1. Oct. 27, 1668, Joanna Larkin who d. Dec. 25, 1713 : m 2., Apr. 14, 1714 Sarah 
Joslin. He d. May 23, 17m. His children were— Moses Newton,:i b. Feb. 28, 1669. m. Dec. 
n, 1695 Sarah Howe ; David Newton.:', b. 167i, m. 1697 Hannah Leouard:* (30;; Hannah 
Newton,3 b. Dec. 20, 1673. m. Apr. 10, 1705 Wm. Orcutt of Bridgewater ; Edward Nem- 
toa,i b. Mar. 23, 1676, m. 1700 Mary Leonard^! (8) ; Jonathan Newton,3 b. Sept. 30. 1679, 
m. Oct. 28, 1708, Bethiah Rice : Jacob Newton,:i b. Jan. 24, 1681 ; .James Newton,:' b. Jan. 
15. 1683, m. 1, Oct. 5, 1709 Mary Joslin. m. 2, Sept. 8, 1712 Rachel Greely ; Mercy Newton. s 
b. Feb. 16, 1685, m. 1705 Moses Leonard:! (16), d. 1715 ; Josiah Newton.:: b. Nov. 19, 1688, 

m. 1. Elizabeth . m 2. about 1730, Ruhamah ; Andrew Newton,:', d. 1691 ; Eben- 

ezer Newton, :i b. July 26, 1692. m. Oct. 25, 1722 Johanna Larkin. 


Mkrc^' LkoxaI!!),"' (iS'rt///,?;e/.~ Solomon}) sister i.)f jirrciMliiiL;-. 1). 
ill Bridgewatei", in. Hicliar<l Adams of Preston. Conn., sup- 
posed to l)e si)n of William iVdams, h. (Jet. 22. 1()7S. Tliey 
were ])r<)l)al)ly livin,L;- in Caiiterbnry, Conn., when their eldest 
child was born, as her birth was recorded there. He bouglit 
100 acres of land in Preston from John Partridge of Duxburv, 
Mass., b}^ deed dated Nov. 2(3, 1706, which for "love, goixl \vill 
& affection," he gave his son Richard April 8, 1735. 

Tliev '"renewed co^'cnant" and were "admitted to the 
})rivilege of Baptism " in chureh of I'reston 1708-9. and their 
oldest two children were ba])tize(l. In Se])t., 171(i. were 
admitted to fnll communion, and were constituent niend)ers of 
the North Ciiurch when it was formed Nov. oO, 1720, and 
were crenerous contributors to its su])})ort as long as thev li\'ed. 
He died April 12, 1749, and his widow Dec-. 24^1749. ' 

The children of MercN' and Pichard Adams were — 

43. Elizabeth Adams,^ 1). dulv 25, 1705. 

44. Richard Adams.M.. June' 3, 1708; m. Dec. 2n. 1732 

Susanna Prest(.)n of Windham, (.'onn. They 
had children b. in Preston : — Marv Adams,-' 
b. July 22, 1734: William Adanis,'' b. dan. 
5. 1735-(t : Samuel Adams.-'^ b. Apr. 19. 
1737: Ebenezer Adams,'' ba]i. Api'. 2, 1740: 
Susanna Adams, 'Mi. A}»i'. 2(), I74L : Aleivv 
Adanis,-^ b. Jan. 30. 1742-3: Richard 
Adams,M3. Sept. 1. 1744: John Adams,M). 
Auo-. 30. 174(3 : James Adams.'' b. Sept. 14, 

'^Idie famil\' remo\ed to Sandistield, ^Nlass.. 
about 17(!5. where the father die(l in 1787. 

45. Abigail A<lams,^ b. Mar. 22. 1717-18: m. Jan. 24, 

1737-'^ ( ''. ) P^henezer Park of Canterbury. 
(It is believed there were other children lictween PichartP 
and Abigail,"* l>ut no births were recordi'd and no ti'acc of 
them has been found.) 


Elizahk'PH Leonard,'' (Samuelr Solomon,^) youngest sister 
of preceding, b. — : m. July 10, 1703 Thomas Clark in Nor- 
wich, Conn. Pie is supposed to have lived on the east side of 
Shetucket River, on territorv that aftei'wards became a jiart of 
Preston. He owned numerous and extensive tracts of land in 
that town and vicinitx'. 'l'he\' were rejiresenteil to be mcmbei-s 


of one i»f the cliiM-clics ill Xorwicli. Imt :il! tlieir cliildri-n. 

excepting- the oldcsr ;iih1 vniuiLz'cst. were li;i|ilixr(l in rrcstoii. 

'Idle cliililivn (if Klixalu'lli mikI TImiuko ('hirk' were — 

4(;. ^[;ii;v (;iarl</ \k 1 )cr. 2s, 170:,. 

47. Thuiiia.s (Mark/ 1>. Mar. 17. 17ti'.': 111. Dec Is. 17;;:, 
Sarali Woodward of I'rcstoii. 'I'licir cliil- 
difii 1)1)1-11 ill XiU'wicli were — Tliaiikfiil 
(dark.-'li. X(.\-. S. I7;j(i; Kii/.ahclli (dark.'' 
li. Oct. 4, 17:^:n: Sai'ali Clark.'M). Scjit. — . 
174(1; Lvdia (dark.' 1.. dulv — . 1742: 
Idiiiiclias' Cdark."' 1.. May 4. '174:.: Marv 
Cdai'k.-' 1). dan. 4. 1747-s/ ddic inoriicr died 
xVng-. 4. 174s. aii<l The father 111. diil\ HI. 
177)0 Lydia Rude and liad lixe more diil- 
dren. lie (k Mav 1. 17(i4. 

4S. Klizal.eth (dark.^ 1 .. Mar. I.'l711. 

4!i. dos.' (dai'k.^ 1.. Fcl.. 24. 171;;- 14. 

7)(». PiUth (/hirk.^ 1). Sei)t. 4. 1722. 

1 1 . 

Sami'KI, LkoNAUD,'' only Son of .S'a/^i^/e/.- eldest son of Sulo- 
riioii} WA> liorii in Bridu'ewater aliout l(tS3, died in I'l-.-stou. 
Conn.. .May 11. 17ls. 

While his fathci-'s faniil\- wcri' living;- in Worcester, some- 
time in the autumn of liil'.'). he was kidna|i|i<M| 1»\' hostile 
Indians, and for a year and a half his an.\ious and distresse(l 
friend-s eouhl learn notliin,L!' of his fate. Xo <letailed account 
of the circumstances attemlinu' his cajiture, or of his siiU'eriuLis 
fi'oiii liiiiiLier. cold, and exj)osiire durin^i!' the two entire winters 
he was in the hands of his savage ea|)tors has come down to 
us, but history has faitld'ully described the wonderful heroism 
exhibited by tliis \'outh — then but foiii'teeii A'ears of a,L!'e — ami 
by his associates in captivity. Mr.s. llainiah Duston and Mrs. 
^lary Xeff of Haverhill, in slaughtering their merciless cajttors 
and their almost miraculons restoration to intensely anxious 
relatives and friend.^. In this connection the nanu' of this 
modest youth, written Samuel l^eonardson in the annals, has 
become immortalized, while his personal identity has been in 
obscurity for nearly two centuries. 

March 15, 1697. the Indians attacked the town of liaNcrhill. 
Mass., and after murdering twenty-seven of the inhabitants and 
burning nine dwellings, carried away thirteen ca] iti ves. Am< mg 
the latter were the two women before named, Hannah Duston 
and ^rarv X^etf. 


A liistorv i>f tins foniv 1)V the Indians, witli tlic cxjicricncc 
of these two ciqitix'es, the (hirin^u' and intrepid niamiei' of their 
esca|)e, ete., was published soon after it occurred by C()tton 
Mather in his Mcvjnalia, print(Ml in London, and has been 
repeated in other publications nian\' times since. 

Epitomize<l. it is as follows: Mi's. ])iistoii was in bed, 
havino- been conlined onlv a week befoi'e, witli iier ele\'enth 
cliild. Idie inhuman sa^■al;■es compelled her to rise instantly 
and di'css herself, which was done so huri'idl\" that she had on 
l:)Ut one shoe when driven fi'om the house whi<di they set on 
fire. The infant in the arms of Mary Xelf was seized and 
killed. 'IMie Indians, with all their capti\-es. stai'ted in .iii'eat 
haste for the wilderness at the north, traveling twelve miles 
that day. The weather w^as exceedingly cold, the snow not all 
disa})]»eared. the mud dee]), but they puslie(l on ilay after (hvy 
iiiitil the\' reached the vicinity of the C'ontoocook river where 
it enters tlie Merrimac in New Hampshire. Here the cajitives 
were separated, Mrs. Duston and Mrs. Netf W(U-e tak'cn by the 
Indian who claimed thc^m as his pi'ojierty to his home on the 
island long kuiown as (Jontoocook', but now l)iiston"s Island. 
Ileiv thev found the bo\- Samuel, who had been taken captive 
as before stated. <-H' the Indians there were two men, three 
women and se\"en chihb'cn. 

The sufferings of the capti\'e women may be imagiut'il but 
n(^t desci'ibed Aftei' a time they wei'e infoi'med that thev 
W()ul<l soon be tai<en to an Indian settlement in, oi- towards 
Canada, and on their entrance to the village woid<l be re(pnre(l 
to " run the gauntlet." 'hhey inniie(liately decided thai thev 
would rather suffer death than siu-li indignity and at once 
de\'ised a, plan of escajie from theii' sa\"age con(]uei"ors. 

The Hrst step in their programme was the f)old audi desper- 
ate one of kiUing the whole family of Indians, and it was 
(fecided to attemjit it ou the night of ;\Iarcii ;j(». ICli;. It has 
been stated that the plan originated with Mrs. iMistoii ;ind that 
"she ])ersuad('d the nurse and boy to join her." However 
that ma\' lia\'e been, it is \'ei'y plain that it rcopiircd the com- 
bined \alor ;ind coui-age of the three, and \'oung Samuel seems 
to have had '^pute as much to do in the accompbsliment of the 
l)rave and daring act as eitliei'. He had been so long with the 
Indians that tlie\- considere(| him as one i>f their children, had 
no fear of his attempting to esca])(.', and could not belie\e 
these frail women would think' of such an undertaking when 
success ;it best appeai'cil so desjiei-ate. It wasneedfnl that tlie\- 
should leai'u how to wield snccessi'Mlly the weapons of the sa\'- 

LEOXA RI) ( 1 h:XK. l/JX,') '. 5:3 

;i,L!'i's to wliicli rlic\- must resort iiiidnl a conxciiiciil o|>| h irtmiji \- 
Samuel iiii|iiii'eii of one of tliem liow tlie\- siriiek their \ iet!iii> 
when the\- would (les|uiteh theiii siu h leiil \'. ami how liie\- took 
oil a scalp. 

When the iiiuht lixt.'il ii| ion had arn\"ei 1. t he\" waited pat ient 1\' 
until the\- had e\ddeiiee that all the sa\-a,L;cs were in deep sleep : 
then, eai'efulh' possessing' themsi.'U'es ol' the toniahaw 1\>. with 
inarx'elous skill and de\tei'it\' tlie\' despatched ten of them. .\ 
fa\"orite l)o\-. whom t lie\' purpose(l to tak'e with Them, was sj lai'ed. 
l)Ut he awakened and ran into the woods fol|(i\v(>d li\- a sipiaw 
upon whom the\" had inllicted se\'en fearfid wounds, and whom 
thev suppose(l hail heen killed. Mrs. l)uston kdlleil her master, 
and Samuel tli(.> Indian who had told him how to strike a hilal 
l)low and how to take oil' a seal|i. TheX" collceteil the few pro- 
visions thei'c were in the wiii'wam. took one siUii. a tomahawk', 
and the scalps of the ten slain — as trophies of their l)lood\- 
cariia_uv — scuttled all the canoes l)Ut one. and in that emliarkeil 
on a jierilous \T)va,L;'e down the Merrimac. for IlaNcrhill. 

Thev were in constant fear of lieini; pui'sueil li\- those to 
whom tlic s(piaw would re])ort theii- esi/ape. oi' 1)\' strolliuL; 
Indians for whom thev ke]>t a constant watch, well kuiowini;' 
the fearful fate awaitini:' them if recaptureil. Tlie\- each altci'- 
tiatelv rowed and steere(l their little liai'k. one watchiiiL;' at 
ni,i:'lit while the other two slept. A kind Prox'ideiice protected 
them, ami after a wearisome journey tlie\' ari'i\ ed at Ilax'ei'hill 
and astonishe(l tlieir inoui'iiiuL;' fri(Mi(Ls who l)elie\-ed them to 
ha\-e l)een murdered hv tlie sava,u'es. After restini;' a little. 
accompanied hv Mr. Thomas Dustou — the hushand of liannah 
— tliev started foi" l^ostoii where tlie\' ai'ri\i'd on the twent\'- 
first of Ajiril. A report of their achie\'ement jireceijed them, 
and thev found themselves famous and recei\-ed man\' atliai- 
tions. Judu'c Samuel Sewell makes report of them in his 
diarv under date of A])ril 29th and May 1st. A petition was 
|)re^ented to the General Asseml»l\'. siLi'ned 1)\" Thouias Urns- 
tun. ]rra\"inii' for remuneration oi' reeoinpense. staling:'. ••That 
the wife of \'e petitioner (with one Mai'\ XclTi hath in her 
Late ('apti\dt\' ainoti^L;' the Ixirharous Indians, keen di.--po>ed ^V 
assisted hv heaven to do an e.\tr,ioi'dinar\' action, in the just 
SlauLi'hter of so manv of the ])ai'l)arians. '■■' "" ■■• "'•" 

& it seem< a matti.-r of uni\'ersall de<ii-e thri > the whole I'ro\-ince 
that it should not pas< uiu'ccomp 'ii^el " etc. Xo mention is 
made of Sanniel. hut .lud'j'c Sewell i-c:'m]-i|-< her te.-timon\' to 
the iiolile pai't he had taken in the '• extraordina!-\' action."' 
At this time he was oi'ohahK' x'isit'unj' his uncles — Major W'il- 


liaiJi Bradford at Plx'iiiontli. and .lolni. Jacol) and Isaac Leon- 
anl at Bridi;'e\vater. 

Major Bradford was sou of (joveriior Bradford and Deputy 
(xovernor of I'lvnionth Colony toi" several years ])revioHs to 
its union with tlie Massachusetts Colony in 1()V)"2, and a 
uieniher of the Council or '• Assistants," from this time to 
1<->1)7. He was ])reseut wlieu tlie session commenced, ^Vwy 26, 
and douV)tless aide<l in procurinu' the passage, June (S. 1()97, 
of the following vote: "That Thomas Durstan in hehalf of his 
wife — shall he allowed and paid out of the ])ublic Treasurv 
Twentv-hve }(ounds: and Mary Xelf the sum of Twelve poun(ls. 
Ten shillings, and tlie voung man (named Samuel Lenerson) 
concerned in the same action the like sum of Twelve pounds. 
Ten shillings."" A re]:)ort of their daring •" action "" soon spread 
tliroiighout the counti'\'. A\dien Col. Nicholson, (_i()vernor of 
Maryland, heard of it he sent them a valuable present, and 
otiiei's followed his example. 

S;)on after this Samuel joined his fatlicr and sisters in the 
\'icinit\' of Xoi'wich. Conn. .Vt that time it was a long and 
toilsome j<.)urney ami to him a dangerous one. It is believed 
that his mother had died during his captivity, her death 
hastened bv intense solicitude h)r her lost. onl\- son. His 
safetv from the \-engeance of tlie Indians i'e(puivd that he 
should remain in ol)scui'ity and this may ha\'e intluenced his 
father ill making his home in .the northei'ly part of Preston 
(what is now the town of Griswold. Conn.) He seenis to have 
had no ambition for renown and his secret was kept so ])i'o- 
foumlh' 1»\" himself and family as almost to have died w\\\\ 

Through the instrumentalitv of Robert ]>. Caverly. Ksq., of 
Lowell. ALass.. a tine monument has been erected on the spot 
where the ten Indians were slain, "in coimnemoration of a most 
dai'ing act of hei'oism :"" it was eomj)leted ami de(lic;ited dune 
17. l>>7d. < )n the westei'lv side it beai's this insci-i]ition : 

Hei'oum (lesta. 

Fides .lustitia. 

Hannah l)iiston 

Maiw Neir 

Samuel Leonards( m 

^blrcll ;;0, 1()!)7 


( )n the opposite side : 




IT) ic.'.i; ;'.<> 

The \\';ir-\vlh»o]i— 'roinalinwk- - l^'a-nl 



were at liaxcrliill. . 

'V\\v aslu's of tlic caiiip-lin^s 

at Xiu'lit 

Ami ten of the Ti-ibc 

arc luM'c. 

.Vt the ihMlicatioii of the moiiunieiit a hirgr asseiultly ot 
people were present, ami ^[r. Ca\'ei'l\' ilcli\'en'(l an oration and 
poem. Soon after he j)nlilislir(l a hook L'ntitle<l " Heroism of 
Ilannali Dnston, together with the Indian Wars of New I'hig- 
laml," in which liega\"e an account of the erection of the monu- 
ment, the e\"ents it was intended to cclcliratc. etc It had 
manv ([notations from an cpi(.' poem entitled ■"Merrimack', 
which he had puMishcd se\"ei'al years heforc. descriptive of 
the same events; and I'rief Inogi-aphics of Ilannali Dustoii and 
Mar\- Xeft'. lie had made \-ain clforts to trace the l)oy Samuel. 
'Idiis is his I'ccoi-d : 

■'( )f Samnel's parentage, of his kii'tli. death, or Imrial we 
lia\'e ohtained no aeeonnt. The thi'cc extraordinai'v inciilcnts 
of Samueks life — involx'cij in iiis capture at Worcester liy the 
Indians, his agencx' in the slaughter of the sax'ages in the 
("ontoocook. and of his se(late. unostentatious pi-cscncc in 
l)o~ton. April "21. 1H1»7. and then again on the 'Sth of dune the 
then next following, there to rcccix'c from "the (ircat and ( ien- 
v\\\\ Coui't' of Massachusetts a complimentary reward h>r the 
heroic of his voutli — ai'c prol)al)ly the lirst and hist 
that earth will e\"er hear of that heroic, gciici'ousdicartcd, gal- 
lant l)o\\'" 

Perhaps it mav not lie improper for me hert' to state that at 
the time I Hrst read an account of his capture at \Vorcester, 
and escape from Contoocook. I felt conlident that he must lie 
a son of Samuel, dacoh, or Isaac Leonard, all of whom. a> has 
lieen seen, were earh' in the former place. Kor more than a 
generation I sednloush- sought trace of him kut wholly in \ain. 
Finall\- I oktaincd a slight due that led li\- de\ ious windings 
t< I com|ilete success. 

The most diligent scai'ch ha- failcil to disco\cr the exact 
date of his mai'i-ia'jc. the familv name of his wife, the dale and 


place of her l)irtli, or dcnrh. I ('iiij)l()\-('il prrsons to examine 
and ei)ji\- I'e.'ords. made se\'eral trij)s t(_) Preston and (rriswold 
and eritieaUy searched the iveords of town, pi'ecinet and 
churches, ransacked the hurial places, in ho})e of lindinL!' 
.some nK.amnient that wonld ehi'oniele the date of (h.'ath and 
a^u'e. oi- at least marl< the ))lace of sepultni'e of Samnel and his 
wife I.ydia — l:)nt all in vain. Thev were ])i-ol»al>l\' marrietl 
sometime dnring the year 17(M). 

Their cliildren born in l-'reston. C't.. wei'c — 

oi. Lvdia,^ 1). Sept. I'l, 17(»7. 

o2. fKbenezer,^ 1). Marcli 17, 17(»!:>-1<I : d. — : m. :\lay (>, 
1730 Esther ^Vmos. 

oi. tSaimnd.^ b. May 18, 1712 : d. xVpril 24, 17(iO ; m. xVug. 
9, 17oo Lydia Stanton. 

0-I-. Janc.M). No\". o. 1714: m. June 0. 1737 Daniel AVil- 

o2. tNathan,M). An^-. 22, 1717: d ~: m. Nov. 12. 17311 
Al)igail Ilerrick. 

The record of "that beloved, godly minister," Kca". Salmon 
Treat, lirst pastor of the hrst church in Preston, shows that 
'■ Lydia. wife of Samuel Leonardson. rlr.. renewed co\-enant."" 
Nov. 7, 1708, and at the same date the eldest child, Lydia, 
was baptized. His record also shows tliat the children born 
snbse([uently were ba})tized in infanew 

Tile death (^f Samuel, as before stated, occurred ^[av 11^ 
17LS. At a Prol)ate Court held at New London, July 8. 1718 
his widow was appointed atlministratrix of his t'statc. At the 
same date she filed an in\-cntoi'\' of his propei'tw a])pi'aised b\- 
John and Joseph Freeman, amounting to £412 12s. Id. Its 
details show that he must ha\'e been, for that period, a wcll-ti>- 
do farmer. Among the "Items"" were four horses, twentv 
head of cattle, and thirteen swine. ILs liltrar\' must have 
been very small as his "book's"" were a}ipi'aised at se\'en shil- 
lings, y^o torfKi/nnok nr hatchet is mentioned but tluM'c were 
" foucr " axes and (niv " nius([iu't."" 

\]y the I'ccoi'd of IJe\-. Ilezekiah Lord, lirst pastor of the 
Noi'tli Chui'ch of Preston. L\'dia's name was enrolled among 
the constituent niendiers at its foi'ination. No\'. 30. L72i>. and 
he solemnized ln'r marriage to Nicholas Wdlli.ams. Lee. o. 172i*. 
Mr. \\'illi;inis' former wife. l)orcas, was admittcil to the hrst 
clMnvJi " b\- letter from W'enham." ( )ct. 7. 1714. and they had 
a son. Xathan. baptized Apr. lo, 171(). and another. -lames. 
Oct. 30, 172(1. At the Pr.'ibatc Coiii'l held at New London. 
Dec. 14, 1 72o ■■ L\(ria Williams Administ rati'ix on the Kstate of 


Snm"' liMUTSon late of Prcslon Dec'' a|ipcarc(l in tins ('m!ii1 
1)\- licr liusliaml Nicholas Williams ami liaxiiiu ih >1 IiIiil:' to a<hl 
to tlu> iii\(Miloi'\-. nor iiotliim:' io cliarLic \'»'s' Mslatc of \c s'' 
I)(.'r'' iiio\'C(| for a 1 >ist i'il)iil ioii. W li('r('ii|)oii this ('oiu't |iro- 
rc'cil to l>istril>iitc the s' Kstatc as follows. \i/,.: to tlic s' 
Lvdia Williams Jlcliet of yr s' Dec'', one lliird part ol w \\r-\\\ 
K^t-.itc lioiii,!i' Kiu'lit\' pound huriiiu' licr natui'all Ivifcand one 
third part of tlio I'ersonall Kstatc i)cin-- C>\. s. s. S. d. lo lie at 
lier I)is]iosc foi' K\a'r, and to .l^lxaic/' the Kldcst son a l)oiilil<' 
Poftion Ix'inu' t'SlL l'i..s. o.d. aii'd Io each of the other four 
cliildrcn n.inu'lv Lx'dia, Samni'l, -lane and Nathan a Single Por- 
tion ln'inii' £44.. l()..s. '_!A..d. and diis ('onrt apjioint Thomas 
Rise Juii'Moses Px'Ichcr and .lohn ('ools of Preston Io I)i\ide 
ve s' Estate aeeoi'din^;' to tlii.^ 1 )istrilintion. to !>(■ sworn to thai 
ser\'iee 1)V the next ,1 n si ice of the I^eaee. the <diai;:^'e 1 hereof and 
of this Court to l)e p' 1)\" the s' Pelict and her (ddldrcn in pro- 
portion to what the\' ai'c to lu'cei\'e, and if aiiNtliiiiL!' more 
hereafter ap]ieai" to helonu' to the s'" Kstatc it must be ili\idcd 
anionL;"st the s'' Kelict and her children in \-e same l*ropoil ion. 

'• Whereas it (A'l-tilicd to this I'ourt undei' the hand of Mi'. 
Justice Brown of prestoii that Khenez' Leiierson. one of \e 
sons of Sam" Lenersou late of Preston Dec'" l)einu' of aue to 
Choose liis(iardian. made choice of his father in Law Ni(dioIas 
AVilliam tol)e his (iardian w'' choice this Coin't approxcs of, 
and do also appoint the s'' Nicholas Williams to l»e (iai'dian to 
Samuel, .lane and Nathan, three other of the chddi'cn of the 
afores'' Samuel Ijeiiei'son l)ee'. he ,!ii\in^u' P>ond as the Law 

Nicholas W^illiams united with the North Clinr(di duh" P*. 
1724. and. with his wife, was a r(\uular coiiti'il nitoi' to the 
ehureh funds until I'.'J.S. Li i7ol»-4() ''the wih' of Capl. 
Williams " contril)Ute(l. Xo recoi'd of tht.Mh.'ath of eitliei- has 
been found. 

1 6. 

MosKS LK(»X.\i;i).'M'/oA».'' Solomon.^) son of .Iohn''and Sarah 
Leonard of P)rid'_;'ewati'i . 1) — : m. 1, -- , 17<*o ^La'cN" Newton, ■• 
dau. of Moses an<l .loann.a (Larkiu) Newton of M;n'll)oroU'_:'h. 
1). Kel>.' l(). Ids:,. ,1. — . I7i:, ; m. 2. An,-, s. 17K). Mi's. ll.m- 
iiah Witherhee. widow of Thomas Wit hei'l lee ;ind dau. of l*'i. 
John and L\'i|ia Wooils of ALii'llioroU'_;'li. L. Aiil!'. 4. l<)77:d. 
Sept. 7. 177)1; m. o, — . ]iul)lislie(| No\ . '!?>. 177)7. .Mrs. Sarah 
IL-dl. widow of Thomas Hall of Dudley. lie seltled in thai 
part of MarlhoroULi'li that is now S nil hi loroULih ahoul ihe time 

*See foot-note to Mary Leonard (S;. p. 49. 


of lii.s iii'st marriage. His wife was a sister of David Xtnvtdii 
who married his ecnsin Hannah Leonard,''' and of P]d\vai-d who 
niarrictl aiiotliei' cousin, ^lary Leonard, '" eLh'St sister (_)f Sanmel 
the hero of C'ontooc(,)()k Tshind. Dnring most of tlie time lie 
livecl ill Marll)orongh, liis family were in constant an.\iet\' on 
account of the attacks of the Lidians. Hon. Charles Hudson 
in his history of this town gives a grajihie aceoniit of what the 
inhabitants snffereil from the savages. He says: " Althongh 
this war did not at any time seem to ])eril the existence of the 
town, like the Nan'agansett, or King Phili|)"s war, vet from the 
connnencement of the eentui-y to the jieaee of 171o the inhab- 
itants were kejit in a constant state of anxiety and alai'm. The 
stealthy iiicnrsions of the guileful foe, the secret arrd)ush, the 
mi(hiight assault, the murderer of the laborer in the held, or 
the mother and her infant in the cabin — the dread of the scalp- 
ing knife and the fear of a hopeless captivity — evils more to be 
dreaded than o])en war — to such as those the inhabitants of 
Marlborough were c(.)nstantlv exposed dnring this lingering 

For the safety of the inhabitants twenty-six garrisons were 
established in the different i)arts of tlie town. These were 
fortified houses to which peo})le could resort in time of danger, 
each nund)ered and name<l, an<l evei'y family assigned to the 
()nc nearest or m(,)st accessible to them. Closes Leonard, his 
neighbor Thomas Witherbee, and three othei' families, were 
c(jnnected with No. 25, wdnch w'as the house of his brother-in- 
law. Jonathan Newton. AVe have no record of harm connng 
to him or his family but that he planted, at an eai'h' period, one 
of the orchards foi- which the town became famous. lie was 
an industrious and thriftv farmer, and had just com])leted a 
conifoi'tabje and conx'cnient house when his wife, Merc\', die(l 
at the biith of hei- daughter Mercv. .\s has been iire\ioiislv 
stated, he l)ought of his uncle, Jacob Leoiiaid of Bridgewater, 
his land in Worcestei' in 1717 and about that time I'emoved 
there, where he l)ecame one of the prominent men of the ]»lace. 
He was Lnsign in the militia and selectman as eai'h' as \'i"17). 

The records in the Hegistr\- of Dec.^ds at Candiridge, and in 
A\'oi-cester after the new coiintv was forme(l in 17')1, show 
tiiat he bought and sold a great man\' ti'acts of land during his 
long life. 

Aftei' the acl of incor])oration of the lown ol W'oi'cestcr was 
]>asse(l in 17-^-, he was one of the connnittee of M\e ap])ointe(l 
to •'procni'c a supplv of the ]iid|tit." At the second anniud 
meet in '_;■, he was chosen nioderatoi' a lid electe(| one of the assess- 
ors. \\\ dee(| dated Jiil\- b'), 17'J!>. for ISoll, he coii\-e\-ed to 


IVmi. Towiisi'iiil liis l';ii'iu of ISO aci'cs west of < ,)iiiiisiu-:iint>u- 
iioiiil. iiK-lu(liu,ii' liouscs. l>;ii-ii. iiml prw in the iiu'rtiiiL! Ikuisc, 
iind soon afterward rcniovccl to Pn'ookiit'lil. In a deed dalfd 
.liilv 2B. IToP). for land IxniLilit nf l')cnjaniin Smith in l.anilis- 
tdwn (afterwards Ilardwick). lie is called ■' 1 nlioldcr. wlndi 
wculd seem to show thai loi' a time he kept a |Md)lic lions, '. 
Ill a few deed.sof snl tset pu'iit date he is ealletl ■■ Yeoman.' in all 
others •• (ieiitlenian."' In the sjiriii^u' of I 7Mo, for t!loO(_) hcron- 
\-evs .'itt'S acres in Brooklield to donas (Mai'k" of lioston and for 
mddO receives fi-oni him lands in I>eicester inchidinL;- house, 
etc., on "J^aws Hill." afterwai'ds known as '• Monut Pleasant.'' 
He at once remove(l to this |)lace, Init for some I'cason remained 
Init a short time. sellin,u' a pai't or all of the jiropertv to ( icrslioin 
Kcves of Boston. P>y deed .hite.l Pel). 20. 17H!»-40, he calls 
himself of Iviitland. and in consideration of 1!1000 from his 
son Jonas, scdls him lo acres there, ••with houses. Warns, 
oi'chanl. ' iSce. In all ileeds made snl)se(|nent to this date he is 
re|ireseuted as residing;' in some ]iart of this town. A]ir. '2~, 
1759 as •• late of Kntland West W'inu Precinct cV now Pwell- 
in,L!- in said Pntland District." •■ Pntland West AVin-- Pi'c- 
cinct." was iiicorpoi'atiMl as the town of ()al<liaiii in 17'i'_': and 
•■Hutland District." ]ire\ionslv l<nown as ••Rutland North 
West (^)nartei'." was incorjiorated a town by name of Dntchin- 
son. in 1774 — (dianucd to l)ai-re In 177<). His wife Ilannah d. 
Sept. 7. 1 7ol and the records of Put land show that he ■" entered 
his intention of marriai;'e with widow Hannah l)eanian of 
WestlioroiiLili March 8. 17o7— ( 'crtiMcate ,L;i\"en March d S. 
17o7. " She was ]ii-ol)alil\' the dan. of Fdeazer and Hannah 
Howe who m. Kleazei^ P)eanian. Mar. or ^[ay '1. 17'_'<>. all of 
Marllxn'oiiLih. Wli\' the man'iaLiC was not coiisiimiiiated is 
not known. In No\". following;' he ••entered his intention of 
Marria-'e with AVidow Sarah Hall of Dudley — Cei-tihcate ,L:-iven 
Nov. 2o, 17o7."" and thev were soon mai'ried. Xrvy little is 
k'liown aViont lier or her foi^mei' hnsPand, Thomas Hall. He 
left a will datt'(l ( )ct. 24. 17o(;. which was |)i'o\'eil pel). 1. 177)7, 
and she was apiiointed executrix. Idiey seem to liax'c had two 
sons, Samuel and Pxaiajah Hall, and two mai'i'ied daiiLihtei-s. 
Abigail Dennis and PlizaPeth Hinds. Afte)' her marriage with 
AToses I^eonard her name was attaclieil to his (jeeds o| coii\'ey- 
anee. The last one that wi' hnd recorded Pears date l''eli. o, 
17<'>!»: ••Moses Leiiai-d Sen'' of the |)ist]^ict of Pntland. ( ieiitle- 
maii. in consi( jeratioii of tjl'io. paid li\' ni\' son Mmscs Pcnai'd 
dr of 2'' District veoniaii — the soiithei'l v -h part of house lott 
Xo. 8 — where I now dwell with a Dwellinij- lioiise thereon 


l)()nn(l(Ml Ensterh' on land of said ^foscs Lcnai'd ,]v. Westerly 
on house lott No. *.' — Soiitlicrlv on i>art of a lioiisc lott in pos- 
session of Afi'. Josiali I>ana." '^Idiis ])i'o])('rtv adjoins tlie vil- 
hiLi'e of l>aiTe. The hist ix'cord that can l)e found of them is a 
dischai^ue of a inort.u'a^u'e, on the margin of the reeord in Wt.))'- 
ccster, Fel>. o. 1770. Idie mortu'ao-e was from Noah Hall to 
Tliomas llalK l)oth of l)u<llev, dated Nov. o, noC). J)ischaruv 
bv " Moses Lenard of Ivutland District. (Tcntlenian — and Sarah 
Lenard his wife, she Ix-inu' Kxeeutrix to tlie Estate of Mr. 
Thomas Hall late of Dudley and wi<h)\v of the said Thomas 
Ilall." At this time he must ha\'e been about H.j vi'ars of a,L!'e. 
The children of Moses and Mei'ev — born in Marl- 
1 )orou,<i'li — were — 
56. fMoses, Jr.',M). Nov. 1. noti; d ( )ct. 24, r78s : m. 1, 

Harriet Beulah : m. l>. Sei)t. 22. 17s2 

* . Mrs. Hannah (Cbissett) Kiee. 

7)7. +Ezra,^ b. Sept. 19, 1711 : d. .lune 2!», 17!»8 : m. June 1. 

l7o7 Olive Siuitli. 
OS. -f-Merey.^ b. Dee. 1, 17U; d. June :>, 17l»5 : m. ^lay 21>, 
1732 Samuel Robinson. 
Children of wife Tbinnah \veiv — 
r)i». fJonas.M). Oct. 11». 1717 in .^[arlboro^gh ; d. Oct. 18, 
17o7; m. 1. Feb. 21. 174o Mrs. Eunice 

( ) Darbcr : m. 2. — . Abigail . 

(if>. t^Vndrew.M). No\-. 20. 1711), in Worcester: d. — ; m. 
1. Mar, 7, 1744-5 Dorothy Stevens: m. 2. 
June IM, 1 7oS Hannah Pierce. 

1 7. 

JosiAH LeoXAKT),'' (Jo/ivr Soloriiou}) brother of preceding, 
1). — in Bridgewater: m. 1. No\". 2. llitH' Mtu'joram Wash- 
bui'u : m. 2, No\-. 21, (supposed) 1717. Abigail Washburn." 
His will, from \vliich luucli of our knowledge of his family is 
dei'ivcd, was dated Feb. ('», 174-0, and pro\-('(| May 21. 1740. 
His son, Josiah Jr., was sole executoi". 
His children wen' — 

(1 . +.101111. M). —; d. — : m. Nov. 2;'., 17;;2 Naomi Curtis. 

i;2. fJosiah,^ b. — : d. Dec. 2.'). 17r)() ; m. Jan. 24, 1789 
Jemima Washburn. 

*It is uot known who was the father of Marjoram Washburn (his first wife). Abi- 
gail Washburn, his 2d wife, was dan. of John"' and Rebeekah (I^apham) b. Ifi88 : lier 
grandparents were John-' and Klizabeth (Mitchell); sreat si"a;idfather .lohni of Dux- 
bury, (ine of the oriffinal proprietors of Brid^-ewater. 


('>;-;. -fK/ckic'l.^ 1..—: .1. Oct. ;;. 17:.7: 111. M;iv 2i». 17;;2 

,Ii)li:iiiiKili Hinlsoii. 
(U. •fSauiurl,' li. — : (1. !71>-J: m. .Iui\- 7. 174S L\di;i Jicsse. 
i;:). tXiitliaii/ 1). - : M. Kcl.. 17. 17(17.: m. X..v. -I'l. 1744 

'IMiaiikful Im'ssc. 
()(). Kli/al.clli.^ 1.. — . 17(»j! (?): d. < »,-i. U. 17^;;; m. |, 

X(>\-. -J;'.. 17-j!(» .laiiifs Washlmni. 1.. Kl'.is. ,1. 

1742 : 111. '1. .Iiiscpli ( 'I'ossiiiaii of Ivi-^loii. 
(17. fMarwM). — . 17(».'> : '1. .Iiiur 1). 17l»;i ; m. 17;;;!, Daniel 

(>S. Mai'ii-iiir/ 1). — ■, 111. — , Pra1l. 


.losKPH \a:o^\\\\)^'' [■JoinK- SAomoii}) iM-otlicr of in'cccdiiiL!', 
1). — : lu. Nov. ll>. \~\'l Jlaiiuah. dauLihter of Hiclianl -Ini- 
iiiii,u's""' of Bridgewater, (who was ()ne of fourteen soldiers IVoni 
that town in the " Narragansett Fight,"" Dec V^. 1(177). and with 
tlie exception of Daniel Hudson, the only one li\-iiig to di'aw 
his share of land granted by the State Oct. 17, 17'!o. ) 

'Jdie hirths of all his (diildreii are recorded in r)ridge\vatei', 

excejiting the youngest who was horn in ]'*onifi'et, ( 'oiin.. where 

he seems to have removed ahont 17')(J. 4die family, pi'ohahly 

did not I'emain long, and I ha\-e found it impossihle to trace 


His (diildi'en wei'e — 

(!'.>. .loseph.-' I 1 M I , _ , _, ., 
-,, ,, 1 4 ,■ I'- March 1 (. 1 < 1.). 

( (I. Uaiiiian.* \ 

71. Moses,^ 1). March I'l. 1714. 

~i-l. Seth.^ 1). Oct. (1. 17 lo. 

7;5. Timotliv,^ h. Julv (1 171s. 

74. Rebecca.^ h. Sept. — . 1721. 

77.. Mehitahel.M). Sept. o. 1724. 

7tl. Thankful.^ h. Mav ~, 172(1. 

77. Khenezer,'!). Mav 20, 172S. 

7.S. Betsey,^ b. Sej.t. 'lo, 17o(). 

* •' Richard Jennings (from Sandwich perhaps) m. Mary Bassett, and settled in S. B., 
and had .Joseph, Samuel 1703 ; Ephraim, Elizabeth, Anne, Mary and Hannah were also 
his children probably. He d. 1751, his w. 1734. Joseph d. 1756. - Elizabeth ni. Wm. 
Ames 1721.— Anne m. John Cavener (or Carver) 1718. - Mary m. John Tobey 1710.— 
Hannah m. .Joseph Leonard 1712. Ephraim m. Deliverance Washburn 1719. and had 
JIary 1720, Ephraim 1722. Sarah 172S.'- [Hist, of Bridgewater. p. 203.] 



JoSKl'll LkoXAI!!).'" (./aaV/.'- .V>A>///o//.') soli of .l:i(/(il)- ;iiiil Ills 
lirstwilV. I Micl )(_■(■.') h. ;il),,iit l(i7<>; U. .Ian. 2!i. 174i> : in. — . Kii'.") 
Mai'tlia. dan. <>1' \\'illiain and ^[artlia ( )i'c'ntt-'" of Bridgcwatcr : 
she 1). I(i71 in Sritnatr. d. Sept. 3n, ITwj!. 

The lkCL;'istr\' of 1 )t^eds in Plvinontli contain records of 
nnincrons conNcvanccs of land in l)rid,ii't'\vatcr. anions:' tiicin 
]tarts of his '■ lioincsrcad or lioinedi\iiiL;' " — to Rev. Benjamin 
Allen, A}iril 1!». 1717 : to his son K|thraiiii. .Inly 2.3. 17'I2 : to 
Solomon Pratt. Hec. lo. l~:U) : to .Jonathan (_diandler. 
" bloomer/' March S. 17>>2: and the i-emainder to his son 
Joseph, J]'., March U. 17-')0. Tliis land inclnded what is now a 
eonsideral)le i)art of the l)eaiitifnl xdllau'e of Bridgewater. 
AVilliams Latham. Ks(|.. statei] to the writer that ••.Joseph and 
liis wife ^[artha li\'ed at the old Ci'ooker place. Imt died at the 
.lonathan C'ushiiiL;' })hice."' 

Ill IN,-),") Mr. Simeon Leonard,'' (o-'N) wrote me : ••AEv great 
grandfather divided his property hetween his tw(j sons — the 
line of division I well knew. Kphraim was to maintain the old 
folk's hilt he failed in Imsiness. his propert\' was all taken from 
him. and he hecaine poor. He went with all his ehildreii 
(Ilnldah excepted) to New .lersew lea\niig his father in indig- 
ent t-irenmstanees. and I lia\'e het'ii told, his parents were 
de])endent in their old age."" 

It is sad to know that no monnmeiit marks the resting place 
of iii\' grandfather's grand-juireiits. and that we cannot tell 
e\'en in what '•(iod's acre "" the ]>rece(ling generations were 
buried. Llianks to Lieut. .lolin \Vaslil)uru, we know .loseph 
Leonai'd." and his wife Martha (Orcntt) were buried in the Old 
(fi'ave ^'ard of P)ridgewater : doubtless in the \'acaiit s]iace 
A'erv near the monuments of their son .loseph,"* and his wife 
Mary (Packar<l). Xo"s '210 and -jfU on Mr. Latham's JMan. 
Lieut. .John Washburn, born in 17 IL was the sexton and dug 
the graves in this \ard from I7H9 to the time of his death in 
1797. numbering 7tH) in these tiftv-eight \ears. Lhe lai'gest 
number in aii\ one \'eai' was 47, in 17.')<). showing a great 
iiiortalit\' h>r the then small po|>ulation of the town. Afr. 
Latham in his \alnable liook, '• Kpitaphs in ( )ld Ib'idgewater," 
states that probablv some other interments were made during 

*Wm. Oi'cutt (from Scituate), and his wife Martha, settled in South Bridgewater, and 
had William 1664 (m. 1, Jane, dau. John and Eliz. (Mitchell) Washburn : m. 2, Hannah 
Newton Apr. 10, iro.i : she b. Dec. 20, 1673, d Oct. 7, 17.51. He d. Apr 10, 1739), Andrew. 
John, Martlia 1671, Joseph 1672, Hannah 1674, Mary 1676 (m. Daniel Hudson 1697. He 
b. April 1677), Tlionias 1675, Benjamin 1679, Elizabetli 1682, Deborah 1()83. and Susanna. 
-[Hist, of BridgewaVr. p. 249 | 

L KOX. \Ji'l> (1 HXE. \lAJ(n '. (■,:; 

tins |HM'i(i(l. tor as rarlv as 1 srd I it was cstiinatci 1 llial tlicrr lia<l 
l)i't'ii from l.r)0(» to 2.0< l( I iiitci'rc(l m tliis ci'iiictci'x ami in lss-_>. 
when liis jilaii was iiiailc tlicrc were lnit '\?A iiiouiiiiiciil--. 

laciiT. Wasliltiirii VcyX his account m a liook. wliicii lie jum- 
\itU'(l t'S|»(.'ciall\' lor the purpose, ami tlii:^ xaluaMc aucicut 
(lociiuieiit is in the liamis of Mrs. Williams Latham of Urid^c- 
watcr. who pi\'scr\ cs it with scrupulous care. 

TIk' chiklrcii of -losc|>h ami Martha were: 
7ii. •fJosei)li/ ''•— , 1<>!M): <l. Api'. i^s. IVsH; lu. Sept. U, 

17'_>1 Marv Pa.'kanl. 
SO. -f-Kphraim.' 1). — : d -- : ui. Scjit. IB, 17j!0 Martha I'cr- 

>Si. tMartha.' 1). — ; d. — ; m. Oct. 7. 1 7u-l- Kl)ciie/cr VAA\. 


SL'SAXXA LeoXAUD." \Jnr(j}>'} Solomuii}) sister of the prece(l- 
\\\'^. 1). in Weymouth Dec. 24. Kis;! : lu. Maivh ^I'l. 1714 
KlR'iiezer Hill of Uridg'ewater. lie d. .julv (i, 17C><I: >he d. 
Nov. 11). 17(U. 

The chihlreii of Susanna and Kltene/er Hill wore — 

S2. Ebenezer Hill.M.. Mar. D, 1717.. 

88. Jaeol) llill.M). Nov. ll». 1717: m. 177)4 x^bio-ail IJonnev. 

<S4. Israel Hill.-' 1). Au- 17. 1711» ; in. 174S Beiiali Latham. 

s:,. Moses llill.^ 1). Fel.. 1, 1722. 

S(J. Hezekiah Ilill.^ L. .\h.rcli 4, 1727. 

87. Eleazer Hill/ 1>. dune 17). 17^)(>; m. 17011 Anna Field. 


Soi.oMoX LkoxAIU).-' {'/acohr Solomon}) Lrotlier of the prec<'d- 
iii.u-. 1). — , 1(598 in Bridovwater ; d. May 21>. 17<;i : m. — . 
17o(:> Klizabeth, dau. of David and Martha (Howard) Pei'kins," 
1). March 29, 1707. It is l)elieve(l that slie mav have l)eeii his 

*Abrahaiiil Perkins, b. about 1611 ; d. Aug. 31, 1683 : m. Mary , b. about 1618 : cl. 

May 29. 1706. He was one of the first settlers of Hampton. N. H., in 1638, admitted 
freeman May 13, 1640. (His wife Mary m. 2, Alexander Denman.) They had Maryi ; 
Abraham, 2 b. Sept. 2, 1639, (said to have been first white male child born in Hampton, 
N. H..) Humphrey, 2 d. young: : James,2 d. young; ; T)mothy,2 d. young ; James2 : Jona- 
than2 ; David, 2 b. Feb. 38, 1653 ; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Francis Brown of Newbury about 
1675 ; (their children were David, 8 b. in Beverly ; [m. Martha dau. of John and Sarah 
(Latham) Howard, 1699, and had John 1700 : Mary. 1702 : Martha, 1704 ; Elizabeth, 1707. 
m Solomon Leonard about 1730 : Susanna, 1709 ; David. 1711 ; Jonathan, 1714 ; Abra- 
ham, 1716 ; Sarah, m. Jabez Carver, 1742.1 Nathan, :i b. in Beverly, m. Martha Leon- 
ard, Nov. 9, 1709:) Abigail2 : Timothy,2 d. young: Sarah2 ; Humphrey, 2 b. May 16, 
1661 : m Martha, dau of Lieut. John Moulton, (had Martha : m. Sept. 16, 1720 E{)hraim 
Leonard. (80) : Sarah : Abigail, ni. Enoch, son of Enoch Leonard, (15) : Luke,2 living 
in 1683. [Reg. Vol. 13, p. 79 X 80, Vol. 39, p. 81. Bridgewater, p. 265 & 235 & 6.] 


second wife, foi-, as has Ix'on ])r('^•i()Us^Y stated, Rev. Benjainiii 
Allen recorded on the clnn'cli reeoi'd the admission of tlie wife 
of Scjlonion Leonard and her death during the pei'iod of his 
niinistrv. Ahont tiie time u| Re\'. Mr. Aliens settlement, by 
dee(l dated, hine I'J, 1 71 7, .losiali Edson, Ks(|., u'ave him Ib^ 
acres of lan<l, "hiMiiu' the noi'th east corner of \'e lauds whereou 
] now dwell ;" and" l)y dee<l dated Oct. 10. 1717, David Per- 
kins L;a\'e him o acres, ''hein^u' ]>art of a 10 aci'e lot Ivinu' near 
and in ])art adjoiine' to ve hinds of Klcazei' Ca.r\"er." The 
histoi'v of Ijridgewater g-ives some account of the trouble that 
oe(airi"c(l between Mr. Alhui and his jteople which cause(] his 
dismission in L7;:5(). lie boiiijht hinds of. and had hnaiicial 
operations with, sex'ci'al of tlie Leonards and they did not seem 
to lia\'C much confidence in him iinallv. 

By the Precinct Ivccords it apjieai's tliat at a meeting held 
July '2. 1 7''!(>, Sohmion Leonard with William (_)rcutt, Nehe- 
miah Wasiibui'n, .lohn Benson, and Jonathan Gary were chosen 
"a committee to dismiss iVIr. Allen, and to eiifurm him of the 
vote of j)rccinct," etc. L seems tlie minister was not inclined 
to be dismissed and when the dooi's of the uieetingdLouse were 
closed against him, he adroitly gained access to the pulpit, and 
b)r several Sabbaths, preacheil to (Mn])tv seats. Oct. 80, 1730, 
another committee was chosen, consisting of the three tirst- 
nanicd persons with Jonathan Sprague, "to join with tlie 
Cliurch eoimuittce in dismissing Benjamin Allen. pro\"ide sup- 
port of the ]iulpit,"' etc. ■ Dec. I<>, 17'!0. a new connnittee (con- 
sisting of Dea. Carvel-, Dea. Alden, Nathaniel Willis, Lieut. 
Hudson, AVilliam < )rcutt, Jonathan Sprague, Nehennah Wash- 
burn, and Solomon L(M)nai'd) seems to have been appointed. 
At t])e same time a pi'otest was made bv 08 male members of 
the church and societ\', whose names are I'ccorded, "against 
jiaying Mr. Aden as awarded by tlie ai'bitrators."' The records 
state that a meeting was held at the house of Jolm AVashbiirn, 
Jan. 1, 17-')1, when it was voted to \k\\ the charge of the ai-bi- 
trators, amounting to £0;-), 13s., 3d. It is probable tliat Solo- 
mon jjcoiiard took a ])i'ominent ])art in the contro\'ersv. The 
following istak'eii fi'om State Pai)ei's, \b>l. 10. page (>. It bears 
no date, but was |ii'obabl\' made al)oiit Jan. — . 1731. 

"Solomon Leonard '^i\'stilieth and saith That upon the Lords 
day being the baghteenth (la\- of ()ctoliei' last, he saw Xelie- 
niiali ('nshing of Lembi'oke Dept. Shci'ilf conic up to the door 
of the meeting lionse in the south precinct in J^)i'idgewater and 
strike against sd Dooi' with his stick' befoi'c the Dooi's were 
opeiied lor the ( 'ongi'(\L;ation to go in and wit li his Stick' also to 
m.ak'e an attem|it to open the windows, and after the Loors 

/.KOXAJ^D (iEyKAUHiV. (io 

were opeui'd vc sd CiisliiiiL:' 'i'oiicllici- willi Mr. Allen went iiili) 
tlie ^[eetili.L;' house ;iliil in;i(|r ;i Lii'eat 1 )isturl):ilice S;i\iliL:- lli;it 
lie won 111 e;ii'i'\" ;i\v:i \' nil thai were coiiil iIimm | |( > l\ee|i M c. Allen 
out of the l*ul[Mt S:i\iML;' also that he would iJead a warrant 
which he had from Justiei' Little of Pend»rol<e. I>u1 the Penjile 
desirini;" him to lurliear. Mr. Stone lieii'uii the Ivxereise, and 
aftei' the foi'enoon s ivxereises was eude(l. at'tei' 1 was u'oue out 
of the MeetiiiL;' honse the sd Shel'i IT lu'ipiii-ed me in his Mauis- 
ters name to apjiear hefni-e dnstiee Little the next da\and 
when I came hefoi'e him. the . I ust ice adjourned tlie(\)urt till 
the next fridax' after, and then Laid me under Londs to aiipeaV 
at Plvmoutli and so answer it. at the next ( ^uartei' Sessions 
and likewise Lound me to m\- u'ood lielia\'iour to Mr. Allen, 
l)Ut nex'er would tell me h)r wdiat." 

Mr. Allen was sueeeede(l 1)\- liew dohn Sh;iw--L;i'andfatliei' 
of Chief Jnstiee Lemuel Shaw — and was the cherished and 
liel()\-ed pastor of the church foi' nearh' sixt\' vears. in the 
('liureh Records ke]it Ly him, he states that Solomon Leonard 
and wife were adnntte<l mendjers of the church in 17o(). As 
]»i'eviouslv stateih in 17o7 Solomon }»urchase(l of his cousin 
Knocli Leonard, a consideraMe part of his homestead.'" He 
was liuried in the old ,uTavevard of Bridgewalei-. In Mr. 
Latham's '• l)ook of Kpita])lis'" his i2-ra\"i\stone is numhered 
47<'. an<l he savs "'he and his son ('apt. Solomon doth li\-e(l 
fifteen rods east of W'" S. ^Vlden"s."" It is l)elie\-e(| that his 
widow d. July 3, 1784. and was Lnried beside him. 
Their ehildren were — 

n8. Kx])erience."' L. No\-. Id, 173'2: il. in iidancv. 

Ml. ■fSolomon.M). March 27. 1733-4: d. Oct. 2:;. Lsl4 : m. 
< )ct. d. 17d(; Joanna, dan. C'apt. Joseph and 
Deliverance (Orcutt) WashLurn, 1). dan. 30, 

* See foot-note to Jacob2 (4) page 40 ; also the following from Mr. H. S. Ranney of 
Ashfield : "The original grant of land to those soldiers, their heirs and assigns, was 
about 24,000 acres held by them in common. The first division was of .50 acres to each 
of the 63 shares. In that division Solomon Leonard toDk lot No. 26 ; which is in N. E. 
part of the town of Ashfield and is fl892) occupied and owned as a farm by H. Z. Smith, 
who is a descendant m the 4tli generation from the first Chileab Smith who came here 
• the third settler in Huntstown). The second division of lands was made in 1762— in 100 
acre lots— and the same share drew lot Xo. 2 in the second division ; which lot is in the 
north central part of the town, one mile from the village, and owned formerly by Seth 
Hall for a farm and now by his son A. G. Hall. I have no record which shows to whom 
Solomon Leonard conveyed his lands and rights here. I presume he never came here 
to reside. ■■ 

■' The county deeds were very few of them recorded in the early days and there is no 
reason to believe that Solomon ever took up his claim in person, but that he sold it."" 


i»(). Klizal)t'tli.M). — , 17;!7 : d. Xcn". 4, ITDU in her (iod year : 
111. (Jet. 11, IToS Lieut. Hezekiali, son of 
John and Kli/abeth (Paekard) II<.)()per. I). 
June y>i), 1'}^, d. Feb. 22. 1S13 in his Slst 
\-ear. Tl'iey liad Elizabetli Hooper,'' Wins- 
low Hooper,'' Josepli Hooper,'' and Hezekiali 
Hooper.'' The latter Ix — , 1771. iz'raduated 
from Har\-a,rd College 1789, settled in the 
ministry at Boylston where he d. Dee. 2, 
1795. He with his father and mother were 
buried in tlie old graveA'ard in Bridgewater ; 
niimlters of epita])hs 1. 2 and o. (E])itaplis 
in (_)1<1 (iravevard, Bridgewater. Page 61.) 

91. Susanna/ b. — . 1740; d. Aug. 26,"l77S: m. Sept. 29, 

1761 Samuel,'' son of Zeehariah^" and Eleanor 
(Bennett) Whitman, b. July 23, 1734, d. — 
"lost at sea.'' Slie was buried in tlie old 
grave^^ard in Bridgewater. No. of epitaph 
19.") (p. 75 AVilliams Tjatham's Kpitaplis) 
should b(_' ••in the 39th \eai' of her age."' 
Thev had ]aieiinla Wliitman.'' m. Josepli 
Tilson of Halifax, 1794: Silvia Whitman.-' 
m. 1, l)a\'id C(_>nant 17^3, m. 2. .\zariali 
Havward 1798 ; Susanna \Vliitniaii.'' in. ()li- 
ver Allen (1). 1765 s. of Maj. James Allen) 
179(1; Fi'eelove Whitman'' was drowned; 
Cliloe Whitman.'' 

92. Experienee,^ 1). Get. l!». 1743 ; d. Get. 21. Isfs (;e 75 

yrs. 2 days); m. Nov. 21, 1765. ()liver, son 
of Gapt. Seth and Mehitaljel (Gar\'er) Alden. 
b. Aug. 6. 1740; d. Sept. 29, 1825 in his 
S6tli year. They had Caleb Alden,'Mj. i 766 ; 
m. Sally Hayward ; Ex|)erienee ^Vldeii,'' m. 
Silvanus Pratt ; (Oliver Alden,'' d. ^-oullg ; 
Cromwell Alden,'' d. young. ( " Kpitajihs " 
}). 77, No's 231-4.) 


Isaac \A-A)y..\\{\):' (Isaac? Solonwn}) oldest son of Isaac,'- b. 
in Ib'idgcwater before KiSO ; m. Apr. 16, 17(^1 Mary, dan. of 

*El)enezer,:i Tliomas.L' JoliiU Whitman, one of the first settlers in Weymouth. 


(liiido n;iil('\\"''' wild was tlicii tlic widow of S.iiiiiU'l. son of 
Thomas. Uaiidall wlio d. as early as l(ii»7. 

l)y i-i'coi'ds of dt'('(ls it is Isiiown that llii'\ wrvr Ii\iii;_;- in 
Taunton. Xoi'th Tnivhasr (Kastoni in 171.".. -Inl,\- l:\. \~ V.\ 
Nathaniel Manle\'(son of Wdlliani) calls linn I u'othei'-inda w . 
A[ar. 1». I7iil--2(l'lie had ^rr^ of land on easterly end of .\oilh 
Purchase of Jeremiah Willis of 1 )orchester and Samuel Smith 
of North Pureliase. lu March, 17l:!(), he and his wife Mar\- 
coiivev their homestead in Kaston to l-'lliphalet I>eonard (all '.^ 
Easton) lor £2471. July 2;!. 17'27. Isaac Leonai-d of Mendon, 
Mass.. l)uys of John Adams of Pomfret. Conn.. l.'!2 acres of 
laud in that town for £.">(»(!. Sept. !». 1727. •• of I'ond'ret. 
(.'oun.." he sells to Thomas liandall land in i\astoii, and Jan. J. 
1721>. •■ late of Kaston, Mass.. now of I'oiufret. ("oini.." he sells 
to Kliphalet Leonard -J- of an iron mine in Ivistou. Miss 
Larned in History of Windham ('ouut\-. Conn., states that 
Isaac Leonard. Seni(_)r, Junior, and l)a\ id and Thomas li\ed in 
Pomfret in 17ol, also that Joseph and wife and Isaac and 
wife (?) WHMv niend;)ers of the Second Church when forme(l in 

He bought other lands here. l>ut Fel). H. 17o7)-(). hir CsiM) 
he sold out to L'^aac Park's and no further trace of him or his 
family can l)e found. As previouslv stated he was in Boston 
(Jet. 17, 17'")o. and di-ew the share of land eoming to his f.-iiher. 
as one of the soldiers in the Nai'i-agansett tight. 
He hail children — 

98. Isaae.^ 

94. David.-' 

9o. Tliomas,-* and otliei's. 


]5ex.iami.v LkoXAHO,-' [Isaacr Solomon}) hirMher of the [ire- 
eeding, b. — : m. Aug. 15, 1715 ILinnah Phillips, daughter of 

*Guido and Joseph Bailey are supposed to have been l)rothers. Mitchell says Guido 
was among the first settlers of Bridgewater, took oath of fidelity 165? ; first lived in W. 
B. afterwards in S B. : in 1698 sold his place to his nephew Manasseh JIarston of Salem : 
the selectmen consenting to it, to whom he from age and infirmity had pre- 
viously applied for assistance: Marston to maintain him and his dau. Mary. He d. 
about li'OO ; wife's name was Ruth : had Guido. d. about 1690 : Mary m. 1. a Randall, 
and m. H. Isaac Leonard ; she conveyed 20 acres of land to her cousin Marston, 1697. wlm 
was to take care of her and he conveyed it to Leonard in 1702; Ruth m. Ebenezer Hill 
1684 : Elizabeth m. James Harris 169:1 [Mitchell's Bridgewater, p. 107.] Of Joseph 
Bailey we learn that he was in the Narragansett fight and tliat in 17:^5 " Ebenezer Hill 
for his uncle Joseph Bailey " and " Ebenezer Hill for his father Ebenezer" claimed to 
be the eldest male heir when appearing among the 840 who had seven townships 
allowed them. I think this is the Ebenezer who m. Susanna, dau. of Jacob Leonard- 
and that Mitchell was in error when he makes him '"s. of Jonathan. i " 


William and Ilaiiiiali ((Gilbert )'"' Pliillips of 'rauiiton. He was 
a meiiil»(.'r of tIk' SccoikI Climvli and had ti'oulilc with Kev. 
Beiijaiiiiii AUeii, as tlie h)llo\viii_u' record shows: 

"Un tlie 21 Mareli 1721 The'Chh. met and ye ()c<'asion of 
it was some reileeting' words spok'eu hy Beiij. Lemiard a,!i'aiiist 
the past<_)r AVheii lie made ye following Confession an<l was for- 
_L;i\-en l)y ve C'hli. 

■■ I must needs (Jwn y' I iiave not attended ye rnle in being so 
I'asii as & unadvised in taking u]) and pnblisliing a groundless 
I'cport against my Pastor Mr. Benjamin .Mien with respect to 
his wronging ni\' uncle Samuel Lennard about Twenty t1\'e 
])ounds I desire forgivent'ss from (iod tS: from Mr. Allen and 
from the whole Chh. Iiojiing I shall be uiore CarefuU <.)f him of 
them cV' of my self h)r time to l\)nie — Benjamin Lennard 
owned this before ye Cldi. 

Attest Benj. Aden I'astor." 

By record of deeds Dee. IM, 1720, and May ;!1, 1722. he and 
his wife Hannah con^•ey to Joseph Leonard and Kleazer Car- 
ver their homestead and other lands in Bridgewatei', and at the 
latter date bought a part of the homestead of William Pliilli])s 
(her fath('r) decease(b to which they remo\'ed before .lidv 1, 
]72o. '^Idiis was in that |iai't of Taunton that became Digliton 
in 17 P2 and IxM-klev in 1 7-)0. Deeds of purchast's and sales of 
lands bv them ai'c on record up to 172.'!. It is e\'ident his 
wife Hannah died about 17;:!" and he m. 2. dune J."!, 1 7.")4: 
Mary Cudwortli, b. Nov. l-f. 17<»2, dan. of dames and In'ttv 
(Hatch) (Nidwortii. I'ndei' date of Mar. 1(), 17i)7 Benjamin 
Peonar<l and wif<' Mar\- of P)erkde\- h)r £()2(> sell to John Paul 
of Ix "my homestead where I now dwell in P)erkle\-.'" Nov. 
2. I7oS, JMMijamin and wife Mar\- of lierkdev sold a tract of 
land and niea(h)W to j-'dkanah Babbit. 

The children of l^eiijamin and Hannah were — 
'.111. Jennma,-' b. M;t\- S. 1717. 
1>7. Lvdiad 1). Sei)t.' 17. 171.S. 
!>8. Il'annah.^ b. Se])t. 2(;. 1720. 
i)t). Pxaijannn,^ b. Sept. ('.. 1722. 

Hto. WiJIiani.^ 1). Dec. 17. 172-1. 

101. Caleb/ b. Sept. 2::5. I72(i. 

No furthei' account of the famil\- has been found. 

*Thomas Gilbert of Taunton m. Anna Blade of Milton Dec. 18, 1676 ; they had 1 Han- 
nah, b. Sept. 25, 1077, ni. Wni. Phillips, (His estate divided July 23. 1716 between Jemi- 
niah Burt, Hannah, Mehitable and Lydia Phillips— Hannah ni. Benj. Leonard of Bridge- 
water ; Mehitable m James Leonard of Taunton, son of Lieut. James and the " fourth 
.Tames in succession " ; Lydia m. Joseph Willis); 2 Jlary and Sarah, b. Aug. 11. 1679; 
3 Thonia-, b. July 11, 1681, d. Feb. 1, 1602; 4 Nathaniel, b. July 19. ICS:^ ; .5 Mehitabel 
(son), 1). May ,5, 1686. Thomas Gilbert's will Jan. 19, 1728. 

FOURTH genp:ratiok. 


MliKNK/Ki; l>K«).\Ai;i>,' {S(niii/('l.''' Sdn/ir/.'- S Jonton.^) eldest 
soli (if Saiinu'l' ;iii«l L\ilia Lcdikii'iI. 1>. in I'rcston. (\iiiii., M;ir. 
17. 17tii> lt»; 111. -Ma\ i;. 17.".i» Ksthci' Amos of Tivstoii. 

He was ;H)))oiiitt.'(l 1)\- tlic (iciicral Asscinhhol' t lie Coldii \- 
at tIic ( )i't«)l)ei' session of 17-1-1 "to l>c ('a|ilaiii of the sccouii 
C'onijianv or trainltand in tlic town of Preston.' lie reju'e- 
senteil the town as a l>e|int\ in the (ienei-al Assenil)l\' at its 
sessions in Maw 17-1:-1-, Ma\\ 1 7-lo. special sessions . I nlw 17-1-0. 
( )et.. 1747. and < )et.. 17oi'. It is not known wIhtc. or when 
he died. A man hy the same name was |)e|iut\' h>i' the town 
of Killin^u'lv, Conn., at the ^[ay session. 17o'^. 

Theii' children horn in Pi-eston were — 

102. Esther.-' 1). Apr. •_>•_>. 17;-!1. 

loy. Sarah.-' 1). \yv. 'I'l. 17;;:;: m. Keh. 1;'.. 17oj!(?) 
Phinehas lleri'i(d<. 

1U4. Elizabeth.-W;^/;;.. ,Inlv '_>7, 17:'.o. 

lO.l. Elizalieth,-M). Mm: I'-f. 17;!7: m. May ■_>(;. 17o7 -laeol. 

106. Ebenezer,-^ 6a/j. Mar. •_>;;. 174(i. 

107. tAmos,M;). Oct. 11. 1741 :m. 1. June 24. 17(12 Marx- 

Pa rtridu'c : m. 2. Jemima . 

lOS. Hannah.-' li. Feh. 1 or .'i. 1 74o : mr M - rty 2o. 1 7^ ' . ImI ^u- 
j>tuxi-ii:-u;4-t+rrT-r-hTt*4 — 1- 1 < Ir t l di' en : l n ' i l. . I «i n. 

loii. Zii)orah.M). Mar. IC. 174(;: m. Ajir. 2. 17(i7 Daniel 

110. Oliv.-.-'' 1). All--. 17. 174S: m. Keh. Hi. 17(;!i A^ahel 

Tracy: liad s children: he d. I^'eh. 2.'.. 1 so-jj. 
1 1 1. l-'-henezer.-' hap. Jul\- s. 1 7o-"'). 
112. M ( )ses.-' hap. Sep. 14. 1 7oo. 


SaMI'EL LkoxaiM).-' iSam/ie/:'' Sam'/el.'- Soliiinnn.^) lirothei' of 
the })i'ecediii,Li'. h. May Is. 1712: m. Xwj:. \K \~i'-V-\ Ex'tlia 
Stanton, dan. of .lohn and Mai'\- ( Stark weadiei'i Stanton of 
Preston. 1). .Inly l.">. 1712. (l.aptiziMl Jnlv 27. 1712). 

The (ieiieral AsstanliU' of ( )cl.. 177(1 appointed him Eieii- 
teiiaiit in tlie Se.-ond ("om]\- ami Caplain in Max". 177i4. lie 


(lied A|)ril 24. I"'!'', ;ni<l liis wife ^[ay o. 17(»<l. An inventory 
of his estate anioinilin^L; to t!7(.*o-r2-(). was tiled in tlie Pro- 
hate ( )lli('»' at Xorwicli. Aii,l;-. o. 17Hn, l)y Klijali Beldicr and 
l)ani('l M origan. 

Tlndi' cliildi'iai l)oni in l"*reston were — 
lU]. fSaninel,"' 1). June Id, 17;!4 : d. Dec 21, ISOS ; ni. Dec. 

27), 177)7) Mar\' Fr^-enian. 
114. Asa,^' 1). Au.ff. -s, 17:'>(;. ' 
117). Lvdia,' 1). Alar. 2<>. 17o!i: m. Mrw. ;!. 17(n Hutiis 

llC). tKl)enez(av' 1>. -Inly 1, 1741; d. An-. ll». 1817) : ni. 
Se])t. 27), 17(^7) Al)i,L;ail Ax-crv. 

117. Mary,''l). .Mar. 20, 1742: ni. Apr. 10, 17(i7) (?) .losiali 


118. -fJolin.M). Nov. 2^1, 1744: d. An-'. 9. 1826: m. Ai)r. 

26, 1770 Sarah Tierce. 
11!). Archital)le.M). Sep. 28, 1747: ni. Apr. 11,1771 .Varon 

Baldwin of Canterhuiw. Comi. 
12(1. ( )liv(","' 1). dan. .'!(>. 177)1 : in. — .' 17(;i» (?) Al)ial Traey. 
121. fDanieV"' h. Dee. o, 177)3: d. — , 1804: ni. Oet. (5, 1774 

Mary Sta rk weathei'. 


Na'IMIAX LKo.XAiii),^ (Scunuei^ Sdniuel.'' Soloinoii}) brother 
of the preceding-, was 1). in Preston. Conn., \\\\i. 22. 1717 : ni. 
Nov. 12. 17;!9 Alii -ail llci-rick of Preston, they joined the 
North (Minivh in Preston, .Inly 26, 1741. 

lie was made Ensign when his brotlier was made Lieutenant, 
Oet., 1751. At a special session of the Assendily in March, 
177)6, he was made Lieutenant of the Sth ('ompany. 1st J-Jegi- 
ment of ti'oops raised for the expeilition to Ci'own Point. In 
Mav of the same year lie was made Captain of the 2d Com- 
panv or ti'ainhand of Preston. He representeij the town in the 
IjCgislature at its May session in 1759. He remo\-ed to 
Worthington. Mass., l)efor(^ 1768. During tliat year a hill was 
passed hv the Provincial Congress of the State "creating the 
new plantation called Nund)er Three in the conntv of Hamp- 
shire into a town li\- the name of W^irthiugton "" ami the follow- 
ing warrant was issued hy lion. Israel Williams wla.i had Oeen 
empowered to call a meeting of the inhabitants : 

" These are thei-eh)i-e in his Majesty's name to i-(M|nire \-oil. 
Nathan Leonard, to notil\- and warn the inhabitants of W'ortli- 
iuLitoii that the\- assemble together at the house of Alexander 
Aliller innholder in said town on the lirst Monda\- of Auiiust 

L KOX. 1 liD ( / EXE. \LO(iy 


next ;ir 111 i>f the clo'k. in lln' rorniiHin ihcii ;iii(l tlicri' in 
jMlMic nii'ctiuL;' tn cIkidsc ;i11 sudi nllicci's ;i^ tnwns williin tliis 
Provinc-o ure iinj»i )\vcr('i| ;iiii| ciKililcil li\" law 1" cIkiosc in ilic 
month of ^[ai-cli ;innn;ill\-. 1 IcrcDf von N;iili;in ni:iv noi f;iil. 
(riven nndcr ni\" hand and scmI at llaltirld in 1 lanip.-liin' 
rountv this (.'k'\'('nth da\' of .\\\\\ in the ciLilith vrai' of his 
Majesty's reiti'ii. anno honiini 17i'>l'. 

h-ra."l \Viniani>. .Ins. Paris."' 
At tlie town-nu'Ctinii- tiins cadcMl ('a]it. Nathan Leonard was 
chosen ^Toderator and iie was nia<h' one of tlie three seh'eiinen 
of tlie town. He was chairman of the hoard of selectmen hir 
three vears : was oiu' of tlie comniitlee of cori'espondiaice (ol 
wdiich ('a]it. l-dx'iie/.er Li'onaril was cliaii'maii) cliosen to com. 
mnnicate witli the ( 'onmnttee . )f Safety at Pxiston in rejiard to 
the safety of the iDwn. In 177o lie was chostai as Ifejireseii- 
tative to the (Jeneral Conrt. He was one of the first two 
deai-ons of the elinrch chosen in l< < I. 

The chilih'en of Nathan and xVhi^iiail. all horn in 
Preston, were — 
Vl'l. Ahiuail.'' h. .Time IT). 174<t; ih — : m. — . Ira Ihvntice: 

•• had li sons and •'> daiiL^'hters. 
Pi;!. -fXatlian.'' h. .lime f7. 1 741' : (h -: m. .Ian. P2. 17(U 

Ilaimah Praiicli. 
124. Ainv.-' h. An--. 2.'). 1744: d. — . 1^24: m. 1. Nov. i:.. 
177<» P)eriah Cni'tis of AVortliiii,L!toii wlio d. 
177o (''.) hv the accidental iliscliari;'e of a 
o-im : tlie\- had Klijah Curtis.''' h. Xwj:. '1. 
1771. d. Sept. l;'>. 1.S47 : m. 1. 17l».') Kuniee 
Moi-se wdio d. Psi:, : m. 2. Dec. ;;(i. fslC) 
Pollv I'xMijamin who d. ]\Iar.. Isiio. (diil. 
Marv Cni'tis'; Aldeii P>. Curtis,' h. Xo\ . 4. 
I.s2(i. m. 1. Sept. l:i. ls4.S Fidelia IlarrinL:- 
ton who d. Mai', o, iSti;-', ; m. 2. Feh. li». 
hS(;4 Marv K. Xohle. [chil. Mai'v V. Curtis.^ 
1). Feh. ;i. JsCS. Aldiai Xolile Curtis." h. 

Fell. li;. l.S7('>. Fllliel- Xohle Clirli.-." h. .Illlv 
21. 1S7!I:| IlaiMiiony 1 ). Ciiilis.' 1 1. .Mai'. 
2(*>. fs-jJ-J. d. I'Si;;!. 111'. ^lilton Xash: liet.-ey 
C. Curtis.' h. Dec. 22. l^TA: Mary 1). 
Curtis.' h. Xo\. 1<;. 1-S2."). il. Sept. 11. 'Pss7. 
111. Fell.. Psr.4 .lohii II. 'rink-en: hilaey 
Curtis.''' h. 177."i. m. Apr. s. 17<)s I'dca/.er 


111. 2. .Ian. h^. 1774 i^lisha Pen jaiiiin : had 
Lihert\- Benjamin.'' Peiiel Px'ii janiin''. 
in. o. — , Ps24 Barnv llen-ick. 


Yl'). Pliir.ehas,'' 6ay;. Apr. '>. 1747. 

r^i). Eunice.^ ia/). Mar. 1 . 174:1». 

l-i7.' Elislui.-^ 1.. Jan. 2. I7:.l. _ 

12S. Phiiielias.'' (^«/x Mav ('.. 17r);-:'). 

12'.». t Ezra.-' 1). Juno ^5U. 177)^) ; d. Apr. 17), l,Si>.S : m. 1. — 

Hannah ^^larsli : ni. 2, — Doroa.-^ l)r(i\vn. 
l;j(i. tJ<>nas,M). Apr. 21. 1757; d. Auo-. 20. 1827); m. Miiy 

ol, 17S1 Eunice lierrick. 
l;;i. fLevi,' I). June 2(x 17(i2; d. June 2S, l.s;:',2 ; m. Oct. 5, 

178(1 Kezia Benjamin. 
lo2. fSinieon.MA Sept. 17, 176-"); d. iVpr. D. ls4(»; m. 1. 

Ma}- 8, 1788 EspeiT Collins ; ni. 2, Apr. C. 

1811 Cynthia :\[oore. 


Moses LeoXARD/ {i]foses^' flohn,'' Solomon,^) oldest son ami 
child of Moses,'^ and Mercy (Newton) Leonard, 1). in Marl- 

l)i)rougli, Nov. 1, 1706; m. 1, Harriet Beulah -. })rol)al)lv 

al)out"l731:. She 1). — , 171(i. His father deeded a farm to 
liini in Brookiield, A\diere the father and scju were then lixinu-. 
Mar. 2, 1732. tie had land also in Worcester and lived there a 
few years. The births of two of tlieir children were recordc<l 
there : the remaining eight were horn in Kutland. a })art or all 
(.)f them in "North West (.Quarter."" or "Rutland district." 
now Barre. He was foi- many yeai's selectman and town treas- 
urer. He bought land here ( )ct. 21. 17')8 and sold his land 
in Worcester to Oct. H. 1738 calling himself " cordwaincr. of 
W." He sold his farm, which included a ])art of the center 
village of Barre, to Francis Nurse (who afterwards sold some 
of it to enlarge the common) Mar. Is, 1778. He con\"eyed 
other lands that he owned at the same date, and ivmoxed to 
Warwick. Idiis town was incorporated Fel). 17, 17(i3. but 
sciiiie of his children had settled in the town e\'en earlier than 
this, and others I'olloweil or went with him. Before his 
reuioxal (in 1777) he eoutributeil toward the Chui'eh Fund and 
in 1782 gave a tract of land h>r a bur\'ing ground in Warwick'. 

His wife. Han-iet Beulah. d. Dec 4, 1780. aged (U. lie m. 
2, Sept. 22, 17.S2 Mi-s. H;inn:di ((iassett) IJice." He d. Oct. 24. 
1788. ami the following is a part of his epitajili : 

* '• Edmund Hice.s of Westboro', m. fpub. June 8, 1751) Hannah (iassett of Hopkinion. 
They had 11 children ; he d. in his 4(ith year : his widow m. Sept. 2^. irS'2 Moses Lef)nard 
of Warwick." [Rice (ienealosy, P- 140.] "Seth Rice. ^ m. Dorothy Kobinson of Marl- 
boro" Feb. 27, \727-S. He was hosen deacon of ch. iti Westboro' Apr. 10. 1738 ; d. 17Pri 
aged 01 : she b. Feb. 30, 1700. d. June 31. ISOl in 08(1 year They had 1 Persis b. Sept. 7. 
1738. in. Moses Warren ; 3. Edmund b. Oct. -M). 1730, m. Haiuiah Gassett: 3. Dorothy b. 
Mar. 3ti. 1731 m. Phinehas .'\laynard : 4. Sarah b .Inly 3. 1734. lu. Josei>li Grout: .5, Ruth 1). 
.May H. 173(1. d No%-. 7, 1737 : (1, Seth b. Nov. 0. 17.^7. m Rachel Cool idge : 7, Hannah b. 
Slay 1, 1743." |Rice Genealogy, p. 77.] 


•• Reader behold and slied a tear : 
Think on the dust that slumbers here. 
And when you read ye fate of uie 
Think on the glass that runs for ye." 

'VW children l)y lirst wife, were — 
1;!:;. -f-Beuhili,'' 1). Oct. j!S. 17.'!.'.: m. Amos .M;irsli. 
1:54. ■|•^^< .ses.M). Jan. 17. 17;:(l-7: d. Fch. ;;. IslS: m. 1. — 

IvIkmIu Sniitli : iii. 'l. diiiie 1 1. 1 79s (.Imie o, 

17!Hl)? Anne iMiuTSdii. 
l:-)."). -fMei-cw"' li. Dec. •!' . 17;')S; d. — ; m. — .le(liitliaii 

lai). tSaiuiiel.-'' 1). Nov. I'J. 1740: d. A]>r. N. Ibdl : ui. 1. 

Xo\-. 21. 17<>7) Silence Eiplev : ni. 2. \\v^. 

is. 1797. Hachael Tenney : ni. H. Afay :!. IS'id 

Mrs. Altiiiail (Kii)lev) Robinson. 
l:-57. fLuey.-^ 1.. Mar. ;!I, 174;-J : d. .Tidy -20. 17: 2 ; m. dulv ii, 

17(')1 Saninel Ball. 
18S. tdonas.M). Sept. lH. 174-:): d. Mav 111. ls:!7: m. 1. 

Fel). 22. 1770 Sarah ^[asoll : ni. 2. No\'. 21. 

Lsor. ^[rs. Sarah (Alexander) Ilolton. 
lo!». -f-Francis.M). .Inlv 2:1 1747: d. Oct. :->0. ls:-!s : m. Im'I). 

14. 177(') Ahiuail Sini(_)nds. 
14(1. t^^":'li-' !'• ^'<'v. 2. 177)0 (Nov. 22, 1751)? : d Dec. Id, 

1S4S: 111. — . iM'thiah Wetherell. 

141. -fdohn.-'l). Mar. 2.s. 177.:!: d. A].!'. 27. Is2ii: ni. — , 

Klizal)etli X 11 rss. 

142. 4Sarah.'' 1). Dec. 12. 177)7): d. — : ni. ( [nij). Jan. ;-ii». 

1 77'.') Jolin ( 'onaiit. 


KzRA Leoxahd,^ (Mose-s^' Jo/iur Solonion}) brother of the 
precedini;-. h. in Marlborough Sept. I'J, 1711 : ni. Jnne 1. 17:!7 
Olive Sniitli. dan. of l)enjaniin Sniitli'"'" an early settler of 
Hard wick. 

He was living in I)i'ooklicld in Sept.. 17:!7). and in Ilardwick 
in ( )ctober following. He was an acti\"e man in Ilardwick. 

*Benjamin Smith m. — . His first wife d. in Roxbury ; m. 'i. Mar. 21, 1716-17 E.xperi- 
ence. dau. of John Curtis : m. 3, Apr. 23, 1724 Hannah Phillips. His children were 
Olive, Elizabeth. Benjamin, Samuel. Caleb, Hannah, Mary. Benjamin, the father, 
appears to have removed to Rutland before 1747 and to have resided there several 
years : but according to a tradition related to me (Rev. Lucius R. Paige) nearly half a 
century ago, by a lady then about ninety years old, he returned and spent his last 
days in the family of his daughter. Olive Leonard, surviving to extreme old age. He 
was certainly living 16 May, 17(59, when he executed an imperfect will now in posses- 
sion of Mr. J. F. Morris of Hartford, one of his posteritj-." 

[History of Hardwick, p. 496. | 


lioliliiiLi ofjiccs of trust ;iii(l i'es])oiisil)ilit_v. lie held a <M)m- 
iiiission as ensi^iiii froiii (i()\'eni()i' Beniard, and sel■^"ed in (_';i|)t. 
Jose])li Warner's coinpanv wliicli mardied to the reKef of Fort 
AViUiani Henry in 17o7. In 17'.)-!: he deiMled his ]»ro]ierty to 
Jonathan Flvnt. liis sondndaw, on condition of snjtport of him- 
self and wife. In 17U7 tlie\' all rcnioNcil to South Wilbrahaia 
where his wife died Feb. IC), 171*'S. aiitMl So. lie died June 29, 
17*.)S, a;ii'eil S() N'cars and In months, and both are bui'ied in the 
,ura\'evard at South Wdlbraham. Their epitaphs are as follows : 
In Memory of In Memory of 

^Frs. oliyc, VVife of Ens. Ezra Leonard, 

JMis. l^zi'a Leonard, Late of Hardwick, 

late of Ilardwiek', . who (bed 

who died .lime 21). I7'.).S, 

LebVv Kith. 17i)S. in the S7tli year 

aged So vears. oi Ins age. 

Farewell, vain world, Ve living men see liere your end; 

Thy .ioys deceive. To Jesus' voice pray now attend. 

True pleasures lie Your davs, your years ! how swift they 

Beyond the grave. fly ! 

Be warned I beware I prepare to die 

Lheir ehildi'en wei'e — 

UP.. Sarah,M). ^rai". 7. 17;5!>: d. Sept. 15, I74(i 

l-fL iM'njainin.M). Aug. L'.. 1741 : d Sept. 7, 1746. 

147). -fXatiian.M). Sept. 27). 1 74H : d. Oct. Id. lsl;5: m. Xoy.- 
2(;, 17()() Aimttai I'utlei'. 

lie. :\leivy,-' b. Keb. 8, 174(i ; d. Sept. ID, 174(). 

147. ■H)ayi(d.'''b. July ;5(i. 1747: d. Aug. 2s, ls;-U : m. Keb. 
lo, 177o Hannah AVhipplc 

14S. -f Leyi,-"' b. Oct 1(1. 174i>: d. about 17S4 ]H'obably. 

1411. ■Bb'rcy;''b. Se])t. S. 177)1 : d. dan. 4. 1S2;'. : m. June LS, 
1772 Jonathan hdynt. 

i:>(). •fSarah.-' b. Sei)t. S. 177)1; d. — : m. Mai-. .".d. 1777) 
Samuel Whipple. 

L7.1. -fOliye,'' b. Xoy. 1, 177);;; d. — : m. Mi\r. 2;'.. 1777) Tim- 
othy Fay. 

b'.2. K/i'a.'' b. Xov. 2,' 177)7: d. --: m. 1. Oct. 2:'.. 17Sl 
.\biah Allen, m. 2. prob. I^iicy Sea\'er(pub. 
dulv o, 1S07). lie had dau. doanna.'' b. 
Aug. II, 17S.'5 and perhaps others. He was 
a pri^•at^' in (^i])t. J-'Mward Hodge's com- 
pany in i\)\. Job Cushing's I'eiiiment in the 
Xoi'them Ai'm\- fi'om didy 27 to Aug. 29. 
1777 and ser\-eil again in 17S(). lie was 
mentioned in his father's will in 1 7S7 : no 
fni'thci' Irace of him has been found. 



Mi-;i;cv Lkoxakd,'' [Mose.s:' Jalni.'' Solomou.^) ilif (MiIv 
daughter i)f Moses and Meivv (Xcwioii) Lcon.-ird. 1>. in M;ii-1- 
borougli Dee. 1. 171-i; m. ^[ay li!*, 1782 Sainnrl luilmisoii. son 
of Samuel and Sarah (^^anning) Hohinsoii. \\. in Cnnihridgc 
Apr. 4, 17i.'7, d. in London, iMiglamL Oct. •!', . 17(i7. Slif d. 
in Benniuoton, Vt., June o, 17'.>o. If ;i full history of lici' 
reniarkaltic Hfe could l>c wi'ittcn it would proxc of intense 
interest. liev. Lucius Vl. Paige, author of the History of 
Uardwick. wrote of her: " She was mother of the illustrious 
.Rol)inson family in Bennington, \'t.-"a reniarkal»l\' iiUelligent 
and energetic woman," etc. Had she l»een horn a century and 
a half later, and enjoyed the ad\aiUages her sex ;ire haxing 
now, she would doul)tless be one of the notable women of the 
conntr\'. She began life under \"er\ unfa\'oralile auspices. 
JLer mother, dying when she was an inhint, comnntted her to 
the care of her father, Moses Xewton, who has aircaily lieen 
mentioned as the hero who gallantly and successfully defenjed 
and rescued an aged and inhrni woman when the Lidians 
attacked Marlborough in ir)7('). it was on Sundny ;ind the 
])eo])le were in the chni'ch. ( )u the alarm being gix'cn the 
congregation fled to the shelter of their garrison. lea\ung this 
woman to cei'tain destruction li\' the sa\ages but ['.iv the noble 
hei'oism of this man. He saxcd the woman ;ind escaped with 
his own life, but reeeiyed a ball in his elbow wliieli partially 
depriyed him of the use of his ;irm e\'er after. in his will 
made ^Vj)ril 3, 1724, (reeorde<l in Reg. of Probate. Woi'cestcr. 
l)o(")k 1, page 196), he makes an es]ieeial becpiest in the follow- 
ing language: '■ My (Tranddaughter ^[ercv Leonard who my 
daughter Mercy Lcoiaii'd at her decease eommitteil unto me 
and ni\' wife and after our decease to m\' son ,bicob. My will 
is that in e;ise my s'' granddaughter shall eontimu' with my 
two sons Jacob ;iud l^benezer (who now dwell togethei'i or 
eitliei' of them until she be mai'rieil or ha\'e attaineij the age of 
1'^, " et(;. It seems she was mai'rieil six months beh)re she 
l)ecame 18. Her grandhithci- die<l May 2o. 17.')(;. aged tM>. 

When married they were both li\'inL;' in Southboi-ough. hut 
it is belieyed remoyed to (xrafton where her husband bought a 
tract of land. Their tirst child was horn here. In the spring 
of 1736 they remoyed to Hardwick. where their ten following 
children were boi-n. I-'oi- an exeeeilinglv interesting account 
of Mr. Robinson's |»rominen(H'. aetl\it\'. an(l energy in this 
place for twenty-tiye years, and in l>ennington, where they 
remoyed in 1761. the reader is referred to the Ilistol•^• of liai'd- 


wick' 1>\- Hon. Lucius H. P;iiLi('. \K\:j:r 4<i7. In .-ul)sc(|iu_^ut 
pniii's a ilctailcil ]iist(ir\' of cliildrcii ami graudcliiMrcu may 
\k- louml. 

'V\\v childivii (jf Mere}' and Samuel Ivnliinsou, were — 

\^)'.\. Klizalx'tli Hobiiison,'' b. Dec. '24. 17oo: d. youuii. 

ir»4. ijt'ouard Robiusrm,''' b. July 1<». 178'): had 8 wives 
and IC) cliiMrcu : was a sobberiu the Fi'eneh 
^\'al•. and in the IJattle of Ik^nuinsitou : d. 
Sejit. 'IS). bs27. 

1."),'.. Samuel Piobinson."' b. Auy. !', 17o-S ; had U children: 
was ^Vdjutant in the French AVar, and Ca])- 
tain in Bennington Battle, afterwards 
Colonel and .lustice of Peace. 

loi;. ^^)ses Robinson,'' b. ^[ar. Vk 1741: a lawyer. Chief 
Justice of Sup. Court, (governor of Vermont, 
Senator in Congress : also Colonel of Militia 
an<l mendierof the C(.>uncil of Safety. 

i:)7. Paul Pvobinson.-M>. Dec. 17. 174::!: d. — , 17o4. 

l.')S. Silas Robins(_)n,'' b. Mar. 17. 1747)-(i ; not so distin- 
guished as his bi'others but engaged in the 
Bennington liattle and so acti\'e in the 
early controx'crsy with Xew ^'ork as to be 
imprisoned in Albany. 

loll. Afei-cv Iiolnnson."' b. Oct. s. I74'S: m. Col. Josejih 

H'lO. Sarah i'obinson.-' b. Xow \'.\. 17ol; m. \. Penjamin 
Fav. m. '1. (ien. lleman Swift. 

1<)1. i)a\'id Robinson.'* b. X(i\-. 4. 177)4: fought in I>emiing- 
ton l)attle. was afterwards Ma jor-Ceneral, 
Sheriff of Pxainington Count\- twenty -two 
years to' LSI i : tlu'Vi V. S. Marshal h)i'eiuiit 
years to ISlt). He d. Dec. 11. Is4;'.. 

hl'J. .lonathan Robinson.' b. Aug. '24, 177)('); a la\v\'er. repre- 
sentatixc. -ludge of Probate. ( 'hief J ustice of 
Sup. Court, and Senator in Congress. 

1<!-"'>. .\nna Robinson,'' b. ( »cl. 4. 17o',i: ui. Daac Webster. 


.b).\.\S FkoXAIM)."' (Mos,-s.'' Jo/ni.'- Solomon.^] half-brother of 
till' preceding and son of >b)ses and Hannah ( Woods) Fcdiiard, 
was b. ill Woivester. Oct. !'.». 171^ •'the sexcnl h da\- of the 
week." l-"eb. 20, I 7:;!»-4( I his hit her deeded him lob acres of 
land with dwelling house, etc. t hereon, in Rutland, eallinu' 
him ■• cordwainc'r." lie i\'con\-e\-ed it Jan. :\. 1 71-"!, calling;- him- 


self '• liiisliainliiinii. " liotli still liviii^u' iii Kuthiud. L;i1('i' he 
reillDX'ed To Hostoli wlici'e lie kept the " Liinili 'l';i\ci'ii '" s;ih1 to 
l»e the [tivseiit Adams House, lie in. 1. \'\'h. -Jl. 174,'. Mrs. 

Kmiici' ( ) l)arl)fi'-'' widow of llezekiah l)arl)i'r. Slieil. — , 

174ti and he ni. '2. — Al.i-ail . 

Ill Worcester I't'Liistrv of Deeds, liook 2<!. page .""),")(). is the 
i'ccor(l of a deoA from 'I'imothy (ireeii, printer, anu' Jonas 
Leonard, innholder. t>f P)oston. guardians of Kuniee, Kli;';al>eth 
and James Harder, minors, and children of ITezekiali l);,'rber 
late of Boston. Ulacksmitli. to -lohii MolTatt of said l>o-t( >n, 
]ii'inter. of land in Stoughtou and Dorchester. Mai'. 'M. 17.')(i. 

lied. ( )ct. 1."). l7o7 and Xow Ls of the same vear. Ahigail 
Leonard, widow, tiled a l)ond and made ajjplieation for appoint- 
ment as administratrix to settle the estate of liei' deeeased lins- 
liaiid. Jonas Leonard, innliolder. 

It is not known whether he had any children. 


AXDUKW l.KoNAi;]).^ ( J/o-se-s.-' Jo/riir Solomon.^) hrother of the 
]ireceding. !>. in Worcester. Xov. "Jo. 171".': m. 1. Mar. 7, 
1744-.") l)orothy Stevens who d. ahout 177)7 and he m. 2. June 
l;-5. 177)S Hannah Piereeof Rutland (dan. of Samuel Pierce who 
d. at Zoar, Nov. 4. 1777)). AVe have the record of the hirths 
of sixteen children all born within the limits of the original 
town of Putland, a majority of them in " Kntland West Wing "' 
which in 17(i2 was ineorporare<l as the town of ( )akliain. His 
father. Mos(.'s Leonard, Senior, deeded him a tract of land in the 
south part of Rutland. Feb. !•. 1747). on which he settleil at the 
time of his hrst marriage. May bs. 1741'. for £lo<)(i, his brother 
Moses sold liim a farm probably adjoining, and at the same 
date he mortgaged it to Stejilien Gates of Rutland. Sept. i), 
17<><'. his fatlier deedetl him oiiedialf of the farm of "27)0 acres 
on wlii(di he had been li\ing in " West Wing." — he '• now Vw- 
iiig in Rutland District "" — and " of acres more in West Wing."' 
He probably returned there soon after. 

The exact date of his death has not been ascertaine(l : it was 
••about Isd.')." Cajit. Lomlinson. a son of Rev. Daniel Toiulin- 
soii tile lirst jiastor of the Congregational Church organized 
here, stateil in Iss;;. (he then being IH)) that •" he remembers 
well old Mr. .Vndrew Leonard and wife"*: that •" ]\v then Ywed 
in the east part of the town, Iniilt a house by the side of a 
ledge of rocks : short logs were used for seat.s." 

*Marriagesof Thomas Foxcroft— Jonas Leonard to Eunice Barber, Feb. 31, 174.5 -[f>en. 
Hist, Register, .July "SS : p. i'r^.] 


Ill tiic (lueds »->f i)urcli;isr ami sale of lainl.-^ lie is called 
" Inisliaiidiiiaii."' <>i' " vcoiiiaii." His second wife, Ilauuah. 
die(l Alio-. _., ISlo. aged 7o yeai's. 

'J'lic eliildren of Andrew and l)oi-i_)thv were — 
Kid. .lolm/' 1). March U, ITdS": .1. Mar.' 27. ITdU. 
Kid. fAinos.Mi. Mar. lo. 1 74S-"- ; d. Mar. ^C. I-S-Jo; m. -Oct. 

17. 17''^^> Mrs. Marcy (Swealland) Green. 
Kiii. Jja\"inia,'^ d. A^iril S, 17dl. 
K'd . Hannah.'' 1). .Ian. VI. 11'^'-). 
KoS. PliiiK'has,'' d. .Inly '1\). 17o<). 

The cliilfUvn of Andrew and Hannah were — 
K)l>. Dorothv.-' li. Ajiril ('). 17o!): d. in I'ownah Vt...liine 
12. 17!Mj: in. in (diarlemont, Nov. 17, 17i'<) 
.lames Rogers. 

170. f.Ionas."' 1). .Jan. 111. iVid : d. Mar. lH. 1S21 ; m. 1, Xov. 

17. 171)»» Al)iizail lialjih : ni. 2. Xov. 17, 
Kso;-! Ndd)l)v I'lill. 

171. fAdigail." d. .Inlv lsdl7n;!: d. I^d'd. 1(1, Is^ll ; ni. .lonas 


172. Silas.-' 1.. A])ri'l 17, 17r)r). 

r7.'l. iVndrew,-' b. Mai'ch 24, 17(')''^: •• went west :'" prodadly 
d. in Ithaca. X. ^■. 

174. KeliedM). Dec. 27. 177(»; m. I. — . Ualdwin ; ni. 2, 

.Jonathan Hawks: d. in Charleruont — , ISLS. 
17d. -f-K/tdvielM). Sept. 14. (4)V 1774: m. IJachel Felton. 

17(i. I riT • 1 AT .)- 1 

., __ - 1 Wins. I), jlav 2 ( . 1 1 m . 
1 < - . \ 

175. fAnna,-' d. Nd)v. ^'M 1 < 7s : d. Dec. I*, 1n(;4: ni. 

^d)v. oO, (Ang. l.'d ? 171>7 Levi Deonard.*'"" 
171t. .Indith.'^ d. Ang. IN, 'l7S(i: •• ni. Dr. X'elson of 


.lollN liKoXAlM).^ {'fosiah:" 'John'.- SoJomo)/.'^] oldest son of 
.losiah ami Marjoram (Washdnrn) Leonard of Dridgewater. 
d. ^: m. Naomi ('nrtisNov. 2^), 17'')2. lie was a memder of 
the h'ii'sl Clinrch in Id'idgewater. ( [)ro]ionndcd Ang. 1*. admit- 
tc(l Aug. 2."). 17-">tM:and she of the Second (Minrch and were 
dodi disniissed l>v letters to tlu' chni'cli in Sntton in 1741. 
ThcN were original nuanders of tin' church in Donu'las (then 

*Record 3 pages apart. 

**K/.ra I.,eonard'' (.Tosiali,^ John,-! Thomas, ^ James' of Tainiton)\vas born in Rajnliam 
.July 7, r,r,0 ; d. ill Oakham Oct. 3, 1830 ; m. April -'-i, 1773. Kli/.aheth Campbell of 3Iiddle- 
boroiigh. Their i-hildreii were Ezra, <> 1), —,17'~4-.'), in. Naiie.v Woodbury of Gloucester ; 
Levi.'' b. .July '.'7. 1776, m. .-Vnna Leonard : Hetsej i' ; Kate'' ; Olive''. 

LEON A Rl) ( ; KXE. 1 LOG Y. Ti» 

called New SlierluiiiK') wlicii it \v;i.- foniu'd. N<«\-. 11. 1(4(. 
The records of the town ;iiid (•liuivli ,-liow tli;it '• 1h' w;is e\i- 
deiitl\- ail ;icti\-e. |U'oiiiiiieiit iii;iii in t(.'\vn luisincss and in tin' 
chuiv'h." The date of his deiith ha.-- not heeii ascertaineil. The 
last rhnrch record of him was his :i]i|>oii itinent to serx'e on :i 
committee to exaniiuc into eases of delin(|i'ieiit meiidiers. < )<-t. 
2, 177-4. In the Reg. of Dei^ds :it Worcester. r><»i>k ,s,j^.. ;;s;!. 
is the record of a deed from .lohii Lcoii;i rd of j'A aiiiias. "" Tniicr 
to Micah AVhitney of D. l)_v whicii he <-oii\-evs •■ 7<> acres with 
house and harii on said hirm. it heing the wlioh "I the larm 
said Leonard now lix'cs on — l»oiinde(l 1)\- IJeriah ( nrtis. etc. 
lie was one of the witnesses ; wife Xaomi 1)\' mark .' Aiiril 14, 

Their children were — 
ISO. Seth,' bap. Aug. 26, 17oo, in Rridgewater. 

181. ( h-phah/^ ia/). Feb. 1(), 173o. in l^ridgewater. 

182. PriscilhV &a;). Sept. (i. I74f. in Sntton. 
188. Sarali.'^ />«;;. Oct. 1». 1744. in Sutton. 

184. Lois,'' iay;. .1 line 2, 1 7o2, in Douglas; Idijah Ivings- 
bnry of (Oxford, (pul)lislied A[)r. Is, 17()S). 
Oxford Records give their cliildren as 
Leonard Kingsbury,*' h. ^Nfay 4, 170!); l^lias 
Kingsbnrv,*'' b. Se])t. ^5(), 177<»: pub. to 
Lavmia 'Phil]ij)s June IS, 1791; Israel 
Kingsbnrv.'' b. duly 2!>, 1772; P'dijah Kiiigs- 
l)urv," b. ^Vuu'. (i, 177o ; -Tolin Kino-sbur\',''' b. 
ll-AV 21, 1777. 


JOSIAH LeoxarI),'' (Josia/iS' Jo/in.' SoJomoii,^) brother of the 
l)receding, b. 1709 (?); d. Dec. 27), 17(')(» ; m. Jan. 24, 17o9 
Jemima, dau. of Josiah and ^[ercv Washburn, b. .lime 27. 
171(1: d. .Inly 3, 1784. 

Their children were — 
is,'). Susanna,^' b. March 6. 1742 : d. — ; m. dan. 14, 17()l-2 

.Vbner Kingman of MiddleboroULih. 

1S(3. Rebecca,-M). dan. 17.' 1744; d. — : m. Oct. 2-s. 17ir. 

('apt. .Vbraham Washbiii-n. b. Jan. 2l'). 1742. 

187. Josiah. -M). Sept. (i. 174."); d. Sept. (J, 174ii. 

ISS. .Marah.-' b. Oct. 1. f74s; d. — : m. Aug. I. 17<is 

Xathaiiiel Orciitt. ''i"'lie\' had hcouard 

(Jrcutt.*' b. 17()S (?). 111. ("liarit\- l}e\iiolds 

1797; Mary Oreutt,'' 1). 1772: Xathaiiiel 


Orcutt.'' 1). 177S: .losiali Oivutt.'' li. 1781, 
111 Xaoiiii ( 'liccsiiian Ls<»(> : Haiiiiali < )rcnTt,*' 
1). 17S7. 111. .I;ic>)l) Fuller. Lsod. 

isi). -fSctli,-' It. Sept. •_>(;. 17.')(): (1. All--. •")". 1777>:iii. .luiirl, 
17()i) Silence Packard 

I'.M). Moses."' li. Xov. Ki. 17r)l^ (1. — . 

A sou, b. Dec. ID, 17r>4; d. Dec. 2."), 177)4. 


KZKKIKI. IjEd'.sAiM),^ {Josioh:' ■Jnlnu' SoloiiVm}) 1 )l'()Tliei' of the 
])i'ece(liiig. li. — ; ill. Mav j!'.'. 17."!-! .loaiinali IIikIsoii, dan. of 
Daniel and M.;irv (Orent't) J hnlson (?). Tliev lived in Sontli- 
boron.iili. I'ie died Oct. :-'), 1757. 
"^'I'lieir cliildren were — 
1^»1. Iv.ekiel.'' li. Dec. '20. 17;-r2: d. Kel). 2(», 17:^5;-!. 
1^>-^- Ezekiel,' 1). March 21. 17;;4 : d. Xcv. ly. 1784. 
1!*''';. .loannah,'^ 1). Nov. D!. 17;!7>: hi. Dec. 11, 177)8 James 
])ell(>\VS. dr. 
'ill-. Snsaniiali.'' I), i^'el). 1. 17o<. 
VXk Daniel.'' 1). \\^y\\ 2. 1740. 
I'.m;. . losiali. •■' 1). Kel.. -JC. 1742. 
1!)7. Sarah, ■• 1). dan. 10. 1747.. 

Ills. •Klolin.'' 1.. Dec. 2:;. 174(;; ni. Until . 17(*.7 (?). 

111!). tSolonion.' 1). dune 2. 174'.) ; in. Sarah . 1772 (?). 


Samiki. Lko.xaki),' {'/os/((/i ■' Joliiir Solomon,^] bi'other of the 
|ii'ece(liiiL:-. 1). — : d. — , 17'.)2: iii. didy 7. 174^ Lydia r)esse 
ol W'areliam. 

Their children were — 

200. Lvdia.'' 1). Oct. 211. 177>1 : d. ^. 

201. ■fSiininel."' Ii. An-'. 2S. 17.'.;!: d. — : in. ^Nfav 27. 1777 

Dehorah Mitchell. 

202. -tdJoland."' 1). duly 27., 177)7): d. dulyO, ISOC; m. duly 

S. I 7^7 Lydia Smith. 

2o;;. SiKanns,'' 1». Sc])!. 1.'.. 177)!); d. — ; ni. Nov. l!rl. 
17S(). ( 17^7)? |-']uuice Kiuii'slev. 1). jVul;'. 27. 

201. Silas,"' 1). — : d. --: m. \)cr. 1.'.. 17s,'. Smith. 

2' '.".. Kunice,'' 1.. — : d. —-. 

201'.. Zilpah.M.. — : (1. — ; m. l-'el>. 14, 17SS Cephas Kins- 
lev, "hoth of IN.mrrel, \'t." llel.. S(>]^t 27, 


2o7. .\l.i-ail,-' li. : d. : in. Oct. 2, 1 7ss daeol. Perkins. 

1). Sei.t '-^1. l7o;;. 



Xa'THAx I.konaud/ [Josinhj' Jolni.- Solomon,^) l)r()tli('r of 
the prrccdiiiw-, li. — ; d. l-"cli. 17, ITfi-'): in. No\-. -l-l. 1744 
'riiiiiikt'ul Im'ssooI' Waivliaiii. 1). -: .1.—. 1N"27, a-'cd Ki;', vcni's 
r_> (lavs. 

Tlicii' cliiMreii ^V(,■l•(■- — 
jiO.S. Al)i,u-ail-' 1). Sept. 1. 174:): d. --: m. Maivh 24. 17r)7 
Israel Keitln )f Sharon, \'t., 1). .1 iinc 2(1. 1744. 
2(111. Lvdia.'' 1). Kcl). 1. 1747: <1. Ajiril i». 174.S. 
21(1. Sai-ah.-' 1). Scjit. l'.». 174s : d. Nov. — . 17.")4. 

211. Xatlian.-' 1). dulv Id. 17o(i: d. Xov. :;. 1 7o4. 

212. lluldali.'' li. A]iril 22. 1 7o2 : d. Dec. s, 1 7o4. 

2i;5. -fDaiiiel.-' 1). M.w V-l. 17o4: d. -Inlv 12. ls;;(): m. — , 
17sr Phfl.c L.MMiard. 

214. Sarah, -^ 1). Ai)ril 2:'). 17o(i: d. — : ni. May 2s, 1777 
dohn grille)'. 

2i:). PlKdu'.-' I). .Inlv 4. IToS : d. March :>, 1779. 

21(;. -fXathan B..^' li. July 7. 17()(»: d. April i). ls:,4: m. 
-Iniie 1. 17s2 Anstrcss Kent of Hehol»otli. 

217. Thankfnl.'' 1). — : d. — : m. St'])t. 2s, 17So Pmfns Con- 
ant: 1). MwY. 27. 177.7. 


Mary Leonakd.^ {Josiah;' '/olm,'' Solomon^) sister of the pi-e- 
eeiliiiL;'. 1». — . 17t»7): ni. — . 17o3 Danicd llarrington'" of 
^[arll'.oron,ii-li. He 1.. Oet. 7). 1707: d. A\vj:. ::1, 170.-)': was in 
the Hevolntionary War. Shi' d. .Inne 1», 17*.''!. in her suth 

The children of ^larx' and l)aniel I lari'liiL^ton wei'c — 
218. l)aniel Hai'rinizton,'' 1). .Inne Id, 1784: d. — , 17oS. at 

Fort Ed\vai-il. 
210. Mary Ilarrinoton.'M). Ani;'. 7, 1787): d. — . 
220. Elizaljeth Harrin^ton.M)'. Mar. 20, 1787: m. .Iidy 20. 
1760 Winslow Brjo-liam. 

*Robert Harrington' was the last name on the list of Watertown proprietor.'*, made 
out 1642-44. He was adniitterl freeman, May 2", 1663 ; m. Oct 1. 1648-9 Susanna George, 
h 1632, who d. July 6, 1694: he d. May 17, 1707. They had children. Susanna.-' John..' 
Robert, 2 George,2 Daniel,'i Joseph, 2 Benjamin, 2 Mary, 2 Thomas,2 Samuel, 2 Edward. 2 
Sarah. 2 David. 2 

Daniel:2 b. Xov. 1, 1657 ; m. Oct. 18, 1681 Sarah Whitney, b. Mar. 17, 16,53-4, and d. 
June 8, 1720 : he m. 2. Eliz. wid. Capt. Benj. (jarfield, h. Aug. 17, 1659. Children were 
Daniel,'^ Robert, ■'• David. ^ Jonathan.-^ Joseph. ■' Sarah.-' 

Daniel 5 b. Feb. 24. 1683-4 : m Oct. 18, 1705 Elizabeth Warren, b. July 8, 1673 : moved 
to Marlborough where he d. Feb. 3, 1724. Children were Daniel,* Isaac,' James,^ 

Dcinifl.-^ b. Oct. 5, 1707 : m. Mary Leonard, dau. Josiah and Abigail (Washburn) Leon- 
ard. [Hist, of Marlborough, p. 377]. 


221 S;irali IlaiTinotun.-M.. Mav US. I7;;M: m. < )<-t. 21. 17<>2 

Al )nei' Howe. 
222. Margaret HaiTiii.utoii.-' 1). :\r;iy Is. 17-1-1: d. — . _ 
22;!. .Idhu Harriiigttai.-' 1). Nov. 2.^. I74."): m. A]ir. <. iJi^ 

l.vilia AlixiT: had N cliildivn. \h' d. Mar. 

U!. 1S24:: she d. May 22. Is20. 
22-i. Saiiiiu'l Harrington.'' 1). Dec 1. 174.'): d. A[)ril 12. 

18(H) '(?). 
220. Joiiali Ilarriiigtou.'' 1). dime 1/, Hi^'S: d. — . 


Joseph Lk(.)XARI),"' [■foseplij' Jacijhr Solonioii.^) >^>ii (if dosejili 
and Martha (Orcntt) Leonard, was 1). — . 16!M), probably in 
Bridgewater, wliere he d. April 2s. 17S(;. in lii.s ninetieth year. 
He in. Sept. 1-i. 1721 Mnrv. dan. of Xatlianiel'"" Pacl^ard. li. 
— , 1(39(;): d. Mar. 21». 177(».' 

He was a pros|)erons farmer and highly r(\sj-)eeted liy the 
conniiunitv as a man of intelligcnrc and pi'oluty. The records 
of the (dmreli, Soirth Precinet. slio\v that he and his wile 
heeanie mend )ers soon after it was formcil and that their t'hil- 
di'en were baptized in infancy. 
Their (diildren were — 
22(1. Marv,-'!.. Julv 2o. 1722: d. voiing. 
227. Sar:'ih.'' 1». Oct. 17). 172:'.: m. Dec 20. 174;'. Isaac Pool : 
had Hannah i'ool.'' 1.. dan. 22. 1744: Mai'v 
Pool,'' 1.. Aug. 20. 174(1: Olive Pool,'' b. 
Jidv 7, 174i) : Isaac Pool.'' 1). June o, 177)1 : 
Wealthy l^ool."!.. Oct. 12, 177)3: David 
Pool," 1). Xo\". 22. 1 7o7.. •■drowne<l in Xijii- 
nicit Pond."" 
22S. fDan.-' 1.. Jnly 2!i. 1720: d. — , 1771: m. — , 1710 

^Iar\' DunUar. 
2211. Seth,-' 1). Mar. 1, 1727: d. in Nova Scotia, a soldier, 

1 77.:.. 

2;io. Marw'li. Pel). 2, 17211: d. voung. 

2;'.l. ■Mos('ph."' li. Nov. 1.17;'.0: d. 0('t. 11, 171»;-!: m. Jan. 

;;i. 177)0 Iluldah Dean. 
2;i2. flienjamin.' 1). O.-t. 21, 1 7;".2 : d. Nov. 22. Isl;'.: m. 1. 

177.(; Ketiirah Briggs : m. 2. Pel). 17. 17()0 

Mai\- Peneil'e : m. >\. — . Pollv l)oswoi-th. 
2;',;!. tl>;i\i'l-''' '>. Jnlv 21>, 17^54: d. Nov. 24. 'ispt: m. Mav 

24, 1770 Marv Hall. 

' Soil of Samuel from EiiKland. 


'IM. 4-,I,>ii;itli;iii.-' 1.. .Iiilv -ill. I7.".4: (I. Dec ;;i. ls|;;: ,,,. 

A|ii-. •!:>. 17.'»>; M;irtli;i W'aslil Mini. 
2o.\ •fSiiiieoii."' li. X(>\-. -lA. \~:\1 : d. Sfpt. 2(1. 17'.';1: m. 

April lit. 17i;-l- AiiiKi Siiiitli. 


Ki'HKAni Lkonahd/ {'/o^f^/j//:' Jacob.'' Sobnaon,^) hrotlicr of 
llu' jU'ecediiig. 1). it is sn]>iH)se(l in l^ridu'ewatei' heforc 17<H»: 
111. Sept. IH. 1720 M:irtli;i l\M'l<iiis. dan. of II niiiplircN- and 
Martha (AEoidtoii ) Perkins of Hampton. X. II. 

lie was a merchant, oi'. as raUcil in the (h.H'ds ot Ci iii\'e\'anci' 
of that perio(h ■" Deah'r." in r>ridL!('\vater. Mr. Latliam. in 
1888, informed me that liis stoi-c was aliout wlici'c the post- 
otiiee was then h)eate(h on (V'ntral Street. For many \(':irs lie 
was evidently one of the actixe business men of the place. The 
reeords of (h'eils show tliat he was a large l>n\-«'r and seller of 
real estate in and around the center village of the town. lie 
prohahly wrote very many of the deeds of that period as his 
name is attached to vast nnmhei's as one of tlie witnesses. lie 
and his wife were memhers of the (diuridi and of theii' 
children wt'i'c haptized. 

As liasl»ecii liehn'c statetl. he ht'came end)ai'rassc(l, failed in 
l)iisiness. lost his propcrtw and with his famih', except one or 
two of his daughters. remo\'ed to lloj)ewelI, X. .!., i)rol)al)l\' 
ahont 1740. 

.Vmong the last deeds th.-it he made was one signed hv him- 
self and wife Martha to -losiali Kdson. Jr., (Tcntleman. con- 
sideration £700, of 18 acres •• in South Precinct heing the 
farm on which we now dwell:"" dated .lulv l-t. 17;!8. ackuiowl- 
edged Sept. 18. 1740. Tnder date of Ai)ril 27). 17.'")2. Martha 
Leonard, widow of Joseph (his mother) released her claim for 
dower in this land. 

I^'or £(»IJ7 he an<l wife dee(h'(l to •'Solomon Pci'kins. .lo\nei'. 
a part of the farm I liouglit of ( 'apt. X'ehemiah W'ashhiirn in 
the north westerly jxii't of P)ridgewater on which Solomon Per- 
kins now dwells containing 1)\' estimation 4'.t acres .')!• rods." 
.lime 17. 1740. acknowledge(rSei)t. 24, 1740. 

With his l)r(.)ther Joseph he was witness to a ^\<~'v^\ from 
Joseph Pool to Dan Leonard foi' 71.") acres in south |iart of 
l^ridgewater, consideration i!7oo. N^o\-. 21). 174>^. He was 
prol)al)lv here at that time on a \isit. 

The children of p]])hraim and ^^arllla were — 

2;-J(i. .•' 1). :\[arcli s, 1722. 

2:-;7. Phehe.-^ b. Aug. 22. 172;'.: m. — , 1741 Pev. Kliah 
P\'raiii anil settled in IIoiicwcll. X. J. 


'2;')S. lluldali,'' 1). Srpt. '2-2. 17l'.') : ni. al)()nt 17^)6 Josiali 
Waslil)uni (liis 2i\ wife) and had 8 children ; 
she d. 1 't72. 

2:-)i>. Al)i,u-ail,-M). Nov. l:'.. 1727. 

'240. Kpliraiin,"' 1). Mav 2. 17;-;o. 

241. IMic.i.hilris. ^'1). Mar. 2il. 1782. 


Martha IjEonard/ (Josep/i;' Jacob,'' Solomon,^) sister of the 
])recediii.u\ h. — ; m. Oct. 7, 1784 Kbeiiezer Eddy, -Ir.," of 
Taunton', 1). April Ki, 17(>7. 'Vhry ivsidcd in Norton. She 
was adiiiittc<l t(.) the church there Se])t. 22, 1(55. Ebenezer 
Kddv d. 1757. 

The children of Martlia and Khenezer Eddy were — 

242. Marv Eddy/Mj. Oct. 15, 17: '.5; m. (?) N.)v. 27, 17<s7 

Nehemiah Keith. 
248. David Eddv,M;). April B, 1787. 

244. Martha P]ddv,M). .Ian. Hi. 17811. 

245. Nathan Eddy,'^ b. dune 18. h4l. 
24('). Ebenezer Eddy.M). May 8, 1748,. 

247. Ephraini Eddv,''^ b. A})ril 1, 1745; ni. June 25, 1((;7 

Rachel Tucker of Norton. 

248. Moses Kddv.M). April 4. 1747. 

249. l)el)orah Eddy.'b. Mav 1 4. 1 75( l : 1 )aptizcd May 8, 1 1 54. 


Capl. Solomon Lkoxai!!),"' {S(i/<)))i<//i.-' Jacob.- >Solom(>n,^) son 
of Solomon and Klizabctli ( Perldns) Lconai'd, b. ^^al•. 27. 
]7;-};5_4: m. ( ),.|. ."). 175(i Joanna Washburn, dan. of ('apt. 
Jose])!] and 1 )cli\i'ranc(' (< >rcutt) Wbishlmrn. b. dan. 80, 178i). 
lie resided in Ib'idLi'ewater, Mass.; d. in Ponifi'et, A^t., Oct. 28, 
1S14. His wife d.' May 2, bS(i7. 
Their children were — 

* William Eddye' vicar of the church of St. Dustan in Uranbrook. Kent County, 
Knglaiid, from l.'58>.) to 1616 ; m. 1, Nov. 20. 1.587 Mary Fosten who d. July, 1611 : m. 2, 
l(;i4 Elizabeth Taylor. He d. Nov. 33, 1616. Samuel Eddy,-' b. May. 1608 : m. Elizabeth 
— . Arrived in Plymouth, Mass., by the ship Handmaid, Oct. 29, 1630. He was one of 
the original purchasers of Middleborough, Mass. He d. 168.5. John Eddy.S b. Dec. 25, 
1637 ; d. May 27, 1715 ; m. 1, Susannah Paddock Nov. .30, 1665, who d. March 14, 1670 : ni. 

2, Deliverance Owen May 1, 1672 ; m. 3, Hepzebath . Ebenezer Eddy, 4 b. 3Iay 16, 

167!) ; d. 1756 ; m. 1, Mary Fisher 1702 : m. 2, Sarah Leonard, b. May 21, 1680. His chil- 
dren were :— Ichabod,'> b. — ; m. Feb i), 1726 Joanna Hei-ndon ; d. before 1757 ; Eleazer,.> 
1). Feb. 2, 1703 ; Mary,'' b. Nov. 22, 1704 ; Sarah,''^ b. May '.1, 1705 ; d. June 14, 1705 : Elien- 
ezer,."i b April 16, 1707 ; m. Oct 7, 1734 Martha Leonard ; Jemimah,5 b. Feb. 28. 1709 : 
Obadiah .. li. :\lar 16, 1711 : d. Mar. 26, 1715 : Samuel, ■> b. Aug. 24, 1712 ; m. April 10, 1735 
Sarah ra;;e ; d. bel'die 17.57 : Waitstlll.' I>. .^pr. I, 1715 ; m. Nov. 3, 1735 Cornelia Tucki r. 

L EOXA B D G EXE A L 0(n '. 


2:)(i. ■t,I:ic()l..'' 1). Sept. ;!(i. \~:u : (1. Apr. Vl. Is41: iii. Dec. 

14. 17SS \\-yr\ Swift. 
2:.l. Man-.'' 1). .hilv lit. 17:.1»: d. - -: m. M:ir. iM. 1 7Si> 

.l(M'fini;ili ('(»ii;nit. 1). .luiic 'J^S, 17.')-^. 
•j.">jl. Ilaiuiali.' li. Aiil;-. 17). 17(51: <1. — : iii. Xws. 2". 1 7s."! 

('apt. Tinidtlix- Mitdicll: li. An-', -'tl. 1 77)S ; 

hail .") ( ir iiKirr cliililrcii. 
•27):l. ■fKiKK-li.'' 1). All--, is. 17(;o:(l. Oct. 2s, 1.S47: m. April 

In. i7ss Al>i,L;ail llaiiiiiinnd. 
27)4. fScloiiKiii.'' 1). Mav 211, 'l7(;7. : d. .Vu--. 27., ls;,[ ; m. 

( )ct. 22', 17^7 Iluldali Oivi'itt. 
27)7). :\[aivus,"' I ;. Im'1.. Kl. 17(iS: d. — : iii. - -. 17l»;; \\M\ 

liicliai-ds. ( )ct. 2. 17'SS 'I'hoiiias Coiiaiit <')f 

IJridux'watci' com-cycd laml in PoiiilVct, Vt., 

to A[aiTus Leonard of l^riduewatcr : .lnn('7. 

1792 Jeivniiali Conaiit of Bridiiewater cou- 

veved land in Pomfrct to ^^a^(•us Leonard 

of Ponifret. 
27)(i. fOphir.M). — : d. — : m. Apr. 2(;. 171tii ^L•s. Tollv 

27)7. fLavina.'' li. — : d. — , ls4(): ni. — , 17iK) iVnuustus 




,Vm<)S IjK( »Xa i;|).'' ( bJhenezfr} Sannid,''' Samnelr Solumon}) ^nw 
of El)fiicz('r ;ni(l Kstlicr (Amos) Leonard, was 1). in I'lX'ston, 
Conn.. Oct. 11. 1741; ni. 1. ^^larv Partrid.iiV June '24, 1762. 

She (1. !)(■••. 21. 17(»<> and lie ni. 2. Jciuiina . lie lived in 

AVortliin,L!ton. ]\Iass.. at'tfi- 17<')i>. 

'V\\v cliildrcii of Amos and Mary were — 
2oS. Moses.'' 1). dune 21. 171)^. I le is doubtless the Moses 
who eidiste<l froiu Wortlnngton at 17 yrs. 
of age, July o, 17Ni». foi- ;-! months. 
2oil. j-Amos.'' 1). Dee. K). 176(>: d. Se})t. 2S, iSol : m. Feb., 
171MI Fucy ^reecli. 
The children of Amos and Jemima were — 
2(;tt. Jemima." h. Nov. 21>. 17<)i». 
2(;i. Kleazer CaiT." 1). Mar. 12. 1772 : -'d. in Savoy, Mas.s.: " 

111. : liad Kleazer,' Amos," p]li,' Hannah.' 

2(>2. Joshua." 1). Nov. s. 177') : hail sons Bartlett' an<l 
Xehemiah : some of his descendants live in 
Lvons, N. Y. 
2(k5. Marv." 1). (K-t. 24. 1775. 
2i;4. Ksther." 1.. Feb. is. 177.S. 

Samtkl Fk< )NAI!1).'' {SdiuueJ,* Sarnie/:' Saniutlr Soloinon.^) 
oldest child of Saimu'l and Lvdia (Stanton) I><'oiiai'd. wash, 
.lunt' 14. 17;!4, in Pivstoii. Conn.: m. Fee. 2o. 17or» Mai'\" 
Freeman, h. Aug. 1(>, 17'!."), dan. of Joseph and Mahitaliel 
(Tvlei') I'Veemau of Preston. He ami his wife were admitted 
n.'tlie cliuivh in I'reston Feb. 24, 17(')(». JI,. d. [),>(•. 21. ISOS. 
Tlieir ciiildren were — 
2r,.".. S;ibi';i.'' b. Dec. 12. 1 7o7 : d. Mar. l!l. 177;t. 
2(;i;. Fvdia.'' b. Fee. 2.'!. 17(in: d. — : m. Jan. !), 17.So Daniel 
Pranian: hail Sabra Ib'iiman.' b. 17^8. Jolm 
r>ramaii.' b. 1 7^.^. 
2(i7. -fAIarv.'' 1). .hiiie ;;, 17<i;'. : d. Jan. 1>. bS2(»; m. Fee. ;;(>, 

17^4 l)elclier Stai'kwi;atlicr. 
2t'.s. bSmiiue!.'' b. Ma\- (i. \~C)S: d. ( ),-t. 11. islS; m. Sei»t. 

27, 17^7 Flizabeth Ib'amaii. 
2(iit. Floscpli.'' b. A|.i'. 1. 177;:: d. Julv 12. Is4;:: m. Nov. 
2. 17'.m; |',,I1\ I'.liss. 




KhKXKZKI! I.KONAIM).'' [Snmnt^l.^ Sdinnel? SamiifK- Soloiiioii}) 
lu'otlicr of tIic pl'ccciliiiu'. \v;is 1». ill Pl'csti >li. ( "i Mill.. .1 ill \" 1. 
1741 : 111. S(.'|it. '_'.'>. 17ii"» Alii'jail .\\cr\- of (iroton. ('diiii. 
'riici'c wi'i'i' s('\('r;il Kltciic/.t'i's ill I'rcstMii niid it li;is liccn 
t'Xti'ciiicK- iliflicult to iiU'iitifx' tlicui. It is siijiposcd tli;it this 
l\licii('xrr's wife Aliiijiiil ilicil ;it'tcr 177'* :iii<l tli;it lie rciiioNcil 

to Wortliiiii^toii. Mass.. ami in. 2. Mli/.al>ctli . lie d. Aii-. 

lii. isl.-,. 

'I'lic cliiMrcii of Klieiu'/cr and .\l»i,L!ail were — 
-!7ii. I)('iijaiiiiii.'' li. .Iiiiic 11. 17<»i>. 
•_'71. Sarah.'' 1). Mar. -jld. 17(;s. 

•j!7jI. William.''!.. Ma\- (i. 177<>. ( Pivston ('liiiivh ivcords 
o'ivc tiie death \yv. 1. 17i>4, of a Widiaiii 
Leonard in the West Indies). 
Klieiie/.er and Klizaheth had — 
'l~i''\. .\[ar\-in.'' (?) 1). Aii,;^-. j!>i. 177'.'. in Worlhin^Liton, 
and iiei'luijis others. 


.lollN LkoNAIM)."' [SiirnueL^ Samne//' .Saninj^l,' SnJomoh}) 
brother of the [ire(;ediiiii-. was 1). ill l^reston. ('oiiii.. Xow 21'. 
1744. In earlv life In- i-enio\-ed to WorthiiiLi'ton. Mass.. and 
111. April 2i;. i77t» Sarah Pierce. lie d. An--. H. IS'^C: his 
widow d. Fell. 27. 1 >>'1~ . 

'idieir ehildren were — 
274. 4Asa.'' li. April 22. 1771: .1. dan. 2'.), IsKi: ni. — . 

Ksther l")ro\vii. 
277). Kr.istns.'' 1,. Sept. 1. 1772: d. Kel). IC. 17l»2. 
27i'>. Lvilia.'' I). Sept. 12. 1777: d. ( )et. 27.. ls4(;. in San,iier- 
lield. X. v.: in. Nov. o<». iso;', William 
Meader wliod. in New York, .\pril — . \'^'-V.\. 
Hesidetl in New Lebanon. Hudson and New 
York' until .Mr. Meaders death, when slie 
went to I'cside with her l.rother Stephen, 
whei'e she d.: had William Meader.' (who 
had Kami \- Mealier.'' William MeadcM'."" and 
another S( .n |. 
277. 'raninuu'' li. — . 1771I: d. — . in Newark. X. ^' : m. — . 
.I..lin Dalv: had Osnier Dalv.' K/ekiel 
Dalv.' Wiii. Dalv.' Flora Dal v.' Fli/a Dalv.' 
Adeline Dal\'.' Sai'ah Daly.' somcdf whose 
descendants are supposed to reside in New- 
ark. N. Y. 


27.S. -f-Stci-heii.'' li. Oet. iM.. 17<S(i; d. April 2o, Ls4y : iii. — , 

AniKi Ijiisli. 
j!7i». •fKzckiel," 1). — : '1. .I:iii- — • l^i^ ; m. — . i^d"ivlla 


121 . 

Daxiki> Lkoxai'vI),'' (Si(niuelJ Sainuid^" tSaniue/r Solomon,^) 
hrotluT of the prrccdiiiu-, was 1). in I'rcstoii, Coiiii.. Dec o, 
17.');-'): 111. Oct. ('). 1774 Marv Starkwcutlicr. 1). Feb. 10. 17.")i), 
ill l^vstou. (Ian. of Saiimel and Sarali ( PMrjtk') Starkweather. 
lie was a soldier of the Revolutionary War ; was a Sergeant 
in Capt. Isaac Marsh's Co., Col. Seai's' i-eginient. 

S(X)n after his marriage he bought a farm in Norwich, Mass.. 
in a )iart of the town called (hull's Hill, now a part of the town 
of llnntington, where he residetl until his death, lie is s})oken 
of as a peaceable, quiet man. lie d. — . 1^04: his wddow 
went to Meadville, Pa., with the family i>f her son, Lodawick 
Alanson, and died at his home in Dccend)er, is;-);-!. 
Their children were — 

280. Sally,'' b. — : d. — ; m. — , Samuel (Saul?) Searles ; 

went to Rome, N. \'. 

281. Henry,''' 1). ^; d. Oct. — , lS-1-7. aged ()7 : m. 1, — 

Thankful Ford of Wortliington : " 7 chih:"" 
m. 2. — , Fh(rl):i Mcecham, •"o chil." 

2''>2. Lox'ina,'' b. — ; d. — , is;!;-!; m. 1, — . donathan Weller 
of Montgonicrw Mass.. i'enio\'e(l to ^lead- 

ville, Pa'.: ■'7' chil.: ni. 2. — . Mc- 

Knight : had oiu' dan. Mar\- M(dvniglit.' "' 

2sy. fLodawick Alanson." 1). —, 171M I : d. Scj'.t. 24. lS(>!) : m. 
--, 1S09 Isabel Findsev. 

2S4. Annice." b. — : d. — : m. — . I'lben Harris of South- 
ampton, Mass., i'eiiio\(Ml to Morris, N. V.: d. 

28,-). Dnniel.'' 1). — ; d. — : m. — , Cynthia Steel : " Id chil- 
dren. " 

2''^(). Kichanl.'' b. — : d. \-oiiiig. 

2S7. •HVilliaiii,'' 1.. dune' o, \7U'.^ : d. ImI.. 22, Ls:,2 : m. 
Apr. — , lS2(i So|ilii;i Fiudsev. 


Xatiian Fkonaiiu."' { Xdlhiii,.^ Samw'/.'' Sanuu^lr SDhnnon.'^) 
siiiMif Nalli.Mii ;iiid Aliigail ( I Icrrick" ) Feonar<l, b. in FiTston, 
Conn., June 17. 1712: in. d;iii. 12, 1704 IFinnah l>i';iiicli of 
I'resloii. About 1 707 tliev rcnioNcd to \\'i)rtliingtoii, AFiss.. 
where lliey li\-e(l some years ;iiid ;i fterw ;i!'ds " went west." 



Tlicii' cliiMiTii were — 

28S. Anna.'' I). ,lan. 'J.'). ITi'i.') in I'lvsion : W. ( )ci. 1-j!. Isr.ii; 
ni. — . Will. W heeler : had Win. W'heeN'i'.' 
1). Mar. is. I7'.i;'.. (1. Nov. '24. Isii;. m. Un\- 
aniia Bii'il ; Ainia Wheeha'.' K. Mai'. Is, 
I7li;;. (1. Ajiril !i. 1S27, i,,. KU Klv : Wealthv 
Wheeler.' 1.. Mar. 1. I7!>:.. d. Sept. :>. |S72 : 
Lnev Wheeler.' 1.. .\o\-. '27. 17'.'7. d. .\..v. 
1(), 1S7-I-. 111. Kli l^l\ (second wile) : l^lhridiic 
(I. Wheeler.' 1,. 1 )er. 4. ISdl'.d. Drv. H. JSt');;. 
ni. Xo\'. o. 1S2U Sarah B. Se\"iii()iii' : Xalhan 
AV. Wheeler.' 1.. A\>v\\ Ki. \X\'I. d. .Mav -".I. 
Isriil. 111. ( Geei'. 

'2S!). Sanford,'' 1». Mav 2. 1 7(^(i, in Preston : d. .Inly 20, 1771. 

21MI. l.iiev.'"' Sej)!. 14. 17(')S in W^orthinutoii : d. — : ni. Feb. 
4, 17!)o -leronie IJates : had Philena Bates.' 
HI. ^Vsel Landers, (eliil. Liiey Laiider.s^ ; 
1-vilev Landers'^: Kninia Landers'" : ( )i-eii 
jjanders^: Fidelia Landers.'^ ni. Fri W. Liii- 
^U'er. 4 ehil.): Larkiu Bates.' ni. 1. TjUca' 
Bennet. m. 2. Jane Ilvde : .\zul>a l>ates.' 
ni. \Vin. Drake: Sal'l\- Bates.' ni. Wni. 

2'.>1. -fBernice." 1). Aj-ril 22. 1771 : d. ---. IsH : m. — . Al.i- 
Li'ail Torrew 

2112. Fsther." 1).' Apr. 2:!.' 177.";. 

2'.i;!. Sabra.'' li. .Lm. 14, 1777): d. — : ni. — . Seth <L 'Forrew 

21)4. fBranch.'' 1». An-'. — . 177!*: d. Jan. 22. Is71 : ni. Nov. 
2('i. 1S(!7 Sarah Follett. 

2i»:). tl'^'letiah.M). All--. 11. 1 7s4 : d. .lime 27. Is47: in. 1. 
— . Fsthei' Delano: in. 2. Afay 2(;. 1S22 
naiiiiah L. LiLi'ei'soll. 

2'.'H. .VsiiUa.'' It. — : d. -— : in. — . (ieorue TaNdor. 


F/I!A LkoNAIM).'' [Sailidii.^ S<iiiiii<'lj' Sdinuc/.' SJoiiion.^) 
brother of the jtreeediiiLi'. was 1 1. in Freston. ('onn.. .Iiine .'in. 
1 77i.'). He reino\'ed to \Vortliiiii;toii. ^[ass.. prol »:il il \- altoiil 
I 7i)7 and later 111 1. — . I Linnali Marsh, who d. in 17s7 prol>- 
al)l\\ and he in. 2. — . Dorcas Ib'owii. lie was a rarnier ami a 
nian of worth, nnieii respected in the coiiiinmiitx' in which he 
dwelt a.s is eA-ideiiced hv the fact of his heinu' chosen as select- 
man four \'ears in Worthin,u'ton and of his lilliiiLi' the ollici- of 
deacon in the ( 'oiiLi'reiiational ('lini'ch. Keinii- eleete(l in jsiKi. 


He rem(ivt'(1 to ()lii(i ])r(^l);il)ly bct'oiv 1812 aiid iiuidc liis lioiue 
witli his N'oiinuest son in \ViHi;iiiistirl(l. He was the lirst dea- 
con ill the lii'st ( \)n_a're;L::itioii;d ("hnrch in AVavnc and was 
elected one of tlie conntv coinniissioners in Islli. 1I(.' d. A[ir. 
1'). 1.S2;-) : his widow (h Oct. K;, hs41. in tlie S7lh year of her 

Tlie children of Ezva aii<l Hannah were — 
21'7. hois.M). Jnne;-!. 1 7S-_> : d. A[ar. 'l. ISoO; ni. — . 181'2 

Stminel 'i'nttlc. 
2i»S. ■friMiiiian.'' 1). Mai-. 2;',, I TS-f : <1. Keh. I'd. i-S-K; : m. 

.] line 1, ISII Koxainia Allis. 
21MI. fPrciitiss.M). Oct. 20, ITSC: d. Kch. s. I,s7(): ni. Keb. 
11. ink; Ihirrict M. Stone, 
'^riie childi'cn of Mzi'a and 1 )orcas were — 
o<Mi. fMarvin." h. An.o-.. 11. 17!»o: <1. Ai)r. U\, 1N<)2: in. 

Ajtr. 27. is IT) Anna iiCwis. 
oHl. lJ;ic|icl.'' 1). Oct. ;;(i. 17!m;: d. — . ls7(): 111. — . Klias 
b\ )rl )es. 


do.NAS Lkonahd,'' [Natliaii} Samuel;'' /Scnnuel,- Solomon}) 
lir(.)ther of the preceding, h. in Preston, Conn., Ajiril 21. 17o7: 
is said to have been a drnninier in the Revolutionar\- u:Vriii\- : 
111. ^fay :;i. 1781 Eunice Herrick of Preston, b. Vim. lie 
settled in Woi-thington where he d. Aug. 2<>, L82o. His 
widow d. Sept. 2. iSol. 

Their cliildren were — 
;;(I2. Oli\-e.'' b. Sept. ('). 17S2: d. .lime !». 17i»7. 
;io;;. -tdJufiis.''' b. .lune 1, 17s:.; .1. Nov. 2, ls(;7 : ill. I. May. 
1(1. iSKi Electa Patch: in. 2. Jiilv is, 1S22 
i^'annv ( 'n .well, 
otid. fSpicer,''' 1). Apr.' 2b 17'.»0: d. X.,v. 27.. Isi;.', ; m. 1. 
— , bSlC Liicina llotchkiss: in. 2. — . fS2() 
(1S21 ■>.) Kli/a Fields. 
;;<•:,. P,,x:i.''b. Mar. 22, 17!I2: d. Oct. 2(t. Is24: ni. ~. 

ISU Ijar\-ev Herrick : had 2 sons. 
.'!im;. Caroline,'' b. Oct. 2s. 'l7!»4: d. Now Id. Iss4 in Ibir- 
lington. \'t. : ni. Mai-. 10. Isl7 ( )/ias 
S])auldiiig; liad .'» sons and o daiigliters. 
;'.(>7. •l-Alansoii,'' b. Mav o. 17'.I7: d. Keb. IS. 1SS2': in. Apr. 

211. isii;; Klavia Patch. 
;'.(IS. •f.laiiies daiilS.''' b. l-'cb. I'S. PSOO; d. Feb. 1 ( ». ISC,!!; ni. 

Sept. 2S. ps-il Hnldaii Fairbanks. 

LEoyARD (;k'xea uxn' 

;-5ti'.i. .loliii Siiiiiiici-.'' 1). Sept. 4. isni'; ,1. Vv],. --- 
Oct. ;;i. 1S27 llainiiili Wiidc: ■■ 
iiiid 'J. ihuiuiiti'i's.'" •• all Wfst."" 

;',!(». Olive." 1). Aiu'il L^'.i. isd.'): d. An--. H. Isl4. 

. ISC.;! ; 111. 
lad 4 sons 


Le\'I Lkoxaki),'' (Nat/ian.^ ^Sainnei''' Sanuielr Solomou}) 
lirother of the pi'ccediiig. was 1). in Preston. Ct.. .Iiiiic 2(1. I7()2 ; 
in. Oct. ■). 17''>i) Kc/ia Benjaniin. |ii'ol)alilv of Wortliiniiton, 
Mass.. 1). ,]\\\\ 4. 17()'S. Wvv fatliei' was fi'oni Kn.ii'land, was 
niaiTicd in Xorwicli, Conn., and rcsidrd for some time in 
Wortliinii'ton. Mass.. removing:' tlience in lSl2to Pi(_'r]iont. ( ).. 
where he was aeeidentalU kdMei] l>\-a fall from a leiji^eof ro(d<s. 
Levi Leonard resided in Worthiniiton nntil aliont ls(i,-» when 
he removed his family to Hinsdale, Mass.. and fi'om theiK-e 
reiiiove(l in ISIT) to ( )hio and settle(l in the town of W'illiams- 
lield. Ashtahnla ('oiint\-. then almost a wildei'iiess. In deeds 
rccoriletl while he was in W'oilhiiiLiton he is calleil •• honse- 
wi-iu-ht." lied, in Williamsheld 4 nne 2.S. ls;;2 : his widow d. 
0<-t'. 2. is.-,l. 

4dieir chih li'en \v<'i'e — 

;;L1. -flKirtlett.'M). Ma\ 17. 17SS : d.dnne. Is7;,: m. 1. Mav 

*4. Islo Hannah ('hajmian: m. 2. A]ir. 2^), 

l.SoO Mrs. Kli/.aUeth (Woodi-nff) Wakcman: 

m. ;■;. Alay 7, 1^1 IS Amelia l)eatty. 

M12. 'reni]iel-ance.'' 1). Oct. (i. 17^!); d. — : m. A]il'. :!. ISfU 

Asa Ilerrick. 
'.\\:\. Wn-A." 1.. Ano-. l;;. 17!il : d. — ; m. Mar. (i. IsK; 

llat(diins Kiniicw 
;;14. 4Le\-i;' 1.. An--. 22, 17!i;5; d. Fch. 2;!. Is7:»: m. \)rr. 

l!i! isl7 Lncrctia 1). Palmei'. 
.".lo. Lvdia.M>. An.i:-. 24. 17!>S: m. Sept. 12. isfc, l^'astns 

( diapman. 
;'.!(;. Sunnier,'' 1). Kel». 17. iSdi). 

:-517. Olivc.'^ k. Nov. 2i», isd] : d. Jan. 12. Issl : m. Fel). 4, 
Isls Heid)en Phelps, h. Feh. 27. 17ii7. d. 
Mar. ;;. ISC.d: (did., dames II. Phelps.' 1 .. 
I)ec. 14. isli), III. 1. Lorina Heath, m. 2, 
.\pi'. is. ls4s Maria Morse: Dvantha 
Pludps.' 1). Mai'. 12. lsi>:,. d. .Srpt. :..' 1S41 ; 
.Mar\- P.' \^. .\ov. 7. 1S2S. ,h ( ),-t. 
2o. issi). 111. Mar. oO, 1S4.^ ^Adson Smith : 
Anrelia Phelps.' h. Xo\-. 1 ;i IS-SS. m. Fe1). 
1». 1SH4 dohn .Morlcv: do.^coj, P.. I'IicIms.' 


b. July li. Ls4n. ui. Muv. 'A. lS(i4 LoxiiKi 
Lewis': .HLMii)cii Pliclps,' Ij. Nov. 0, Is-il. 
d. Alio-. 10, l.S()9 ; Lemuel 1). Pliel].s.' li. 
Sept. is. 1S4;-'). (1. June 80, issi;, m. May 
7, lb<U Loviiia lleatli. 

3LS. Lucv,'' 1). Sei»t. 15, l<SOo ; d. May 21. Issi) : m. Jan. 
28, 1828 John 1Mi(:)in])S(iii : liad Keziali 
Tliomjisoii.' 1). X(_)\-. 2H, 1828, m. 1, Julm 
Means, ni. 2. l)a\"id Herod, resides in San 
Jacinto, Cal. : Sarah J. 'Idionipson,' 1). 

Sept. o, 182.3, ni. 1, Hanilx). ni. 2. — , 

Ackerson (flume. X. Y. ) : X'ewton I'homp- 
son,' 1). Mar. 2. \>>'1~ . d. in St. Louis: Mary 
E. Thompson.' b. l)ec. 0, lS2!). m. AVm. 
Beardslce. ( I)cla\vare Co.. (J. ) : Levi Thoni])- 
son,' 1). May 21, 1882. d. in Civil War : 
James Lhomjisou.' 1). Fch. 2. 1885, d. in 
Cardinu'ton. ( ). : Melissa Thonqtson.' 1). 
Sept. 11, 1S40. 1,1. J. P>. MeClintoek : Luey 
y. Th()mi)soii,' 1). Srj)!. 1, 1.S48. \\\. Samuel 
Harberson. (Marion. ( ). ). 

;',11). fAsaluL''' b. Oct. (i. l.Sd.-, : d. June 25, ISSl : ni. Jan. 

1, bS2S PollvToiu-cr. 

82(». -f-Lvman.''' 1). Mav 11. 1S(17: d. A[av 0, 1878; m. An--. 
2S, 1S82 Lorcna I'.lack.' 

821. baura,'' 1). ^[av i). bsoi); m. —. James Stage. 

822. Kezia.M). Nov. 20. bsH (Islo?); ,1. Xov." 20. 1870: 

m. Jidy d. (2?) IS'jjO Thomas J. Tourgee. 
b. Aug. 5, isoC); cliil. Lucretia lb-own 
TourgVv.' 0. July 11, 1,S80, m. Mar. 0. 
bS()2 (dias. Thompson Belden ; Levi Shel- 
don Tourgcc.' 1>. Sept. 20, IS,'!;!, ni. Lee. 
2b ls5() bna W ithcnhurg : .Ici'omc Bona- 
|iart(' Toiirgcc' li. June 11. Is;i5. d. Mai'. 15, 
ls;-57: Ilcm'\' .Ici'omc Toui'licc.' b. Now 20. 
bs8S, d. Drc. 25. IsJl : ' .b.scph Klnius 
Tourgec,' 1). .biiic 21*. Is^l, ni. Jul\- 5, 
18(J4 -lane Cadwcll : j^'lora Keziali Toiir- 
ge(\' b. .biiic 14. Is51, 111. ^blr. 10. Is71 
Adcldcrt M. broker: .Icrome Hol)liins 
Toiirui'c.' 1). .1 line ;>(•, 1 s5;!. 


1 32. 

Stmeox LkoXAHD.'^ (X((t/i<ni.* jSamuel,'' Saniuelr SolonLon^) 
vouuu'est sou of jS'iitIuui and Abigail (Herrick) Leonard, was 
i). in Preston, Conn., Sejtt. 17. l?*!."): ni. 1, ^^ay (S, 1788 Espery 
Collins of Worthinii'ton who d. — . ISO!) and lie m. 2, A]»ri] i, 
1811 Cvnthia Mooiv of Soutliwick or M iddk-lield. Mass. He 
d. in Hinsdale. Mas.^.. Apr. D. 1^40 and Ids widow d. in (iraid)\-. 
Conn.. ATar. (i. 18T(>, aged 9o years. 

The children of Simeon and Kspci'v wiM'e — 
3:2^5. Aelisah,'' 1). Aug. 25, 17811. 
H2-1. Tiyphenia.'' l).\]une 9, 1792: d. — , 1.S4- : ni. — , 

Lucius Ilubljai'd. 
o2o. Andi'cw II..'' 1). Aug. (i. 1794: d. — in (leorgia. 
^!2<'). Knieline." b. Oet. 29, 1797 ; d. Dee. 22, 1882 ;' ni. Aj.r. 
— , 1822 Robert Lindsey of Blandford, wlio 
d. 188."), son of Moses and Amv (Partridge) 
Lindsev ; bad (1. M. Liudsev,' b. Jan. 26, 1824 ; 
:\[aria L. Lindsey,' b. Oct. 2<», 182o, d. Jan. 
17. 18o5 : James F. Lindsey," b. June 10, 

1S81, ni. June oO, 1867 : Prances L. 

Lindsey.' b. 183^-3, d. 1835; an infant 1). 
and il. 1^85. 
327. ■fWilliani F.." b. Feb. 18, 1801; d. June 6, 1888; m. 
1. dan. 6, 1825 Mary S. C. Everett; m. 2, 
Aug. 12, 1853 Charlotte Miner: m. 3. June 
.S. I'SSl Ehnira (jr(.)rliam. 
32s. F:diiiond D..'' b. Jan. 25. 1805: m. Oet. — . 1829 Eliza- 
beth IL Hcniingtou of Hinsdale, Mass., 
i'enio\ed to Peinisvhania. ■"has not .been 
hcai'd fi-oni."" 

329. tCharlcs F.." b. ( )ct. 25. ls()7: d. Aug. 30, 1866; m. 

1, Mai'. 5. 1S34 Eunice Hia'sins ; m. 2. \\vi. 
1. lS(i3 Chh.e A. Piatt. 
The children of Simeon and Cvnthia were- — 

330. fMilton D.'' b. Dec. 27, 1813 : m.' Apr. 2. 1839, Emeline 


331. 4Lewis D..'' b. Dee. 23. Is2(»: d. Nov. 21, 1882: m. 1. 

Nov. 22. Is4(; Mary M. Griswold : ni. 2. 
dune 5. Is77 Elizabeth L. Waite. 


BkI'LAII Lf.oNAIM).-' ( J/o.vp.s.^ J/^s-,-' .Jdhu'J- -Ve/o/zV.'-'//.' I daugh- 
ter of Closes and Beulah I ) Leouai'd. b. in Woreestei' 

Oct. 2s. 1735; ni. (])ublislie(l .lul\" 1('>. 1757). .Vnios Mai-sh. 


I). N()\'. !.'». 17;!^!. son of S;iiiiiicl ;iim1 Zci'\"i;ili ( Tlioiiiiis) M;irsli. 
of Ivutlaiid, Mass. TIicn- resided [or ;i time in Knthind, 
;ind ;d'ter\v;ii'ds in \\';i r\\ iek', .M;iss. iVnios Alai'sli is said to 
have eloped ""sonietinie dui'inL;' the Ive\'olntion with Mrs. 
iVuizi Doolitth'. It is certain that Beuhdi remained here 
(Warwicdv), some \'ears after that event."" 

The ehihlren of lienhdi ami Amos Marsh \V('re — 
oo'i. Samuel >[arsh.''l). Jnlv is, 17o.sin Rutland: d. of the 
small-])o.\ at ('hamhlee -Inne 7. 177<), aii'ed 
17 yrs.. Ill mos., l!> days, ("a soldiei' in 
the exjx'dition a^ii'ainst Canaiht. died on the 
33o. Merev Marsh." />np in IJuthmd. Oct. o. 17()(»: d. Mav 

7. 171HI. 
3o-i. .lonas ^[ai'sh." 1). .\\\\v 17. 17<)-l : ■"went to Shoi'e- 

haiii. \\." 
Sof). r>eulah Marsh.'"' h. Dee. :',i). f7(;4: m. Feh. .">, 17^5 

•lames Korhes of Shoreham. \'t. 
oo<). Amos Marsh,'"' b. Mar. Ill, 1770: ni. 1, puh. Jan 7, 
17118 Ma.i'\' l)exter Katon, 4 eliihlren ; ni. 
'2, 1S(I4 Ksther 1). 177(i. d. l.s:)(>. S 
0':>7. Ijeonard Marsh.*' 1). Sept. 17. 1772: "went to Shore- 
ham. \t." 
388. Joseph Marsh,'"' 1). Keh. lo. 177o: d. (),-t In. 1771). 

1 34. 

Muses Leonaiu),'^ [Moses;^ Aloses;' Jolmr SnlDmni}}) brothi-r 
of tht^ pveeeding, 1). in Woreester, Jan. 17. 1787 : m. 1. IJhoihi 
Smith who d. Oet. 18, 17^4: ni. 2, Anne Kmerson at JKivre. 
'V\\v I'ecords disagree as to the <late of his secon<l mai'riage, 
l)ari'e town records makiiiL:' it .lune o. 17711. Barre cdiureh 
records .lune 17, 171IS, and Warwick ret'ords June o, 17110: 
the lirst of these three dates heinu' manifestU' incorrect. She 
d. Dee. 111. 1S22. lie was a soldiei' in the He\-ohitionarv War. 
He d. in Warwi(d<. Kel». 8, Isls. 

The chikli-en of Moses and IJhoda were--- 
881). -f-Nalhan.'"' 1). Aug. o, 1 7r)8 : .k .lul\ Is. lS88 : m. .Ian. 

lo, 171)7 Martha Sleai'us. 
840. Sai'ah,'"' li. .May (i, 17(i<l: (k.lul\- 14. fSd'j!: m. Dee. lo. 
17S(; Da\id Ma\o : liad 7 children : ■•settled 
in ( diamplain. .\. ^'.'" 
8 11. Kliod;i,'' h. Oct. 12. 17i;s: ,|. Oct. is, I7s4. 


U± -fAl.i'aliaiii.'' 1). -lulv s. 1771: .1. Kd). .17. ls:,7: m. 

l.iil). Ki'll. is. 17<.i;, IJaiiiiali Ilill. 
;:!4;-;. Ann.'' l,. KrI). IS. 177.'): .1. Drc 7. Is44 : m. Div. 22. 

17*.*2 .losiali Kiiapp; rriii<)\('(l to Uaiiuor. 

X. v.: had riLilit cliildi'di. 
044. Ilamiah.'' 1>. Mai'. :;i. 177s : d. Jan. 27. ls:.!i: m. Jimr 

4. lS(l7 (Mark' Steai'iis: rcino\-('(l to ('liaiii- 

plaiii, X. ^'. 
;-;4r). fCaU'l).'' l,. Sept. 24. 17SM: d. .hiii. :.. ls(;4: m. May 

2^, 1805 'I'ripliena (ioddard. 
;:)4(x Rhoda.'' 1). Mar. 8, lis;! : d. An,-. 11. ls()7 : in. Mar. — . 

ISOH ^^<»sos .lolniVdii : had fU'xcii ehihlivn; 

Xorth ( )ranL;v. Mas,<. 


Mehcv LKoxAiiD.'M.I/''-'-'^'.^ Mosesj' ■Joliur Soloinon}] sistci' of 
the preceding, li. in l\nthin(h Mass.. \)cv. 17. 17-JS; m. .Icdn- 
than Morse, one o tin' t\vel\e constituent niendiers who formed 
tlie (diurcli in AVarwick in 17()(». He was a soldier and liis 
name a]i|icars on the muster r^dl of Capt. Tliomas Alexander's 
eom))any recruited at Xorthliehl, Fel)ruar_v, 177o. The first 
of Aiarcli, 177(:), this eom];)any was ordered to join the ex])edi- 
tion against Canada and .leduthan Morse d at Ticonderoga on 
the retreat from Canada. Se|)t. is, 177r). 

The childi-cn of Mercy and .leduthan Morse wei'e — 

o47. Samuel ]\[<M'se," h. dune K). 17o9. 

34<S. Moses Morse." h. Mav 1(>. 17(;i. 

;:54{:». Lydia Morse." h. ,laii. 7. 17(14: d. Oct. 7. 17(3o. 

000. Aai-on Alorse.*' 1». dan. lo. 17(1(3. 

001. Kilanc Moi-se." 1). May IS, 176s : m. May 2S. 17^(1 

Benjamin AVhite of r,\l)i'idL!c. 
^b2. Hannah Morse.'M,. Kel). 24. 1771. 
37)3. .leduthan Morse.'' 1>. .Ian. 2s. 177>',. 
354. Mercy,'' h. Fel.. 27. 177(1. 


Saml'EL Leunakd."' (xl/o-se-s.^ Moses:' Jolmr .Vo/o/z/o/^') hnithei- 
of the preceding, b. in Rutland Xow 12. 1740 : m. 1, X'ow 21. 
1705 Silence Ri[»ley of Rutland. 1). March 22. 174(1; she il. 
.Tune 14, 17i:)3, and'he m. 2. Aug. IS. 17i»5 Rachael Temiey of 
Ixirre, Mass.. who d. in <nll I^'el). 2s. ISlS; he m. 3. May 3. 
ls2(J Airs. uVhigail (Ri[)le\) RoKinson of Pomfret, Conn., a 
.sister of his lirst wife. 


At out' time lie residrd in XoillilieM : l•olll(^^'e(l t<:) Warwirk 
ill 17^0. aftfi'wai'ils to (iill. and in l<So2 lie removed to Canton, 
X. v.. wliere lie died Ai)ril S, LS41, at the age of 1(.)0 vears 
and o months. He took great interest in the ILin-ison and 
'r\der camiiaign. easting his vote tor Harrison a few days 
Uefore completing his one liundredth year. He was for many 
\-ears a mcmher of the Presl)yterian chiiivh and was able to 
attend chni'ch until a Few weeks hefore his death. His widow 
die(l 111 Ahingtoii. Conn., Xo\'. '2, ISoo, at the ad\"anced age of 
'.'2 \cars aiitl !• months. l^'roiii an ohitnarv iiotiee of ^[]•s. 
Leonard we tak'e the h)llowiiig : — " 'Jdie longevity of tlie.Ki])ley 
hiiml\', of whieli the deeeasi'(l Mrs. Leonard was a memlier, 
has heeii remarkaMe. She was (.)ne of nineteen ehildren, eight 
sons and eleven daughters hy the same mother. Of these 
nineteen children ten li\'e(l to he ox'cr seventy yt-ars of age; 
Hve over eiglit\' \'ears, and three o\er ninety years. The onl}" 
snr\'i\"ing niemher of the family is LiiU'oln Ripley, ■^"^" a Congj'e- 
gatioiialist minister, li\'iiig at Waterford, ^[e., in his ninety- 
llftli \-car. ( )f the other hrothers. Neheniiah and Ezra Ripley 
wei'e ministers of the (tosjjcI. Hr. Ezra Riplev was pastor of- 
ihe church in Concord, Afass., h)r more than half a century 
and died in his ninety-lirsT \ear. The deceased Mi's. Leonard 
kept her plixsical and mental powei's in \-igorous and healthv 
action till near the close (^f her lih'. Her vigor of mind and 
l)od\- was maintained hv reading and hy perh)riiiiiig some iise- 
I'ul lahor excry day. ' 

The children of Samuel and Silence were — 
o5o. Xoah,'' 1). Xow ."). ITiifl: d. < >ct. 24, iSo.'), in Cantitn. 
X. V. : m. 1. — . L>etsev (iale: m. 2. — , 
Betsey Porter who d. 'duly 10, LSIil, in 
C^antoii. He resided in (iill, reni(.)ve(l to 
(\>ventr\'. X. V., afterwai'ds to I'ierpoint 
and rinadN' to (.^intoii. Xo childi-en. 
.".ot;. Lnccha,'' 1). M,m-. :..'l7()!»: d. dulv 1!». 17112: m. April 
o, 17112 l)Uii\aii Peiiniman. 
• ;;:)7. fMoses,'' h. Keh. H. 17'71 : d. -Iiilv 21, IS-1-1): \n. pnh. 
dan.. 1711-1 Liicv \Vills(Mi. 
;;:.s. tr»<'nlah.'' h. ^Lav ;;. 1773: d. Mar. 12, 1S(;4: m. Feh. 

27), 171IS William Cohl). 
.".oil. -fd'eter L'iplev.''' 1). Ang. 211. 177(-): d. dnn.'D. ls;,7: m. 

>iav 4. 17l'l!» Aima Rich. 
;](i(». Lydia.''!.. Kel). 11.1771L- d. Aug. ID, 1S;',0: m. Jan. lU, 
17D1I CaKin Xaslr"'^'"" of Conway, Mass., (son 

*Rev. Lincoln Ripley d. .July 14, IS.'jS, aged OU years, 10 months. 
**Calvin Nash, iii. 2, Feb. 1, IS-J'i Tiiv.ah Siiiead of Greenfield. 


of Tul)al Xnsli) 1.. Juiie Hi 177IK d. Mar. 11), 
l■'^4^!. I'csidcil 111 Canton, N. Y.; had Samuel 
L. Xasli.' 1). July 21, 1800, d. Mar. — . LsS4, 
in Hunter, 111.:' William W. Kasli,' !>. Mav 
1(1, 1.S(IL>, d. Sept. 21. 1803 ; Thankful .Maria 
Xash.' 1). .Ian. 21. 1S()4. d. Nov. L^C. lS4S, 
m. I'arlin l)ai'ro\vs (ehildreii, Clarissa B. 
Barro\vs,M). Oct. !>, 1.S29, m. Mar. lU, 1803 
Phiiieas C. Slic])ard of Stou,u;hton, Mass.; 
[had Frank A. Slici)ard;-' h. Apr. 7, 18o4] ; 
Lvdia, M. Barrows,'^ h. Mar. K!, 1835, d. 
Afar, o, 1855 ; William ^\. J^ari'ows,''* 1). June 
3, 1837, ni. Dee. 17, ls7!) Catherine K. 
Alden of i^'armer. ( )hio, (had Inez A. Pkw- 
rows.'-'l). Kel). 22, 1SS4J' Robert W. Bar- 
rows." 1). Oet. 30, 1.S3^), ni. Mav 2i», 181)7 
Marv Basevof Parisliville, N. V.', [had Delia 
M. Barrows,'* b. Mar. 19, 1870; Ernest K. 
Barrows,-' b. Se]it. 18, 1874 ; Frank C. Bai-- 
rows,'-' b. Aj)]-. 1!), 1879] ); Charles A. 
Nash,' b. Auu-. 2(5, 180(i, d. Auu'. 5, Ls5(i at 
San Bernard,' Texas ; William 'C. Nash,M). 
Oct. 2fi, 1808, d. Feb. 8, 1884 in Toledo. 
Can.; Robert IT. Nash,' b. Dec. 4. Isll, d. 
Mav 25, 1.S73 in Madrid, N. Y.; Richard D. 
Nash," 1). May 8, 1814, d. Nov. 22. — , in 
Canton, N. Y.; Albert C. Nash,' b. June 5. 
1815, d. in California; Edwin D. Xash,' b. 
]\[av 1(1, 181.S, (1. in New York citv. 

3(il. fSamuel,'' Jan! 19, 1782 ; d. Mai'. 27, 18()0 ; n'l. Jan. — , 
1804 Lucy Ilorsley. 

3(52. Silence," b. Apr. 24, 1787 ;' d. May 7, 1.S7(»; m. — , 
Georg'e Flathawav of (iill, ^Mass.; removed 
to Potsdam, N. Y.; had Samuel F. Hatha- 
way,' d. Xov. 23. 1S40, Ceoro-e S. Ihitlui- 
way," Lneeba Hathaway,' Horac;e Hatha- 
way,' Silas Hatliaway," David R. Hatha- 
way,' Lydia ^l Hathaway,' Sarah M. Hath- 
away,' Franklin A. Hathaway,' William N. 
Hathaway;' after the death of Mi-. Hatha- 
way, Feb. 9. l.S()4. most of the hmiily 
removed to llliiKjis, where the mothei- died. 
Samuel and Rachael had one dan.- — 

3(o3. Betsev,M). Julv 3, 1794; d. Dec. 17, 1817, in (Iill. 


I 37. 

Li'CV LkoxaiM),-' {Moses} Moses^' Johur SuluriLon}) sister of 
tlie prereding, 1). in Hntlaiid Mar. ol, 17-to : iii. July 9, 17H1 
Samuel Ball. He was one of tlie o() settlers in Warwick' in 
17(il. He died June 17. 179!), aged Ho. She died .lidy 2(>, 
17(S2. "Her eliildreii have always l)een prominent citizens. 
Everv <>ne married in \Vai-wi<'k' and lia\'e numerous descend- 
fints. '" 

The eliildren of Lue\' and Samut'l Ball were — 

384 Marv Ball,'' b. Sept. 2'2, 17(iL>: d. June 18. 17N2. 

3(5o. John Ball.*'' 1). Jan. 21, 1764. 

3(-)(l Sally Ball." 1). Julv -t. 178(1 

887. Saniuel Ball,'' h. Fel). 2S, ■1789: d. Mar. 17. Is41. 

8().S. Luev Ball.'-' 1). July 2. 1771. 

889. Ste]')lien Ball,''' 1). Fel). 21, 177:.: d. Julv -3. Is8y. 

87a Eunice ]>all.''' 1.. :\[ar. 1(», 1777: d. Dec.' is. Lsor). 

871. David Ball,'' 1). Mar. 7. 17sO: d. Fel.. 2s. ls(ir,. 


Jonas Leoxah.d,'^ (i/osei',"* Moses,"' Jul/iir Soloiuo)i}) l.i'other 
of the })receding, b. in Rutland, Alass., Sept. 19, 174.") : m. 1, 
Feb. 22, 177U Sarah Mason \yho d. Oct. 8, 1S02, and lie m. 2. 
Nov. 21, ls05 Mrs. Sarah (Alexander) Holton.""-" He was on 
the muster I'oU of Capt. Peter Proctor's Company, Lieut. Col. 
Williams' Regiment, that marched to reinforce the Northern 
Army, Julv iO-Auu'. 12, 1777. He d. May 19, 1S87 : his wife 
(I July 2S,' LS81. 

Tlie children of Jonas and Sarah (Mason) were — 

872. Francis," 1). Feb. 2, 1771 ; d. Awi. 81. 1777. 
878. Jonas.'M). Feb. 8, 1772: d. Feb. 'l. 1777. 
874. Jolm,'''l). Feb. 12, 1775: d Feb. 28. 177(i. 

877). f Fi-ancis," b. Oct. 8, 1777: <!. Jan. 8, 1S48; m. — , 
Sarah P>lake. 

87(1 Flizabeth," b. Jan. (i. 17S(»: d. — : m. — , Samuel 
Moore: had Sarah Mason Moore,'' b. Mar. 7, 
1S(»2: Joseph Moore,' b. June (), 1804; 
Flizabeth Moore,' b. June 2(x 1S()8 : F.xper- 
ience Moore,' b. Sept. 18, ISOS ; Orin 
Moore,'!). Nov. 28, Islo ; Samuel Moore,' 
1). Jan. 22, 1818. 

*Sarah Alexander,)! (SiineonS and Sarah [Howe,] Ebenezer4 and Mehitable [Buck.] 
Jo}in:i and Sarah [Gaylord,] George-i and Susanna, John,') b. July 30, 17.^0 : m. 1, Jlay 19. 
rra) Samuel Ilolton.s (SaniueH and Joanna [Morton,] William:' and Abigail [Edwards,] 
.John-' and Abigail, Williani' and Mary,) b. Nov. 24, 1743 : d. Jan. 7, ISOl. 


-177. S;ir;ili.''K. Vv\k 1. 17^2 : d. .Iiilv •_>;;. \s-r,\ : m. — . ,|,„i;is 
Coiuiiit : liail Polly C'oiiaiit.' I). June 17, 
1804: Aliiiira Coiiaiit.' 1 1. \\n\ 21, Isdi;: 
Jonas Leonard ('onant.' I >. ( )ct. 2. Isos ; 
Rnfns Conant,' 1>. Sept. 7, l^ld. 

37.S. f.Ionas.'' 1.. Sei)t. 3, 17S-1-: <l. Dec. (i, lS-l-4:; ni. Dec. lo. 
1S07 Pattv Da\-is. 

o7U. Ilannali Davis.''' I). An-. L(), 1781): d. -Iiine'l. Is44. 

38(». Pihoda,'' 1.. .S'pt. 21t, 1781): d. Anu-. 2(i, Lsiii). 

881. Aleivv,'' 1.. Jan. 2!). 171»2 : ni. Jan. 1, l8l<i .Samuel 

Livernioix' : se\-eral children. 

I 39. 

Feancis Lkoxarj).'"' {Moses,^ JJoses:' Jo/di,'' Solomon}) hrotliei' 
of the preceding, b. in Rutland. ]^[ass.. Jul\' 2-5, 1747 : m. 
Feb. 14, 177(') Abigail Simonds of Warwick, lie resided in 
Warwick from wliicli place he eidisted, and his name occurs 
on the •• Cluster Roll of Ca})t. Eldad Wright's Company of 
Minute ^len that marched from Xorthhehl and Wai'wick to 
Cambridge A})ril ye 20th, 1777), in Col. ►Samucd Williams' 
"lie (L in Warwick Oct. oO, 1888: his wife d. No\-. 18, l88<). 
Their chihb'en wei'c — 

882. Xabby.Mj. Feb. 17. 1777: d. ALay 2, Isdli : ,,,. Xuv. 

8, 179i» Jonathan ]\[oore : chil. Jonathan 
Moore,' b. Dec. 4, 180(». d l8o2 : William 
Leonard Moore,' b. Xov. 14, lN()8, d. Jan. 
20, 1S71 ; Francis Moore,' b. :\lar. 1. ISOo, 
d. :\[ar. (), 1810. 
888. J.ydia," b. Dec. 2(1 1778: d. Feb. 22. Is49, in Towns- 
hend, Vermont. 

884. Kunice.M). Mav 80, 17.S1 : d June 18, lsl2. 

885. Sibvl'M). Mav 21, 17s4: d. Alav 4. Isl8. 

38(1 tJoeV'b. Mar. 9, 17n7: d Apr.'8 (Apr. 9 ?) ls(i;-5 : m. 
June 4, 1824 Abigail Delvee. 

887. WilliauL,''' b. Feb. S, 179(»: d. Sei)t. 4, 17lH,l. 

888. Lucy.*' b. Oet. 4. 1791 : <1. Sept. 2(3, 181s. 
'dS^^i. Hannah." b. Nov. 2S. 1794: d April 2s, 17<.Mi. 


Noah Leoxakd.MJ/o-sp.s.-' Moses} John} Solomon}) bi'other 
of the preceding, b. in P)arre. ^[ass., Nov. 2, 17o(». (Now 22. 
177)1 ?): m. — , "Bethia Wetherell, b. Jan. (3, 177)(i. He and lii> 


wife ]()inc(l the elnireli in Earre, Fel). 28, 1777. He was a slioe- 
uiaker 1»v trade. jVfter residing for a time in Warwick and 
Barre the family removed to Keene, IST. H., and the births of 
the hist five children are reconhMJ there. In 1^11) ]\[r. Leonard 
removed to (Hover, Yt.. wliere he (L Dec. 10, 1<S4S ; his wife 
d. Ai-r. l::!, 1S4(). 

Their cliildren were — 
890. Calvin,'> h. May H, 1778: d. Jnne 10. 1778. 
8!»1. Noah.'' 1). Oct. 11. 1770: (h in Keene Jnne (>, 1807.* 
392. Jjucy/' 1). Jan. Ki, 1777: d. — : m. — , Levi Part- 
ridge: liad Kli l^.rtridge,' 1). Mav 1, 1798, 
d. Oct. 20, LS78, m. Mar. 2L 1822 Eunice 
Stone, 1). Mav 2, Isoo (at Thompson, Ct), 
<1. Dec. 10, 187:. (chil. Diantlia L. Partridge,* 
1). dan. 8, 1828, (h dan. 7, is:*-!: Elijah S. 
Partridge,*^ h. Sept. 11. ls2L d. Mar. 17, 
184:8; Levi A. Partrid-c,-^ 1). An--. 23, 1826, 
d. May 2L 1^71, m. 1, dan. 14, l8o4 Amelia 
R. Svmonds, m. 2, Louise Barrows: Amv 
L. Partridge,* b. Mar. 23, 1833, d. Jan. 23, 
1873, m. June 8, l<S(-i2 ( )lin L. (jray, son of 
(894) 2d wife: AVyman S. Partridge,'" b. 
Apr. 17, 1835. m. Sept. 4. 18(;9 Jennie N. 
Snnth, 1). Mar. 4. 1S.V2, d. Nov. 9, 1S7H; 
Eli II Partridge,'!). Oct. :>. 188S. m. Jnlv 4, 
LS()() Kannv M. Sargent, b. Nov. 21, bs42, 
[chil. Amv L. Partridu'c,'' b. Dee. 8. 1S(J9 : 
Levi B. Partridge,"!). Aug. 22, ls72 : Jennie 
Partridge,'-' b. June 8, 1881, d. Mai-. 19, 
188s]):" Geo. Partridge,' Xoah Partridge,' 
I'oUy Partridge," P'anny Partridge,' ^Vbigail 
8ii8. -f-Kzra,'' b. Mar. 7,' 1779: d. Anu'. 4. Ls()4: m. Apr. 
18,, isdl Abigail Clark. 
. 81»L A!)igail,''' 1). A].ril 2('), i7sl : d. Nov. 2S, ls48 : m. 
Dec. Iso;; Josei'h (irav, !). June IT). 17^0. 
d. Oct. 18,. [SCO: had SvKia (iray,' b. Jidv 
1, bso:,, (1. M;iy 2. ls.',7. 111. (ieo. French 
(dan. Mrs. llem-N Dax'is, I'csides in (ilox'er, 
\d.. sou ()lin l-'rcnch,-'' al)le e(litor of the 
l>ratllel)oro Plionij): Win. (irav,' b. Anu'. 
IC, 1,S()7, d. Mar. 24, 1884; Dan. Gray,' 

*He is stipposod to liavr liccn in, ami had one son, Geni-ge V.' li. .Jan. 2S, 1804, d. niar. 
5, 1S^>:1 


• 1>. M:\\ -j!. lsl(t. ,1. at r.<Mlrlls. Or.-Mii. Jan. 
i:.. ls7S: Oliii L. (Jrav.' 1.. Dec. '^i7. lsl'2, 
(1. .Inly 2-_\ ls!i:.. 111. I.' Jnlv :;. Ls:;(i, Pcrsis 
Crane, who (1. A})!-. iU, IbHi (c-!iil. Kdwin 
Sevillion <ii-ay.M». ISFay 22, ls8<s. d. in T. S. 
sci-vicr. Sept. 111. iSiU. Co. 1). (Ith \'t. 
H(\u't, ni. Kh'ira Sanliorn: Krwiii ()liii 
(iniy.M). All--. 17. Ls4:), d. Dee. (5, ls:>:', : 
Cliannev Crane Crav." i). ( )et. 5», 1848, d. 
Kel). 17'. 1851: Lanni \'illa Crane,M). May 
7. LSoi)). ni. 2, June 8, ls(;2. Amy L. Pait- 
ri(l,Lie. (Ian. of (o^'2). (eliil. Olin l')an Graw'^ 
]). Sept. 18, 18H7, m. ]\[ar. 18, 1891, Annie 
L. Stone); Arville TI. Grav.' h. Nov. 2(». IsKi; 
Cromwell B. Grav,' 1». Mav 20, ls2o. d. Feb. 
11. 1S21 ; Al)i--ai'l A. (rrav.' 1). Jan. 14, ls24. 

oUo. fCalvin,'' 1). Sept. 8. 178;-;: d. — , 1887): m. — , (.)t'tavia 

39H. Jo^^e[)li.''' 1). Nov. (i. 17^5: d. ^Tar. lo. LsKi: m. 

:\[atil<la : had ^[atilda.■ 1). Jan. 24. 

' 1811: Charles Joseph,' h. Sept. ot). 1812. 

397. Aaron,''' b. M:\y 5, 1788. 

398. ti^pliraiiii-''^»- ^f:'^' ^'•^- l''^l ; tl. — : m. — . Maria Stroni;-. 

399. tyloses,'-' b. Oet. 'l. 1793 (Sept. 3(», 1793?): d. Jan. 2(;. 

1879: m. Jan. 28. 1817 Lanra Chajmian. 
40it. +(ie()ro-e,*' b. Au--. (i, 179H : d. Julv 28. ls7(>: m. Sei)t. 
2<». LSUI ^[arv Kussell" 

401. fWillard.'' b. Oct. 211, 'l799 : d. Jnly 18, 1882: m. 

^Vpr. 23. 182() ^Vmy Laiy. 

I 4 1. 

Capt. JoiIX LeoXAI^I),'^ (j/,* Mosfs:' Jolnir Solomon}) 
brother of the preceding, b. in Barre, ^NTass.. Mai'. 2s. 17o3. (Mar. 
29, 1753?) : m. Elizabetli Nurssof Hntehinson. b. April 27. 175o. 
He and his wife joined tlie ehnreh in l^>ai-re. Xo\'. lo. 177o. 
He resided for a time in Barre, then in Warwick", afterwards 
in Swanzev ami tiiialh' in Keene, N. II.. where he d. April 27. 
1829. His widow d. in Keene. Dee. 7. l8oo. age(l 10(1 years. 
7 months and 1(_> days. 

Their children were — 

402. Sarah,«b. Dec. 12. 1775 in Barre: d. Jnlv 15. l83S: m. 

Oct. 30, 179(1 Galen i'ond. b. Jun,. 12. 1774. 
d. Dec. 4. 18,')1 (son of Abiathar Pond of 
Keene, X. H. ) 


4(»;!. I^)llv.'' 1). Mar. 10, 177<S. 

4(U. Breed,'' 1 ). Nov. 10, 1780. 

4:0b. fJohii,'' b. Auo-. 29, 1783: d. Feb. 24, Ls74 : m. 1. Jan. 
80,''181() Deborah Erskiue ; m. 2, Sejit. 27, 
1.S80 Mrs. Watey (Dean) Branian. 

4<IC). I'ctty.'' b. Jan. 1. 178(1 

4(i7. Fainiv,'' 1). .Inne b 1788. 

4(»S. Calel')''. b. .Inly is. ]7!>(). 


Sakah Leoxahi),'^ {Moses,^ J/ ■'' Jo/inr Solomon^) sister of 
the ]M'eee<bnD-. 1). Dec. 12, 17.').'t: rn. .loliii Conant. pnb. .Tan. 
o<X 1779. This faniilv are said to lia\-e I'enioved fi'oin War- 
\vicl>: to A'ennont. 

The eliildren of Sai'ali and .lolin Conant were — 

401). Sarah Conant,« b. No\-. l>4. 177!». 

410. :\[illicent Conant.'' b. -Jan. 2i), 1781. 

411. Newell Conant/'' 1). Nov. .5, 1782. 

412. Benlah Conant.'^ h. Ang. 8, 1784. 

41-8. Luev Conant,*^ b. April, 17'S<). ^ 

414. Ezra Conant,« b. Fel). 1, 1788. 

41.'). ]V[ercy Conant,'' b. .Tan. 8, 1790. 

41(1. Anna Conant,'' b. Ai)ril 2. 17'.»8. 


Natkax Leoxar]),'^ (A^j-a,"* il/cises,'* ./c////,- Solomoti.^) son of 
Ezra and ( )live (Smith) Leonard, b. in Ilai'dwick, Se})t. 25, 
1748: ni. Nov. 2(5, 17H(> iVmittai Cntlei-, dan. of David and 
Mai-y (Tidd) Cntler of Lexington, h. .Inlv b"), 174s. "He was 
a (/oi'(l\vainer. and captain of militia. He was a mend)er of 
the company of • minnte men" whieli prompth* responded to 
the snnmions on the 19tli of A])ril, 177.0, and served his 
ci:)niiti'v in the \'ear 177S. as eaiitain in Col. Nathaniel Wades 
reginjent." lie resided in Hardwiek nntil after 1777 and sub- 
sequently* in Shaftsbury, \'t., from which jdace he removed 

* Worcester County Records, book 83, page 389. 

" Nathan Leonard of Shaftsbury, Vr., gentleman, in consideration of i;-2,SO0 paid by 
Isaac Fa.y yeoman herel)y conveys land in S. \V. part of Hardwiek, containing by esti- 
mation 248 acres, the same more or less. Beginning at N. E. corner at a pine stump, 
thence southerly by Elisha Cobb's land to the S. W of Cobb's land at a heap of stones, 
thence east by Cobb's land till it comes to John Jenness corner, tiience south by Jenness 
land and E. Billings land till it comes to a pi^ce of land sold by Wm. Johnson to Edw. 
Hillings, thence west liy said land to a ma])le tree on E. bank of Mudtly Brook, thence 
south on west bank of Muddy Brook to a pond at Dead Meadow, west by a piece of land 
that Oliver Rice deeded to Thomas p:iwell till it comes to Elijah Warners land. Thence 


ill Fel)., 17i*7. to ^faivcllus (now Seinictti. Cayn,L;;i Co.. N. ^^i'. 
" He iiu)\"«'<l his tViiuilx' ami lioiisrliold cJrccts wit'" oxeii ami 
sleighs: the weatlier hcing very se\'ei'c ami the roads iiirrcK' 
wood roads for the last o(i mih.'s at least, thcv sutl'ered ciiu- 
siderably from eold and exposure. Ilr had been here a vear 
or two before and loeated his land and Iniilt a lo^;- house in 
wliieh for .some years he kejit a eountry ta\"ei'n : afterwards 
huildini:- a frame lioiise hir the same purp(_>se. He had iiiueh 
trouble with defet'tive titles to his lands, and at his death was 
probablv little better off than when he eame into the State." 

He (L Get. lU, 1.S18 ; his wife d. Get. 2(;. IS-to and both are 
buried in the eemetery at Skaneateles, X. V. 
Their children were — 
417. f Jose[.h.'' b. Uet. -24. 1767: d Xwi. ;-;i, bs41 ; m. Feb. 

2, 17^2 Abigail Hall. 
4LS. •fP.)lly or ^[arv.'' 1). Feb. 7. 1770; d. June 22. Ls51 ; 

m. Nov. 1. 17i-*2 Samuel Gross. 
4U». fXathan.'' b. Julv 17. 1772 : d. Nov. 10, 1S18 ; ui. June 
o. 171^'8 ('andaee Lawrenee. 

420. Benjamin,''!). Oct. 2^5. 1774: <1. March ~. 17s2. 

421. +Lutiier.''l). Apr. 2(», 1777: d Auu' 27), ls4ll; m. Sept. 

li;i, 1S02 Glive Hall. 

422. fGalvin.'' b. June 14, 177i» : d. Dec. 2(», bs4!) : m. Jan. 

— . bSlH Trvphena Koot. 
428. Asenath.'-' b. Jan. 21, i7s2 : d. Dec. 27, 1S41. 
424. -f-Benjamin.'' b. Oct. 1. 17^4: d. Aug. 81. lS2o. 
42:.. -fEzra/' b. Jan. 11. 17^7: d. A]iril l;i ls:)0 : m. Xov. 

17), bslS Laura Howe. 
42(i. +CutleiV' 1). July 11. 17i»0: d Aug. 24. ls2o : m. — , 

Ann Humphrey. 


David Leoxakd,' (Ezra,^ Moses:' John? Solomon?) brother of 
the preceding, b. in Hardwick, July 8<t. 1747: m. Feb. 17), 
1773 Hannali Whi))ple, b. 1747. At the time of his marriage 
lie was living in •' No. 5,'" — Gummington. In 17.S4 he removed 

north by Warners land and Solomon Rice land and Leonard Newtons land till it comes 
to the road from Newtons to the meeting- house. Thence running on the road till it 
comes to Joseph Warners land. Thence south by Warners land to a stake and stones, 
thence east by Warners land and Samuel Cobljs land to bounds first mentioned " 

Signed NATHAN LEOXARD. [l. s.] 

'• Examined on this 2rth day of 
April, 1779, in the Sd year of the 
Independence of the U. S. Reg- 
istered Mch. 29th, 1780."' 


to Shaftsbiirw and sul)S(:'(|ii('iitly to ( )r\vell. \"t.. wlierr liis 
death (XH-urml Awj:. 2<s, LSol. His wife d. Fel). 11. Lsl>,""). 

Ki'oiii. Hon. Koswell Boltuin's History of Urwell we take 
the h)ll(>winii': "Mr. Davdd Leonard eanie into tlie town in 
the veai' 17^-1. He was an enterprising and energetic man, 
and imniediatelv set aliont erecting a grist and saw mill. 
These were the tirst mills erected in town, and weiv of great 
benelit to the early settlers. In tlie month of March, 17iS9, 
the grist mill of ^Ir. Leonard was l)nrned with 200 Inishels of 
wheat de})osited therein, which circumstance tended greatly to 
enliance the scarcity of that year. This quantity of wheat, 
could it have been preserved and distributed among the suffer- 
ing inhabitants, would liave been a great alle^'iation to tlieir 
distress. Mr. Leonard lost no time in rebuilding his mill, and 
the people, having an intei'est in its construction, did much to 
aid him in accom|)lisliing the work, so that earlv in the season 
of the same year the mill was again in operation."" AVlien the 
town was organized in 1787 lie was a])pointed Town Clerk, 
which ofhce he filled several years. The records show numer- 
ous transfers of real estate t<:) or bv him. 

The children of David and Hannah were — 
4l>7. f.AEoses,'' b. — , 1774: d. Julv27, lSo3 : m. — , Amelia 

42S. fSallv," b. Jan.'2(i. 177() : d. Ai)ril 2>!. IsiU : ni. Apr. 

is, I7i-)3 Apollos Austin. 
429. fJohn,'' b. Mar. 12, 1778: d. Nov. 12. bS(W : m. 1, 
Oct. !», 182.') Lucina Wright: m. 2, Mar. 
1S29 Artemisia Foster. 
4;5(). P'annv,'' b. — , 1780; d. .lulv o, bsl7. 
4;!i. fLuther,'' b. June 2 H, 178(>: "d. Feb. U. isir) : m. Jan., 

Lsl7 Margaret Gantlev. 
,432. fSvlvia.'' b. Sei)t. ?.0."l7s(;: d. ( K-t. Is. ISC.l : m. Feb. 

19. ls()7 Ashbel Catlin. 
4;-!;!. William,'' 1). — . 17SS: d. Nov. 12. Isl.',. 
434. fElecta," h. .bni. L7. 179(): d. Mar. 2S, ls42 : m. 1, 
Aug. 3.1, 1SL7 Peiez S. Santord: m. 2. Mav 
12, 1S29 Kbcnezer Poi'ter. 


Fkvi \A-:i)S.\\i\),'' { Ezni.^ Mos"S.-' Jo/mr Soloiii<ni}) brother of 
the iireccdiiig. 1,. ( )ct. 1(1, 1749: d. jirobabl \- abont 1 7s4. 

.\ mong soiiic did faniil\- ]ia|icrshas Ixmmi found tin' follow- 
ing ■• in\cn1ory of the l\st:it(' of M' hc\\- heonard late of 


Beniiiii^'tuii Dcrensd taken '" "" "" l)v ocdcr oF tlir .Iml^u'e 
■of Prolate District of HrmiiiiLitoii ' ami iiia\" iir(>\(' of iiitciTst. 

t. s. d. 
" ( )iu'-lialf of ISO ari'os of laud it l>eiuj^' tlir laiMii 

on wliic'li ^Vv. Steplu'ii Pi'att li\('s in 

Bennin.uton 120 

1 Iron shod sk'itiii -iSs., set drag teeth los M r! 

Due saddle 8(is.; 1 1,1'idle ;;s. (id I !'.» (i 

l\irt of set of Shoemakers tools lO (i 

Pail' of sadle lia,us (5s., Peiee of iron 2s S 

1 niixt eoulered eoat os., coat. \est and hritehes 

li lining 9s 12 

One leather l)ritehes 2s., ])r. stockings Is o 

1 Eeadish Coat and \'est Vl^., ' \^x Cordrov 

britches los ". 1 2 

1 hrown coat r»s.. 1 l»le\v \'el\'et A'est 8s., 1 do 

Pead CMoath 2s 

1 great Coat (is., 1 ol.l l.ron hat (is.. P'' Shoes 2s. 
of yds. toe Cloath 7s., 2 shirts lV. 2 stocks 2s. . . . 
1 P'' linning liritclies l^ld., 2 pr. AVoolen stocdc- 

ings -is 

1 P'' linning stockings Is., 1 handkichef CxL ... 

2 iron tea kettles 12s., 2 iron ha son 4s 

14 Waggon boxes lOs 

P'' Silver shoe buckels and Knee do 

1 P'' Cop])er shoe bucken Is. (id. r stone but- 
ton (3s 

1 note siirned Billings '. 

1 do .sign^ William Hill 

1 <lo do BarnaTios Sears 

I do do Beiij" Veweson 

1 do or liecei])t sign'' Jacol) Tei'i'v 

1 Note sigD'^ Philip Jordan, Jason Cay cV' John 

Heaton on which is dew 

Bt)ok acct. against Sam' Saiford 

do Benj" Nassett 

1 Stock buckle (is.. 1 gold ring Ss , 

1(17 (i 
Jan^-^ 12, 17.SO. 

Sam' Saiford 

Endorsed upon the hack of the iiiNcntoiw appears the 
followiiiii' : — 























• ) 





" Del'' to Natlmn Leonard of Brother Levi Estate 

1 })are shoe Buckle, Pare of Knee i^l : "i : <i 

Stork hurk' ' <>: <i: '» 

Gold riiiu' (is., 1 ])are stone r)nttoir <* : 1-1- : 

saddle Bai^ifs <•: <i: (i 

'1\ s 

1 great Coat to Judge Safford ju'iz'' at : H : 

'2 Waggon 1 )oxes 

1 Iron Bason 

to Jacob Saiford 1 Tea Kettle 

Maj'' Haptun D'' to one set of waggon l)()xes . . . 

<i : 

2 : 









11 : 

Delivered to Bn^tlier David of Levi\Clothing 
t(_) wit — 

Best Coat and A^est (» : 12 : (» 

Cojdrov liriehis 0:1(1:0 

2 ])are of AVoUen stockins's o : 4 : 

!i ^ ' 

1 : Ul: 0" 

Mekc^' \jVj)^ A\i\)J' {Ezra,^ Moses^"^ JoJin^^ Solomon^) sister of 
the preceding, 1). Sept. 8, 1751 ; m. June 18, 1772 Jonathan 
Flynt.* 1). Nov. 13. 17-1-1: (of Western, now Warren). Jonathan 

Flvnt learne(l the ti'ade <if chithicr and cai'rifMl on the husiness 
in Western, l>elclierto\vn, (ireenwich, McMison, Ilardwick and 
Wilbrahani. ^Vs lias keen before stated, in 1794 his father-in- 
law deeded all his real estate in Hardwick to him on condition 
of sup|)ort for himself and his wife. 

^lercy Leonard Pdynt is said to have been "a little woman, 
inclined to ])lnm})ness, round faced, and somewhat dark in 
coin]ilc.\ion. of a ])leasant disposition, and verv fond of Xun' 
gi'aiidchildrcn. She possessi^l jii'ide of person and familv, 
and pri/cd character.'" Shed, in Monson, Jan. 4. k^2-'-) : her 
huskand d. X(.\-. ('.. ISU. 

The chijili'cii of Mcrc\' and Jonathan ]*'1\ lit were — 

4;;:.. olive Klvnt.'' k. Jnly 8, 1778: d. Dec. 12, 177(1 

4;;i;. Ivufns K'lvnt.'' k. .liine 22, 1777). 

4:57. ke\i Kl\-iit.'' 1». Ahl;-. \'-\. 1777. 

4;!.s. ()|i\-e l^ivnt,'' k. June (>, 17.S0: m. William Wood 

*.Joiiatlian Klyiii.' Riifiis^ and Mary (Janes), John^ and Christian (Read), John''^ and 

Kli/iil)i-lh. Tlioiiiasi and Ann. 


4;;!). JoiKitlmn Flviit/' 1). An--. 4. I7si>. 

4-l-<». Sally Flviit.'' 1). Sept. \M IIM: .1. June 24. Is(i7 : m. 
^[;iy 1.-). IS(ll). Kilward ^[oiTis. 

441. Alvali Klynt.'''!.. Sept. ;'.(•. 17-^(5. 

442. MtTcy KlyiiT.''' 1). An.u'. L. 177.S; d. Au,^-. IC). is^l ; m. 

June 27, ISOS. Edward ^lorris. [See "Lin- 
eal Aneestoi's <^t' Edward ^foi'ris and Merev 
Fhlit," coui]iile(l 1)\' JonatlKin l*d\iit Moi-ris, 

44;-!. Xancv Klvnt," 1). X<»v. 2. 17iH): d. Jul\- 7, 1S21 : ui. 
— , Pliil..Parsr.iis. 

444. PoUv l^dynt,'' I). Jan. (i. 17'.>;!: d. Mxw. 80, lim. 
. li. Jan. 4. 17!'7» : d. same da v. 


S-VliAH LkoxaiM),'" {Ezra^ MosesS" Johnr Solomon}) twin 
sister of tlie preeediiiL;', li. Sept. s. 177*1 in Ilai'dwick', Mass,; 
ni. Mar. 80. 1777) Samuel \Vliii)ple. 1). Dee. 7, 177>1, son of 
Ebenezer and I'rudenee Whipple oi Hard wick'. The family 
rem(_n'ed to ^Vfarcelhis, N. Y., al)Out the time her l)rother 
Xathan went there." 

The ehil«h-en of Sarah and Samuel \Vlii})ph^ weiv — 
447). Rho(h^ Whipple.'' 1). O.-t. 24. 1777.: m. Jan. 8, 1799 

Soh)mon Cutler of Kindue, X. IT. 
44<). Olive AVhip]>le.'' h. June (i. 177s': m. Jan. 17, 1797 
( 'hirou I-*enniman. 

447. Jolm Whi]»ple,''' h. Fel). o, 17so. 

448. Faniiv Whi])p)le,'' 1). Fel). 27. 17S2. 

449. Charles Whi])|)le,'' 1). X^)v. 12. 17S4. 
47)0. Sarah Whipi)le.'' h. An-'. 20. 178H. 

47)1. Samuel Dudlev Wliipple,'' h. June 24. 1788. 
47)2. Anson Whipple.'' 1). ]^rar. 28. 1790. 
47)8. Sophia Wlii])ple.'' h. Vr\). 27. 1792. 


Olive Ekoxahd.M ^cw."' Mos^s:' .Jolmr tSolomon,^) sister of_ 
the ]ireee(liim-. h. in Ilardwiek Nov. 1. 177)8; ni. A[ar. 28. 1775 
Timotliy Fav'' (DanicP and Elizaheth [Spooner] : James'^ 
and Lvdia | Child]: John'' and Elizalx-tli | Wellington | : Jolin^ 
and Mai'v | I>ri,Li-ham] ) : 1>. July !». 177)0. Hesided in IlariF 
wiek. (Jlive Leoutird Fav d. hefore 1 7'^0. 

*A descendant. Mrs. Edwin F. Smitli. resides at Mt. Auhurn, Cincinnati. Ohio. 


< )\\\Q and Tiiiiotliy Fay liad — 

■^:A. Leonard Fay.M). Nov. 21. 177.'^. 

Timothy Fav m. 2, Dec. 7. 17''^(> Hannah (Lindsev) widow 
of Peter Bassett and had other cliildren. He <l Jnne 17, 
1S31 : hi.'^ wife Hannah d. Jnne 2. 1.S2(». 

I 65. 

A\U)i^ Iaios WW).:' {Andrew,^ Mo-'^es:' -John^~ S(jlonion}) i^ini of 
Andrew and Dorothy (Steven.-^) Leouanh was li. in linthmd, 
Mass.. Mar. 15, 1748: ni. in (jranby. Mass.. Oet. 17, 1788 
Mrs. Marey (Sweathmd) (ireen, 1). (_)et. S. 175s. in Hartford, 

Conn., (hin. of Jolm and .Vl)i ( ) Sweathmd." She with 

otliers esea])ed to Tioga Point. X. Y.. from the massaei'e of 
Wyoming'"" in Jnly, 1778. She was the widow of Jared Green 
of Will)raham, Mass., a captain in the Keyolutionary Army, 
who d. witliout children two years after their marriage. At 
tlie time of lier marriage to Amos Leonard she is recorded as 
" of (Tran"l)y."' 

He was in the patriot ai'my dnring the war of the Eeyolu- 
tion serying nearly seyen years under three separate enlist- 
ments as the state records sliow ; he gives Ids occupation as 
that of a famner. From the V. S. l\'nsion (Jifice records we 
Icu'ii tliat "at the eommencemeiit of tlie Reyolutionaiy AVar 
lie was residing in Broo]<held. Woi-eester Co.. Mass., wliere lie 
enlisted to serve 8 months at Hoxl»ury and vicinity dnring 
the siege of Boston and was discharged in Dec, 1775: he was 
in Col. Whitconib's Eeg't. In Feh.. 1777, lie enlisted for 
thi'ee years under Capt. Spurr in the Mass. Regiment, coni- 
iiianded hv Ccjl. Tlios. Nixon and was diseharged in March, 
178U. After this serviee he remained at home ahout a year, 
then enlisted under C-apt. Bannister in the regiment corn- 
manded hy Col. Shepherd to ser\"i't(t the end of the war. No 
liattli'S oi' other incidents connected with his sei'\'ices ai'e 
meiit ii hkmI. 

His daughter saN's he "was a farmei". held no ])ul)lic ollice, 
his politi<'S 1 cannot tell. altendiMl the Preshyterian church, 
was not a \vv\ tall man." A granddaughter writes, "he died 
wl'.cii I was tell or elex'cn \'ears old Imt I liaxe some ree(~>llec- 
tioii of him; he used to stand up and ask' the hlessing at the 
taMe ; he was not a very large man. rather light complexioned, 

'Moseph Sweetland m. Mercy Bade 5ck Feb. 13, 1704-5:' both of Milton. [Thacher's 
Ket-ord-N. E'. Hist, and Gen. Register, Vol. 3li. p. 30i]. 

■'■*Lulve Sweatlaiid caiitured liv the Indians at Wyoming and rescued Sept. .5. 1T~'.> liy 
the si)ldi<Ts of ■"Sullivan's Expedition."" is said to have been her uncle. 


witli Ii,L:'lit luiir ami IdiU' evrs: was wry iier\inis."" •• 1 I'ciiiciii- 
l)fr iu\' graiuluioTlicr ix'ttcr: she was a small woiiiaii witli 
l)hu' eves and Li'ray liaii'. wvy indiistrious : she workeil as Idiil;" 
as she lived — she did the remarkable thin^;' of spinniiiL;' and 
weaving a pieee of table linen when she was ahoiit eighty 
vears e~>t' age." A grandson says, •'she was a saint of most 
lovable disposition and tem])er. "' She is renienil)ered h»i' her 
nnnsual benevolence and sjieeial virtnes by tlie descendants of 
the early settlers of Paris. (Jneida Co.. X. V.. where M i\ Leon- 
ard resided from about 1 7!'o to 1S21 wluMi thev reniox'ed to 
Solon." CortlaiuK'o., X. '^'.. where he d. Mai-. '2(1, Is-Jo: his 
widow d. May 2o, l.S.')(), in Kast Pbarsalia. Chenango (_'o., 
X. v.. at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Dorothy S. llrook^. 
Idle children of Amos and ]\[arc\' were — 
-foo. +Lo\-ina,'' b. Sept. (i, 1TS9: d. M\\v. 8, iSoO ; m. — , 

LSKI (?) Phineas P.^oler. 
^}^. fAbi.'-' b. April 7, 171»1: d. Sept. 2!), l-SMS; m. — , 

LS14 (?) Coklev Beebe. 
47)7. Merey,M). Sei)t. 4. 171»o": d. July o, 1883: m. 1, — , 
Alexander Phel})s: m. *2, — , Hoi'ace Allen; 
no ehil. 
458. -fAmos.''' b. Sept. 2o. 17i)<) : d. Dec. 1(>, 1870: m. — , 

1824, Susan Terrell. 
4oV). fJared," b. Sept. 22, 17i»S: d. Oct. (>, 1870: m. Aug. 11, 

1825 Nancy AVheeler. 
4(-)(». t( Jrrin." b. Ajir. 26, 1801: d. Se])t. 21>, 1871: m. 1, 
Jan. 9, 184.'), Marv Gage : m. 2, Nov. 29, 
1869 Afarv Frv. 
4<il. -fDoiothv Stevens,'' \\. Aiig. K), l,S(i;-3 : d. Dec. 7. 1891 ; 
m. Aug. \), bs24 Samuel Brooks. 

1 70. 

JoXAS Dkoxai!!).'' (Andi-f^v:,^ Moses:' Jnln/r Soloinon}) lialf- 
l»rother of the ])receding, son of Andi-ew and Hannah (Pici'ce) 
Leonard,!), in Rutland, ^[ass., Jan. II'. 17'»l; ni. 1. Xo\-. 17. 
1790 Abigail Pval]ili. b. Xov. 16. 1772. Shed. Xov. o. is(i2. and 
hem. 2, Nov. 17, ls(i;-; Xabbv Hill, b Aug. 24. 177!). He d. 
in Charlemont, ^^lass.. ]ylar. lit, ls21, and liis wib' d. Jid\-.14, 

The children of Jonas and Abig;iil were — 

462. fLevi.'' b. An--. 6. 17i»l : d. An--. 22. l8o6 : m. Auu'. 
22. Isls Timnah Hill. 

*Solon was divided and the eastern part where he lived was called Taylor. 


463. fJesse/'l). :\[ar. 11. ITi^S : d. .Inlv 17. Is71 : lu. ISIS 

Lucv liosforil. 
4(U. fJoiias.M.. May 1>7. 1711.".: d. Mar. 18. Is74 : in. 1. — . 

Al)io-ail (iiitlirif: in. 2. — . Elizal»etli Piriiik- 

465. fEzra,*' 1). Auo-. 2(>. 1797; d. Feb. 23. 1S73 : m. 1, 1,S23 Ruth Hayes; m. 2, Apr. 12, 

1S3H Mr.-^. So]»lii-(.iiia (FVo.^t) AVel)l>. 
■ 466. Judah,'' I.. Auo-. 2. 1799 : d. in Fraukliu Co., N. Y., 

Jan. "22. IS IS. (?) 
Tlie children of Jouas and Nal)hy wei'e — 
467. FV)er,''' 1). Sept 23, 1S04 : d. in Brattleboro. Yt., Insane 

Asvluni. A])!". 24. 1S69 ; unmarried. 
46s. Fphraim,*' 1).' Nov. 17. ISOo ; d. Oct. i\ 1S7S in 

Charlemont: m. 1. :\[rs. ((rik's) Pratt of 

Charleniont : m. 2, Laura Keise : left no 

469. Steplieii.'' 1;.. An--, s. iSdSid July 21. lS93, in 

471). Alnu-ail," 1). Nov. 19. 1S09 ; d. Dee. 5, 1S()6. 

471. fLenmel," b. Nov. 23. lsi2 : lu. 1, Nov. 19, 1S39 

Hannah 11 Miller: ni. 2. Dee. 9. Is74 Ftta 


AbKtAIL Leoxakd.'M A?if/r(?K\^ Moses.'' Johnr SoIo7uon})>\>tei- 
of the preceding, b. in (Jakliain. July Is. 17<)3 ; in. — . Jonas 
King, b. Fel). 13. 17o4. She was the mother of Jonas King, 
the celebrated missionary to Palestine and (ireece, and was a 
woman of great strength of character. 4die family resided 
in Hawley where her husband dieil Sejit. 20, ls32. In 
writing to her son, then laboriiiL;' as a missii.narv in Greece, 
after the death of ]\Ir. King, she said. •" j\[y son. I never 
e-\']K'ct to see yt)U again in this world. l)on"t a'ou go one ste]» 
out of the path of dutv for me." Siie d. in Ilawlev Feb. 19. 

The children of Abigail and Jonas King were — 

472. Hannah l\ing,''b. Jan. 13, 17sii: d. Xov. 3. Is4s : m. 

— , Samuel Wheeler. 

473. Jonas King.'' I). Jul\- 29. 1792: d. in Athens. Greece, 

Mav 22. isiiD: m. Julv 22. Is29 Anuetta 
Aspasia ^k'nuous and had 7 children. 


1 75. 

EzEKlEl. LkonAKD.'' [Andreu:.^ Mose>>:' J<ili):r S'llnmon}) 
brother of the preeediii.iz'. h. Sept. 14, 1774. (Sept. 4. 1774?): 
in. — , liachel Feltoii. (hiu. of Stephen luid S;illy h'chon of Xew 
Salem, b. Mav 24, 1780. lie was ;i wheel \vri,L:hl : i'esi(K'(l in 
Charlemoiit, Shutesbnrv. WeiKh'll and ()alvdi;nii. Mass. lie 
d. about 1822 in Flori(hi. Mass. His widow m. 2. An(b'ew. 
Sears of Greenwieh and d. there Uet. 14, 1S(;4. 

Tlie ehildren of Ezekiel and Eaeliel were — 
474. Priseilla Klvira.'M). Mav 14, 1S(I2 in (Miarleniont : d 
Dee. 4, 1S70'; in. 1. duly 11. hs2:. Pliny 
Cliiford of Hardwick: one son. Pliny Clif- 
foi'd," living in Greenwieh in lss4: m. 2. 
AVinslow Latham of Ilardwiek : m. o. Gar- 
diner Ib'ooks of Greenwieh in Is,')]. 
477.. Lv(ba Felton." b. April *,». lS(i4 in Slnitesbury : d. 
A])ril (i, 1SS<-) ; ni. April 27). 1.S24 Washing- 
ton Lamb of Charlton (he b. Mav — , 18o3 ; 
d. Nov. 14. 1885). They had Juha Mebnda 
Laml),' m. George Stetscw. with wdiom the}' 
bved in Brimfield at the time of their death; 
]\Lartha Daggett Land),' m. Lorin W. Jc^hn- 
son of Palmer; Marv Miner\'a Landi,' m. 
Dwiglit P. Woodward of Stnrbridge. 
47(x :\rinerva,''' b. June Id. 18(M; in AVendell ; d. Sept. 3, 
1871 in Greenwieh ; m. Feb. 16, 1828 
Lorenzo Billings of Enfield, Conn. Had (5 
children, a son Loren/o living in (ireenwieli 
in 1884. 

477. Lucy Potter,'' b. Dec. 27), I8l() in Oakham; d. — . 

188(> or 1837 in Tliorndike ; m. — , William 
Knox ; had one daughter, Eveline Knox.' 

478. -t-Thorndike,' 1). Apr. 28, 1812 m (_)akliam : m. I. A\n\ 

23. 1837 Sarah Elizabeth Temi)le ; m. 2, 

Api'. 27. 1847 Mrs. Hannah (Clatlin) Gibson. 
4711. tSally Deland," h. Oct. 2, 1814 iu Oakham : d. Mar. 31. 

187)1 ; m. 1. — , 1831 Samuel T. Newman : m. 

2, :\[ar. 31, 1849 Elias N. Webster. 
48U. Stephen," b. — ; "went west." 
481. Sidli\'an,'' b. — ; d. in infanev. 



AxNA Leonard,'^ {Andrew,^ Moses^;'' John^~ Solomon}) sister of 
the preceding, b. Nov. 30, 1778: ni. Xov. 30, 17 7, (Aug. 13, 
1797?) Levi'^Leonard, son of Ezra* and Elizabeth (Cam])bell) 
Leonard of Oakham, b. July 27. 177(1 She d. in CLarlvsburg, 
^rass., Dec. 17, 18(31:; her linsband (h Aug. 9, 1870. 
Tlicir (diil(b'en were- — 
is-i. Levi AHcii." I). Sept. 28, 1798 ; ''went to Alabama in 

IS 19." 
4s;l tlaicinda P.,M). :\Iar. 9, ISOI: d Dec. 12, 1833; m. 

Sept. 20, 1821 Jonathan Fuller. 
4S4. Elizabeth Campbell,'' 1). July 31, 1803 : m. — . Jose])!! 

B. Wheeler. 
480. fSilas.'' 1). Jan. 1(3. 18(»(3 ; d. Aug. o, 1^44; m. 1, — , 

Huldali ]\Iixer ; m. 2, — . Sarah Smith. 
4S(;. 4Jolin Milton," 1). Jan. 31, 18(.>S ; d. ISbir. 21. 188(3; m. 
1, — , Lorina Skilf; m. 2. Apr. 22, 1835 Polly 
AL Wdbur. 
4s7. fKzra,''!). Apr. 9. I8l(»; d. May 8. lS(i.j; m. 1, — , 
b841, Harriet ilnmniond; m. 2, — . Harriet 
Walker: m. 3. Jan. lo, lS(3o Mrs. Mary 
A)in (Hart) Marsh. 

458. fAlyan W.. 1). April lo. isl;-', ; m. Oct. 11. 1835. 

Ilnldah Brown: m. 2, Jan. lo. 184(> 
Selinda AV hit man. 

459. fMilo H., b. Feb. 29, l.Sl(3: m. 1. Jidy 27. 1839 Sarah 

Holden: m. 2. Max 12, ls:)7 Afrs. Mary A. 

(Colman) Benedict. 
490. tSeth Salislmry. b. May 18, 1x19;. m. :\[ay 31. 1841 

Louisa Trask. 
A twill, b. aii.l d. May IS. bsl9. 
49L Jonas K.. b. Aug. lo, 1S21 : d. Mar. 27. 1833. 

189. • 

Si'/rii \A-\<)y.\\\\)J' {Josiali} Josia/i} John^~ Solomon}) son of 
Josiali and Jemima (Washburn) Leonard, b. in Bi'idgewater, 
Sept. 2('). 17o(»: m. Jnin' 1. 17()9 Silence, dau. of Xehcmiah 
ainl Silence (Edson I Packard."''" b. — . 1 7o( •. He d. Aug. 3(», 
l77o. ami liis widow in 1777 m. l^henezcr l)(.aison and went to 
-law Maine. 

*Sfi> rucit-tiote to dJOi, page 7S. 

**Nt-licniinh I'ackai-d. iDaiiiel.- Saiim. I.'.' Samuel. M b Vri':. m. Silence, dau. Samuel 
Kdson. iri;. and had Silence, IT.JO, whu ni. Seth Leonard, 176SJ. VVid. Silence Packard 
in. .Iiisiali Dunliar 1758. 


The children of Seth and Silence were — 
4!^)2. fXeheniiah.'' 1.. An--. '2(i. 17ii9 : d. .Afav 1!). ls:5() ; m. 
Jan. :>. 171»L> Phebe Pratt. 

498. Lncv.'M). :\[av 27. 177j!: d. — : ni. Jan. 7). 17ii2 Alex- 

ander Allien. 


Joirx Leoxahd.-' {Eztkiel^ Josia//,-'' Jolmr Solomon}) son of 
Ezekiel and Joamia (Hudson) Leonard, 1). Dec. 2o, 17-i6 in 

Sontld)orongh ; ni. — , (1767?) Ruth . 

Their children were — 

494. Ruth." 1). Nov. 11. 17(iS. 
49o. Marv," k .Mar. s. 1771. 

496. Sarah,M3. A|)ril 12. 1778. 

497. Eunice,'' b. June 4, 1775. 

495. John," b. April 8, 1778. 

499. Bethiah." or Betty, b. Jan. 11, 1780, in Framin.i^ham. 
.')(»(». Hannah,'' 1). Julv 7, 1783, in Franiingham. 

:)(il. JolV' 1). Oct. 16,' 1785. 
502. Josiah," b. April 13, 1787. 


SoLo:\[OX Leoxari^-^ [Ezekiel,^ Josiah,^ John,' Solomon}) 
brother of the preceding, b. June 2, 1749; m. — , 1772 (?) 

Sarah . 

Their children were — 

5(»3. Prudence," b. Mav 17, 1773. 

5(14. Lvdia." 1). Julv 3'l. 1775. 

505. Sally." b. Feb." 1. 177'S. 

5(»(;. Joaima," b. ;\ray 15. 1781. 

5()7. Ezekiel,"!). April 11. 17S4. 


Sa:muel Leoxai;]),"' [SamujA^ Jo-iiu/i;' Jo/in,'' Solomon}) son 
of Samuel and Lydia (Besse) LeonarU, b. Aug. 2'S, 1753; \\\. 
— , 1777 Deborah, daughter of Nathan and .Vnn (Carv) 
Mitchell, 1). Jan. 14, 1755. He was a nbnute man in the War 
of the Revolution, ami served with the I'atriot army at the 
siege of Boston. 

The children of Samuel and Heborah were — 
r^^^>i. +Martin,"b. :\[ar. 14. 1778; d. Jan. 13, 1862: m. — , 
Hannah Stetson. 


509. PoUv,"!). :\[ar. ir», 17s<>; d. Apr. 17. lS(i(»: m. Jan. 

— . L^o-J Sylvainis StiirtevaiiT of ]\[i(_l<lle- 
l)(>n)": liail ]_)elM)rali Stnrtevaiit': Lewis J. 
SturtevaiiT.' 1). Isik;; Sylvaims Sturtevant.' 
b. 1808: Lorenzo D. Sturtevant,' 1). IsK); 
]\[ar\' ^[. Sturtevant.' 1). Lslo : Mor^iana 
Sturtevant,' 1). lsl5 : Elizabeth A. Sturte- 
vant," b. is 11), m. June 2. 1853 Martin 
Leonard,' (1075) : Dexter ^L Sturtevant,' 1). 
1823. Tlie family removed to Paris, Me., 
aVxKit 1820 : most of tlie eliildren settled in 

510. fSi>encer,M). X(.)v. 21, : d ^[ar. 7, Isiiii : m. May 

2. 1S05 ^[arv AVood. 

511. Pvebeeea,'' b. Sei)t. 8, 1783; d. Xov. 3, 1845: m. Feb. 

5, 1804 Libeus Blossom of Easton : removed 
to Scarboro", ]\le.. where she <h: her hus- 
band d. No\'. ('), 1845: had 2 sons and 2 
(hiughters : the younii'est son d. in Yi(dvs- 
burg, jSIiss., of yellow fever about 50 years 
ago, umnarried : the ehlest son (Leonard 
Blossom') m. and was a farmer in Maine; 
one dan. m. a Ilunnewell in Portland, tlie 
other ( Rebeeea) d. unmari'ied. 

512. fLewis,'' b. Ort. 4. 17N5: d. Xov. 2(;. Is5(; : m. 1. ( )rt. 

S, 1S12 Betsey Leonard: m. 2. May ~, 
1S50 Lois Leonard. 

513. fAnsel,'' 1). Jan. (i, 17ss ; d. Jan. 22. 1S23 : m. May 

27. 1807 l)eborah Coiiant. 

514. Anna," b. Xov. 2, 17!M) : d ^fay 12, iMii' : m. Mat. 

2(1, 1812 Pev. Tliomas Conant. son of Ezi'a 

and Mary ( ) C'oiiant. a P^ajitist minister : 

had Thomas B. Conant,' b. isl;',. gra(h fi'om 
Ib'owii University, stutbci] nii'ibciiH',' d. 
about In3() : Anna Conant,' b. lS20. d. in 
Scituate. m. Anth< )nv ( hw i >f ]>re\vster, ALass. 

515. Deborali,'' b. Xoy. 15. 17!»2 : 'd. Dec 25, 17i>5. 

5l(i. fSamnel,'' b. Aug. 3. 17i>(;: d. Apr. 4, ls()7 : ni. Sept. 
4, bS23 Afehitabel Bemiett. 


• l{()i,.\xi) l;K(>x.\i;i>."' iSun/nj^I.' Jnsia//.-' JnJn,:- Solomon}) 
lirolhcr of till' precciling. 1). Jul\' 5. 1755: m. Julv 8. 1787 
b\ dia Smidi olAValpolc. HeliwMl in Shai'on and PomfivT. \'t. 


Sc})t. '1. 171H.I, Ik' is rccoi'di'd as a iiiciniu'r of liic iKiprist 
society in Slian_)n. i^oiut'i'et rcconls (■ontain iiiiiiut(,'s of lands 
conveyed to and l)v l^)\^dand Leonard. lie d. .Inl\' (i. isOH. 

After his dcatli Ids widow m. '1. iricliai'dson and \\\. .'), 

— lloyt : she d. An-'. 7. I^-J'.i. a-ed (VI years. 

The children of Ivoland and L\-dia were — 

r)17. fHowland'' h. Mar. 14. 17SS: d.' ()et. o, ly.")!) : ni. Kel). 
IS. lsi;j j\,llv Child. 

:)1S. fOliver,'' 1). Mar. Is. 17110: d. D.v. 2ii. Is7;! : ni. dan. 
l;i 1S14 Rachel Pratt. 

:.UI. Cephas.''' I.. Jnlv 11. 17112: d. Mai'. Id. 171»:>. 

-V20. fJohn,'' b. Se].t. 'is, 17114; d. Mav '1. IsCC; m. Mar. Is. 
ISl!) Lois White. 

7)21. Lvdia.''l). Jan. Is, 17117: d Dec. 2(i. Isiid: m. Xov. 
Id. islo. (Xov. 23. isir, ?) Ellis Tinkhani 
of Ponifret. Yt.: chil. Hosina Tinkham,' h. 
Sept. 2, ISKi. d. ( )et. 7. iSoIx m. (xerrv 
Snow of Poinfret: Cai'oline Tinkdiain.' h. 
Sept. l(x iSlS, (L Jan. 11, 1842. ni. Ches- 
ter Land>ert(jn of Ponif ret ; Ahnon hdlis 
Tinkham.' h. Sept.. 1828, d. An-', od, ls30 : 
Orville :\[ilton Tinkham,' h. Jnlv oO. 1S31, 
m. Mav 2d, 187)4 Marv xVnn Jones of Waits- 
field, Yt, (child Luc'ia Lvdia Tinkham, M.. 
Jan. 20. lS(i2. m. Dec. 31, 1S82 AValter 11. 
Ilari-inLi'ton, [had Bessie Faith Ilarrinuton,'' 
1). Xw'i. 20, Issd : Ano'ie Marv Harrinuton,-' 
h. Fel'.. ID. 1SS71). Mr. O. il. Tiid<liam is 
editor of the a,uricultnral department of the 
A'ei'niont Watchman and State Journal. 

522. Knnice," h. Mav lo, 171>ll : d Jnlv 1, 1S21 : m. — . 
1821 tlenrv B. Peahodv. ■:\[. D. 

523.. t<^':ilel),' 1). X\n\ D, Isiil : ,1 May 1, 1868; m. Sept. 22. 
l83t) ]Mar\' Farington. 

7)24. Joshna,''!). Apr. D. 'isol : X Feb. 14. lsl:-'>. 

7.27). Eelx'cca,'' 1). Apr. d. Iso;;; d. Mai'. 30. ls4S. 

2 1 3 

Daxiel Leoxaki),-'' {Natlian^ Josiali;' Joltn^' Sulomon}) son 
of Xatlian and Thankfnl (Besse) Leon:ird. h. in liriilLicwater 
]\[ay 13. 177)4; m. — , 17sl Phehe Feonard of liax'nliam. who 
d. in Sharon, Yt, Mar. 2o. Is4s. He d. in Shai'on didy 12. 
iSoO. He resided for a time in Pomfret and aftei'wards in 


Shari,)ii. The town records of the hitter place c(jntain minutes 
of numerous conveyances of land by and to liim. 
The children of Daniel and Phebe were — 
o'2il tl>;i"iel Howard," h. Dec. 27, 1783 ; d. Aug. 7, 1837 ; 

m. Mar. — , 1808 Sarah Densmore. 
027. t<j;iii^^-''' l5- l^'el^- -•*• 1"8(3 ; d. Dec. 18, l8(]i.> ; m. Aug. 

6. 1816 Eunice S})alding. 
528. f Gamaliel," h. Jan. 5, 1788; d. iJvL 2^, 18o0 ; m. Nov., 

1817 Huldah Child. 
52^). Kezia.'' b. Apr. 8, 179<»; d. Dec. 27, 185H ''suddenly." 

530. Bacchus,M). Mav 1. 17^)2: d. — . 171)3. 

531. Phebe,"!;). May 11, 171:14; d. Sept. — , 183 (, ''thrown 

from a carriage and killed." 

532. Bacc-hus," h. May 8, 179<3 ; d. Fel). 2<), 181:9, " found 

dead in his bed." 

533. Polly,'' b. Ang. 8, 1798 ; d. — . in Maine: m. — , David 

Leavitt; had 2 ehildi-en. 

534. Bethiah," b. Oct. 7, isoi : d. — . 

535. Thankful,'' b. Dec. 1(», 1S()3; d. Nov. 13, 1863. 


Dr. Nathan B. Leoxakd,'"" {Nad/au,* Josia/i,^ John,'- jSoh- 
mon,^) brother of the preceding, b. in Bridgewater, July 7, 
1760; m. June 1, 1782 Anstress Kent, 1). April In, 1767, onlv 
eliild of Xoah Kent of liehob()th (now East Providence, R. I.) 
He was an eye witness <jf the Ijattle of Bunker Hill. In 177(> 
he enlisted in Col. John Bailey's Reg"t, Capt. Orr's romituny. 
He was in sundrv expeditions with Gen. Sullivan and La Fay- 
ette, in 177'S ill Rhode Island and in 1780 was on the frciutier 
when the Indians Ijurnt Royaltoii, Yt. He was furloughed 
an<l in active service to the el(~)se of the war in 17'S3. Wlien 
oil diitv he studied medicine with l>r. (bid Hitchcock, a sur- 
'_:(-'oii in the Revolutionary army. After the close of the war 
he studied with Dr. P]dward AVinshiw of Swansea, Mass. In 
17'^1 he went to Warwirk, R. I., to pi'actiee and i'r()m thenee 
to Providence whciv he was for a time engaged in the drug 
business, afterwards I'ctnrning to Bridgewater whei'e lie 
devoted himself to his profession. lie lived sidjsequentlv in 
Westmoreland, X. H., and in iKiniard. Vt. He eventually 
ga\"e u]i the pi'actiee of medieine saying it was "a humbug on 
the jieopje."" While living in Yerinoiit liis father-indaw sent 
for him lo come to Uehoboth, tak'e his propertv, and take care 
of himself and wif<_'. '• He was a trader in farms and bought 
farms in \arii ms ohiees."' 


lied, in Xew P>LMllor,l. Muss.. AjU'. !>. Is.Vl-: his widow d. 
in New Bedford, .lune l.'i. \^o\h 
Their (diildren were — 
53(1 tCarlt(Mi K..'' 1). (_)et. 8, 17S3 : d. June ;!<>. Is.Ml: ni. — , 
isll Sally Cox. 

537. Anstress,'' 1). Dec. ;-')0. 17''^*'): d. — : m. — . 'rihinias" 

Miller of l'(.infret. \\. 

538. fNathan.'' 1). Der. 30. 17^(1 : d. — ; m. M;ir. 5, ls[7 

IjUcv P(»nier(>\'. 

539. Setli,'' 1). ,Iiiiiei>-j;, 17Sl);'d. — in Illinois: m. — , Betscy 

(ira\' of Brandon, A't. He was a Icadier. 
writer and pnltli.-^her of ;i oranimar and otiiei' 

•5ia Anne.'' 1). Dec. Is. 17iij! : <1. Xo\-. i<'. Iss2 : ni. — , 
Wni. PlaisTed of Kovaltoii. Vt. 

541. Eaeliel Brown.'' 1 .. Ajm 11. 17i'5 in Seekonk. l\. 1.: d. 
Alar. S. ISSl in Alstea.l. X. II.: ni. 1. Fel). 
7. 1S13 Shepherd Kdson. h. Dee. 24, 171J3 
in Westmoreland. X. IL. d. Dee. 13, ISj!!;. 
111. 2, at llisio-iiisport, ()., July (1, ls4(i John 
Sai;<i'<,'ant : eliil. (all Ix in Westmoreland, X. 
H.)! Alnion S. Kdson,' h. Xov. 4, LS13. d. 
Afay 30, 1S,S4 in Athens, ()., ni. in IIiu;uins- 
]»ort, ()., An--. S, 1839 Mar^'aret J>lackl»iirne, 
(had Lueretiu Edson," 1). Dee. 2. 1^4(1. iii. 
Fel). 21. 18(J(5 Fnoeh M. l)a-i)V. h. Mar. 5, 
1843 [ehil. Ada li. Baohv.'' h.' J'une 2. ls(;7 : 
Ollie D. Ba.u'hv.'-' h. Jaii. 3o, 1n(;9 : Silshv 
S. l'>a-l)v.'' h.' Oct. 18. 187(»: ^rinnie F. 
Bau-bv','-' 'h. Aj.r. 25. is;:',: Jose])h W. 
Bau-hv.'-' h. J:in. 12. Is7(; : Marv K. Pjan-hv.'' 
h. bee. is. 1S77: Alva K. P)a-l)V.'' h. Oct. 3(A 
1880: Pohert \. P)a-hv.'' h. Scjit. ;i. 1 ss2 ; 
Arthui' (i. Pjauhv,'-' 1.. Alar. 14, lSS7| : Sarah 
K. Fdson.Mi. X('.v. 3. 1S42, lu. Keh. 25, Isc.-J 
]\rai'tin 0. Jenuiu-s, I). Oct. 2(;. 1 s34, d. 
Sept. f. Issii. |chil. Minnie S. Jennin<i-s." h. 
Jan. L7. Is(i4. d. Jan. I'.>. 1S{.)7 : Georo-e 
Jeiniinu's.'-' h. Nov. 4. ls(;5, d. Jidv 27. isiWi: 
Williani Jeiinin,us.'' h. Xo\-. 4. 'lS(;5: Ida 
M. Jcnnin-s.'' h.' A[av P.i. isc,;. ,1. Mar. 5, 
ls75 : Alargaret F. JcuiiiiiLi's.'' h. Aju'. <i. 
1869: Tinisie Jcnuin-s.'' h. June lo. Is7l ; 
Carrol Jcnniu-x.'' I ,. Au-'. 2s. ls7;J: Paul 


Jc-iinin,i2's,'' 1). June (>. l-ST.j : Joslin A. Jen- 
iiiii_u's.'' 1). Se])t. 5, ls77 : Anna Jennings,'' I). 
KelV. ^), i."S80; Edith Jennings,''!:). Dee. 26, 
1<S81 : (ir(.)vei- C. Jennings,'' 1). Jan. 2. 188-i ; 
Thiirnian .lennings.'' 1). June '1'k 1888] ; 
Amanda F. Eilson." 1.. Jan. 8, is4(). ni. Feb. 
2r). isHS Samuel Jl. (rvegg, li. -luly 11, 
ls-i2, [eliil. Dora F. (rregg,'' 1). Nov. 27, 
1S()8: Fnnna P. (iregg,'' V). Aug. lo, ls77 ; 
Simeon X. II. Gregg/'"!). Ai)r. 16, lN8l, d. 
F.'l). 27, 1SS8. adau. !). Oct. 2(;. IssH, d. 
Oct. 2.S, ISSC,]): Afaliala B. Fdson,' !). May 
20. is IT), m. Dee. o, 1887 in Providence, R 
I., Benjamin II. Fislier, !.. July oO, 181.'), d. 
Oct. 2t, l81)o, (liad Almon II. Fisher," 1). 
Se])t. 5, 1S88, iw 1, Dec. 11, 186(» Fllen F. 
Tliom]»s()n, !). July 8, ls8(). d. Fe!:). 12, 1885, 
m. 2, Jan. 1, Is!^),") ^yTrs. Cliarlotte (Carmen) 
Wicrsin, !>. Nov. (1. 1834, [ehil. Susie E. 
Fistier,'-' 1). Aug. 1, isiC). d. Nov._12, 1,865; 
Minnie (t. Fisher," 1>. Jan. ol, ls()7. m. Aug. 
8, 1886 Charles S. Clia])in, !>. Oct. 1!>, 1859; 
had Gertrude Cliapin,!" ],_ j^^]^- -j, is89 ; 
Chester F. Cliapin."' 1). Nov. 12, 1,S!)()]; 
(xeorgianna M. Fislicr."^ h. (3ct. 2<). isjo, m. 
Sept." 4, 1860 David S. \Vood, 1.. June 25, 
182(1, [ehil. Hermami K. Wood,'' h. Sept. 24, 
1866, m. A})r. 4, 1^94 Josephine B. Mac- 
Master, b. Aug. :;<». 1.S71 : had Mildr(Ml 
Aleda \Vood.^""b. .Ian. 29, ls'.i5|: Fvcline 
F. Fisliei'." b. Jnue 22. 1^42. m. .lunc 11, 
ISid diaries F. Ilolbrook. 1). .Iniic H, l<s;;:). 
d. Feb. 19, 1SS4, |cliil. Fva V. ]Ioll)r,H)k," 
b. and d. 0<'t. 24. l.S(;2 : Cora A. Ilolbrook," 
b. Xo\-. 14. 1S64. <1. Feb. l;;. lS(i,"): Jeannie 
F. ib.lbro.ik.-' b. Nov. 2S. ls72. d. Sept, 
19. 1S7;;|: Fmma .\. Fisher." h. Mav 1(>, 
1844, <1. Mar. l;l. 1S45; .Ml.ert F. Kisher.^ 
b. Jan. 12. Is4(;. 4. Mai'. 1 1, 1 S49 ; llenrv 
F. Fisher," 1). Feh. 14, 1S4S. ,„. 1. May 2l, 
1^71 iMiima F. BoNiiton. 1 1. Dec :\\. is.')l, 
(L .Iiine 2i;. 1.SN7.' Ml. ■_>, ,lnlv •_';".. \s\)() 
Al\a 1). Whitnev. b. Oct. ;*>. IsC.o: Charles 
11. JMshi'r," I). .Ian. 7, h^.')-"!, m. Oct. l('). 1872 


Jc-sic M. II:ii']iiT. 1). Aiil;-. '2<», is,");;. |cliil. 
Cliarlrs K. Fislici'.-' 1,. .M;iv 12. IsTi;; Bcnl,;, 

L. Fisii.T.'-' 1.. Xuv. •_';.' issd. ,1. ^r;|l•. 7, 

JS.SiJ) FivciiKili IvIsMii.' li. Scj.t. 7. IsiC. 
<1. Alio; S. ISlS; r,rrill;i Iv Kdscili.' li. .liiiK" 

7. 1S20, (1. Juiu' 4. 1^74 in Marietta. <).. m. 
Jan. IS, iSrU), in Marietta, TluMnas P. IJarsii- 
lioruer. 1). June 1, ISOO, ,1. :\[ar. 26. isss, 
(cliil. Knieline A. riarsliberger,^M). Alar. 1, 
ls4n. 111. l),v. l;;. 1870 RiifiTs P. Upt(in, 1). 
Dcr. !i, ls2(». (1. X..V. 8(1, IS!);-;. |cliil. 
Thonuis P. Tjiton.'' 1). Srjit. Id, ls71 : Kdson 
; \\. rpton," 1). Oet. i», 1S7:!: Iluwanl W. 
r|»t(.>n,'* 1). ATay o, ls7() ; Helen A. rpton.'-' 
■ 1). Se])t. 17, iSl'S; Albert V. Upton,"!). An--. 
2, 1S81 : Harry C. Upton," 1). Julv I'l, 
18S8J); Emeline W. Edsou,' b. Jnn'c ;!(), 
bs22.(l. ^[ar. 4. ls71 in Afarietta. ().. ni. 
Jnne oO. I,s42 in Marietta, Ilii-ani A. Jlill, 
b. AFav ;-J(». Lsls. (ejiil. Hiram K. Hill.'^ !>. 
An--, 'l!). bs48. d. Mav 2(), L^47 : Ada I. 
Jlill.'" b. Mar. 211. 1847). m. Feb. 7. Isso 
Charles 11. Brown, b. Is4(;: Frank W. 
Hill.-" b. Jan. 2s, ls47 : Fnnna F. Hill." b. 
. Jnlv 2(1. ls4!>, ni. Jid\- 17. Is7!i John U. 
Chapnian. 1 1. Nov. lo. 1 s4o. jchil. Ada 11. 
Uhapnian." 1 1. Jnne 20, ISSO; Carl Fl C'liap- 
nian." b. An--. 22. 1S82; Herbert Fl Uhap- 
nian,-' b. Jnly o. 18S4: Walter R. Ulia])- 
nian.-' b. June 2(». ISSC. d. Feb. 2(3. 1887; 
Dora L. C^iapnian.'' b. June 8, 1890]). 
7)42. Phceba.'' b. Ai)r. 8(». 171»7: d — . Is8() in 111.: m. — . 
Luther Huntin-- of Rovaltou ; i'eiiio\ed to 
111. in 1S80: had (diaries Hniitin-': Win. 
Huntin--': Laui'a A. Hnntin-.' ni. Jan. 2;!. 
• ls4(» j'. Y. Ib'aden in Decatur. 111.. Odiil.. 
Si(biey Pv. l)ra<len." b. Nov. lo, ls4(». d. 
Jan. 11. l'^77». from wound reeeix'ed at 
Vieksbur--: John F. ib'aden,-" b. Sejit. 2(). 
1S42 : Al'-ina P. Ib-aden.M). Dee. 8. Is44. d. 
Sept. 18,. 1S(;8,: Jerome A. P)i'aden." 1). Feb. 
18. 1S47; Thomas J. Ib'aden.M). An--. 27), 
1S4VI: Mar-aret A. Ib-aden," b. Sej.t. 18, 
ls.-,l.d. \uv. 11. 1872: Flora A. P,ra.len." 


1). Au,u'. 2(i. ISOo. 111. Will. J)c;iii ; iieo. A. 
Bmden,''' 1). Sr])t. 2!». Ls,'):) ; Cora A. 
Braden,*^ 1). Xow S. l.S,')?. m. AViu. I)il)l)le- 
linrst ; Ilorare Hunting'; Elizalietli 1 1 unt- 
il i,i;-' : Fi-anklin Iluuting-'; Chester B. Iluiit- 
in'i^-.' The fatlier d in'184:8. 

048. ( )i"iiaiii.''' 1). Au,!i'. 1>, 17i*9 ; <h — , "su])])(>se(l to liave 
heen killed on the Plains.'" 
■ 544. Arvin/' !>. Jan. Kt, 1S()2 : d. —: in. — . 

545. fWelcome,''' 1). Julv 81, 1S04 ; d. May 20, 1.S47 : in. 
Jan. 6, 1842 Louisa Peek 'of East J^-ovi- 
dence, R. I. 

54(;. Thankful B.,''b. Nov. 9, 180(5; d. May 8, l.s!)4 ; in. 
Get. 2, 1850 liev. Barnabas C(jllins of New 
Bedfor<h who d Nov., 1888, aged 83. 

547. l^itienee,'' 1). Apr. 24, ISOS ; m. Oct. 8, lS82 Win. 
Patt of Attlehorough, Mass. 

54s. Pardon K.,'' b. June 1, ISU ': d. Nov. '.», 1S88. 


Dax Lkoxard,'' [Joseph,^ Jovep/i,^ Jacoh^~ iSu'omori,^) oldest 

son of Joseph and Mary (Paekard) Leonard, b. in Bridgewater 

July 2i), 1725; in. Nov. 1, 1750 Mary Dunbar, b. -^. 1730, 

tlaii. of James and Experienee (Ilayward) J)uiibar. He was a 

di'uininer in the Freneh war and was with (b'li. Winslow in 

No\'a Seotia in 1755 wlien his bi-other Setli, two years younger, 

died; David was also there. He d. in Bridgewater, 1771, on 

the "Darius Dunbar jtlacc," which lie had of his l)i-otlier Joseph. 

The ehiliireii of Dan am! Mar\' were — 

54!-!. fMarv,'' b. Mar. 2H, 1751 : d. Oct. 2. Is42; in 1, Sept. 

22, 1772 b-hab,.(l Warren: ni. 2, :\[ar. 28, 

1777 Capt. Tlioinas Delano. 

550. fDan.'' b. June Ki, 1752 (June 5, 1752 ?): d. May 7, 

bs8)7 : in. C)ct. 15, 1775 llojic Clapji 2d. 

551. E.\[)erience,'' 1). Now 18. 1758; d. iVug. 15, LsjC) : in. 

(])ub. Ma\' 15. I 778) Luther ]ve(lding : lied. 
S:'pt. 2(».'ls82. ag<'d S4 years. 
57)2. J*hebc," b. April 27, 1755; d. — ': m. Sept. 27, 1778 
Joseph Delano, I.. July 4, 1754. d. Oct. 5, 
lS()5, son of Nathan and Sarah (Tri]!])) 
Delano of l''airlia\"eii, Mass.: had Joseph 
Delano'; Ivebecca Delano'; Poll\- Delano,* 
b. Dec. IS, 171 •5, d. Nov. li), IMl ; J^etsey 
Delano'; Ziba Delano'. 


o58. fZilia.'' li. Oct. 1;;. 17r.(;: <l. Jiilv 7. Is4r.: in. M;i\- .■">, 
17s;-; Cliloc SIkiw. 

r)r>4. Josiali/' li. Xwj:. s, 17r)S; ,1. N,.\-. •_'«). Is;;!); m. M;i\- 
lo, 17'S4 ]iUrania Keith, li. 17<')-'!. ilau. ol 
Jose]ili and Chloe (Parkanl) Kcitli of Mid- 
K'lioi'o'. Tlu'V liotli jdiiHMl till' Third Ikiji- 
tist Chuivh in Miihlh'lior,/ ,Iui v U. 17!''.'. 
Slie d. Oct. 18, 187)0: l>(»tli arc Imi-ifil in 

555. Kezia.'' li. Jan. "21. 17<)0: d x'ciiino-. 

55H. Betsey.'' h). May 12, 17()5 : d. Jan. 15. Is:,!); m. _. 
Samuel Bracket, wlio d in Pmekhmd. .Vnii'. 

21, 1840: had r,raeket.' V). \\n:. 
1792; d. didy Ki. lS(;2. m. I. Betsey Xix.m, 
ni. 2. Lncretia Ward 1). Oct.. Idt*;;. d Jan. 
10. 1854 (chiL Lucretia Bracket,"' Apollds 
Bracket.'"^ Samuel Bracket,^'') Sarah Bracket.' 
m. Andrew Butler (cliil. Frank Butler.'' 
Angeline Butler,' Alelville C. Butler"): Marx- 
Bracket,' m. Elmer Frost, (chil. Justus B. 
Frost,'" Mary A. Frost." Sarah F. Frost," 
Amelia E. Frost." Joseph F. Frost"): Justus 
Bracket': Sophronia Bi-acket.' m. (Consider 
Tayh.r. ichil Samuel Taylor." Wm. Taylor.^ 
Thomas Taylor." James Tavlor^). 

557. fCalvin.'' 1). Dec. 27. 17ii7: d June 2k ls;!i» : m. An-. 

22, 17!m; S;dlv Temple. 

bo^. Sarah.'' 1>. Au^j-. 4. 17i>s (?): d May 22. lx>)-\: m. Oct. 

23, 1788 Isaac Sheplicnl. son of Isaac and. 
Jemima (Smith) Shepherd of Aslilielil : had 
Lurany She]:)herd,' m. AVm. Putnam, (eliil. 
Lexana L. Putnam." m. AVm. H. Stetson): 
Jerusha Shepherd': Sarah Shepherd': Isaac 
She])hei'tl.' m. Jei'usha J^hilhps : Sarah Siiep- 

henl.' m. Ware: Fhiuna Sheplierd.' m. 

Harris AVioiit : Stilhnan Shcjilierd.' 

55i:t. Posaniond.'" li. — : d. — • m. (pnli. Xo\-. 2. 17"^2i 
Xatlian Shaw of Middh.'l hum". 

5(;(). fltdal.od.'M). Jidv 11. 1771: d. An-. ."111. ls:,(;: ui. Oct. 
15, 17! '5 Sai-ah Stern.s 

23 1 . 

JosKPH Le( )XAK1).'' ( rJospiih} .Joxf^pli:' .Incnhr Solomon}] 1 iK .tliei- 
of the }irece(linu-. h. in P)i-idLi-c\vatci'. .\o\-. 1. 17;;<»: m. dan. ;;i. 


IT.")!! Iliildali Dean, <lau. of St'tli, (who was sou of Tlioinas) 
and Maw (Williams) Dean of Ka\'nliain. Mi'. \Villiaiiis Latham 
said in LSSO, that '* j()se})h was lioi'iiand l)i'oiii^lit n\) in the old 
Content ( ^'ock'ci' house in r)ridoevvater ; then owned au<l ]i^■ed 
at the Darius Duul>ar ]ilace in (Ireat Woods, which he sold to 
his brother. Dan Leonard : then owned the faian and lived at 
the house whei'e P]ll)rid,L!e <f. Shaw now lives. His wife's 
brother, ''I'homas Dea,n,"''" owned the farm. l)uilt the house, and 
lived there until his son ''Idiomas was killefl, (one aeeount sa^'S 
bv fallintJi' from a load of haw ami anothei' by the fall of a tree). 
liis wife, Huldah Dean, was sister of Kebeeea, who married 
Woodward Latham, ITii'S, and they wei'e my ^i^'randparents. 
Slie was Itorn in a liouse in ■ Louis drove." ten rods southeast 
of the house of Lrastus '\\ Dean, in Raynham.'" Ue d. in 
Mi(hileboro', (Jet. LI, ITI'm : his wife d. in ALddleboro". "south 
of Wm. I'ratt's bridge," .Jan. 18, bS'iO. Mwd i»l years. 
Their children were — 
oin. Mary.*' (Polly or Molly), b. — : d. — : m. A[av 19, 

17^5 Silas Spraj^Mie of Middleboro". 
0(52. Llizal)etli.'' (Betsey), b. --: d. — : m. Jan. Is, 17l»o 
.las])er Briu'gs ; resided in LS.33 in Unadilla, 
Otseov) Co.TN. Y. 
rm. Huldali. '■'!). — T <L — ; m. [pub. Oct. 6, 17<S2, m. May 
10. 1780 Middleboro' Records,] (Nov. 10, 
1782 ?), Calvin Record (Richard ?) of ^fid- 
dlel)oro" : removed to Ashtield. 
o()L Lucy,'' b. — : d. — : m. May 24:, 17'.m; I^xMijamin Whit- 
man, dr., of K. Bridp'c'water. 
')(')'). fdoseph,'' b. June 2, 1754: d. Dec. 1. 1842: m. Mav ."), 

1771) Marv Seott. 
:)()('). f Silas,'' b. Feb. If), 1757; d. Dee. i:>. Is-tr): m. 1. — „ 
1780 Anna Tyler: m. 2, dan. 2. 171»7 TLiii- 
nah ILiwlev. 
5<',7. tdoiiatliaii,''' b. Aug. 20, 17()0: d. ^^av 5. 1S40: m. 
(.)et. 21»,'l7S2 Phebe Willian'is. 


l^KN.tAMIN PkoNAIM),'"' (•/o.'.y-/^//,* Jnsf'j)/, ,'■' ./((coIk' So/oniOii.'^) 
brother ol the precetbuL:'. b. in P)ridii-ewater ( )(.-t. 21. 1 7^!2 : m. 
1, .\iiril 20. 175(5 Keturali r)i-iL''L:s wlio d. Auu". — , 1757. She 

*Thomas Dean, brother of Huldah and Rebecca, b. Aug. 8. 1T3.3 ; d. May 1. 1811 : m. 
Dec. 1(5. 17.56 Sarah Leonard, widow of Rev. Eliab Dean who d. April 4, 1754 ; she d. 
1830. They l)ad Setli : Molly: Eliab; .Jonathan: >Iary.m .Jonathan Williams of Rayn- 
ham : Thomas. 

^•'3'' 'ay AJi PMc-lti^' 


was l)nriril on the Sal)l):itli as aitpcars t'ntiii tlif folldwiiii;- 
license: — •• i^lvnionth S'. liicenre is liiM-el>\" .L^'ranted to iMMija- 
niin Leonanl (ami all eoin-ernei I ) to Imrv li'.s l)e<H'ase(l Wile 
to ;N[oito\v (altlio" Lorils Day) least the Corps of the 1 )ee'' ]iri.)ve 
oj^fensive. h\- reason of the hot season. \n>j:. "JtHli. 17-")", 
.losiah Kilson .Inst. Peace." 

He ui. 2, Fel). 17. 17(:)t' Marv JJenonLiii (now spelle<l Kenetfe) 
of Reh()l)()tli. He remcjved from lit'hol)otli, where he was a 
landholder (as it appeal's he sold land to his wife's hi-othei- in 
17>io). to Asliford, Ct., Xov., 17!'>7. where he bon-ht 1<HI aci-es 
of hind of Joseph Leonard of Middlehoro'. deed dated ATay Hi, 
1771 : witnessed by Zeplmniah and Abi^-ail Leonard. 

His wife ^[ai'y d'. Dee. U'k b^<»7. and he ni. M. Polly Bos- 
worth. "He d. Nov. 22. islo. and with his wife, ^[ary Renefl'e, 
is bnried in ' Ponipey Hollow" eemetery, Ashfovd, near the 
enti'anee of bnrial ground." 

P)enjaniin and Keturah had one dan. 
o()S. Keturah, M). Au^-. s. 17o7 : d. Mav 80, 188(3: ni. 
— . Wni. ]'>ishop of (iloueester, R I., (2d 
wife): had eleven ehildren. 
(diildren of Benjamin and ^Tai'N' were — 
odil. Benjamin. M). — : 17<')1. (Ami', s. 17<")7)?)in Kehoboth : 
• ■ d. — : m. 1. — . Sailv Abbrof .^[anslield. Ct., 

had Pollv,' ne\-er marrie(l, d. — : Cvnthia.' 
b. Sept." 28, 17S1I. m. — . Stephen Hall, 
lived in Virgil. X. Y. '•Benjamin went 
into the westcM-n ]iai'tof X. Y. State and m. 
again arul had a family l)nt no aeeoiint is 
had of them. 
7)7<». •fPei-omprnse." Aug. 81. 1771 in Ashford : <1. May 8, 
lsi() : 111. 1. Mav. 17i>S Eunice Hunting- 
ton- m. 2. June.' bs:>l> ^^Irs. Olive (Hyde) 


C'i/>f. 1>A\'I]) ]jK()NAH]).'M'/o-'.e/>//.^ •Josfiph!' Jnroh^~ SoloniOu}) 

brother of the preceding!', b. in Ib'idii-ewater Julv 2U. 1784: ni. 
May 2L 1770 ^[ary Hall. dan. of Joseph and Mary (Andrews-) 

*John\ Andrews is found in Boston in 16.56 ; "came from Wales to America,"' d. in 
Boston June 35. 1679 : m. Hannah, dau. of Edinond and Martha Jackson. 10 chil. : John,'^ 
b Sept. --0, 16B3 : m. 1. Alice, dau. of John and Alice Shaw of Weymouth : m. 2. Mary 
( Danforth) widow of Jacob Barney, wife .\lice had S chil.; Edmond.'^ d. in Taunton 
Jan. 14. 17.50 : m. 1, Esther Hervey of Taunton ; m. 3. Hannah Linkon of Taunton ; 
wife Hannah had MurijJ b. Feb. 14. 1734: m 1749 Dea. Joseph Hall. 7 chil. ; • A/a/v/J 
Hall twin to Peris, b .\ufc. 31. 1750 ; Peris, m. Zilpha. dau. Ebenezer Dean. [" Genealogy 
of Andrews family :" Hist, and Gen. Register, 1S86, p. 31 ; and '• Hall Genealogy.'"] 


Hall of TaiuitoiL, 1). Auii'. 21, 17o<». She was tlic .uTaiid- 
danu'litt'i' of Elizabeth, dau. of -James Ijeonard of Taiiuton, and 
bv this marriage branches of the " Bridu-ewater '" and ••Taunton 
Leonards"" wcrr re-eonneeted. David was a soldier dnrin^izthe 
French war and was with (ien. John Winslow's regin^ent in 
1755 in the expedition for the ex])nlsion of the Aca(bans 
from Xova Scotia," and was jjresent at the capture of Tieon- 
deroga in 1751); he was afterwards a master marinei' and later 
a farmer. A part of the farm on which he lived and died in 
Brido-ewater. near Xipinickit Pond, is still owned bv his descend- 
ants. He was a man of great energy of character and lived a 
very exemplary life. He (L Nov. 24, ISIH. 

The following a|)[>reciative sketcli of his wife. wh(»d. Dec. 4, 
1839, has been ])repared bv a granddaughter, Mrs. C L. Ward : 

''Mary Hall was born Aug. 21, 1750, in the town (now citv) 
of Taunton, Bristol Co., Mass. She was a woman of strongly 
marked character, and with a rai'e physical constitution, of 
great energv of ])urpose and decision of will, her 'strong mind 
in a strong body" enal)led her to aeconiplish an unusual 
amount of labor, and to hll uj) her long and active life with 
usefulness. Born in the eountrv. with the meagre advantages 
for education and eulture which that age afforded to the 
s])arselv settled population, without wealth, her early privileges 
most have l:)een few. Married (to David Leonard, May 24, 
177<>), before she was twentv years of age, she assumed the 
cares of a farmei'"s wife, which at that time involved the spin- 
riioq and wearinri the dotli, as well as making the gai'ments foi" 
her household, and the making of butter and eheese with her 
own han<l. 1)V her great indnstiy, good jmlgment, and ceon- 
o'n\', theii' home was prospered, and she reared thirteen chil- 
dren, all but one of whom li\'ed to adult age: eleven of them 
had families of tlieir (jwn. two of them were ministers of the 
gosjiel (Bev. DaA'id A. Leonartl and Rev. Zenas L. Leonard), 
and ;dl of them hlled stations of intluenee and trnst. She was 
a woman of strong I'eligious eonxdctions. devont. who knew 
\\'hei'eof she belie\'e<l, and of nnswer\dng adherence to what 
she felt to l)e ' duty." .Vs an illustration of her conscientious- 

*llr. Philip H. Smith of Pawlia?, N. Y., says of this expedition : — " May 20, 1755, two 
liattalionsof troops sailed from this port of Boston under immediate command of 
Lieutenant Colonel .John Winslow. The soldiers were drawn froiu this colony and 
when they enlisted were told, without understanding- very definitely what it meant, 
that they were to be used to drive the French from their encroachments in Nova Scotia. 
While in Nova Scotia the New England soldiers were badly treated by the regular 
British troops and Winslow himself suffered indignities from the British officers. He 
said of the part he played in the deportation that it was ' very disagreeable business.' '' 
[Address before the Historic Genealogical Societj% June 2, 1886.] 





iicss and Idvc for the Ldi'iIs IIousi', slie would oftni. iil'tcf jicr- 
forming the inoruinu' lalxjvs for her large family. \v;dk four 
miles to ('Imi'idi. (the nearest of an evangelical order), and aftei* 
morning and afternoon service walk back and resume the cares 
of her household. She \vas never ashamed to sjieak of hei- 
Saviour, or to administer rebuke or a word of i-eprotjf if she felt 
the cause of truth demanded it. She was a woman of praver 
and lived a life of faith from day to da\', and herhaliitual walk 
and conversation was such as to show to the world the power 
of a life 'hid with Christ in (iod." She had much of the Puri- 
tan spirit and hal)it of mind, and I am sui'e, had her lot l)een 
cast among them, would have been of those who left all for 
c-onscience sake and fled to found a free church in a free land. 
ller stern sense of duty constrained her actions in all the A'aried 
relations of life. 

" She was as strong in her friendships as in her religitms con- 
victions, and in the evening of life, wdien her active labors 
were over, slie and two of her near neighljors, widows of nearly 
the same age and always ardent friends, were in the halnt of 
exchanging weekly visits at each other's houses; starting soon 
after dinner with their k-nittinu', that thev mio-ht eniov a lono- 
afternoon before the five o clock tea. and returning home 
before sundown. I remember the weekly visits of these aged 
Christians as one of tlie sweetest and most lovely examples of 
true and devoted friendshi]) I have ever known, lasting until 
one after another passed away. In the later years of her life 
her home was the resort of nianv ministers of the denomina- 
tion to which she gave her adherence, and she was ever readv 
to help to the extent of her abilitv the cause of Christ bv her 
means and by her prayers. Tliose wlio were associated with 
her in daily life were always impressed by her spirituality 
and her abiding sense of the realitv of unseen things, tlie 
shortness of life, and the nearness of etei'nity. 

"My recollections of lier are only those of childhood and 
youth, as she had nearly reached her three-score and toi \'ears 
when I first rememVjcr her. but from that time till her death 
my im])ressions of my revered grandmother are of a most eai'- 
nest. consecrated 'spirit ever showing itself in doing good to 
all around lier. In lier old age .<]u^ was looking dav bv (hiv 
for thec()ming of the Master, retaining her hiculties unclouded 
to nearly ninety years : she was cheerful and ready when the 
summons came siKldenh/. and she had oidv to pass from the 
earthly to the better home. Her often e.\[ires>ed wish that 
she 'miLiht not oiitli\'e her usefulness" was ^'ranted. The last 


<la_Y <.)f life wns S])eiit in luT ;icciist()iii(L'(l \va\'. r(-;uliii,Li' the 
Bible and Ki})pou"s Hvimis (wliieli wei'e always together on 
her table), tlie Baptist ina.ii-aziue and religious papers of the 
(hiv, knitting in the intervals between, and after eating snpj)er 
Avi'th the household and winding the tall eloek, whieh had 
l)een her enstom for so many 3'ears. she lay (h)wn to her rest, 
saying, as she had often done befoi'e, 'I am (Mie day nearer an 
endless eternity." At midnight she was strieken with jiaraly- 
sis and unconsciousness, and at eai'ly dawn, Dee. 4. ISoli. 
entered into 'eternal rest." It could be truly said of lier, dier 
ehildixai, (and grandchildren) arise up and call lier blessed." " 
The children of Da\'id and ]ylarv were — 

:)7i. fDavid Augustus.''!). Sept. -^o. 17'7I : d July 22. bSlH : 
m. Feb. II. 17117 Polly or Mary Peirce. 

7)72. t^enas Lockw(X)d,'' 1). dan. Ki. 1770 : d. June 24. lS4l ; 
rn. Sept. 1, 17!il> Sally Fislce. 

578. fMary/M). Sept. 2. 1774: d. Feb. !-), ls.")(; : m. 1, Apr. 

7, 17M1 (\i[it. Danii'l Leonai'd : ni. 2, Sept. 
20, LSOi; Clilbird rar\-ei'. 

r>74. tl>t'i"ii:'i'«^^''' !'• I^'t-b. 1(). 1777; d Se])t. 2. ls;:J4 : m. .Ian. 

10, 1S2() Ann P)luilworth. 
575. t^':'^^^> Francis.''!). Oct. j5. 177>s: d. July 8, 1n4(»: m. 

July 12, l'Sd7 Nane\" 4''hom])son. 
57(3. t()live.''b. Oct.'l2. 17.S0 : .1 May 22. IslD: m. Mar. bS, 

bS(i2 Cephas Tliompsi_)n. 
577. Hannah.'' b. Aug. 11. 17^2: d. (_)ct. lo, 17S(i 
57s. fLinus Piomulus',''' 1). Aug. Id. 1 7s4 : d. Sept. 5, 1.S41 ; 

m. Aug. 10. is 111 Julia Ann Baker. 

579. Sarah,"!). Apr. 25, 17.SG : d. ()et. 17, bsbs; m. June 

6, 1818 Jonathan l^assett, son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Lathrop) Bassett. 

550. Fannv,"!). Ai)ril 2. 17SS: ,1. Fel). 14, 1811»: m. Dee. 

8, l8l() Zepheniali Oeanof Middlcboi'o", son 
of Jo!) and Judith (^\'illiams) Dean: lu' J. 
Oct. 2(i. is 17. 

551. j-deorge AVashington.'M.. Fe!). s. I7IMI: d Mar. 25. lS5(i: 

m. l.'Apr. is. 1S21 Sarah Tucker Baker; 
m. 2. June 10, ls85 Charlotte Farnham. 

552. t-Iamcs Manning.'' b. Fel). 24. 17112: d. O.'t. 8,1. Is47; 

m. 1, .Ian. 1. Isl5 Sally Thompson : m. 2. 
Nov. S, lS2n Chirimla' Wood: m. 8, Now 
24, lS84 Minerx'a Dinnnock'. 
5s;;. Cjiarles Frcderick.'M,. ,luly lo. 171h;; d. S.'pt. lo. Isl.-,. 

NiPiNic'KiT Pond. 



JoXA'I'llAX LkoXAUP.'' 1>. {■fiispj,]!,^ ./o.~^ep]i:' 'l(tr(ih,'' Sn/o/im/i,'^) 
twill lu'otlier of tlie itrceediiii;, 1). in rn-iiliicwMtri-. J ill y 2'.'. I 7o4 ; 
111. Aiu'. 2.'), 1".')''^ Martlui. <l:iii. ol Immi j;iiiiiii ;iiiil M;irlli;i ( Kiiiii'- 
man) Waslil)uni. li. ( )ct. ■_'•">. 17-'!1. He li\-c(l mihI dicil In 
Bridoewater. Ilis wilV d. Awj. ;;i. 1S()4; lied. Drc ;;, Isl;;. 
Tlu'ir (_-liil(lrcn were — 
584. t^rartlia,'' 1). ALir. 27. I7:)!i: d. dan. 10. Is^."): in.—. 

Conu'lius Pratt. 
oS.x fdonatlian,'' 1). 1<\'1». 17. 17(1:! : d. dan. 25, 1S4'.»; in. 

Mav HI, 17'.l(i d\'niiicraiicr Hall. 
o.S(). -f David,'' 1). Ki'l.. I». 17(id: d. dan. S, l,s4!i: iii. dan. 17. 

I7'.M) Alii-ail (Mark. 
5,s7. Benjaiuiii.'' 1). Sfiit.'n. 1770; d. dan. s, Islii. 


SiME(_)X Leoxaio),'' (-AAsry;//,^ Juseplt,'' Jacobs' Solomon,^) 
seventli son and youngest cdiild of Jose})li and ]\[arv (Pacdcard) 
Leonard, ^Yas 1). in 'nridLicwater. N<>\'. 24, l,7o7 : in. Apr. lo, 
1764 Anna, dan. of >^T^f^=nrnd M4Ai^(*^^^M^initli ..f Lexing- 
ton. In 1755 he was draiiglit('(l and went as a soldier to Nova 
.Scotia with Gen. Winslow. He d. Sept. 20, 170;:! ; his wife tl. 
Nov. 5, is 10. 

Their children were — 
588. Rachel^). Dee. 30, 1764 : d. Apr. H, 1827 ; m. Apr. l(i, 
1795 .William Swift, b. 1752. <1. ^Fav 14, 
7)><\). f Jonas.*' b. Feb. l(t. 176* : d. Apr. Is, lsl2 : m, Feb. 
13, 1804 Chloe Allen. 

5110. H nth," b. Dee. 5. 17(')S: (L Mar. — , ls4() ; m. Alar. 15, 

1789 Lazelle Dean. 

5111. Anna.'' b. Nov. 2. 1770: d. dune — , ls4o : m. — , 

1S03 Itliainar PliinneA'. 
592. Cvrus," b. Aug. is. 1772: d. Nov. 23, 1772. 
5',)3. L'ois,''b. Dec. Is, 1773: d. — , ls42 : in. Apr. Hi, 17lt5 

John (A Stetson. 
5'.i4. Seth.'' 1). Aug. ('), 1775: d. dan. 20. 1777. 
5ti.\ Oliver,''' b. Feb. 2(). 1777: d. Nov. Is, lsl2 : "a 

l^aptist ininistcr. iiex'cr married. ' 
5tl(i. . Polly.'' b. Oct. ('). 177'.»: d. — . 1S25 : m. Sept. 3. Isl5 

Francis Perkins. 
5!t7. .Stillman.'' b. Alav 2. 17s:! : d. .Ian. H. 17S4. 


7)\)x. -fSiiiieon," l>. Feb. Id, IT'S.') : d. June 24, 1807 : in. May 

."). Isl7 P)i)aili('ea Thompson. 
:>S)\). fXalmni,*' 1). Xov. I, 17^7; d. Fel). 21, 1879: ni. 1. 

Mar. o, IS 12 Ptlioda Snell : m. 2, June oO, 

■1822 Hannah Snell. 


.TaC()1^> Lkoxaki),'' {Solomon,'^ S'jlomon.^ J acoh^~ Solomon ^'^) old- 
est son of Solomon and -Joanna (Washburn) Leonard, was 1). 
in Bridge water. Sept. 3<», 17o7 : m. Dec. 4, 1788 Mary, dan. <_)f 
Isaac and Susanna Swift, 1). -Ian. o, 1759. " He was an Ensign 
in tlie AVar of the Eevolution and drew a U. S. pension of $20 
jier month which his widow rectMA'cd after his death. He was 
elected a Captain in militia after the war and was always called 
Ca})t. Jactil). Leonard." He d. Apr. 12, 181:1 and his wdfe d. 

April s,;:. 

Theii' children were — 

(;(H». fLevi Washburn,''!). June 1. 1790: d. Dec. 12, 1861:; 
m. 1, Sept. 8, 1880 Klizabctli M. Smith; m. 
2, Mar. 25, 1^,31 Mi-s. Klizal)etli (Dow) 

(",(11. Isam.'' b. Oet. 10, 1792: d. :\[ay 28, 1870 in Bridge- 
water : never married. 

(1(J2. William Swift." 1,. Apr. 22. 1791: d. Aug. lo. 1825 
in North ('arolina of x'cllow fe\'er : never 


Exocii I.KoNAint,''' (Solnncii/.^ Solomon.-"' Jacobr Solomon^) 
brother of the preceding, was b. in Bridgewat(,'r, ^Vug. 18, IUVS ; 
m. .Vpr. 10, 1788 Abigail Hannnond, b. June 2(i, 17()2, the 
A-oungcst of the eleven children of Jabez and Abigail (Faunce) 
Hammond of IJochestci', ?ilass. He enlisted as a private soldier 
during tiic hittei' part of the Revolutionary AVar, but was n(_)t 
called into active ser\'ice. lie resided in J'ond'ret, A't., and the 
records of tiiat town contain minutes of sex'cral transfers of 
real estate to and liv him. In the tirst \'olume of town records 
appears the following: ■" AVoodstock Decend)er ye 30th Day 
1794. — These certifv that Fnoch Leonard <^f Pomfrct in the 
eountx' of Windsor isaihnittcd a ULcmljcr of the I?e]igious asso- 
ciatcil Societ\- ill Woodstock' in saiil counly of Windsor agree- 
a'lb; ni liic rules of sd Socictx'. (*ertiiie(l b\' me Immij. Fmmons, 
Modei'ator of said Societw" 

He d. Oct. 2s. 1817 hi romfrct, \'t.; his wife d. Sept. 24, 
ls;;(;. al l)aniaril. A'^t. 


Tlifii' cliildrcii were — 

(jt»o. -K'niiiiwi'll.''' 1». .luiif 4. 171M): d. .hm. -JT. ls(')7: iii. 
Dee. 21. IM.') Kuiiicc Prrkiiis. 

BOI Ansel.''' 1.. .Iniic K). 17!»jl: d. An--. H'.. IsiM. in 
AVatcrfonl. X. V.: in. — , Estlici- l'i'oli;isco. 

(i(V). Mai-v.''' b. Mar. 27). 171'-1:: d. in infancy. 

(!(»(). Sarah Hammond, "1). Aw^ji. \'-\. 17!m;; d. — . Is77; m. 
Julv — , l'S27) .loliii AVarrcn. smu of Jonas 
and P)('tsi'\- (HnsscI) Warren, of Cliai'Icston. 
\X.\ had se\'en cliil.. onlv two of whom 
^v^'r(' li\'inL;' in Issil. \-iz., ^Vlon/.o W'aiTcn. ' 
of Plvmcuth. Mass.. and Marshall ( '. War- 
rt'ii.' of llardwicls'. \'t. 

(Hh. Joanna.- 1). St'pl. s, 171I.S : d. Kch. 20. Is74: m. — , 
Joel Ellis, of Barnard. \'t.. h. May H. f71is, 
d. ]\rar. 80, 188,"); '• left three sons and one 
dan.. Airs. Nanev Ellis' Rowell. now Ih'ing 
hi Rutland. \\.'' (ISSS). Mr. Ellis m. 2. 
the widow of Jaeol> Leonard,'' (< »"'-•)■ 

6(i.s Lavinia.'' 1). Apr. 3U, 1800; d. Apr. 9, 1872 ; m. May 
27. 1832 Oliver Warren, (son of Jonas and 
Betsey (Riissel) Warren) of Charleston. Yt.. 
who d. June 2B, 1.S72 : had Mary B. AVar- 
ren," h. Mar. 2, 18;-5(),- m. 1, 'Oet., ls:»7 
Erastns M. l)uul)ar. of N. Bridgewater, 
]SIass., (1. in battle of the Wilderness, Mav 
6, 18(U (ehil. Mabel Dunbar." b. 187,0. ni. 

Strono-), m. 2, Jan. 0. ls7o Wm. (i. 

Bates, of Elkhart. III. (diil. Katie ^L Bates.^^ 
1). 1880) residence liaxter Springs, Kansas; 
a dan..' b. and d. Mar. 17,, 1830. 

()0!i. Jacob.''!). April 30. bso2 ; d. Eeb. s. Is73: m. — . 
Hannah Afurdock. (,f Middleboi-o'. Mass.: 
had Fernando.' l^'raiik.' and .Vmaiida.' of 
whom we lia\'e no k'liowledLi'e. 

. . 254. 

Sol<):M()X Le< >N.\ iMi.'' I .V"/o/>/o?« ^ Solumott;'' •/ncob.'' Solomon} ) 
l)rother of the preiMMJing. li. in ib'idgew.-iter. Ma\- 2'.>, 17<',o: 
m. Oct. 22. 17'"<7 llnldali ()rciitt. dan. of Josejih and l)(di\'er- 
anee (Pratt) Oreutt. b. June 4. 17(i'S. (Jimr .",. 17(;.s?). He d. 
Auo-. 27). 1,s7j1 : his wih' d. No\-. -f. Is7,(). 


Tliev luid one rliild — 
(U(). ])etsev," 1). July UK 1 7s8 : d. A]ir. -II. Isiii); m. 
Apr. 'li. LS(»7 Bi'adford ILirlow. wlic d. 
:\[ar. 11), is:);!. Tlu'v IkmI Soloinou L. 
Harlow.' 1). Jan. 81. l.s'os. m. A\n\ 7. 1n4() 
Susan S. Davis; Isaac Harlow,' li. Mar. 2!>. 
1810; Louisa Harlow.' h. Sept. 1<;. Isl2 ; 
Joanna AVasld)urn Harlow,' 1). July J, lsir» : 
Huldah L. Harlow.' 1). Sept. I'i, lsl7 : Isani 
B. Harlow,' 1). Dec. 2(>, 1820; Benjandn F. 
Harlow,' 1). Jnl\- 27. l82>5 : Layinia W. 
Harlow,' 1). Noy.' 11. 1824; Elizal)etli B. 
Harlow.' 1.. Jnly 2, lS21i ; S. Har- 
low,' 1). J line 1 1, 1<S81. 


(Jj'inii IjEoXAt;!),''' {iSolcrno)i,^ Soloynon/' Jacob,'' Solomon,^) 
l)rother of the preceding, was b. probaldv in 17(i9 in Bridge- 
water, ]Mass. ; rn. Apr."2H, 1790 "Mrs. Polly Pratt, both "of 
Pomfret, Vt.."' as I'ecorded in Ponifret Records. 

He resided in Pourf ret l)ut later renioveil to Alstead, N. JL. 
where he remained six years and siibseipienth' removed to 
Worcester. Yt. The date of his death or that of his wife, or 
whether the\" had more than one child has not been learned. 
Thev had— 
HU. fJai-vis.'' b. July b>. jslo: m. Awj. s, ls;-5(; Frances K. 
A' a if. 


La VINA Leoxak]),'^ (Solomon,^ Solomon:^ Jacoh,'' Solomon,^) 
sister of the preceding, was the youngest child of Solomon and 
Joanna (Washburn) Leonai'd and was ju'obabjy li. in Bridge- 
water, ^[ass., after 1770. Slie m. in 171M) ^Vugnstus A'ail of 
Pomfret. A"t., b. Sept. (1. 17()'7, at Oyster l^)nds'. (now (Jrient) 
L. L, Son of Thomas A^ail.'" She (h in " ls4() age(l (is.'" 

The children of Laxdna and ^Augustus Abdl were — 
<;12. Tnhiiit.'' b. A[ar.. 17!»7 : d. auXMl one week. 
(il;t. Infant.'' b. Feb. S, 1 71IX ; d. Vel). 1(>. 179S. 
(UJ. Hiram A'aih'Mi. .Inne-"). Isoil; d. Oct. 7. 1n2i;. 
015. -Joshua Vail.'M). Feb. lo. Isoj; d. Dec. ;;(i. bs71; m. 
June 1, 183(i Harrit't Warren, b. June 12. 
1814, dau. Jonas and Betsev (Pussel) AVar- 

*A descendant of Jeremiah Vail who landed at Salem in 1644 and afterwards removed 
to Long Island. [H. H. ^'ail. Cincinnati, (Clifton). Ohio.] 


I'tMi : li;i;l ( ici ii'Li'c 'I'iu hums \';iil,' 1). .Iiiin' I'l. 

ls;;7: Ilciirv II(.li;irT \-a\\.'' 1». M;i\- -^7. l^;;'.t. 

111. Oct. lo. ls(;7 Minerva K. Ilrwin. daii. 

of Maj. SvKcstci- M. and ('al lici-iiic (Miles) 

lIcwilT. (eliil.. (\.ra L. \'ail.'~ 1>. ,1 nl \- 7. Isiis. 
• <1. Jan. 2. 1SS4: P.essie II. \'ail.'- 1.. Auu'. 

•jl7. isiiii: Mai'v (/. \'ail.M). June !). Is7-i: 
. (Mara \V. Vail.'' 1.. Nov. ;".. Is7:.): Homer 

Wanvn \'ail,' 1). AiiLi'. 'k 1>!4-'J. im. Mar. !'. 

ISSO Sarah A. \'ail. dan. -lackson A. and 

Sarah II. (An-'ier) Vail. (ehil.. IJaljih \V. 

Yail.Mi. Jiine'li. issl. (I ,Iulv -Jn. jssl ; 

Solon J. \'ail.M,. An--. •_>:!. Iss4: Ilenrv (J. 

YaiP): Laura Matihhi Vail.' li. -Iidv 2s. l's44. 

in. Jnl\' 12. 1^7(1 Andrew P. ^Nloruan ; .lohn 

•Fred Vail.' 1.. ^[ar. 2(>. is-t7. d'.lidv 17. 

1858: Clara :\Iaria Vail,' 1.. l)e<-. lo. ■ls4!i. 

m. liobert Perkins : Lueia Harriet \'ail.' !>. 

Dee. lo, 18.")8. ni. June 8. 187'") Etlward (1. 

O'Connor (ehil. Bertha V. O'Connor.'^ 1>. 

Sept. 27. is7(;: Enssell AV. O'Comior.M,. 

Sept. 27, 1S71I, d. Mar. 24, 1882 : Harold 11. 

0"Conn(.r,'' 1.. Aug. 2. Isso. d. Mav 15, 1882 : 

Euth II. O'Connor,'" h. July 8, 1888); Mary 

Elizabeth Vail,' h. Awj:. 7. iSo."), m. Jolm 

T. Snodo-rass. 
(3ia Elvira VaihM). Nov. 17. Isnc,; d. An--. 27, ls2(). 
(317. Thomas VaiV' 1,. An-'. 5, l.Sii'J; d Mar. 1. isl;:!. 

618. Hannah A^ail'' h. Mar. 21'. Isl2 : .1 Mar. 12. Issii. 

619. Harrv Vail'M). Apr. 2i», lsir> : d. — . Issi) : m. — , 

Matilda Whipple. 

620. Fannv Vail,'' 1). Dee. 21, IMS; d. Alar. 17. Islli. 



.Vmus Leonard,'' {Amos;' Ehenezer.^ Sarnnel,'' Samuel^' Solo - 
raoit})^n\\(A Amos and Marv(Pai-tri<lg'e) Leonard ; was b. Dee. 
1(). 17H<'> ill Preston. Conn.: ni. Fell.. 1791' IjIK-v Meeeli. 1). Nov., 
1774. I Ian. of Hlislia and l^'aitli (Saterlee) Meecli of Hines- 
linriili, \"erniont. 

His mother died wlien lie was bnt a few days old and lie is 
said to have bei-n sent to live in the family of an unele, prob- 
ablv in Worthington, to ^vlliell place his father subsequently 
removetl. Here he learned the carpenter's tra(h:' ; but removing 
to Ilinesburgh, A"t., soon after his majoritv, he soon bought a 
farm, upon which he settled. " Jle was a man of cpiiet. indus- 
trious and thrifty habits and much respected by his t<nvnsmen. 
He accumulated a liandsome pr()perty." and d. in Hinesburgh, 
Sept. 28, 187)1 : his widow d May '24. isnil. 
Their c4iildrcn were — 

(121. Harriet.' b. Nov. 12. 17t)i> : d. ALir. 8, 1881); m. Feb. 
11. bs22 (tcii. Ilcman K. Smith of Hines- 
burgh, who d. Se|it. 1. bS(;i ; no children. 

r)22. fMai-vin,' b. Mar. IC. bsol ; ,1. Feb. (>, iNliC) : m. — . 
J.,aura J. < 'oon. 


AtAin' l^VAi^WA),^' [Sdiniid.'' Samud.^ Samuel.^ Saniuel.- Solo- 
mon}) vouiigest daughter of Samuel ;nid Mai'v (Freeman) 
Leonard, was 1). June 3, 1763, in Preston. Conn. : m. Dec. 3<>, 
17''^4 l)elchei' Starkweather, b. June 23,177)7) in Stoiiington, 
son of -lolin" and Flizabetli (l>elclier) Starkweather. 

ThcN" alwavs I'esiiled in Pi'cstoii whei'c she d. Jan. !•, 1820; 
her hiobaiidd. Mai'. 1. Is;",]. 

The childi'cn of Mayv ami iJelclier Stai'k w<'ather 
wei'c — 
i;23. \V(.odlMir\- Starkweather.' 1). Oct. 7. f7s,') ; d. Mar. S. 

1 S( H I. 
(i24. Thoinas Starkwcatlaa'.' b. Jid\- 27). 17'>7: m. Aug. 1<). 
lsl2 .\L's. Hannah (Starkweather) [Parks] 

*Ri>l)ert StarkweatlnTl of Ro.vbury, 164;*, John.- Johu,' .John.) Beleliei-."' [Rev. Frank 
Palnifi-, X()i-\vicli. Conn., who is coinpiliiiK a genealogical history or' the Starkweather 
Family. J 

LEOXARD (;E\KALO(n'. 138 

(i2,'). Mcliitalilr St;ii-k\vc;itliiT.' li. .1 ulv 2.-), 17^7: <1. .lulv 0. 

Isc-J: 1,1. Mar. iM. is'u J>:iiii<'l Moi'pm. 1). 

A|)r. '!<'. 17>^2. sou of l>;niirl ami Joanna 

( Pn-cwster) Moiyau of l^'cstoii : IkhI Mary 

L. Morgan, "^ li. .June 17. l>ill. m. No\-. o. 

l(S;-54: Erastus Moi'gan : Harriet N. Morgan." 

1). Sept. 24. Isl'J.'iii. Mar. 17. ls;U Kdwin 

Pahnt'i-: ,Inlia A. Mor-an.M). .Iiinr:). 1S14. 

.1. Nov. 1-2. ls;;(i: Ma'rgci'v P.. Morgan.'^!.. 

,Ian. 1>. lsl7. ni. Nov. in, lsr)2 (ico. \V. 

Willrs: Dauirl r.. Morgau.M, .Ian. 24. lS-^1, 

111. Dec. IC). ls4o Lwcy A. Ivudc 
026. ]v[arv Starkweather,' 1). Oct. r).i7'S!l: ni. Kzra Standisli. 
(i27. Let-'nanl Starkweatlier,' 1). Oct. 7). 171>1: ni. Kelt. 21». 

isli; Sarah Stanton. 
02.S. John Starkweather,' 1). Aul;-. 17. 171»^'>: 4. June 22. 

(>29. Samuel Starkweatliei'.' 1). Oet. 2(;. 17l'o. 
(ioU. Elizabetli Starkweather.' 1). (.)et. 27), 17'.>7; ui. Feb. 

2(i, iSlS Je<le(liah lioiigli. 
681. Wealthy Starkweather,' 1). Jan. 28. isno; m. An-'. 7. 

1S28 Hufus Prentice. Jr. 
632. James Starkweathei-.' 1). Oct. 25, Lsol. 
688. Ezra Starkweather.' h. Oct. 28, 1S()8 : m. Nov. 24. 

1826 Laura (reer. 
684. Olive Starkweather,' li. (.)<'t. 14. Ls()7) ; m. Dw. 11, 

1828 Jepthah (Jeer. 


wSa:\[L'EL LeoXAHI),'' {Sanine/.'' -SWr/?'/^/.^ Sanno'l:' Saniudr 
Solomon,^) son of Samuel and ^Tarv (Freeman) Leonard. wasL. 
in Preston, Conn., May (5, 17()S: m. Sejit. 27. 17^7 Flizal>eth 
Braman of Preston. He d. in Pichlield. X. ^'., (while on a 
visit) Oct. 14, IslS: hi^ widow d. ^[ar. 14. ls44. 
Their children wci'c — 

630. Luev,' b. Jan. 2. 17SS. 

(>8(i Pollv,' b. .Julv 81, 171>1. 

()87. Betsev,' b. Dec. Ki. 171»4. 

()8s. Mehitable.' b. Nov. L'.. 171h;: d. Mar. .".I. IsdO. 

(i81i. Samuel.' b. Oct. 2s. 17;»'.>: d. Dec. 4. IsPL 

(i4i>. James.' b. .lulv Kk lsn;i: m. Oct. 27. 1^24 l)et>ev P. 



Joseph I^'Eosww)!' {Samuel J' Samue]} Samuel;' Samuel^- Solo- 
mon}) brother of the preeediuo-. was 1). in Preston, April 1, 
1773; ni. Xov. '2, 1798 Marv ((>> l^)llv) Bliss, b. May 13, 1773. 
He (1 Julv VI. 1S43: his widew d. ^fay 23, ISOO. ^^ • 
Their diildrcii were — 
(;41. Sallv.' 1). Xov. 11), 17t:'S: d. Feb. 22, 1800. 
1)42. fJosrpli,' 1). May U), bsol : d. Get. 19, isSfi ; m. May 

24, 182(1 Laura Johnson. 
()43. tCharlcs Kdwiii,' b. Sept. 29, 1803; d. Nov. 13, 1863; 
111. May 21, 1834 Mrs. Maria A. (Beleher) 
(;44. Mary Lester,' b. Dec 4, 180.S ; ni. 1, Se]_)t. 1, 1825 
Prentiee Kinne, son of Chester Kinne ; ehil. 
^Tarv A. Kinne,*^ b. Auef. 21, 1826, rn. A])r. 

II, i849 Piatt Peck; Charles L. Kinne,^ b. 
Mar. b'). 1828, in. xVpr. 5, 1854 Sarah A. 
AVelsh; .losepli B. Kinne,M). Mar. 4, 1830, 
ni. Dee. lo. bs54 Amelia Mathei-s ; \je\'\ 
Kinne," 1). J\dy 1, 1840, d. Apr. 28, 18()2 ; 
m. 2, Jnlv 8, 1847 Spellnian Graves; ehil. 
Fnrnian B. (braves,'" b. Apr. 4, 1848; 

ni. 3, Feb. 2, bs56 Zebuh)n B. Bellows. 
645. Harriet Abby,' b. Nov. 14, bSlO; (b Fel). 7, 1817. 
('i4(i. Charlotte Ann," b. Oct. 17, bsl3 ; d. May 15, bS,S5 ; 

III. Sept. 21, 1831 l^uel Kiimc son of Chester 
Kinne, 1). June 12, 1806, d. June 4, bs79 ; 
ehil. Sarah Kinne," 1). Sejit. 5, 1.834, d. May 
13. bs37; .Tose]»h L. Kiinic" b. June 22, 
183s, HI. ])ee. 7, 1S()5 Faiin\" Vosbui'gh ; 
Chester F. Kinne,"!,. Fel). '7, bS40, ' in. 
NoA-. 3, bS(;i iMiinia ( )"]b'i(;'n ; (^iroline 
Kinne." 1». A pi'. 9, ls42, in. Jnlv 23., 1862 
John i'eck : Alvali Kinne," b. (>et. 1. bS47. 
d. Sept. 24, 1S49: Marv L. Kinne." b. A])r. 
3(1. 1.S49; Maria W. 'Kinne." b. May 29, 
is.'.l.iii. Xo\-. 21. ls7'2 J(,hiis(Ui (i. Ibn-hani. 


.\s.\ \,VA)W\\\)f' (Ji)lin:' Sii iiinrJ} Sdiniii'l:' Sumxi-l} Silnmou}) 
eh lest son of John and Sarah (Fierce) Leonard, was b. in Wor- 
th in-'toii. Mass.. \\n: 22. 1771. (Apr. 2t'.. 1771?) ; m. ab(,iit 1797 
Ivther iirown. b. — , 17.S1. 

LEOXARD dEXEALCxn'. ■ 135 

" 111 isll Asa came to ( )lii(i to look lor land and found it in 
Piei'pont iicai' some of Ids n<'iL;liliors from Massaclnisrlts. Tlir 
<Uhm1 to his land was uixcn in I lai'tloi'il. ( 'onn.. on Api'. 1. 1 s 1 2. 
l)y ^Vndrcw l\inL;sl)ni'\-. and I'cconjcd Mar. 11. Isld in Aslila- 
l)ula Co. lircoi'd. This land was in two ti'ai-ts. one of ll.'I 
ir)4-l(j(> aci'i's in lot ehwHMi, and the other 'Jiili aci'cs (J rods in 
lot li\'e. For these ])arcels he paid the sum of SIMM). ;iliont 
,'^2.50 per aei'e. The faniilx' (lid not come imnie(liatel v to < )hio, 
but lived in San<^'erlield, N. V., till the close of the war. Thev 
came thronji'h Buti'alo two week's after it was l)nrned. on the 
olst of Dee., 1818 — and between this time and the I'ecordinL;' of 
the deed, on ^[ar. Id. 1S1-I-. the joniaiev was made. 'Idie\' 
li\'e(l in a lou' lioii'^e callei] the hotel until tlieir own house was 
bidlt. Asa lived ord\" two \-ears after his arrixal in ()hio. It 
is not dilHeult to ima,L;'ini' the hereaved woman and liec chil- 
dren gathering;' ai'oiind that u'ra\a' in the wildei'uess in the 
de|)th of winter. She was one of sc\(Mi to form the lirst Pri's- 
hytei'ian chureh of J^ierpont. Her children gi'ew u]> arouml 
her and tonk responsible [)laces in life befoi'e she passed away, 
and all sui'\-i\'ed her: Erastns, the o](h'st. was tlie tii'st to die 
at the age of liftw The others, exeepting Fi'ankdin. li\-e(l to 
be more than seveiitv, and three more than eiglit\'. Tliey were 
all lioi'ii in Worthington except Arilton. and. with but one excep- 
tion, all died near the old home." Mr. Leonai'd d. Jan. 'UK 
lylH; his widow <1. June 27. 183!). 
'^Idieir children were — 
()47. Erastus.' b. — , 17!>S; i\. — , iSdS, umnarrie(l. 
B4S. f Anson.' b. Jan. 2S, LSOU : d An--. j!s. 1s72 : m. — , 

1.S2S Klizabeth Bakei'. 
(Id;). •t-Ell)i'idiiV.' b. Kel). 10. 1S().3: d. Mdx bs, ]S,S3; m. — , 

Pluebe A. Kellogg, 
(idit. L.uisa.' b. Mai-, lo, 1806 ;(1. Mar. ol, lsi»d: m. — , 

1881 Israel (xregg, (b. May — , ISO-f. d. June 

5, 1887) ; no (/hildreii. 
6ol. Almira,' b. Jan. 2, 1808 : d. X<.\-. D. 1SS2 : m. Jan. 7, 

1880 Hiram riuiitlev : did. Lvdia Iluntlev.''^ 

b. Get. 20, 1880, d' Aug. 18.' bS(;2, m. Dee. 

2."), 18o7 Perrv Benjamin : Louisa Huntley,''^ 

b. ^fav 1(). l'S88, m. June lO. Is,")!) Eewds 

Williams (1). Julv 17. b^l'.M. 

111. 2. Feb. U. ls;;ii Jo>,-ph Williams, who d. 

^^a\• .".o. 1888 ; chik liiram K. Williams.^"' 

b. Dec. 14, lS8i». 111. Apr. is. 1m17 Helen 

^TowDship treasurer and trustee of Pierpont, O., also .Justice of Peace. 


Carrie. !•. .Inly 4. Is4() (diil. Alice AVil- 
liaiiis.'' 1). .Iniie'l). isiiy. d. Au.u'. '-'A. Is, 2: 
Krederiek Williaiiis,'' 1). July 28. Is7(t. in. 
Sept. 22, lst)2 Lottie liardV : Frank AVil- 
liams,'' 1). Feb. 1, 1-S7.3 : Margaret AVilliains,'' 
b. Auo-. i), 1878 : P^dward AVilliani.-<,''b. Apr. 
22. L881 : Louise AVilliams,'' b. Sept. 11, 
lss;^i : r>al)y Wiiliams.'' b. Dee. 14, 1885, d. 
A[ar. \'.\. IssC). 

(>:)2. Alaria,' b. — , lsl(»: d \\vj:. 'I'l. Lsiir) : m. — . ls;-51 
James Pavn : had iVhdra Kva L. I'avii.M). 
July 1!). is84, (L Sept. 28, 181)2, in. (Jet. lb, 
1854 Joliii Isl. Foote, h. Apr. — , 1829, 
Frederitdx'town, ().,((;liil. Lueretia L. Foote," 
d. Sept. 12, 18:)S, ni. (Jet. 11. bs77 Thos. 
B. xVnten [had Evadell Auten,^" 1). Apr. 4, 
1871), d. Mar. 21), 1881 : Justin \. Auteii.'" 
1). Jan. U), 1882: (frovella Auten.^" b. Jan. 
2(3, 1885; Lovde D. Anten,^" b. Noy. -S, 
1892] ; Ph(:el)e A. J. Foote,'' b. Jan. 14, 18(U : 
m. July 8, iSSd Abdentine \V. Ib-ii^uli [ehil. 
Theron S. Bri--li,i" b. Mar. s. issLj; Wil- 
bani P. Foote.''!). Julv 2s. ls(i;-;; Alatilda A. 
Foote,'' b. Au,:^'. D. ls(;5 : Wehha F. Foote,'' 
1). Aug. 2(3, issi). ni. Dee. 2.S, ls,s7 (ieo. B. 
Lewis" [ehil. Fvstei' ■ Lewis,'" b. ^.\[\\ K.i, 
l.S9(»|: John M. 'Foote,'-' b. Dee. 1(1. bscs. ,L 
Feb. 14, l.s7b 

(i5;-;. -IFrankdin,' b.— , lsl2 : d. — , bs75 ( ?): ni. — . P(^by A. 

(554. f Milton Asa,' b. (Jet. 17. Lsl5: d. Dee. 21, Lss7 ; ui. 
— , bS4;i Harriet L. Piillings. 


S'l'Ki'JiKX IjKoxahd.'' ('/'->////, '^ Sanniel.'' SinmipJ:' Snmnp],'' A'o/- 
0?>/0??,b brother of the preceding, was b. ( )ct. 21, 1 7'S(.), jU'ob- 
ably in AVorthington. Mass.; ni. — . .Anna Ibisli. b. Aug. 17, 
17^2, dan. of AToses and Ainia (Teii'\) Ibish of Fnheid. ( "onn. 

His early \-ears wei'e sp<'iit in \\b >rtliington. but he i'eino\'ed 
to Sangei'lield. N. A^.. in earh' manhood. lie is calleil '•cai'- 
]ientei''" in deeds l'eeoi'de(| in 1>10!I. At the time of his mai'- 
riage III' purchaseil a farm in Sangei'Meld. and was for manv 
veai's engageil in 1 ir<'edi ng a nd raising line stock', in which he 
condueled a lai-'je ami successful business. lie was a ^ood eiti- 


/eii. li()s[iit;ilil('. k'in(l-li<':irt(Ml, and tiir |H.iir wcw t'rci|iiciil 
]'eeipii'iits of liis lilirralil v. He d. in SanLici-lii'M Apr. T-\. 
ISiS : his wife .1. in St. I'.onis An-'. j!'_'. ls.->!>. 
I'licir rliiMi'cn \vri\' — 
(;:>:). Orvillo.' l). Dec. i:).;',: d. Au-. C. Isls. in San- 

(ir.C). fDiaiia.' 1>. Srpt. 2.'). !s()7: ni. — . l.S'27 .lolm Srv- 

nioiir. Jr. 
(i.-)?. fSteplicn,' 1). .Inlv 25. 1812: d. Jnlv 15, Isii:! : m. 

Oct. 2:i. 1881 S;ir:di .M. C'rotnot. 
()o8. -f-Cliarles.' 1). Oct. s. ISKJ: m. Oct. K;. ls;!7 P>ctsev 

(ir.!i. Orvillc' 1>. Aug. l::5, lN2o : d. in Florida .Iidv 1, :"iii. — . 
OHO. Andrew.' 1). ]\[av 18, 182H. '" I'nniarricil : traxcliiiL! 
in South Anierira in Lsiil.'" 


EZEKIEL IjEO^XRI),*^ {JolrnJ' ^iainiie].^ Sa/nue/.-' Samuelr Sol- 
o?//o?/,') l»rotlier of the })re</eding', was It. |irol>al)l\' in AVortli 
iiigton. Mass., — : in. — , FlorcUa I\na]ip, '■daughtei' of a 
Presl)\-tcrian minister." He died in Midilh.'lield. A[ass., Jan. 
— , LS14 ; his wiilow m. 2. Al[iheus Nieliols of ]-»odman. X. A'. 
Idle children of Ezekiid and Florella were — 
(iiil. +Charles Ezekiel,' 1). Fel,. 25. Isfo: d. Fel). I'J, IS'.Mi; 

111. Jan. 1. 1885 (Aithariiie A. "^'elides. 
<;(i2. Marv Florella,' 1). A]>r. — , I8l8 : d. Sept., 18801?;; i"- 
— . P)urnliani. 


l.oDAW icK Ai.AXsoN Fkon A 1! 1 >,'' { Ddii if^/.'' Saniuel.* Sam lie/,-'' 
Saiititelr Suhjjitdn}) son of F)aniel ami Mar\' I StarkAveathei'i 
Leonard. \vas 1). in Xorwi(di, Afass., — . I7i'0: ni. — , fsoii 
Isalicl Lindsey, 1 .. l)ec. 11. 17^^^: dan. . .f Mo>es and Amy 
(Partridge) Lind.-<y- of l)laiidlo]-d. A[ass. 

lie ••.-<er\('d in the war of lsl2 and drew a |iension in west- 
ern land." In' hs2'.', he removed to Arcad\ille. Fa. He il. Sept. 
24. Fsii'.i. near .Mead\il]e : his witc d. Now 5. IsC,-, ;it I'ada- 
rur.'am. ( ). 

Their (diildren were — 
i\(V.\. Faiira.' 1,. Dec. fl. IsH; d. — . ls!)L>(?): m. Xo\-. 4. 
Fs2!t Fvolaiid Walton: had 2 daiis. and 8 
.•^ons. 2 sons liviiii;-. 


()(J4. fLewis.' 1). Oct. 1(). LSI;-!: m. MK-t. 21, ls47 Lncv A. 


GijO. Ts;il)e],' 1). Mai-. !», IMC.: lu. Xov. 14. LsoU .lohii Mar- 
shall : liad o sons, 1 dan.; sons all liviiio-. 

BH(i Maria.' 1). Fel.. l?>. iSlS : m. Dvr. U. ls;!7 in'ates 
Lord: Lad one son and one dan.: ni'ltlicr 

Hi;;. Knieline.' L. Mar. 2L. LS'_>(); d. — : ni. Sci.t.. LsLo 
(L_^). Kvans : had L sons and ;-> dans.: 1 sou 
and 1 <Lin. not li\'in,u-. 

(iii'S. Samuel. ' 1). Jan. IL 1''^-- : d. didy L Isr);-;} : unmarried 

H<i!>. fAlanson.' L. June 4, LS24 : m. — , Landaee A(hims. 

• ;7(). Afary,' 1.. June Lj!. LS^IL d. — ; m. :\Lir. 2S, LS49 
Hol)ert Smith ; '6 ehiMren. 

(i7L fLihertv,' L. July J. Ls2s : m. L — . ALiit ('roueh : m. 
2. — . ^Viiianihi I)ikeman. 

072. Amy,' 1). ALu'. 14. Ls;](L d. Sept. 2;>. Ls<)() : m. — , 
JosiaL Holt'man : Lad ;:] dans.. 1 son; all d. 
exee])t oldest dau. ' 


WiT.LiA^r LkoxaiM),'' (DcDiie/J' Samuel'^ SarmieJ;'' Samuel,- 
Snloinoii}) brother of the precedin.L!'. was 1). at (L)fLs Hill, 
lluntin^uton, Afass., June o, 171I': m. A])r. <;. 1S2() Sophia 
Lindsey, L. Mar. 27, LsOO in L)landrord, (dan. of Wni. an.l 
Jane''^ (HuLLell) Lindsey.) lie d. of consnmption P'eL. 22, 
l'So2 : his wife d. of the sanu' disease dan. Id. iNoO. 

Their ehildren, l)otli L. in (Miester. Mass., wei'e — 
<)7M. Fann\" Sophia,' L. FcL. 2o. Is27: m. A])i'. 27. iSol 
Aaron ('. Hri.iwn in (Miestei': chil. Wni. 
Watson l')rown,'^ 1». 1 )ec. I.'.. 1 S,') 1, m. Oct. 
27. 1^77 Luc\- M. l)a\'is in Kasthampton. 
(Lhil. P)lanclie ('elestia l)rown.'' 1>. didv 12, 
LS71) ; Wallace Lldridoe JL-own.'' 1.. 'Mav 
19, 1882); Helen Sopllia Pji'own.-^ 1.. Apr. 
27. is.').-), m. Oct. 2(1. ls7(').l()lm L. Larnn^-- 
toii in I Lnitin,L;ton, (cliil.. Susie S. OarriiiL;- 
ton.'-' 1,. Nov. 28, 1880; Willis (.'• . Lan'ino-- 
toii.'-' 1.. .!une2(). 18So): Sunnier W. P)ro\vi'i.'' 
1). Xo\-. 1;!. ls"»7, m. A pi'. L"). ls,S(» Marv 
\\. Ooniinu' in Cliesterheld ; (ieo. JL Ijrowii,^ 

*Dau. "f Silas and Elizabetli ( ^ Hubbell. Silas was the son of Peter and .lane 

(Edmonds) Iliihliell who eniitrrated from Srotland early ii. the 17th centm\v and >eUled 
in Danbury. ( t. 


1). Dec. -Jii. ls:,!i. 111. ^[;|v II. 1S,S() L. \'. 
Keelei- in Iluiitiiiutoii, (diil.. rxTtlia ^^. 
BroAvii.'-' li. Sept. 28. ISSII): Mai'v I >. Bn.wii.^ 
1). .luiic 1.'). lS(;i>. 111. Sept. ;-). ISSO Cliarlcs 
E. Stroui:- in (Micstci-. (cliil.. (Trox-cr Cliai'lcs 
Sti-ong,'* 1). -Mar. l*. Issi;; Ccaver E. Strong-,'' 
Ix Mar. i:.. IMH ); (Ihalvs ^L P>r..\vii.^'l). 
.Iiilv 17. 1S(U. 111. 'Se]it. 17. issl Wm, ^f. 
Tice ill Wrstticl,!, (diil.. A[al)el A. I'i. •.■,'' 
1). N(.v. 2(;. lssi>. ) 
()74. AVilliaiii AVallarc' 1». Apr. lo. Is;;:,; ,|. Jim,, -ji;, 
1N7);-]. (Iniwned in tlie Westliclil liivcr near 
llmitiii!i-t(_)n. Mass. . 

291 . 

BkPvXICK LkoNarI),'' {Xaihart.-' XatZ/an.^ Samuel,^ Samuel' 
Sjlonioi}) son of Xatlian and Ilannali (Branch) Leonard, was b. 
in Wortliington, Alass.. A|)r. 22. 1771 : ni. — . .Vljigail Torrey, 

1). in \Vinds(i]-(?). Mass.. (dan. of .lonatiiaii and 1 )oi-()tliv"' I ) 

Torrey «>f Srotlaiid.) lie was a scIkio] teaeiier and fanner; 
resided in Wortliington where lie il. — . isll. His widow d. 
Sept.. 1X27). 

'rii(dr children W(_'re — 
(■)7o. Eetnah.' 1). Nov. 24. f7i>7: d. Eel). 7. ls7o: ni. — , 

Ezra TliatcluM': liadi i; children. 
ii7ii. Saidord.' 1 1. Se])t. 22, 17!»1): d. Dec 17. 1^72: in. — . 
Mary A. Loxeland ; had Eliza.'' ni. — : 
Ei'ank Sanford."^ in. — . 
('.77. Al)igail.' 1). — : d. Mar. 2li. Isii-l-: m. Dec. 2.s. Is20 
AVilliain llatcii : had 12 chil. of whom 

Annie S. Hatch. '^ m. — . Bosworth and 

Martha.V. Hatch. ''in. — . AYingand hoth 

reside in Iluntiiigtoii. Mass. 
H7n Lydia.' h. Eeh. o. Ism;: d AFar. C. Issr); ni. Ahram 

l^)roadl>ent: 2 chil. 
(i7i». +Seneca.' h. Feh. S, isos- m. Se])t. C. ls;',-l- Sarah Ann 
F( )ote. 


P)KANc]i Ekonai;]).'' [Suflniii.'' X(it]i<in,^ Sd/ivrJ:^ Sfirnxel^' 
Soh-jiunii}) brother of the precediii'j, wa~ 1 >. Any.. 177'.': in. 
Xov. 2(i. Is(t7 Sarah Eollett. h. Oct. 2s. 17s(;. (i\:\\\. of Lsaac 
and Hannah ( ) Kollett of AVorthiiiLiton.) He was a car- 

*Who d. at the advanced age of 106 yrs. and some months. 


pciiTci' and bviildei' and rcsidrd in Ciinmiinii'ti >n. Middlelirld, 

Hiisscll and Wortliiugt<jn ; lie d. at Tlir latter ])lace. at the lioiue 

of his son Charles, Jan. 22, 1871: his wife d. Sept. ;'!0. Is42. 

Their childi'en ^\■ere — 

(jyo. fTimothv Xelson,' h. \\vj:. VA. 1^12; m. Nov. '.U), 

1838 Eniilv I)ini. 
681. t^'l''ii"lt^^ Wrio-ht,' 1). 'Fel). l;j, 1817: d. 2V])r. 7 1^77; 
]ii. 1, Jan. 1, 184-"), Sarepta E. llerrini;': ni. 
2. May 28, Isf).') Lovina J. l^urt. 
()82. llowland.' 1). — : d — : ni. — : had Frank, "^and (Te(.)rge.''' 
68o. Sarah Melissa.' b. ^Mav 80, ls22 : d. ^[av 1, 186(1 " 
684. Fraidclin Braneli." 1). May 8n, 1822: d. Se|)t. 29, 1847: 
ni. Apr. 28, 184() ^Fatihhi Loveland : '■ had 
his name changed to F. B. El v. Flis widow 
afterwards niarrieil and has sinee died." 


PKM-rriAH Le(jXAKI)," {KatJucnJ' Xatlnm.^ SamufiL^ SamueL'' 
iS'i/oiiio)i.^)^n-nt]\ev of the preceding, was 1). in AVoi-thington, 
Mass., Aug. 11, 1784: in. 1, Esther Delano: m. 2, May 26. 
1N22 Flannali L. Ingersoll, 1). June 1(5, 1799, (daii. (.)f Thomas 

and IVtsev ( ) Ingersoll of (ireat Barrington, Mass.) In 

IslTt, he paid ])o]l tax in Hinsdale, ^^ass. He rem(.)ved fr(_)ni 
^Massachusetts to (iuilford, N. V. He was a cloth dresser hy 
tr.idic, l)iit spent some time as a teacher in conmioii schools and 
also as a singing teacher: he was considere<l a very good musi- 
cian and was a man much res]iected hy liis townsmen. 

He (L June 27. 1S47 : iiis widow d.'.Mav 9, l8(iS. We have 
lieen nnahle to learn whether he had any children l>y his lirst 

4die children of ]\'le.tiali and Hannah, all 1). in (inil- 
for(h were — 
(iSrK Marv E.,' h. ^^[ar. 22, 1S24: d. in (iuilh.rd. May 17, 
1S81 : m. Dec. l:;. 18(;7 Miles \V. Ednu- 
stei- of Disle. X. ^'.. whod. Nov. 8. Is77. 
(iS6. Thomas L..' h. May o, 1s2S: d. in (iuiHord. Aug. 7. 
lsr,!i: m.' Jan. 14. ls:)7 Adelaide S. Hyde: 
had Susie.M). in CuiMonl, Mar. 19, 187)S. d. 
A|)r. 21. is:,! I. 
6S7. Haimah Kli/.aheth.' h. Mav 80. ls;;i: m. June 7, 
Is.^:; j{c\-. W. \\. (.'ai'rutii of ( >neida Con- 
fei-ence M. K. ("hurch, X. >'.: had William 
Leonard ('arnith.'' h. in (iuilford. X. ^ ., 
Jul\' 24, ISol: I'Vank Lennison Carruth,''* 


li. ill Hiflilk'ld. X. ^'.. A|ii-. 2(1. Js,")!): m. 
.liiiic L"). issl Jennie ]\[. Bedienl of (;ill)crTs- 
ville. X. Y.: Arthur Blake Carnitli.^ li. in 
Stark. X.' Y.. Dec. 4. 1862. ni. Sept. Is. Ibsy 
X'ellie Caswell of Afton. X. Y. 


Tkumax Leoxar]).'"' (^2-m,' Nathan .^ Samuel:' Samuel- Sol- 
omon}) second son of Ezra and Hannah (^[arsh) Leonard, was 
h. in Worthin.Li'ton. Mass.. ^rar. '2:!. 17^4: in. dune 1. ISU. 
Koxanna Allis. b. in Chester, ^[ass.. Sept. lo. l~S{]. (dan. of 
Lemuel and Reljecca (Davis) Allis.) 

They resided in Pittsfield. Mass., for a short time, then 
i-emoved to ^Eiddlesex. (afterwards called Pottertown), Ontario 
Co.. X. Y. In 183'), they removed to Ciiatham. Medina Co., 
( ).. where ^Ir. L(^onard bought a large farm and reclaimed it 
from the wilderness. He was twiee drafted in the war of 1812 ; 
the first time providing a substitute', but after the second draft 
going himself and being engaged in tlie campaign in nortliern 
Xew York. He d. in Chatliam, Felj. 24, 181:() : his wife d. 
there Se}it. 12 of the same year. 
Their children were — 

688. Emeline,' b. Mar. 16. 1812 : d. Dec. 13. 1S(>) : m. Oct. 

1836 Sydney Xickerson : chil. Louisa X'^ick- 
erson.*^ Pollen Xickerson.'^ AVm. Xickerson,''^ 
Albert Xickerson,"' Sidnev Xickerson.'^ 

689. fEbenezer.' 1). Sejit. 7. 1813: m. Feb. 12. bs27 Eliza- 

beth P. Wetherbee. 
C.iio. fEzra.' b. Feb. 28. Isf,-, ; m. 1. Jan. 3(». Is43 FIvira 

AVeston ; m. 2. Xov. 13, ls.'.3 Flecta C. 

Wadsworth : m. 3. Oct. 27. 1S(U Afaiy M. 

Slater: m. 1. — . Mrs. Bartlett. 
(li»l. Dorcas.' b. Apr. o. Isl7: m. Apr. 11. Is3(') Harvey 

Filwards. who d. Oct. 7. l8l(i : chil. Daniel 

F. Filwards."" b. dan. 2ii. 1^37. m. Mav 1. 

18«U Abba Pice: Lucy A. F:(lwards> b. 

Aug. 1. Ls4o. m. Dec. 2^. Fs60 Delos Corn- 
stock : Fmilv F. Filwards." b. Xov. li>. 

1^44. m. AVm. II. Par!'i>li : Sai'ah F. 

Fdwards.'' b. Alav Id. bs47. d. Alar. S. Is72. 
i;!i2. Lavinia.' b. dan. 22. ^^l'.l:' m. 1. dan. 1. Is44 Daniel 

I). ( )lcott : ill. 2. Hager: m. 3. dan. 2S. 

LSS3 Hoswell Tluiver. 


H!)o. fTniiiiaii,' 1.. ^v^X. 7, IS'^O: in. ,I:iii. 1. l-S^C) ()rtt'iiti:i 

()«I4. Hoxamia Allis.' U. Jiilv 2, 1.S28 : <1. Jan. 7, ls8s. 

(i!):.. •fKi-ankliu.' 1). June .V, 18'2:) ; d. (Jet. S, ISS-t: m. 
1. A]:)ril — , iSol Clarissa Khoda Jolnison ; 
111. 2. Scjit. 22, lbr)2 Harriet N. Kello.u'o-. 

<;i)0. Harriet Amelia,' 1). Fel). 7. 1S27 : m. Nov. l(i, l.s:)4 
Clirist()|ilier (A I'lielps, 1). in Nortliaiiiptoii, 
Mass.. Jnlv 7, LS2;-; : eliil. Aliee A. Plieli.s," 
1). Oct. ;;. is:>S: Lyman S. Phelps,'" 1). Apr. 
22, 1S()I. m. ISSC),' A'irtoria Berry. 

(')97. Louisa P.,' 1). Apr. 27. Ls;-;() ; d. Oct. 8, 187)6 ; m. — , 
ix')\ Win. Clark : one dan.. Lamina Clark. "^ 

(jll.s. Sarah A.,' b. Jan. <5, ls;:5;-', ; d. — , 1^117) (?): m. Sept. 20, 
L87)4 Franeis Saiz'e Wadsworth," I), in 
Becket, Mass., Apr. 27, Ls21, son of Law- 
ton and Nane\' K. (Lawton) AVadsworth ; 
ehil. Etta li AVa<ls\vorth,^ b. A].r. 27). bS7)8, 
m. Dee. 27. bs77 B. B. Herrick (el'il. Sarah 
Ethel LleiTiek,'' b. ALir. 29. 1879; Hobert 
Herriek,'-' 1). Get., bsso); Frank L. O. Wads- 
worth, "' b. Oet. 24, LS<)(;, o-rad. from Ohio 
I'niversitv : fellowship at Clark I'niversity, 
AA^oreester. Mass.. where he was Assistant 
Prof, of Phvsies : stndyinu' in (lermany. 


Dr. Prextiss Lkoxai!!),'' (E-:r(t.'' X((f/ii/ii^^ Samuel,^ Samuel," 
Solomon,^) brother of the ])reeediii,u', was b. in AVorthinoton, 
Mass., Oet. 20, 178(i ; m. Feb. 11, l8l<i Harriet Stone, b. in 
Conn. (dan. of IL»raee and Hannah (Hotdikiss) Stone.) He 
studied inc(liciiie in Cherry A'alley, N. A'., at which ])kiee he 
practiced his ])rofession for two \'(.'ai's, after which he removed 
to Es])eraiice. N. A'., where he locate<l perm.anently, and 
where he d. l<\'b. 8, 1870; his wife d. in J-'iSperaiice St'pt. o, 

Idieir children were — 
0)99. t Lorenzo lii,uersol.' b. Alay, lsl7: m. Dec. 24. 1.S41 

Mary d. ritmaii. 
7<H). IL Henrietta.' b. Nov. 7). lsl9: ni. L'a E. Avery; 
had li\"e dans, and liiree sons: resides in 
Duanesbnro-h, N. A'. 

*Francis Sa^e Wadswortli.^ Lawton." .Tonathaii.i' .Tonathan,"' Recompense,' Eheii- 
ezer,:' Samuel, 2 Cliristopherl. 


7<n. Jii(|;ili r>Mrtnii,' 1>. Sept. Hi. lS2.'i : iiiiiii;iiTic(l : rrsiilrs 

in l'-s]icr;iiic('. 
T'l'i. I.ois.' 1). .liil\-4. l'S'J7: iiiiiikht'kmI : resides in l^spcr- 

TO'l. .\inni'.' 1). Xw'j:. <). Is;!-!:: m. P;inl lirown : li;iil three 

sons: ivs i (1 es (;r)S K. • I r)-l-t 1 1 St., New \\>vk 

704. Sanili A..' U.Sept. 'l'-\. \>^'M \ m. I\li;is Carr : hail two 

daus.; resides in Ivspi'i'ance. 


Mah\'IN Jj-loXAlM).'' ( Kzra:' XatJidn,^ Sdinurl:' Samuel? -Sb/o- 
^^or?/) son of K/ra and I)oivas (Pjrown) Leonard, lial('d)i'other 
of tlie ]ireeedin^L;'. was I), in \VortliinL;1on. ]\Iass., Au<i'. 11, 
17!'o: ni. Api'. '11. islo ^Vnna Lewis. 1). A n,L;. 27, 1714S. of 
( i nsta\"ns. 'rrnnilmU ( 'o.. < ). 

lie was a farniei' and shoeniak'er m W illianisiieliK 0., was 
a deacon of tlie CN)ngiv<i'ational (Jhnreh ; a Jnstice of Peace 
lormanv years, and served in the ()iiio h'Liishitnre in Is;!7. 
He d.' Apr. IH, 1S(32, his wife d. An-'. L Isdii. 

Their children were — 
7tto. William E.,' b. — , 1S17: d. A\v^. Ki, ls4t). 
7(M;. Harriet.' 1). Jnne o. 1 S2 1 : d. :\[ar. 17, 1854 
7(»7. Eniilv,' 1). Dec. U\ LS'jiy : d. Sei>t. 24, 185o. 
7(><s. Marv Eli/al»eth.' 1). June 11, l<S2(i; d. Sept. 8, lyol ; 

m. Oct. 24, 1850 Edward .Jones. 
70iJ. Charlotte,' h. Alav 1(>, 1829: d. Dec. 10, iS(il) : ni. 
July 2t, 1868 Levi B. Leonai-d," (1454) 
third wife. 

710. Eewis Mai-\in.' h. June 9, 1832 : d. Fel). 2.";, IsiH. 

711. Anna.' h. Au,l;-. ol, LSoo : d. June 2('). I8<i7 : m. Dec 

8. LS65 Levi P>. Leonard.' (1454) second 


Rl'Frs LkoxaiM),'' {Jonas:' XaOian} >Samue/,"' Sanuiel?- SoJn- 
'Diou}) son of Jonas and Eunice (Herriek) Leonard, was 1». 
June 1. 17S5 : ni. 1, Mar. 10, 181() Electa Latch wdio d. .hd\- 
31, 1821, and he ni. 2. Julv Is. \x-ll Fannv (Crowed. 

He I'esidcd in Worthington. Mass.,wdiere lied. Now 2, LS(i7 ; 
his wdfe d. A u.u'. 27. 1^(52. 

The children of Hnfns and Electa were — 

712. (Jeoru'e Warren.' 1). Now 27. LsK; : m. 1. May, isiis 

Charlotte Pohinson of I'oi'thind,Ct.: ni. 2. — ■, 


Nonili Il.Wlichnid : ivsidcil in .South Wortli- 
iu^iitoii in l.sss. 
7i;5. Olive Klecta,' 1). \\vy. l?>. iSli) : m. 1, :\[ar. 18, l^r)7 
Levi ^Vdaiiis wlio d. Jan. lo. isijG : liad 
Hiifus II. Adams," 1). Apr. S, ls:)S ; m. Dee. 
25, iSS'i Lora (Jrinsl»y. 

111. 2, Nov. 1(1, 1869 Alplieus Preiitiee. .i^Taiid- 
soii of (122), of Ringville, Mass., wlio d. Oct. 
7, 1NS7. 


SiMCEi! LEe)NAi;i»,'' {'/onus;' Nathan,^ Sarniiel;' ^Samuelf ISolo- 
mo?v,') brother of the preceding, was!). April 21. 17!'0 : \\\. 1, 
— , l-SlC) Lucina Hotchkiss, I)."—, 1790; she d. Mar. 17. 182a 
and he ni. 2, — , 1820 Eliza Fields, b. in Mi(hlletowii, Conn., 
ls()4. dan. of Kirtland and Mary (Brooks) Fields. He resided 
ill Middletown where he d. Nov. 25, bsi;.') ; Ids second wife d. 
Sept. 1(3, bS5(3. 

'^^riie children of Sj)icei' and Lucina, were — 
714. fWarren Burton.' b. Sept. 2(;i, 1817: d Feb. 2. 1S7(;: 
in. 1, Sept. 25, 1842 Sarah C. AVcLstei': ni. 
2, Se])t. 14, 1846 Marv S. Rilev. 
7b'>. Hrorace,' 1). Sei)t. 28, 1.S19 : m. April 4, 1844 Lucy A. 
'Idle cliildi-eii of S])i('('r and Fliza were — 
71(;. Klizabcth Funice.' b. — . l,S2o : d. May 22, 1851;); m. 
Apr. 2'S, bS5o p](bnund ('. Ferrec."" b. in 
Middletown, Nov. 11. bs21: d in Middle- 
town. Apr. 11. ISDl : ,-hil. Charles F. 
Ferree.M.. Mar. 2s, 1 s54. d. bs54 : Marv W. 
Kenve.Mi. April 20. lS5r). m. dune o.'lSDl 
Fdwai'd M. Liiieoln of Middletown. Conn.: 
Charles W. Kerree.'^ b. Afar 1, bs57, in. 1. 
N.iv. 24, ISSO Ma,u-gie Crirhu-'"-Avlio d dune 
K). isst), (ciiil. Ciliarles F. Ferree.'' b. Mar. 
12. 1SS2: Wni. \\. Ferree,'' b. dune 16, 
issii, d. dune n;. iss'.)): m. 2, May l:'.. 1891 
Carrie I). Worthingtoii of Portland. Conn. 
717. Charles,' b. — , 1S25; d Jan. 25, ls;j,s. 

*Son of Elisha Ferree, b. in Springfield, JIass , June 24, irsii : d. Auj;- 8, 1848 : m. Aug. 
•,'5, ISir Cliloe Eggleston. h. in :\ri(Ulleto\vn, May 8, 17'9S : d, Apr. ■,'(!. 18HS 

**T)aiigliter of Rieliard Griffin, b. in Ireland, Mar. e.^, 1«14 : i\. Sept. (5, 1888 ; m. Aug. 
It.'. 1M3 :\lai-,v Meaney. b. in Ireland .\\ig. 4. ]8i'.3 : d. .Jan. 10, 188:1 


Tls. t^Teorge,' b. June oO, Ls28 ; in. 1, Dec. U. ls:,'2 ^[aliel 
M. ^[uiiger; lu. 2, Oet. -!4, isiil Laura J. 

719. Ellen J./ 1). Dee. 10, 1829; d. Dec Ml. 1829. 

720. AVilliani F.,' b. — , 1832 : d. Nov. 11, ls:,4. 

721. tHeury S.,' b. Mar. 21, ls;U: m. Mar. 20, \>s^o Rebecca 

M Lucas. 

722. Ellen J.,' 1). Feb. — , 1887: d. Feb. 15, 1888. 

723. ]\raria Ct.,' b. Dec. o, 1841 ; d. Isl^y 27, l8S4 ; m. Dec.' 24, 

1861 Cliauncey C. Cornwell, b. Oct. 18, 1889 
in Middletown, son of Harvey D. and Olive 
(Ilurlburt) Cornwell; chil. Alice \\. Corn- 
well,'^ b. Dec. 28, 18(32, ni. June 19, 188(.) 
Georo-e K. Davis, b. Mav 25, 1859 in New- 
ark. N. J., son of Charles B. D. and Eliza- 
beth (Bonnell) Davis ; (chil Ethel C. Davis,"' 
b. June 18, 1887); Gertie L. CornwelV' b. 
July 24, 18H5 in Hartford, Conn. 


Alaxsox Leoxakd," [Jonas,'' Nathan,^ Samuel^^ iSamiiel,'' 
Solomov}) brother of the [)reeeding, was b. May 5, 1797 ; rn. 
April 29, 1823 Flavia ]\itch. He resided in Wortliington, 
Mass., where he d. Fel). 18, 1882 ; his widow was still living- 
there in 1887. 

Their children were — 

724. Levi," b. Jan. 10, 1825 ; d. Julv 27, 1^48. 

725. Electa,' b. April 21, 1827; d — , 1883: ni. — . Wni. 

. 72(1 Wealthy," 1). Jan. lo, bs29 : d Jan. 29, 18(38 ; ni. — , 
Leonard Loom is. 

727. Betsey,' h. Sept. (3, 1881 : d. Sept. 13, 1884. 

728. All:»ert E.,' 1). .Jan. 12, 1X8(3: living in Wasliington 

Territ(_)rv in 1885 ; unmarried. 

729. Laura,' b. Jan. I,"l838; ni. May 14, 18(35 Solomon 

Parsons Clapp, 1). Mar. 17, 1837: son of 
AVm. N. Chi})]). 

730. Caroline,' b. May 17, 1839 : m. May — , 18(3(3 


731. David M.,' b. Nov. 25. Is41 : resides in AVoi'tliington ; 


732. Eunice D.,' 1). Se^it. 7. 1844: d. June 10, 1848. 
783. Lucv E.,' b. Au--. 7. bs45: d. .lune 29. 1848. 



James Gaius LeoxaiM)/' {Jonas!' Nat/ian,^ Samuel^ Sam- 
ueK~ !<olomun})\m)\}i\Q.x oi the preceding, was 1). Fel). 28, 1<S(J0 ; 
m. Sept. 2'S, 1824 Huldali rairbanks,1j. Mar. 23, 1.SU4, dau. 
of David and Anna (Eoberts) Fairbanks of Middletown, Ct. 

He was a painter by trade and resided in Middletown, wliere 
he d. Fel). 1(». ISC.I) : his widow d. Mar. 14, ISTU. 
Their eliihlren were — 

734. Harriet Amelia,' b. Apr. 14, 1826 ; rn. Oct. 6.- 1847 

James F. Carter, Ij. Sept. 24, 1821 ; chil. 
Maria L. Carter,'^ b. Aug. 1, 1848 ; Clarence 
L. Carter,'^ b. Nov. 14 1849, m. June 10, 
1875 Abbie S. Douglass ; Marv E. Carter,^ 
1). Mav 31, 1852, m.'jan. 31, 1874 William 
G-. Newell ; Clara L. Carter,^' l). May 6, 1867, 
m. Sept. 26, 1888 George W. Davis. 

735. Edwin Ilenrv,' 1). Dec. 16, 1828 ; d. Nov. 26, 1829. 
73<). Ann Maria,' b. Jan. 21, 1829 : d. June 1, 1875 : m. 

April 14, 1847 Charles Hamilton. 
737. Albert Judd,' b. June 25, 1833 ; d. Dec. 26, 1833. 


Baktlett Leonard,'' {Levi^' Nathan,^ Samuel^' Sconuelr iSolo- 
mon,^) eldest son (.)f Levi and Kezia (Benjamin) Leonard, was 
b. in Worthington, Mass., May 17, 1788: m. 1, May 9. Lsl5 
Hannah Cha})man (dau. David Chajniian), 1). Nov. 17, 17'^/, in 
Pittsiield, Mass., who d. Nov. 28, 1848; and he m. 2, Aj.r. 23, 
1850 Mrs. Elizabeth (Woodrulf) AVakeman of Elba, N. Y., 
who d. June, 1859: and he m. 3, ^h\y 7. ls(;8 Amelia Bcatty, 
who d. — , 1872. 

He with his father removed from Massachusetts in 1815, 
traveling by means of teams all the way, and scttk'd in AVil- 
liamsheld, 0., at a time wlien his nearest ncigbbor was a mile 
and a quarter distant, and when the country was so new that 
it is related that (.)n one occasi(_>n when he was absent from 
home his wife was obliged to go out in the middle of the night 
to drive a\va\' a bear wIk^ was trying to steal a pig iwnn the 
])ig-pcii. Sab, had to be carted from Syracuse, N. Y., 1\v 
team a,ii<l the lii'st barrel he and his father bought cost lifteen 
dollars. He l)uib the first framed house in the township. He 
was a farmer and held the esteem and conlidence of his fellow 
citi/.cns, as is cNudenced by the fact that he was gi\-en the 
oni(;e of town trcasni'cr foi' a lonu' term of vears : was also one 


of the officers of the school district for iiiaiiv \'ears. lie d. 
June — , IS To. 

The chilthvn of Ixirth'tt and Ilaiinali were — 
73s. fAlvan B.,' b. May 4. ISK; : d. Apr. 11, IS?:): m. 

Julv 4. LS3S Eniehne Bkiek. 
780. Francis,' h. ^tav 25, 1817 ; d. Auu-. 5, 1820. 
74(1. :\Iihon G..' I). 'May 20, 1821: d.' Ang. 29, 1845: m. 
Sept. 14," 1842 Lvdia Sanford who d. Mar.. 
1844: liad one child b. l84o, d. at six 
months of ai;-e. lie was a fai'iner. 

741. Lucy Ann,' b. July 14, 1S22 ; d. Dec. 28, 1866 : ni. 

Mar., 1848 Salmon CI. ^fack : had h>nr 

742. Charlotte Emma.' b. Aug. 27, 1824: m. 1. Jan. 14, 

1848 Lyman H. Phelps, who d. — , 1852 : 
had Lucius Phe]])S'-. 

m. 2. — . John yi. Barnes : four chihlren. 
748. fDaniel W.,' b. Oct. 1, 1881: m. Feb. 28, 1851 Eliza 
W. Reed. 


Levi LE0XAKi)."(Z^e?/7V^ Nathan.^ Samuel^ Samuel^- Solomon}) 
brother of the preceding-, wash, in Worthinoton, Mass., Auu'. 

22, 1798: m. Dee. 11. i8l7 Lucretia B. Pahuer, b. Fel). 16, 
1798, dau. of Gilbert and Pid)a (Coatts) Palmer of Connecticut. 

He was a farmer and resided in the house which his father 
had made his li(jme in Williamsheld and which is still occupied 
bv his descendants. He d. Fel). 23. 1879 : liis wife dieil A}ir. 

23. 187L 

Their children were — 

74L Harriet Newell.' b. Aug. 28, ISLs : d. Aug. 24, 1S18. 

745. Giles Nelson,' 1). Apr. 3, 1821 ; d. Oct. 7, 1884. 

746. Sumner,' b. Apr. 26, 1828 : d. Apr. 26, ls23. 

747. Nathan Gilbert,' b. Nov. 22, 1824 : m.— . 

748. Noyes Franklin,' b. June 2H, 1827: m. — . 

749. Levi," b. Oct. 7, ls2'.i ; (L Dec. 18, 1856: unmarried. 

750. Lucretia,' b. (Jet. 7. Is21» : d. June 29, 1830. 

751. Julia Maria.' b. Dec. 17. 1882 : m. Sept. 18, 1S54 

Jolin Bush of Williamsfield. 


AsAHEL Le()XAR1),''' {Levi'' Nathan} Samuel} Samuel} Solo- 
mon}) brother of the preeedino-, was 1). in Hinsdale, Mass.. Oct. 
<5, 1805: m. Jan. 1, 1828 PoUv Touroee, b. Julv 22, 180S in 


Tjringliani, Mass., (dan. of Valentine and Kebeeea (R(.)l)bins) 

lie was a farmer and resided in Hinsdale for a nnniloer of 
vears and then renKJved to AVilliamsiield, 0., where he (L Jniie 
25, 1881. '' He was one of the ten who voted the first anti- 
slavery ticket in his township." 

The children oi Asaliel and Pollv vrere — 

752. Kozilla Viena,' b. Sept. 27, 1829 Tni. 1, Ang. 17, 1848 

James W. Hnntlev who d. 1889 ;"had AVal- 
lace T. Hnntlev,^ >). Sept. 4, 1849, m. Dec, 
1867 Jnlia Stnrdevant, (chiL Mabel Hnnt- 
lev,' b. Mar. 24, 1«72, m. Apr., 1890 Charles 
Wolcott, [chil. Dnrward AVolcott,^^ ],_ ^^y_ 
1, 1890]); Plenrv Hnntlev;'^ b. Jnlv 6, 1877 : 
m. 2, Dec. 8, 18'76 Erwin IMack. 

753. fSnmner Levi,' b. Jan. 27, LSo4; m. Jnl}- 17, 1858 

Maria L. Heath. 

754. Abbie Janette.' b. Jan. 7, 1839; d. Mar. 8, 1873; m. 

Mav 1, 1861 Noi-ris T. Phelps; liad P]ddie 
Phelps,^ b. 1872, d. Dec, 1872; Mabel C. 
IMielj.s,^ b. A[ar. 1, 1873, d. Dec 13, 1885. 

755. f Cvrus Tonro-ee,' 1». Anu'. 13, 1845 ; m. 1, Apr. 25, 

1869 M. Lonzi' Phillips; m. 2, Feb. 21, 1878 
Mrs. Nettie H. Statfonl ; m. 3, :Mav 9, 1889 
llattie E. McMott. 


Ly^iax Leoxajmi,'' {LevlJ' Ndthan,^ S-urifKil,'^ Sarnud^' Solo- 
7non,^) brother of the preceding, was b. May 11, 18(»7, probably 
in Hinsdale, Mass.; m. Aug. 28, 1882 Lorena Black, b. near 
Bnffalo, N. Y., dan. of Aivl'iibnld'^ and Mercy (Slieldon) Black 
of Massadmsetts. M(.)st of Ids early life was jiassed in AVil- 
liamsheld, 0., (whei'c his father settled when Lyman was abont 
se\'ei) veai's old); here he maiTied and resided h)]- a time wlien 
he went to A'ernoii, the Iiouk.' of his wife's jiarents, later remov- 
ing from ther(_' to Wavne near Williamslield, and where he d. 
ALiv 6. 1873 : his widow resides with her voniigei' daughter in 
Warren, 'rrumbnll (_'o., ()hio. 
Their chijilren were — 
7.'.i;. Loretta,' b. Sept. 11, 1834; m. Feb. 2(), 1855 S. H. 
Coyle of C()miecticut who d. in Boston. — , 
18?2 ; chil. Lvnian CoyU'.M). A[ar. 3, 1856,, 

*In 1810 Mr. Blaclc removed from Jlassachusetts and settled near Buffalo, from wlience 
he removed in 1815 to Trumbull Co., O., where the remainder of his life was passed. 


111. Ma\- 1. lSS;-5 Alice v.. BlmiT (cliil. l.oix'iia 
B. Covle,'-'!). Oc-t. — , IbS.j : Ilowni'd L. Covle.'' 
b. Alio-. — , 18SS). 
7^)7. Carrie." 1). Ort. ' l;:!. 1S87 : m. Aiil:'. 2(). lsr>(; \l A. 
Baldwin of Xcw Jersey, who d. Dee. '22. 
1890; had Howard Baldwin.''^ 1). Dee. 11. 
185y, m. Oet. 21', 1884 Marv L. Thomas: 
Lucy L. Baldwin," 1). Dee. 28.' l8(io. ni. (ieo. 
A. Jaekson, (eliil. Charles Jackson.'' Frank 
Jaekson'-'); Blanche E. Baldwin,^!. Sept. Is. 
. • 18(>8 : Danna 11. Baldwin. M.. Aug. 8, lS7(i 


Willia:\[ F. Leoxakd,''' (Sirneo)!.'' Xuthan,^ Samuel^ Samuel,- 
S(jlomon}) son of Simeon and Espery (Collins) Leonard, was b. 
in Worthington.' Mass.. Feb. 18. 1801 : m. 1. Jan. (i. l82o 
Marv S. C." Everett, b. Jan. 7, 18(»7. dau. of Andrew and 
Betsey (Everett) Everett of AVorthington. She d. July 20. 
18o2,"and lie m. 2, An-'. 12. 1853 Mrs.^ Charlotte (Tyh.-r) Miner 
who d. Nov. 18, 1874, and he m. 3, June 8, 1881 Mi's. Ehuira 

The greater part of his life was spent in the town of his birth : 
for tliirteen years after he was married he resided in Middle- 
lield. removing from there to the farm in AVortliington on 
which he resided until the time of his death, which occurred 
while on a visit to his daughter in Cummington, June H, 18,s8. 
His widow is still living. 

The children of AVilliam F. and Mary were^- 

758. fCharles Collins.' b. Aug. lU. l82(i : m. Se])t^ 1. I.s52 

Anna Molloolv. 

759. Mary II.,' b. Eel). 24. 1.S28 : m. ]^Iar. 29, l<s51 William 

Thomjison of Cummington. ^lass. : had 
Bertha I. Thompson,^'' 1). July 1. isiil. m. 
July 24. 1884 Charles B. Atwood who d. 
Mav 17, 1890. (chil. Wm. T. Atwood.'-' b. 
Mar. 24, 188H): Ina ^\. Thoni})Son.M). Sei>t. 
7. 18(14, m. Jan. 1, 1889 George Xeedham 
of New Braintree, Mass.. who d. Jan. 17. 
1891. (chil. Geo. AVm. Needham.'' b. Jan. 
14, 1890). ^[rs. Thompson resides in 
Brookfield. Mass. 
7(50. Julia,' b. Alar. 3. 1830: ni. Aj.r. 9. 1841» AVm. S. 
Johnson of Chester. Alass. : had Helen M. 
John.son." b. July Is. l>5(i. d. Feb. 14. 


1851 ; Florence E. Jolnison,^'* b. Apr. 1, 
1853, m. Dec. 14, 1875 H. A. Tolerton, 
(cliil. Wm. W. Tolerton,^ b. June 10, 1878 ; 
Eavniond H. Tolerton,^ b. July 7, 1880, d. 
July 17, 1887 ; Charles Tolerton," b. Aug. 
18, ■'1882 ; Earl Tolerton,^ b. Aug. 11, 1884; 
Lucy F. Tolerton,'' 1). Jan. 2(3, 1887); Wni. 
A. Johnson/ 1). May 5, 1855, ni. June 14, 
1880 Elniira Entrican(chil. Leali F. Jolnison," 
1). Ai)r. 30, 1883); Mary H. Johnson,^ b. 
Apr. 2, 1.S57, ni. Sei^t. 26, 1878 E. G. Under- 
wood,' (chil. Maud J. Underwood;" b. Sept. 
13, 1879): Julia, E. Johnson,*^ b. Mai-. 21, 
1.S61, ni. Aug. 13, 1877 Geo. P. Lee, (chil. 
Wm. N. Lee?'' b. June 2, 1880) ; Oelia E. 
Johnson,^ 1). June 8, 1864; Mabel AV. 
Johnson,'"* b. Jan. 8, 1871. 

761. Maria,' b. Mar. 2, 1832; d. Mar. 17, 1887; ni. Nov. 
17, 1855 Bradford S. Mason of Cuniming- 
ton ; had Bridgnian C. Mason, M). Nov. 14, 
1856, m. Sept. 10, 1879 Chira Olnistead 
(chil. Clvde Alason,'' b. Apr. 14, 1881). 

7(32. fWillinm,' 1). May 21. 1834; m. Oct. 11, 1S(;5 FIva E. 

763 t Andrew Simeon,' b. July 3, 1836; m. Jan. 9, 1S62 
Esther Munson. 

7(34. Achsie,' b. Oct. 6, 1838; m. Mar. 18, 18()3 Francis 

Streeter, of Cunnnington ; had Harry 

■ . Streeter,M). Nov. 20, 18(35; Abcc Streeter,* 

b. Apr. 1, 1870 ; iVmy Streeter,** b. Aug. 5, 

1871 ; Ralpli Streetei-,* b. Apr. 3, 1875. 

7(35. tllevuy Harrison,' b. Oct. 25. 1S4(); m. Dec. 2s, 1861 
Eunice Getchcl. 

7(;6. Cynthia,' b. Nov. 25, 1843; m. Oct. (3, lS(i7 All)ert 
Bacon, of BriniHeld. ]^Iass. ; had Gertie 
J'>acon,M). July 19, lS(i,S ; Geo. Bacon,'" b. 
Auo-. 27, I8(i9'; Clarence Bacon,** 1). Dec. 4, 
1871; Ruth Bacon,'M). Aug. 21, 1874; Grace 
Bacon,* b. Apr. 27, l'S78 ; Jane r>acoii,^ It. 
May 27, 188(\ 

7()7. Jane E.,' 1). May 17, lS4(i; m. Oft. 15, isii? Peter 
Brown, of North Pownah \'t. 

7(')'^. ArtlmrC.,' b. June 1(1, 1S52; d. Jnlv (i, 1853. 



Chaklks Fi;ankijn \jVa)'S\\'A)!' [Simeon:' Xntliait,^ Sam>icl'^ 
Samvel,- tSolomou,^ ) ^rothci- of ilic preceding, was b. in Wortli- 
iiigton Oct. 25, iSnT ; m. 1, Mni'. 5. 1884 Eunice lliggins, dau. 
of Barney and Abigail { I'l-cnticc) lliggins, of Cliestei", Mass., 
who d. Oct. 18, 18oi». and lie m. 2. in' Albany, Ang. 1, 18(;;-5, 
Mrs. Cldoe A. •(Cliapman ) Piatt, dau. of Jolm and Abuii'a, 
(Webster) Cluqnnan (.>[ Stej»liento\vn, N. Y. He resided in 
Washington, Peru, and North Chester, Mass.; d. Aug. oO, 
18(j(l ilis wi(h)w resides in North Chester. 

The ehihh'en of Charles F. and Kuniee were — 
7iVX Kdward W..' 1). Feb. 28, 1839: d. Jidy 10. 1848. 
77(». Edwa.rd \V.,' b. Aug. 21, 1844; ni'. Feb. 7, bsiw 
Fallen Snow, (hiu. of Christopher and (Ji-phah 
(Sani])son) Snow, of Chester; no chihb'en. 

771. Lucinda Funice.' b. A^ray t), Lsr)0; d Dec. 27. bs7i» ; 

ni. Apr. 4, 1867 Stihnan Ira Uhls, son of 
Stihnan and Wealthy (Johnson) Olds, of 
Middlefleld; had Cliarles F. Olds,'^ b. Ai)r. 
15, 1870, d. Feb. 18, 1872; Ella 01d.s'~^ b. 
Mar. 5, 1873. 


;Milton Duane Leoxahi),'' {Simeon;' Xathau,^ Samuel,^ Sam- 
uel," Solomo7i,^) son of Simeon and Cynthia (Moore) Ijeonard, 
was b. in Worthington, Dec. 27. 1818 ; m. A})r. 2, 1889 
Eintdiue Olds, b. in Aliddletield, Mass., July 81, IsKj, dau. 
of Justus Olds (b. in Southwiek, Mass., Oct. 17. 1777), and 
P(.)lly (Looniis) Olds, (b. in Southwiek, Aug. 4, 1779). He 
has resided in Middleheld and Chester, ^; is now li\'ing 
in North Granbv, Conn. 

Their children w^ere — 

772. Frances," b. Aug. 25, ls42 ; ni. Aug. 28, bS()2 Win- 

throp J. Bends." b. May 2, 1841 in Chester; 
liad .Vnnie M. Bends,** b. May 5, 18(3(), m. 
Se])t. 15, 188H Z. Charles Clajtp of Sprinu'- 
iield, (chil. IIonuM- Z. Clapp,'' b. Jnlv 19, 
1887); Jessie W. Bemis,-'* b. Oct. 14, 1868 ; 
Frank L. Bemis.'^ b. Julv 21, 1870; Char- 
lena Beniis,M). Jan. 14, 1878; Wilfred W. 
Bernis,'^ b. Mar. 15, 1884. 

*Son of Joshua Bemis, b. July 3, 180G, d. Sepi. Hi, 1880, and Jlaiy (Clark) fietiiis, I). 
May r, 1809, d. Sept. 13, 186(3. 


778. Georo-r II.,' b. ^rarcli 29. 1S44: d. Jan. 22, 1847. 

774. Merrirk Dwio-ht,' h. l)cc._2, LS49 ; d. Dec. 13. LS73 ; 

111. May o<J. ls<2 Julia A. Moore, daii. of 
Goodman and Charlotte (Gladden) Moore of 
Gi'anville, Mass. 


Lewis D. Leoxard," {Simeon,^ Nathan.,^ Samuel,^ Saniuel," 
Solomnn^^) Ijrotlier of the preceding, was b. in Middleiield, 
Mass., Dee. 23, 1820; ni. 1, Nov. 22, 1846 at Bloomfield, 
Conn., Mary M. Griswold, dan. of Jazler and Jolianna (Morris) 
Griswold of Bloomfield, b. Feb. 21, 1829, who d. at Cliicopee, 
Mass., Oct. 30, 1876, and lie m. 2, June 5, 1877 at Chicopee 
Elizabeth L. AVaite, dan. of Henry and Rhoda (Bowers) Waite 
of Chicopee. 

He resided in Bloomfield, North Chester, Mass., and Chico- 
])ee where he d. Nov. 21, 1882 ; his widow d. in Chicopee, 
June 23, 1883. 

The cliildren of Lewis D. and Marv were — 

775. Cynthia M.,' b. Sept. 14, 1847 ; m. July 7, 1879 Edwin 

Phelps, h. July 4, 1854 in Westfield, Mass.; 
resides in Holyoke, Mass. 
77(1 Alice A.,' h. Sept. 16, 1850 ; in. — , George Drurv. 

777. Lewis W.,' b. May 16, 1859; d. Aug. 29,'~1876. 


Na^:han Leonard,'' (J/ysM,''' Moses,^ Muses, ^ Ju/nt,~ jSolomon,'^) 
eldest son of Moses and Rhoda (Smith) liconard, was 1). in 
Warwick, Mass., Aug. 5, 17()3: m. .Jan. 15, 1797 ^lartlia 
Stearns, T). in Worcester Sept. 8, 1773, dan. of Ebenezer and 
Mai'tha (llolln'ook) Stearns. He resided in Warwick, where 
he d. July 18, 1833. His widow d. May 9, 1862. 
Their cliildren were — 

778. Nathan,' b. June 11, 1798 ; <1. Auo-. 8, 1801, (Auu-. 9, 

1801 ?). 

779. Martha llollm.ok.' b. Jan. 21, 1800 ; d. Feb. 5, 1847; 

m. (pub. June 25, 1822,) Joshua T. Sanger; 
had William Bentley Sanger,^ b. Nov. 11, 
1828; Charles Townscnd Sanger,^ b. Aug. 
14, 1833 ; Joshua Leonard Sanoer,'^ b. Aug. 
3, 1835. 

780. A daughter, b. June 25, bS02 ; d. June 26, 1802. 

781. E.xpericnce,' b. May (i, lso4; d. Aug. 2, 1804. 


7(S2. Experience." li. Jan. 'k LS(I7: d. Jul\- IS, lss2: m. 
NoA-. 5. 1821) Daniel Ilasliii-'s. li. Jan. 22. 
, 1807, (1. ]May S, l,ss^. ( son of Isaac): had 
Nathan Leonard Hastings," 1). ,lidy s, l,s;:!o, 
Samuel Hastino's.*^ 1). Feh. 1, ls;!7: ni. N()\'. 
10, 1859 Helen'E. AVitherell. li. .Ian 7. ls4i>. 
in Mansfield, Mass. ^Iv. and Mi-s. Samu.'l 
Plastings have rendered most \alualilc assist- 
ance in tracing the AVarwick Leonards. 
78o. Harriet,' b. June L 18(»8: d July ;-51, Ls2L 
7SL Klmina,' 1). Feh. 2(>. Lsli : d. .Mar. 8. 1887: m. Jnnr 
7, 1837) Jonathan Gale ; had Jonathan (iard- 
ner Gale,« b. Sept. 24. 1841. 

785. Sarah.' b. Feb. 28, 1818: d Jan. 12. 1852. 


Abraham Leonard,*' {Moses-' Moses,^ ilJoses,^ Johnr Solo- 
mon,^) brother of the precediuiz', was 1). in Warwiclc. Mass., 
July 8. 1771: m. (pub. Feb. 'is, 17ii5) Hannah Hill. He 
resided in AVarwick until 181(J. wlien he removed to iiouses 
Point, N. Y.. where he d. Fel). 17, 1857. 

The childi-en of Abraham and Hannah were — 

786. Polly,' b. Mar. 14. 17i»5 ; d. Dec. 27. ls27 : m. — . 

Asa Fair])ank. 

787. Abraham,' b. Nov. Ill, 171»S: (h Aul;'. 12. Is77: ni. 

— , Hicks. 

<88. Hannah,' b, Jan. 27. 1801: d. Feb. 8. 1861: m. — . 
Moses Yale. 

789. Barnard,' b. Mar. 12, 18(18: <1. Oct. 1. 1805. 

790. Dwio-ht,' 1). Apr. 28, I8n5 ; d. Aj.r. 9, 18Tt5. 

791. f Barnard,' b. Mav 15, 1807: d. Nov. 18. Issl ; ,,1. 

Oct. 21, 1844 Alta Peny. 


Caleb Leonard," [MosesJ' Mo-'<es} Moses:' John^- ^Solumon}) 
brother of the preceding, was b. in Warwick. Mass., Se})t. 24. 
1780: m. May 28, 1805 Tiiphena (ioddard of N. Orange. 
• Mass., b. June 2. 1787. Pie was a shoemaker by trade and 
resided in Champlain. N. Y., where lie d. Jan. 5. ls(')4: his 
Avidow d. June 2(). 1871. 

Their children wei'e — 

792. fMoses,' b. Dec. 81. 1805: nr Nov. — . Is82 Jidia 



79^]. fCarlisle-Tjler.' b. Nov. 2!), 18o7 ; d. Sept. — , l.SH(3 ; 

in. Feb. — , 1832 Miranda All)ee. 
T^U. fAsa,' b. Dec. 5, 1S()9 ; ni. Sept. 28, 1842 Harriet 

795. fDavid Mavo,' b. Jan. 2, 1812: d. Sept. lU, 188() ; ni. 

1, Oct. 23, 1847 Lv(ba Ann Walker ; m. 2, 

Sept. 7, 18H5 Melissa J. Rol)inson. 
79(1 fWilliam Moore," b. Oct. 19. 1814; d. Jan. 24, 1889; 

m. Jan. 3, 1844 Eliza Ann Wilcox. 

797. fOrrin AVoodward,' b. Sei)t. 21, 181H ; m. July 4, ls41 

Anrilla Castle. 

798. Lovisa Amelia,' Ix July 14, 1818: m. Jan. 29, 1839 

Omi'i Smith, son of Epliraim and Lydia 
(Marten) Smitli. 

799. Lucy Triphena,' b. Nov. 19. 1.S20 : d. Jan. 12, 1824. 
8<)<i. fCaleb Austin,' b. Mar. 21, 1823 : m. 1, June 28, 1855 

Lucinda M. Johnson ; m. 2, Nov. 12. 1861 

C(_)rnelia Allen, 
.sol. Lucena Triplieua,' I). May 2(), 1825 : m. Dec. 23, 1845 

Gilbert Smitli, son of Calel^ and Naomi 

(Ano-el) Smith ; chil. Nathan Smith,*^ 1). Oct. 

1, 1847; Lillian E. Smith,M). Sept. 5, 18(U, 

d. Nov. 19, 1881 : resides in Chaniplain, 

N. Y. 
802. Polly Elvira.' b. Dec. 31, 1828 : m. Sept. 24. 1846 

Edwin Smith, son of Caleb and Naomi 

(xVngel) Smith. 
S(»3. Nathan,' b. Jan. 27, 1831 : d Oct. 3, 1847. 


MosES Leonard," {Sam.uel;' Moses,^ Moses,-^ John,- So'omo)i,'^) 
second son of Samuel and Silence (Rij)lev) Leonard was b. 
Feb. 9, 1771 : m. (pul). Jan. — , 1794) Lucy AVillson. 

He removed fi'om western^ Massachusetts to Canton, N. Y., 
where he d. July 21, 1849. His widow d. [March 31, 1858. 
'^rhcir childi'en were — 

804. tl^^i':iiil<li"-' !'■ — ■ 1796: d May 2<), 1825; m. — , Har- 

riet T upper. 

805. Lucy,' b. June 14, 1798; d. Dec. 3, 1835; m. Dec. 22, 

1817 xVndrew A. Crani])ton ; chil, William 
A. Cram])ton," b. July 22, 1820, d. Se])t. 22, 
lN22 : i)('mctrius Cranipt(»n.'^ b. .Vpril 25, 
bs22. d. Div. 27. issi). ui. 1, Sept. 17, 1845 
Sarah Child who d. .Iiilv 1(>, 1848, m. 2, 


July 2(i. lsr»2 Ai'villa Ilorsley who d. Nov. 
IT, 185(^, m. 8, — ; Lucius Crauiptou/ 1). 
Mar. 7, 1824, m. 1, May :>. 1S4() Sally M. 
Bi-owu who (1. Mav. 3, l<S4n. m. 2. St.']tt. IT), 
1850 Auiauila Cliamherliii. (chil. Mariou 
Cram])t(:)u,'' 1). A|ii-il IT), iSoo, ni. ^lilton 
Bentley: ]^[innie Crani[)ton,'M). Apr. 7, l8oil, 
ui. Charles Hanson; Gruy Cram|)ton.'' 1). 
Sept. H. 1.S67 : Fritz Crampton,^ b. June ~k 
1870 ): Harriet Craui])ton,-^ b. Mar. 8. lN2i), 
m. Dee. 20, ls42 Tarltou Culver, (2 ehil. :) 
Alvali Crampton,''^ b. A[ir. o, 1<S2S, ni. twice : 
Austin Crampton,** 1). (3et. 6, 1830, d. Julv 
17, 1833 : Annette Crani])ton,* b. Fel). 22, 
1833, m. Feb. 20, 1851 Thomas Baldwin. 
80(1 Silence Triphena,' b. Auo-. 11, 1800 ; d. Mar. 15, 1870 ; 
m. 1, Dee. 22, 1817 :\[ichael D. Judd ; ehil., 
Lucy R Judd.'^ 1). Dec. 17. 1818, d. Feb. 1, 
1862, rn. Feb. 3, 1841 Fdward Alexander; 
Almira Judd,'^ b. Oct. 26, 1820, d. Feb. 21, 
1872, m. John ]^[artin, (7 ehil. :) AVilliani 
Allison Judd.M). Mav 2s. 1822, ni. A])]-. 
11, 1848 Martha Axtell (ehil. :\[elinda 
Judd,» b. :\[ar. 19, 1849, d. Auo-. 4. 1875, 
m. Dec. 21^). ls7o Charles Beeknian : ^Lcliael 
Judd.-'V). Xov. 2S. LS50. ni. An--. 11. Is74 
Laura Burwell ; AEarv Judd,'' b. Jan. 11, 
1852; Zettee Ju(hl.''i;. May 31, 1.S53 : AVil- 
liam Judd.^b. Mar. 17. 1855 ; Nathan Judd,'' 
b. Dec. 27, l.S(;4 ): :\Iiranda Judd,M). Julv 
3. 1824, rn. Apr. 11, 1848 Ezekiel Starks, (3 
ehil.;) B Franklin Judd,M). Apr. 9. Is2(), 
ni. Jan. Is. 1,S49 Emilv Averill, (ehil, (hiu. 
b. Apr. 20, LS51; Charles A. Judd,Mj. xVus. 
2(». 1S53, d. Jan. 5. 1861, Roselinda L Judd^" 
b. ^[av 13, isiio, m. Xov. 29, 1876 Georo-e 
Davis; [ehil, Willie G. Davis.^" b. Dec. 18, 
1878, d. Feb. 28. ls8<l; Leona Davis. i" b. 
:\[ar. 5, 1880; Ciini-lcs llcurv Davis."' b. 
April 9, 1882: Kov Davis.'M). June 11, 
1884] ; Nettie M. Judd.'' b. Feb. 1, 1863, in. 
Dec. 15, 1886 Alonzo Kood; Franklin B. 
Judd,'-'b. Oct. 2(x 1865: Theodore W. Judd,'' 
b. June 19. ls(>s ): Lorenzo G. Judd.'^ b. 


Aug. 28, 1828, d. Jan. 10, 1821» ; Marv E. 
Jacld,^ b. June 16, 1880, d. Julv 9, 1831 ; 
Moses L. Jud(l,« b. Mav 15, LS82, m. Dec. 
25, 1855 Sylvia Hatliawcly, (4 diil.); Delia 
E. Judd,*^ h. Sept. 3, 1831, \n. Dee. 18. 1852 
Walter Lowry, (4 chil.); John S. Jndd,^^ b. 
Aug-. 29, 1837, ni. Harriet Gowner. 
vn. 2, — , AVait. 

807. fChristopher AVillson,' b. June 30, 1803; d. Feb. 25, 

185<J ; m. 1, Mar. 19, 1828 Laurinda AA^ins- 
low; m. 2, Mar., 1843 Mrs. Lorena (Dimick) 

808. fMoses,' b. Apr. 14, 1S()5 ; d. Sept. 10, 1888; m. 1, 

Se})t. — , 1827 Lucina Thornton : in. 2, May 
25, 1837 Semantha Hamilton. 

809. fAVilliam." 1). Apr. 7, 1809 ; ui. 1, Sept. 4, 1833 Almira 

Axtell; ni. 2, Nov. 21, 1841 Alary M. 
<slO. fAlvah,' I). Auo-. 5, Lsll ; d. Nov. 8, 1878; in. 1, Oct. 
21, 1830 Al)io-ail Axtell; m. 2, May 11, 
1840 Lois AVilTis. 


Beflah \jKoy: a^d^^' {Samnd.;' Moses^^ Afoses,^ John," Solomon,^) 
dauuhter of Samuel and Silence (Ri]^lev) Leonard, was b. in 
AA^arwiek, Mass., May 3, 1773; m. Feb. 25, 1798 William 
ColJ) of Warwick ; d. Mar. 12, 1864. Mr. Cobb was the first 
})()stmaster of AVarwick and held the (office nearly fifty years — 
from 1803 until his death -June 10, 1853. 

The children of Beulah and AVilliam Cobb were — 
811. Sophronia Cobb,' b. Nov. 24. 1798; d. June 21, 
1888 : m. Mar. 4, 1821 Amory ^Nlavo of 
AA^arwick; had Amory :May(v' b. 'l821, 
d. in infancy ; Amory Dwight Mayo,^ b. 
Jan. 31, 1823 (a ]iromincnt ehn-gymaii of the 
U*nitarian denomination, m. l,,Iuly 2S, 1846 
Sarah G. Edgarton of Shirley Adl'hige. m. 2, 
June 6, 1853 Luey G. Ghirk of New 
Brigliton, Penn.); Frances Sophronia Mayo,^ 
b. j'uly 13, 1S24, m. Dec-. 1, 1844 George 
Cheeseboi'o ; Caroline Angusta Mayo,^ b. 
Jnlv 31, 1<S2(). d. Ort. 12,^1854. m. Jan. 2, 
l.s,-)4 Bev. Frederir A. Tennv of Gill. 
S12. (^liarlesChurehCobb,'b. An^'. 12, 1800;' d. .Ian. 2, 1801. 


818. Semira Col)l.,' 1). Fd). 10, 1802; cl. Feb. 1, Isoi). 
814. Serotia C(^l)l./ 1). .ALar. 2(), 18<>4; d. Apr. 28, 1804. 
81."). Charles Churcli Col)!).' b. June 2, 1805 ; d. siiiee 18(30 ; 

111. (i»ul). KeV). ('., 1S80) Sarah A. ^riiaver; 

liad Wdliaiii Cobb;-^ b. Dec. 9, 18;]<», d. An--. 

1, 1880; Semira Ann Cobb,'^ V). Sept. 1, 
1832; Charles Win. Cobb,« b. A].ril 18, 
183"), d. Apr. 27, 187U ; Samuel J.eonard 
Cob1),Mj. July 18, 1840, d Sept. 4, lS4o ; 
(ieoro-e Sumner Cobb,''^ b. ]\[ar. 7, 1.S42, d. 
Feb. 1, 1848 ; Geora'e Burt Cobb,'^ b. Feb. s^ 

■ 1844. 


Peter Ripley Leonard," {Samuel/' Moses,^ Moses,^ Johv,~ 
Solo7non,^) brother of the preeedinf>-, was born in Warwick, 
Mass., Aug. 29, 1776 ; m. May 4, 1799 Anna Eich. b. Oct. 14, 
1781, dan. of Thomas and ^lillicent (Conant) ]licli of Sliore- 
ham, Yt. 

Early in the present century he removcil to Northern New 
York where he was afterwards followed by several of his 
brothers and sisters; at tliat time there were hardly more than 
half a dozen families in all that region, lie settled hrst in 
Canton, afterwards removing to Pierpont where he resided 
until liis death, June 9, 1857. His widow d. Jan. 5, ls7(» at 
the same ])lace. 

Their children were — 

81(1 fJohn S.,' b. Apr. 13. 18(X) : d. Jan. 18, 1^72: m. 
Julv 8, 1S22 Abigiiil Olmstead. 

817. fl^orus,' b. Aug. (i, ISOl ; d. Apr. 21, 18(3(1; m. 1, 

April 5, 182(» Luraiie Axtell ; m. 2, Feb. 
18. 1888 Almira Lang(h)n. 

818. Iliram,' b. June 20, 1808 ; m. 1. — , Almira Teal : iii. 

2, — , Mrs. Keith ; in. 8, — :\[rs. 

Emilv Marshal. 

819. Moulton N.," iC A])r. 27. lso5 : d. Api'. 7, 1S1<). 

820. Loretta,' b. June 27, bso7 ; d. Apr. 22, Ls;34 ; m. Jan. 

(3, bs25 (Jalvin Hall of Canton, N. Y.. wlio 
(1. Jan. 15. ]S51: .■hil. ('larissa C. IIall.M>. 
Dec. IS. 1825, d. Aim-, lo. bs59. m. Jan. 
], 1850 (Till)ert Clark, of Cham|)ion, N. Y., 
(ehil. Mary E. Chirk.'' b. Od. 2s. lS.-,o : 
m. No\-.. Isiis ^[artiii Kliodcs, of Aiit\ver|>. 
N. Y.- Ida P). Chii-k,-' b. X,,v. I_l. 1S58. d 
Feb. 10. 1SS4. 111. Jan. 1. 1S77 Kuu'cne 


jNIowbrav, of McGraAvville. X. Y.: James 
E. Clark. -M). Aj.r. 1, 1856, d. Feb., 1877; 
Clarrie L. Clark,'' b. Jan. 20, 1859, d. A])r. 
IH, 1876); Moultoii N. IlalV' b. Jan. 16, 
1828, d. May 2, 1880; James E. Hall,^' b. 
Mar. 23, 1880, d. Apr. 30, 1882; Calneli 
R Hall,« I). Feb. 25, 1882, d. Nov., 1856, 
m. Apr. 15, 1856 Eli lioo-ers, of Antwerp, 
N. Y.; Lorette C. Ilall,'^ 1^ Mar. 7, 1835, m. 
Dee. 29, 1858 Erastus ^Y. Cross, of Ant- 
werp, N. Y. 

821. tC'liarles R.,^ b. May 29, 1809; m. Mar. 12, 1835 

Eiiniee Griffin. 

822. Christina,' b. June 6, 1811 ; d. Oct. 29, 1820. 

823. Ezra C.,' b. Dec. 18, 1815 ; d. July 30, 1832. 

824. Harry C.,' 1). Mar. 9, l-SlS ; ni. May 12, 1844 Maro-aret 


825. Aiinet,' 1). Mar. 24, 1821; d. Sept. 27, 1822. 

826. Mdlicent C.,' b. July 15, 1x23; d. Oct. — , 1886; m. 

Feb. 29, 1844 Alonzo Hale. 

827. Ann,'' 1). Oct. 13, 1825 ; d. — ; m. — , Luman Grey. 

828. fSamuel R.,' b. Jan. 29, 1828; d Apr. 22, 1877; m. 

1, Jan. 19, 1849 Anu'cline A. AYinslow ; m. 

2, — , 1857 Mrs. Martha (Parks) Maynard ; 
m.'3, Fel). — . 18(U Mary Robbins. 


Sa^iuel JjKO'SABD,^ {Samuel J' Muses,^ Moses,^ John.- Solomon,'^) 
l)rother of the preceding, was b. in Wai'wick, Jan. 19, 1782; 
m. Jan. 1804 Lucy FlorsW of Gill, b. Jan. 23, 1782. He set- 
tled in Canton, N. Y., wliere he d. Mar. '27. 1860; his wife d. 
Noy. 6, 1848. 

Their clnldren were — 

829. fBenjamin H.,M3. Nov. 19, l80(i ; d. Oct. 6. 1884; m. 

Jan. — , 1835 Susan II. Johnson. 

830. Harriet L.,' I). June 25, 1808 ; d. May (1 1877. 

831. Sarah C.,' I). Sept. 21, 1810; (k Feb. 20, 1892 ; m. 

Afar. 14, 1850 Parlin Barrows* (second wife); 
had Parlin Leonard Barrows.* b. May 22, 
1857, m. Se})t. 29. isiio Jennie E. Bowman of 
^ Littleton, N. H. 

She took ureal interest and was of much 
assistance in the compilation of these I'ccords. 

*See pafje 97'. 


;. isiii 

8S2. Eliplias A..' 1.. -luiu' 1.;^5: .1. Auo-. (;. 
833. fElipluK^ A..' 1). .lull. IS. l,s:>(): ,1. .Julv l:;, Isc.l 
Jan. 10. iS-l-t Lncv lianics. 


Fkaxcis Leonaiii).'' {Jo/iasJ' J/o-ics,'* M>ses:' Jo/mr ^Soloinon,^) 
son of Jonas and Sarah (Mason) Leonanl, was 1). in Warwick, 
Mass.. Oct. 3, 1777; m. Dec. 17, 1802. (Jan. li». 18U3 ?) Sarali 
Blake, 1). in Dorchester, Feb. IH, 1778. (hni. ol Jonathan and 
Sarali (Pierce'^) Blalce. He resided in W^irwick, where he d. 
Jan. 6, 1813: his widow d. Dec. 30, Ls7:). 
Their chihlren were — 
831:. Rebecca Bhdce,' b. Dec. 5, Isoi ; d. :\Iar. 8, l83s : ni. 
Jan. 29, 1828 Rev. Nalmni Gonld of .Mac- 
donouo-h, K Y.: cliil. Sarah L. Gould," 
Elizaloeth P. Gould.-" Xancv B. Gould," Marv 
L. Gould." 

835. fJohn," b. June 13, 180() : d. Jan. 13, 18(55: ni. ^lar. 

5, 1832 ]\Irs. Louisa (Conant) [Rajuuond] 

836. Sarah Pierce," 1). June 20, 1808: ni. May 23, 1832 

George W. Moore of Warwick, who d. Mar. 
10. 1886; chiL John A no-ell James Moore,'" 
b. -Feb. 28, 1837, d. Oct. 30, 1884 : Ellen 
Rebecca Moore,*^ b. May 15, 1839, m. Jesse 
F. Bridge ; Francis Leonard Moore,'" 1). Mar. 
24, 1843 ; " d. in the army, date and place 

837. Eunice,' b. July 20, 1814 : d. Fel). 3, 1815. 

838. Francis," b. May 13, 1816 ; d. Nov. 13, 1816. 

839. fFrant-is," b. Oct. 19, 1819 ; d. Sept. 20, 1856 : m. Fel). 

16, 1848 Lois Jane Morse. 

840. James Blake,' 1). Feb. 14, 1821 : d. Nov. 12, 1824. 


JoXAS LEOXArj),'' (Jo7ias;' Moses.^ Moses^^ John- Solomon,^) 
l)r(jther of the preceding, was 1>. in AYarwick, Sept. 3, 1784: 
m. Dec. 10, 1807 Patty^Davis, b. June 9, 1787, dan. of John 
and Margaret (Forbes) Davis of Swanzey, N. H. He li\ed in 
Warwick and d. tliere Dec. 6, 1844 ; his widow d. Am;'. 3. 

*Dau. of John and Elizabeth (Fessenden) Pierce, b. in Dorchester, Dec. 5, 1750; ni. 
Oct. 14, 1773 Jonathan Blake : d. in Warwick, Aug. 15, 1S31. 


Their chili.lreii were — 

841. Kh-ira.' 1). Oct. 21, 1808 : d. June 11, 1834. 

842. John Mason.' h. Oct. 4, 1812; cl. Dec. 10, 1829. 

848. fJonas,' b. Oct. 3, 1814 ; cl. Mar. 4, 18(35; m. Mav 1, 
1839 Elizabeth C. Croft. 

844. Hannah Davis,' b. July 27, 1818; d. Nov. 28, 1887; 

m. Mav 5, 1840 Gamaliel Cliapin of War- 
wick, who d. May 19, 1888 ; had Sarali A. 
Cha])in,''^ 1;>. Jnh' 2H, 1841, ni. Dwia'ht John- 
son : James M.' Chapin,'* b. Dec. 28^ 1842, d. 
Apr. 30, 18(i3, (in ^larine Hospital, New 
Orleans. :\[ember of Co. H., 53d Reg., M. 
V. ^r. ): Mariette Clia])in,'^ b. Oct. 6, 1845; 
Mai'tha Chapin,'^ b. Mar. 25, 1848, m. John 
Perry; Charl<)tte M. Chapin,^^ b. Mar. 20, 
1850: A^iola F. Chapin,^ b. June 6, 1852, 

m. Miller; Lenora Chapin,'"' b. Oct. 

18. 1857, m. Frank Stock^yell. 

845. -lames Parsons,' 1). Se^it. 19, 1825; d. June 11, 1830. 


Joel Leoxahd.'' (Francis'^ Moses ^ Moses:'' John'^ Sulomo-n}) 
son of Francis and Abigail (Simonds) Leonard, was b. in War- 
wiclv. ^[ar. 9. 1787 ; m. June 21, 1824 Abigail Delvee of War- 
wick, b. Dec. 5, 1800. 

He removed from AVarwick to Hinsdale, N. H., after which 
he resided in Newfane, \\.. Jamaica. Wardsljoi'o". AVindham, 
and later in Townsliend. wlieiv he d. .April 8, 1863 : his widow 
d. Sept. 28, 1882. 

Their children were — 

84(1 AA'^illiam.' 1). A])ril 11. 1825 in AA'arwick. 

847. Joel S.,' b. April 19. 1S27 in AA^arwick. 

848. Francis,' 1). Ai)iil 27, bs29 in AA^arwick ; d. Sept. 22, 

1883 in Newfane. A't. 

849. Jonathan.' b. Afav 7, 1881 in Warwick; d. ^[ar. 30, 

1S82 in' Hinsdale. N. II. 
'S5o. Abbic.' b. April 11. Is88 in Newfane. 

851. Francis AV.,' b. Alai'. 2(i. Ls85in Newfane: d. Sept. 

1. 1875 in Townsliend: m. ^\pr. 29, 18(39 
]y[ary A. ]\[oore, who d. Oct. 2. 1870 in 
Newfane : had P'rancis F.,'""!). June 20. 1870. 
(L Aug. 12, 1S70. 

852. -fJonathan D.,' b. ( )ct. 17, l'S87 in Jamaica, A"t.: m. 

Jan. 1. 18(30 ]\[arv J. Osuood. 


.S:)8. Moses.' 1). Kfl.. U. 1S;!!I ill ,I:ilii;iir;i : d. .I;ili. 14. lS7<> 

ill TowiisIicihI. 
8r)4. fSaiiiiU'l T..' 1). .\i.i-il ;>0. IS4I in WiinlsKoi',,'. \'i.: m. 

S(']it. I'.i. isci; K;itir 11. JMiclps. 
sri."). l);i\i(l.' 1). Oft. 27. l'S4') ill WiiMlliaiii ; d. Scjii. -JT, 

ls4s in TowiisIh'ikI. 


K/HA Leonard, " [Noah^'^ Moaea:' .John? Sohmot}) 
sou of Noah and Betliiali (Wetlieivll) Leonard, was 1>. in AVar- 
wick. Mass.. Mar. 7. 177M: m. Apr. 18, isul Aln-ail Clark of 
Keene, X. 11. 

When he was ahoiit ten years of ai^c liis father rc!iio\-eil tlie 
familv to Keene and Kzra continued to reside here until ahoiit 
LS'2() wdien he removed to C_diani|iiou. .leifersou (A>., and later 
to Hernion, St. Lawreuet' ('o., N. ^^. and euLiaged in farniin,u' 
until his death. He was a I'aithful and (-(jiisistent member of 
the CouLireuational Church in Ilernion. 

He (L' Au.u'. 4, 1S(;4; his wife d. Feb. 12. iSol), a.uvd (id 

4du'ir eliihh'eu were — 
Sofi. fKzra.'l). ^far. 2. 1S(I2: d. An--. 18. hSSl : ni. An--. 

K), 1827 Lncy Wait.' 
No7. fCejihas.' 1,. Dee. f). 18(»8: d. Nov. Hi. lss;i : ni. ,Ian. 

24. Ls2<) Clarissa Li\-iiiuston. 
'S7)8. Jemima,' 1). Oct. 8, 1805; m. Fasset Cle\-eland. 
s:)*». I^etliiah,' h. Aitg. l(i, 1807: <h Fel). s. iss,-, ; m. Xo\-. 

20. 1S2(; Flijah Laselle. 
Mid. Fmeline.' h. Sei)t. 1, I'so!); d Mar. 8. ls.-,2 : m. Feh. 
1. 1S21I Alfred D.av. h. Mar. 2. Isni); Imd 
William W. Dav.'^'h. Mar. 24. Is8(i. d. .Ian. 
'). kss7. 111. ,I;,n. Ls. is.').:) Isabella Stone: 
IJodnev l*a\'.'"' h. \yv. 7. ks82 : Louisiana 
Dav,' '1). Julv <;. ls:;4: (darissa Dav." h. 
An--. 8. ls8(i: Marv hav.'b. l-'eh. 28, "l889 : 
Lewis Dav,' 1.. Fel,; 21. is41 : Abigail Da v.' 
1). Mav 21. 1S44 : Amaretta S. 'Dav.^'b. 
Oct. Vk 1S4(;: (i.'o. W. Da v.- b. dan. Id, 
1 S41I. 
.S(;i. Xabl)V.' b. Aug. !i. isll : d. Sept. !>. isfl. 
.S(;2. Fdwa'rd.' b. Aug. lo. bsl2: d. Dec. 12. Isl2. 
.s()8. AbiL;-ail.' b. duiv 2. bs-_>l: ni. Oct. 2. Is4:) S\dvus 
PmoIc:" had Aniv A. Foojc/ b. dulv Id. 
1S47. d. Nov. lo. ls7r. : FIlnTt C. Fo.'.le.M.. 


Sept. 8. 1.S4!) : William (i. P....le.M.. Dec. 
lo, 1851 : Man- .1. Poole." 1). June o. LsoO : 
Clara PI Pookv' 1). Apr. .".. is.",'.). 
XCA. Xatliaiiiel.' 1). Mux 1>S. Is24: d. Auo'. o. Ls-J.',. 


C^viAiN LkoXAHI).'' (Xoa/t.'' Moses} Moses} John} Soloinon}) 
sou of Noah aud Betliiali ( Wetlieivll) l.eouai'd. was 1). iu AVar- 
wiek, Mass.. Sept. 8, 1783: ui. — . Oetavia Dwiuell. b. Pel). — , 

1788. (lau. of Thomas and (_)etavia (?) ( j Dwiuell of Keeue, 

X. H. 

He resided in Glover. A'ermont. was a shoemaker Py trade. 
ElTorts to obtain the date of his drath have proved unsueeess- 
ful. prol)al>ly about l8o.") : his wife d. June 29, 1819. 
Their children were — 
86o. tHorace.' b. Xov. 8(1, 1807 : d. .lune 3U, 1889: m. Jan. 

PP 1832 Betsey Wb.ods. 
8()(;. ALarv Ann,' b. June — . 18U : d. — . 
8(;7. Sarah A.,' 1). Xov. 1, lsl2 : m. Se])t. 29, 1835 Pveubcu 
Euo-ti", wh,, ,1. Jan. 31, 1888 ; chil. Albert J. 
Ruo'o-,« 1, Julv 29. 1836: Wni. L. Euu-o-.'^ 1>. 
Xow (1 1887: Charles IP Wwii^} b. Apr. 5, 
18P2, d. durin,!i Civil War. 
8(;)8. Candace.' b. Sept. 12. 1814: d — . 
8()9. Diantha.' b. Feb. 25. bspi : d. — . 
87a JoseiP.' b. Jan. !P Psp.l: d. — . 


iMMiiiAiM IjKoxaim).'' (Xoal/} Moses} Moses} 'Toll II. • Solomon.'^) 
brothel- of the precedin.u-, was b. iu Iveeue. X. TP. ]V[ay 12, 
f71'l : ni. — , ^[aria Strou.u-, of Rutland, \\. 

While The war of bsl2 was iu proLiri'ss. he left home. tellin^L;' 

his wife he had enlisted aud was li'oiu^Li' to the war: nothin^L;' 

was e\er heard of him afterwards, nor c(.)uld any trace i>f him 

be f.Mind. IPs wih' d. Dec. — . Ps74. a^ed 80 years. 

Their childi'cn wert' — 

s71. AFarryette,' b. — , bsll: m. — . Poyal ALiles: had 

four sous. 
S72. ^(Miauneev (\.' b. Oct. 22. bsl4: d. Aj.r. is. \s\\\ ; m. 
Julv 3(1. 1S43, Jane Town. 



MoriKS Jj-:()NA1M)/' [XnaJi:' Mn.scs,^ Muse^r 'Jnlin:' SoIoiiKni}] 

brother of \\\c yn-vrv^Wwj:. \v;is 1>. in Kcciic X. II.. Scjit. ."In. 
17^8. (Oct. 1. 17i>."'.?): in. .I;in. l^s. Isi; |,:Mir;i (Mi;i|inian, 1 ). 
Mar. 1. 17!»i>. 

He (1. Jan. 2(i, Ls7!) at Px'Uidcre. 111., while on a \-isit to his 
son: is hnrieil at Fall Ivi\-('r. Wis.. Iiy the side of his wife who 
d. in that |tlaee. Xwji. (>, 1^74. 
Their ehlkh'en were — 
.s7o. -f-Willard Elonzo,' h. Oct. 11. IslS; d. Sept. 'jl. jsiid 
in Andersonxille PiMsoii : ni. Se|it. "JO. Isdi; 
Lois 1). Miles. 

S74. Hannah ^Eiranda,' I). April 2i;. Isi^o,- m. — , 

Heath, resides in i'ipcstone. Minn. 
875. Enieline Steen.' h. ^Lareh lH. is-j:') ; ni. — , Wil- 
son: resiiles in Sherman, ^[o. 

■ <S7G. Martha Bethiah,' h. April 4. l-s;-;:) : m. — . Shaw ; 

resides in Ikdvidere. 111. 

877. Olin,' 1). Oct. -21, ls27 : d May 5, ls4'.). 

878. Orin,' h. Oet. iH, 1827 ; resides in Belvidere, III. 

879. Noah.' 1». Apr. 11. fsHO; d. Oct. Is. ls)]± 

880. Lanra Chapman,' l». ()<'t. l!i, LSo2 : rn. — . Dim- 

l»ar: resides in Nashna. Fla. 

881. Charlotte.' 1). Api'. '2-!, is;-',."): m. — . : resides in 

Xashna. X. H. 

882. Viola.' h. Oct. 2>;. ls;-l'.i: d. Jan :;(•. Is4;:!. 


(jP:()KGE Leoxakd." [Xoali:' Mu-^es,* Jloses."' Johnr Solomon}) 
brother of the preceding, was b. in Keene. X. IL, Aul;-. (». 
17t)0; m. Sept. 20. ISH)' :\[ary Kvis.sell, b. Oct. 20. 171>s. dan. 
of Samnel and ^[arv (Lovejoy) Bnssell of Keene. 

When only a hul he went to Boston and s})ent se\'eral \ears 
learning the trade of painter of his brotliei' .b)seph, gi\iiig 
nnieli effort to (hjing ornamental work with eare and sk'ill. 
Soon after his marriage he sett I (.'^l in (riover. A'ermont. going 
there wdien the majority of honses in the \'illage were Imilt of 
logs. It is related that Mr. Leonard, two or three x'eai's afler 
coming to (rlover. pnrehaseil land with the e.\|ieetati< m of 
l)nilding a house for his familw liojiing to get it linished 
before cold weather: that the neighlxirs knowing of his wish 
organized a building ■■!)<■(■■" on the Fourth of JnU. and fi'om 
trees that were standing in the morning had hewn timbers ami 
raised a house read\" to eo\-ei' li\' the same e\eninL;. in this 


house all the children exeept the oldest wvw lioni.aiid a haj)]iy 
home life cujoved until his iinjii'oved circunistauces furnished 
means to build a more commodious dwelling', which at the 
time of its construction was a source of interest to the towns- 
people — heinu' in niajiy respects the most jii'ctentious one of 
the pLiee : this has l)een lield hv the famih' until within a 
-^'ery few yeai's. 

ATr. Leonard d. in (ilo\"ei' -Inly 2S, LSJO; his wife havinu' 
die(l in the same place Ma}' 21), ISIiT. 
Their children were — 
.SS3. Edwin S..' h. Oct. 4, 1S21 ; d. Sei)t. ;;. lSL>r). 
SS4. Kllen S..' 1). June 14, l<S2-f: (1. Keh. (I. hs71 : m. i, 
dune 14, 184() Davi.l F. Wilson, son of 
dames Wilson of Iveene, X. H., wdio d. Au,!i'. 
lo, 1847: m. '2, — . Wm. Hi'ew, b. in 
W^olfel)or()", N. II.. Dee. 21. ISLS : did. Kva 
Drew.M). Au-.. Is.'.l, d. A no;. ls:,4. 
ss:,. f(^eora-e F..' K :^Iai'. .".!. 1S27; d. dan. 4. 1S1I2: m. 

Feb. 2s. lsr),'-5 M;iry Ann Dwinell. 
SSC). t(_'harles Seward,' b. Se]it. 17. l.s;-;(): d. Afay C, ls*)8; 

111. -lune 27), 1X7)0 Serocia Fremdi. 
S,S7. Lucy L..' b. Feb. 21, bsH4: d. Oct. S. lsi:)2: m. May 
•3). 1 S7);n )ana r)i(dvford of (ilover, Vt., son 
..f John 1). and Cliarlotte" (Hawkins) Uick- 
ford- had Flla Louise 15ickdord.M). Apr. 2:-'., 
; • bs.')(;. ui. 1. Feb. 21, l<s7r) Alazzeni Sex'crance 

of St. Albans, Vt.. m. 2, llenrv M. A. 
Ferkins of Medford. Mass.. (cliil..* Fred F. 
Severance.''!). Auii'. F», ls7s : ALldivd Per- 
kins.'' 1). Aug. i), IS!);-]; Fslher Perkins.'' b. 
Sept. 11. lsi)4); Fdwin D. Bickh.r.l." b. :it 
Arlington. ^Liss.. .Vpi-. lo. isiWi. m. dul\- 
2;!, 1889 Fronie L. ('henev. dan. of F. \\ 
and Louise (Hill) ('henev of (ilo\er. Vt., 
(chil. Ahii'ion Ibckford.'' b. June 1, iS'Jl: 
Howard Leonai'(l l)ickford.'' b. dnne 27. 
bS!);!. ) 

• 40 1. 

Wii,L.\iM» Lkoxai!!)." (Noah,-' Jloses^ MosesS' Johnr Solomoi)}) 
yoiingt'st child of Xo;ili and P)ethiah ( Wetheivll) Leonard, was 
b. in Keene. X. II., Oct. 2!). 17!»!»: m. April 2;;. 1S2(; Aniv 
La rey. 1). Sept. !>, bS(»4, at WolfeboiX)", K. XL 

: Dii'il iu Glover Xov. 1, ]889, aged 99 yrs. 11 mos a7 days. 



111 1 '^l'.> with liis fiillifr lie rciiidx (mI id (iloxcr. \'t.. wlicrc 
lie imrcluiscil a saw and si'i'ist mill, wliicli slidrtlv al'lcr was 
t'\cliaii,L;*.'il fill' a tract ol' laml in (iloNcr. lie was a \cr\ ath- 
letic \'()Uii!i' man ainl a Li'i'cat walker. ('ccasioiiall\ walkiiiL! 
from (ih)\-ei' to l\eene. a (jistance of IwO miles, in three (la.\'s. 
It is relateil of him that while carr\"iiiL: on the urist mill he hail 
occasion to jiav a hill in liailoii. tlwee miles distant, and not 
Avishinu' to he ahseiit litiii:' from the mill, trieil to see how 
(|iiickl\' he conM make the distance on foot : on his relnrn he 
found he had heeii L;oiie from the mill jnst thii't\' minutes. 
ha\'iii!i' Tra\ersed the six miles and paid his hill dnriiiLi that 
time, lie rt^jH'eseiiteil his town in the State Leoislatnre in the 
\'ears 1S;!S. hS-tdaiid ISoO. He was an honest man. of con- 
siderate liiisiiiess ca|iaeitv. and was often calleil npon to ser\<' 
as admiiiisti'ator in settliiiL;' t'states, haxiiiL;' administereil upon 
some of the larii'est estates of the town in his daw In reliLiioiis 
belief he raiiuc*! himself on the side of the l' iii\ crsalists : in 
politics with the Ke[)ul)licans. He and his wife were known 
to all the (diildren of the \illa^L!'e as ■•rmde W'ilhird" and 
" Aitiit .\iiiy.'" 

He d. in'Cilover, \\.. Jtdv is. ls,S2 : his wih' d. .Mar. (k 

Their childi'en were — 
S8S. Freelove < )..' 1). .Inne 'io. lSj|7: m. Au.i!'. in. [s:,:, 
Sumner lMod,!^-ett : chil. Amv ,1. I>lod--ett.'' 
1). .Inne i\, f SoT : resides in <ilo\-er. \'t. 
8.Si). :\[arv A..' 1). .Ian. U. ls;',i ; m. Sept. I'lk is.",:, ( i,.,.r-c 
B. Brewster: resides in IraslnirLi. \'t.: chil. 
Leonard K. l^rewster."^ I >. Apr. 1^4. l-SoU, m. 
Oct. "jIO. ISSC. Kva K. Koss (resides in T.os- 
ton, ALass., has A\ds Marie r)rewster.'' h. 
Oct. l>;k IsiMi): iMiiilv V. l)rew.-ter.' h. .lune 
211, ISCI. m. Oct. 'U. 1SS4 K. M. Shaw 
(fesides in Spokane. \Vash.. has \\'\uiifred 
Amanda Shaw.'' 1 >. .Ian. '1. I-SIH ). 
8fM>. Prentiss C' 1». Apr. \'l. ls;!4: nnmarricil : is a 

fanner, resides in ( ik i\"er. \'1. 
SDl. t('ha])in.' 1). Apr. 14. ls;;7 ; in. Sept. :\. jNIi] Harriet 
S. P)ean. 


Major .loiix Lk()Xai:i»,''' {Join/,'' JAw-.s.* Mnsrs,'' Ju/mr Snlo- 
wo/?,') son of .Tohn and Elizabeth (Xurse) Leonard, wash, at 
AVarwiek. Mas>.. An,-'. -J'.i. I7s;; : m. 1. .Ian. :'.(». IsKi Dehorah 
Ki-skine of Winchester. N. II.. li. Apr. Ik 17^'.); shed. .Iiilv 


19, l.S'29 and he m. 2, Oct. >]1, ls;-50 Mrs. AVatey (l)«,'an) Bren- 
naii, 1). in Dudley, Mass., Aug. 12, 180S, dau; of Josia''. aud 
Eeljceca, (Sliuuiway) Dean. 

lie (1. in l^arton, Yt., Feb. 21:, ls71: : liis widow resides at 
Barton Landing witli lier (lauglitcr. 

Idle cliildren of dolni aud Del)orali were- — 
s!)2. fdcorge Ki-skme,' 1). June (j, LsKj ; d. July (x 1892; 

111. Alav — , 1840 ]^[eliitadde Little. 
S',);l fdolm (dluiaii.' 1).' May 30, 1812 ; d. Nov. o, l88(i ; ni. 
1, Fel). 4, 1885 Lueinda, Thomas'; ni. 2, — , 
AL's. Luthera ('rhoinas) EoV)erts. 
S!)!:. fCharles AVilliains,' I). June i», l-Sli;; d. Jnn. 0,1^78; 

111. Dee. 8, 1889 Kh'anor Lueas. 
SDo. Mai-v Ann X..' h. Mar. 21, 1821; d. Jan. 28,1886; 
in. Dee. 18, 1889 Jesse Wiggin of Barton, 
\\.: cliil. lj\'dia .\. Wiggin,*^ b. Sept. 15, 
1840, d. Apr. i». 181:1; Martha A. Wiggin,^' 
1). June 3, 1842, m. Auu'. 17. 1870 Chester 
AVilliains of Troy, (ehil.' Eva, ls\. AVilliains" 
1). Ajiril 16, 1878). 
The ehildreii of John and Watev were — 
NDC). fNathan Dean,' b. Xov. 20, 1831; d. :\Iar. lo, 1887; 

in. ALiv 81, 1854 Mary J. Bailey. 
897. Maria Louisa,' l'». Sept. 5, ls;34.' 
N9S. AVatev AVio-udi,' 1). Fel). 5, 1840: <1. Oct. 1(>, ls46. 
SI)!). fCahd; N.,'Y.. Aug. 23, 1841 : m. Mar. 11. 1S77 Free- 
love ( ). Brown. 

4 17. 

JosKi'ii LKoXAiiD," {NathanJ' E::ra^ Most^s^' .JnJni^- Sohmon}) 
son of Xath;ni and .Vniittai (Cutler) Leonard. \v;ts b. in llard- 
wiek, Mass., Oct. 24, 17(;7: m. Feb. 2. 171)2 Abigail Hall. 1). 
Ang. 14. 1 701) in Connecticut. 

His father's faniil\- reinoxcd to Sliaftsburw \\.. while JosejJi 
was a child and in 171)7 to Cayuga Co., X. A'.: her(> he resided 
until his death \\vi. 81, lS4rat Skaneateles. His widow d. 
Mar. 21). bs.-,!). 

Their children were — 
1)00. Lucy,' 1). Nov. 11), 171)2: d. June 2S. 1S72 : m. Alay 
1 1. ISI,^ Jonathan Hatch : had Knieline 
Hatch. '" b. Aug. 1. bslC. in. June 7, 1888 
An>tin Alnnger. (chii.. Alar\' ( '. Mnnger,'' b. 
Aiar. 7. Is41. III. Sei>t. 20. bsV.oJ. J. Alimger: 
Henr\- H. Mnn-vr.'' b. Sent. 2. 1^4;!. m. 



Dc'C. 21, iSbi Ilrlcn C. Prrriiir: (MiiirK's 1. 

^Inn.u'er,'' 1). Fel). S. lS-1-7. m. .Iiinc 2'). 1^71 

^laru-iiivt C. Xoxoii : llclcii D. Mnn-vr.'' K. 

Sept. S, 1S-I-!!- Kiiiim;i II. Mini-vi'.'' i.. X,.\-. 

12, ls:)2. 111. Jiiiir 21. ls7(i MOitIs KiiikI- 

son): l-Iciirv D. Ilatcli.M.. Mnv 2(t. 1s|l'. ,|. 

Apr. l(i, 1S77, 111. 1. — . 1S44 Pleleu ]\luii-ci'. 

111. 2, -I line, is-t'.l Delia ("olvin, (cliil.. Kliza- 

iK'tli llatcli.'' It. Dec. 7. 1S47.. HI. 'Wwx 20. 

LS7(I Will. A. All)ri-lit: Lulu Ilatrii,'' 1). 

( )ct. 12. ls:,(). 111. ( ),-t.,' 1S7!) J. .], 11. Wrjo-litj. 
ilOl. Clanssa,' h. Mai-. U. 17117); <l. Oct. 12. Is7)s': ui. 

Sept. 27. I'^^^IT) lJ(Mir\' W. J )urut'()i'(l of S\i'a- 

cusc. X. V. 
902. -fSauiucl II..' 1.. Apr. 12. 17!'^: d. Au.u'. Ml. ISoS : ni. 

I. X.)v. 1. islll .Mai'ia Austin: in. 2. Mav 

12. 1S45 Louisa M. Rial. 
1)08. Harriet.' 1). Xcn". S. ISOl : d. Fel). 12. isiy. 
1)04. tJose])li Xorniau,' 1). Sei)t. 1, lso4: ui. 1. Juue 14. 

LS — Lueiu(Li Ilauuuiii : in. 2. — . A\'ealtliv 

1)07). -fCharles.' 1). Sept. .^. isoi) : m. An--. IC. Ls;;2 llaimali 

M. Hood. 
1)06. William.' 1). .Iiiiie 7). IMl : d. April o. Is47> : m. (Jet. 

lo. is;!,') 1^'rauees Pe<d\liaiii. 

41 8. 

P()Li>v. ]yI()i>LV or MAin' Lkoxahd.'' {Witlian.'' Ezra.^ Moses,'^ 
Jo// ?^'' .Vo/o//?o//.' ) sister of the jn'eeeiliuL;'. was 1). in llardwielc. Fel). 7. 1770; ni. Nov. 1. 171»2 Samuel Cross of AVliite 
Creek. X. V.. who was b. Fel). 2.S. 1771. 

Thev resided in Sliaftsburv. A^ei-mont. whei-e she d. .luiie 22, 
ISol :'liei- husband d. May 23. ls;i:). 

The (diildren of ^[arv and Saiiiuel Cross were — 
1)07. Lvdia Cross.' b. May 21). 17l):'>: d. Xov. o. Issl : m. 
Oet. 2S. isl;-; -lames Lake: had (iarrett 
lyAkv."" Charity Lake.'' Alary Ann Lake." 
Lafayette L;ike,' Amity Lake,- Jay Lake." 
Thomas Lake,'^K<\L!ina Ijake.'^Emeline Lalxe.'^ 
AFaria Lake."" 
DOS. Clari.<.-<a Cros.-^.' b. Mar. 21. 171»7): <1. Feb. 1). Is7:. : 
m. — . Asa Looniis : had Samuel Loomis,''' 
VA\/.-A Loomis."' L\ilia Loomis.''' \Vari'en 



9(jy. Xatliaii L. Cross.' h. .luiic .s. hi)^ ; d. .Inly ](>. Isj;; 
111. Sept. 24. ix^l'l LoviiKi (raliislia ; had 
Juirr Vj. Ci'oss.'^ in. .Ian. 7. 1S4() (icorLiC 
Barker, (eliil. Stella C. Barker.'' 1). Ai.i'. U\ 
1S47. 111. A[ar. 12, 1.S72 Davul C. Fassett, 
[ehil. (le... B. Kassett/" Fred C. Fassett,^" 
llarrv Fassett"' |: (ieoru'e Barker.'' 1). Aju-. 
2s. i,sr)2. 111. Fell. 19r 1874 liutli Dver. 
[ehil. Marv Barke-r."' 1.. Sept. 17. ls7:.j): 
lehabod N. Cross,'^ 1). Fel). S, 1S27. m. Oet. 
9, 1850 Saiiialva S. Sweet (had Flla S. 
Cross,'' 1). Julv l-'t, l<s:)l, 111. Sejit. i.'.. Is70 
Myron Clark: Jlenrv I.,'' h. Feh. 2(1 
18o4. d. .Ian. S, Is(ii) ; Hyde S. Cross," k 
July 4,>. 111. .Ian. 1(>, l.S,S9 Ella L. Bar- 
nett. [ehil. .lennie Bell Cross.'" h. .Tan. 2, 
1890: Biith Cross,'" b. Au^. 15. 1891]: 
.Tennie K. Ci-oss." h. May 5, 1857; Elsie II. 
. Cross,'-' 1). A])r. Id, 18(59, iii. Sept. 12, LS94 
Myron .1. ILirrino'ton): Mai'\- L. Cross^ 
Henry C. Cross^; Adelaide Cross,^ h. Dee. 1, 
1837," ni. Dee. 2s, 1853 Sloeuni r)arker. 
(eliik Henry C. l'>arker,'' 1.. Dec 12. 1S.-.4 : 
Sloenni N. Barker.'' !>. May 19, 1859, ni. 
Apr. 14, Issii .lennie .lohnson, |ehil. Harold 
S. Barker.'" 1.. Alav 7. iSSSj; .Icsse B. l^ar- 
ker,'-' 1). Apr. 12, 'l.S(;2, m. Apr. 14. ISS.^) 
• Lydia Conii-d..ii : |(diil. Stella, M. Barker.'" h. 
May 3, Iss'ij: Addie L. Barker,''!). Jan. 15. 
1865, ni. ^[ar. 30. 1SS7 Kdniond L. Landoii : 
Eya L. P>arker,'' h. Dee. 12. 1SH7); Saimiel 
(t. Cross,^). Xoy. lo, 1841. .1. Dee. K), ISHl. 

ni. Yietoria B. , h. -Ian. 22. 1845, (ehil. 

Helen A.Cross,''!). .July 12. 1S(;9 : Fanny 
K. Cross,-' 1). Aug. 31, 1885 : Bess Y. Cross^ 
1). Ang. 7, 1880). 

t»lO. ,lidi;i (Voss.' 1). 'Oet. 29. 1799: d. Mar. 5. 1S74 : lu. 
.Ian. IC). 1S22 S\l\-e^ter Boweii : had Col- 
ninl)ns J>o\ven.^ Mary Ann IJoweii,"^ Catliarine 

;ill. I'olK Ci-oss.' 1). Keh. 20, 1S02: d. May (>. Iss7 : m. 
Oet. 20, 1S24 Benjamin Russell: liad Mali- 
lon Hnss(dl,MYel)st,er B. Russell.^ 

•.M2. iMiieline Cross.' 1). MavH. ISO,",; d. .Inly 12, 1S54: ni. 
— , Fi-astns iMtweii : liadMar\- L. Bowen.'"^ 

LEOXARD (rEXEALOd): 1(31) 

Ulo. Ilaiiuali ('ross.' 1). .I;iii. 'JT). 1 m is : d. .\(i\. ;;<). ls!i|; 
111. b'cli. j!(». ls-_;7 l>r;icl Sladc : had (icrinaii 
Sladc," Aii-vlia Slad<\- Austin Slailc" Israel 
Sladc." Sarali Sladc' .Mar\- Slad<'.' d.ix'pli 
Slaiir.'" Klsir Sladc." 

!»14. (icnuaii C''l.. N,.v. "id. jsll: d. l>.v. 14. I.s4't; 
in. — , ('liaritN' ( 'ross. 


XaTHAX LVA>^\lil).'' (X(Af/>((Ji.'' K:i-(i.* J/' ./o/m."- Sn/n,HON.^) 
briiTlici' of the })ri'cedili,!i. wasli. in IIard\vi(d<. Mass.. ,lnl\' 17. 
1772; ni. .Tunc ;>. 17!I'S ( Aindacc Lawrence.!), in ( 'i )niiecticni. 

177(>. dan. tif l>iL;'(d()\v and Ascnatli ( ) Lawrence. 

.Vl'ter liis marriage lie i'ciii(i\-ed 1( 1 Onondaga. X. Y.. wlicic 
lied. Now 1*1. LSlo: his widow d. in Jordan, N. Y., Jan li. 

Tlieir children were — 
flir). :\[elanctlion L..' Ii. Kel.. 'In. lso-_> ; d. M-av. 27. 1^04. 
91H. Alaiison C.,' I). Fell. 2(). \si\-Z: d. Scjit. UK ls;;7: m. 
— . Eliza A\'oodlMi'd ; luid Ahirv." Augusta. - 

ni. Salmon. 

i:il7. (iad IL.' b. Mav li», l.soii: d. June 4. LS42 : m. — 

.Vnn (ireen. 
91X. Mnry Ann.' 1». Aug. Ki. Lslo : m. Jan. '21. ls:\-j. A. 
L. Fi'eeniaii ; i'esid<'s in Jonlan. X. V. 

421 . 

LrTIIKH LkoXAHD.'' [ Xiillion:' E?:ra.^ Mospx-' Johur Soh>inoii}\ 
brother of the preceding, was b. in liai'ihvick". Mass.. April 'in. 
1777: m. Sept. 19, 18<)2 Olive Hall, of Plumlidd (',,nii. 

Lie removed to the State of Xcw York with his father in 
17!*7. resided in Ca^'uga Countv until about LsMo. when he 
renio\'ed to (lenesee Conntv, thence in ls4'.ito l»ocl< ('oimtw 
Wis., where he |)assed the remaining \-ears of his lih'. J'he 
suiAuvors of his famih' live in Spriiig\illc. X. Y. He d. at 
Jauesville, Wis., Sept. o. Is4l» : his wife d. at the same place 
Aug.. ISo^l. 

Idieir ciiihh'eii were-- 
9U). Pa.^chal.' b. Oct. 2ti. Lso;-,: d. Mav !<;. \<:.s. in Xew 

York ("itv. 
i)2(i. (ioi'diii> Pheljis.' li.' 14. IsoC: d. Xov. 14. Iss:;. 

near Le \Lirs. L iwa. 
S)'l\. Aniitv.' b. A])!'. 14. Islj : d. Apr. 2:;. Isc,;;. al Janes- 
villc. AVi>. 


\n± (nirdon."' 1). An--. S. 1.S12 ; <1. Nov. 17. ISSI, at 
DeLanil. Kla.: in. Apr. 4, is:):) Harriet 
Ru.ssel, of Ilai'tlord, Conn.: no children. 

1128. Sarah Ann.' b. FeU i), 1817; rn. 1, Jan. 2S, ls45 
llenrr Bhusdell, who d. Sept. is, ISwS: in. 
2. Dee. :>. lS(i:) James Frve. of S})rinu'\-il]e. 
X. v.. lie .1. Jidv 12. ls7:). 

1»24. Jeannette Al)l»v.' 1). Julv'.'!, 1S24: d. Aug. oO, lS4o, 
at LeRoy, N. V. . 


Cal\'I.\ I.Konak]),'' {Nathan.'' E?:ra.^ J/oses,^ Jo/rrt,' Solomon}) 
l)i-othcr of the preceding, was 1\ in Shaftsf)nrv. Vt.. Jnne 14. 
177'.» : in. -Ian. — . 1817 Tr\pheiui Root, at Skaneateles. X. Y.. 
1). Jan. 2:). 1784. dau. of Jose] ih Hoot. 

The historv <.)f Loruiiie (Joniity. ( )hio. has the following : 
"The second family that settled in the town (Birmingham) was 
that of Calvin Leonard, a nati\'e of P)ennington Comity, Vt. 
lie came on alone in the snmmerof 181(5, l)onglit st>\'eral hnn- 
dred acres of land, which he paid for, cleared a small ))ie'-e, 
ei'eeted a log house, and in the following Avinter returned to 
Cavuga Countv, N. Y., to C()nsununate an an-angement pre- 
viously made witli ^[iss Tryphena Root, immediately after the 
fulhllment of which lie set out for his home in the far west with 
anox team and sle(l loaded witlihouseliold goods. His wife took 
the stage l)iiT jollied her hnsliaiid at r)uffalo. and it is antlien- 
ticallv sta1c(l that the weather was most ])ropitlous. — siiow all 
the way which, however, disa])peared the day after their 
an'i\-al at their new home. Mr. Ijconard was an industrious, 
enterprising farmer, and hecame wealthy. The lirst sermon 
preaclie<l in the town was at his liotise hy Rev. iVlvah Coe, 
from Boston. Ills daughter. Jeannette. was one of the tirst 
children born in that town." He held \'ai'ions oliices of trust 
and was liighU- respecte(l. He d. at l)iriiiingham, Ohio. Dec. 
2(». ls4il: his'widowd. Jan. 2(», IS.'):). 
Their children were — 
'.12:). Jeaniietle,' 1). Alar. 2;5, iSlS; d. Noy. 8, 1841> : m. 
Sept. — . 1S44, IJev. Oliver \V. Mather, a 
Presl)\-teriaii clcrg\'iiian. "a graduate ot 
>'aU":"' left one daughter. Jennie ^^atller,'' 
whom. V. M. Charter. an<l d. at Windsor. 
Ct.. Mar. 14. 1SS2. aged ;!4. 
il2(;. fCnvler.' 1). Jan. 12. 1 S2 1 : <1. Aug. 11. iSo;) : m. Oct. 
20. 1S41) -Inlia A. Scelve. 


il27. ■Hlci'vt'v,' 1). M;ir. i). ISj!;', : m. l.,Iau. Id, Is-t'.l MnivH.-i 
(). WIi(m1..ii: 111. •_'. Nov. 1:!;;. Is71 Mrs. 
Helen M. (Ivello,-) Dart. 


])KX.iA?»llN LHOXAlil)/' {Xat//((i/.'' E::r((.^ JAj.sf-s-.'' Joliii."- SdIo- 
iiiort}) l)i-(,)ther of tlie preeediiiL;'. was 1). in Slial'tsUiirv. \'t., 
(Jet. 1, 17S4: •'i-eiiiovino- with liis l'atli(M'"s family to the State 
of New ^'ork in l"!'". where he reiiiaine<l with his hrothei' 
Ezra on the homestead (aftei- the death of his father i'l Isl:',) 
nntil June, 182<), when lie emiL!rate(| with his Urothei' Cutler 
to the W;d)asli A'aHev in Indiana li\- the way of the ()liio 
River where they were atta(d<ed by the malarial [vx^^v of that 
eonntr\". lie survi\-ed f)nt a few week's, dyimi' Aul;\ o\. hs20, 
leax'inL!' no family." 


EzKA LeoXAHD,'' {Nathan;' E?:ra,^ Mosed." Jo/mr Soloriton}) 
l)rotliei' of tlie prei'edinQ-. was 1). in Shaftsl)nrv. \\.. Jan. 11, 
17'S7: m. Xo\-. IT), Isls Lani'a Howe. dan. ol r)owei's Ilowe 
of Sennett. X. V. 

lie remoxed to X^ew "^I'ork with his father in 17U7. and 
resided h)r tift\'-tliree \'ears on the farm his father had owiie(l. 
lied. Apr. \o. is,")!! '• lea\-in,L;' the heritage of a good name 
and a moderate eom])etenee to his ehildren : his wih' ha\ingd. 
Jnne IH, IS-ifi, the liomestead eame into ])ossession of his sou- 
indaw, J. L. Clift. wdio still i-esides npon it." 

Idle ehildren of Kzra and iiaiira were — 
U28. Marv ('..' 1). Apr. (i. IS-JI ; m. .Ian. 'J.'). Isd:! Joal) L. 
('lift: has Lani'a K. <dilt.' 1 >. Dee. 1:!. 1,S4(), 
111. dune 17, l<S(;i) Lewis 1). Fiteli. (eliil. 
Marv r. Fitch,'' 1). dniv IS. ls72 : Lnev A. 
Kiteh.'-' L. Ang. 27. LS7;-; ): (Mara L. (dift.-^ L. 
Oct. lil. ls.'.2. 111. Oet. is. 1S77 Harry \\. 

!I2!». +l'>enjamiii Cutler.'' 1). :^Iar. !'.», 1S2;L iii. ( )<'t. 0. Ls^i) 

Martha Au'^tin. 
!):;o. fBowers Howe.' 1). Oi-t. ;;i. ls;;,'>: m. .Line o, iSoS 

Klizal)(^th C 'ink' end a 1 1. 


CiTi^KH Lkonai.'I)." (XatJian:' Ezra} }[<ises}' Joint- Solomon}') 
l)rollier of the iHvcediiig. wasli. ill Sliaftsl)ni-y. \\.. duly 11, 
17'.»i»; ill 17117 he •• <-aiiie with the himiU' to the State of New 



York'. He arti'i'warU. about l.slo, took' a partial coiirsr at 
IIai'\ ard ( 'olU'ii'c ami kitcr sjicut sonic time in tcaehinu' and 
stu(l\ini;' kiw. lie was inari'ied to Miss Ann Ilnni|)lire\' of 
]\Ian'(dlus. X. V., and soon afterward arcompanicNl liis l)rother 
Benjamin to Indiana via. tlie (Jliio Hix'ei' and like him was 
atta'ekxMl witli the fatal fe\-ei' of that eounti'v and d. Ang. 1^4, 
1S2(*. leaAdiisi' his wi(h>AV at her fathei'V home where she siir- 
Ai\'ed him man\' \'eai"s. 


Moses Leoxai^.d.*' {David.'' Ezra,^ Moses:' Juhn^' Solomon}) 

sou of David and Hannah ( Whipple) Leonard, was 1). in Sliafts- 

Inirv, Vt., — , 1774: m. 1, — , Amelia Eiley in ^Middlehnrv, 

\x.: m. '2, — , Snsan Moore. He d. July 27, 1853. 

The ehililren of Moses and Amelia were — 

981. Amelia. H). Nov. 2."), 18(10 in Orwell, Vt.: d. Oet. 9. 

1864 in Stillwater, N. V.: m. m Middle- 

l.nrv. Vt., Nov. 11, 1818 William AVilliams, 

1). at Weatherslield, Ct, Now 2(!, 1790, d. 

Nov. 80, 1858: had Henrv L. AVdliams,*^ b. 

Fel). 28, 1820, 

18B2, m. No 


Eliza Welsh: Harriet Williams,^). July 2,6, 
1822, d. dulv 28. 1822: Margarette Wil- 
liams." h. Oet. 10. 1828, m. Nov. 28, 1848 
James S. Melntvre : Martha. AVilliams."^ h. 
July 81, 1825, d.' Oet. 16, 1826: dohn Wil- 
liams,''^ 1). Aug. 28, 1827, <1. — , m. — : Jane 
A. Williams,'" h. Feb. 1, 188(1, m. Feb. 27, 
1855 F. W. Wainwright : Susan A. Wil- 
liams," b. Nov. 1, 1881, m. dan. 19, 1850 
Edwin Williams. 

982. Sarah,' b. — : d. — in Morris, Til.: m. dune 21, L831 
Dr. Ira Rutherford. 

98;;. Eliza,' 1). — : d. — : m. Mar. 2. 1880 Andrew IJuther- 
h)rd: had Susan A. Rutherford," b. 1^'eb. (i. 
18-".."., d. A[av 8, 1862, m. Im'I). 9, l8.')4 dames 
E. Oonant who d. Oct. 1, l88(;, (ehil. Edward 
K. Oonant.'-' 1). Nov. l."!, I8r)4: Leonai'd 11. 
Conant,'' b. April 2o. 18:.(;: Snsia II. 
0(»nant,'' b. 1 )ee. 5, 18,')7). 

984. fWilliam IJilev,' b. — : d. dulv 8. 1844: m. dulv 9, 
18;;;; Marv dane Wells. 



Sat.iA' LkoxaI!!)." {David:' Ezra,^ Moses:' Jolui:- Snlcmiun^) 
sister of tlie iireccilinu; \v;is 1). in Sli;it'tsliiir\-, \'t . .I;iii. 2(1. 
1776: 111. Apr. is. 17i>.". Aj.ollos Austin of (M'wcll, \'t.. h. in 
SulfieM, Conn.. al)i)ut 17G('. Air. Austin enlisted in the l>e\n- 
lutionarv Annv in liis seventeenth yt^arand remained thi-oiiLih- 
(.)Ut tlie wai' : was in tlie liattles of Monnioiith, (ierniantown 
and otliers. Soon attt'r the <'lose of the war. he enpiLictl in 
l)usiness in Shaftslmi'v, A't., aftei'wards renio\iiiL; to ()r\velh 
where he remained a jU'ominent and inllnential citizen, until 
his death, Dee. 'j!0. 1s4l>. 

:Mrs. Austin d. in Orwell. A])!', 'i:',. Iscd. 

The children of Sally and .VpoUos Austin. ;ill li. in ()i-well. 

were — 
1)85. Paulina Austin,' h. Se]it. s. 171I-1-: d. F(d). ^n. Is4(;: 
111. Now 2n. 1S17 Thomas Dmia Hammond; 
had Thomas Austin Hammond.'^ I). Sept. S, 
1818, d. S(>|)t. 111. lsr,2: Adelia Ann Jlaiii- 
mond.M). V(']). IC). 1S20. d. Se[it. 2o, iSSl; 
John Leonard Hammond, '^ 1). Alay Id, 1S22, 
(L Feb. 8, 1882, m. (Jet. 8, i84l> .lanet 
Thomas, (eliil. Thomas Austin Hammond," 
1). Sept. 21. I'Sol : Jessie Hammond,''' h. Jul\- 
10, 1858: Adelia Fleteher Hammond.'' iV 
June 8, 1855). 
1»8(). Fn-asm us Darwin Austin.' 1). ( )et. 28. 1S(I4; d. J;in. Hi, 

1.S28: m. — , 1X21 Cynthia Fuller. 
1»37. (nistavus Apollos Austin.' 1>. Fel). 8, 1S12 : d. Now 
28, 188(»: m. Afar. 2(». 1x81 Knmia Callen- 
der : had Sarah iMiinia .Vustin.'^ 1). June 111. 
1x8(1: Kliza ]\iiilina Austin,''!). Oct. 1. lx8X; 
Jidia. Adelia Austin. M). Jan. 1, Ixl;',; Kate 
Austin, Ml. June 21, 1X17; ( i usta\us A ust in.'' 
1). Mar. 12. ix:,;;. d. Jan. 21, 1X51; (Charles 
Anthony Austin,M). Mav 1(». lX(;(j. 
1»88. Chailes Lee Austin.' h. .Mai\ 111.' 1x11-; d. Apr. 2x. 
Ixdii : 111. July — . 1X8() Fi-anees l\lliott : 
had Fdwaj-d Klliott Austin. ''h. Fe!). — . lx;J7. 
d. — . lX(i7: Klleii Kin- Austin. M). Mar. 12. 
ix;;!): Charles Austin. M). X(,v.. 1X1(1: J,,|,i, 
("ajetaii Austin.'' 1). Xo\-. (J. Ix.'),",: Jcsejih 
F]liiott Austin. Mi; (■)et.. \>>X)\ Mar\- Austin." 
P. Oct. — . IX.-, 7. 



John LkoxahI).'' (David:' Jizra,^ Mcse-sS' Jo/mr tSolomon,^) 
l)r()tlK'r ol' the ])reee(lii\2'. was 1>. in Sliaftsbniy, Yt.. ]N[ar. 12, 
177'S ; 111. 1. ( )('t. 1), ls2r) Luciua Wrio'lit of Shoivliaiu. A't.. 
who <1. Nov.. 182<i : ui. 2, Alar.. 1S2!I, Aitciiiisia Foster of 
Keeiie, N. II. 

lie was at one time engag'ed in mercantile business in Alid- 
<llel)nry, A^t., wliieh he afterwards continued in Orwell. lie 
also hnilt a ilouring mill. (_)ne for carding wool and (h'essing 
cloth, and two for the manufactuiH* of Inmher, whicli he oper- 
ated in conjnnctiou with a farm of some three hundred and 
fifty acres. Later lie l»uilt on liuke ('hamplain, three miles dis- 
tant from his residence, a large wliarf. store, storehouses, liotel, 
cVc. 'idiis jtort ah'or(h_'<l an ontlct for the niarljle. manganese 
and manufactures of the inland towns and an inlet for tlu' 
goods which those towns ]'e(|uired. IHsposing of his home, 
farm and mills, he purchased some four hnndred aeres at the 
lak'c and. renting the storing and forwai'ding hiisiness, devoted 
the remainder of his days to purely agricultural pursuits. 

lie was ax'ei'se to puldic life, although he rille(f at various 
times nearly all the oitices of the town. He was a man of 
sterling integrity, hospitable, social and coiivi\dal to that degree 
which never overste|)|)ed [)roper limits. An aivk^ut sjtortsman. 
no music was so sweet to his ear as the' erv of the hounds, of 
whieli lie had at one time twentv-si\. 

He (L in Orwell. Yt. Apr. 2o. Isii!); his wife Artemisia d. 
in (.)rwell, Mar. 9, 18(i6. 

John and Lucina. (Wriglit) had one son. 
!).';!'.). -f-dohn AV right. ' b'; Nov. 2, Is-JH; m. iK-c. 2, 1802 
j-'dizabeth Tax lor Knibloe. 
d'lie children of dolin and Ai'temisia were — 
Ddo. (ieorge AA^illiam.' b. Xo\-. 2.'). ls;-;(); d. Nov. — , isp.o. 
1)41. •K'haries Jlicli.' b. Sept. :]. bs;52 : d. Apr. 10. 1890. 
042. Jjiicina Artemisia.' b. Alar. 17. b'^oo ; d. — ; m. in 
Oi'well. Dec. 20. ls:,7 Ira Hivoll of New 
Orleans. La.: had Kate Leonard J)i\-oll.'^ b. 
in Orwell. Oct. :!(», iSoS, d. Aug. 2(i. iSoli : 
Florence Hi\'oll.''^ b. in St. Louis. A[o.. Feb. 
8, 18()L d. Feb. s. isdl : Blanche Mav- 
guei'ite Dixoll." 1). in St. Louis. -lulv 27). 
18(33, (1. .lulv 2(;. bsilL 
04;;. Sarah Austin,' b. Alav U. Isr.S; d. Ahiv l<i. bs40. 
04L iMuma O.alleuder,' b^ Dec. ;',. 1S41: I'u. in Orwell. 
Ahir. 7. 1S(;7 llenr\- IJicli of Slioi'eham. \'l.: 

LEOXARD aENEALOd)'. ' 17,-) 

liad IJoluTt r.iiltoiir IJicli;' 1). A|ii'. ;;, ls7.S 
ill 1);iI':i1h)(i. Wis.: Helen Tiieres;! IJieli.^li. 
^hll'. ;;. ISSO. (1. Dee. 1. ISSO in r,;i r;i 1 »u, ). 

43 1. 

lirTllEi; J^KoNAIvM*/' ( A''-'V/.'' E:a-(t^ Mos<:s:' Juliu.'' SohxiiiOh,^) 
l)i\)thei' of tlie piVL-edin^u'. was 1). in ( )i'well. \\., Jnne 2(i, 17>>(') : 
111. Jan. — . 1817 ]\[ai;u'ai'('t (iantle\- o1' Xew York ('itw 

While in liis junior \"cai' at MiiMlet uirv C'olle.Lie lie feeei\'e(| 
an a].)p()intnient and left for West Point. lie was at Platts- 
biu'o'li and Xiauara nn<ler tlic eoinniand of (ien. Moses Porter. 
In 1815 he was statioiied in Xew ^'ork harlioi'. later at l''t. 
Independenee, Boston, in fsl^^ in Casiine. Maine, and in Isjii 
at Marblehead. When the ^'oxci'innent re(liieed the ai'ni\' he 
Avas ()ne " left out." In Is-Jl he reeei\-e(l from .lohn ('. ("al- 
houn. seeretarv of war, an a|t|)ointnient as trader to the Indians 
at St. Peters, Minn, lie was afterwards at Ft. Wiinieliaiio, 
later at defferson l^)arraeks and at Ixoek Island. In Isl-C) he 
was ap})()inted military store Is'eeper at Liberty, Mo., and 
remained there till LSoC). When the " l)order disturl)ances '' 
oceiirred he was transferred to ^Vatertown Arsenal. liis si^ulit 
l)eeame obseured by eataraet an<l he was ])laeed on -the retired 
list in 18()"2. In Se[)t., 18<')1:. he plaeeil himself undei' the care 
of Dr. Tvlerof McLean ^Vsvlum, Somer\'ille, AFass., Avliei'ehed. 
Feb. 11,'18(>'). Ilis wife d. in X'^ew York City, May tJ. f82s. 
Their children were — 
1)45. xVmi Maria," b. j\Liy 25, 181s in Castine, Maine : m. 

Oct. L 1837 Withers B. :\[adden in (.^lincy. 

Ills. ; had William Leonard Madden,^ b. 

July 5, 183!» : Ilenrv Ortlev :\radden,' b. 

Feb. 2, 181:2. d. in'Ltah Oct. 11. bs7(; : 

Charles Edgar ^[add.Mi," b. dune 2o. l.Sl.4, 

m. Fniily Pollard of Elaine. 
Dili. Sarah Austin.' b.' Apr. S. 1,S22 in Oi-well. \'t. : d. 

Apr. 2f. bSlil- in Spi'inglield, Mass. 


Svi.viA Leonard,''' {David:' Ezra} Moses} ■Jolm} Solomon}) 
sister of the preceding-, was b. in Orwell. Yt.. Se]it. .">(>. 178() : 
m. Feb. Ul, 18()7 Asiibel Catlin of Shoivham. \'t. She(l. Oct. 
18. 18(11. 

The children of SvKia and Ashbel Catlin. 1). in Shoiv- 
ham. \\.. were — 


1147. AllKTt J.(M)ii:inl ("atliii,' 1). Mar. i), LSOi) ; m. Jan. 21, 
l.sM(i Olivia Mason (.)rnisl)ec of Orwell, Yt. 

i)4S. Kd.Liar ScviiHinr Catlin.' It. Nov. 11. 1811 : d. Dro. S, 
'1S74: ni. Sept. U, 1S4'2 Ilannali A. Chip- 
man i)f Shoreliani, \'t. : had Harriette (Ait- 
lin," 1). Nov. 'iC), IS48, d. Sept. 20, LS40 ; 
Ahnira Olivia Catlin.M). Sept. 25, 184H, d. 
Oet. Ill, 1S()6: Sarali Affia Catlin,*^ b. Max 1, 
1S4^> : Ashl.el O. Oatlin.M). Jnlv 80, 1859. 

tidl). J.ynih' Oatlin,' 1). An^-. Ill, l.sU]; m. Sept. (>. 1841 
Amelia. H. Moove of Slioi'eliam, Yt. : had 
(leoriiv Ilem-v Catlin. ' 1). An-'. 2(i. fs45: 
Ella Amelia Catlin.M). Dee. 21, 1858. 

115(1. l)avid Saniord Catlin.' 1). June 7, I8l7; d. Xov. 21, 

1151. Miner Beeeher Callin,' 1). Dee. 5, 1820; d. Fe1). 13, 

1S71I: in. 1. M.xy 3, 1843 Aftia Wright 
Rich of Shoreham, \\. : m. 2, Nov. IH, 
ls7o Chloe Elizabeth AVells of Burling- 
ton. \'1. 


Ki.EC'i'A Lk»)Nal!1).''' ( A''-'/V/.'' Ezra.^ Mos'^s.'' Jo/inr Solomou?) 
sister of the preeeding, was 1). in Oi'well, \'t.. -Ian. 17. 171Hi: 
m. 1. Aug. 31, 1817 Perex S. Sanh)i'd. 1). Kel». H, 17111, who d. 
Apr. 24. 1S2(; ; m. 2. Mav 12, 182!) Khenezer Porter. She d. 
Mar. 28, L'^42. The sur\'i\'ors of this family reside in Calihinha. 
The children of Fdeeta and J'erez S. Sard'or<l were — 

1152. Fannie F. Sanhtrd.' 1). Nov. Ui. iSlS; ni. 1, Aug. 1(1, 

1S43 Charles F, Atwood who d. duly 18, 

1X55: had Cai'oline K. A twoo(l.M). ,Iune23, 

1 S44. 

m. 2. Api'. 27, 1S57 Isaac Malthv : had 

FlizaUeth Fvelvn Maltbv," 1>. Mav Id, 1S51), 

d. A\\<j. 10, 1S51); Herbert S. Maltbv," b. 

Apr. 14. ISIU. 
115;;. Henrv F. Saiih.rd,' b. Dec. 1(1, 1S2(I: d. Mar. 15.1855; 

m, — , bS53 Mai'v F. Sanchez : had V'idelia 

Sanh.rd,' b. Apr'. 21. 1.S54. 
It54. .\nn Cai'oline Saniord.' b. ib'b. 22, lsi>;;:d. Apr. 4, 

1.S42: 111. Dec. ;;i. 1S4(J John F. Brown: 

had Caroline S. Brown," b. Mar. 31. 1842. 
115,5. iianiiah F. Sanh)rd.' b. Vv]). 20, 1S2() : m. J)ee. 23, 

1^54 Anson !>. HemenwaN': had dohn S. 

JlemeiiwaN-.'^ 1). Sept. 21, 1 x,')5 : r)lanche 


llciiicnwaw'' 1». Sept. 1. IS.',;, d. Xm\-. IjJ. 

l.s:)ll : Hciirv (i. llciiiciiwnv." 1). M;ir. I 1. 

l<S:)i). (1. .luiv 2. LSCl ; J.coiiard \V;ilc(,tr, 

Hemeiiwav,'' b- l>cc. IjI. 18<')!I. 
The cliildnMi of Klecta and Klteiic/rr Poi'ici- were — 
!i:»(j. KUvta A. Porter,' 1). Doc. -^U. IS'ii) : in. Aul:'. lil. 

lsr)7 J. K. AEaidcv: had Willxir Porter 

Manlev.'^ 1). Julv 2:.. ls:,S : Lillian Kliza 

ManleV." 1). Nov.' 11. isiil. 
i»57. Eliza A. Porter.' 1). Dee. 1^1), ls2i>: d. ( )rt. 11, Isiil ; 

ni. Dee. 27, iSlilMJ. ]). P)\istainent. 
\)b)i. Charles Porter.' 1). Jnlv 4. Is;;;;. 


LoviXA Leoxahd," {Amos;'' Andrew,^ Moses;' Joint. ' iSo/'o- 
mon,'^) eldest child of Amos and Marey oi- Mercy (Sweatland) 
Leonard, was b. in AVilbraliam, Mass., Se|it. 6, 17<S9 ; ni. about 
iSld Phinehas Pooler, b. Apr. 11, 177<> in Pownal. A^erniout. 
his second wife.* 

As daughter, wife and mother of pioneers, she showed the 
self-reliance, courage and endurance that are so needful in fac- 
ing the emergencies, dangers and trials of a frontier life and 
endeared herself to all who knew her. 

She d. in Taylor, C_V)rtland Co., N. \., Mar. ;:5, iSoO. 

The cliildren of Lovina and Phinehas Pooler were — 
5)01). Sybil Pooler,' 1). Apr. 4, 1814 in S(don. K Y.: d. Aug. 
5, 1872, in Mason ville, X. V.: m. Aug. 4. 
1828 Cerrel C. AVilbui-. b. Sept. 2<i, I'sor. : 
had Ral])h Wilbur.'^ b. Mar. 11. ls;!() at 
Lnadilla. X. V.. d. A|ir. lo, Isi);;. ;it Deer 
Ti'ail. Col., m. twice: ^hu-iah AVilbiir." 1». 
Dec. 11, ls;;2 at Scranton. Pa., in. .lune 1. 
1S54 (.)scar L. Krecmaii. 1). Sei)t. 22. l«;-](), 
(chil. Blanche Krceinaii.'' b. .May 21.1857; 
4'ruinan L. Krcenian.'' b. Mav 7. 1^.')'.). m. 
Nov. 20. issii M;ii-y Dowilid. b. Is44: 
('arrie M. Freeinaii.'' b. Xo\-. '.'. l^i;."). il. 
Sept. '). 1871 : Minnie ^\[\\ l^'reeinaii.'' b. 
Mar. 14, 1x72. m. Oct. 17. bsii;; L. 1-'. .Mien, 
b. Mav 10. ISli.S ); Marv L. \Vill)ur.^ b. Feb. 
A LS8o, d. Xov. 17). 1S<)2, m. duly 2. l-S.-)! 

*Phinehas Pooler, ni. 1. Sybil Wheelni' and had Hii'ain, Sally. Silas. Jehial and two 
other chil. who d. in infancy. 


Al)raiii L. H..dley, 1). Ls2(i. cli. 1). at Tuiik- 
li;uui(H-k, Pa.: Lizzie Will)ui'.''^ 1). Mav 1-i, 
l'S42 at Taylorvillc. Pa., in. Dec 2.'). '1869 
Waldo Palmer, who d. so(_)ii at Masonville, 
X. v.: Hnfus V. AVilbur,« b. June 1, ls4(3, 
at Serai itoii; in. Sept., 1<S61. 

1)(>(). Tra l^)oler,' b. — . I8i:) (?): d. Jan. 29, 1S40 at Tunk- 
haiiiK)ck, Pa., kdled l)v a falling tree. 

IMiL (_)rrin L. Pooler,' b. — , bsl9(?);'ni. Mar. U, 1842 Cla- 
rissa Cliandler, dau. of donathan Chandler: 
had Wni. L. Pooler,^ b. Feb. 26, 1848. d. 
July 1(3, 18()o. from wounib^ reeeived at 
GettvsbnrLi- : Lafavette Pooler.M). Auu'. 22. 
1844: Henrv D. Pooler,'^ b. Mav 12. 184(3: 
P' ranees L. Pooler,''^!). Jan. (3, 1841): Loviiui 
Pooler,** b. Feb. 2(5, 1851. d Oet. 11, 18(31 : 
Charles Pooler," 1). Julv 7. 1853 : Tenej 
Pooler,^). July 31. 1805: Adah Pooler? 
1). Ort. 12. 18(3(), d. June 25. l.S(i5 : Addla 
Pooler," b. Aug. 21». 18(;5. 

ll()2. Louisa P(.)oler,' 1). — : (L — , at 2 years ()f age. 
Au infant b. — ; d. sO(.)n. 

1M33. (leorge W. Pooler.' b. Feb. 3. 182(i : m. Mar. 3. 1852. 
in ]>in<.i'lianiton, N. ^^. Fbzabeth "Watson, 
1). Mar.">,, 183(): had How;ird C. Poolei'.M). 
Feb. 2, ls53), in Xorwicli. X. ^'.. m. Jul\" 
28, 181)1 Lelihi A. Roberts, b. Sei)t. 2('). 


.Viu Leoxaiid,'' (.l/«o-5,'' Andrtic.^ Mox^fsj' JoIdi,'' Sulontuu}) 
sister (jf tlu' preeeding, was 1). in Will)raliam, Mass., Apr. 7, 
171)1: m. abont bsUCokley Peebe, b. in (Jonneeticut F(»b. 1. 
171)1, son of ( )wcllana Bec^be. 

Shed. Sept. 21), bs;;s; ^h: Beebe d. LS(31). 

The eliildren of Abi and Cokley Beebe were — 
!)()4. Fmilv Pxvbc' b. Mar. 31, lsl5: ni. 1. Api'il 2s. bs40 
CorneHus Marikle, who d. .Mar. 2'.». \S{\() : 
liad DcWitt C. Marikle." DeForest 13. .Mari- 
kde," also three daus. 

m. 2. Oet. 2. 18(i4. Isaae Utlev (2<1 wife). 
She ri'sidcs at Sabida. Iowa. 
!»(;5. Phih'na, 13eel)e.' 1). lu'b. 23, lsl7: m. Xo\.. 1S41. 
I'^rancis DeljcH; liad one (hni. and three 


U()(j. Liu/in(l:i Jk'rlx',' 1). Apr. '1\K IslH: ,1. Mav 2'.t. Iss4: 
in. Au<i'. 111. 1S4II lvl\v;inl Cotion. 1.. M:ir. 
2.'). i<sil». (1. . I line 14, ls:)li, sou of ,l;nii.'> 

ami Sail \- ( ) (.'ottou : li;i<l ('\-riis L. Cui- 

ton,Mj. Apr. U. ls4:jl. m. ( )c't. 11. ls(;4 
Louise L. i^'clt : Knniiia Ij. Cotton.'' 1). |'"i'l>. 
o, LS4:>, (1. Sept. -ll. lS7o. ni. Dec ;:5(l 
LS()7 AU'iii 1). lU'cdlc : KniouxMic Cotton.^ 
1). June 1), 1S47. (1. Mar. ->1, 1S77, in. Kcl). 
18, l.SGS r>:iriu'V I'arncs ; (.'IkipIcs Cotton,'' 
1). Mav -ill. ls:,-j : (\ L. Cotton. ' 

9(;)7. Tlnldah Beebe.'"!). .l:ni. II, 1sl>[: d. — : m.— , Wm. 
Xeal: had 4 (did. 

1)68. Alouzo Beel>e.' li. Apr. 24. i82M : in. I. — . Knnicc 
White: had one dan.: in. 2. — . Mrs. {"dlen 
(Plaee) (Ti-een. Ivesides in KairpoH. N. V. 

OnO. Sarah Beehe.' h. Apr. 7), ls27): d. Dec. 2!>. ls.-,-_>. 

'.•70. Loni.-^a Beehe,' 1). Sej)t. o, L'^27 : in. Ilenr\' Sjierrx' 
(2d wife) : one son. 

*.»71. Lorenzo Beel)e,' 1). A[)r. 1, L'^oO ; d. a,u'ed .'! \-ea!'s. 

U72. Hirani Beehe." 1). ^[ar. 18. 1S82 : d. a,L;ed 7) vears. 

973. Charles Beehe,' b. Oet. 28, l.s;-57) ; m. dnne 2, 1^78 
Lnev Ashhauo-h : luul Edith IV'elie,'" ls7('. : 
Rena Beebe,^'' 1879 ; Mary Beebe."^ bss7. : 
Imogene Beel)e.''* 1889. He was in the 
ariuv from Isiil to 1805, first in the ()7th 
X. Y. Heg't. tlieii re-enlisted in the (i7)th. 
Resides in Xashna. Iowa. 


A.Mos LEoXAtii),'' ( -4 //io-s','' Andrew} Moses."' Jo/uir SoJuninn}) 
brother of the preeeding, was b. in Paris, K. V.. Sept. 2o. 
179(): in. — . 1824: Susan Terndl, b. in Waterville. Coiiii.. 
June 18, 18<^*8, dan. of Kdias and Hannah (AVariier) Terrell. 

He was a jirivate soldier in the war of 1S12 doinu' duty at 
Saekett's Harljor on Lake Ontario. He resideil for a tiiiu' in 
Piteher, Chenauo-o (.'o.. N. Y.. removed in bs84 to Matoii. 
Lorain Co.. 0.. tlieuee in 1888 to Huron Co.. O.. then to Hyron. 
Kent Co.. ^[ieh.. in ls4() and to Allegan Co., .Mitdi.. in bsr.4. 

Alth(_)Ugli he had not the advantages of an early education 
lie was a well read man. had a reinarkal)le memory and kejit 
well informed on the topics of the ilay. He was \rv\ enter- 
taining in conversation and had unii|ue ways of expi'cssioii — 
many of his sayings being long remembei'eil and olteii (pioteil. 


He liad a t'mid (.)f drv liumur and in repartee was often very 
droll. lie was a go(_)d financier and solid laisiness man. etun- 
niaudinii" the respect and esteem of all who knew him. A 
mend)er of tlie Baptist Church he w;is scrnpulons in his 
i'eli,u'ious observances and i-equired a like strictness from his 

lied Dec. Ki. hs70 and is buried at Taylor. X. Y. : his 
wdfe d. in 18,')',) in Illinois; she was a wonuiu of uncom- 
mon abilitv, stron,u' of nnnd. kind of heart and \-ery ingenious. 
Their children were — 
974. fNewton,' b. June 18, 182.'): d. Mav 7, 18(U : m. — , 

1800 (?) Eliza Pulleii. 
97o. t'l^ane A..'b. Julv VI, 1827: m. Dec o. 1844 AVm. B. 

976. fCharles,' 1). June o, 1,S8(): d. Alav 12, 18()4 ; m. Jan. 

21, ISHl, Laura L. Dag-'le. 

977. fElias,' b. Apr. 18, 188(> : m. Keb."21. 187() Marv Frank. 

978. fJulia," b. June 4. 1841 : m. 1. Sej»t. 1. 18(U Benjamin 

V. Stone: m. 2, June 'H'k 1872 Land)ert 


J ARE!) LeoxaiU).'' {Am'-sJ' Andrtic* Muses:'' Joliiu~ Sijlomon}) 
lirother of the preceding, was b. in Paris, X. Y., Se])t. 22, 
1798 : m. ^Vug. 11. 182o XancN- Wheeler 1). in Connecticut. 
Jan. 4, 1807 : dau. of John and Sarah (Johnson) AVheeler. 

During his youth, he helpe(l clear the country of fcu'ests : 
after the trees were felled, the logs were often l)nrned and 
salts made fi'om the ashes, and wliile boiling the s;dts he edu- 
cated himself, stuihdng bv tlie liri'light at night, lie was 
noU'tl h»r his accui'atc memorv and, considering his ad\;nitages, 
gainctl what ma\' be accounte(l a good education. He taught 
school bcfoi-c his mai'riagcand was regarded as a good teacher. 

At the beginning of the war for the Idiion. he I'csiiled in 
Ashtabula County, ()hio. and four of his sons enlisted, the 
liftli being pre\'cnteil from following tlicii' example on account 
of l)ciiig a cripple. In the spring of 1S(;7. he removed to 
Michigan and engag<'(l in farming. All of his children, with 
l)nt one exccjition. became landholders. He was strict in fol- 
lowing his con\-ictions of what was right. temperat(\ systematic, 
an obliging neighl)or, "■ not onh" was he lo\-e(l and resj)ected by 
his lamily, bnt wherever he was kuiown he was distinguished 
foi' his iioncstw iiitegrit\- and lo\-e of justice."' 


llr (1. ill 'riiscohi (\... Midi.. Oct. (1. Is7(i: liis widow d. 
Auu'. !•. iSDl. ill DcuiiiMi'k. Mich.: liotli ;irc linric(l ;it Wntroiis- 
vill'e. Mich. 

Thcii' children were — 
li7!i. fOrriii Wiieeler.' 1). Aivj. iCi. lSj!(;: m. 1. J;iii. 1. ls:,() 

P.,liv Weill):' 111. -1. Julv 4. is:,:, L<,iiisa A. 

!»S(I. S;irah.' 1>. alioiit IS^S; d. soon. 
DSl. f( diaries .lohiisdii.' K. Jan. S, ls;;(): m. Ajir. :>, ls:,s 

Kli/a lIidilKird. 
ilS'i. fe'vnis Pooler,' 1>. Kel). 17. l.S.'ij! : in. dan. 11, ls:,i) 

b'raiici's A. ( 'o\dlle. 
IISH. fl.-<aac Fit(di.' h. Keli. 22. ls;;4; m. Mar. 2S, iSoS 

Xaiiev r)isl)ee. 
^)S4. fKzra (iarrt't.' 1). Kel). 14. ls;-;S; ni. Jan. 1, 1S()2 

Mai'v l^li/alieth Wri-lit. 
1)87). •Kdiaiineey San'inel,' 1). \\n: 2!l. is4d : ni. An-. 7,. ISOG 

Poll\- A. B]-akenian. 
flSd fMarilla Salira.' 1). Jnlv 12, LS4ii : ni. Afav lo, ISliS 

Sevinoiir Aldri(di. 


Orhin Leoxaki),''' {AiiiosJ' Andirw.^ Mosesr JuJmr Solornnu?) 
l)r()tlier of the preceding, was It. in J^iris, X. ^7. Apr. 2('>. ls(»l ; 
ni. 1. Jan. 9, 1845 Marv Gage wdio was 1». dan. 2.">.'l and 
d. Kel). ;5. 1867 : m. 2. Nov. 20, 1869 ^[arv Vvw 

Most of his life was spent in TaNdor. (7ortlaiid Co.. N. "^ .. 
wdiere he was postmaster for many years. S(df-e<liicate(l. and 
a great reader, he was a man of few woi'ds Init a clear thinkei' 
and close reasoner: a shoemaker 1)\" traile. \ery industrious and 
acciiniiiLated some ])ropert\'. IK' was a meinlx'r o| the M. \\. 
Chnrcdi. a man of high (diaracter who held exalted ideas ot 
honor and fair dealing, his inlliK'iiee was alwavs on the side of 

lie d. in Taylor, Sept. 21). Ks71 : in ISD-J his widow was 
residing in (leorgetown, X. ^ . 

lie had no <diil(h'en. 

461 . 

DoLL^' or Doito'rm' Sthx'kns \A-A)y.\\'A).'(Aitios:'Ah<h-eiv.* 
Mo^es:'' Joinu' Solo-iiion,^) sister of the i)recediiio. youngest (diild 
of Amos and ^NTarev or ^rei'c\' iSweatland) Keonard. wash, in 
Pai-is. y.Y., An--, lo. Iso;; : 'm. An--. \K Ks24 Sanmel P.rooks. 


1). ill AVindstir, A't.. Jan. -!, 1795, son of Samuel and Eunice 
(Dean) Brooks. ■•'■ 

Slie was a. wfjiuan of k'iiul and gentle nature, vet of strict 
integrity, and tauglit her cliildren t(_) d(.) riglit at any cost. An 
oft-r('])eate(l niaxiin of liers was, '• Ijctter suffer wrong than do 
Avroiig. "" 

All-. Brook's was a fanner, a man of integrity of character, 
for many wars a deacon of the l^aptist Church and a licensed 
])reacher. lie in. l.akout 1 NfS, Sall\" AV heeler, dan. of Jolin 
and Sarah (.lohnsoii) Wlieclci', aixl had one son, Silas l)rooks, 
1). aliout 1S1!». (1. \S4:'>. 

I^'iMiu an ol)ituar\' notice in the Glirisiian Enquirer, c>f New 
York', we take th<' following: "At North Norwich, N. Y., 
Dec. 7. ISOl. after a Ijrief illness of one liour, Mrs. Dolly 
Bi'ooks fell aslcc]) in Jesus. She was a most consistent Cliris- 
tian and a most dcx'otcd mother. "" '" "' She was a mem- 
ber of the I'ajitist ('hurcdi for o^•('r scA'cuty years. '" """ "■'' 
It was her amkitioii in (.'aiiy life to keconie a foi-eiiaii mission- 
ar^• : although denicil that ])ri\'ilegc, she was |)ei'niitte(1 to see 
her son a iiiissioiiar\- in llic home lield and her grandson a 
candidate for the foreign held. Tier t(>a(diing, example, and 
iidluence for good will nex'er die."" 

She d. at the home of her son, ()ryille L. Brooks, where her 
last y(^ars we]-e spent. Jler husliaiid d. Dec 29, 1<S()3. 

'Jdie children of Dolly S. and Samuel l^rooks were — 
1)S7. Leandei' lirooks.' 1». Jan. o. 1S2S, in Pitcher. N. Y.: 

111. I, Now lis, ls,")"2 AInieda Pearsons, 1». 

Sejit. S, lSj!(), dau. of William Pearsons; 

lia<l Amanda L. Brooks.M.. Sept. 19, 1853, 

m. I)ec. 21. ]SS7 Hoinain Edmister. 

111. 2, -Ian. 10, 1S8(), Airs. .Jaiie (Keiiyoii) 

Prown, 1). July li),, dau. of P. ('.'and 

Al»l)ie ( ) Kenyon and widow of A. d. 

l>rown : had Hattie S. Pu-ooks.^ k. Aug. S, 


Mr. lirook's enlisted Aug. S, 1S(J2, in Co. 

F, 141st Penn. \"ol. Kegt, and was dis- 

*Samuel Brooks (whose father was also Samueli m. Jan. 31, 1792 Eunice Dean. dau. of 
Rev. St>th Dean of Plainfield. Conn., (whose brother Silas Deaiie was sent to Paris as finan- 
cial a^ent of the colonies and later was associated with Benjamin Franklin). Mr. 
Brooks d. al)out 1803. Their chil. were Helotia Brooks, b. Feb. lO, ir!l3, m. Simeon 
Pepper ; Samuel Brooks, h. Jan. 3, ITOo, m. Dorothy S. Leonard ; Mari/ Brooks, b. May 
9, 1796, m AValliston Hawley ; Zilplia Brooks, b. Jan. 1, 1798, m. David Hollister : 
Eunice Brooks b. l\Iar. 9, 1801, d. 1843. in. Comfort Bowker (chil. Simeon, Sarah, Phil- 
ander, Seth D. [prof, in Kansas City College of ^Medicine], Harmon): Seth D. Brooks, b. 
Sei)t. 13. 1803. m. Cynthia Prindle. 


rliaiycil M;i\' 2'S. LSI),') : was in tlic Ariii\" 
of the I'l ildiiiac and tonk pari in twcnU- 
twooi' nioi'c liattlcs. Is a larnn.'rat Alice*! 
" ( 'rntiv. X. V. 

ilSS. Oi'vilK' _L. Hrcioks.' I>. Mai'. \. ls.".l. in Pitclicr. X. V.: 
ni. Jan. 7. 1 s;,s M:,rv A. Paul. K. Ma\ :;, 
1S;-51). dan. of Alfiv.l raul. (1). Ang. ;!, IM 1, 
(1. Dec. (>. I'SHl.) an<l Louisa A."(LVcncli) 
Paul ..r Xoi'tli Xoi-wich. X. v.: Iiad I'aiil 
K. P)ro()ks.'' 1). ,Lil\- 17, Ls:)'.), m. Saraii 
^Liria liatlibui'n,(jl cliil. ): Charles K ih-ooks."^ 
1.. Sept. L2, LSGO; J.iiclia L. Ih-ooks;^ L. Fi-L. 
14, LS(]'2.(L May 22. LSS.-) : Uattir L. P,nH.ks,'* 

1). Fcl). 22. LSnr). ni. (ii'a\'(.'s: lamest 

A. l')r.)(.ks.M,. .Ian 14. Ls7i : Fred Bn.<.ks.« 
1). Aug. IS. LS74. d. Dec. 27. Ls77 : L. How- 
ard Brooks. M). Api'. <). Ls77. 

A[i'. P)i'ooks K'sidcsat Xortii Xorwich, X. V. 

!)«y. Surah AL Brooks.' 1.. St") it. ."!, Ls;-!2 ; ni. May 14. LSol 
Samuel II. Ph.'lps. \k in Otselie. ^^ Y., 
, ^Vpr. 27. Ls2Ii, sou of ('\tus and ^Tarv 
(Iluut) Phelps: had Charles Pheliis.'' K 
])(v. 2!». Ls:>2, d. Mav 22. LsiH); Flki Phelj.s.'' 
L. Mai', lo, iSoC). ni. .Ian. 24, Ls7(; AlLin 
P>atrou: Charles W. Phelps,'^ 1). June :;. 
. 1S(*)(). 111. I)ee. 12, LsSo Ida Ceer : Kstlier 
:\[. Pludps,'^ 1). Apr. 20. lS(j;5. m. Nov. ^5, 
ISSI) Louis F. Searles: F^ldie ^L Phelps.'^ L. 
Ajir. 27). ISi;;-]. d. Sejit. '.». isi;:) : William 
E. Phelps.'" 1). All-. 27. Lscs. m. Au-'. 27. 
1880 Viola Marks.' 

'.I'.MI. Charles Wesley Bi'ooks.' L. Aug. 27), Ls;;(; : m. 1. 
Aug.'2s. iscd Pdsie A.' (ireeli. 1). Dec. 12. 
183H, dau. of Tliomas .1. and Laura .1. 
(Dailev) (ireen: had Alice I. Ih'ooks.'" L. 
Nov. 12. LS()2. m. Nov. 12. Ls44 Di'. Wm. 
T. J^olton ; Willis II. L'>i'ooks." h. Sept. 12. 
LSIU: :\[arv F. Brooks.'"^ h. Jan. 7. ls(;7. d. 
Oct. 20. 1n7('.: Addie F. Ih'ooks.- L. .hiiie 
21. ISliS. 111. Oct. H',. ISS'I \lr\. (ieo. A. 
l')eers, (had Alice Beers,'' h. .Line l-'k LSI);;); 
(diaries A. Brooks.'M,. Jan. 17. Is71 : Leon 
O. Brooks.'M). Mar. 4. Ls7o : Pavmon<l C. 
l>rooks.'' 1.. Nov. 2s. Is77. d. .lune. Lsso: 


Anna B. Brooks:'^ b. Dec, lS7ii, d. Fd)., 

Mrs. r)r()()ks d. Kel). (j, isys and he in. 2, 
:\rar. ('). ISS!) Kose E. Blandiard, li. Oct. 11. 
1854. dau. of Ira L. Blancliard of Syracuse. 
N. Y. Mr. Brooks is a Ba])tist iniuister, 
district niissioiiarv of tlie Ba})tist Missionary 
(Jouvention of X. ^'. P. ( ). address, Wat- 
kins. X. V. 
91)1. Klotia dulia Brooks,' 1). Mav lO. LsyiJ : m. (Jet. 1, 
1856 Maurice Ratldjiirn, h. ]\rar. 15. l8o3, 

son of Allen and Rutli ( ) Batld)urn ; 

had Frank A. Ratliburn,^ b. Au,l;-. 8, 1857, 
m. Mrs. A^ietoria Davis; Sarali M. Rath- 
l)urn,'' b. dune 20. 1859. ni. Paul PI Brooks,*" 
(2eliil.): Martha L. Rathbnrn.M*. Feb. 21. 
1802, ni. (icor^u'e Turner (ocliih); ('arroll 
A. Ratld)urn.'' 1). Nov. 21, I8(i5. ni. Mirniie 
Watts (1 chih); Marvette E. Katld)urn,''' b. 
Aug. 20, 1872. 

992. Milton Brooks/b. Apr. 25, 1841: d. ls54. 

993. Samuel Brooks,' b. Oct. 19. Ls4;:> : d. dune 21. 1887; 

m. Mav 9, Ls(i7 Anna Matthews, b. Nov. 
19, 1848. dau. of Henry J. and Sarah A. 

( ) ]\[attlie\vs of Brantford, Canada; had 

Arthur Brooks."^ 1). Mav. 18^3; Eddie PI 
Brooks,H\irrie Brooks.""' Edith Brooks.'^ He 
was a physician : enliste<l in (.'o. Iv. loth 
X. Y. Ca\'alr\' for tlnve \'eai's. was wounded 
in the Battle of the Wilderness and a,uain at 
Spottsvh'ania. Xw. His widow resides at 
New Alilford, Pa. 


Le\'1 Lkoxaim),''' (./o//('.s,-' Aiulreir.^ Moses^'^ Jolnir Snlomon}) 
eldest ehild of donas and AbJLiail (Ilal])h) Leonard, was b. in 
Charlemont, Mass.. \\vi. (I. 1791 ; m. \\vi. 22, fsls iu(iroton, 
N. Y.. Tinmah Hid. f). Nov. lo. 1799 'in Blandh.rd. Mass., 
(dan. of doscjih ami doaiuia (Eiblu") Hilll He resideil in 
Rovalton. N. ^^. ( ii'ccnheld. ( )hio. and Lcc. Cadioun ( 'o.. Mich., 
wliere he (L Aul!'. 22. 1S.5(). His widow d. Ma\' 2.'). 1>!77. 
Their cidldren wei'c-- 

994. donas Henry.' b. May 31, 1S19 : d. Oct. lO, 1882; 



1H»:). ^[;iri:i Kuieliiu'.' 1). Oct. !•. 1sl>(): m. 1. .]\\nv U. IsKi 
CMiilcs (;ie;is()ii. 1). M;ir. Is. \s-H)_ son of 
Calol) (Jleasou of Wilkcshanv, I'a.: had 
Eunice Gleason."' It. .Iul\- 1.'!. Is41. ,1. ( )ct. 
15. 1841: Adelia ( ilcasoii.M>. Oct. "jid. 1n42. 
111. Saiiiiu'l Seclilcr, (son of .Ios(']ili). of 
l)an\-illc. J'a. : .loci (ilcason.'' I). Nov. ('>. 
18-14. ni. i. Sept. 'io, isc; i.iicy (,l;in. .hilic/.) 
Wynian. she d. Junt> 27. l.'^74. and In- m. 2. 
Cora (dan. Klisha) Millard : A rdici' ( ilcason."" 
1). ^[ar. 14. 1S47. ni. Jan. 2.3. 1^77 Addie 
Lcnik'y, (1). Mar. 2;!. ls:,(;); Wni. (.'lark 
Gleason."^ 1). Mar. 2i», ls7>0. ni. An,u-. l(i. 
1874 Elizal)ctli .lane, (dan. lIn,L;ii) ]\torton. 
(1). Xi.v. o. 18:)4): AJvali Chiles (ilca.-on."' 
b. Ang. 18, ls.-,2. d. Mar. Kt. Ls:)4. 
m. 2. Pliili]) Honk : I'esides in (Tlendi^•('. 

DUl). fPark ACaxwell,' I). A|ir. 7). 1822: m. L. M.yy I), 
Rebecca Whitney: rn. 2. May '.>. 'ls(;7) Har- 
riet Wliitnev. 

i»i»7. Milton.' / , ■ 

V»*.I8. Khoda .Vnna.' \ 

i»i»9. Jose])li,' b. — . 182'S : went to Oregon in ne\-er 

1000. Phebe Alarictta.' b. — . ls;!(i; d. — . about ls:.s ; 


1001. Ruth Develia.' 1). July 1;!. Is;-!;-;: m. 1. Mai-. 1;;. bs.".7 

Stephen Smith who d. Xo\'. ;;. Is(;-J : had 
Caniarius Gilbert Smith, '^ b. Apr. 21. lS7)S : 
Parmel Timnali Smith," b. Jan. 4. isdo : 
(iamaliel Stephen Smith. M». Nov. lo, Isill. 
d. Mar. 22. LS(;2. 

ni. 2, Mar. 17), lS(i4 John C. Lamb. 1». June 
30. 182(1 

I0(J2. Howena Theresa.' b. Jan. b!. ls;l(; : m. Peter Coi-by : 
liad VelcM-oiis Corbv.'^ b. Sept. 2o. Is.Vli: 
]Manley A. Corliy.'' d). Jan. 1 Is.-,',!; Kilie 
Corbv," b. Oct il. bS(i;-; : lone Corbw" b. 
:\[ar.'l7). isci) : Vat Corby. ^ b. July 24.'ls77. 

IflOo. Aurilla.' b. — . ISMS : d. at '.\ or 4 vears of age. 

1004. Alicia.' 1>. — . Is40 : d. in iiifaucw' 

1007). ^fary Anudia.' b. Feb. 4. 1 s42 : m. Now 1;;. Is.'.s 
Joliu Sine. b. June 2;i. ls;!s: had Sarena 


P. Sine." 1). July 18, 1859, m. Oct. 21, 1877 
^[ilton F;irr:iii(l, (cliil. Jessie P';in'aii(l,'' h. 
An--. '21. 1S7S : Eliia Farrand.'' 1). Oct. 23, 
1S7'«»: Oliver H. Farraud.'-' !>. Dec. 27). 18S1 ; 
Marv Farrand.''!). Auq-. U). 18s5 : Blanch 
Farrand,'-' 1). (Jet. 21." 1887): Joseph 11. 
Sine.'' b. Mi\y 2. 1852, d. Ano-. 13. l.S(i2: 
Xina M. Sine.''* h. Sept. 8, iSdo, m. A[)r. 2. 
I'SSli AVillard Sebastian, (ehil. F]verett Sebas- 
tian,'' 1). Dec. 2, 1888): Manlev J. Sine,''* b. 
Sept. 15, ls(;7. ni. Dee. 18,' 1880 Clara 
Land): Ilattie J). Sine," b. Jan. 28, 1870; 
Arthur II. Sine." b. Oct. 28. 1871; J. Dar- 
win Sine," b. M;iv 5. 1S7J : (irace A. Sine." 
b. June 2(». bs77'; ^Flo W. Sine," 1). Xov. 6. 
ls7i> ; Mvi-on A. Sine." K June 7. ls,s2 ; 
Orpha A.' Sine," 1). June Kl 18S(). 
iOdi;. ^[artha Anna,' b. Apr. 25, 1S45 : m. 1, Dec. 25, 1.S62 
Janies II. Fox wIk) d. Oct. 25. bsii^ : had 
Elliott E. Fox," b. Jan. 4, 18(U. d. Se|)t. 15, 

in. 2, Apr. 22. 18(3(:) AVm. Ilazen : had 
Alvah M. llazen." b. Jan. 2. 18()S. d. Oct. 
17. 18()8: ^rert(;n E. llazen." b. O.^t. 1!I, 
b8(30, d. An--. 4, bSS4 : (biiuael Waldo 
llazen," b. Dec. IC), 1877. 


• -IessK EkoXAUI),'' (•-/'^""■s.-' A/i(ireu\* J/os's.'-' ./(.ilmr Solomon}) 
bi'otlier ol' the preeediiiL;-. was 1). in Oharleiuont, Mass.. Mar. 11, 
17'.»;3; ni. — . b8l8 Luev IIosh)rd of Canaan. Ct.. b. Oi-t. 28, 

J)\- trade he was a taimer. currier and shoeniak'er. In b^25 
he eiiiiL:iated to Lvons, X. Y.. witli his faniih': the t'ollowinii' 
yeai' he joineil the Shake)' Society, then located at Sodus. X. 
v.. and Inter reiiioxcd with the society to ATt. !\[orris, Li\iuL;'- 
stoii ('oinit\'. His connection with the society continued 
until -Inly 10, 18<')7 : durinu' thirt\- \-ears of this time he is said 
to ha\e been ))resident of tlii^ IVatemitv. His sons withdi'ew 
IVoni the society in ls;;il ;iiid his wih' in 1S41. 

One who knew desse Feon;ird in the last few yeai's of his 
life while lixinL:' with his l)rothei' in Pei'u. Ohio, says he "was 
a stalwai't athlete, six feet two inches in heiji'ht and f;niie(l ;is a 
pedestrinn. "■ "" "" lie was gifted with a I'etentix'e nienioi'w 


liis iiiiinl was a slorcliouse of u'ciiei'al I<ih»\\ lf(liic "- "-'^ "" 
lie was instructive, amusin^u', and liiiilily entei'taininii' on iiian\' 
themes, and, l)efore enfeel)led Wy aur and tlu- 'ni'dnous lalior< of 
liis olHee, lie was one of the most |io|ialai" tcaclici's and Icctnr- 
ers of tlu' old time school, rs|u'ciall \' on moral and intcllcctnal 
training". He was a natnral poet ami ('omposc(l a nnmlnT of 

lit' d. at the residence of his ln-otlicr donas in Pnai. ()liio, 
Jnlv 17. Ln71. His widow snhsc(|ncntl\' m. I'dliott Tvlcr and 
resided at Katon Rapids. Mich. 

The children of di^sse and Lue\ wvvr — 

1(1(17. Harvey.' h. <_)ct. !;!. Is-J():hL (_).-t. -".o. 1^4.". at 
Anhnrii. X. Y.: a cariienter li\' trade. 

loos. Ezra." h. Feh. lo, \S'2'2 : d. l)ec. 1. ls:,7 ;it l\)rt 
P>yron. X. V.: m. \s:r2 Mrs. Pli.-lx' d. Hin-er 

of Lvons. X. ^^ 

He was edncateil as a j)h\'sieian at Phila- 
delphia ^Tedii-al College and practiced at 
Port B\'ron. 


liri:>tlier of the jireceding. was h. in Charlemont. Mass.. Mav -!7, 
17110: m. 1, — . lS-21 Ahigail (nitlirie. h. IsdH. dan. ol KIhmi 
(nithrie: shed. — . and he m. '1. — , Ls;!7 Fdixaheth Pirink'cr- 
hoff of Trumansburu-. X. V. 

"He was a man of the strictest and most nnswer\-iMg integ'- 
rity. so fuUv carrving oat the "golden lade " in his dealings with ■ 
men that thev were constrained to deal honestU' with him : so 
consistent in his diristiaii life and character as to impress the 
inhdel and scotfer. He was a meinher of the Hisciple denom- 

He reside! in Pern. Ohio, where he d. Mar. 1:;. Is74. His 
wi(h')W d. ditly 17. Iss7. 

Jonas and .Vhigail had one son. 

lOOi). Jonas.'h. Kef). III. ls;;i : d. Ma\- j!l. Ls71 : nnmar- 
llie (Idldren of Jonas and Klizaheth were — 
lolo. Al.hy.' li. Sept. •l>i. is^-1: m. — . Milton X. Cowles : 
<lnl. John Leonard ( 'owles.'' 1 1. j^'eh. k isCii;; 
ldo\d Stejdien Cowles," 1.. Jnly 2s. Is7i. 

Mr. Cowles, h. A pi-. 2S. iS-io, was a .<ol- 
(lier in the Union Armv dnring the Ci\il 
War. was enii'aii'ed in the hattlc of (iettvs- 


l)ui;u'. w;is out' of tlie suffertTs at Lil)li\' 
Prison: d. of consiuiijition at (.'arlvk'. Ark., 
Fel). 2.'), I«s7. 
lull, ^riiiiiie.' 1). Apr. 17, 1S4!) : d. Nov. (l I-sh:). 


Ezi-iA TjK(»xaki>.'' (Joiias,'^ Andrew,'^ Moses,'^ JuJt'n'~ Suloiii.ou}) 
lii'otlici' of the preceding, was 1). in Charleniont. Mass., ^Vug. 
2(», 17'.>7: ni. 1, Feb. 8, 'l823 Rntli Hayes, dan. of David and 
Raidiel (Dean) Hayes of Hartford, Conn., wdio d. in (freenfield; 
Ohio, Dee., 18o4 ; he ni. 2, Apr. 12, Is^ij, Mrs. Soplironia 
(Frost) \VeV)b, widow of Harvey Wel)lj, of Greenfield, Ohio, 
and dan. of Dea. Neheniiah and Elizal)eth (Nash) Frost. 

In LSI 7 or 1818, Avitli his l^rotliers Levi and Judali, he left 
Charleniont for tlie west, traveling most of the wav on foot. 
i)nring the jt)nrney Jndali, then a hov of eighteen, <.)vertaxed 
his strength, took a severe C()ld whieii terminated in tvphoid 
fever and he d. at Port Byron, N. ^'., Jan. 22, 181S.' p^zra 
resided a [vw years in Canfield, < )., afterwards in Po\'alton. 
later ill (ireenlield, then in IJidgetield, and in 18G4, remox'cil 
to ()xford, ()]iio, where lied. Keh. 28, 187-! : his widow d. Jan. 
1(». IS7:, ill (.)xh)rd. 

He was ordained a Baptist minister and after preaching foi' a 
time, witli many others, withdrew from that connection and 
formed a new l)ranch (.>f the (h'nomination calling themselves 
I)iseiples (Campljellites) and hiter (Christians. 

The following sketch of his character is furnished bv a steji- 
son : '• He was ambitions, energetic, zealous, combative, higlilv 
beiie\'o|eiit. Would commisei'ate real siiffei'ing and destitution 
and make any sacrihce to assist e\eii against his pecuniary 
interest: was highly gifted in laiiu'iuige. His moral and ])liv- 
sical coui'age were of tlie first oi'dei'. He scorned to revenge 
by inlbcting injuries iijion ]>erson or jiropertv. but it was 
extremely uncomfortable to be his eiiemv. He excelled in 
oi'iginality, was fond of in\'eiiting somelliing new — churns. 
<'orii-planters. straw-cutters, \v!ii<liiiills and "perpetual motions," 
beguiled many a wakeful night. " 

I'lie cliildi'cn of Fzi'a and Ibitli were — 

1(»12. Abigail.' 1). ^[;ir. 2!i, bS24 : m. b Mar. 2s. 1,S4J Hev. 
Fdward H. AVebb: h;,d IJuth S. Webb.^ 
Esther E. Webb.^ Ezra H. We'bb.'^ Edward 
D. AVebb.'^ Anna O. AVebb. '^ 

Air. Webb d. All-. II. is:.;; and siie m. 2, 


Nov. -il). ISCO Al.raiii P. lJc;i<l: liiid Cjissius 
WvA^V Fi-:iiik Head'' Pai-k l^'aa.-^ 

lul;j. fDavi.l Haves.' 1). Mar. 29, 1827; d. Sept. 10, IbO:) ; 
111. Sept. '22. LSol Helen Chandler. 

IdU. l^da C' 1.. Dee. IT.. lsp,8 ; d. June 4, 1871, at Erie, 
Kansas: m. .Iniic — . 18(io Nelson B. Pai'- 
ker: had .Mice l^arker."* wlio (L aii'ed "ahout 

^ 47 1. 

Rev. Lemuel Leoxard," {JonasJ' Andrew* Moses.^ Johii,^ 
SoIomo7i.^) youngest son of Jonas and Nabbv (Hill) Leonard, 
was 1). at Charlemont, Mass.. Nov. 2r3, 1812: in. 1. Nov. Ill, 
1839 Plannah B^ Miller, dan. of Kev. Moses Miller of Heath ; 
m. 2, Dec. 9. IS/ 4 Etta Laws of Kiehland Centre, Wisconsin. 
He studied at Anilierst College from 1830 to 1833 ; spent 
four 3-ears in study and teaching in Heath, North Adams, 
Greenlield ami Ashtield Mass., eom|)leted the theological 
course in East Windsor Hill Seminary, Conn, in l83!l : 
c^rdained pastor of the Presl)yterian Church in Portageyille, N. 
Y., Oct. 31, 1839 where he remained until 1849 ; acting pastor 
at Moscow, N. Y.. from Sei)t. 1. L849 to Sept. 1. ls,')(') : pi'o- 
fessor at Geneseo Synodical Academy from ls,")() to ISol* : act- 
ing pastor and teacher at Charlotte, N. Y.. one year: professor 
in Detroit Classical and High School four years : acting pastor 
at Odell, 111, from 1804 to 1809: Cottage (Jrove and Sun 
Prairie, AVis., 1869 to 1872: at Fancy Creek and Richland 
City, the former seven years and the latter twe]\'e ycai's. Is 
.still residing in Richland. 

The children of Lemuel and Hannah were — 
lolo. Ahliie P)..' 1,. Nov. 11. 1S42; d. Mav is. Is77 ; m. 
Nov. 22. ls7(» H. Haskel'l: chil.. Hattic 
Haskell." .L a--d 3 yrs. : F. Leonard Has- 
kell.'^ d. aged !) yrs. :'Fred,lie Haskell." _ 
liHC). M;irv Ware.' 1). Se})t. 24* ls44: d. Mar. Ki. Isc; nt 
Washin-ton. D. (.'. : iii. Oct.. 1><00) Capt. 
Frank R. Rich. 
lnl7. Eraiices Hannah.' h. July 3<i. Is4(; : d. Nov. 3. Iso.-.. 
ims. William Miller.' \>. Novf' 20. ls4s in Moscow. X. V.. 

d. Nov. 2. 1S411. 
Hdl). Alice .S..' 1). Oct. 9. ls.-,(i ill Moscow: a teacher at 
Marietta. ( )liio. 



Tli(,)i!Xi>iKK LeoxahJ)/' [Ezelxiel;' Andrew,^ J\Joses^'' Johnr 
Solomou}) sou of Ezekiel aii<l HikjIicI (Feltoii) Leoiuinl. was 1). 
in Oakliaiu, Mass., April 28, 1812 : m. 1, in Tli(_)iJi])son. Conn., 
Apr. 2o, 1837 Sarah Elizabeth Tcniplc, dan. of M()ses and 
Betscv (Sti'atton) Temple of Mailljoro, Mass.. who d. in Green- 
Avich Sept. 8, 1843, and he ni. 2, in Milford Ai)r. 27, 1847 Mrs. 
llannaii (Claflin) (Tihsou. ^\:\n. of John and (Marinda (Mellish) 
Claliin of liopkinton, Mass. 

in early nianluMxl lie Icarncil the (Mistoni boot and shoe* 
maker's trade, lie resided in W atertown, (ireenwieh, liop- 
kinton. Westboro". and Grafton, ^[ass.. where he d. Api\ 20. 

The rliiMren of Tliorndike and Sarah were — 
l(i2<i. Lucy Ann.' b. ,Inne 1, bs;;s in Watertown, Mass. : 
d. _X()y. 13, bSSf ill Speneer : m. in AVor- 
eestei' Se]it. 2o, isiH Lewis Freeman : liad 
Harry K. l-'rceman,'^ 1». 1862, d. a.u'ed lb 
rnos.; Leonard 1^]. Freeman,'^ 1). Mar. 28, 
1864: Emma (b Fi-ccinan,''' b. Se})t. 12, 
1870: Chailes \b'rnon I'reeman,''' b. A])r. 
24, 1873 : licwis Ivirl Freeman,'"^ b. Se})t. 
24. bs74 : Ftlicl Jolmson Freeman, ■'* b. Fel). 
14. f.s77. 
1021. Jbitli Almedea,' b. An-'. 22. 1.S40 ; m. John John- 
son of L'pton :" resides in AVeatherstield, 
fO-Jj;. Charles Lewis,' 1). Apr. IC). bs43 in Greenwich, Mass.. 
d. Noy. 6, 1843 in liopkinton. 
'^rhe children of Thorndilce and Hannah were — 
102.'!. Sai'ah Jane.* b. Jan. 24, bSjl) in Ilojikinton: d. Jan. 
4. bs7l): m. Noy. lb. bs71 Leyi N. Leland. 
Jr. : had Lucy .\[. Lehind,''^ b. Aug-. S, 1872: 
AValter Lerov Lehind," 1). July !>, "bs7(i. 
102L ICharh's Lee,' b. Apr. 24, bV)l in \Vestb,,ro' : ni. 

May 2S. 1S7.", KUa C. Ibvwer. 
102b. fSunmer F.,' b. Oct. 24. lSo(i in (Jrafton: m. Se|)t. 
20. bss2 Mal)el (irace Lhnrston. 


Sai.ln" Lkland \A':^)y.\\{\).^' {KzcK-icJJ' Aiidreiv.^ Moh's.-' Jo/m.'' 
Siilinnoii,^) sister ol llie preceding:, was b. in ()akdiani. Nhiss., 
( )ct. 2, bsjl: 111. 1. ill ls;;i Samiul Liiomas Newman prob- 


al)lv ill X»irtli;iiii|)t(iii ; in. 2, M;ir. .'11, Is-l-lt hllias JN'. \\\'l)stci- 
in Milfohl. Mass. 
She (I. Mar. ;!, Isr.l. 

Tlic cliildrciMit' Sall\' 1 ). and SainnrI T. Xcwinan a it — 
lO'ili Sanincl Tlidnias Xcwinan,' 1). — ; d. in iiil'aiicw 
1(>27. Tlioiuas Shcrwin X^cwiiKin,' h. Oct. 17. is;;4. 
lO'JS. Ilcleii Jane Newman,' / i i- > ,,,.,_ 
1<_I2;'. llcnrv riames rsewmaii,' \ 
lOoO. ATarion Tir/.ali Xcwnian.' 1). June 2. |s;il). 
lUol. Mary Isadoiv Xcwinan,' 1.. .Inlv ;;. lS41. 
1032. George "Wash in Lz' ton Xcwman,' I). ( )ct.. Is^.'). 

Sally 1). and l^lias N. Wcl)srcr IkhI one daughter — 
lOoo. C^itherinc KnaiKira Wel)stcr.' 1). Nu\-. ',], LS.")!) : d. 
.Iidv 2, 1S77. 


LrciXDA P. Leoxakd," (Am/aJ' An<h-ew.* Moses,-'' -/o/mr Snlo- 
moiu^) ihm. uf Anna and Ijcvi Lconaivh was 1). ALar. 1), ItiUl ; 
m. Sept. 2(1, 1821 Jonathan Fidler, 1.. IsLw 1. 17i)2. 

Slie d. Dee. 12, 1833; her iiusliand d 'Dec. Ki. Lss2. 

Tlie eliildren ()f Lnciu(hi P. and Jonathan Fnller 
were — 

1034. Chirk AVriu-ht Fnller.' 1). Xov. 27. Is22: d. Dee. 22, 
1 822. 

1037). F^liza Ann Fidlcr,' 1). ]\[ar. 7., Is24 : d Sept. — , 1833. 

1036. Bathsheha Fuller,'!). \\vs. 8, 182(; : in. 1. J;in. 27), 
1849 Wells H. Avers, b. 1.S24, d. June 25, 
1861 ; had Flora Lncinda Avei-s.M). Jan. 14, 
1851, d. Aug. 25, 1854 : Anna E. Avers,''' 
b. May 18, 1853: Carey Clark Avers,' b. 
A\\\i. 8, isco. 

ni. 2, Jan. 1, lS(J3 Levi J lawks, b. Jan. 5. 
1824, d. July 14, 188S : had Charles D.^wilt 
Hawdcs.'^ b. "Mar. 1. 1S(;5 : Pxa-tic Fn-vne 
Hawks,M). Feb. 2S. I.s71. 

1<»37. Clark AVright F'uller.' b. Aj)]-. 1, 1S21). 


Rev. Silas Le(_)Xaki)." (Anii<i:' Andreir.^ Moses,"' John.'' Solo- 
mon.^) brother of the preecibng, was b. Jan. l<t. Isoi; : m. 1. 
— . Iluhlah ]^[i.\er who il. in bs;!2 (?) and he in. 2, — , Sarah 

lie was a elcrgyman in the Alethodist J']|)i>co]ial Clinrch and 


lilk'd piistonitL's in Xortli Adams, Mass., New Haven, Conn., 
rrovitlencc, \{. I., and Siiriniilicld, Mass. 
He d. ill Sprin.u'lield in the fall of ls44. 

The children of Silas and Tlnldah were — 
l(i;',s. -f-Levi A.,' 1). June 18, l.S'2,8 : d. Apr. '21, 1887 : m. 1, 
Mav H. 180(3 Liieretia W. Stul)l)s : ni. 2, 
July 2, 1880 Jessie E. Ham. 
10;]1). flvlwin Sihis,^ b. Feb. 1, 1830; m. 1, — , Lydia 
Beals : ni. 2. — , Harriet S. Danfortli : m. 
o, — , Susan Hieks. 
1(»4(». -f-K/ra. Alonzo,' b. Mar. 28, 1832 ; m. — . 
The cliildren of Silas and SaiTili wei'e — 

1041. Sarah,' h. — . 

1042. Isaac Newton,' b. — . 

1043. Martin Luther," 1). — . 


Joiix Mii;i^)X Leonahi),'' {Anna:' Andrew,^ Moses^^ Jo/in,- 

Soloiaon,^) l)i'otliei' of the preeedin^L;-, was 1). Jan. 31, 1808; m. 
1^ — ^ Lorina. Skiff, adopted dan. of ()liver Pklu'erton of Haw- 
ley, Mass. She d. Xov. 22, ls33. and he m. 2," Apr. 22, 1835 
Polly M. Wilbur, dan. of Samuel aii<l Betsey E. (Smith) Will)iir 
of Piopewcll. Ontario Co.. X. ^'. He resided in l^oyalt(Mi. ()., 
Addison. X. V. and Burlinu'ton. Mitdi. 

He d. Mai'. 21, l8S(i in Detroit. Mich; his widow is still 

The children of John M. and Lorina were — 

1044. Mary Ann,' b. — ; d. Nov. 1, 1S33. 

I04o. I\ras!inis Darwin," b. Xov. 10. 1832: •■ was in Hono 

lulu, Hawaian Islands, when last heai'd from 

aboiu thirty years a,!i(». 
'idle children of John M. and Polly were — 
1O40. Marv A..' 0. Xov. 11. 1837 : m. Julv 4. 18(10 (diaries 

A. Iloldcu : had Mii'a M.' Holden,"^ b. Oct. 

27, lN(d, 111. Xov. 21, 1883 Harrv She.ld ; 

LeoiKird lloldeii,^ 1.. Oct. 2, LS07. ■ 
1047. fMilton.' 1). Kel). 11. 1.S40: ni. June D, ISC,:, Lisle 


1045. ICrei-iitoii.' 1,. Apr. lo. ls4S: m July 3, ls74 Jane 

lojii. ■H'harles.' 0. Dec. 30, l.S.",4; m. Jan 1. Is7s Sarali 


Ezra Leoxard," {Anna;' Andrew,^ Moses,'' Jolmr Solnmon,^) 
brother of tlie preceding, was b. Apr. U, LSlO ; li(> m. 1. at 
Eastoii, N. Y., Feb. (\ 1.S41 Harriet liaininoiKl ol' Wm-ikui. Ct., 
b. Dee. 5, 1823, d. Mar. 2(i, 1845, and lie m. 2, — . (?) 
Harriet Walker who d. — , 186r3 (?) and he ni. ;5, .Ian. 15, 1865 
Mrs. Marv Ann (llart) ^Sfarch. He was enga<i(Ml in the nian- 
ufactuiv of bobbins in Xorth Adams, Mass., whei'c he d. Mav 
8, 1865: his widow ni. o, Ang. 15, 1866 David A. Hawkins of 
Bnskirk's Bridge, N. Y. She d. Ai)r. 29, 1886. 


Alt AN W. Leoxakd,*' {Annar' Andrew,^ Moses,^ John^' Svlo- 
mon,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Oakham, Mass., A])r. 
15, 1813; rn. 1, Oct. 11, l835"llnldah Brown, b. Oct. 14, 1817, 
dan. of Jacob and Mar\- (Sonthwick) Brown of Clarksluirg. 
N. B.; she d. Dec. 29, 1844, and lie ni. 2, Jan. 15, 1846 Belinda 
■Whitman. 1). Dec. 23. 1814. dan. of James and Chloe (Whit- 
man) AVhitman of Windsor, Mass.; she d. Dec. 28, 1878. 

He has lived in N. Adams and Charlemont, Mass.; now 
resides in Windsor, Fla., where he is engaged in farming. 
The children of Alvan AY. and Hnldali were — 

1050. Huldah Maria,' b. Jan. 1, 1837; d Jan. 29, 1837. 

I(i51. fllenry AY.,' 1). Nov. 2, 1839; d Oet. 17, 1865: m. 
Apr. 18, 1861. Ennna A. Remington. 


MiLO H. Leonard," {Anjia;' Andrew,^ Moses,^ John,'' Solo- 
mon}) brother of the preceding, was I), in Hawlev, Mass., Feb. 
2'.». bsKi: m. 1. Jnlv 27, 1839' Sarah Holden, 1). 'Sei)t. 3, 1820, 
who d. .A[ar. 2(», 1,^57: m. 2. Max 12, 1857 ]\[rs. Mary A. 
(Colnian) Benedict, lie has rcsidcil in North Adams, Mass., 
Bnrlington, Mieh., and <_)rono, A[icli. 

The childr.'ii of Milo II. and Sarah were — 
1(152. Anna Sophia,' b. Oct. 24. Is41: m. PJlder :\f. P.. 
Aliller; resides in liattle (.'reek, Mich.: 2 
<-liil(b-en, A'csta D. Miller, M^illice ^[iller.'" 
1U53. Sarah Maria,' b. Nov. 4, 1847 : m. Alanson Miller, 
resides in An)ion, Mich.: s chihb'cn. Kdwin 
L. Miller'^: Ida D. Miller^ Hattv Miller.^m. 
A. Mnrch: Walter Miller,'^ Maud .Aliller^ 
Claude Miller'': riarence Miller"^: Alta 


Y{):A. IlniTiet Adelaide,' 1). Fel). l.>(), isf)!): d. Nov. 30, 

lU.V). Allen Ilolden,' b. Aug. 14, ISoo ; d. Get. 2(». l«o5. 
The ehildreii of Milo 11. and ]\[arv were — 

10o(3. t^Villiani.' b. Auu'. 11, 1858; m. 1, Julv 4, 1877 
Marian Eckler; \n. 2, Dec. 18, 1885 Jose- 
phine Scott. 

1057. Flora E.,' b. Sept. 3, 18H4 : d. Jan. 15, 1882. 

1058. Alvan M.," b. Aug. 2, 18(17. 


Seth Salisbury Leonard,'' {Arnia;' Andrew,^ Moses '^ John',- 
Solomoii^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Hawley, Mass., 
May 18, 1819 ; m. May 81, 1841 Louisa Trask of Heath, b. 
Mar. 11, 1822. Has resided in North Adams and Willianistown 
and later in Blackinton, Mass. 
Their children are — 
1051). fJohn M.,' b. Aug. 5, 1848 in North Adams: m. Mar. 
17, 1866 Eda L. Pratt. 

1060. j-Alvan W.,' b. Dec. 18, 1845 in North Adams; m. 

Nov. 12, 1868 Ella S. Rich. 

1061. Fred J.,' 1). Apr. 25, 1857 in Williamstown ; engaged 

in the mowing maehine works at Hoosick. 


Nehemfati Leonard,''' (/SeM,-'' Josmh^^ Josiali''Juhnr iSolomon,^) 
son of Seth and Silence (Packard) Leonard, was b. in Bridge- 
water, Mass., Aug. 26, 1769 ; m. Jan. 5, 1792 Phebe Pratt. 
He resided in Bridgewater where he (L Mav 19, 1886 ; his wife 
d. Sept. 19, 1826. 

Their children were — 

1062. fSeth,' b. July 11, 1792; d. Aug. 9. 1870: m. Nov. 

8, 1822 Charlotte Deam 

l(l(;8. Chloe,' b. — , 1794; <l'. Anu'. 4, 1796 aged 2 vears. 

I(»(i4. Polly,' I). ^lay 7, 1797 ; d.' April 24, 1845 ; in. Mar. 
5, 1826 Capt. Jose})h Young of Warcham; 
l)oth d. leaving one dan., m. Wai'ron Cope- 
land of Bridgewater. 

1065. Caroline,' b. Aug. — , 1799; d Oct. — , 1847; m. 

— , 1838 (?) All)ion Chipman of Middle- 

1066. Luey,' f). Feb. 15, 1802; d. Aug. — , issil ; m. Nov. 

24, 1822 Ii'a Conant of Ihidgewatei-, son of 


Pliincas (.\)ii;iiit : IkkI Liic\- Mai'ia Coiiant.'^ 
1). July 22, lS-2-1:. 111. Nov. '211. 1.S48 (xeoruv 
F. Leonard"': Ira Mei'rittCtMiaut/ 1). Jan. -"i. 
1827: Caroliiii' Lrouanl C^>nant/ 1>. Xow 
1<S, lSr52. (1. S('i)t. 12. is:!!!: William llciirv 
Conant." 1). Mar. 1."., \>^'.\\\ (JliarK's Adna 
Conaiit.M). Mai-. 24. Ls;-i7. d. Feb. 27. Isi;,'). 
10(17. Pliel:)e,' 1). Nov. 20. Lso4 : m. Nov. :!0. 182;'. Martin 
Benson: resides in .Plyinoiitli. 

1068. Adna,' b. Sept. 12, 1S07 : d. Aug. 20. isiwi. 

1069. Betsev,' b. Feb. 1, ISLO: d. MaY"27, Ls71: ; m. May 

19, 182S Srmenn W. Leonard: (107-1:). 

1070. Olive Benson," b. (Jet. 13, 1818: d. ^Sbiv 23, 1868: 

ni. — , 1831 Marshall Wilbef, Jr., b. in 
Brido-ewater 1S09, d. Oct. 28, 1881 ; resided 
in Fairhaven, Mass., afterwards in California 
where she and her hnsband both d. : had 
eight ehihb'en. 


Rtv. Martix Leoxard," [Samuel^ Samuel^ Josiah'^ JoIm,~ 
Solomon^) eldest child of Samnel and Deborah (Mitchell) Leon- 
ard, was b. in Bridgewater, ^Liss., Mar. 14, 1778 : ni. — , Han- 
nah Stetson of Dighton, Mass., b. Apr. 15. 1784, dan. of Fl.)en- 
ezer and Olive (Hall) Stetson. He was a Ba])tist minister and 
held pastorates in Turner, Greene and Leeds, Maine. 

He d. in Turner, Maine, Jan. 13, 1856 ; his widow d. Aug. 
29, 1868. 

Their children were — 

1071. Caroline,' b. Aug. 5, 1S(»4 : d. Jan. 2o, lss5 : m. — , 

1828 Benjamin Beals of Turner. Maine b. 
:\[ar. 24, 1800; diil. Melancv L. Beals." b. 
Dec. 12, 1828 ; Marcia A. Beals," h. Dec. 12, 
1S24: CaroHne F. Beals,« b. Nov. 28. 1826; 
Edward Beals." b. May 21, 1828: Betsev 
Beals," b. Dec. 3o, 1^29 ; Martin L. Beals," 

*•' Martin Leonard b. about 1789, not a descendant of Solomon, came to Bridgewater 
when a boy, m. Joanna Besse in 1819. had George Frederick, Dec, 1820, James Martin 
Sept. 8, 1822, and others who are all dead. 

George F. m. Nov. 29, 1843 Lucy Maria Conant and had George Henry, 'i b. Nov. 9. 
1844, d. Oct. 23, 1846 : Ella Maria," b. Sept. 28. 1848, in. Charles H. Sumner; Caroline 
Conant,9 b. Aug. 27. 1853, d. July 9. 18.56 : Lucy Conant.» b. June 30. lS.i7 : Anna Bessie,"' 
b. Dec. 17, 1859. 

James M., m. Lusanna M. Bassett about 18.50 and had Frank Basselt. b. June, 18.")2."' 

[Letter of Spencer Leonard. 1 



1). Auo-. 1, 1831 ; Ilaiinali A. Beals,^ b. Mi 
IS, 1833 ; Roscoe G. Beals,^^. Jan. 22, 1835; 
AValdo 0. Beals,8l-). Oct. 13, 1836: Olive P. 
Beals,^' 1). Jiilv 29. 1838; Benjamin F. 
Beals,' 1). June 9, 1840 ; Isaiali A. Beals,^ 
I). May 18, 1812 ; Eiaina A. Beals;' Ix Dec. 

23, 1843 ; Agnes L. Beals,« b. Jan. 9, 181(1 

1072. fJ^'i-aiiklin B.,'b. May 18, 1806; d. June 27, l88(i ; 

ni. ( )ct. 30. 1831 Abnira Benson. 

1073. Obve S.,' 1). Ma,r. 18, 1S08 ; d. Apr. 17, 1838 : ni. — , 

1824 Cbarles J^ ; eliil. Eusebia N, 
Phini|)])s,M3. 1 )(,<•. 19,1824; Anna B. Phib 
b])ps,'" 1). Apr. 16, 1826; Clarissa L. Pliib 
lipps,*^ 1). May 26, 1828; Jarins P. Pbillipps,^ 
b. Nov. 25, 1829; Charles A. Pbinipps,« b. 
Sept. 2(), 1831; Aluvi'iicii S. Phillipps,^ b. 
Noy. 20, 1834 ; Lucius B. JMiillipps,^ b. Oct. 

24, 1836. 


Spencer 1jK0^x^\),^" {Samuel:' Sam uel,^ Joaiah:' Johnf Solo- 
nton.^) brother (,)f the preceding, was b. in Bridgewater, Mass., 
N(_)y. 21, 1781 ; m. — , 1805 Mary, dau. ()f Cap't. Simeon and 
liydia (Washburn) Wood. 

He was a fannei' in Bridgewatei', industrious and of an up- 
right charactei' ; foi' several years idling the oHire of selectman 
with acce})tanee. During the war of 1812, he was drafted for 
the defense of Plymouth a.nd later received fi'om the govei'u- 
ment, a land warrant for his serviec at that time. 

He d. in Bridgewater, Mar. 7, l'S66 ; his wife d. 'Www 9, 1863. 
Their children were — 

1074. fSimcon AVood,' b. Feb. 7, lS(i7 ; d. Aug. 25, 1863; 

m. May 25, 1^2S Betsey Leonard: (1069). 

1075. fMartin,' b. Feb. 19, 1.S09 ; d July 20, 18S6; m. 1, 

Jan. 2, 1837 Joan I). Bradford ; m. 2, June 2, 
1853 Eh/abeth A. Sturtevant; m. 3, :\Iav 2, 
1869 Mrs. Ruth H. (Clark) Drew. 

lo7(i. :\Iary,' b. Aug. 11, 1811 ; d.Feb. 23, 1880 : m. dan. 6. 
1833" L-<aae Keith, son o\ Howe Keith of 
Bridgewater; j'emo\e<l to E. Ib'idgewater. 
Mr. Keith d. Nov. 1873; ehil. Isaac New- 
ton Keith.''* 1). — ■, 1833, m. Fi'ances '^Forvev of 
Scitiiatc; George F. Keith.'' 0. ls;-;7 (?). ' 

lt»77. bSpcneer.' b. Aug. IS, lsi4 : m. Aug. 12, ls4(»Cemcu- 
tha T.'Stui-tevant. 


107S. Lv<li:i W;isliliiini.' 1). A])!'. 4. Isl7; , I. Sept. Is. ls7<i: 
111. ( )ct. 'J.'>, 1.S42 (.'vi'iis rxMisoii, Jr.. of 
l)riilL;('\v;it('r, wlio d. Auu'.. Is.')-!-; had Alire 
l^'raiicciia Benson,''^ 1). .liuir "JO, 1^44 : Zcin') 
Immisoii/ 1). ^[ai'. 7, 1S4(), in. S\'l)i| l^ldsoii (4' 
\V. liriilux'watei', (cliil. Charles Aid>r('\- Wrw- 
son.'-' 1). 1^74; Ada Benson.'' I). 'Js7(;: 

Cvrus Ih'Hsoh.'' 1). Isso; BiMisoii.'' li. 

Jan. .'!l, lss:i); Lcniini Benson!^ 1). Kel). 
22. LS41) ; Aul)rcv Benson;' 1). Jan 27, 18r)2. 

lo7l». Sarah,' b. Nov. 4, 1S2(»: il. Fel). 21. Ls22. 

Ldsit. fLewis,' !•. X<»v. Ki, ls24: d. April 1, Issd; ni. Nov. 
2S, ls4(i Lucy B. WaTcrman. 


Reo. Lewis Leoxard.'' {S'lni./if^/:' Samnel} Josiah,'^ Jo/m,~ 
S'llommi}) l)rotlier of the ])rec(_'dinL;', was 1). in B)ridgewater, 
Mass., Oct. 4, 17s:) : m. 1. Oct. s! 1S12 Betsey Leonard, b. 

June 11, IT'SS, dan. of Xathauiel and Betsey ( ) Leonard 

of Middleboro'. who d. Oet. — , ls47 and lie ni. 2, May — , 
1850 Lois Leonard, b. June 2i), 17!*''), dan. of (ieoru'e and ^[ary 
(Allen) Leonard of Middh'boro'. 

He was a Baptist minister; was settled for a time in 
Plvmouth and later in New York State. The Ilistory of New- 
buru'h, X. Y., mentions him as a missionary preacher there in 
1^17. He d. in Cazeno\4a, N. Y.. Nov. 2(), isriii : his widow 
d. July U». 1.SH9. 

The children of Be\-. Lewis and Betsey were — 
1081. Elizabeth Parker,' b. Julv lo, isi;'} ; ui. Jan. 2:!. 

1.S34 Ilenrv J. VVeed : ha<l Ilenrv L. L. 

AVeed.« b. Dec. 7. bs;;:>. d. ?ylar._ls, ls41 : 

Sue K. AYeed,"* li. June lo, ls;;7, m. Sept. 

0, LSoO Miles Sells, (chil. Lizzie L. Sells.'' 1). 

Se])t. 14, ISoC). i\. Mar. o, 1SS2, m. June 1, 

1<S70 Luia'cne J. (^uendet. [chil. Kuu'ene W. 

Cuendet"']: lienrv A. Sells,'' b. June 1, 

1860. d. June l().'lS,4: Kannv M. Sells.'' I). 

Mar. 20, 18H8. d. Mav 2s. l,s'74 : Sarah L. 

Sells,'-' b. Sept. 2C.. ls7(»- Miles Sells,'' b. 

Dec. 4. bs7:-'.. d. Oct. 14 ls7i» ; Casev L. 

Sells.'-' b. O.'t. i:.. ls7(;. d. Fel).- IH, 1882); 

Lewis L. \Vee(l.M,. Feb. is. bs4:;. d. Sept. 

25. 18()S ■ \'ir-inia L. Weed.'' b. Oct. 2;-^^ 

1850, 111. 1. Mar. li;. isc.ii Kolnai K. W. 


Sayers who d. Jan. 16, 1876, (cLil. Eobert 
H/ Sajers.-' b. Mar. 13, 1870; Carrie F. 
Savers.-' 1). Aug. 23, 1872): m. 2. April — 
1883 .Toliii Z. Roral:)aek : Carrie Frances 
Weed." b. Dee. 9, 1852, m. Jan. 19, 1«75 
Alexander ]\1. Rolierts()n. 

1082. Lewis Franklin.' b. A])r. 1. IsKi : d. Dee. 16. 1875 ; 

ni. 1, — : m. 2, — ; left vk.) eliildren. 

1083. *l^:d\vin Mitehell.' b. Nov. — , ]S22: d. June 14, 

l'S56 : ni. — : left wo ehildi'en. 


.VxsEL Leoxaed." iSamvel,'' Sarnael,^ Josiah,^ Jolin^~ Solo- 
mon}) l)ri>ther of the preceding, was b. in Bridgewater, Mass., 
Jan. (^ 17n<S ; in. May 27, Lso7 Del)(.)rah Conant, dan. of Dea. 
Jolin and Deborah (Perkins) Conant. 

lie was a farmer and i'esi(h_'(l in Bridgewater where he d. 
Jan. 20. 1S23. His widow d. Jan. 27, 18'39. 
Tlieir <diildren were — 
losl:. Fiebecca,' b. Aug. 19. bso7 : d. Feb. 10. 1S35 : rn. 

A]_)ril 'S, LS31: Soranus Wentworth. 
1085. Minot M.,' b. Dee. 9, 1809: ni. — , 1835 Mercy 

los6. fCeoro-e C' I).' Mar. 7, lsl2 ; <1. IMar. 8, 1889: m. 

Sept. 14, 1843 Sai-ah A. Lvons. 
los7. D(^i)orah,' b. Feb. 17, 1816: d. — :' ni. :\[ay 3, 1840 

Calel) Stevens and had Austin Stevens.'- b. 

Feb. 1(1, 1841, n). Alice Blancbard, of 

Stonghton, (chil. Mabel Stevens,^ Austin P. 

Stevens,'-' Donald B. Stevens'') : Lucv !M. 

Stevens,Mx Feb. 9, ls46, d. June 11. 1846; 

Frnnia Stevens,^ b. Nov. 4, 184s, d. Jan. 17, 

1849; Annie Stevens,^^ \\ Nov. 4, 184.S, d. 

Jan. 4. l.SSli, m. TIerbcrt H. Di'ake of 

Stonghton, (chil. Fnnna S. Drake,'' ^Vlnieda 

Drake,'-' Josie-A. Drake'-'), 
loss. fWilliani Cary,' b. Aug. 19, iSlS : ^n. {\-\. 1, 1S44 

Martlia ( 'opehind. 
losii. Ansel.' b. Frb. IC, isiM : d. Apr. 111. 1S44. 
loiH). Lucy 'rnckcr.' b. Aug. 1. is-j;; ; ,1. Dec. 31. Ls,')2 : 

ni. .Ian. 1. ! s5 1 Asa H. llannnond : had 

li'win llannnond,'' b. dan. 27, IS,')'^, d. Mav 

s, ls:,3. 



Col. Sa:\iuel Leoxakd," [^SumueJ^'^ Samuel,^ Joshua:' 'h/mr 
Solomon,^) brother , of the precedini:', was 1). in Bridiix'watci', 
Mass., Aug. 8, 1796 ; in. Se])t. 4, LS'28 ]\[eliital)U_' l)cnnett, dan. 
of Jolni Bennett of Alungton, ^fass. He was (Jol. of the Yn\. 
State Militia about iS'io and was generally known ])\ this 

He resided in Hridgewater where he d. April 4, l'S()7 ; his 
widow lb Aug. 4, 1S74. 

Their ehildren were — 
ICnn. bSamuel Lafavette.' b. July 18,1824; ni. Fob. 1!), 

bS(i^ Jane M. Tuttle. 
l(»!-)2. fCarv :\Iitchell,' b. June 8, I82i) ; ni. April 11, LSBH 

Mira Sanb(M'n. 
1< )!-);;. bWarre]!.' 1). Feb. 28, 1882 : ni. Auo'. 20. 187<» Susan 

I()il4. fWalhuHN' b. xV].rd 27. 1S40 : ni. ^[ar. 12, 1S71 Ella 

loi)."). Mehital)le.' b. Feb. 11. bS42 : ni. Ort. o, 1882 Charles 
P. Cani])bell of Phihidelphia, Pa. 


KowLAXi) Leoxahd," (/t*oA7//r/,-^ Samiid.^ Jusia//;' Jo/inr Solo- 
mon}) eldest son of Roland and Lvdia (Smith) Leonard, was b. 
in Pomfret, Yt., Mar. 14,_17s7: n'l. Fel). 18, 1813 Polly Child, 
b. in Sharon. Vt.. Oct., 171)8, dan. of David and Putli (P)rown) 

He resided in Stoekbridge and Poehester, Yennont, in which 
places he owned farms ; he was a man of strong character, 
mu(di respected, and held many positions of trust in the com- 
munity, was a Justice of the Peace and from his familiarit\- 
with law h)rms was often engaged in attending law suits, etc. 
He d. in Roehester of consumpLion Oct. 8. 1856 ; his wife d. 
Mar. 8, 1878. All their children except the youngest foui- 
were born in Stockbridge. 

Their children were — 

L096. An infant b. Apr. 29. I-SU: d. Mav 1(». b814. 

l<i!-)7. An infant b. A[ar. 12. Islo : d. soon. 

li»l)8. fLeander,' b. Jan. 211, I8l(): d. Dec. 17. 18:.7 : m. 
Fel). 22. 1S49 Freeloye Owen. 

1099. Electa.'!). Nov. 26, 1817: m. Api'. 8, 1842 Alonzo 
Russell of Rochester: had ^Vlonzo Scott 

llol. Kmiice 


11(10. LouisM,' 1». Oct. 22, Lsl<); 111. Apr. 5, l.s4o Daniel E. 
(ray of (jaysville. Yt. ; had Josei)liiiie (iay,^ 
111. Dec. 81, 1865 Andrew (xould. (cLil., a 
son d. — ; Daniel F. Gould.'' b. -June 15, 
18(57): Emory Gay,''' b. 185(.), d. 18<S0 : a 
son d. in inlanev : Albert Brooks Gav,'' h. 
1862; 111. Se])t.^29, 1,S86 ]\[ary M. 'Ran- 

Pealiody,' b. Mar. 29, 1821; in. Apr. 5, 1843 
Milton E. Smith of Gaysville, Vt. : had 
Mary Elizabeth Smith,^ d. aged 22 yrs. : 
Clayton Elliot Smith, ^^ d. aged 2 yrs., 6 inos. ; 
Charles Clayton Smith,^ d. aged 7 mos. ; 
Herbert Scott Sniith,^ d. aa:ed 5 vrs. 8 mos. ; 
Edward Albert Smith,^ b" Eel).' 11, 1858, 
Prof, of Music ill Faro'o Colleo-e, Dakota : 
Adelaide Aurilla Smith,M). Feb. 11, 1858. 
a teacher in Gaysville, Yt. 

1102. fAzro ?).,' b. Apr. 10, LS2;; ; m. Nov. 27, i81:,S Mar- 

tlia Trask. 

1103. Aurilla,' b. Jan. 29, l,s25 ; d. Dec. 31, ls,s2 in Low- 

ell. Mass. 
IKU. Orpha,' b. Oct. 5, 1827 ; ^d. Mar. 8, Lsss ; m. Nov. 

26, 1848 David ^A^ Long of Lowell. ]\[ass.: 

had Edgar W. L< )ng." 1 1. 1850 : Charles Long,'" 

b. 1851, m. ITattic Clyde of Siiringheld; 

Frances A. Long,''^ b. Mar. 18, 1854, m. i\[ar. 

6, 1879 Jesse U. Shepard of Lowell, (chil. 

Willie Long Sliei^ard''). 
1105. Alvosa Rowland,' 1). Nov. 2(_», 1828: in. Adaline 

Heath ; had 2 chil.; resides in Kansas. 
110(3. MarN-.' b. Oct. 30, 1830; d. Nov. 8, 1830. 

1107. Albrrt.' b. Mav 19. 1.S32 ; d. Apr. 24, 1S5S in Enivka, 


1108. Mary danc' b. Sept. 30, 1834; m. Jan. 28, 1857 

Hcni'v Martin of l^ochestcn- : liad Edna ]\Iar- 
tin," 111. Dec. 1, bss7 (icorgc Stockwtll of 
Rodiester: Addie Martin"; Marv A. ALartin.'" 

1109. Kdgiir P,.,' 1). Dec. 17, 1838; m. — , Lottie Clark. 

51 8. 

Oi.iVKi; 1jK(»nai;i>,'' [Rchiiid.'' SannieK^ Josiali:' J<->lin,~ S'olo- 
?//o//,') l)i'otlicr n\' the prccciling, was b. in i^omfrct, A't., ATar. 


18. 171»(»: 111. Jan. 1.".. ISU Hiidicl Pmtt of l\.iiirivl. !lc 
resided in Pdiiifrel wliei'e lie d. 1 )ec. 'l\i. \>^~:\. 

The ehildreu of ( )li\('r ;iiid IJadicI, lioni in I'ondVrt. 
were — 
1110. Oliver Kiiialdo.' 1.. ^[Mr. 1, isf.-, : d. — ; ,,,. — . 
nil. :\rarv Ann.' 1). Mar. L>4, IbKi : d. dune iM, ISol : 
ni. Fel). 1(», 1885 SannicI Lewis I\in,u' : liad 
Augusta King,'* li. Dec. -Jl. d. M;iv :n. 
^ 188(1. ni. llnni]ilire\" A\'. (.'oll)urn : KuiiK' 

A. King.M). Nov. is. is4o. m. \)v. (_'. A. 
Sperrv of Queecliee. \\. 
1112. tSaiuuel Huteliinsoii,' li. Apr. is, I8l8: ni. 1. — 

Sarah Dana : in. 'J, — . ('ordelia Maxhani. 
lllo. fAnstin.' 1). dan. dd. IS^O; ui. .Mar. •_>1. ls:-5!) Alice S. 

1114. fllarvey B..' 1). Sept. y. Is22 : d. dan. 2!». ls:)(i: ui. 

' 1, — , Caroline S. Grove : ni. 2, Dee. d, 1S4M 
Jerusha G. Dana. 

1115. Edgar.' 1). "I d. — . 


JoHX Leonard,'' {RoUntdJ' Sanniel^ Josiahs 'folm,'' SoLmon}) 
brother of the ])receding, was L. in Pomfret, A't., Se])t. Is, 
1794: ni. Mar. 18, 1819 Lois Wliitc 1). Feb. 12, 179s, dan. of 
Archil)ald and Atartha (Ta'oor) White (4' AViiid>oi\ \'t. 

Lie resided in Pol nf ret, \'t., where he d. A[a\" 2. ISdlj; his 
widow d. Apr. 2<_l. 187(). 

Their ehildren were — 

1116. Emily W.,' b. Mar. 12. Ls21 ; d. Oet. 4. Is74: m. 

Dee. 15, 1889 H. C. Aldjott of Stoekl)ridoe. 
Yt. : had Mareedus L. Abbott,^ b. Nov. i(i. 
184(1. il. dune 7, l8()d : Edward ^{. Abbott.^ 
I). Dee. 1, 1842, d. Feb. 1, lS48 : Emma L. 
Abbott.M). Mar. 21. 1S54. 

1117. :\Iartlia T..' b. ALiy 20. Is2d : m. Feb. 28. Is44 K. 

L. Fav (4 Gavsville. \'t. : had Ahii'v E. Fav." 
1). Se])t. 24, 1851, (L Auo-. 7, 1S(;(;.' 

1118. t'L'l'ii II.,' b. Jnne 29, 1825; d. '^:\Iar. 21. lss-_>: m. 

Apr. 10, 1851 Chai-Iotte Adams. 

1119. liarvev,' b. Apr. 2(». 182s : d. Apr. 12. 1829. 

1120. Harriett C' b. Sei)t. 2(1 ls2!i: m Apr. lo. 1^51 

AVm. IL Dui-kiM' of Stockbriilgr. \'i. ; no 


1121. fJustiii L..' 1). Feb. 9, 1832; d. Dec. 9, LS71 ; m. Jan. 

22, l<So(3 Abbie E. Stanley. 

1122. Orville R.,' b. Nov. 13, 1834; m. June 1:^. 1868 

Ebza B. Sylvester, dau. oi Samuel Sylvester 
of AVest Ne\vl)ury, Mass. ; has no cliilcb'en ; 
resides in Carson City, Nevada. 


Caleb Leonard," {Rolind;' Samuel^ Josia/t,^ JoJui,~ Solo- 
iiion}) l:)rotber of the preeedino-, was b. ^Vpril 9. 18*11: ni. Sept. 
22, 1830 Mary Fai-ington, 1\ Nov. 12, 1800, dau. of I)a^•id and 
Mary (Jones) Farington of Lyndeb(5]"o', N. H. lie was a 
farmer and resided in St<)cl>:b]'idge, Vt., where he hlled manv 
of the town offices. 

lied, in Stockbridge Afav 1, 18H8 ; his widow d. .luiv 23, 

Tlieii' eliildren were — 

1123. Afarv Priscilla,' b. Aug. 29, 1831: d .Tan. 29. 1849. 
1124 Abbie S.,' b. Aj.r. 1(^1831:; d. Dee. 13. 18(55: m. 

Mar. 28, 18H0 Charles L. Ilackett of Pom- 
fret, Vt; no children. 

Mr. Hackett m. 2, Susan Hosmei', I'esides 
in Potsdam, N. Y. 

1125. Jane,' b. Jan. 7, 1837; d. Jan. 30, 1855. 

1120. Julia.' 1). Feb. 17. bs41 : m. June 0, 1866 Elbridge 
Whitcoiiil). b. Mar. 11, ls3(:) in Stockbridge, 
Vt.. son of Heuben and Amanda (.Vbbott) 
AVhitcomb; cliil. Alarv xVb])ie Whitcomb,*^ 
b. June 14, 1867: An'na A. Whilcoml),M). 
Julv 4, bs()9: Calel) Leonard AVhitcomb,'" 1). 
Nov. 30, 1873; Reuben .1. AVhitcoml)," 1). 
A])r. 15, 1877. 

1127. James,' b. July 26, 1S43 : d. July 19, 187<>. 


D.wiKE JlowAKi) Lkonahd," {JJatu'f^J/' Natlian,^ Jo.siah,'-^ 
'/olrnr Solornoh,^) eldest child of Daniel and Phebe (Leonard) 
Leonard, was b. in Sharon. X\.. Dee. 27, 17''^3: m. Mai". — , 
180S Sai'ah ])ensnioi-e. 

" He and Alison Wrilbird. who tra\-eh'(l a few \'ears with 
him, were the first teachers of systematic ])enmanshi[) in the 
Liiited States." Mr. Leonard began the l)usiness S(.)on after 
lie was mari-ie(l and follMwed it until a slioi't time beh)re his 


death; he traveled largely tln'oii^ii the iioi'thci-n states ;md as 

far south as Maryland, tcarliinL:' oiil\- in cities and the largei" 


He d. at ]i(»valton, \'t., Awj:. 7, L'^.]? ; his widow d. at the 

same i)laee July 23, 184<S. 

Theii" children all h. in Sharon, were — 
ll'iS. Laura.' 1). Dee. 7. iSOS ; <1. May. Ml. 1S(;7: ni. K. P. 

Stevens of Barnard. 
112^1. Lorenzo.' b. June 11, l-SlO: d. Mav 17, isll. 
1180. Orinda,' h. Jan. lo. Isl2 : in. Dee'. 17. l-s;-?*) Frank- 
lin Doten, 1). (Jet. S, 1S12 ; resides in Ran- 
(h)l|)h, Vt.: ehil. Howard L. L. Doten.^ b. 
Nov. 2, ISIO. (1. Sei)t. D>, IS.-);',: Newell F. 
Doten.M). Nov. 26. 1S43, d. Oct. 21. 1864, 
from the effects of a wound received wdiile 
in the Union Armv : Cassius M. C. Doten,^ 
b. Oct. 6, ls4o. m.' Dec. 22. 1S67 Clara W. 
Chaihn (chil. Flla A. Doten," b. Nov. 23, 
1868: Frank C. Doten,'' h. Auo-. 12, 1870); 
^[ervin N. Doten. M). June 7, 1818. d. FVb. 
17. I'SSD : Orinda A. Doten.M). :\[ay 17, 
1850, m. Jan. lo, ls73 (Miester Biekford 
(ehil. Newell D. Biekford.'' b. Dee. 13. 1873; 
Earl C. Biekhird.'-' b. Mar. 27. 1^76: (inv 
C. l^ickfonb'-' b. Sept. 4. bs78 : Clarence IL 
Biekford.'-' 1). June 15. iSSl). 

1131. Lorenzo Howard.' b. Oct. 30. isD'.: d. Mav 2. ISI,. 
A son.' b. Nov. 27. bsl4: d. Nov. 27, bsil 

1132. tWilliam.' 1). P>b. 24. bsKi: d. Sept. 22, 1871): m. 

Dec. 12. 1839 Knnlv Dnrkee. 

1133. Eliza :\[iranda.' b. Felx o. IsbS; m. June. 1839 Sei- 

dell Allen. 

1134. Sarah Emeline," b. Dec. 31. 1819; d. July 5. ls68 ; 

m. 1. — . Tjcoiiard Barnes: m. 2. — . John 

1135. Albert FL)w^ar(l.' b. Jan. 8. l'S22 : d. Oct. 16, 1823. 

1136. fGeorge Washington,' b. .Vug. 12, 1^24; m. 1. Apr. 

28, 1847 Persis Sophia Thompson : m. 2, 
Apr. 11, 1-S50 Mrs. Eurydice (Twiss) Thomp- 
son : m. 3, July (1. 1879 Harriet E. ]\[oulton. 

1137. Augusta.'!). Aug. I(),'bs2<'): m. June (I ls.")() Xi)]-- 

man Follett ; I'csides in Camei'on. Missouri. 




Gaits ^LeOXAHD,'" [Daniel;^ Nat/uni.^ JosiaJi:' John'} Solo- 
Ijrotlier of the jtrecedino-, was 1). Feb. 29, IT'SH; m. Aug. 

(i. 1816 Eiiniee Spalding, 1). Sept. 29, 1V94. dan. of Reuben 
and Jai'uslia (Carpenter) Spalding of Sharon. Yx. lie was for 
nianv years a wi'iting teacher, residing in Sharon. In Nov., 
leJoo, he removed to Bipon, Wis., where he d. Dec. 18, 1869 ; 
his widow d. Jan. 2(i, 1879. 

Tlieir children were — 
ll:-!8. fllarrv Baxter,' b. Jidy 8, 1817; d. Fel). 17,1869: 
m. 1, — , 18-li Nancv Swazev : rn. 2, Se])t. 
26, 1867 Elizabeth M. Dnnklev. 

1139. Jarusha Spalding,' b. Ai)r. 24, 1819; d. xVng. 2, 

l8o8 of consun)})tion. 

1140. John S.', b. Apr. 7, 1828 ; d. June 21, 182.3. 

1141. Marv Ann,' 1). Dec. 29, ls2:. ; m. Mar. 27, 1851 Rev. 

Henrv Martin Cliapin of AVoodstock, Vt. ; 
chil. 'Mary Elizaljeth Cliapin,^ b. July 26, 
1857, d. --, 1880 ; Henry Edward Chapin,^ b. 
Dec. 25, l.S(iO, d. Sept., 1880; Ho\vard C. 
Chapin,^"*!). Aul;-., 1<S(33 ; Leonard C. Chapin,'^ 
b. Oct. 4, 18()S. 

Mr. (_Mia])in was pastor of the Congregation- 
al Chiircli in RijHMi, Wisconsin, for several 
years fr(_)ni (Jet., Is54, and later preached in 
otlier places until, his health failing, he 
removed to White Earth, Minn., for a change 
of (dimate and there engage<l in missionary 
work until his death July lO, 1872. In 
Se[)t., bS7i». -Mrs. C'hapin and hei' children 
removed to Ijincoln. Nel). 

1142. Martha J.,' b. Apr. 6, 1.S27 ; m. Sept. 17, 1S61 Sam- 

uel Sunnier of Ri])on, Wis., where he has 
held the office of iSlavor foi' several years, 
b. at McLains Mills, Me., ( )ct. 21. 1819 son of 
Sanuu'l ;nid Pliila (^l)laci<neld) Sumner; 
clul., Martlia P^lla Sumner," b. Nov. 25, ls62, 
d. .Iuh'2.s, 1S75; Lizzie Leonard Sumner,'^ 
b. Dec. 12, 1S()7. 
1148. Orpha E.,' b. Apr. 25, \S)V1 : ni. .M:ii'. 2, IsAU'riiomas 
McCune of Ripon, Wis., now I'esides in Fer- 
gus Falls, Alimi. ; chil.. Alice Leonard 
McCunc.M). Dec. 1, Is:,!), i,,. Oct., Iss4 Fri 
fl. iKii'dwell, resides in Mandan, Dakota; 


Kdwai'd Willistoii McCuuc,"^ 1). June Ki. 
l.siil, ivsidt's in Huron, Dakota: (arrie 
Sjuildiii^:' ^IcCuiie.''^ b. Nov. (i, isTo. 
1144. Azel Spaldin--.' k Aug. 17, 1^35; d. Mar. 18. 1885 
at St. Paul, Miini., of paralvsis : m. Aug. 
19, 18()0 Mary A. Roo-ers of Eipon, Wis.; 
had '1 cliil. wlio d. in infancy. 


Gamaliel Lkoxakd," {Daniel;' Xatiian.^ Jo.sid/i.'-' Jo/mr Solo- 
mori}) brother of the preceding, was b. Jan. o. 17^8: m. No\-. 
— , 1817 Huldah Child. V). Ma}- 3, 17i»8. dan. of Ca])t. Dayid 
aud Ruth (Brown) Chihl" of Sharon, \X. He resided in 
Sharon. Yt. where he d. Oct. 28 18o<l: his \vi(h)\v d. Oct. 2o, 

Their chihlren were — 

1145. Amanda." b. xVug. 11, 18l!;> : d Se])t. 2(>, 1819. 

114(;. rh.ebe.' b. JulylS. 1S2<): m. Jan. 21, 1845 Chaun- 
cey Ferry. 

1147. Knth C.,' f). Xoy. 28. 1821: m. Jan. 4. 1847 Lester 

Perry who d. Feb. 15. 1859 : liad Luyiba 
E. Perry.''^ I). Oct. 25, 1S52, ni. Oct. 25, 1871 
Francis S. Sncnv,'' of Sliaron, Yt., (chil. 
Luvia M. Snow,'-' b. ^Vpr. 7. 1875). 

1148. Amanda,' b. Dec. 28. bs23 : m. June (1. 1840 Reuben 

:\[unscll of Sharon, who d Jan. 28, 1866; 
had John Munsell''* 1). June 28, 1S48, m. 
Susie Butler of Lowell, Mass.. (chil. ]\[ina 
M. MunselP: Fay \\ . Munsell,'' b. Apr. D. 
1878); Rul)y A. MunselV^ 1). Jan. 9, 184(], 
m. July 29, 1866 Steidien F. Ramsdell of 
St. Lonis. Mo., (chil. Stc|)hen L. Ramsdell.'' 
b. July 18. bs67. d. Feb. 2i), bsiis : Susie F 
Ramsdell,'-' b. Aug. 14. ls7o : Stephen G. 
Ramsdell,'-' 1). Apr. 27. ls7S): Laura J. ^Mun- 
scll." b. Dec. 27, bs47. d. OcL l8. I.s5(): 
Clara ^[unscll," h. Sei)t. 21, lS5(», m. May 
li), bs74 Henry C. J'owne of Boston ; (.^ii'o- 
line ^[nnsell,"' 1 ). An--. Id. lsr.2. d. Sept. 
27, l8(-i7 : Abbie J. Mnnsell." 1). Fel). (i, 
1855, m. Aug. 15. bs76 Charles ^[. Hazen of 
West Hartford, Yt., Ichil. Clai'a A. Hazen,'* 

*See foot-note to (\\Vi). 


b. Se])t. 29, IbTT ; Emma E. J. Hazeii,'' b. 
Apr. IS, 1S79); Sarah B. Munsell,^ b. Dec. 
81, 185(i, d. Nov. 6, 1873: William ^Y. 
MunselV' I). Julv 28, l,s59; Clinton R Mnn- 
sell,^' b. Apr. 19^ 1SH8 : Chester Munsell,*^ b. 
Aug. 8, 18(35, d. Jan. 12, 1866. 

1149. Amity A.,' b. Mar. 29, 1826; m. Jan. 4, 1847 Gil- 

Ijert I). Allen of Pomfret, Yt.: had Etlian 
U. Allen,'" 1). Oct. 11, 1847. m. Aug. 28, 
1873 Mary A. Vauu-hn of Woodstock, Vt", 
(chil. Florence E. Allen,'^ b. Nov. 20, 1875 : 
Lucv E. Allen, ^ b. July 25, 1877): Laura 
M. Allen,« b. Aug. 20, 1849. 

1150. f Harvey,' 1). (Jet. 6, 1827": m. Apr. 23, 1854 Jose- 

phine E. Davis. 

1151. Laura,' b. Jan. 15, 1833 ; d. Apr. 7, 1841. 

1152. Daniel H.,' b. Mav 23, 1837 : d. Auo-. 3, 18(33. 

1153. David E.,' b. Aug. 18, 1844 : d. Awg. 13, 18(34 in 

Douglas nos]iital, Washington, D. C. 


Carlton R Leonard,''' {Nathan B J Nathan^ Josiah,'^ John,'' 
Solomon^) eldest child of Dr. Nathan B. and Anstress (Kent) 
Leonard, was b. in Bridgewater, Oct. 3. 1783 : m. — , 1811 
Sally Cox, b. in Woodstock, Vt, June 4. 1790 : he d. in East 
Providence, R. I., June 30, 1856 : his widow d. at the same 
place, July 5, 1867. 

Their children were — 

1154. Almon.' !>. — : d. — , aged 4 yrs. 

1155. Sallv,' b. — ; d. — , aged 5 months. 

115(3. Sarah A.,' b. June, 1817: d. Dec. 8. 1879: m. 1, 
Dec, 1837 Svlvester W. Carr: had Svlves- 
ter W. Carr,'^ Ji-.. 1). Dec. 31. Is41 : 
m. 2. Mai'. 31, 1S5(> Charles Andrew; liad 
Julia A. Andrew'': Frank P. Andrew"*: 
Sarah E. Andrew": (Jharles Andrew"; 
Pljudje E. Andrew." 

1157. tLevi F.,' b. Jan., ls2(): m. Feb. is. I,s44 Johanna 


1158. fTimotliv Auu'ustus,' b. Jnlv 15, 1822; d. Sept. 15, 

' 1895: m. ^lav 12.'ls44 :\Lirtha A.Jones. 

1159. Al)by C' b. Jan.. 1824: m. Dec. 11,1X7)4 Charles 

A. Luther; had Abbv B. Luthei-." b. Sept.. 
1855 ; Nellie F. LutluM'." 


IKjl). Samuel X..' 1). Jan., Ls2(i ; went to (.'aliloi'iiia in 

11()1. Luey P.". 1). Jan., Is2() : J. Sej.t. s, ls7(; : ni. — , 
(Miarlcs K. Smith: had Samncl \\. Smith"*: 
Charles X. Smith": Carrie L. Smith," 1). 
Jnlv L>1, 1S()7. 

11H2. Eliza P.,' h.'Sept, 182s : m. — . Samncl II. Luther: 
had Ella F. Luther." 1.. Sept.. Lsr»4. 

11H3. Charles C' 1). Oet., ls84: d Oct. 2(». iSod. 


Xathax Leoxahi)," (/Va^Aa/; B.:' Xaihan,^ Josiali-' .JoJinr 
Solomon}), brother of the preceding, was h. iKnduips in Provi- 
dence, K. I., Dec. 3<>, 1786; rn. Mar. o. islT Lncj- Pomerov, b. 
Jan. 21, 1792, dau. of Seth Pomerov, of Swanze}', N. H. . 

He was a Baptist cleruvman. The date of his death has not 
been ascertained : his widow d. in Keene. X. H., Auo-. 2-1, 

From the History of Swanzey. X. II.. we tind they had the 
following children — 

1164. Alonzo.' 

116.'). AVelcome.' 

1166. R(J)ert Pomerov." 

1167. Eliza.' m. Loaan Willard of Winchester. 

116«. Sarah J.,' m." Feb. 21,1851 Silas W. Ballon: had 
Delacv L. Ballon.* b. X.m'. 11, 1851, d. Jan. 
21, 1861; Elada G. Ballon,* b. Mar. 27, 
1865, d. Aug. 3. 1865. 


R'^v. Welcome Leoxard," {Natlian B.'' Xathan} Josialu' 
John'} Sol.omon}) brother of the precedinu', was b. in Barnard, 
Yt.. July 31, 1804: m. Jan. 6, ls42 Louisa Peck, b. Feb. 12, 
1814. dau. of John Peck of East Providence. P. I. He was a 
Christian Baptist minister and preached in Wareham. ]\[ass., 
Kitterv, Me., and elsewhere. 

He d. :\Iay 20, 1847. 

Kev. Welcome and Lonisa had one dau. — 

11611. Elizabeth B..' b. — ; resides in New York City. 


Maky LeoxarI),'' {Dan} Joseph} Joseph} Jacob} Solomon}) 
eldest child of Dan and Mary (Dunl)ar) Leonard, was b. in 


Bridgewater, Mar. '2<i, 17-31 : m. 1, Sept. 22, 1772 Ichabod 
Warren of Aliddlelxjro", wlio d. — , and she ni. 2, Mar. 28, 
1777 Capt. Thomas Dehmo,"'^ of Fairhaven, Mass., b. Oct. 18, 
17o2. She d. Oct. 2, 1842; fier hiisl)and, Capt. Dehmo, d. 
Feb. 24, IS 10. 

The eliihh-en of Mary and Thomas Dehano were — 

1170. Polly Delano," b. — ; d. — ; m. — , Joseph Damon. 

1171. HosanKMid Delano," b. — , 1779; d. May 26, 18o8 ; 

m. Nov. 18, 1798 Nathan Bates, who d. 
Nov. 1, 1836 ; had Julia Ann Bates.''^ b. — , 
181)2 ; d. xVpr. 25, 1883 ; m. Julius S. Mav- 
liew, M. D., (chil. Harriet Rosamond May- 
hew,'^ b. Apr. 8, 1828, d. Apr. 15, 1826 ; 
^[arv Bates Mayhew'' ; Nathan Bates May- 
hew^ Matthew Mavhevv^) ; Marv Bates,^ b. 
Dee. 9, 1808, d. Dee. 21, 1806; Sarah S. 
Bates,M\ Apr. 10, 1806, d Apr. 19. 1880; 
Marv L. Bates,'^ b. 1801), d Mav 11, 1824 

1172. Thomas Delano," b. Mav, 1781 ; d. at sea, Aug. 29, 


1178. Leonard Delano," 1). Oct., 1785; d. in Savannah, Ga., 
Nov. 1. bsll. 

117-1. David Dehmo.' b. Apr., 1798; (h Mav 19, 1819. 

1175. Sarah Parker Delano," b. — ; d. Dec. 80, 1863 ; ni. 
Barnabas Hammond, who d. Aug. 25, 1864; 
had David D(dano llanmiond,"^ m. 1, Sarah 

llodges, m. 2, Mrs. Sarah (Brown) , 

m. 3, Mrs. Betsey P. (Samj)son) Huttleston. 


Dan Lkoxai-M),'' {/Jan/' Joseplt,^ 'Joseph;'' Jacob,'' •SoIodiou,^). 
hi'otlicr of the pi'ecediiig, was b. in Ib'idiicwater, June 16, 1752 ; 
m. ( )ct. 15, 1775 llo])e i'lapp. b. Apr. 8, 1754, dau. of Pdijali 
and Jlopcstill ('J'liomas) Clapp of Middleboro'. 

lb' settled in ^Vare, Mass. Ue and his wife were devoted 
^[etliodists and the lirst ^[ethodist sermon in Ware was preached 
at their lioiise. 

1^'roni Zidii's Herald nnder date .Inn(> 19, lS8i», we take the 
fdllowin,--: "Died in Ware, Mass., ]^Iay 7, ls89, brothei- Dan 
Leonai'd. aged s7 \'ears. Br. Leonard was welhknown by 
many of the old preachers as -the lirst in this region who' 

*Capt. ThoniasS Delano, was the son of Nathan, i (and Sarali [Tripp]) who was s)n 
of Jethro,-' (and Elizabeth [Pope]) who was son of Jonathan- (and Maiy [Warren]) who 
was son of Philip De la Noye.i 


(»|)('iu'«l liis (lours tni' Motlioilist pi'iMcliiiiL;'. llis house was 
Ioiil;' tlir place of eiitertainiiieut for the I'ai'U' pioneers of the 
cross. From tlic time of liis coii\'ei'sioii to liis death, more 
than 40 years, he Hwm] ;i faitliful. ]»erse\-eriii!^- and consistent 
Methodist: and. as he li\'ed, so lie (lied, in the full hope of a 
i>;k)rions immortalitv lievond tin.' ui'ave. His sulferinLjs dui'iiiii- 
the lust eight months of his life, were \-erv se\-ere, l)iit he l)ore 
tliem with Christian patience and I'esiii'nation. " ■••' " 

By this (hspensation of Pro\'i(l(_'nee, a larL!(' himil\- has heen 
(k'}irive(-l of a kind and devoted parent; the chnrch in this 
place has lost one of its oldest memf)ers, ix father in Isi-ael. and 
the C(Miimnnity a man who was i'es]iecte(l hv all who knew 

His wife d. in Ware, Jnly 12, lS3;i 
Their children wei'c — 

117(5. tl>t'thnel,' 1). Sept. 14,1776: d. Sept. oO, ls:.;J: m. 
(pnl). Apr. 1-t, lsO(i) Zil])ha Wetherell. 

1177. fDaniel,' h. Feh. li), 1778: d Apr. 18, 18(34: m. 

Dec. 8, 18U4 Knnice Towns. 

1178. Hope/l). Nov. 1(3, 1779; d. in AVare Fel). 10, 1845. 
1171>. tSimeon,' b. Oct. 18, 1781: d Jnlv 14. 1859; m. 1, 

— , 1808 (?) Betsey Ilill ; m. 2, Noy. 21, 
1825 Koenah Cole. ' 

1180. Elizabeth F].,' I), ^[ar. 22, 1783 ; d — , in Springheld ; 

m. — , Elijah AYarren of Wallingford. A't., 
had Aiitentia D. Warreir"^ : m. 1. Cahdn 
Holland: m. 2, St( aie ; Eliza Warren.'^ 

1181. fSeth E.,' b. Feb. 22, 1785 ; d. Mar. 4, 1848 : m. ,)\mv 

4, 1811 Sally Bart left. 

1182. Josiah.' b. Xov. 23, 178(3: d. — : m. (jiub. Noy. 18, 

1814) Lvdia Childs (.)f Ware; went to Con- 
cord. Vt. : liad Thomas,''* Charles,^' Bexter,-'* 
Mary Jane.'^ L\'(lia Lncetta.'^ Xo further 
i'ee()rd can be obtained of this family ; some 
of them are said to reside in E. Concord. \t. 

11S3. Orange,' b. Oct. 28. 1789 ; d. in Ware June 24, 1793. 

11.S4. fAlyin," b. June 29. 179(): d. Nov. 20. bssl : m. 1. 
Dec. 9, 1824 Laura Bice: m. 2, A]ir. Kl, 
1833 Buth Combs. 


ZlBA LE(_)NAH]).'' [Dun.'' -InM'ph} -fosepJi:' Jacob'} Snlomon}) 
In'other (")f tlie preceding, was b. in liridgewater (Jet. 13. 175i); 
m. May 5, 1783 Chloe Shaw of AEiddleboro", b. Aug. 24. 17(i4. 


Ill 1774 lid' joined a coiiii)aiiy of minute men eoinmanded l)y 
Capt. James Allen, to whom lie was a})preiitic('(l to learn the 
carpenter's trade. The regiment to which he V)eloiiged had 
met for exercise on the morning of A];)ril 19. 1775 and 
Aviiih,' on parade the alarm of the l)eginni]ig of hostilities 
reached them and tliev were ordered to marcli for l^oston the 
next morning ; on the way however this order was counter- 
manded, lie regularly enlisted at Milford Alay 2, 1775, was 
l^resent at the siege of Boston, was discharged in December (_)f 
the same year and afterwards reenlisted, went to Rluxle Islaial 
dnring Gren. Sullivan's campaign and vas at Little Coin]:)ton 
and II()\vlaiid"s Ferrv in charge of boats conveying soldiers 
from the island of Rhode Island at the time of the battle of 
Quaker's Hill. In the latter part of 1778 he went to the AVest 
Indies on l)oard of a merchant sloo]) and, on the return voyage, 
was captured bv the British and carried into the Tybee Roads, 
Georgia ; upon being released by Commodore Barker he pro- 
ceeded to Charleston and engaged on board the private ship 
Eustis for the })urpose of litting her for a voyage to ]^)ostoii ; 
just as tlie vessel was loaded, about the hrst of ]\[ay, 1771', the 
threatened advance of the British from (ieorgia under General 
Brovost cansed an embargo to be laid on all vessels in the Bort 
of Charleston. Bhe enemy was repulsed about the tenth of 
]\[av, but the embargo was not raised until Julv 17, after which 
he returned home. 

After his marriage he resided in Buckland, ]\{ass., wlicrr all 
his children, except the voungest. were l»orii. ^Vboiit [sijs he 
removed to Ashticld whci'c he tl. Jul\' 7. 1S-1:5; liis wife d. 
Aug. 1(», 1S40. 

Their children were — 

11S5. Elipheb'b. Oct. 14, 1784; d. in Barishville. N. Y.. 
June 2(1, 1872 ; in. — , 1810 (".'') Amiis Smith, 
who d. Oct. 22. 1852: no children. 

lls(). l^etsev.' b. (Jet. 1, 178() : d. (.)ct. 7, Isih;. 

1187. Reuniah,' b. Dee. 29. 17S8: d Mnv 19. 1789. 

llss. Ziba,' b. ^[ar. 22, 179(1: d. Oct. 1(\ 1792. 

11S9. fZiba,* b. I)ec. 17, 1792: d. Jan Id, L.s7(; : ni. 1. Ai)r. 
(?) — , 1820. Marv Tavlor : m. 2. (////A. Oct. 
10, 1829), Bhilomela Cook. 

1190. B,ezaleel," b. Apr. lb 1795; d. — : - left New York. 

in Ma\', bs;i4, as mate of a vessel bound for 
(iibraltar, not licai'd from afterwards." 

1191. IJenmah.' b. Julv 20, 1797: d. Julv 2(), 1820. (Julv 

10, isbs?) 


llll'_>. tHiMU'l.'l). Juur ;!. 171III: .1. Ma\ L>7. lS4(i; m. .\[;,v 

(1. 1S84 Klizabclli TaNlor. 
11{:)8. fZrliina K.,' 1). Nov. L^S, iso-jf,]. Anu. 18, LS-iS : m. 

Nov. 2:). iS42 PliilcMia l>assrtt. 
ll!i-l-. .^[elveu;l,' 1>. Xov. 1. iS{)r>: d. Sept. 4. Is.')!: m. 

( )et. 7. iS.'ir) JaiiU'S Sullivan l\iii!i-i>l' (idslicu, 

Mass., I). Frli. L>7, ISld. ,1. .huK' 1:.. 1S7;! ; 

rfinox'Od to Wisconsin in ( )ct.. ls;)ii: |,(,tli 

•Avo l)ni-ic'(l in (Ireen Bav : no cliililrcn. ^ 
ll!>o. fl'^t-tsev.' 1). Dec. (i, isoi); 1,1. Apr. 2!i. ls;;4 *Al.r] 

Densniorc Newton. 


Calvin Leoxaru," [Dan-' J use pit. ^ Josepli'f' Jacob r S^Jonmn.^) 
l^rotlier of the })reeeding, was 1). in Bridge water, Dec 27. 17()7 ; 
m. Aug. 22, 17UH Sally'Temple of Cliesterlield, Mass. 

He settled in Buekland wliere all his children were hom ; 

aftei'wards lived in North Adams, and about ISoH he removed 

to Huntington, Lorain Co., (Jhio, wheiv he d. (from lockjaw), 

June 2!:*, LSoU ; his wid(.)W d. Mar. H. iSod, at tlie sann' ])lacc. 

Tlieir children were — 

1196. Naomi,' 1). Mar. 12, 17l»7: d Aug. 21. 18(1:!. in 

Hastings, Mich.; m. -Ian. fl. ISoO at Joncs- 

ville, Mich., Eleazt'r S. J>rown,"" (third wife.) 

11(:)7. fSeth,' 1). Mav 7, 17iMl ; m. — , ISli) Electa Davis of 

I^ickland, Mass. 
119«. Theodica.' h. :\[ay 1. 1S(»1 : d. Feh. 27. Ls28 in 
Plainlield": m. ls()2 Ira Jov of Plainlield : 
had Lucv Jov,'"^ d. lSo7 in Huntington, ()1mo. 

1199. Lovisa.' h. Oct. 2, 1S03 ; m. 1, — , 1833 fsaac Shat- 

tuck of B)crkshire Co., Mass. : m. 2, Dec io, 
181.3 Isaac l^unce of Brighton, ()liio. 

1200. Sallv,' 1). Oct. 1, ISOo: d in South Adams. Mass., 

Fel). 11. 1824. 

1201. Lexana,' h. Dec 24, lsn7, (Dec 27. ls()7 ?): 

d. in Fairheld, N. V.. Jan. 27. 1^37 ; m. 
Oct. 14. 1S27. (Oct. 4. 1S27?) Kleazer 
S. lirowu, son oL' Wm. and Mar\' (Bark'er) 
I>rown of Hcrk'imci" C(x. N. Y.. h. Ajir. 12, 
1805; had Earl H. Brown.'' h. in South 
Adams, Mas.s.. Oct. 24. Is2s. m. Scpl. 23. 
1858 at Hastinu's, Mich., Louisa llarvev, h. 

^Eleazer S. Brown m. 4, Jan. 1, ISOl Charity Croswell who d. 18S3, he d. .June 8. ]s;y. 


in Gei'iiiaivv Ajn'. 15, 1820, (cliil., Emogene 
Kate LexJina Brown,'' 1). May '21, l-siU ; 
Homer Grant Brown, '^ 1). May o, 1S64) ; Sid- 
ney J. Brown. ^ 1). in Fairtield. N. Y.. Ajir. 
24, ls;3(3, d. May 20, 18si) at Grand Eapids, 
:^[^(dL, m. Get. 19, 1862 in Hastings, JSIieh.. 
Aliee Cross 1). in LaGrange, 0., Jnne lo, 
1841. (ehil. Geo. A. Brown.'' 1). Jan. lO, 
l.S()3 : Mvrtie Brown.'-^ 1). Sept. 23, 18(38; 
Bertha M. Brown." 1). :\rar. 18, 1876 at Grand 
Bapids : Frederie I. Brown," 1). Sept. 19, 
1878 at Grand liai^ids). 

1202. Lovina.' 1). Fel). 7, 1809, d. June 29, 1822, drowned 

while 1)athing in Little Falls Eiver, South 
Adams, Mass. 

1203. Mary Ann D.,' b. Julv 14, 1812 ; .1. in ( )dessa, Mich., 

Jan. 24, 1856 : m. in Bnekland, Nov., 1828 
America ^V. Ilaskins. 1). June 1, 1806, d. 
May 13, 1884; resided in Berkshire Co., 
Mass., Wellinaton, O., and Odessa, Mich., 
had Edwin R. ^Haskins,^'' b. Feb. 15, 1830, d. 
May 26, 1845 : Wdliam W. Haskins,^ b. 
Dec. 21,1831; Irena G. Haskins.Mx June 

6, 1833, d Fel). 26, 1851: Jnlia Ann lias- 
kins,'^ b. (.)ct. 5, 1835, m. Samncl Meyei's ; 
Boselia L. Ilaskins.^ 1). Jnne S. 1,S38, d.' Jan. 

7, bs()l: Elzetta TI. Ilaskins," b. Sept. 9, 

1841, m. Me\ers : Frant-is Ilaskins,^ b. 

Mav 26, 1843; Alma L. Haskins,« b. July 
3. 1845, d. Ai)r. 18, 1865; Edwin HaskinsV'* 
b. Oct. 1, 1S47; Albert Ilaskins,'^ 1). Feb. 26, 

1204. Irena G.,' Ix dnnc 7, bsb'). (Jnne 17, 1815 ?) d. in 

Jonesville, ^V\r\\.. Dec. 12. ls48: m. Aug. 
31, 1837, in Huntington. (_).. Eleazcr S. 
Brown (second wife); had Homer Brown,''' b. 
at Roehester. ()., Sept. 19, 1S40, d. June 15, 
12(15. Cah-in \V., "b. Ai)r. 3(), 1S18; d. Jan. IS, 1875; ni. 
A pi'. 5, 1^45 Chi'istina r)unce. 


rciiAi'.oo Li'ioNA \\\K*'' { Dan ;' Josepli ^ JosepJi:' Jucohr Solomon}) 
bi'oilicr o|' die pi'cccdiiig, \-oiing('st son <il' Ban. b. (alter his 


father's (lentil) in r)ii(l,u('\v;itci'. .1 ulv 11. 1771 : m. Oct. 17.. 17l»7) 
Sarah Stearns, li. Apr. H. 1777.. 

[n earlv life lie rcnmNi'd to I'ltlslirM. wlici'e lie resided until 
alu.ut IS'Jt*. wlieu lie reiiio\-(_'d to New "^'crk Slate, whither his 
eldest two sons had jireeedetl liini several ^•ears ]ire\'ioiisl\'. 
settlinii' tirst in the to\vn of JMttsfoi'il ami later in Piaitidd. 
Avhere he d. An-'. :'.< I. 1^7.(*.. His wife d. Fcl.. •j!7. Is;;;;. 
Their children wei'e — 
120(1. fSaniuel.' 1). dnlv ;;(». 17tMi: d. Ma\- 1. ISIi.S ; m. Jan. 

IS. l,sil) Maro-aret Lindh'v. 
1207. flchaLod.' 1.. Apr. 2<),'~171»S: d. Fel.. is, ls(;7 : ni. 

.inlv ;-;. ls;!4 Lani'a Hannah Xorthni].. 
12IIS. Friend.' 1). Sej.t. 2s. 1,S(I(). d. dan. 20. 187)7. in C'an- 

nellton. Ind.: ni. — ; no children. 
12(MI. Daniel.' 1». M:\r. li». lS(i;;; d. in iidancv. 
121(». Nathaniel Wilder.' I.. Fel.. 27. lS(l4: d. June 2r>. 

1211. Sarah Ann ' 1». Jnlv 1). ISoC.: d. Sept. 20. ISOJi. 

1212. :\rarian.' 1). Sept. 4." Isos; d. Apr. 17. Is4(>: ni. — . 

William Strowver; left no children. 
1218. fChauneey M.' h. June l!:". ISKi: ni. 1. ^[ar. J. ls40 
Elizal.eth M. Str(.w_ver; ni. 2. Aul;'. 7. 1SS4 
]\[i-.<. Fli/alieth Crofts. 


Captain JOSEPH Leoxai;I).'' (Joseji//:' Jostph,^ 'Jn.s,'j,hr J(u-uh'- 
iSolomo/i}) >^ou of Joseph and Iluldah (Dean) Leonai'd. was 1>. 
in Middlel.oro". June 2. 177.-1: ni. May 7., 1771> Mar\' Sc(.tt, 1.. 
Fel). 14, 17(:)0. dau. of John ami IJenieiul .ranee (Washlium) 
Seott (:»f Luzerne Countv. Pennsylvania. 

In early life he followed the sea and was for se\-en years 
engaged in wdiale lisheries. Al.out 177'.'. his uncle Da\id 
Leonard gave him some lands in Penns\d\-ania. upon condition 
that he woidd remove there and ovei'sei.' oihei- lands helonging 
to the donor. He aeeepted the gift and locate(l in the town of 
Pittstown, Luzerne Counlv. 

At this]ierioil the Indians of this localiU' wer<' \"er\" Ik. stile 
to tlie wdiite settlers who were ol.liged to take refuge in hlock 
houses from wdiieh they dare not \enture out except in siUli- 
cient numbers to o\-erp(.\\cr the sa\ages. At onetime, how- 
ever, Capt. Joseph went alone and unj.rotecteil f(.r a jilix'sician 
for his siek wife: the Indians aftci'wards told him the\- saw 
him hut would not nioh/st him foi' fear (.f L;i\"iiiL;' an alai'iu. A 


few (Ii\vs after tliis the settlers received warning of an ex- 
pected attack from the In<lians and retreated to Stroudsburg 
aljout sevent}^ or eighty miles distant — the sick wife of Air. 
Leonard being carried upon the back (.A a very strong man 
named Cary. Then followed the awful massacre of AV^^oming. 

After remaining away about tw<_) years the settlers returned 
to see what had l)ecome of their possessions. Their lands 
were held unikM' what was railed the Connecticnt (daim. which 
was afterward (bsputed by those holding claims under the 
Pemisvlvania title : the matter in (bs]))ite Ijcing linallv sul)- 
mitted to the Su])rcme Coui't of Pennsylvania, the Connecticut 
claim was pri.inounccd iu\'alid and those holding title under it 
were compelled to re-purchase their lands of tlie Pennsylvania 
C<_)mpany and to subscribe to an oath of allegiance and fidelity. 
Joscpli Leonard took this oath as is shown by the following 
copy of a certificate wnw in ])(;)ssessi(.>n of Ins descendants: 

"I do certify that Joscpli Leonard, hnsbandman of the 
Townsliip of l'*ittstown, in the C^»unty of Luzerne, hath volun- 
tarilv tak'en and sul.)scrib(.'d the < )atli or xVifii-mation of jVllegi- 
iance and Fidelity, as directed Ijy an Act of General Assenfijl^^ 
of Pennsylvania^ passed the Fourth Day of March^ Anno Dom- 
ini, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty-Six. 

Witness my Hand and Seal the 1st Day of P'ebruary, Anno 
Duniiiii 1~><~, 

TiiiMoTii^' PicKEinxi;. J. P." 

^Vbuut a yeai' aftei' this the country was iinindatcd with a 
terrible freshet, known at the time as the " l)ig ice freshet," 
which literally swc])t off all the remaining })roperty of Capt. 
Joscjdi. including e\'cn his house. His hopes and prospects 
being How nU destroyed in this ])hice, and becoming some- 
what infornic(l concerning the country in the ^•;dlc\■ of the 
Chenango. Ib'oomc (^'onntw X. A'., he deterniini_'(l to go and 
see that }>lacc. and Hnally rcmo\'ed his familw being obliged 
to travel in Lidian canoes. This was in the early pai1 of sum- 
mer, anil lie made a hut of ])oles ci^vei-eil with liai'k, in which 
to hu-e until hdl. 

He was one of the Hi'st white settk'i's in this ix'gion. and. 
with anothei' man, took" a k'ase of the Indians foi' one mik' 
S(|Mare of land near what is now thecit\- of Ibnghamton, the 
yearlv rent of which was to be two liarrels of corn '• as long as 
trees grew and watei' I'an." This lease was afterwards pi'o- 
nonnced illegal, and tlie\- obtaincil anotlicr fi'om the l>ostoii 
Company. The Indians were \-er\- iiaeihe ami g|-catl\- aided 
These eai'l\- settlers, who wei'e obliged to li\-e in the most 


]ii'iinitiv(.' fasliioii. iiiakiiiL;' lircad of coi'ii [iDUiidcd in ilic ti)]i of 
a stuui]! whicli liad Iilmmi Imriit out Inr the |iiir[i( >sc. 

Ill Wilkinson's '"Annals of liiiiulianiton " we lind the fol- 
lowing: •'The lirst white man who iiiadc a |uTniaiirnt scttle- 
iiieiit in wliat is elaimL'(l for the xdllaLic \irinit\-. was (.'attain 
Joseph Leonard, who was from l)ridL!('watcr. Massachusetts. 
Soon after came Colonel AVilliam Kose from Coimeetieut, and 
then Whitiieys from Columbia County. At the time of their 
settlement (17^7) their nearest white nei,u'lil)ors were at Tioja'a, 
a distance of fortv miles."" "In co!ise((iieiice of a fi'eshet in 
17t^'4. a Li'reat seart-itv was felt. duriiiL;' wlii(di a Major Stow 
slioulderetl a bushel of wheat, in wlii(di the whole nei,L;'hlior- 
liood had a eommoii share, and starte(l h)r Wattle's Ferr\' to 
mill, a distance of more than forty miles, carrying his grist tlie 
whole distanee on foot. ()ii his return the neighbors ladd a 
sort of thanksgiving o\'er tlieir ' s//or'-cake' and a pound (.)f 
tea whi(di he had ]uirchase(b ;nid, as thev had no //nr/'s lard, 
they substituted ijtar's ijrease to make their cake tender.'" 

The farm of Ca}»t. Jose})h Leonard is still owikmI by his 
(leseeiKhmts. The title of " ('aptain."" ^^\ which he was Lien- 
erallv known, was received from the <'ominission which he 
held in the militia. 

He (1. at Biuijiiamton, Lee. 1, ls42 ; his wife (L Nov. o, 

Their (diildren were — 
f214. Polly.' b. Oct. s, 17S(): d. Aug. -l-l. lsi>l) : ni. Lee. 
2i). 18'2o Moses Bevier, b. in Gernuun' Mar. 
24. 1775, (L Lee. 26, 1823 in Broome Couiit\'. 
X. V. : had Leonard Bevier,''^ b. Lee. lo. 
bSUl, d. May 2(», 1831; Zenas Bevier,'^ b. 
Lee. 5, 1803, (L in Wisconsin I860: Frank- 
lin Bevier, '"^ b. Lee. L"), iSd,"): Caroline 
Bevieiy' b. July 28, isos. d. Oct. 12, bs7o 
in Wisconsin, m. 'Jdiomas Lorman : l)etse\' 
Bevier.M). Sept. 11, Isl;]. m. Larwin Hall': 
Jane Bevier.'' b. Feb o. bSl.") d. in Wiscon- 
sin. 111. Charles Cure: Henrv Bevier,*^ b. 
^[ar. 11, 181S, m. Kmeline ]-]ull(Hd< : Ara- 
minta Bevier,^ b. Mav D, ls21. ni. A. 

1215. Seth.' b. — . 17S2 : d. Aug. 13. 1783. 

1216. Iktsev,' b. Se[)t. 16, 17s4; d. Feb. 11, 1,S13: m. — , 

1810 Levi Thayer of Palmyra, X. V.: had 
Christopher Tluyver,'^ Fmeline Tliaver.'' 


1217. t^<'tlu' 1>. Oet. 2, 17s<i: d. Mar., 1.S82 ; m. .— , 1813 

naiuiali xVllisoii. 
12LS. fAiiiazialj liutcliiiisoii,' 1). Sept. 23. 1788: d. July 

20. 1S()7 ; 111. — , Laurana Bennett. 
1211). Lovisa.' 1). Fd). l."), 17!:»1; d. Jan. 2r.. Isr.o. 

1220. f Joseph, ' 1). June 30, 1793; d. Mar., I8(i0 ; ni. Nov. 

2, 1817 Margaret Hammer. 

1221. Danus.' 1). Mar. 13, i~\){\ : d. Oct. 11, 17;HI 


Silas Lkoxaim)," {JosejyJi;' Joseph,* Josep//:' Jacobs Sohjinon,^) 
brother of the preceding, was l). in Middleboro' Fel). lo, 177)7 : 
m. 1, — . 17S() Aima Tyler of Kent, Conn., who d. May KJ. 
17!Hi at the age of 37, and he m. 2, Jan. 2, 1797 Hannah Haw- 
ley of Kent. 

Pie served as a soldier in the lievolutionarv War. In 1780 
he I'ernoved fi'oni ]Mi(hllel)oro to Kent, (Jonii., wlieiv he |)ur- 
chased a larni on wliieli he resided until iiis death and which 
is ;;till owned and oeen])ied 1)\' liis descendants. In early life, 
it is said, he was remarkaldv fond of walkdng long distances 
and at one time walked to l>oston and hack, ])referriii!i' to go 
in this wav rather than to ride, although he had a nuiiil)er of 
horses. Upon this <_)eeasion he ])ro(.'ured from relatives in 
Boston some familv reeords which for safe keejiing he carried 
in his hat, as was custoinar\' in those da\'s. Upon his retni'ii 
his daughter Hannah wishing to hasten the hre in the lirejilace 
seized her father's hat with which to hiii it. wliereu})on the 
[)apers fell inti^ the lire and weix' eonsuiiie(l ; tliei'c is no e\'i- 
dence that the items were e\'ei' collected a second time, much 
to the regret (_)f the present gtaieration. 

He d. in Kent Dec. lo, iS-lo : his wife Hannah d. Ajiril 24, 
1840 aged 73 years. 

The children of Silas and Anna, all h. in Kent, were — 

1222. Lucy,' h. Aug. 16, 1781; d. May o, iSdO ; never 


1223. Thomas,' 1>. July is, 1784; d. — , 1803; ne\er mar- 


1224. fJosiah,' 1). ^fav 1, 17S(); d. June 27. 1S37 ; m. Mar. 

9. IMo Until ( iregoi'y. 
1220. fDaxid,' h. Now 17, 17.SS; d.— ': m. — .Hannah Morev. 
1221). fAniasa,' 1). Apr. 11, 1791. '-at sunrise ;""''" d. Aug. 29, 

1800 ; m. — . 1817 Diana Eaton. 

*As reuorck'd in faiiiilv liilile uf Silas Ije'(juar<l. 


1-227. -f Ail.lisoii.' 1). Ajir. 1:'.. 17ltl. ••;it smisct :" "■■' d. Dec 
2S. Is;.')- 111. — . Isls ('l;ii-is<a rxMiiictl. 

122S. l^.'iijaiiiiii.' 1,. May 7. \7\U\: d. lire. 2'.i. iSSd; \n'\rr 
T\\v cliiMi'cii (if Silas and llannali. all li. in Kcul. 
wx'i'r — 

12211. Sally,' 1). :\Iai-. 17). 17'.iS: d. A])!-. 27. 1^74: m. May 
5, 181y Colonel Canlifld. wlio was 1). Awj.. 
19, 1794 and d. Oct. 22. Is72: had Aim 
Eliza Canlield." 1.. in Kent. .Inly 1, 1S22. <1. 
in Bridov^ioi't. Sejit. ll». iSod. ni. Nov. 2i». 
1849 Edwai'd (i. Thomas: Alniira .lane 
Cantield." 1). in Kent, Dee. 13, 1827. d. Apr. 
1. 18.37. ni. Kel). 13. I'S,:).") Henry (x. Baker. 

1230. t.Toseph.' b. Sept. ir>. \7W : d. — : ni. 1.—: m. 2. 

Oet. 21. 182-1 Lneena Edwards. 

1231. ^[ariah.' li. .Ian. S. iSOl : <1. — . in Cheshire. Ct.: m. 

1, — . 1S22 Sheldon Allen of Bethlehem. 
Ct. who d. in 1S33 : had Chester Allen.M). 
Jidv 23. 1823: .lohn Allen.^ 1). .Tnlv 21. 
1820: Althea Allen.M,. .Jan. U. 183(i; Lewis 
Allen.'-^ 1). .Tidy 23, 1831. 
m. 2. — . ls;-!<i Elijali Baker of South] loH. 
Ct.. who d. in ls7.">: had Tolly Ann P>aker.^ 
^larv Etta P)aker.~^ Isaiah Baker.' .lames 
Bakrr.'^ AVilley Baker.'' 

1232. -f-Eliiah.' 1). .luue s. ls(')3 : d. Dee. 7. Is, 2; m. Xov. 

is. 1S22 Akliv Cilliert. 

1233. fCharles Ilawlev.' 1). Nov. Id. ls()4: d. Sept. 2s. 

ls:)7: m. Dee. 31. 1S2S Martha P. Wilkes. 
12.34. Ilannali.'l). A]>\\ 23. ls(»7: d. April — . ls::i(; in 

Lvent : m. — . 182*) Adoniram Edwards. 
123.3. Luna.' k. Apr. 211. isll : m. Aj^r. s. ls29 Ezra V. 

AVilkesof Danlmrv. Ct.. who d. in Danl)ni-\-. 

Oet. 1, 187S: hail ^^farv .lane AVilkcs." li. 

June 1.3. isyi : Betsey E. Wilkes.' k. Sept. 

30. 1S34. m. Oct. i.3. Is.',,", (jcii-or \V. 

DeEorest. who d. .Inne V.K lS(i;i. (chil. 

Georii-e W. l)eEore.sT.'' k. Aiil;'. -"io. IsCl ): 

John L. Wilkes.^ li. Jidy l'2. ls;;7. m. 

Sophia D. PntiKim of (rrand Papids. Mi(di.. 

(chik .John L. Wilkes.'' k. Mav C. Is7i;): 

Hannah A. Wilkes,''^ h. Oct. o. 183!». m. 

*As recorded in family bible of Silas Leonard 


Xov. L>7, 1858 Cliarles Porter of Bethel Ct., 
(eliil. Fre<lerick N. Porter," b. Jan. 5. isiio, 
in. Jnne 5, 188^1 Katie Lawrence : Franklin 
W. Porter,'' I). Jtm. 5, 18H(), rn. ^[innie S. 
Pyan of Medina. N. Y.: Theodore S. Poi-- 
ter,'-' 1). Dee. 4, 18(U : (xeoru'e A. Porter,'' !>. 
^rav 21. 1864 ; James L. Pm-ter,^ b. Apr. 11, 
1868 ; J()lni L. Porter,'' b. Aug. 13, 1876); 
(xeorge W. Wilkes,'* 1). Oct. 10, 18-i6, rn. 
Oct. 29. 1878 Sarah Baxter. 


JoXATHAN LeOXAKD." (Jo-s/^ph .'' Jusep//.^ Jasppli;'' Jacoh'} S'Ao- 

?7?o//,M h'rother of the preceding, was b. in [Vriddleboi-o", Aug. 
20, 17()(): ni. Oct. 29, 1782 Pliebe Williams, b. ,bm. 12. 1763, 
dan. of E(bnund and Lvdia (Crover ?) Williams. lie resided 
in Middleboro\ whei'e be d. Mav 5. 1840; his wife d. July 8, 

Their children, all 1). in Middlehoro', were — 

1236. Phebe," b. Aug. 10. 1783; d. — ; m. Feb. 11.1808 

^[arshall AVilbur of AYarrcn, ]\[aine. 

1237. Silas." b. — : d. \"oung. 

1238. Jonathan.' b. June 13, 1786; d. at sea of small ])ox 

in 1800. 

1239. Iluldah,' b. Jan. 1. 1789 : d. Oct. 10. bssl : m. (pid.. 

.V}ii'. 2, ls21) Jonathan AVilliams of Taunton. 

1240. Charitv.' b. ^Fav 9, 1791 : d. Scjit. 13. bs78 ; m. 

(pub. Jan. 2. 1S14) Thomas AVashbui'u 2d. 

1241. Lois.' b. A])r. b. 1794: m. — . Wilson Randall. 

1242. Fumcc' b. Aug. 10, 1796; m. (])ub. June 22, 1822) 

Lewis Washburn. 

1243. Keziah.' b. Feb. 11, 179^) (Feb. 11. 179S?): m. ([lub. 

Nov. 14, ISIII) Simeon AV. :\[itchell. 

1244. Lvdia,' b. Feb. 14, 1801 ; m. Dec. 20, 1827 Caleb \\. 

Hall" of Pavnham. 
124b. Anna,' b. Feb. 2o, 1803: d. Sept. b 18S2 ; m. — , 

Loi'menio Hall.'""''' 
l24(-i. Jonathan,' b. July 31. 1S()6 : d. F(d). K;. 1848, 

drowii('(l in 'i\iunton lii\'er while crossing 

on the ice: m. Jul\' lo, ls36 Joan Forrest; 

had 3) children : his widow m. 2. John Smith 

and ivsided in Pembroke. 

*See Hall Family Records, p. 604 
**Sft- Uall Family Reoonls. p. 008. 



Dr. RECo:\rPEXSE Leoxahd," (Benjamin;' Joseph,'' Josej)//:^ 
Jacob ~ Solomon,^) youngest son of Benjamin and Mary (Reneire) 
Leonard, \va^ 1). in .Vshl'oi'd, I't., An^j. ol. 1771 ; m. 1. ^[ay, 
1798 Eunice Huntington oi nanijiton. Ct., who d. Mav — , 
I.S07. and he in. 2, June — , ISOD. ^[rs. ( )live(nyde) CnnnViiiiu-s 
of Pahnei'. ]\lass. 

He was a pliysieian of liigli repute and great success in .Vsh- 
ford and (diaidin, Ct. 

The husltand of one of his gi'anddaugiiters savs of him : 
"Dr. Recompense Leonard was a man of marl<cd chai'actcr. 
Wliilst others seemingly delighted to tell him their secrets he 
invarial)lv kept his own. It is relate(l of him that upon one 
occasion he was forced int(.> a lawsuit by a j>crson noted h^r 
l)eing much in lawsuits, who had employed (pnte a nund)ei' of 
lawyers on his side: all were on the y/// vice to know wdio tlie 
doctor had. l>ut. wdien the hour set for the trial had arrived, he 
a]i|.")eared and. |»leading liis own case, won it, nincli tc) the cha- 
grin of his oj)|)oncnt. In his |)rofession he was a man mnch 
ahead of the times in which he li\'ed. He came to the con- 
clusion that a great im])iT)vement could l»e madt' on the old 
routine of bleeding, calomel and opinm, and did a gond deal 
of hand-rubbing, discarding manv of the poisonous diaigs in 
use. He was much called upon in hard cases — his patients so 
uniformly got Ijcttei'and reco\"ered. that ucigldioring phvsiciaiis 
declared there was never auA'thing tlie mattci" witli thi'm. The 
leather coat he wore, made to liis order, atti'acteil much atten- 
tion, (rubber garments were then unknown.) He had medi- 
cines of his own com])ounding which became much celebrate(l 
and in high repute — one was called tlie Peruvian Dro}»s — the 
receipt for making of wdnch was lost at the time of liis death. 

■'He was a man of ipiiidv wit: seMoni indeed (lid an associate 
get ahead of him in con\'ersatio!ial re]iartce." 

He d. in Chaplin, C<.»nn., May o. 1^40; his wiilow d. June 
U. bS-1-1). 

Tl)e chikbvn of Reconipense and Kunice were — 

1-247. fDcxter ^[elan<-tlH)n,' 1>. Dec. 11. 17'.»;i: d. Julv 4. 
ISoS : ni. 1, Aprih bs24 Klecta Owen: m. 
2, Oct. 2(1. Ls2(i .lerusha Woodward: m. '^y, 
^Tav 2o, ls,")S Joanna Wilk'inson. 

124S. -fZenas.' b. Jan. ID. bs(i2 : d. Jan. od. 1 ss2 : in. May 
20, 1,^29 Julia A. Sam})son. 

1241). Phebe.' b. Feb. 25. ls04: d. Apr. 22, 1888: m. Xov. 
10. 1S24 William Brown of Asldord. Ct.. who 


(1. Fel). !i, ls70: had Carlos Miguel Brown,' 
1). Aug. 2, is8(.), d. Se])T. 80, lSo3: Obadiah 
Zenas Brown;^ b. Jidy ;-51, 1832, m. Sejrt. 19, 
lSo-1 Mai'v Teunev. R('si<led at Bingliam- 
ton, N. Y'. 
The cliildren of Recompense and Oli\'e were — 

12-JO. :\[arv Reneli'e.' 1). Sept. 1, 1810; d. Sejit. 8, 1888. 

r2.jl. Lydia Ann,' b. Aug. 26, 1812: d. Se])t. 9, 1S()S at 
Manslield, Conn.; m. 1, Jan. 8. 1888 Inde- 
]Dendence Ide ; had Mary E. Ide,'^ b. Dec. , 1 888 
d. Dec. 15, 1888, m. Jan. 17, 1859 Gilbert 
Fuller of Lebanon, Ct., Olive L. Ide,^b. Feb., 
1835, <1. in Kansas, ni. Mar. 24, 18B8 George 
E. Smith, 
m. 2, — , Fl)enezer Storrs Ross. 


David AuctUSTUS ljEONAn'i),*'{Dauid,'' Joseph* Josejjh,^ Jacobr 
Solomon}) eldest son of David and Mary (Hall) Leonard, was 
b. iu Bridgewater, Sejit. 25, 1771 : m. Feb. 9. 1797 Mary 
Peirce, 1). May 31, 1777, dan. of C;i[)t. Jol) and Elizaljeth 
(R )unsevillc) Peirce of Middlelxu'o". 

From a sketch of his life l)y his grandson. Col. John Hay, 
v\'e take the following : — '• He was a l)oy of relined and studi(.)us 
di.-|)osition, much gi\-en to books from his earliest days. Fie 
was pre})ai'ed for c<.)llegc by a famous instructor, Abner Alden, 
and was graduated from Brown l'ni\'ersity in 1792; he deli\'- 
ei'ed the class poem, a function which was rejieated l)y one of 
his grandsons sixtv-sh\ vears later. He had embraced the 
Baptist faith while a student, and had been bai)tized. according 
to tlie rigorous fashion of those days, by immersion in the 
Scekouk" ri\('r, a hole haxdng been cut in the ice h>r that pur- 
pose. ^\fter leaving college he taught school for a while, at 
the same time }>ursuing his theological studies, and was 
ordained as a mirhster on the 17tli of I)cccmb(_'r, 1794. at 
Ib'idgcwater, ^[assacliusetts : the sermon on the occasion was 
l)reached by the Ivcvcrend l»r. Thomas l>aldwin. In 179l)-7 
he ])reaehed on the Island of Nantucket. 

"()ntlie 9th of Fcbruarv, 1797, he was marricil to Miss 
Mai')- Peirce, liftli daughter, and ninth child of (uptaiu Job 
•Peirce* and Elizabeth R(.)unseville. * * * "''" .^lary, or, 

* For full account of Capt. Job. Peirce and family see •■The Peirce Family" by Geu. 
Ebene/er Weaver Peirce, of whom Col. Hay says lie is '■ thi^ most distiiiguislied repre- 
seuiative of that family in this country, who havinar lost his riyht arm in battle has 
with inHnite industry and patience emialoyed his left hand in uiitirinu; labor for the pres- 
ervation of the fast vanishing chronicles of his race." 

/^^Ot^^ ^9 (Jc. 

rr-.ji^ 2,,^ AH Ri'.chU 

'^^^ <^\y&/^/-L .i?>^-^^ 


as slie was coiiiinoiily called. Polly Pcircc*. was a woman of 
reniai'kal>k' attractixcncss aii<l cxtraorilinai'X' st I'riiiit li of cliai'ac- 
tci'. She \vas Tlioroiiuiily and (■ai'ffullv ('( luc;ilc(l and lornu'il a. 
most congenial and iicliiful consort to a man so rdincd and 
scholarly at^ Mr. Lconai'tl. He went soon after his marriaLie 
to New \i.n-k and there Hlled the |)ul|iit of the |)rinci|ial bap- 
tist Clmrcli of that city, which was then cstaMished in (iold 
Street — tlie same society which now worships in I'ark A\-enne. 

''His brother Bernard Leonard was at that time a pros|.)crons 
merchant in New York ; Leonard Street takes its name from 
hiin. David A. Leonard had a distinguished |iosition anioni;' 
the cnltivated men of hisdav; he was often called npoii to 
speak' on occasions of public interest. Anioni;' the addresses 
which were printed and ha\-e Ixhmi |»reser\ed are ' ^V sei'nion 
<lelivere<l at Holmes Harbor. Martha's Adnevard on tlic death 
of ]^[r. John H<_)lmes N(n'. 1st. ITl'o ;" 'An Oration at Nan- 
tucket at a celebration of a Festival of St. John bv the I'nion 
Lodg-e in 17tM) :" 'A funeral sermon in Gold Street Church Feb. 
16, 18<M):" • ^Vn Oration on the death of Gen. George AVash- 
ington deli^■ered in the First Bajitist Meeting House in New 
York Feb. 'J'i, isoo;' ' Oratioii at Eaynham.'Mass.. Julv oth, 
18()'2 ; ■ -Oration at Dighton, July 4. isoyf -An Oration ou 
the Acquisition of Louisiana, delivei'ed at Rayidiam A[a\' IL 
isd-i." He removed to Bristol, Rhode Island, in June, IS(ir). 

" On account of a change of religious views in the direction 
of Unitarianism he relinquished liis|)lace in the Baptist Chuivh 
and entered u]ion connnercial life in which he was I'casonablv 
successful. Li I.SIK; he was ap]iointe(l b\- I'resida'iit Jelferson 
l^ostmaster of Bristol, a position wlii(di he held for eleven veai's. 
He I'esigned it in LSI 7. as he had at that time resol\-e(l ,,> n'o 
to the AVest. His life in Bristol was one of intense acti\-it\-. 
\X aildition to his duties as postmaster and the cai'cs of his 
commercial house, lie was secretar\' and jii'incipal manager of 
the lii'istol Insurance ('omj)an\-and editor and pi'oprietor of 
the liristol Re])i(hJic(i n. He ga\-e a gi'eat deal of time to the 
education of his familv. and \"et found leisure amid tlicst' mnli- 
hirious occupations to make a translation of the New Testa- 
ment. This last Work was ne\'er publishe(l. the maiiuscri])t 
having been destrovetl in the tei'i'ible storm of September '2."). 
1<SL"), still ivmend>ere(l bv the old |ieople of Bi'istol, which 
wrecketl his wliai'\'es and his storehouses that stood b\- the 
water-si lie. 

■■ His intention in i;ding West was to establish his famil\- at 
\dncennes which was at that time the most llouri.-hiiii:' town in 


IiidiaiiM. He never reaehed that |)lace. His liealtli, already 
gravel V iiii})aii'ed, faile<l on the journey. Arriving in Decem- 
ber at the little town of Laeonia, near the Ohio River, in Har- 
rison County, he concluded to go no further. He bought a 
considerable estate in Land, Init was unable to continue the 
active lial)it of life to whicli lie was accustomed. He died on 
the 22(1 of July, 1^11'. After his death his widow had occa- 
sion to (bsplay her remarkable powers of intelligence and 
character. She was forty-two years of age, with eleven chil- 
(b'en ; se})arated fi'om home and friends l)y a distance hai'dly 
conceivable in these days of railroads and telegraph, with a 
pro})ertv consisting almost entirclv of un])i'oductive land. It 
was not oidv without dismay oi' re])ining, but probably with 
no idea that her conduct was es})ecially meritorious, that she 
betook herself t(_) the care of her lai'ge family and the manage- 
ment of her affairs. She had the success Avhich was due to 
her merit. 'Idie matron of the Proverl)s w^as not better s})oken 
of at the city gates than was this notal>le widow, on l)otli sides 
of the Ohio Riye-r. She liyed to see her family well estabbshed 
in life, and dic(l on the 2d of ( )ctobcr, bSoi;."' 

He (I July 22, bslD ; his widow d Oct. 2, LS8(i. 

Their children were — 
1252. tKvelyne Maria,' b. Dec. 22, ITD?: d. July 22, LS88: 

m. May 3, 1<S21 John Ha\' l^'arnham. 
125;-',. fSarah Hoar,' Ix May 28, ITDH. (Mav 20, l.SOU?): d. 
May 4, 1S,M»; m. Feb. 22. 1822 Hon. David 
1254 Mary Prior,' b. July, bSOl in New York; d. Oct. 1, 

1255. fllelen,' b. Fel). 7, lS(i;-5: d. Feb. Is, isu;;!: ni. Oct. 12, 

ls;!l Dr. Charles Ilav. 
125(). tCharles Frederick,' b. Xov. 1, 1804 ; d. Mar. 81, 1884 : 
m. 1, Au!i'. 27, lSo3 Lucretia Knowles : m. 
2, May 28, L858 Afi-s. A[arv E. (Pierce) 
1257. bCharlotte,' b. Mar. 7. fsiw; ; d. .Mar. 8, 1X55; ni. 

Mar. 25, 1S2S AVilliam D. 'J'homasson. 
125<S. Fdward Augnstus,' b. Now Id, iSdS; d. dan. 8, 

1832 at Memphis, '^remicsscc. 
125!l. fMai'v Peirce,' b. Julv 28, psfO; ni. Mar. 20. bS81 

^riK.mas J. H'mch. 
12')0. bbaiira Seraphina,' b. Dec. 18,. isll ; d. Apr. 2. 1S40; 

m. Jnlv 5, \s:Vl Ilcnrv \V. Snntli. 
P2(*)l. fCoi-nclia,' b. S('pt. 15, lsl;::'d. Apr. K, bss5 ; m. 
Jidv 22, 1S45 William N. Gro\ei'. 



r2()2. Julius Ca'siir.' 1.. .luiic 7. l^i:.: d. < )ri. ■_>;!. (:i Is^d. 
Vim. •t-Aiiii DcWoll'.' li. .I;iii. •l\l |Nl7: (1. Oct. 2!i. ls:.(l; 

HI. .Iiiiic ;i(». Is4() Hudson l';ii'kc. 
12(!4. Dnvi.l Au-ustus,' 1). Au- l:'.. Isl'.); ,|. !■',■!,. — . 



Rec. Zenas Lock wood Leoxai!I)." ( Dui-h/J' Josep/i,K/o-sepIi,^ 
t/acoh,~ Solomon}) lirotlier oi the ]irccnlin,L;'. \v;is 1). in Brid^u'e- 
water, Jan. K"), 177o : ni. Sept. 1. 17'.'!' Sally iMski'. d;iu. of 
Deacon Ilenrv and Sarah (Fiske) Fiskc, 1). in Sturhridue, Alas.'*., 
Ajn-. 4, 1782.' 

A somewhat extended aceonnt ef him mav be found in l)r. 
SpragueV " Annals ^^{ the American liaptist Pnl|iit."' •'■ whirh 
in an al)ridu-ed foi'm is as follows: His earh' \-eai's were s])ent 
npon his father's farm, whei'e he ae(|uired hahits of industry 
and a knowledgX' of a.Lirieulture that lu- turned to Li'ood nceount 
in after life. Julv 1, 17!'*'. lie was l)a|»tize(l an<l heeame a 
mendier of the First Baptist C'hurrh in ^liddlehoir/. Shortly 
after this he l)egan a eourse of study pi-e))aratory to entering 
college, being assisted by liis brother. David A., then a memlier 
of BroMui University, and partly l)y the liev. Dr. Folx-s. a |iro- 
fessor in the same universitv. In May, 17i>2, he was a<lmitte<l 
to the Sopliomoi'e (dass of Brown Tuiversitv, from wlii(di lie 
was graduated with lionoi' in September, 1794. 

On leaving college he began a course of theological study 
under tlie direction of Eev. AVilliam AVilliams of "Wrentham : 
but. at the ui-gent recpiest of his friends, began innnediatidy 
to preach, being regularlv licensed according to the order of 
his denomination bv the church at Bridgewater. He s})ent a 
short time in Sandwich, Pro\'incetown and Templeton, aftei' 
whicdi he determined to earry out a plan previously eontem- 
]dated of making a tour througli the New England States and 
New Yoi'k'. On his arri\-al at Sturl)i'idge, at the elose of his 
second davs journex", he was led to abandon the pi'oject and 
accejit an invitation to preach to the Baptist (diundi of that 
tr)wn. lb' was ordained Se])t. lo, 1796. and ably and hiith- 
fully ser\'ed as pastor of tliis (diurcli""" for thirty-six years, when 

*SHe page 347 " Annals of the American Baptist Pulpit." 

*' An illustration of the church on Fiske Hill, Sturbridse, Mas.s., is given wiiii a jilan 
of the pews as remembered by Mr. Manning Leonard. The building was raised June 3. 
1784: Hon George Davis in his '• Historical Sketch of Sturbridge" says: "On the 
southern declivitj- of this elevation was situated the neat and comfortable Bapti-st Church. 
Here those families [the Fiskes] with others of that denomination, in various parts of 
the town, worshiped more than half a century. The Rev. Zenas L. Leonard was the 
watchman on this watchtower. Mr. Leonard ' was in season and out of season ' in his 


failiii,!!' liealtli obliu'eil liini to request a dismission. In addi- 
tion to liis })ast(iral duties lie was for many years engaged in 
instrneting the 3'outli of the nelghVjorliood, having students in 
his family who were fitted for eollege and tlie prominent 
positions of business life. He also owned and cultivated a 
farm, u})on which he was in tlie liabit of performing regular 
labor. lie was elected by tlie citizens of the town to repre- 
sent them in the councils (.)f the state for six terms. 

AVhile in tlie midst (_)f a vigorous manhood he was visited 
witli a maladv (softening of tlie bi'ain), wliicli brottght a cloud 
over his intellect. He d. in Sturl3ridge June 2-i, 1841. His 
wife "was a granddaitgliter of the tirst two settlers of Stur 
bridge — Lieut. Henry Fiske and his lu'ofher. Dea. Daniel 
Fiske, wh(_) pitched their tent in 1781 on what has been known 
ever since as • Fiske Hill.' Her father was Dea. Henry 
Kisk'C, son of the tirst named, and her mother, Sarah, dan. of 
the last named. Although she was very young when she 
assumed the responsilde duties of a minister's wife, yet she 
develo|:>ed at once a remarkable capacity for lu'r position. 
Their new home was estaldished in sight of her lurthplace 
during the lirst year of this century, and was the center of 
attraction to her for nearly sixty-eight years. In this delight- 
ful home, where was adways dis])ensed a courteous and boun- 
teous hospitality, friend an<l stranger alike welcomed and needs 
supplied, tliey reared a famih- of seyen children." After a 
long, artiy(\ and useful life, she d. in Sontlibridge at theliouse 
of her son, July 18, l-SI-iS. 

Theii' children Avere — 
l-2(\b. Henry Fiske.' b. Aug. 14. ISOO; d. Jan. TS. IsSl ; 
m. Aug. 28, 1828 Ann Frances Burrough, 
dan. of Robert S. and Esther (Armington) 
Bnri'ough of Pi'ovidence, E,. I., b. Se])t. 2d, 
18<i6: graduated from P)rown Uni\-ersitv, 
182(): taught an academy in New York; 
studied law with Nathaniel Searle, LL. D., 
of Pro\-idciicc : failing health ]tre\'ented his 
enteiing u])oii the practice of law and the 
last year of his life was spent at his fathers 

devotion to the spiritual interests of his charge."' In 1833, a new church was erected, 
nearer the center of the town and this building was subsequently demolished. The 
artist is somewhat inaccurate in the representation of the vestibule doors of which 
there were tlu-ee, one in front and the others on eacli side, and next to tlie main build- 
ing. From the vestibule two winding flights of stairs led to the broad gallery whicli 
extended around three sides of the audience room. The pew marked " Dea. Is'oyes." 
should be Dea. Lyon. 





|3r»v< 1 





house ill Stui'!)ritlL:('. Ilis widow m. 2. (*ci. 

8. 188,-) Natlinniol' P. Di'nj.T of l^',,Ni,l(Mirr. 

who (1. Now 7. is?.") : slic ih Jiiii. (■). is'.ir). 

ill Pi'o\i(h'iic(' 
1-J()(i. -fMarv Aim HaU.' h. .hui. 4. hsii;; : ,|. X,,v. l!i. hss'.i ; 

111. A iiLi. 81. L^'21* Rev. l''i'aiicis \V. Imiiihous. 
Ij!(i7. l-W'riKM-a.' h. .Inne 20. ISo.') : d. .luly i<>. IsH-jI : in. 

.Vpr. '2'>. h^8)l. IVaiicis l-"]. Corey. 
12(;s. fSarah.' h. ,lniie ID. IslO; d. July 81, ISod; m. Sept. 

.'), 1S42 Thoiiias Sjiooiier. 
12()9. t^Ianniiig.' h). June 1. IsU: ,L July 8,1, Iss:, : ni. 

Sei>t. 1.'), 1S4:0 Mary F. Aniini(hnvii. 

1270. -f-Liims,' 1). Dee. 28, l8r.> : .h'An-'. 12. 18(;2: in. Mar. 

18, 1856 Sarah P. Haradon. 

1271. tFrauees Maria.' I). Apr. 17, 1826: d. Dee. 1. h^.V. : 

lu. Oet. 9. 18ol Tlionias Spooner. 


Mary LeoxaFvI)." [Davkl.-' J<jseplt,^ Joseph:' JacoJj.'' Salo- 
mon}) si.-<ter of the precediu,!;', w^as h. in P)ridgewater Sept. 2, 
1774: m. 1, ^Vp)r. 7. 1791 Capt. Daniel Leouai'd. son of iMMija- 
niin'" and Hannah (Pratt) Leonard of ^liddehoro". 1). Julv 21, 
1771 : he was a niereliant in ^[iddh'boro' wliere lie (L June 11, 
ISOI and liis wddow in. 2. Se]it. 2!». 180<» Clifjfcn-d Caryer, son 
of John and Bathsheha (Dean) Caryer of Haynliani. h. Sept. 
27. 1780. They resided in Bridgewater and ^[iihlleboro", in the 
latter place Mr. Caryer was a manufacturer of tiles; later they 
ivmoyed to Norton, Mass., and located on a farm. Mrs. Caryer 
d. in Norton Feb. 9, 1856: lier hnsliand d. ^[ai-. 25, ls42. 
The cliildrcn )f Marv and Daniel Le<)nard were — 

1272. Daniel.' b. Julv ('.. i7'.l4, •■ d. at ^fobile about 1825 

or ls2(;." 
1278. Polly or ^[ary.' b. Feb. 2(;. I7!i7 : d. ^Far. 27. 18^2: 
ni. Sept. 14. 1828 Oliyer Conant. Jr.. (son of 
Oliver and Polly (Waslibiirn ) Conaiiti wdio 
(I Xov. 6. l'S48 • had .\[arv Fli/a Conant."^ 
b. Sept 22. I82r,, d. Oct. i;". ls2(;. 

1274. -fCIariiKhi.' b. Oet. 28,, 17'.tli: d. Mav 8. bs45: m. 

Nov. 21. Ib21 Henry Willis Pratt. 
1'he (diildreii of Marv and (Mill'oi'd Carver wc>re — 

1275. Charlott(> l^athsheba Dean Carv<'r.' b. July 2!t. 18(17 : 

d. — : 111. June 15. Is82 P)i'adford W. Smith, 
son of ,\.l)isliai Smith of Xorlon : had (diar- 

*James,i of Taunton. Benjamin,^ .Joseph, ^t Philip, + Benjamin. ■> 


lotte Amelia Suiitli;'^ 1). June 17, Is^H : d. 
May 6, 1838 : Marx' (reorgiaiiiin Smitli;'' 1). 
xViio-. 24. 1SH4, (I. 'May 'O, 183.S : (leorge 
Bnidford Suiitli.Mj. Jan. 20, l8o(; : Franc'es 
0. Siiiitli,^ 1). July 12. 1840; WiUiani 11. H. 
Siuith,^ 1). Jan.' 2. 1843: Catherine \X . 
Smith,* 1:). June 15, 184(3, d. June l<i, ls4() ; 
Otlialia Josepliine Krook Sinitli,''^ b. June 
10, 1847 ; Alexander Carver Smith. '"^ b. Sept. 
22, 184i). 
127(). David Leonard Car\-er,' b. Nov. 12, 1808: d. Mar. 
13. 1845 : m. May — , 1842 Laurana Nash, 
dan. of IIar\'('\' and Anna (Swift) Nash of 
Ca]iton. ^[ass. ; had Laura Arm (_'ar^■el•.* b. 
Jan. 29, 1844. 

1277. " Theodore Carver," b. (3et. 1. 1813: m. May 2(1. 1840 

Caroline P. Bulloek, <lau. Hiclinrd ;ind 
l^el)e<'c;i (AVheeler) Bulloek of liehoboth ; 
had Tlieodorr Clifford Carver.''^ b. Dee. 5, 
184(5, m. Dec. 13, 1871 Charlotte Elizabeth 
Thomas, dau. of Geoi-ge Thomas of Mans- 
field. Mass.. (ehildren Carrie Maria Carver." 
b. Mar. 22. Is7:) : Charlotte Carver,"' b. Get. 
12. 187!)). 

1278. Amelia Carver,' b. July 11, 1815: m. Apr. ('.. Is40 

Cardiner Lane, son of William Lane of 
Norton: had Alai'v ^Vmelia ].ane,* !>. May 
3, 1844, m. J;in. 1, 1873 Ilenrv Hunt, who 
(L Sei)t. 3, 1S!)0 : ^[r. Lane d. Fdi. Ki. 1S51). 


Bernard Leonard.'' [David,'' Josepli} JosepJi,-' Jacohr Solo- 
mon}) brother of the Drecedinu'. was b. in Bridgewater l^'eb. 1(>, 
1777: m. Jan. 10, ls20 at Xachitoches, L:i.. Ann l>bidworth. 

(bin. of lion. ^J^'imotliA' and iVnn i)ludworth of North 

( 'nrolina. 

He w;is educated at Brown Lnivei-sity. In the spring of 
ISOO he went to New ^'ork City whei'c he remaine<l thiHecn 
\-cars. most of the time engaged in teaching a classical school. 
Li the fall of Isl;; ill com])any with his brother (ieorge 
W'.. lie to(ti< a stock of goods to New Orleans and aftci- disixis- 
iug of them llie\- I'cturiied home on foot thi'ough the states o1 
Mississippi. Tennessee. Kentucky. ( )hio. \'ii-ginia. etc. In the 
fall of I'SlC) he took more goods to Xew ( )rleans and later 

"''S* J3TAH HiltJ' 


loi-ali'il ill X;icliitoclK's wIktc; li(_' fiiiiJiLicd in iiirrc;iiitilt' husiiicss 
illld 1)V pi'udriicr Mini cxcrrh ui ( 'l)1;i iikm 1 ;i (•( )iii[ict("iicc. lie 
tilled a nunilKT of (illiccs in the parish and citN. •'lie was a 
man of nian\' virturs. a jnsT man. kind in all llir relations of 
life and indefati,!i'al ilc in tlu' discliai^Lzc of vvrrv dutw lie had 
an ext'C'llent mind and it was well stocked with science and 
o-eneral learning;'. Ills industry was remai'kalile : he was alwax's 
enii'au'cd in the active dn ties of life or treasni'ini:' U[i knowk'i lisv." 
lie d. Sept. L\ l.s.'U: his widow d. dnne'll. fs-fd. 'iiiey 
had no childi'eii. 


Caleb Fhaxcts Leonarjj," {DmidJ' JosejiJi} Joseph:' Jarohr 
Solomon^) lu'otlicr of the preeediiiLi', was 1). in Bridu'ewatiM", 
Oct. 15, I'T'"^ ; m. Jnly 1:2, 1'S(I7 Xanev Thomjison. dan. of 
Nathaititd and ILannali (Thomas) Thompson of ]\Iiddlelioro', 
1). Sept. 1>, 17<S-t. II(^ was a fai'iner and resided, on the home- 
stead of his father; was luLi'ldy respected in the eonnimnit\' 
and held various town oltiees. lie (L Jnljo, 1840; his widow 
d. Sept. 7, 1863. 

Tlieir children were — 
127!). tClementina AEaria,' 1.. A\n: 29, 1808; d June 25, 

1870 ; m. June 11, 1829 Levi Paine. 
128(1. fJames Madison," 1). Julv 2.S, 1810 ; d. Dee. II, 1880 ; 

m. Sei)t. 28, 1842 Jane N. Thompson. 
1281. Caroline Louisa,' h. Mav 28, 1817 ; d. Jan. 30, 181)5 ; 
m. I, Oct. 20, 1840 Cfeoro'e Ward, 1). Sept. 
Hi, 1.SI4, son of (xeu. E])hraim and Priscilla 
(Ilanmiond) AVanl of ^liddlehoi'o' : he d. 
Au,l;-. 29. I.S5(; and she m. 2, Dec. 8, lS(i2 
Rev. James Wilson Ward,-' b. May 21, I'St)3, 
(liis second wife), son of Rev. Jonathan 
and Philena Cay (Wliitaker) Ward; lied. 
Jan. 30. 1S73. 


Cl.iVK Leonard," (David.'' Jn^qih} Joseph^' Javoh'} Solomon}') 
sister of tlie precedin^i', was U. in Priduewater, Oct. 12, IT-'^O; 
m. March 18, 1802 Cephas Thompson, son of A\'iHiani and 
DeI)orah (Stui'tevant) Thompson, h. July I, 1775. 

Mr. Thompson was a ])Oi-trait jiaintei' and resided in Midille- 
l)oro'. His pictures show an iinnsual de,!iree of excellence : 

*Rev. Jouathan Ward, b Aug. 24, 17b9 : m. Au^- — , l~9.-< Fliilena Gaj- Whitakt-r. h- 
Apr. 6, 1776, d. Apr. 25, IS-S-i. Rev. .Tames Wilson Ward, b. May 21, 180:-!, d. .Jan. 80, 1873, 
m. 1. Sept. 9, 1834, Hetta Lord Hayes, b. Apr. 10, 181.5, d. Dec. 11, 1842. 


lie was especially popular among soiitheiiiers. foi- iiianv of 
whom lie paintecT portraits. Mrs. Thompson d. May 22. 1819, 
and Mr. Thompson m. 2, Oct. 2i, 1819 Lucy Thompson, dau. 
of Isaac and Lucy (Sturtevant) Tliompson, 1). Oct. 1, 1T8G, and 
d. Oct. 13, 1852.^ Mr. Thompson d Nov. (>, 185(1 

Many of the engravings in this work are made from por- 
traits painted by him. 

The children of Olive and Ceplias Thompson were— 

1282. Marietta Tintoretta Thompson,' b. Feb). 27, 1803; d. 

] )ec. 29, 1892 ; had l)een a successful minia- 
ture painter. 

1283. Elvira S. Tliompson,' I), duly 3, 180-1: d. June 5, 

1885 ; m. Sept. 23, 1S24 Oeorge Bonney, of 
Eochester, Mass., who d. Ang. 19, 1869; 
had Olivia C. Bcmnev,''^ b. Aug." 3, 1825, d. 
April 8, 1861. m. June 29, 1848 Dr. Josiah 
Atkinson (chil. (diaries Atkinson,'-' b. Mar. 
23, 1849; Klvira T. Atkinson,'' d Apr.. 
1879 ; Edward Atkinson''); Juliet H. Bon- 
nev,^ b. Apr. 3, 1S28, d. Mar. 31, 1850, m. 
Nov. 28, 1848 John Eddy, Esq., of Provi- 
dence, R. I. (child, Juliet^B. Eddv,Mx Dec. 
5, 184!;), (1. Apr. 10. 1879, m. E. P. Haskell, 
of New Bedfoi'd, left two chil); Anna L. 
Bonnev,''* b. Julv 21, 1837 ; (jeoro-e B. Bon- 
ney,'^ b. Mar. id, 1839, m. Apr. 3, 1872 
Caroline K. Holhi'ook of New York (chil., 
Mary W. Bonne v,'' b. Jan. 24, 1873 ; Frances 
^ H. Bonney,'-' b. A])r. 5, 1875, d. Julv 24, 

1877 ; (xeorge Bonne}','' b. Jan. 26, 1877 ; 
Anna Bonnev,'' b. Apr. 19, 1879 ; Madelein 
l^onnev,'^ b. Mar. 16, 1882; Holbrook Bon- 
nrv,'-' 1). Dec. 12, 1885). 

1284. Cordelia Tiiom])son,' b. :\[av 1, 1806: d. Aug. 9, 

is'.io, ;it Lon.uwood," Fla.: m. — , 1843 Ben- 
jamin A. Bryant; had (_)r\-ibe Ib-yant,'"* 1). 
in New Brunswick, N. J. 

12'S5. William Jlenrv Thompson,' b. Nov. 17, 1807 ; d. 
Jidy 4, bs37. 

i2.S(). ('cphns (iiovanni Thom])soii,' b. Aug. 3, 1809; d. 
Jan. 5, 1888; m. — , 1S43 ^biry C. Ogden, 
of Nt'w York: chil., ^Vmia Coi'a ''Jdionij)- 
son^ i^dmund 1'. Thom|)son.'^ m. Clara A. 
iJisbce (chil., Edmond 0. d'hompson.'' l^thcl 






I"'. 'I'll! mi] isoii," ( 'l:il';i M. Tin liiipst )ii.'' \V illiniii 
1>. 'riidiiipson''); Ilulicrl ( ). Tilt iiii|is(>ii.^ d. 
.Iul\- •_!(■•. ISSd. Mr. ('. (i. 'rii(iiii|is(>ii \v;is ;i 
well known ;ii'tist rcsiiliuL;' in Xcw ^'<)l•k" 
I'2s7. Florantlic Tliompson.' 1). M;iy 14. IsU ; d. Ai»i'il — , 
Iss;;: 111. — . (iranvi'UeT. Si)r(»;it ; had Klvira 

SpiMat,"^ 111. IluU'hius; Lucy S])i'(>al,'^ 

111. DodtiC. 

i2b«. JeruiiiL" TlioiiLiisoii.' h. dan. IM). ISU: d. May 1. 

I'ScSii ; 111. I. — , — ■ — Colden : \n. 2, ^Ipr. 

11». 1N7(> Maria Crary Mav. 1). Doc. 20. 1S>!7. 

dau. of .lames 'riij»]ici' Ma\'. Jdke his father 

and l)i'()thei- ('e[>has, he was a noted artist; 

(hiring the greater jtart of his aitistic career 

lie was a resident of New York (.'itw 
i2b!l. Charles Frederic Thompson,' 1). June 2, IsK; ; d. 

Sejit. S, 1S?,!:». 


Linus Homi'lts Lkoxahd.*' {lJari</,''Jo--<'^p//,* Jo.^ejtliS' '/acoh,'- 
Soionum}) brother of the })receding, wash, in Bridgewater Aug. 
10,1784: m. Aug. K*. 1811) Julia Ann Baker of Madison. 
Ind., 1). in Williaiustown, (?) Mass., Jan. 27. 17s!). (hiu. of Dr. 
Ezra and Eliza (Tucker) Baker. 

He was a mercliant. had a store in Baltimoi'e. one also on 
Pandico River, hut in 1814 reniox'eil to Madison, Indiana, 
where he was associateil with his lirothei' < ieorge W. fiM- several 
years: afterwards was aloiu- and in l^^)^) I'cniox'ed 1o P)i'owiis- 
ville, Tenn., where he continued in hiisiiu'ss until his death 
Sept. 5, 1841 ; his wife d. Jan. .■>, 184^. 
Their cliildren were — 
12!)n. Marv Eliza.' 1). Sept.. I.s2<i: d. — in Madison. 
12ill. I'M'rnard Franklin,' 1). —: d. — in Madison. 
12!)2. Ariadne Jane." 1.. Dec. 7, 1^22: (k Mar. 11, Is.'iO: 
m. Nov. l;J. 1S44 William P. Wood. 1). Fcl ). 
14. 1S28. d. Api-. 4. ls:,(i: I,;,,] John P. 
^Vood,'-^ !). Aug. 14. ls4:.. 111. Jan. 22. 1S7I> 
Fann\' Tannei' Nelson, li. Now 27. 
(chil..' Mattie Xelson Wooil.'' k. Scpl. 27. 
18^0: John P. AVood.'Mr.. 1». Ai)ril 1. Lssii): 
Julia Ann Wood." k. Sept. 4. 1S47. m. Jan. 
7), ls7(» Pokcrt Florian Collins, k. Xo\-. IC. 
184;-k (chil.. iJokcrr Aukiw Collins.'' k. Dec. 


2-2. 1S71 : Sadie Wood Collins,'' b. Feb. 4, 
1879 : AVillie Spence Collins'^ (a daug-hter) 
b. Dee. 21. l-'^sl, d. Mar. 2, 1882): wTlliani 
L. Wood.'^l). Apr. 23, 1849, d. Aug. 6, 18r)0. 

1293. Mareellus.' 1). — : d. — in Madison. 

12114. Sanih J<)sei)liine,' I). Feb. 27, 1826: d. Mav 8, 1870; 
ni. Mav 12. 1840 William Maeon, 1). Apr. 
8, 182'5. d. Aug. 31. ls.39 : had AVilliani 
Linus :\[aeon,' 1)'. ^lay 17, 1848, ni. Martha. 
Aim Bain : Anna Srott Maeon,^'' b. Dee. 20, 
1849 : Lueien Leonard ^laeon,'- 1). A\n\ 18, 
1852 : Natlianiel Duke :\Lieon,^ b. Oet. 10, 
1854: Junius AVatkins Maeon, •' b. Sept. G, 
1856 : Franklin Baker Maeon,^ b. A\n: 13, 

12!)5. Lueien Lnrlow.' b. Jul\-7. 182X: d. Sept. 4, ls^5. 

129r). ,luli:i Maria,' b. Aug. I'o. 1.S30; d. Nov. 13, ISSI ; 
m. June 29, 1853 Dr. Simon Tuinier, b. Feb. 
18, 182f>, (1. Nov. 2(;, bs5S; had Simon Lnr- 
ner," b. July 29, 1S54, d. May 17, 1855, 
Lueien Leonard Turner,'"^ b. Feb. Is, 1S56, 
d. April 21, 18()1 : Ariadne Leonard Lui-nei',^ 
b. Xov. 6. 1857, m. A]>r. 17, 1884, Kev. Charles 
S. (lardnei', now l(_)cattMl in (Treenville. S. C, 
(ehil. Julia Evelyn Cardner,''b. Feb. (i, 18^5, 
in Brownsville, Tenn.: Charles Turnei- (iard- 
nei-,'' b. June 2, 1888 in Nashville, Term.; 
Julia Leonard Gardner'' b. Julv 9. 1891; 
Claudia Mav (birdiier,'' b. June 19, 1894). 

1297. Julius Augustus,' b.' Julv (), 1834: d. — . 1837. 

12i)S. Cliarh's Lorkwood,' b. —.1836; d. Dee. 2, is^Wi, 
aged 2 mos. 

581 . 
(iKoliCK AVaSHINGTOX LeoXAUD." (/)' I r /'(/.■' Jijscp//,^ Jospph:'' 

'J((rnli.'' S()h)nion^^)\n'oi\\e\' of tlie ])i'e('i'diug. was 1). in l^i'idge- 
water. l'\'b. s, 17t»0; m. I.Apr. Is, bS'_>L Sai'ah Tucker Bak<M-, 
1). Api'. 2!>. lS(f:». dan of Dr. F/ra and Fli/a ( 'i'lickci-) Baker of 
Mailisoii. hid.: slicil. .Ian. 5. ls;')4 and lie in. 2, -Inne 10. is;').') 
Charlotte l^'ariiham, b. Apr. 15, 17iH), dan. of Wdlliani ami 
Ilaimali r>liss ( iMiici'son ) l^'arnliain of Xi'wl)ur\-|)Ort. Alass. 

lie was i'iigag('(l ill iiH'rcaiitilc inisiiicss in the West and 
Soiiili. Iic'ing' at one time locat('(l in New Orleans, again in 
South ('aroliiia. but linallv in Mailison. IihI.. where heeari'ieil 



on an extensi^•o and lucrati\-(' l)iisiiii'ss ainl was a imicli 
respoctcd and lioiati'cd riti/.i.'ii. and wlici-c lie d. Mar. '2'>. Is.'iC, ; 
Ids widow d. Now j|.s. \Si')-2. 

The children of (ieoi'^c W. ami Sarah (all 1 1. in Mad- 
ison) were — 
\-2W. fFrances Caroline.' 1>. dan. 14. Is-j;; ; m. .Imic -is. 

IS-fi Cie.^r-v M. Phelps. 
loMH. -fjulia Ann.' 1). Fel). >\. iX'Io : m. Nov. jy, ls44 

Joseph W. (_'ha]inian. 
l.'!(»l. Ruth Sarah.' 1). June 14,>7 : d. Mav 24. Is2ii. 
l;-)(t2. Georo-e AVashiiiuton.' 1». dulv 'iii. Ls2il: d. Mai', h;. 

1808. fEzra (leoro-e.' 1). Dee. 1'^. ls;il : d. Oct. 8. \x~{\: m. 

Dee. S. 1S02 Il(Mirietta D. Wai-<1. 
1804. +Sara]i Tneker.' h. Dee. 22. LS88 : d. Alav 2U. 1808: 
ni. .Inlv 1(1. isol Kol)ri-t F. liowei'. 


Jamk.s ]\[axxix(; Leoxakd." (David/' Josep/i,^ Josep// .^ Jacob.'' 
Solomnn}) brother of the })reeedin<>-, was 1). in Bridu'ewater. 
Feb. 24. 17!»2 : ni. 1. Jan. 1, lsl5 Sallv. dan. of Benjamin and 
Mary (Bowen) Thompson of Middleboro". \vlio was li. Mav 22. 
179o and d. Xov. 17. Is22 ; m. 2. Xov. s. is2(; riarinda. dan. 
of lion. Wilkes Wood she was b. Jnly 27. 1701) and d. April 
28. 1.S82 : m. 8. Xov. 24. 1^84 Minerva, dan. of Dea. E])hraim 
and Jernsha ( ) Dinuiuidc of Ottawa. III., who was b. Apr. 

In early life he was apptrentieed to Ins/ i ti iiidi .*. Cephas 'Jdioni|i- 
son of ^fiddleboro". to learn the art of ]>ortrait paintin;.; ami 
afterwai'ds jii-actieed his profession in ^Middleboro". spriidin;^- 
his wintt'i-s mostly in the sonthern states wdiore he painted 
many portraits. In 1884 he renio\-('(l to Illinois and settlcil 
in Ottawa, in wdiieh place and vicinitv he was cnii'aLicd in mer- 
cantile and millins" business. He d. ( )et. 81. 1.S47 : his widow 
<1. Dee. 21». 1874. " 

James M. and Sallv had one ilan. — 
l;'.n,',. Othalia Adaline.'' b. Mar. 11. JSlC: d. Sejit. — . 
l88o in Ottawa: m. Oct. — . Is;;;; William 
11. ( 'ashman 1». in Fi'ectown. ATass., ^\a\ \:\, 
1818: had ()thalia j-amna (/nsliman.'' b. 
July — . ls;U. d. Dee. — . is;;.'.; Mr. Cnsh- 
inan m. 2, Ilai'riet (ii'idlev of ()ttawa. \o\-. 
— . 1887. who d. Jan. — . Is41. and he m. ;;. 
Anna O. j-vodnevof Delawai'e. l'"eb. — .1848. 


Tiie cliildreii of Jan u's ^T. and Clariiula were — 
1-S<H). -Manu's Mannin.u," 1). An,-', lo. Iy27 : d. Md\ 11, 
lS7(l:'ni. Oct. 11, l^:)'d ^Irs. ( Jplielia A. 
(Suniiier) Brown. 
l;-'.()7. Kli/:i Ann,' b. Feb. 12, 1821> ; d Jnne 6, 18o2 : ni. 
Dec. K), isr.O Charles Todd b. Mav 1. ISIT 
in Hartford, Conn., d. July 9/1889 at 
Eureka Sprino's, Ark.: had Fannie Leonard 
Todd,''^ b. No'v. IH, LSol, ni. Jan. 28. is;:, 
tlinrnan Ilolden Chirke of St. Louis, b. ^lar. 
29, 184(i (chil. Clara Leonard Clarke,'' b. 
Dec. 11, I87r. ; Charles Todd Clarke/' b. 
Feb. 7, 1877 : Jerome Augustus Clarke," b. 
Aug-. 11, 1879: ILnnian Ilolden Clarke.'' b. 
Feb. (3, 1881). 
1?,(IS. Frances Chirinda,' b. Mar. 11, IS^l ; d. Feb. 8, l8.-)2. 
'^rhc cliililren of Ja.ines AL and Minerva were — 
Adaugliter,' b. — , 18o() ; d. aged 11 mouths. 
A daughter,' I). — , ISMS ; d'. Aug. — , 1838, aged 3 
180!). Fdith Amanda,' 1). Fel). IL ls-t(»: d. Jan. 12. 187)2. 
loin. An St in Bernard,' b. — , 1842. 


Martha Leonard,^ {Jonathan;' Joseph,^ Josepli'^ Jacoh^~ Sol- 
omon}) (\i\\\. of Jonathan and ]\[artlia ■ (Washburn) Leonai-d, 
was b. in Ib'idgewater, Mar. 27. 17o9: m. ~~. Cornelius Pratt, son 
of Jonatlian and Elizabeth (French) Pratt, b. 1748. She <!. 
Jan. 10, ISjo ;ind her husband d. Sei»t. 21, 1S22. 

The children of Martha and Cornelius .Pratt were — 

131L Martha Pratt,' b. Dee. 3, 17s7: d. Apr. — , ls3(», in 

New Vineyard, Maine: m. A])r. 14, 1817, 

Jabez A^aughan. 

13P2. Jonatlian Pratt.' b.'Wpr. 5. 17S9 : d. Mar. 18, 1827), 

in ATiddleboro': m. L A]ii-. 27, 1817 ])eb()- 

rah ILithawav : m. 2. Xal)b\- l^hillips. 

b".13. Lc.nard Pratt.' 1). Aug. S. 1791: d.' -: m. ('larissa 

Leonard, dau. of Sil\-anns (2(>3 ) and JMinict' 

(l\ins]e\') Leonard: ciiil. I )eb()rali ILithawax' 

Pratt.M,. Feb. 10. Is20. d. Mav lo, 1S44: 

Martin Leonard I'ralt." b. S.'pt! 10, 1821, 

d. Jan. 13. Is44: Leonard Pi'att.M). Julv 3,0, 

bS24, d. D.v. 10. bS43 : (dai'issa Pratt, M). 

LEOXAh'l) (r EXE A LOGY. 2^U 

.lull.' l;t. IN-JC. 1,1. I'. — . l^l-;i(llor.l. Ill- 

'I. — . Dciiii: Sil\-;iiius I,cMii;inl I'l-ntl."' 

1>. An--. 2;;. !>•_'>. 111. — . l-'iillcr: Sihi:^ 

l^'iitr/ ]k Sept. '2\. isai. 111. — . . Knllrr: 

Joseph A. Pratt.-^ li. — . ls;-!4 (?): .\[:irv K. 
Pratt," 1.. Apr. Is. ls;;'.i. 

loU. Ik'tsev Pratt.' li. .Imic'iii. 17'.i.". : d. l»(v. -Jii. 17'.'4. 

l;-U.'). Cornelius Pratt.' li. Api'. j!(i. 17'.'o: J. .Mav ."o. ls:;(i 
111 Halifax, Mass. ; in. March. \X'2'-'>. Luciiia 
Tlioinjison : S(^n ( )tis Pratt. "^ 

loKl El )eiiezer Pratt,' 1). Fell. ('>. 171)7: <1. May IC. Isso : 
m. ^la\' 2'4. lsi^4 ()li\-e. daii. of Mliciiczei' 
AV.hhIoI Halifax. .Mass.: scttlol in I'.ri.l-c- 
watcr : liad Philandrr Pratt." 1). Fcli. ;!. 
18271. 111. 1. .lunc !•• ISwd Sural/ Lro/ifird 
(ISo-f): 111. '2, Mv>. ]')etliiali (('ushinan) 
Spo<.)iier. (laii. of (l;)17): Olive S. Pratt. M.! 
June 22. fs;-U. m. Kdwin Tliorn])son : Elien- 
ezer Austin Pratt. "ni. Charlotte Soule, (chil.. 
P^dwiii L. Pratt." Lvniaii A. ]^ratt.''| 

1317. Luey Pratt.' 1). Apr. 2(>. '^179!»: in. Oct. 7.. Is2:; 
Thomas C'lishinan : lunl Edwin rusliinaii." 
1). Julv 11. 1N24. d. Sept. 21. Is-JC. : Frank- 
lin Cushniaii." 1). Oct. 2."). 1^27). d. Sejit.. 
1820: xVlbert Cushrnaii.M.. Oct. f2. Is27 : 
Charles Cushinan.M). Dec. 20. Is2s: Dnrius 
Cushnian." li. July 21. ls;;(»: r)etliiaii Cush- 

niaii." li. l)cc. 17). ls;;i. 111. 1. — . 

Spooiier: ni. 2. Philander Pi'att : Martlia 
Cusliiiiaii." li. .\)ir. Is. f s;;:-j ; (ieoro-e (7ush- 
iiiaii"; Julius Cushiuaii." li. Sept. oO, 1848. 

Dr. J( )XATI1AX LkOXAH1).'''(./'9//«^//'///.'' J()sfipl(.^ Joseph:'' Jarnhr 

Sohinoh}) Imitlier of the jireeedin.:'. was li. in ]^rid,L;X'\vaTer Fell. 
17. 17r>8: in. May In. 179() Temperance Hall, !>. l')ec. :\{. 17(;!t. 

dan. of Joshua"" and Temperance (X\'e) Hall of "^ai'inoiiih. 

He was a ^uraduate of Hai'xard CoIIcl;!' in the class of 1 (^(1 
and stndie.l medicine with I>r. Wales, an einineiit physician 
amlsurgeoii of Paiidolph. Ma.-s. .\ fter ci niiplctin^;' his studies 
he began the }iractiee of his profession in his natix'c town, hut 
very soon after removeil. in 17s'.i. toSandwich where he resided 

*Hall Genealo^j-. page 22?. 


until his (Icatli. being tlir Icinling pliysieian ()f the phice for 
nearly sixty years and eminently sueeessfnl. He was a man 
of great Ixaievolenee and kindness ()f heart, of readv svm])atliv 
with all foi'iiis of snffei'ing. tie had a, high and manl\' sense 
of honor and ne\'er failed to ntter his hearty eontempt against 
all wrong, k'naverv or fraud, althongh at tlie same time lie often 
framed an apohyo'v foi' the wrong-doer where the eircumstanees 
fui'nished an\' ground for so doing. He was greatly interested 
in'the eause of education and held in espi^cially high esteem 
tlie welfare ot the academy estahlished in Sandwich. "After 
a long life spiiit in usefn.lness to his fellow men he died Jan. 
25, 1841), in the peace and hope of the Christian: in tlie enjov- 
ment of that religion whieh had wi-ouglit so powerfully on his 
chai'actei' and fui'nished so many of the motives to his conduct. "' 
His widow d. Sept. 80, iSoT. 

Their children were — 
181<S. Francis Dana,' 1). July 21, ITD!*: d. — ; m. 1,— ; 
m. 2, CHarissa Harlow; had Clarissa,'^ Kate,'^ 
Ilo,""^ a son.^ 
l;-n.i). Theodore,' h. Mar. 24, 1802; d. May 7. 1872. in 
(Treeniield. Mass.; m. Sept. 25, 1832 Eliza- 
beth Bahcock, b. Feb. 24, 1800, in Boston, 
and (1. in (Treenlield. June !'. 18!>2. dan. of 
Samuel H. and Fliza (Brazerj Babcock ; hatl 
Fliza 11, M). Aug. 111. 1841. 

1820. -fJoiiathan,' b. J;in. 7, 1S05 ; d. Jan. 20. I.s,s2 : in. 1, 

l)c.-. ;!1. 1884 Alice (J. Babcock ; m. 2, Mar. 
81, ISCS Mrs. Mary T. ( Waterman) Jaiwes. 

1821. t<-^eoige Kingman,' 1). Sepl. 15, 1S07 ; d. May 12, 

1850; in. Xov. G, 1S88 Caroline .Vvres. 

1822. Charles Ciislnng,' b. Fel). 22, isiO; d. — . 'l840, in 

l>oston ; m. — . 


l)y\ll) \A'A)y.\\{\),''' {Jnn((t]i(nij' Josty)//,* Josep/iS' '/acoh,'' So/o- 
inoii.^) brother of the preceding. w;is b. in r)ridgx'water. Feb. 0, 
17iir.; m. Jan. 17. 1 70(; Abig;iil Clark, b. Oct.. 1770, dan. of 
l>eiiiamin and Tabitha (Chnlibiick) Clark, of J^lvmouth. Mass. 

He rcmo\('(l to "^'armoiith, Maine, about 1804, and late in 
life returned to Ib'idgcwatcr. where he d. Jan. 8, 1840. His 
brother, rxMijamiii. d. ii|ion the same da\' and the\' were both 
buried in the same graxc. His wife d. June 8, 1S8(). in Ply- 
iiioutli. Mass. 


Their cliiMrcn were — 

132o. +l):ivi(l.' 1). A[;iv l;;. 17l>7. (1. Nov. 7. l.^^l ; 1,1. Ort. 
is;;;!.' .hiii.' Mill. 

l'P/24:. Tnl.itlia.' 1.. Fcli. l.'). isoo; d. Apr. is. is-lo: (Apr. 
2(1. 1S4H?) 111. — . 1S2(» l)c\1ci' ll;iic. li. 
— . iSOd, of ^':lrlll()Utll, ^laiiii': diil.. Ira L. 
llalc- I). 1,S21. (1. isr.I. 111. Anil IJicliaril- 
soii of Brunswick. Maine: Lvtlia W. llalc'"^ 
1). Oct. 11. ls24. ni. David Pierce, of Var- 
moiitli. ]^Iaine : David L. ITale.'^ 1). May 7. 
l.S2(), m. Adaline Kni^i-lit. <it I'ownal. Me.; 
Tliomas AV. liale."^ 1.. ls,-5i>, d. June 2, 
18B8: Dexter liale,' h. l.s;j:-5. d. June 28, 
1840: Wendall II. Ilale.'^ h. Apr. 7. 1884. 
hi. Frances K. Fou'i!', of Freei)ort. Me.; 
Alanson Ilal.v' U l8^5^. d. July 2s. ls4(). 

1827). Margana.' 1). Sept. 27, 1808: d. Mar. '26. Iss2 : in. 
June — , 1825 Jereuiiali Loring, b. May 7, 
1704, d. Juue 27), 1804 : chil. Phelie (I. Lor- 
iug.^ 1). Jau. 8. 1S2(). ni. Afay 1. 1850 Ilatli- 
erlv iKirstow, 1). X. Varnioutli. Me.. Aug. 
12.' isl'.l. d. Si'])t. 11. 1S72 (cliil. Kninia 
E. Barstow.-' 1). Kel.. 7. Is51. m. Dec, Is, 
1872 f]d\vard W. Kni-lit of Portland. Ale., 
[cliil. AVillanl W. Kniulit.'" 1.. Apr. 2(i, 
1S74: Frederic W. Kni-lit."' 1>. Fd.. 5. 
is7(i: Annie F. Ivni-liT."' 1>. D(v. 111. 187< : 
Harriet Kniglit,"' 1). Sc]>t. 5, lss7]; Aral»clle 
G. Bar.^tow.-' 1). Dec. 15. Is5(;, in. Dc-. 10, 
1874 Henrv F. Dowst of liaiiiior. 1). ( )ct. 5, 
1847, [chil Harry V. Dow.^t,'" 1.. Dec. 15, 
1870]: Florence S. Barstow,'' 1>. Sept. 15, 
1857, d. Xov. 11, LS02 ; Harriet L. Bar- 
stcnv.'-' li. Jiinc s, l,S(i4. in. June 8, 1887 
James F. Ilamilton iif Bangor, 1). Aug. 27, 
1863, [chil. AFiruarct S. IIainiltou,iM). Afay 
i). 1889]: Charles II. Barstow.'' 1). Afar. 2<i, 
1807, m. Dee. 18. ISSS Eunice Hic<' of Uan- 
l;oi-. 1). Jan. — . Is7(l. [chil. Fredi'ric (jl. 
Ixirstow."' 1>. Sc]>l. i;. issiiji: Samuel X. 
Poring."' 1). Sejtt. — . ls27. d. Se}it. 7. 1S5S, 
in. A[av 4. ls54 Jane (i. P>arstow. (chil. 
Lillian' C Loring.'' 1>. Fell. — , ls55. d. 
\'ouiig : Augustus P). Loring.'-' L. ls5('). d. 


Xw^j:. — , ISOS : Annie T. Lorino-,-' 1). Sept. 
— /l.s,-„s); I)(,iv;is ^[. L<)rinu',Mj.' Sei)t. 17. 
Ib2i:), ni. May 1, Ls:,i Charles E. Plieks, h. 
in Hampden,' Me., Ang. o, 1822. (cliil. Ellen 
J. Hicks,-' b. Mar. <:), lSo2, m. Oct. 10. 1878 
Thomas J. Hardv of Wintei'poi't. Me.. 
[ehil. Thomas J. Hardv,"' h. Dee. 7. 1880 : 
Annie K. Hardv, «' b. Feb. 7), 1882 ; Marv J. 
Har<lv.'"b. Jalf 8, 1883: Alice A. Ilardv,"' 
b. Sept. 1(5, 1889] ; Angle B. Hicks,'' b. Auu-. 
6, 1854, m. Nov. 29, 1877 Frank O. Haves 
of N. Yarmouth, Me., [cliil. Greo. H. Haves, i*' 
b. Mar. 8, 1879 ; Isabelle Y. Haves/^ b. 
June 28, 1881; Arthnr M. Haves,"' b. Fel). 
25, 1884]: Francis L. Hicks,''" b. Nov. 10. 
185(1. rn. Oct. 21, 1880 Mvrtie A. Harring- 
ton of Topshani. Me.: Harriet N. Hicks,M\ 
Feb. 13, 1858, m. Jan. 19, 1880 Andrew M. 
Shaw of Orono, Me., [chil. Angle E. Shaw,'" 
b. Dec. 25, 1881 : Mvrtie C. Shaw.'" b. Mar. 
14, I88(i : Cora M. S'liaw,"' b. Oct. 12, 1887]; 
AHce A. Hi<-ks.'' b. dulv 20, 1862, d. Mar. 
8, I8(i;! : Fstelle 'Hicks,'' b. Jnly 20, 
1802, m. Dec. 1(_). 1889 (leoru-e F. Black : 
Cari'ie E. Hicks,'' b. Jan. 13,18(55, d Jan. 
25, I8(i5: Cora F. Hicks.'' b. Jan. 13, 18(55, 
d. Jan. 2(), 18(>5: Fred \V. Hicks.'' b. Dec. 
— . 18(;(i: Aii]iie L. Hicks.'-' b. Nov. 17, 
18(>8; Marv F. Hicks.'' b. Ang. J, 1871; 
Herbert C. Hicks.'* U.Jnne 15,1873): Ib-ainard 
Loring.''* b. No\-. 17, 1831, d. Jnne 14, 1853; 
John Loi-ing.M). Dec. 2(5, 1833, d. Sept. 9, 
185(5: dacoii (i. Loring," b. Dec. 8, 183(i, d. 
— , 1N77, m. Oct., 18(58 L(Miisa \V. Swcctsei- 
of N. Varnioutli, Me., (cliil. Fverett C. Lor- 
ing,-' b. Nov. — , I8(i9 : Abl)ie S. Loring,'' b. 
Se[>t. — , 1S71 ; Flor^Mice F. Foriiig," b. (.)ct. 
— . 1874 dacob M. Loi'ing." b. April — , 
1877); William W. Foring," b. Ang. 1, 
184F d. Oct. — , 1873, m."No\-. 21.'l8(;() 
^lary F. Sweetser of N. ^'aniioutli, b. X(i\-. 
24, 1841, d. Scju. 8. 1877, (chil. .lacob (i. 
Loring,'-' b. Nov. 4, 1807)- Charles II. Lor- 
in--," 1). Xo\-. 2(1, 184.".. III. Oct. — , 1874 



'l'i'\ pliosia \\. l)cli('ck- of S;ic;ii'a]i|i;i. Mc, 

(.■liii. Will. \V. Loriii--;-' 1). Oct. s. is;:, : 

•loliii \\. Lorin--.'-' K. Nov. — . Is77, d. Sept. 

— , is?!): Araiicllc (i. Lorino'." 1.. Jan.—, 

1880; Harriet M. Lcrin-'' 1.. Mar. .-Jl. 1882); 

Kilnali A. Ijorina-;'^ h. ^s'ow "JO. [S4;;. m. 

. I lint.' — . 1870 AVin. ]\rarst(.ii of X. Var- 

iiioutli. li. Mar. 2o. ls27. (diil. .Iciniic Jv. 

^[ai'stoii,'' 1). Max 7. 1^71. in. Jan. l^U. Is'io 

Charles E. \'inin,u- <»f Wilton, Me.: CliaHcs 

L. ^[arstoii.'-' 1). A'ii--. Vl. 1S71:). 

l;-)"2i). Ira,' 'it - lo,,,- ^ ■■ Ii':i went to rn-a/il." 

100- 1^1 ■ - ■ ''• June (. L^0(): , i^.-,, 

loli. Klnnra.M mI. Apr. J!^. Is, II, m. 

Fell. 2s, l,s;!(; Hiifns II. Lnfkin. 1). Mar. 7, 
1-SlO, (1. June 17). Is72 : cliil., Edward II. 
Lufkin.'^ 1). Nov. '12. ls;-5(;, ,L July I'J, l.S(J5; 
Charles S. Lufkin.-^ h. July 7), ls40, <l Dec, 
1876, ni. l)iih' I»ichar»l-^ of Vannonth, Me.; 
Abio-aU C. Lnfkin, M). Dee. is. Isl:l. m. 
Dee.', 187)1) Franklin M. Knight, (ehil.. Fer- 
dinand Knight.'-' Frank Knight,'' Forest 
Knight'-'): Sa'ra II. Lnfkin.' h. Julv 7. 1844, 
ni. 187)9 James F. Leavitt, (ehik Florenec 
Lea vitt," Harriet Leavitt'-') : Ilan-iet D. Liif- 
kin.M). Mar. 11. 1S4(). d Mar. (J, 1877. ni. 
Oct.. 1S71: George Alhee : Lney Fl Lnfkin.-^ 
li. Jan. 2."). iSlrS'. 111. Xo\-. 27). 'ls7.', Alvaro 
M. Tvler. ((diil. DeaneT. Tvler': Ferdinand 
L. Tvler.'-') 

1828. Ajjphia Marston." h. Fel). 4. 18(»!i: d. Dcv. l!i, 18<)0. 

1329. Sarah IL.' h. Nov. lo, IsL! : d. ( )et. 1. Is42: in. 
Dee. 27), ls40 Dexter Hale of ^'arnioiuh. 
Me. (2d wife): ehik. (ieorge II. Ilale.^ 1.. 
Oct. 1. 1S42. .k June Ki. ls.")(): Mr. Ibde d. 
July 7>, 1S7;!. 


JoXAS LeoNAIM),'' {Srni<:(iii:' Jnsi'jili.^ Jnsrj,!i:' ■IncDh.' SJo- 
iiioii}) eldest son of Simeon and Anna (Smith i Leonard, was h. 
in Bridgewater. Feh. In. 17('>7: m. l''eh. L!. 18<»4 Chloe .VMcn. 
1). Aug." 10. 1779. (hill, of Je.-seaad Abigail (WiUisi Alkni. of 
Oakham. ;Mass. He resided in ()akhain where he (k Apr. hs. 
1812 ; his widow m. 2. Oct. 17. lsl;;(as his second wih'i. le'\'. 
(iains Conant, of Laxtoii. Ma,-s.. h. in F)ridgewat<.'r. Sciil. i!. 


177l), soil of Ezra ami Maiy CoiiaiiT. and <1. Der. 4, 1857. in 
Paxton. Mr. Conaiit d. Feb. (5, 1(S(3'2 in Paxton. 
The eliildren of Jonas and Cbloe were — 
1330. fLuev Allen,' 1). Jnlv P.O. 1X05: d. Mav 2:-], Ls42 : 

ni. Julv 2(i LSP.l Rev. Spencer "p. Beard. 
Vi'il. Eliza,' 1). June 18. 1807: d. Oet. 7. 1883: ni. A]ir. 
1'2. 1837 Hon. (reoru'e ]\Iiller. of Piwrliead. 
L. I., 1). :\rar. 1(), 1791). d. Oet. 27, 1883. 
son of Tirnoth\" ^fillia'. 

1332. Joseph,' b. Jan. 14. l8io ; d. Sept. 2. 1810. 


Simeon Leonard," {Simeon;' Jospph,^ Joseph ^"^ Jacoh} Solo- 
mon^') Ijrotlier of the preceding, was b. in Bridgewater Pel). l(j. 
1785: ni. Ma\' 5. 1817. Boadicea Thompson, b. Pel). 17, 1789. 
dan. of William and Deborah (Stnrtevant) Thompson. He 
resided in Bridu'ewater. where he d. June 24. 1857 : his widow 
(1. Dec. 25, 1871. 

Their children were — 

1333. Boadicea Thompson,' b. :\[ar. 22, 1818. 

1334. Rachel Stone,' I). May 31. Isl!) : m. Apr. 19, 1844 

Dexter Marvel, son of Bemianuel and Sarah 
(Eddv) Marvel: had William Dexter Mar- 
vel," i).' Aug. 7. 1845: Josc])h B. ]\Iarvel,M3. 
Oct. IE 1851 : Amos Praneis ^Tarvel,^ b. 
Jane 27, 1855: Alice Marvel. M.. Aug. 17. 

1857, m. Aug. 17, 1875AVilliam P. Babbitt: 
Sarah Louisa Mar\-cl," b. Afav 4, ls(jl. 

1335. Panny,' 1). Mar. 19. iSiM ; ,„. May 13. 1852 Tlnunas 

Kent: had Ihinnah Kent," b. June 3. 1853. 
m. 1873 Prederic Scholi' : llenrv T. Kent.^ 
b. Nov. 4, 1854: Louise Kent,'*'!). Apr. 13. 
1856; Prances Leonard Kent. " b. ^Vug. 1. 

1858, (L Mar. 1. 1S59 : Samuel Leonard 

Kent," 1). Aug. 24. 1S59: :\rarv Augusta 

Kent," b. June 22, bSHL 

1330. Eliza.' \ , ... .,., ,o.).> < 'h ^'"v. <»• bs2;!. 
loo- ui • - ,- l->. Oct. 30. 1823 - 1 X' - ,^, ,., 
133/. Eloisa,' \ / d. Now *, ls2;i. 

1338. Sarah Louisa.' b. Nov. 17. ls24 : d. Xyx. 7, bS32. 

1339. Marv,' 1). D(M'. 3, 182(> : d Jan. 25. Lss;!. 

1340. Siin'coii.' 1). J;iii. 7. 1.S29': d. June 21, bs-_>l». 

1341. fHerman,' b. Oct. 1. bs;;i: m. AFar. 11. Is57 Ange- 

nctlc ]b>vt. 



NaHUM LEOXAHJ),'''(.SV/y/co// '' Jo-^e/)//.^ Jo-se/>/i. ■''/'"■<■/,;' Sn/nnif>n.^) 
brother of the precediiiu', \v;is 1>. in liridLiX'watei" Now 1. 1 7>i7 : 
m. 1. :\[ar. o. is 12 lJlio(l;i Surll. 1,. An-. 4. 17!M. dmi. ..f 
]S'ath;iii and r.rtty (Howard) Sncll. She d. dnlx' 211. I.s21,and 
he m. 2. June ;-)(>, 1S22 Hannah K. Sncll, 1.. Dec :',{), iri'o. 
(hm. ot Capt. K|)hraini and Ilannali ( Ivinii'inan i Sncll. 

He wa."^ the scx'cnth son of a si'vcntli son and tlic \-(ninL;('st 
of twelve children. In a \'ei'\- intcrestiiiLi' aiitohiouraiilix' writ- 
ten when he was in his ciLihtv-thii-il \"car lie Li'ixes a somewhat 
extended acconnt of his childhood ; two \-cars al'ter the death 
of his father he went to li\e with ('apt. dothani .Vnies where 
he remained from the time lie was (M^u'lit years old until iNi.ll 
wdien C:\])t. Ames i'emo\'ed to Xiwv '^'ork state after which he 
li\'e(l with William ]\[itchell two vcai's. Jjatei' Ik; learned the 
trade of hlaeksmitli from ('apt. ^Vhraham Washhnrn with 
wdiom he remained until he was twent\-one. afterwards licinii' 
ill partiK'rshi]) with him and later xvith Ca])t. Ahial Anie>. in 
the fall of isl-i he was drafted '• to ,l;'o to IMynionth for the 
defence of that town;"" after remainin,i;' there a month the 
wdiole regiment was discharge(L This he sa\"s was the hcgin- 
iiing and end of his army life. He continued to reside in ^Vest 
Bridgewater, an honored citizen, nntil his death Fch. 21. Is7!»: 
his widow d. Nov. 4, 1880. 

The children of Nalium and IJhoihi were — 

13-1:2. fJonas.' b. Mar. 13. Lsl3 : m. 1. Sept. 2(t, lS3.j Fannv 

AV. Dunbar: m. 2, Oct. 22, 185() Mary 


134:3. Pdioda Snell' b. Sept. 5. lsl5 : m. Dec. 1, 183() 

Charles 11. Dunl)ar : had Mareia A. Dunbar.'^ 

b. Aug. 11, 1839. m. Nov. 24. 1850 Lemuel 

French : iMnma T. Dunbar." b. Feb. 27. 

1841. m. 1. Sept. 1. 18(U Henry ('. Hall: 

m. 2. Feb. 27. 1883 Dr. Ilarrv S. S(|uircs: 

Charles E. Dunbar." b. ^fav 3,' 1844. m. dan. 

5 1870 Mary H. Alger: I'lelen S. Dunbar.'^ 

b. Jan. 27. 1847. ni. Dec. 5. Isso .bmics A. 


1344. Anna Smith." b'. Jan. H. IsfS : m. Mar. o. ls:;7 

(jeorge Dun liar. 
134A fCyru.s.' 1). Sept. 12. 1S2(»: m. 1. Nov. 23. Is47 Fli/a 
Jane Cook : m. 2. Awj. 14. ls.",;i M;ir\ S. 


Tlu' cliildivn of Xnliuui and Hannah were — 
l.'Ui'). Ilaiinali Kin.uinan,' b. July 23, 1823; m. Apr. LU, 

1S42 Nalmni Packard, b. Aug. 20, 1814, d. 

Feb. 23, bSjiS ; liad Hannah Kino-man 

Paekard,' b. Mai-. 19, 1843, d. Mai". 24, f843 ; 

Helen Porter Packard,^ b. July 10, 1862 ; 

Marion Kingman Packard,^'' b. Apr. 17, 

185(3, m. Dec. 27, 1882 Frank S. Tisdale ; 

Alice Leonard Packard,^ b. Nov. 24, 1858. 
b".47. tXahnni,' b. Sept. 24, 1825 ; d. Jan. 4, 1891 : ni. Nov. 

2(1. 185(3 Phebe J. Cowen. 
134S. Siiueou.' b. ,Iulv 18, 1829 ; d. Apr. 14, 1831. 
13411. Marv Fliza.' l)."()rt. 12, bs32 : d. 0,:-t. 14, 1833. 


Rec. \A':\\ AVasiiburx LE()XAKi),''('/acoA.-^&fo/7?o/;,'' Solomon;' 
./i(coI).~ Solomon^) eldest son of .lacol) and ^[arv (Swift) Leon- 
ard, was b. in Bridgewater (the South Parish), June 1, 1790; 
ni. 1, Sept. 8, 1830 Elizabeth Morison Smith, dan. of Samuel 
and Sarali ((iarheld) Smith of Peterl)orongh, N. H., she d. 
Sr})t. 13. IMS and he m. 2, Mar. 5, 1S51 ]\Irs. Elizabeth (Dow^) 
Smith, dan. of Jeremiah Dow of Ivxeter, N. H, and widow of 
Samuel (i. Smith of PIxeter (a l)roth('r of Mr. Leonard's first 

He }»repared foi' college at Bridgewater Academy : grad- 
uated at Harvard College in the class of 1815. After teach- 
ing two years at the Academy in Jlridgewater he studied 
thrologx' at Cambridge and was oi-<laincd minister of the FiVst 
Congregational Society in Hidilin. N. IL, Sept. 6, 1820. whom 
he scrx'cd thirt\'-iive vcars. He was much interested in the 
cjiiisc of c(bu'ation and wi'oTc several books on educational 
subjects. He also devoted iinicli attention to the science of 
entomology and one species of insect was named in honor ()f 
him Ilesjx^ild Levhurdns. He also took much interest in gen- 
ealogical subjects and was one of the pi'incipal compilers of a 
( ienealog\' of the Famih'of WiUiam Smith of Peterborough, 
X. 11. In bsr)4 he i-emo\-ed to Ivxetei'. X. 11., where he was 
ediioi' of the Exf-ter Xeics Ltfter until Julv. lsr)3. He d. in 
Exeter. Dec. 12. I8(i4. 

IMie children of Levi \V. and the lirst Elizabeth 
were — 

l;'.5(». fWilliam Smith,' 1). Oct. 13, 1S32 ; m. Apr. ;".(», ISiil 
Mai'tha F. (ireenwood. 


[RiEW. iLEWo Wn [L.[f^,(ojF^^rRUD), ro). 



LEOXABD (iK.\EALO(i'Y. '241 

i;;.")!. Kllcii Kli/.;ii>ctli.' u. .iiiiir 2:). is-ni: 111. Ort. i;;. is7() 

• loscjih II. I loiiuiitoii ami I'ciiioxn'ii to 
Tacoiiia. W'asliiiiLitoii. 


Chomweli. Leonard." (Knor/t.-' Solomon,^ Solomon,^ Jacobs 
Solomon}) elilest child of I-'aiorli ami Abiii'ail ( TTaiiiinoii(l) Tjcon- 
anl. was It. in Poiiifivt. \^t...lini(' 4. 171H): m. Dec. iM. Islo 
Eunice Pei'k'iiis. dan. of .loci and I^iiiiicc (Kullci') I'crkins of 
Pom fret. 

During the war of lsl2. he was for three months in the army 
stationed at Plattslnirg. X. Y. AfttM- his marriage he \vorl<e(l 
h)r some years at tlie car]ienter"s traile and later took- up farm- 
ing. He taught school winters until ln' had c()m|ileted eigh- 
teen terms. 

lie (I in Pomfret. Jan. •11. 18()7 : his wih- d. Mar. is. ] sr)(). 
Their children were — 

1852. ^[arv A..' h. Dec. 22. isKi: d. Dec. 4, 1^74. 

is:);-'.. Julia A.." 1.. X..V. ('.. I.s2(i: d. Dec. 4. LS47. 

1854. Sarah A..' 1». .Inly 5, 1S25. Presides in Pondret. Yt. 


Jak\"is Deoxap>])." iOp/iir.'' Solomon} Solomon} Jacob} Solo- 

mon})<'^n\ of 0])hir and Poll\" ( ) [Pratt] Leonard, was 1>. in 

Pomfret. Yt.. July 10. 181i'»: m. at Montpelier. Yt.. Aug. s, 
18o«'» Frances Emiraette Yail, b. July 10, Isoil iu Pomfret, 
dan. <.)f Allen and Elizabeth Minerva (Tuthill) \'ail. 

!Mr. Leonard was for several years a clerk in a dry goods 
store in Alstead, X. H.. and when the firm remoxcd to ('le\'e- 
land. Ohio, in Is84 he went witli them. From >">(■] it.. ls52 for 
more than thirt\" years he occupied a position of trust with the 
Society for Sa^'ings in ('le\'eland. 

The children of Jarvis and Frances E. weix — 

1855. Caroline :\r..' b. :\[av li). 1S87 at Cleveland. 
135(;. ^,L Charlotte.' b. Mar. 17. bs4(t at ^[asillon. O. 
1857. :\[arv Jane,' b. Apr. IC. ls45 : <1. ^fav ID. Is58. 



Marvtx T^K( )X\RT)J{Ani(>s,^'Ainos,'' Ehehezer^ Samuel^'^ Samuelr' 
Solomon^^) oiih' son (jf Anius and Lii(:-y(Meee'h) Leonard, was b. 
in IIin('sl)nrgli, Vt.,Mar. 16, 1801 ; ni. — , Lanra Jones Coon b. 
Sei)t. 1, LsOl, (Ian. of Yan Rensselaer Coon'^ of Enrliniiton, \{. 

He was a larue man and verv ]to\verfnl, tall. straiLilit. and 
well-formed, lie was honest, jnst, trntliful and niiriiihi in all 
his dealin,u's : very kinddiearted cspeeially to the poor, no one 
t'vrr IxMiiu' allowed to _u'o linnL;r\' fi'om his door. lit' I'esidcd 
in llinesl)nry,'h where dnrinii' liis life he held many of the jirin- 
r\\y,\\ town offices. Dnrinii' l>iiclianan's administration he was 
Postmastei', and, although a Democrat, h(>artil\' disa]>]iro\-('d of 
secession. He was a farmer and l)rc('(lcr of line cattle an<l 
horses, and left an estate oi foui- hnndi'cd aci'cs. 

He d. in Hinesbnrgli Feb. (3, 186(') lo\cil and respected by 
all who knew him : his wiih.>Wj a consecratc(l christian woman, 
d. ALar. U, 1S71. 

'^^riieir children were — 

1858. Harriet.^). Nov. 11). Wli\: (h Dec 11. ls2H. 

1859. t^Villiam Amos.M). Sept. o, l-s-js : m. Dec 1. 184() 

Phel)e Ann Smith. 
18(i(». .^Laria Douisa,^ b. Dec. 1, 1880: d. Kcb. 2, 1882. 
18(31. Lucy Adaline,'^ b. Sei)t. 12, Ls84 : m. June 20, 187(I 

Daniel M. To})pan : one dan. ^lary E. Top- 
pan,'' I). Ai)r. 28, 1872. 
18(;2. fdeorge Draper,''* 1). Se])t. 2(5, 1886: m. Dec. 22. Isiif) 

Marv A. liising. 
18(i8. Harriet Louise,^ I). Apr. 7, 18-10: resides at l()08 

Euclid xVve., Cleveland. 0. 
186L Knmia." b. Dec. 8, 1842; d Mar. 18, 18(b : m. -Inne 

2o, is 66 Wni. Andrews. 
18(;:). fdohn Harlan," b. Dcv. 1), 1844: m. ()ct. 80. bs(;7 

Emma M. Armier. 

■^Mr. Coon resided in Burlington when the now prosperous city was a hamlet of less 
than twent.v houses. He and his brothers with all their sons were masons by trade: 
his youngest brother Frank assisted Gen. Lafaj^ette in laying the corner stone of the 
college in Burlington in 1825 ; the trowel used at that time, and again when the corner 
stone of the new building was laid a few years ago, is now in the possession of Mr. Geo. 
I). Leonard uf Hiiiesburgh. 

LEOXARl) (lEyKMJXlV. 24:i 


JosKi'ii Li';(iXAi;ii.' [• I <>■•<(' jiJi.'' Saniiicl:' Sdrnnd^ jS((in/ie/.'-\S'(i/ii- 

«e/,- »V'j/(y?»0?/,') ell lest soli i >!' .I(i.-c| ill ;iliil l*oll\ (Uliss) Lf(iii;inl. 
w;is \k ill (iriswoM. (/mhh.. May \\K l^ol ; ui. Ma\- iM. Is-jji; 
J^aiira, .loliiisoii, 1 >. l'\'l). j!."i. 1 Sil 1 . (|aii. (if SIc|f1icii and L\(lia 
(Lariu'(l) .l,.lnis..ii of ( iriswoM. (^^ /^^ /S^^ 

Ilr always rcsichMl in (iriswoM where lie d. - Nox ^ — hif. — LiSliJ; : 
his widow 'd. duly l-'l, ls74. 

Tlicii' (diildi't'ii were— 
l:!(i(i. tSaiini(d.M). Apr. :^s. \S'27 : d. A|ii-. !:;. Iss-l: m. i. 

duly II. ix'h) .\aiicy Kiniic: in. 'A. Apr. ."!. 

ISsV, Camilla S. Wd'iit iicy. 
l;-'.()7. Sarah.' 1). Aui;-. IS. 1S-_>!I: ni. Sept. IT.. ls:,7 I)a\id 

(ieer: had Alhcrt S. ( iccr.'Mi. ( )ct. '_'. 1n;,,s. m. 

(Jet. 1-1. issi; Kdith ^'(.)uu-- <chil.. UmIici-I 

(Jeer."'!). Au,u-. 1(». l-ss?): Kdward A. (iccr.'' 

1). Jau .'). is(il. 111. (),-t. 2(), Lns7 Ma.LiLi'ic (i. 

Friuk (ehil., Ucrtlia L. (lecr,'" 1 >. diiK" 21». 

1880): Ileury 1 ). (i.vr.'-'l). Kd.. ('.. Inc.';;. m. 

1. Jan. 1. ls,s<l J(_Miiiic Willis, who d. Oct. 

oU, ISUUltdiil., dcuuii' L. (jecrd" 1.. dune Id. 

1890), iiL -2. Mn\: 27). isill. ('arri<' A. 

N(M'throp : J()st'|)h T. (xeer,'' b. ( )ct. d. jsi;,"). 

111. X..\-. 21. 18,S8 Sadie Wood ((did., doscph 

AV. (deer.i" h. Oct. >l iSSl). d. .\o\-. 27. 

ls,si): ."'1). ^[ar. 22, lS!ll). 

13(38. (ieorge Kdwiii." li. dune 17. ls;;i : resides in Sheri- 

(hiii. Wis.: unuiai'ried. 
loOil. .Maria ddhnxni," li. Jan. 'M. \So4r: in. A]iril do. 

1S(;2 IIc/(d<iali Krencdi. Jr.. of I'lainlield. 
l;!7<>. William Jewett.M). Mar. 1. IsdC: d. Sept. ii. ls:;,s. 
1:-'.71. -Klosepli Kilward." d. Sept. (i. I'Sds : m. M;ir. d. ls(;2 

Martha Iv .Ndirthro]). 
l;!72. Laura Auu.Mi. Xo\-. IM. IsJO: d. Oct. 2;'.. \si\:',. 
Id7d. Howard."^ b. June 4. 1^42: resides in <iri>\\(ild. 

('(inn.: umnarrieiL 


(4lAi;i.l-:S ImiWI.X J^KoNAI;!*.' (./owy)//.'' SdmnrJ.'' SiiiiiKi'l.^ 

Samuel,^ iSamue/,~ iSoloniou,^ } lit'dthcr of the prece(liiio-. was li. 
in Clrjswold Conn.. Sept. 20. [so;;: ni. May 21. ls:;4 Mrs. 
Mai'ia A. (l^)ehdi(.'r) Lester, widow of (leoiye Lester, adoptc'l 
dau. of Xathan aii(l Luc\' ( ) P>elclier. of (iriswold. 


lie I'esiiltM] ill (rriswold. wlicrc lie d. Nov. o. l^Ho : liis 
^\•i(l()\v il. ill Plaiiilield, Conn., 'Inly "2, Ls?.'). aged 72 vearn. 
Tlieir eliil<lren were — 
U]74. LiK-y :\raria,M). Fel). 2. 188n: in. 1. Oct. 23, 1866 
d(/liii \. Preiitiee, son of Nathan and Alice 
(Spencer) Prentice, of Gnswold ; had Charles 
Xathan Prentice,'' 1). Aug. 4, 1867. <1. at 
Coffeyville, Kansas. Ang."l9, 1886. 

Mr. Prentice d. dan. 30, 1871, and Luc}' 
M. in. 2. April i:.. 1880 Henry P. Stod- 
dard, in Wilmington. (Jliio. 
137.'.. Mary Theresa.'!). Dec. 23, 1840: m. 1. Dec. 24. 1.S68 
An(hv\v P. lvee(l of Worcester, Mass., who 
d. in ^lilhiirv. dnlv is. Ls70 and she m. 2, 
Mar. 28, 1S77 d. Alfred Crary in Plainheld, 
Conn.; removed to Wilmington, Ohio: an 
ado[)ted (hiuu'hter, Faiinv C. Ch-arv h. Anu'. 
lo. 1S77. 


Axsox Leonar]),' (Asa,*' Jo/ill.'' Samuel,^ Samuel/' Sainnel? 
Solomon/) son of Asa and Esther (Brown) Leonard, was I), in 
AVorthington, Mass., Jan. 2s. ISOO: m. — , 1828 Elizal)eth 
Baker, dau. of Emerson and Elizal)eth (Porter) P>aker. who 
emigrated to Ohio from Newl)urv])ort, Mass. 

His father remo^ed his family to Pierpont. ().. wln'ii Anson 
was l)ut a lad and in this township he recei\'e(l most of his 
education and taught manv terms of school. He held the 
office of dnstice of the Peace many years. He was a strong 
supporter of and an earnest worker in the aholition cause: he 
ser\-ed as a member of tlie Peiins\ Ix'ania State Legislature, in 
hS.")!!. lieing the lirst alKditionist ever elected from Crawford 

He d. at his home in i'enn Line, ^\ ug. 28. 1872: his widnw 
d. Kel). 2.'). 1S!M». 

ddieir chililren were — 
137(;. (diai'lotte Purly.M). Sept. 22. 1S32 : m. Se].!. s. 18(;2 
.John Mar^dn who d. Mar., 1S1I4: resided at 
Turnersville. Pa.: had dohn Leonard Afar- 
viii,'' li. Nov. IS. 1S(;7 : Mary Elizalieth Mar- 
\iii.'' 1). and d. Ajtr. 10. ISllS; Ste])hen Anson 
Marvin.'-' h. Oct. 27, l8(nj, m. May 26, 1891 
Marv McOornnck', (chil. ]\rargnerite ^h\v- 
\iii.'"l). .Vpr. o, lS<i-_>): (diarlotte Mai'\ in.'' 
d. Sept. 2(1. 1S71. 111. Mav 2;;. ISH] Ai'tliur 


lo77. Marv Lniiis:!,'' 1). -Iiilv IS. Is;!;!; ,]. .hm. s. \s{\\ ; 

111. X..V. 10. 1n:,1 Wcslrv Strickhiiid. M. D.. 

1.. Aim-. 1. lsi>;i : imd AVillir Wcslcv Strirk- 

laiiil.'' \k Dec. '2i\. l.siio. 
l:-)7s Kstlu'i- Kli/al.ctli." 1). Oct. ■J-_\ is;;:, : ,|. X,,\. i. isiio ; 

111. Mav I'J. Isi;;; Wm. |>,.|t\ ilowlainl : 

liail Lroiianl I'aiil ildwlaiid.'' 1 1. --, IsC,;;; 

AViii. Sctji lldwIaiHl'': Anson i'crr\- Ij.iw- 

laiid-': riiarlcs IJ<. >(•.„■ II, .wlain I.'' 1 ,. 'Ffli. IC. 


Mi's. iliiwland was (l('(,'|)|\- intci'cstcd in 

rducaiioiial matters and was vrrv acti\<' in 

cliin'cii and tciiipcraiicc W( ii-j<. 
lo7'.'. Asa."^ il. in infaiu'W 

1050. Mvra ^^Laria." 1). .Innc '2. [S-j-l : m. — . Ls7;; Jlirain 

]\ral()nc\-. 1). .Inly 4. Is;',;-!; Imd Floi'eiicc 
Klizal)i'tli Maldiify.'' li. Mar. 24. Is7:. ; 
Charles Hiram Maloiiey.'' li. ()<■[. j!S. 1s77; 
Wm. An.soii Malouew'-' 1,. dan. . 20. Issl; 
Forest!). Alalonev,"'!). 'Mai'. l!i. Iss4: resides 
at Peun Line, Pa., where Mr. Malo!K'\- is a 
])r(imiiu'nt Fai'mer. 

1051. fByron Stei.lien.M,. An-. 21. Is4;l : d. ( )et. ];;. 1^77: 

m. May oO. i87t> (Mara T. Tidil.s. 
13S2. Harriet Auo'iista.''' 1). Aj)r. lo. Is47 : d. .Imie (i. Iss7. 
188;-;. -f-Emersoii Baker." k. An--. 27. Is4ii : m. .lulv 12. 

1S7() .Vmanda Lewis. 

1384. Lillian Porter.'^ 1.. Apr. 27. ls:,2 : d,. Oet. lo. Is'i;;. 

1385. fBird Anscii.M.. .Inly 17. Lsr.ii : m. — . Alice Koherts. 


Elbkidgk LEOXAt!!),' (.Isv/.'' John:' S(ii/i//el* Samuel:' San IV el r 
Solomon^) l)rother of the |)reeeilin,L;'. was li. in W'orlliimitMii. 
Mass.. Fel.. 10. 1803: m. .Ian. I'.k Isl-". IMmcI.c An-nsta K^k 
logg ol Aslitaknla. ().. wlmse parents went to ( )lii(i from \\'e>t 
Stockl)ridg-e, Mass.. in IsH. 

From an ohitnaiw memorial |inl)lislie(l in the W'illoniihky 
Independent we quote the following: 

'• AVhen li(^ was fonrteen \-eai's old his father died leavdng a 
family of eight eliildreii of whom he was third in age. It was 
liis work' to be the sn]i]iort of Ins widowed inothei-. and assist 
in taking charge of his ln-others and si<ter.~. Later he took his 
fathei'"s farm, assnming the ro] lon-il'ditx' of paying the claims 
of the other children, and there he il\ed with his mother untd 


her death. On tlie nineteenth of .Tannar\-. ls4o. he married 
Phcehe A. Kello.u'.Li' of Aslitahnla. To them were liorn live 
cliilih'cn. h)ni' (hiniihtci's an<l (^nc son. In \X'u. they sohl tlieir 
fai'ni and niox'cil to A[cad\"ille, Pa., to cnjov tlie hrttei' advan- 
tages of societv and edneation for themselves and their ehih 
(h'en. In Isi;.') tlicx' mo^'e(l to (^)naniore. ().. wliere they 
Ii\-cd four \(';irs. l)nrin,L;' thcii' r('si(h'nc(' in rolhiniore. tlieii' 
onl\- son. WiMiani, tlien in the Hrst Ncai's of manlu.Hxl, met an 
iintinich' (h-ath 1)\' (h'owning. while l)atliin,a' in the lake. For 
the })ast fourteen \"eai's. A[i'. Leonard has li\-e(l in \Villonghl)\'. 
ILis wife died Se})t. l(i, LS7o. since which time Ins liome has 
l)een ke])t for Idm f)V his (hiniihters. His disease was hi'on- 
cliial consumption. fr()m which he had sntfered for vears. His 
stroiiL!' will tnrncMl in the riiiht dii'ection. led him thronuli a 
steadilv i)roi;-ressiYe life to a (juietly trinm])hant (k^ath. He 
was I'cadv to die. feelini;' that his work was done and tired of 
thel)Ui-(h''n of years."" He d. in Willon-hliv. ()., ^lay IS, 18<SP, : 
he and liis wife are Imried at Fast (.'le\-eland. 
Tlieir children were — 
l;]S(5. Florence Anonsta.M). Nov. Id, l.S-fo : m. Fel). 8, 
1S71 John Mehiiicthoii Pa.ov, h. Xov. 2.1. 
l<Soo. whose parents remo\-('d in f^-JS fi'oni 
Northford. Comi.. t<. F. (Me\-eland. ().: hail 
Frances An^unsta l^iii-e.'' 1 1. July 27. 1S72. 
^u'rad. from Oherlin C'olleue. l.'^!r'4 : (irace 
Almira .Paae,'' 1>. dune lo, ]S7(): Floi'enee 
Leonard Page.'' h. ,Ldv 111. ls7!i. 

Afrs. Page graduated from Lake Frie 
Seminai'v : I'csides at Wdllonghhw ( ). 
l;;.s7. William Flhrid-v.Mi. .Inlv 10, 1S4:.; d dune 27). 1S(;(;. 
lyss. Fstlaa- Adelaide.M.. Feh.' 1(1. 1 s4s : ni. Fel). 10. IS74 
Charles JLram Hudd. h. lN4l), d. 1SS7: had 
Clara Augusta Hudd,'' h. A])r. 2(>, 1875, 
(dass of "07, ()l)ei'lin College: (Miarles Leon- 
ard Rudd,'' 1). Sept. li;, 1S77. d. Mar. 1<), 
LS78: Laura Esther Hudd,''h. Mar. 7. 1S7!>: 
l\iul Flbridge Ku<l<l.''' h. .Mav 7.. iss] : re- 
sides at Ol.erlin. O. 
l;;sil. Plnrl.e Ami.M,. dan. 1. isr.O: ,1. Mai^. 27). Ls7.2. 
l;;!H). Clai'a iM-angeline.M). Aug. 20. 1.S7.2. 


I^'kank la.N ljKt).\.\i;i),' (.4-s'(^'' -/(il/u:' Suniue],^ Smnin'l^-' Sam- 
ui'lr Solomon.^] lii'ollh'rof the preceding, was h. in W'oi'thington. 



M;iss.. i>r<) in IMl': m. -. Pdlv A. Aiinisr. \Vl,rii lir 
\v;is liiit an intanl. liis paiTnts rciiidxcil tn ()|iiii. Ilr d. in 
l-'icrjioiiT. ( )., aliouT ls7w. wliri'c licowniMl ;i fai'iii. 
Tlii-cc cliijilivai siii'\ i\ (m1 liini - 
l;!'.'!. I It'iir\".^ '■ ii\\ lis a small fann near I'iiTjiont. ami lias 

a wife ami tlifcc cliildrcn." 
l'.V.)'l. llcni'irtia." 

i;u);i ('liai-i.'s.' 


Milton Asa Ijm»;i),' (.4•S7^'' JohnJ' SamiK-l.^ SdmuaL^ 
iS(ani(f-/r Solonuin} ) l)rotlna' of tlic in'cccilinL!', aiiil \ onnLirst 
rliild of Asa and Ivt JuT ( Ui'owii ) Lconai'd : was 1 1. in l'i('r|i(int. 
().. Oct. 17. isi;, : 111. _. isi;; IhtiTict L. liillin-s. who wa> h. 
Ma\- 1(1. isKi. 

])\' atTciidiiiL;' srliDol durinL:' t lie winter iiiontlis lie was alile 
to Li'aiu a cniiiniDn si-iidol education. When (jnite N'oniii;' he 
wiait to li\"e witii his lirotliei' Anson and made his home there 
nntil his niarria.iic in 1^4;; ;it whieh time he settleil on a t'ai-m 
in the south part of I'ierjiont. work'ini;' the farm diiriii;,:' the 
sunnner ami teaehiiiL;' seliool dni-ini;' the winter. Jle lixcil on 
the farm foraliont tlirei' vears and while there was made a 
.1 nstiee of tiie Peace; after lea\ ini:' his hinii he elitel'eil the 
law ol'liee of X. L. ShalTer at .It/Jlersoii. ( )., where he studied 
h)r two \'ears and a half and was admitted tri the har. He 
then located at the center of I'ierpoiit where In.' Io1Io\\C(1 his 
cliosiMi ]ii'ofession nntil altoiit a x'earhefore his death. l)nriiiu' 
his residence in Pierpont he ser\"e(l the townslii]»as .liistice of 
the I'eaee foi- thii-ty-two yeai's. 

He d. in I'ierpont 1 )ec. 21. PssJ : his widow d. -Ian. 1^7. 

Theii' children were — 

I.".l»4. Ilerl.ert A..Mi. Oct. ('). ISoC: resides at Piei'pont: 
is a Xotar\' Pid ilic 

l;;*.):.. -f-Kmest 11..' Ii. .luK- -Js. ls:,s: m. .1:111. -js. I,ss7 
Blanche Lillie. 


1)IA.\A Lko-XAKD.' \ Sleplien.'' 'John:' Siimnel.^ Sn ninel:'' Sainnt'lr 
Soloiiwu}) n\\\y dan. of Stephen and Anna (linshi Leonard, 
was 1). ill Sangerlield. X. Y.. Sept. L^".. lS(i7: m. -- . 1 'Si>7 ,I,,hn 
Sevmoiir. Jr.. b. Jan. 4. Is()4 in SaiiLi-eriield. Mr. Se\iiioiir d. 
in Bvroii. X'^. V.. Sejit. i'. Is'.il : his widow still resides in 
1>\ roil. 


The c'liildrt'ii of l)i:iii;i ;iii(l John Seviiioiir wrix' — 
VSm. Lydia Scviiioiu'," h. .Iiily 7. l.S'28 : m. — , LS4!) Isaac 
burl'ec, 1). ill Saiiu'ciiicld. lS'2(; : had Klhi Durtee,'-'!). May LU, ls.31. d. Ai)r. 7. 
1.SH7 ; Carrie Durfee,"'' 1). Aug-. 17, 185(1 d. 
dan. 27, 1880: W\n. liay Durfee," 1). June 
L>8. isi;,-), ni. S. liiellc l^arker of NiiiKhi. X. 
^'. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ihirh'c reside in Bvroii. 
N. V. 
13!»7. Andrew SeyiiMHir.'l). Apr. 19. ls;!2; d Nov. l^. I8(in: 
ill. lsr)o Klizabethrraiiioiid, 1). Albain". X.Y., 
Get. LS, 1832, d. Way land, Mieh.. Au,u-. 11, 
1877 : had Lil)l)ie Seymour,'' rn. — , Hilliert : 
John Se\'iiioiii','' 1). Mar. 18, 187)8; Freddv 
Seymour/'' b. Fel). 17, ISOI, d. Nov. 2, 186B; 
Charles Sevmour," b. Feb. 8, 1863 ; Fann}' 
Seymour.'-' 'b. Drc ID. ISGI 
131>8. (Caroline Seymour,^ b. April l-S, 1S37): ni. — , 1852 
P]dwin Colson : had Kva Colsoii.'' b. 1X59, d. 
18(>6: Kvart Colson.'' b. Dec. 19. 1,S(;9. m. 
Fdith Ford : l^'rank Colson,'' 1). ami d. — . 


Stepiiex Leonard,' [StepJteti'' 'Jolm.;' Samuel,^ Samw^l:'' Sum- 
uel^ Solomon,^) brother of the prcccdinu', was b. in San^ii'd'hcld. 
K v.. Oel. 25, 1812: in. Oct. 25, lS3i Sarah Meliitai)lc Cro- 
f(.)ot, 1). in Batavia, N. Y., Se])t. 24, 1S12, dan. of Jose])h and 
]-\iith"' (Williams) Crofoot of Williamstown, Mass. 

For some years he resided on tlic farm wlierc he was born 
and which bccamr the birthplace of all his children: later he 
remoN'ed to Water\'ille and then for a time li\"ed at the West 
and South, subse(pieiitly returniniz' to his nati\'e state, lie was 
^■el■v fond of Hue stock and ii'radiiallv de\'oled himself to the 
sale of lirst-class <lri\ini;- and conchiiiL;' horses in Xew York'. 
A member of the M. F. Church, he was thorou^Liiily interested 
in all L;dod work's, hrm and decideil in his con\'ictioiis. in 
eai'K" life a lox'al member of the Democratic partw in his latter 
years he became an earnest and ferxcnt I'rohibitionist. 

lie d. ill r.yroii. N. ^^, Jul\- 15, 1,S9;;: his wife d. al the 
same place Apr. 7. I SS2. 

'riieir children, all b. in SaiiL^'erhcld. were — 

13i»9. Alexaiider.M). Sept. 1. \s:Vl : ni. Oct., 1.S54 Sanian- 

*r)au. Ill' NalliMii Williams, b. ]7'(;0 ; d IS^'C. 

LEoyAh'i) (;k.\/-ja /J )(••)'. 240 

tlui l)(';ni. li. lUrmi. X. ^'.. l.S."').'!: rcsiilo in 

r.ei-vii. X. V.' 
14(>(». AV\ iii;in,M.. M;ii-. l().ls;;7: ,1. in Si. L..iiis. .\f(,.. Sr|,i. 

1 'J.. 1 >i7^ : iiiiiiiarrici 1. 
■ Unl. -fl^ortci'/ 1). .M;i\ L>2. is.-.'.i: m. Apr. - . IsCl. IJ,,.;,- 

liiic \\'iiiMir. 
14n'_>. .Iciiiiiic Auii.M,. M;i\- -^7. \x4\ : m. .Inn. 11. is:.!' 

( 'li;iiuicc\ St;i|ili's liliss. \k j-'iiirport. X. ^'., 

M;i\' .'). Is;',;): i-('siilcs in Xcw Vurk'. 
Uii:!. Ho<r Antoinrttc." h. ( >(i. -Js. l.s44 : m. Dec -24. iscs 

AdcllxM't Cvrns Pivnticc h. St.-illonl. N. ^■.. 

Anil. 14. Is4;; (son uf Cyrns imkI 1»oIIv 

( )l''r('nti<-c): I'csidcs in l);it;i\i;i. X. ^'.; 

li;i(l Liinis AilcThcrl Leonard I'rcnlicc.'' !>. 

Mai-. 1!). ls7(». ni. St'pt. :.. l.Sii4 Helen Miles 

P)uli. 1). Olcan. X. v.. .Imie 1 1. Is7l\ dan. 

Miles and Mai'ia (( 'iirtis) IJnll. 
14(14. Helen Dette.' 1 1. Sept. 2('). lS4(; : d. in St. I.onis. dan. 

'2. i'S:,i). 

idoO. ..lav StepliiMi." 1). Dee. 'jK'). is4s : (1. in St. J.i>nis, Dee. 
•2r>. is:,; I. 


CiiAHLKS Lk()Xai;|).'( Stephen f' ■I()Ii II :'S(i I uneJ.KSam lid ''Sa ntnel r 
SoluTiion}) \)Vn\\\vv of the ]>i-ece(JinL;. Was lioni in Saii^Lierlield, 
K Y.. (')et. S. IslC: ni. Oct. Hi. ls:!7. Mersey Williams, d. 
Apr. 2<). 1S14. dan. of Klislia" aii<l .1 )elioral'i""""" (\\dllianis) 
of Williamstown. Mass. 

He reside(l in \Vater\-ille. X. ^ .. niilil I'So7, when he I'enioxcd 
to l)vron in the same state, where he still resides: his wih' 
d. in 'Byron, ^[ar. 14. iSiKi 

Tlieii' ehildi'en. all 1 >. in Saniicrheld. were — 

14(m;. -l-Nathan.M). An--, "jld. 1^;;!); m. .hin. — . iMil Krank' 

1407. -fGeoi'^-e.-" 1,. An--. 11. 1^41: m. .Ian. 21. Is7i; Linnie 


I40,s. Alice Dedoi-ah.Mi. Sept. — . 1^44: resides willi her 
hither in I>yron. X. ^'. 

Idfl'.l. Mal-\-.Mi. Sept. . lS4S; d. id-li. l^S. ISCS. 

661 . 

Chahi.ks Kzkkiei. \A-A^y..\\'A).'' {Ezd-id.*' ■fnliii:' Samiir/.^ Snm- 
iiel/' SamneL'~ Solomon,^) ouhsoii of E/.ekiel and Mora (Kna[»p) 

*Son of Elisha Williams and nephew of Nathan. 

**Dau. of Nathan Williams, b. in Conn., irtiO : d. in SanKerfielil. IS-.'fi. 


LeiMiard. was 1). in AV-Mtliinuton, Mass.. Fcl). j!,'). Isld: m. 
Jan. 1. is;-',.') Cathai'int' ^Viin Vendes of Roihnan. X. V.. li. Apr. 
— , 1818. 

He was t'ugaged in mercantile Imsincss in (liU'ri-ent towns in 
Xew York and Minnesota. 

ITe (1. in St. Paul, Minn., VA). 11). ISIIO: liis widow r<'sidcs 
with licr sun. (ieo. V. Leonai'd at 'ronliiianN'illc, Ala. 

The children of CJiai'les l^/ckicl and Catharine .V. 
were — 

1410. fJanies Ezekiel." 1.. Mwx 1. is.-.c. : m. Nov. D. ls.:,l) 

Elizabeth Cainplx'll. 

1411. Flor.dla A.," 1). Oct. 11. Is.-'.N : d. J;,n. -^4. Is4s. 

1412. -fiieoro-e ^'endes.' 1). Dcr. 22, l.s4(i: ni. Mav (">. Isr;.") 

Charlotte .1. liliss. 
1418. Charles Stephen." 1). — . 1S41I : d Nov. S. ls.-,7. 


Lewis Lhonahd,' [Lodaivirl- Ahoi.son.'' Danie/:' Sai/ute/,^ 
Scnwud^'' Samuel,' Solomon}) S(in of Loihiwiek' Alanson and 

Isabel (Lindsev) Leonarck was k. ( )ct. Hi. kSl-'J in . Mass.: 

m. 0<-t. 21, 1847 Lncy A. Windi. k. Dee. (i. ls2(i. dan. of 
l)a\dd and Ijaiira ( ) Winch. 

AVhen he was sixteen he reino\('d tn Mead\ille. Pa., with 
his hither's family. He leanietl the earjienter's trade and in 
1847 he went to ()hio where he married ;iiid kieated in Ashta- 
l)nla C(Hintv. lie has become \-erv piMspei'on^^ ; has a daii'x' 
farm at J'adanara)n where he attends to all his own knsiness : 
at the a,i;'e of eiulity-two is aljle t(_) read and write witln^nt 
,L;'lass(\<. lie has L;-i\-en (nudi of his sons a hirm and the\- ai'c 
all fai'iiiers in Liood eirenmstance-;. 

The children of Lewis and Lnc\' A. — 

1414. Kllen Melvina.M). Apr. 12. ks41» : d. dan 1, is:,.-). 
UlT). .\Lii;\- A..' k. Sept. 14, PSol : m. — , (.'vivnus Cut- 
ler; has two .sons and two daughters. 

1 flC. Hra L." k. Pel). 12, 1854; m. — , Lola Brooks. 

1417. ■fPllinoion Ik.M.. Mav2P>, ls:)(i: m. — , Klla Hoekw.II. 

1415. fjohn AL." k. April ;'>0, ls.-)S ; ni. —. Elizaketh Piatt. 
14P.». tP.ates P.M.. dulv 17, ISCd. III. (),-t. 1. lSS-_> Piiiiiv 

1420. ■fhlkner Myron." k. Oct. 12. Is(i2: m. Nk-i\- k'.. 1 ss2 

M\rtie (ki-^kcll. 
1121. Lmma M..M.. Oct. 12. lS(i2: d. k'ek. 12. Isi;;;. 
1422. Idvsse< (k,M). Ke'h. 24, Isc.:.; ,1. Oct. 12. 1S(;7. 

LEOyARD UEyEALOay. 3r)l 

142.",. Onili 1)..-^ ) . ., ., .^,,.- ul. All- !i. 1^7^5. 
14-!-l-. ()ri)ii(..^ \ I i|. .Iiil\ -l( . I^d. 


Al,ANS(»N l.KdNAIM).' [ L( iduirir]: Al(()l-'<oU.'' iJiniie/:' tSuninel,^ 

SaiitiieL'' Saninel,' iSoiuniuji,^) brotluT of tlic iirccediuii', \\;is 1). 
.luiic -t, ls24 in Mass.: in. — . (Aimlacc .Vdams. 

]h' resides in Padanaraiii. < ).. ( Iviclniitiiid 'rownsliiji. ) 
'Jdie cliildreii nf Alansoii and Caiidace were — 

UlT.. daiiies.M). Nov. 14. 1.S47: in.—. 

142i;. Mar--aivT.M). Sept. 2. ]s4'.i: m. — . 

1427. Isallel.'^ 1.. ^^av 1. ls.-,l : m. — . 

142S. Adaline.Mi. Apr. 4. Is.",:,; m. — . 

1421». (diarles.M). Oct. 17. ls:.i;: ni. — . 

14;'.n. Calvin." 1). April 111. ls.",S: d. Kel.. C. 1SC,4. 

14;!1. Klizal)etli.' !>. May In. isiio; m. — . 

14;-;2. Alanson.'- li. May' Is, iSC).'; : in. — 

U."",. Flora.' 1>. Jan. l'. ls(;7. 

67 1. 

LlliEi!'r\' LkonaiM).' (LoihnrirL- Alansoit'' Danitl.'' Sarnnel,^ 
Sam nel^'' Samuel^' Sol Oil ion}) l)r()tlier of tlie pi'eceiling. was 1). 
•Tnlv 4. 1S2S : in. 1. — . Marv Croiicli. wlio d. — . and lie in. 2. 
— . Amanda Dikeniaii. 

He resides in Lincs\"ille. J^l. 

'Jdie cliildren of LiliertN' and Marv were — 

14;;4. Warren." 1). Oct. 2.'_;. l's4!l : in. — . 

Uoo. Smith" 1.. Aii.Li-. 2. ls:)l : ni. — . 

r4;'.i;. Jolm.M). Oci. U. is:,;-;: 111. — . 

14;!7. Lihertv." li. Xc^-. IT). l>-oo: m. — . 

14:js. Rose."'l). Mav Is. ls:„s : m. ^. 

14M!». William 15.." 1>. Mav 2<;. IsCO: m. — . 

144(1. (IcorLic 15.." li. Sept. 2o. isi;2 : m. — . 

1441. Allen K." 1). Fell. 17. IsC.:.: m. — . 

1442. Clarence,"!,. Mav 2!i. Is(i7 : d. Fel.. 4. ISSl). 
The childrrii of Lil)ei't\- ami .\maiida were — 

144;:;. Fivd L." 1.. .iiiiir i;;. IS77. 

1444. Sarah 15..^ \k An-. 11. 1^7'.'. 


Seneca Feoxaim).' ( lie /nice.''' Xaf/niii.'' Xaf/i'/nJ Siiinuel,'^ 
Samuel,' Solonuni? ] N'oiiii'jest child of Fx'rnicc and AFiiiail 
(Tori'ev) Le(niai'd, was h. in Worthingtoii. Mass.. Feh. s. Iso.S; 


in. Se})t. 6, 1884 Sarah Ann Foote, 1). Aug. 13. 1818, dan. of 
Cliai'les"" and Px-tsey (Wilson) Footc, of Mendon. Alonroc Co.. 

N. y. 

lie removiMl to Ohio in iS'iS and resided lor a time in Con- 
neauglit, tlien in Medina, later in West Windsor and Osceola, 
reniovini!,' to West Millgrove. Wood C'ountw in iSliU. where 
he still resides. 

When he was lifteen, he was a[)])rentieed U) a hatter and 
after his renio\'al to (_)hio, he followed the hatting business for 
ahont t\ventvdi\"e years ; later was engage*] for a time in the 
hrooni trade. l-'\)r the last thirt\'-li\'e years he lias dexoted 
more or less time to ^ireaehing the gospel, being an oi'daineil 
elder. He and his wife are membei's of the C'r>ngreu'ational 

The (diildi'en of Seneca and Sarah A. were — 
144.'). Jerrold Koseoe." b. July 13, 1835 in Medina, 0.: d 

May 4. 18r)<"». 
144(). Sarah- Sera] )hina.''' b. .Vug. 13, ls37 ; m. A])ril lo- 
iNoS ,]. V. C'ofh'i-; had Emerson Kverett 
Coder'; Nettie Codei'.'' m. 1. (\. Fowler, (cddl. 
Sarah Naomi Fowler."' Ilarrv Fowler.'" 
Frard< Fowlei'.'") 
1447. Fois I^o.^alia," b. \ov. 13. bS3!.) ; m. July 3. 18(i2 
(ieo. -F. Iveteliam : had Wni. F. Keteham.'-' 
Cxertie A[ay Keteham.'' Fiehai'd Bruce 
144S. Alma.M). Oct. 25, ls:,l: m. Feb. F bs72 AVinlield 
S. DeAVitt: had FhaiF's IF)\vard DeAVitt.'' 
Altlia DeWitt.'' Fi'ank DeWitt.'-' Herbert 
Fivd F.'Witt.'-' 
1441). Orlotf Charles F>eniice.' b. Oct. 14. bs:)3. in O.-^ceola ; 
d. Jan. 2. Fs:,(;. 


Timothy Nelson Fkoxaim).' ( Brave//, ''• Xa/I/a/iJ' Xal/Kni.^ 
Samuel,^ Samuel," SoIohkih}) eldest son of ib'auch and Sarali 
(Follett) Feonard, wasb. in Worthington, Alass.. Aug. U\. \xVl : 
m. Nov. 30, FS3S Fmilv F>ii'd. b. Oct. 2F isU in Windsor. 
]\Iass., dau. of FxMuan and l)etse\' (Snow) F)ird. 

He was a hu'mcrand has I'csided in Worlhiiigton and ('lies- 
hire and now li\-es with his daughtci' in Windsor. His wife d. 
Sept. 17, 1882. 

*V\'ho lived to the age of 102 years and 7 months 

LKOXA 111) ( ; EXEALOa \ ' 


'IMicii' cliililrcii were — 
U:.!). •HMiiirlcs Wri-lit.M). M;iv-J(>. ls41 : m. ,l;iii. ;;. Is7ii 

S;ir;ili .1. \\'( >. m |\v( .i1 li. 
U.")!. I.Muisa K..Mi. Oct. 7. |S4(;: m. he.'. 2;;. Iss;; .hiiiics 

A. Dresser. 
U:)2. Frjiiikliii 1).."!). M;ir. I'd. \s:^^ : ,1. Sept. l!i. l,s:),s. 

68 1 . 

(JiiAi;i,h:s Wiiicifi' Jj<:().\Ai;i>,' (Branch!' Xathnn.'' XdZ/nai,* 
Samuel,^ /Samut/r /So/ovwn,^) bi'otliei' of the ]ireee(|iiiL;'. \v:is li. in 
Woi-tlun,L;-t()ii. Mass.. \'\'\). lo. Islj; m. 1. ,Iaii. 1. \s4r~) Sare]i1;i 
E. llei-riii-' nf Hinsdale. Mass... wlio d. at M iddlelield. Mass., 
Feb. 9, l(Sr)-i at the ag'e of thii-tvd'onr \'ears and he in. 'J.. May 
23, 1855 Lorina .1. iVnrt. 

Ho was a nnller and was sometimes eni;'a,!i'e(l in farmini;'; 
fesided in Worthiniiton and AEiddleliehl. aftefwards remo\inL;' 
to I\)isselK Mass.. and from there to .Vi^'awam whei'e he d. A[ir. 
7. l'^77 : his second wife d at Southampton, ^[ass. 
('hai'h's W. and Loi'ina J. had one son — 

1-1-5;;. -fCliai'les Sumner, Mj. Apr. U. ls:)S: m. Sept. -S. Issi 
Marv {}. A very. 


E]iKNJ<:ZEi; Lt^o.XAi^i).' {IVnrnan.'' Ezra;' Nathan.^ SamncJ:' 
'Samuel,- ^ubmou,^) eldest son (_)f Truman and Ro.xanna (Allis) 

Li^onard. wash. Sept. 7. isi;!: m. Vv\). 12, Ls;;7 Kdiza- 

lietl) P. Wetlierhee in (.'hathani. A[e(lina ('o.. <).. (hiu. of 
Timotliy and Uetsey (Kendall) Wethei'hee. 

^\t the au'e of twent\'-one he emiii'i'ated to <)hio. settling!' 
e\('ntua]]\' in (Miatliam. to which place he was follo\ve(| l>\ his 
father and till' I'cmaindei' of the famiU'. Ilei'c he resiiled on 
a jiortion of a fai'ni owned li\- his father until the death of ihc 
lattei'. when he pUl'chaseil the whole ami iiei'e he coiitinned \n 
reside until l.SdO when he I'emox'cd to another hii'iii in the 
same town, which he sold twel\e \-eai's later to his son I'rentiss 
and i'emo\ed to ( 'azeiioxia. Kent <'o.. Miidiiuan. where he d. 
Mai'. 28. I'SD-l: : his widow sin'\'i\'es Inm at the ai^c of ^^2. 

The childi'eii of Klieiii'/ei- and Fli/alictji \\ were — ■ 
1454. +F,.vi r.artJett.M). Dec. IC. |s;;s: ,,,. l. .hdv 4. Iscj 
Marv Feasel : m. 2. \h'r. s. Isi;,") Ann Leon- 
nrd} (711): m. ;;. .Iidv 27. Isiis Charhdte 
Li'itnanl} (7n'.)) : ni. 4. < )ct. 27. 1 ^7' I < 'arojiiie 


145.'). Ishwy Klizalietli." 1). .Ian. 1, IMd: in. Api'. UK ISOO 
.Inlins J.atinit'i' who (I. Ot-r. l:i, iSifJ: rhil, 
(jvo. A. Latiinci'.'' a lawN'cr with a line prac- 
tice ill ^'ui-h)!k, Nclii'aska. 1). Fch. -Jo. ls(ii>. 
in. Aii,u'. 14, LS8U KUa Lonisa 1 )a\-t_'niM )rt, 
1>. A|ti'. 'A. lS()(!, (hin. of (ie'oi'Lic ami Mary 
K. 1 )a\(,'n])ort (if NewjKjrt. ().. (cliil.. Tom 
Benton Latimer,'" 1). A]. 1-. 1, IMM), d. Sept. 
lo. 1.S90) ; Ernest Dwi.iiht Latimer.'' 1). Dee. 
j!7, LSI-;;-!; Marv Belle Latimci'.'' 1). Kd). \2. 
LS(),S, in. LSS"r ('. AV. l)ani<'ls. resides in 
Colle,u'e Grove. Tenn. : Sarah. lessie Latimer," 
1). X/)v. L 1S7L m. ls!)(» Carlos Olin, resides 
in ^Vkroii, ()iiio: .lav M. Latimei','' 1). Aiis;. 
12. LS75. 

Mrs. liatimer I'esides at Lerov. ( )liio. 

Ur>(K fEzra ALarvin." 1.. Mai'. 24. LS42 : m. (')ct. ii). LS,s2 
A-nes ALller. 

14.")/. Helen," 1). Dee. 2,S, Ls44 ; m. Oct. 21), 1871 AVm. 
Curtiss. 1). JM'h. :>. 1.S4(I in Ho\-alton. ()., d. 
Mar., ISDI ; chil.. Leland (' n rt i ss. '' 1). ,lulv 
14, 1872; Frank Cnrtiss.'' 1». A|ir. Is, 1,S74: 
Willie Curtiss,'-' 1). . I ulv 1.'!. Is7.'); Freeman 
Curtiss,'' 1). Au,u-. 2:-'., is77. 

14,38. tPrentiss E..M). Apr. H, 184.') : m. Nov. 22, 1881 
Nail(.)r ]\Iark-s. 

14.59. Sarah A., M). Sept. .'), islS; d. — . I,s7(; : m. .hdv 
22. 187(i Be\-. (i. \V. AVanoJiop. 

14(i0. Bra(Uord Truman.'" 1). Dec '!:>. 1 s:, 1 ; nnmairied : 
resides in ('a/eno\ia, ALelnLzan. 

14()1. lluldah M.,M). .Inne 12. l.S.')4: m. — . 1n77 Rev. (i. 
W. \Van,ulio]i (2d wife) who d. Se])t. 1(». 
18^><I : (diil. Sarah Leonard \\'an,L!h(^p.'' 1>. 
Sept. l.'l. 1S7S. 

1462. Llla," 1). .Line 21. 1 S.'.S : d. Sept. — . ls:,<). 


EziiA Lk(_)NA|{I),' {Truman f' Exra:' Xathan.* jS'avufc/:' Suju- 
tielr iSolorixrn,^) In-other of the preceding', was 1). j-'el). 2s. IsL') 
in Middlesex, Ontario Co.. X. ^'.; m. L .Ian. ;!(•. Is4;! |\l\-ira 
Weston, 1). Dee 2!), 1817 in Fast Clexcland. ().. (dan. of Asa" 

*Asa Weston b. in Pittsflfld, Mass , July 27, 1793 : d. in Sheffield. O., Apr. 4, 1879 : m. 
Jan. 7, 1817 Thankful Robbins, b. in Pittsfleld, Oct. 5. 1707. d. in East Cleveland, O., Oct. 

51, 1852. 

LKOXARh (iEXKALoay. 255 

;iii(l 'riiaiikfiil ( H.ililiiiis) W'csldU) wild d. m AkiMii, ( ).. Vr\). 
:>, IS4'.I ;m(l he iii. 2. Xo\'. l:',. is:,;', |<;i,vt;i ( ". \V,-Ml>\VMri li. 1,. 
Nov. -Js. is;;;; in r.cckct. M;i>s.. d.-m. of ()li\cr S. ;iiiil Aliii;i 
(\'aii Dcnscii) W'adswnrtli : she d. in Akron. Ma\ h;. is;.,') 
and he in. :;. Oct. 27, iSdl Mai'v M. Shilci-. \vlio(L -. and lie 
m. 4. Mrs. r>artle1t. 

lie Iran KM 1 tIic niidiiiL;- Imsincss and was lor i liirt \ -li\ c Nca r> 
head nnlicr at tlic Stone Mill. Ak'i'on. ( )., in wliiidi lie linadN' 
owiu'il ail interest. He lias a t'arni of '^SO acres in (diatliam. 
^Fediua <'oniit\', Ohio, on wliicli iie now resides. 

'I'lie cliiidi'eii of I^zi'a and l\l\ira were — 

14(;;;. f(ieoru-e Milton M). Mar. lo. lS4o: m. >rav 2n. Isi;; 
Mrs. Cliarlotte ( Keed ) Jovce. 

14(;4. Kinnia daue.Mi. Dec. 24. Is4(;: (I Oct. I. Is4s. 

Ulio. Ella Klvira Adelia.M,. Oct. 2S. 1S4S: m. An--. 2(). 
1n72 l''raiik Wadswortli of W'ellin-ton. O. 


TiM'MAN LkoxaiM).' [Triirimuf' E?:ni.-' Xat/tan,* Samnel:' 
JSaiyuiel,- Solomon}) ^rotliei' of tlie precediii,^'. was 1). Sept. 17. 
LS2(t in Pottertown. N. V.: lie m. at Naii\-oo. 111.. Jan. 1. Is4(i 
Ortentia WMte. 1.. Nov. 'M). 1^2.') in linshford. X. \.. dan. of 
Kpliruini i). and Sally (Crane) White. 

.Vt the ag'e of tifteen he ivuioxed with his fatlier"s fainil\ to 
Cliathaiu, (Jhio. wdiere lu.' assisted in reelaiinin^;' a laiye farm 
from the wilderness. In 1843. lie l)eeanie a coii\'ert to the 
doctrine of the Latter I)a\' Saints, and was soon after ordaiiie(l 
to the olliee of elder and in that ea])acitv has Keen a pi-ominenl 
uiemberof thai denomination both in I'tah and as a mission- 
ary to foreign countries. ha\ing ti'a\'eled e\tensi\-ely in the 
interests of his elnireh in India and l-'airo])e. At ]iresent he 
resides in Canada.'" His wife ()rteiitia rcsi<liiiL:' in l*'ariiiiiiL:'toii. 

Their (diildreii wei'e — 

14<;(i. K/.ra Newton.'' 1). Nov. 4. ls4ii at Florence. .W'li.: d. 
Xov. 4. ls4(;. 

*He m. 2. accordingr to the polygamous doctrine of his church, .Jan. 0. Wh~, MarKaret 
Bourne, b. near Birmingham. Eng., Mar. 5, ]83i, dau. of Thomas and Margaret Bourne : 
lias no children. 

m. 3. Jan. 6, 18.57, Mary Ann Meadows, b. near Worcestershire, Eng., .Jan. 6, 188."j : dau. 
of Thomas and Ann COverbery) .Meadowfe : chil., Eugenia Eveline.^ b. .Jan. -^4, 18-58, m. 
Dec. 8, 1881 Jedediah Earl, (son of .John and Rheumina Earl), 3 chil.: Alice Arabella. s 
b. July 8, 1800. ni. .Jan. ^r. 188H. Willard Iv. Welling, (s ,i\ of Job and Annie Welling', -i 
chil.: Annie .Maria.^ b Feb. ,5, 18(13. ni. Sept. 11. 188J Henry W. Miller, (son of Daniel 
and Hannah Miller). 3 chil.: Amy Louise.- b :\Iar. IT. I«(i5, m. Apr. 2, 18H9 Heber Allen. 
(son of Frank Allen), 1 chil.; George Marvin.- 1). Dec. 7, 1867; Truman J ,^ b. Mar. 1.5, 
J870 : .Marv Moselle.- b Jiilv 2:3. 1873. 


\Aiu. 'ri'iiiiiaii ^Filtoii.M). Now. Is4i» ;it S])riii,L;-\-iIlc. Iowa: 
(1. .luiic. is.')!). 

UliS. Sarah/ 1). Mai'.. 18r> KariMiiiiitoii. I'tali: d. — , 

UC.i). Helen Mar:" 1). Api'. iM, Ls:)2 : iii. Jan. 1. IsTo 
-Idlin W'itinan : cliil. .lolm Leonanl Wit- 
nian.'' 1 >. \)er. 11. 1^70; Trnniaii Franklin 
Witinan.'-' li. Apr. 11. Is7-"! : Helen Ortentia 
WiTinan,'-' 1). .Inl\' '.'. Ls77 : Joseph Young 
Witnian." 1). Mav Is. Is7l) : Margaret Alice 
WiTnian.'' h. An--. 14. issl : Cha'rles Albert 
Witnian.'' 1). .Mav 11. Iss4 : Shirley Adella 
Witinaii." 1). .lulv 1(». ISSS. d. Jan. '28. LSSO. 

147". iMMijaniin Franklin.'' li. Jnh" 24. 1^7)7: d. Julv 24. 

1471. ^rarv Moselle.M). Sept. lo. ls:)S : ,1. Oct. — , I-SoO. 

1472. Julia Ortentia.' h. Fel». ~. l,S(>(i: d. Sept. — . 1S(>0. 
1478. John Carlos.'" h. Jan. — . l-SlU : d. May. — , 1S(>4. 
1474. Clara Amelia.'" 1». Jid\- o. isor). 

147o. Hattie Adelle.'" 1». ( )et. 81. 1S(17 : ni. Jan. 3. 1.S89' 
Charles Earl. 1). May 27. ISIm, son of John 
and I'heniiiina Karl: ehil. (iertrude Adelle 
Karl.'-' I). Kei). Ki. ISDO. 


Franki.TX LeoNAKD.' {TnitiHin.*'' E?:ra.'' Xatlian,^ S^tmuel.^ 
Samuel^- Solomon}) brother of the preeeiling. was b. June 7), 
1827) in PotteHown. X. V.: m. 1. April — , 1X7)1 Clari.ssa 
lihoda Johnson who d. 1 )ee. — . bSol and he m. 2. Sept. 22. 
187)2 Harriet N. Kellogg, dan. of Knos and Mai'gaivt (MeAUis- 
ter) Kellogg of A^ei-niont. 

lie was a farniei' residing in Spring Prairie and Sugar ('reek. 
AViseonsiii, and Kayettetown and New Rnda. Iowa. lied, at 
New Bnda. Oct. S. 1SS4: his widow still ivsides at the latter 

The children of I'Vanklin and Harriet were — 
147(i. tAlfred Phigene.'" b. Jan. 2(). Is7)7) : ni. Jan. lo. bs,S8 

Susan Vj. Weablc. 
1477. ■fllerlxMl Dewirt.'"!). Sej)!. 12. bs.Mi : m. Xws. 7. 1^88 

Alice Weablc. 
147s. Clara Adell.'" b. Aug. 2(1. ISCI; .1. Jidv 14. ISSo: 
ni. Now 2!). 1SS8 John Hanson: chil. \dcTor 
Ilenrv Hanson,'' b. Oct. 10, 1884. 


1-1-7V). fFraiik A(lcll)ci-t.M). Srj.t. H, \S{M\ ; m. (),-t. U. 1888 

Lu('\- lAc\iit)l(ls. 
1480. Ilattie Khiiiua.' h. May 4. IsCC, ; m. An,-, is. 1SS4 

(tcotlit l)ral>\' : cliil. ( Ico. I^lmcr Ui-a^w'' b. 

Dec. 4. Issc,': Karl W ill)ci- r.raliv.-'l, ^[av 8, 

issi) : Ll(.v(l P)i'al)v;-' 1). Aim. 1),' I'SDl. 
14S1. Klla Mav.^ 1). .Mav ll'. -isiis 
U><± Ida Lav'iiiia,'- 1.. Vc\>. i'. Is71 : ,,,. Sept. 1.",. iSiU VA. 

W. r>aillctt. 

1483. Fivd ElluTt." I.. Mav 1. is;;;. 

1484. Edward Aliiia,M). An,--. :., 1870. 


I)/: LOKEXZO I>;(iEHS()L LkoNAI!!*,' (P/v/P^/.ss." £'-/•(■/,•' Xatltan, 
Sarm(eL^ SamueU~ SijIoinonS) eldest cliild of Dr. Prentiss and 
Harriet (Stone) Leonard, was 1). in l^-pei'ance. X. V.. Wax s, 
1817; ni. Dee. 24, 1841 Marv .1. Pitman, 1). in Tix-erton, li. I., 
dan. of Kev. Benjamin H. and Marv (Stanhope) I'itnian. 

He is a physician in P]spera.nee, N. Y., wliere he has practiced 
nianv vears. His wife (L Jan. H. 1882. 
Their children were — 

1485. Harriet Eliza,'^ 1). — , 1844 : d. — , 1S(]3. 
148(1 Mary Stanho])e,''' h. — , 1847 ; d. — , 1847. 

1487. Ano-ustine,^'' b. — . 1849 : is a ti-a\-eling Indian d(x-tor. 

1488. Jane,^ b. — , LS.'.l ; d. ^, 18.')2. 

7 14. 

Wakhex Bl kton Leoxahi),' {Spirei\'' Jonas, '^ Nathan,^ &im- 
uel,'^ Samuel,- iSolom/ m ^'^) eldest child of Spicer and Ijicina 
(Hotchkiss) Leonard, was b. in Middletown, Conn., Sept. 2(1, 
1817: ni. 1, Sept. 25, 1842 Sarah C. Webster of Hartb.rd, 
Conn., who d. Oct., 1844, and he ni. 2, Sept. 14, 184() Mmj S. 
liiley, dan. of John S. and Sarah (Dix) Hiley of AVetherslu'ld, 

He d. Eel). 2, 187() : his widow d. Feb. 5, issS. 
Warren V>. and Sarah C. had — 

1489. lienrietta Webster,"!). Sept. (!, 184:5 : d. Eel). 4. Is44. 

The children of Warren B. and Mai'v S. — 

1490. Sara Gertrude," 1). dune 2s. Is47. 

1491. Charles Euo-ene." b. Jnne 2. Is41». 

1492. Fannie Isabebe," b. Oct. ;), bs.',4 : ni. An--. 2'.t. ls<7 

Edward I). Manniii'j of Maiichcslci'. ('t.: 
had Etta Mav Mainnnu','' b. Mav 22. 1878: 


Leonai'd \V;in'cii ^Maiininti-,'' 1). X(>\-. 1(>. iS70: 
Alice Isabelle Manning.'' 1). Oct. l-s. l-ssl ; 
Grace Idella Manning.'' 1). ]\[av l:!, issa, ,1. 
Feb. 27. 1S87: Marv Marion' Manning.'' 1.. 
Nov. !). 18cS7. 

1493. fJanies Pi'att.M). Ang. 25, IS^VI : d. -Ian. :'>{, Isiil ; 

. n). Jan.. U. iSSlj ICstelle A. Crane. 


Horace Leoxard,' {iSpicer,*' Jonas,'' Xat/ian,^ Scwaiel.'' iSam- 
uel^~ Solomoi},^) brother of tlie [ii'cceding, was b. in Middletown, 
Ct., Sept. 23, 1819; m. Apr. 4. 1s44"Lucv A Harding, b. in 
Middletown, Nov. 11. 1823, dan. of Steplien Harding, (b. Sept. 
7, 1789, d. Dec. 1(>, 1827) and Marv (Whitniore) Ilardinu- (b. 
June 1, 1793, d. Mar. 2(-;, 1878). 

He resides in Middlet>.)wn ; was city collector from bs77to 1887. 
The children of Horace and Lucv \. wei'e — 

1494. Horace H.,^ I). Apr. 13, 1847: d. ■Se])t. 9. 1S47. 
141)5. fEdward C..'^ b. July Is. Is4ii ; ni. Dec. 20. Is,s2 

Nellie A. Cannon. 
]49(;. Kllen H.,'^ b. Apr. 13, 1S52 : ni. Oct. 25, is71 
Ell)ridge S. Ferree, b. in Middletown. Sept. 
29, 1847, son of Rol)crt Ferree (b. in S])ring- 
lield, Mass., July 5, 1801, d. Nov. 29. Is(i3) 
and Lucv A. (Spencer) Ferree (b. in Mid- 
dlelield. Conn., Sept. 18, bsl8, d. Sept. 14, 
1885); had Edward L. Ferree,'' b. Feb. (i, 
1873: Alice L. Ferree,'' b. Feb. 2. 1875. 

1497. :\[ary L.,' 1). June 13, 1855 ; m. IsUxy 21, 1879 Fred- 

erick E. Gibbons, b. in Middletown Oct. 19. 
1854, son of Elijah AV. Gibbons (b. in New 
York City Nov.' 29, 1831, killed atl)attle of 
Fredericksburg, Dec. 19, 18(i2) and Susan 
E. (Prior) (libljons (b. in ALiddletown, Conn.. 
Jiilv 13. 1834): had Louis F. Gibbons.'' b. 
i\Lir. 18. 1880; Ernest L. (iibbons,'' b. Sept. 
18. 1884. 

1498. fHorace S.,' 1). June is. ISBo ; m. Jan. 25, 1.SS2 Ella 

M. < inuuley. 

71 8. 

(iKoiaiK Lkoxakd.' (iSjiicerS' Jo7ia-iJ' Xafhan,^ S'lrnael:' Saitt- 
uel^' Solomon,'^) son of Spicer and Eliza (Field) l.eonard and 


half lu'dtlici' t if the iircccdiiiL;-, was li. in M Klillctown. .Iiiiic ."Jo. 
1S2S; 111. 1, Dec. 14. ls:,2 AlaUrl M. Mun-vi-. 1.. in Madi.^cn, 
Ct, Dec, 1S'21». <lan. ol' IIul)l>ai'(l and l*'annir (Stcxcns) Mun- 
ger; shed. Apr. 1, Is.MI. and lie ni. 'l ();•!. 24, IsCl I/mra .1. 
Greeniicld. li. ^Vug. <!. In;',-.;, in Middlctdwn. dan. of .lolm and 
Minerva- (.K_)liiison ) (ircrnlicld. lie resides in AI idiUetown : 
has l)een town eolleetDr. also eitv collector, and is now tlie real 
estate agent foi- the Middletown Sa\ ings iKiids'. 

The chiidi'en oldeorge and Nhdud were — 
f4'.i<). Lida 1\,M). Oct. S. isr).-, ; ni. Api". Is, is?.". 'l'inioth\- 
K. Noi'ton, 1). in Madison, ('t., dune "JS. 
is,");!, son of 'riniothx' Norton ( K. in Madi- 
son ^hlr. 24, isl;;) nnd Alngail Selena Nor- 
ton (1). in- Ahulison, Ang. -'I. ISlM): had 
Ijonis L. Norton.'-' Ii. ( )ct. l-'i. ls7o, in Afaili- 
son : Cora M. Norton,'' h. Mav 1-'!. Is7s. in 
, Ne\v Haven: (lertie M. Norton,'' h. Apr. T-\. 

ISSl, in New Haven. 
loiMi. William F..M). :\[ar.. lsr,(; ; d. :\[ar., ls:»(;. 

The chihh'en of George and Laura were — 
loOl. Lntlier Ct.,M). Get. 8. LSI',:.: d. Sept. lo, lsr,7. 
loU2. ddionias Kdwin.M). Mar. IS, 1S()7 : d. Nov. 24. Is7:.. 
loO;]. Minnie A..' h. Feb. S, iSli!) ; stenogra])lier at Staiid- 

anl I'ublishing Co., Hartford. 
lo(t4:. George Alfred.M). FeK S. 18()1) : ni. Oct. 24. ls()4 
Alice Bakei' (iriswold: mailing clerk' at 
Miihlletown 1'. ( ). _ 

loOo. Charles Hnl)l)ard,M). Jan. (i. Is72. 
lolMi. Julian (i.." 1). Sept. 2."., 1S74-. 

72 1. 

Henk")' S. Lk(»x.\i;I).' ( Spi<'<^r.''' JonusJ' Nathan.* Sannipl;' 
Sainuei'- Solomon}) brother of the prece(liiig. was h. in AFiddle- 
town Mar. 21, ls;-',4 : m. Mar. 2(>. is.-,:, jjei.ccca M. laicas. 1 ,. 
in Hudson. N. V., Mar. 8. Is;;;!. 
Tliev reside in Middletown. Conn. 

Their ehildi'en were — 
i:)(»7. William F..M). July 17). Isr.i; ; d. !).•<■. Is. Is.M;. 
loOS. Fre(lciM(d< W..M,. Apr. s, Is.'.s. 

17)0!). Sarah F..M). Nov. s. ls(;2: m. A ui;. 22. lS( llcnrv 
Koch, 1). in I'rovidencc, 'iJ. [., — , 1859; 
(diil. Gertie F). l\o(di.'' F. dan. 12, ]s7S: 
William M. Ko,4i.'' 1). F.4,. 17. Issii. d. 
An--. 20. isso. 


i:)l<». Maria G.,^!:). Get. 1^8, 1864 : iii. June 6, 1882 Ellsworth 
Lieht, h. 186U in Willianisbnrgh, N. Y., d. 
Apr. 10. 18'S;;) in Brooklvn, X. Y.. son of 
Thomas and Alniira (Baldwin) Lielit : cliil., 
Grace E. Licht,'* h. Feb. 2(3, 1883 : Olive F. 

188o. d. Dec. 23, 18s5 ; 

Feb. 1, 1887, d. Oct. 11, 

Liclit.'^ b. Ana-. 5, 

Mabel 1. Licht,'-' h. 



MwA M.' 1). Aug. 5, 1867. 


Susie .M..'^ b. Mav 5, 1869. 


Harrv C'h. Feb. 22, 1871. 


Arthur A.,'^ l). Oct. 2(), 1874 


Alvan B. Leoxaed," [Baiiklt,'' Levi/' Nathan^ Samuel/ 
Samuel/ Solomon,'^) the eldest son of Bartlett and Hannah 
(Chapman) Leonard, was 1). in WiUiaiusheld, 0.. May 4, l8l<) ; 
m. Julv 1:, 1838 P]ineline Black, b. in Vernon, 0., June 8, 1816, 
dan. of Arcliibald and Mercy ( ) P)hick. 

He was the first postmaster at the centre of AVilliamsheld 
and held the office from 1850 to 1872 : was engaged in the gen- 
eral merchandise business from 1848 to 1875, when he removed 
to Andover, ( )., where he d. Apr. 11. bS75 : his widow d. in And- 
.:)vcr, May 5, 18!)1. 

"^Their cliihlren all b. in Williamsheld, were — 

1515. fCyrenus B.,* b. May 20, bs40 : m. Apr. 17, 1862 

Aljbie J. Morse. 

1516. Fmerson.Mj. Oct. 16, 1844; d Feb. 3, 184V). 

1517. Rosetta ¥../ h. Mar. 21, 1847: m. Aug._ 8, 1x65 

( )\ven French, who d. Dec. 17, 1887 in Ash- 
tal»ula, 0. 

1518. Ab.iiia F.," 1). Dec. 22, 1S51 : m. Nov. 18, 1875 John 

FL Hippie. 


Rev. Daniel ^V. Leonard,' {Bartlett/ Levi/ Natlian/ Sam- 
uel/ Samuel/ Solomon/) brother of tlie preceding, was b. in 
Wilbamsfield, O., Oct. 1, 1831; m. Feb. 23, 1851 Fliza W. 
Reed. dan. of Josiah and I'liebe (Wakenian) Beed"-'^" of Fast 
reml)roke, N. Y. 

In earl\- life he followed the occupation of a farmer. He 
]"emo\-ed to Michigan in 1S54, was licensed to ])i'each in bS((> 
and has di'xoicd tlie x'cai's since that time to sludx'im:- and 

*Mr. and Mrs. Reed were natives of Vermont. 

LEOX. I A7) ( i EXE A L (iV. 


prcaehiiiL:-. Iteinu' i\',L:iilaiiy oi'daiiUMl to llic llaptis! miiiisl r\- in 
187"2 aiul urailuariiiL;- iVoni tin.' l);i|)tist Tlicolduical S('iiiiiiai'\- in 
Chicago ill 1<S7<'). His jiastoratc lias usually iui-ludcil two 
clmrclies ami sonu'tiun's tlii'ee and at tlir sauic time lie has 
given some attention to farming, lie has s(T\'ed tjir lollowing 
chnrehes in Michigan : Xorth Bend one year. l'nion\illi' joui' 
yeai-s. .Vkvon ten years. Wwy Post ten years, IIi(d<or\- Island 
twelve years; has held the jiastorate of the White ('reck 
rlnireh in ronnertion with tliat at Marlcttc the. past four \-cais. 
during two of wliieh he was pastor of the i-hurch at Klmer as 
well. ' He resides at Marlette. 

The ehildren of \\v\. Daniel W. and I'diza W. were — 

loUi. Milton,"!.. Aj.r. 4, ls:,-_> : d. dan. lo. Is.-,.-,. 

i:)2(i. Emma,' b. Jan. '2. lsr,4 ; ni. Dec. 27. Is74 II. II. 

Gilbert : chil. Le\i Leon;ird ( iilheil.'-' h. Mar. 

21. 1877: Lois Kliza (iillual.'' h. Dee. l.j. 

1883: Plarrison Custer (iilhert,'' h. Aug. 22, 

1885. besides at Akron, Mich. 

i:>21. fl-jartlet TX." 1). A^.r. C), l8r)(i: m. Sept. 11, 187^ Luev 

.1. Brink. 
17)22. Cassius AV.,M.. Feb. 22, ls:,s ; d. Xov. 2. ls()3. 
1523. Maude EHza.M). Mav 21. Isc.O: d. Api-. 1. isn3. 
1524 Alvin Deloss.M). Julv 11, ls(;7 : d. Mar. 3(i. Is71. 
1525. ]\linnie E.,M). ( )et. 11, 1S72 : a teaidier in Marlette, 


Sumner Levi Leonard,' (Asahe/J' LeriJ' X(tth<iu.^ Smmn-l^ 
iSamuel,' b'olonion}) t'ldi'i^t son of .Vsalad and Poll\- (Louigee) 
Leonard, was b. in Williamshelil. <).. -Ian. 27. 1^;!4: m. duly 
17. 1858 Maria L. Heath, dan. of Ebeiiezer and Betsey (Kn.<- 
sell) Heath of Williamstield. He is a hirmer and has always 
resided in Williamstield. 

The chihli'en of Sumner L. and Maria L.-— 
152(1. Ida A.," I . 
1527. Liez P..^ \ ■ 
152S. fCardus B..M). June 25. iscl : d. Sej.t. 15. Iss, ; n 

Julv 4, issl Addie \Vri-l,t. 
1520. fXorris ()..' b. Aug. 28. Isi;;',: m. Xo\. 1. l^s; Kll 
( lane. 

1530. Fred S.," b. J;in. 22. l^iW',. 

1531. Jav E.,M). An- 31. ls(;s. 

Julv 2. lsr,(i 

Jul\- in. jsco. 



Cykus 'J'nri'.cEE LeoxajU),' (AsaJielS' Levi,' Xathan^ Sani- 
uel,^ Sa'inuel^~ Solomon,^) brother of tlic preceding', was T). in 
AYilliamstit'ld. ()., Aug. 13, 1840: in. 1, Apr. l>o, mm M. 
Lonzi Phillips ..f (ireene, 0.: m. '2, Feb. 21, 1878 Mrs. Nettie 

H. (AleNntt) Stair<)i-(], dan. of John C. and J^ncy A. ( ) 

MeXntt : m. ;!. Mav D, 1887 llattie K. :\reNntt, dan. ..f I'liarles 
A. and Marv Fdlen ( ) McNntt. 

He is a fai'inei-, contraelor and Ijnilder in stone masonry, 
correspondent h)r a fanners' ])a])er and member of tlie liar; 
resides in Andi>\'er. Oliio. 

The children ot Cvrus T. and liattie K — 

lo32. Hex et Gnardio,'^ 1). Jan. :>. 1889. 

1533, Tessa Vera,^ b. ^Far. 1. iS'il. 


CllAitLES CoELlXS Le< tXAJ;i>,' ( William F.,''' Si ill eon J' Natl I an, ^ 
Saninel,^ SamueL^ /Solomon,^) (ddest son (jf \Villiam Y. and 
Marv S. (P]verett) Leonard, was b. in Middleiield, Mass.. Anu'. 
10, 182(3; m. Sept. 1, 1852 Anna ^^rolloolv of LaSalle. 111. 

He was a contractor and Iniilder. ha^•ing■ his residence in 
LaSalle. Li 1870 (?) he left home for Chicago for the pnrpose 
of |inrchasing material h)i- a large block he was to bnihh and 
has not since l)een heard from. His frien<ls have alwaA's snj)- 
posed he was fonllv dealt witli as lie had a lai'gesnm of moiiev 
witlj him. 

The chihb'en of Charles C. and Anna — 

153L fCharles AY.,' 1>. Ang. 3, 1854; m. Aug. 3, 1880 
Eugenia (JTLirra. 

1535. Han-y A.,'' b. Jan. 17. 1857. 

153(1 Anna P..' b. Aug. 14. Ls59 : d. Sept. 2n. lss4 

1537. (ieorge B.,"" I . ,, , -, , , 

lo38. Juha M.,' ) 


Wii.i.TAM Leonard," (l'F^7/^'a?>^ F.^' Simeon." Satlian.^ Samnel,''^ 
Samuel^- Solomon.^) brother of the prece(bng. was b. in ^[iddle- 
lield. Mass., :\[ay 21, 1834; m. Oct. 11, I8(i5 Klva Cogswell 
of Cliicago, 111. He resides in (irand liajiids. Mich., where he 
is a coiitracrt )V bnildei'. 

Till' children of William and Kl\a — 

b")3!». AlheH.' b. Dec. 13. Is71. 

1540. .1 Clinic,'' b. .bin. 14. bs7(l 

1541. liai'old,^ b. Feb. 22, 1881. 

J.KnXARI) (IKXEAlJUiY. o,;;> 

7 63. 

A.\i)i!K\v SiMKoN Lkonakd.' ( 117///'//// F..'' Sini'oti.'' Xdl/Kiri,' 
S'(m>/t/:' Sail /(///."■ .S-)/n, ,/,,,, ,^ ) ])];)\\\t'v .if the juX'rcdiiiL!-. \\;is li. 
ill }»[i(LIleticM. M:is>.. J ulv ;J. ls;;(i; m. J;,,,. <). \s{\-_> lv<tliri' 
^[miSDii of AVchstor ('il\-. lo\v;i. 

lie i-esidcs ill S'oiix (/ity. Invva: is a roiilrarlor and Imildci'. 

I'lic (diildi'cii (if Andi'cw S. and l<]stlu'r — 
irA2. l)("lia A.,M.. Mar. '2. \sC>:'>: ni. A])!'. 4, Iss;", Wm. 
Diekcv: had Kriicl A[. DickrV.'' 1). M:u: 2.'.. 
1S84: a son and a dan. li. Mar. s. I,ss7. 
VA^\. Walter (i.. Ml Sept. ;".(». 1S(;4. 
ir^U. doliH K..- 1). ,Mar. ir,. is(i7. 
i:)4:.. (irac- F. '^ I., dulv 22. ls7;5: <1. .Mar. 17. Is7|. 
174<). drai'i' I'doi'cncr.^ 1). Jan. 22. lS7o. 
17.47. Ilarrv A.." 1». Xo\-. 1(J. 1>>77. 


IIkni;v ll.viMMsox Lk()Xai!I».'( \Vi/7i(i.n l\{'Siineon,'' Xathau.^ 
Saiiiiirl:' SdiiiNe/.'' SoJo'i'On.^) lu'otlu'l' of tlic jil'cccdiliL;'. was 1). 
in AVorriiiii,L;-t()n. ^Ta-^s.. ( )ct. 2o. I.s4(i; ni. Drc 2'S. Isi.U 
Kniiice (letcliel. of S|irinL;li(dd. Mass. 

He I'esidcs in S[)riiiL;lield. wlicre lie is en^iia^'ed in tli(> exjtress 

4die children of Ileni'v 11. and Eunice — 
l.'.4s. Minnie G..M). A n^u'. il.'l 8<i-j : ni. Mav 17. lss4 Alluai 
Bislio]): liad Myron 11. P>is]io|).'' h. l)ec. 27, 
174^). T'7'ed A.."^ 1). Mav In. ls7o. 

791 . 

BahxaiM) Le(iX.\i;ii.' iAhrahain,^' Musi-sJ' J/osrs,' Moses,'' 
'John,' Solo'iion.^) youiiLiest son of Abraham and Hannah (Hill) 
Leonard, was 1). in \Varwick, Mass.. Ma\- 17. lso7 ; m. ( )et. 
21. LS44 Alta Perry ..f's Point. X.' V. 

In his i-hililhood his father's I'aniiK' remox'ed to House's 
Point and lu/ eontinued to I'eside thei-e until his <leaili Now 1-'}. 
1881. His widow resides in New York City with her yeuiniz'- 
est daughter. 

Their children were — 

1770. cfi^^lartha A..' 1.. Se|it. 7. 1 s47 : d. Sept. 4. Iss7 : i,,. 

Sept. 21. Is71 Tli'^o'lore M. Leonard'' Clo-lo.) 

1771. Mary K..M.. F<-li. 4. Is47: in. Jan. 29. 18S7 (leorge 



1552. PlH.'lif P.,^ 1,. Mm: il. 1.S4!) ; m. iK-\. (^, 1881 

]j\"iii;iii K. ]M)\vr()n. 

1553. (inice (t.,"1). Dec. '_>4, LS50: .1. :\Iar. (j, 1861. 

1554 Fidelia A.," li. June lU, 1855; ui. Mar. 80, 1892 
Theodore M. Leonard;^ (2523), (2(1 wife.) 


Moses Leonard,' (C«/e/;,''' Moses," Moses^ Moses-' Jo] in r Sol- 
omon^) eldest son of Calel) and Tri})liena (Groddard) Leonard, 
wash, in Cliamplain, N. Y., Dee. 31, 1805; ni. N(.)v. 0, 1833 
Julia Shaw. 

He was a fanner, resided in Mal()ne, N. ^'. ; d. Aug. 7, 
1889; his wi(h)\v d. Apr. 21, ISDO. 
Their children were — 

1555. Tri|)henaM3. Dec. 30, 1831:; rn. Jan. 1. 185B Joseph 


1556. Hannah L.,M"). Feb. 9, ls37 ; d. Ang. l>(), 1893; ni. 

Sept. 7, 1S()0 Michael Tibbits. 

1557. Julia A.,^^ b. Mav 5, 1839 ; d. Sept. 5, 1848. 

1558. Orrin M.,M). Apr. 17, 1843; d. Sept. 7, 1848. 

1559. Elvira P.,M:). (3et. 2, ls45 : ni. Jnlv 7, 1873 Frank 


1560. fllirani A.,M). Julv 15, 1847; d. June 7, l'S95 ; ni. 

Mav 1, 1879 Ida C. Hawkins. 

1561. Lucv A.,^'* b. Julv 7, LS49 ; ni. Nov. 21, LS93 Ed. 

E. Tower. 

1562. Mvron M..M:). Oet. 5. 1851. 

1563. Minnie A.,Mj. Feb. 16, 1855; d. Feb. lo. 1893: m. 

Ma)' 3, 1886 Porter Hemenway. 


Carlisle T^'ler Leonard,' {Culeh^' Moses;' Moses,^ A/oses.''^ 
Johit^^ Solomon^) Itrother of the ])recedin^u, was b. in Cham- 
plain, N. Y., Nov. 20. 1807; m. Feb. —,1832 ]\[iranda Albee, 
b. Ajir. 20. ISOS, dan. of Aliaz and Polly (.lohnson) Albee of 

He d. Se[)1. 11, 1866 in Malone, N. Y., where he was a 
farmer; liis widow still resides in Malone. 
Their ehildien were — 

1564. Addison A.,M.. Api'. 12, 1835; d. A|)i'. 28, 1S35. 

1565. fCvriis A.,M). dnlv S. 1,S38 ; d. Aug. 29, 1893; m. 

^Vpr. 13, bs()5 iNfarv A. Hawkins. 

LEOXA RD a EXE A LOd ) '. W:> 

ir»(i(;. Asa Allicr." 1). X(.\-. li). ls:v.) : ill. K,.l,. •20. Is;;; 

Mrs. Anna (.Idiics) Sai'Licaiit : no cliildi-cii. 

ir.dT. .Miranda Adeline.'^ I). Ma\- I'J. In4.'") ; ni. Dec. ^'I. 

1^7.") Samuel K. \Villcii. 
i:)<)8. fAddison II.." 1). Sc|ir. I'J. isdC: ni. Sent. 'i. LsTl 
Klla L. Matt.Kui. 
Asa Lkoxaim).' (Ca/e^," Alose^J' Mosrs.^ Muses:" John ^' S>/"nio/t,^) 
brother of the preceilin^u'. was 1). in ( diaiujilain. N. V.. l)ee. .'), 
1809; ni. Sept. 28, l,s4l> Ilaia-ict 'Idiomas. 

He resided for nitmy y(\irs in ('alih)rnia and WashinLitoii. 
T\\v rliildren of .\sa and Ilarrid — 

ir)(»!l. Ijonisa,''^ 1). — ; m. — . Bnrnsiih'. 

Io7o. J.urv.' 1). — . 
lo?]. Clara." 1). — . 


David ^^La^'o Lkonaim),' ( O^W/.''' J/oses-;' Moses^* Moses;' Jolm,'' 
Solon, on^) l)rolh('i- of the |ireeedih!i', \vasl). in ChanqiJain. X. 
Y., Jan. L>. iSl'i; ni. 1. Oct. 2;i'l847 Ly<lia Ann Walker 
who d. — . 18(>-). and he ni. 2. Se])t. 7.. l8(>r) ^[elissa .1. Hol)in- 
son. (hin. of C'haee and I»o\vena (Al)ell) Rol)iiisoii. 

lie was a earpenter : d. in Cdiamphiin Se])t. 10, 188(5. 

Idje ehildi'eii of Dax'id M. a.nd Tjvdia wei'e — 
i:)72. Wallace." 1). — : ni. — . 
17)70. Arthur." 1). Oct. 21. Is.^,;;. 

1574. Eniinet O.." 1). dune 17). lS(;o: ni. dan. 27), Ella, 
Smith : is a fai'mer. 
David M. and ^fidi.^sa had— 
17)77). Grave II..' h. Aug. 80, 18(>(1 


William A[oui;k Lkoxahd.' (Qi/e/j'' Moses;' Moses "^ MosesS' 
'Jo/iii,~ Solomon,^) bi'other of the preee(linL;'. was 1». in ( 'hamplain. 
N. v.. Oct. 19, 1814- m. dan. ;{. Is44 Kli/:i Ann Wdeox.dau. 
of Al)(d and Lue\' (L\'man) Wilcox. 

He d. Jan. 24. ISSl) in Malone. N. V. : was a niei'chant. 
William M. and Kliza A. had — 

lo7(). •f-Marc(dlus." h. Sept. IS. IS44 ; 111. Se|iL 11. JSCC) 

Maria 'i'a\lor. 


Oiu-iiN Woodward LkonaI!!).' ( Cnhih;'' Mns,-s:' Moses ^ Mos's:^ 
Job II r Solomon}] lirother of the oreeei liuL:'. was h. in Cham plain. 


N. v., Sept. 21. 1SL(3; 111. Julv 4, 1841 Aurilla Castle. \vli.. <1. 
Nov. 28, 1S91. 

He is a carix'ntci- and res'ules in Cliamplain. N. Y. 

The childi'ei) of ( )n'iii A\'. and Ani'illa were — 

IT)?". Annette E.,''' 1). Jan. 17, 1847. 

i:.7.S. Fraiiees A.,'^ 1.. Mar. 2<), 1854, d. Sept. 22, 18H2. 

1571). Lyman E.," b. No\-. 8, 185(1 


Caleb Austix Lkoxahd.' ((Me/)/' MosesJ' Mosts,^ Moses;'' 
Johv^~ Solo'nvm})\)\\)\\\i'\- iA tlif preeedinu'. was 1». in Cliamplain, 
N. Y., Mar. 21, 1828: m. 1. .Iuik-' 2.S, 1S55 Lneinda M. John- 
son of North Oranii'e. Mass.. dan. of Mos( Ivlnula'' (Leonard) 
(346) J(dinson, she d. Jiuu' 12, LS5;i an<l lie m. 2, Xov. 12, 
18H1 Cornelia L^ Allen, .hm. ..f Ira B. Allen (d. in Plattsdnro-h. 
X.Y., Dee. 2(». 171)2. d. in (^'iianipiain. A])]-. '.\. l.SS.'))and Zerviali 
(Tennant) Aden (h. in Deri'lield. Mass.. May s, 171»s. d. in 
(.^hanii»lain Jnne 1!). 1884). 

He is a farmer in Rouse"s Point, N. Y. : to Ins wife we are 
indebted for the mcxst of the i-ccord of the desetaidants of 
Calel/- (845). 

The children of (Jaleh .Vnstin aral Coiaudia were — 

1580. All)ert L..' h. A])r. 11, 18()8. 

1551. Zei-viah A..M). Jnne28. Is87. 


Frank MX Lkoxari),' {Moses!' iSamuel-' Moses/ Most-s.'' John.'' 
Solomon !) t'\(\v^t son of Moses and Lne\' (Willson) Leonard, 
was 1>. — , 17l)(); m. — .Harriet d^ij^jer. 

He d. May 2i), 1825. 

Thcii" cliildren were — 

1552. Rosina.M,. — ; d. Oct. 3, 1828. 

1583. Cornelia," h. — : d. Feb. 12. 1S25, aged 2 yc^iis. 


CiiitiSToPiiKt; AViLi.sox Leoxaim),' (MosesS' Sonviel.-' Moses/ 
Mosrs/ ./o/m/ jSoIomoii.^) ])VOt\\ev of the ]irerodinL!\ was b. Jnne 
;!(), 1S()8: m. 1. ^Far. ID. bS2S Lanrinda Winslow. b. at IJai'iiard, 
\'t.. ()>-t. 2(i. ISK). d;iu. of Ilcztdsdah and Mai'tha (S.imiison) 
Wdnslow : she d. \\;\\' 24. 1S42, in Pi<'i'rei>ont, N. A'., and he 
111. 2. Mai-.. bsi;>. Mi's. Lorcna ( l>iiiii''k') d'axdor (widow of 
\\v\. James d'a\ lor). 


lie livctl torn tiiiic in iKiniMnl. wlici'c lie \v:is ;i clotliicf. 
and latri' ixMiiovnl to Picrn'pont. X. V.. wlicrc lie d. Vr\). '1'). 


The cliildixMi ol ( "liri-l()|ili('r W.. and Lani-inda were — 
ir)b4. fjoscpli In-raliani." 1 1. l-"cl). S. \S'1\) -. m. |<',.l,. li\ 

IsriC) ALrs. Al)i,L:ail II. (lirowni ('i-ai-\-. 
l')8o. Harvev \V..- i). ( ),-i. II. Js;j(): d. l),v. -JH. ls;!l. 
ir)Sl). tJann's'lIarvry," 1). M;ir. Id. ls;!4: ni. Od. 11. \S{\:) 

A[arv K. Eastman. 
ir>s7. Lncv.M). A])!-. Id. Isdd; d. Now .'). Iss-j. ;it I'ots- 

dam. N. ^'.; ni. Iddi. Is. Is7d Jc.<.<c l{cv- 

n.-lds, :\[. 1)., Ii. Dcr. K). lS-28. at Clia/v. 

X. ^^, son of (inv and Marv ( ) lu'\'- 

iiolds: cliil.. L ard .1. I'cyiioMs.'' 1 >. Sept. 

7. ls7o : .lames Irxini;' Iu'\moli Is '■' .1 >. l''cl». 

•Jl. 1S7S: (inv llard'v Krvnolds.'' h. ,lnlv 

11. is7;i. 

17)SS. Lani'ind.'i." 1). May is. ls-1-2 : d. .lunc •j!7. Issc. ■^\ 
l>ozrman. Montana: m. ( )i-t. "JC). Is71 
.Vlouzo J. (iaL!'c. son of .lonallian and 
llannali (Worcester) (Jaue: eliil.. ^Vliee 
Maria Gage,'' 1). Mav lii, ls7;-; ; Helen 
Li)rena (lage," 1). Aug. ■!'). Is7(;. d. Xo\-. 4, 
1877 : ^[arv Eliza (rage.'' 1». Ang. Id, ls7!): 
l^nev Emma (lage. '■'!». Fel). Ill, Issl. 
The eliildren of C'liristoplier W.and I^orena were — 

loSl). lielen.M). A])i-. 1. Is^d in Pierrepont: d. .Mai: 12. 
Is7-i at Bozeman, Montana. 

IdirM). Alice M.. ]ylar. K), ls4s at Pierrejiont : m. Oct. 24, 
1S72 Samnel W. Langliorn. li. .Ian. lii. ls8H 
in Ijitck'ingliam Conntv, \'a., son of l)i'. 

.lolni and ^larv ( ) Langlioiai : cliil. li. in 

l)ozt'man. Montana: Alice Langliorn.'' 1 >. 
.Iid\' s. Is7.']: ^Tanrice L. Langliorn.'' li. 
Xov. li). ls7:): Helen M. Langliorn.'' 1». 
Se]it. 28, 1877: Samuel AV. Langliorn.'' 
1». Apr. 2. Is80: .lolm Earle Langliorn.'' 1). 
I >ec. 4. LSSo : Heiir\' Lraiicli Langiioi'ii.'' L. 
Dec. li. ISSi). 


Moses Lk<»n.\i;i>.' (MosesS' Sanmr/:' J/o-se.s-,' J/oye.->,' John' 
*SbZo/?7ond) lirotlier of tlie pivce(liiig. was li. in (/aiit(jn. X. ^ ., 
Ai»r. 14. IS(V): m. 1. Seiit.. Is27 i-ii<-ina 'riiornton of ( iill, 


Mass., who (1. May V), ls;36, and he m. 2, May 25, 18o7 
Semaiitha llaiiiiltdii of Picrre}H)iit. N. \. 

He was a '" iiii^Lihty hvinter." From an obituary notiee in tlie 
Potsdam Courier Freeu.aii of Se|)t. 11*. 1^88 we take tlie follow- 
ing : — "He was Ixirn in Canton, but Hved most of his life on 
the farm wliere he died, in Pierrepont. Prom the a^u'e of 2U 
to 75 it is estimated that he killed 1.5(M) deer, 300 wolves, -15 
panthei's. more than lt)0 bears besides many foxes. (_)tter and 
other fnrd:)earin_i; animals. He had a passion foi- the Adiron- 
dacks and \'isited them several times during the year, and pur- 
sued liis favorite oceupation until the infirmities of old age 
wai'ued him to desist. Pie on several occasions encountered 
1)ears and panthers at the imminent risk of his life, Init his 
courage and agility never deserted him and he alwavs came 
off victorious. ■"•" * '" He lived a life of stei'ling honestv, 
trusted in (lod and didgcnxl to Ins fellow men." 

We also make extracts from an article published several 
years before his death: — ''Moses Leonard, more familiarlv 
callcil Pnrle Mose or Great Huntci'. was boi-n in Canton in 
1805, l)ci]ig the third cliild born in that town. "' * ^ His 
childhood was spent in liel])ing to clear u]) the forest, and 
attending sucdischools as tlie condition of tlie wilderness would 
]K'riiiit; l)ut wlien quite young he de\'eloped a talent for hunt- 
ing and trap])ing. About the year 182(» his father moved to 
Pieri'epoiit, tlie ])resent residence of Uncle AP:>se, and since 
th'ii his time has been sj)ent niostlv in the South Wo(h1s, and 
no d(_)ul)t he has been one of the most successful hunters who 
ex'cr entered these woods, sh(~)\ving a wonderful sagacity for 
hndiug game : he could det 'ct the presence of wolves \)\ signs 
that no other hunter would notice. * * "" In deer hunt- 
ing he was \-erv successful, killing in one season a hundred, 
nianv of them l)eing killed on the run. ^ ^' ^''' \X one 
time he found a den of black Ix'ars an<l crejit in upon his hands' 
and knees and in the darkness killcil four bv shooting at their 
glistening eyes, and then hc^ went in and drew them out. * ^' 
"" Manv of the voung he ca[itureil alive and it was not uncom- 
mon to see a ])et at his residence. ■"'" •■■ '" He says he has 
k'illeil fortv-four ]:)antliers, killing li\'e in one day : some of 
tlieni measured ten feet in length. < )n one occasion lie caught 
a lai'ge panther which drew the ti'ap and clog to a jirecipice and 
it was iieeessai'v to go down to get him; so Piicle ^[ose tied 
a rope under his arms and his comrade let him down to where 
ihe panllier la\' ali\"e ;md well; but I ncle Most' soon ilis- 
patched him and was hauled up. panther and all. 


lie <1. ill l*irrri'[)(>nt. Sopt. l(», 1888: his widow sin'\ives 

The ehiltlreu of Moses aiul Lncin;i were — 

loHl. C'onieli;i." I). Fcl.. ;-',. Is-Ji) ; ,1. Ma\- 7. lss-_>. 

ir)l>2. Lueiiin.Mi. S.'jit. 1^7. l'S;!ii: m. Scpi. Id. ls:,2 Churh's 
Il;niiilloii : chil. Chnrh's ].. I Iniiiiltoii.'' 1). 
Se]»t. IC). LS,");;. 111. Nov. ;!0. ls7i; Anna, 
Rrown : Julia L. Hamilton.'' \k Mar. 17, 
ISoo ; 111. Dec. ;J1. is7s AUxTt A. IJich. {:'> 

i:.l>::',. fPhilo 1\.M>. June lo. is;;;',: m. D.v. •_>(;, Is.V) Ann 
K. ( roodwin. 

i:)!l4. l.v.lia M.,'^ b. ^[ar. Id. is;!:,; m. J jiie 111. ls:,l 
Georo-e Piandall : cliil. l.ydia S. IJandall.'' 1). 
June Kj. 18.3:2, ni. Julv 1. ls(;<) Charles 
Hesham, (3 chil); Moses A. Kandall.'' 1). 
Oet. 22, 1855, m. Nov. 12, ls77 Ali.'e 
Avres : Jennie C. Ramlall.'' 1). Jan. 22, 
1863, ni. Jan. (), 1882 Lunian Fiiield. (2 
ehil.): Alshon G. Randall,''!). Sept. 18. 1877. 
Closes and Semantha had — 

15!l5. Eliza Ann," 1). Jan. 1(». isiO; ,L Dee. 1<>, 1841. 


Willi a:si Cable Leoxakd,' {Moses/' Sanmd:' Moses,^ Moses,^ 
John^^ k^olomon}) Ijrother of the preeeding, was 1). in Caiiti>n. 
K Y., Apr. 7, 1809: ni. 1, Sept. 4, 1833 Almira Axt.ll. (dan. 
of John Axtell of Pierrepont) wdio d. Feb. 18. 1841 and he ni. 
2, Nov. 21. 1841 her sister Marv :\[. Axtell. 

•' He was one of the pioneei" settlers of Pierrepont, having 
li\'ed on the farm when^ he died nearlv sixtv vears. He was 
one <->f thirteen to torm the tirst AT. K. class in the town, hold- 
ing their meetings in tlie sehool house, and was leader of the 
elass for manv vears. He was even ready to extend tin' hcl])- 
ing hand and w'a.s genial and fricndh'. He entertained nauglit 
but kindly feelings toward all, and, as was titting, reeeiveil and 
enjoved. the esteem and eonliilenee of a lai'ge eii'ide of fi'iends 
and neighbors. 

'■ Hisoeenpation was \' wasthat of manyothersof the 
earl v settlers, eornl)ining with hisfai'ni work that of l)laid<smitli- 
ing and spending the winter months in hunting and ti'apping, 
meeting the difficulties alouL;' his path witii untiring zeal and 
courageously overeoming obsta'-les that we of todav e.-m si-ai'eely 
comj)rehend. In jiolities he was identilied with the ivepubliean 


party, was a tlmi-i )iil;1i tciiijiei'aiiei.' workci' ami a lii'ljicr ami 
co-worker in all cnrcrjti'ises that periaiiidl ti» the welfare (jf 
tlie comiiiuiiitN'. " [Frdin the I'otsdain St. Laicrence Ilevdhh 

May 23, L^l'". r 

He (L ill Pierre])(.)nt. ,Ma^- ll», I-SIM): his wile siir\-i\-es hiiu. 

The eliildreii of \Xii\. i\ and .Vlniira were — 

ir.9r.. Austin C..'' 1). :\[av 22, lsy4 : d. — . Lsss. 

i:)ll7. f Ilenrv AV..M). Apr. 12, 18o(i : in. 1. ( h't." Id. LsTl Sadie 

K Hucli ; in. 2. Get. !!>. Ls7(aLarv E. Ku<-h. 
ir)9s. tWilliain IL." 1». Feb. Is, 1841: in. June 2(;. Isc; 

Gertrude Leonard,^ (ir)27). 
l.V.ili. :\[ary xV..' 1). Feb. 18, 1841: d. :\[ar. ;a. Is42. 
The ehildi'en of Win. C. and Alarv M., were — 
lOtMJ. Martha A..'^ b. Se[it. 1<». Ls44 :' m. Feb. 27, 187(» 

]^rahh)ii S. Crai'v : ehil., Frederick AV. 

Crarv,''b. .A[ar. 21,'l871 : Arthur H. rrarv,'' 

1). ik'c. 17, bS72 : Ned L. Crarv.'' b. Oct. 

lo, LS74 : Clarence S. Crarv,'' b.' :\Iar. 8(_), 

187!:>: Charles J. Crarv.'-' 1). Sept. 12. 1881. 
1601. Lucina H.,' b. Mar. 2, l.s4!) : A. Oct. 20, 1868. 
I(i02. fAlmanzo B.,' 1). Nov. 17. bs,:)4 ; m. July 5, 188(» 

Ettie N. Hnse. 
1603. Landon A.,M). Feb. 3. ls,")7. 

8 10. 

Alvah LeoXAKI),' {Moses!' Sam'iel/' Moses^ Moses,^ John!' 
Solomon}) l)rotlier (^f the ])recedin,a'. was b. in Canton, N. ^'.. 
Aug. 5.1811: in. 1. Oct. 21. Is30 Abi,tiail Axtell. (dau. of 
Ezra Axtell.) who d. Jnlv 21i. ls;;ii. ami he m. '1, Mar. 11, 
1810 Lois Willis. He d. Nov. 8. ls7s. 

The children (.)f Ah'ah and Abigail were — 
Kidl. Taicv R.,M). Jnlv 22, 1831 : in. Mar. 21, 1851 Edward 
Cook :' <diil., Lillian Cook,'' Issa Cook,'' Nel- 
son Cook.'' Jessie Cook.'' 
160.",. AVilliani N.,'" b. June lit. Is::i3 : d. Jnlv 1. ls63. 
KiOi;. Mary L.,'" b. Oct. 9, IS35; d. Oct. 17, 1865; in. Jan. 
IS, 1851 Xelson Xorthrup : chil.. Lilla 
Northrup," b. Aug. 1 1S56. in. Feb. 2. 187() 
John Sayrcs : Alvah Northrnp,'' b. Jan. 27. 

1860, 111. F<-b. •_>. issl, : Mortimer 

North rn ]>,'■' b. iSC'j; ; Ada Xorthi'up." 1). Apr. 

2(5. ISCl, 111. >,[ay 7, bSSi. . 

iVbali and liois had — 
1607. Eliza F..' li. Mai'. 2(i. ISIM. 

L Eox. 1 // 1) a h:xh\ 1 /. o f ,■ r 


8 16. 

JOIIX S. JA'J)S.\[1\k' (P'^/r/' /('./' .S(l.ii/jr/.'' Mn.'^c.'i^ J/nsrsJ' Jo/nt,'' 

Soloinon^) cMcsT soil of I'ctci' KijilcN' and Aim;i (IJirh) Leon- 
ard, was li. ill Shorcliaiii. V\ . Apr. 1:;. l.Sdil. lli> lather's 
faiuilv iviiio\('(l to ('anion. X. ^^, in ls(|-^ und in l^ljl to 
Pieriv|ioni, wlicre -loliii S. m. Jiil\ l-s. [si'-j AKi^aii ()Iinst<'i|. 
He d. ill ^[orlev. N. V.. dan. \'-'>. Is72; liis wife d. at riic 
same ])laee and l)otli ai'e linncil in Picrrrpoiit. 

ddieii" cliildivn wcw — 
- Kins. Amiet.^l). Mux 7. ls2;; : d. D.v. !>. Is-j;;. 

llid'.i. Kinnia II..' 1).' Sept. lo. is-Jd: d. dan. '2'2. 1 s4o : in. 

Dec. iSd;-; Cliarles W.dls. 
llilo. fdolin 'riiiirman,'^ 1). dan. 7. LSj!(i ; ni. dan. :.^S. IsdS 
Mar\- daiie IJrown. 

81 7. 

Doiius Lkoxari*,' (P<^fey R..'' Su/iuielJ' Moses,* 3Iuses.-^ John,'' 
ASb/o//7ondj brother of the ] i receding;', was f». in Shoreliain. Vt, 
Anu'. 6, 1801 : in. 1. X^v. o. Is2(»' Lnrane AxteH. 1.. in Pierre- 
pont. X. Y.. dan. 27. Lsod. dan. of Ezra Axtcdl : slie d. Au,-'. 
5, 18-:)'2 and lie in. 2, Feh. lo. iSoo Ahiiira Laiigdon. h. in 
Dorset. Vt.. Ano-. 14. Lsos. 

He resid(>d in Pierrepoiit and afterwards in Canton, N. Y., 
wdiere lie d. ^V])r. 2f. Isdi; : his widow d. Feb. 2, 1S7'-!. 

The ehildren (_)f Dorns and Lnrane. all b. in Pierre- 
pout, were — 

1611. Celiiida.'M). dan. 2:1 LS21 : d. Alar. 17. lSo2. 

1H12. Christina.^., dan. 24. Is2;i : d. Mar. 2;'.. Ls2:.. 

1613. Infant son.M). Jan. 22. ls2o: d. Mar. 22. Is2.\ 

1614. Favette.M). dan. 2s. 1826: d. Feb. 2(i. Ls2ii. 

KUd. Christina.'" b. Apr. 1. Ls27 : m. L Oct. o. ls:.2 Mas..n 
F. Saiiford. b. in Canton Mav 2(1. 1S2«: 
ehil. Fzra M. Sanford;-' 1.. A[>i'. ' Ls. Is:,,-), d. 
( )v't. .",. Ls,-|i) : deiinie L. Sanford.'' b. Mar. 
is. IS-'iy. in. \\n\ 2-2. ISSli Fd^ar C. liiiig- 
haiii of Pierrepoiit. (ehil. Jessie May BiiiLz- 
hain.i" b. Sept. (*). Lss7). 

ill. 2. Dee. ;)1, isii;-; Cdiarles Crandall. b. in 
ivovalton. Xl. Alar. S. Lslii; rhil. Carrie 
Ma'ria Craiidall.'' b. Nov. 22, LSIW;. 

KUC). F/.ra A..M,. Mar. 17. bs2d : m. dune 2<», 1858 Xaney 
K. Porter of Canton. X. Y. : "has 8 dau.s.. 
resides in I )an\ ille. 111. 


1H17. Aiiiu'ttc.' I). June 10. 1S31 : d. — . 

The cliiMi-rii of bonis and Aluiii'a, all exccjit the 

el. lest 1). in Canton, wei'e — 
l<il8. Lni'ane.^ 1'. Jan. 2(5. iSP,,-) iu PieiTcjiont. d. Feli. 27, 

isii") : in. Fel>. 2s. IsHl Nelson \\\ (tocxI- 

Kill). Zaida L..M.. May 16. 1888: m. Dec 11. 1S(;1 Oscar 

llowai'il of Canton. 
1(120. Eli/aheth A..' 1). Nov. 1(J. l8oU : m. Jnne o. I8(i5 

Charles C. Sanl>oni 1). Dee. 10, 1887, son (_)f 

-Kdniond and IlaiM'iet K. (AVliite) Sanhorn. 
1(;21. Ilarvrv D..' 1). (_)et. 1(». 1 S42 : ni. Get. 12, 18(w 

Melinda K. Packai'd of Pierpont ; " resides 

in Lincoln, Nebraska."" 
1622. tTheodore H.,M). Jnlv K). ls4:. ; m. Fel). 24. ls70 

TIattie S. Baker. 
1(128. Estella K..M). Dec. 13, Ls4li ; ni. Apr. 29, 1X7:. AVil- 

liani l^otter of {_'olton, N. Y. 

82 1 . 

Chakles R. Leoxard,' {Pder R.^' Samuel;' Moses,^ Moses.^ 
Joliii^- Solomon,^) l>rotl:ier of tlie jtreeedinu', was b. in Canton, 
N. Y., May 29, 1809 : ni. Mar. 12, 1885 Eunice Griilin b. in 
Plattsburg, N. Y., dan. of Nathaniel and Lurena (Haves) 

He resides in Pierrepont. N. Y. 

The children of Charles R and Eunice were — 
1(>24. fMahloii Pv..-^ b. Jan. 9, ls8(i : ni. 1, Mar. 8, 1864 
Martha P. Day: m. 2, Oct. 8(», 1874 Emma 
M. Francis. 
I(i2r>. Lawson." h. Jnlv 4. 1887 : d. Oct. 24, 1864. 
l(;2(i. Adelaide.'' b. Fi'l). 17, 1889. 

l(i27.(t)(Tertrndc,M). July 22, 1848: m. June 2(i, l.S(;7 Wil- 
Ikiiii II. ' Li^onard^ (lo9S). 


Sami'ki. \\. ij^:<>:N-Aiii),' {Peier B.,*' Samuel/' Mosp.\^ Moses,^ 
JdIiii/ Sotomou,^) l)rotherof the j.i'cccding, was b. in J^ienvpont, 
X. v.. Jan. 29, 1828: ni. 1. Jan. 19, 1849 An-eline A. ^Vins- 

low. b. An--. 1. bS30, dau. of Elnathan S. and Clarissa ( ) 

\Vinslow of Ellsw(.)rtli. N. Y.: slie d Aus". 1, b8r)8 and he m. 
2. — . bs:)7 Mrs. Martha (Parks) MaynaVd, b. July — . 1.S81, 
dau. of Jonas and (\iroliii("( ) Park's and widow of William 


^[ayiiiinl of Waltliaiii. Mass.: slic d. Mar. VI. ISCl aiid lie in. 
8, Fel). — , l.S()4 A[arv Hol)l>iiis of ('aiiil)ri(l,L;v, Mass.. dan. of 

Amos and Lucy (- ) KoMiins of 1}. I. 

lie resided in Pierrepont, N. V.. l>i-iglitoii and ('amUridLic- 
|)()i't, ]\rass.: d. A]>r. 22, 1877 at the Taunton Insane Asjduni; 
his \vi(htw d. An,-:'. 28, 1881. 

The children of Sannud R. and ^Vnuxdiiu^ were — 
1H2S. fAd.elhert W.,M). Nov. 1(3, 1849 ; 'd. Dec!), 1885; 
ni. rlulv 23, 1878 Lizzie Burkett. 

1629. Ella A..'^ 1). Apr. 28, 1852; ni. Sei)t. 20, 1882 Fi-ank 

V>. March, son of Delano and Sai'ah I'. 

( ) ^rarch of Watei't.twn, ^Nlass. 

Samuel 1\. and ACartha had — 

1630. Frank Keith,^ b. Mar., 1861 ; <L May 14, 1861. 
Samuel R. and Mary had — 

_ 1631. Herl)ert Kipley,^ 1). Nov. 29. 1S72. 


BeXJAMIX HoKSLEY LeOXAHL),' {Sannii'l!'' Sann'r/J' Mnses,^ 
J/dses^^ Ji)hn^~ SolniiHiii^) eldest child of Samuel and Lucy 
(Horsley) Leonard, was h. in dill, Mass., Nov. 19, 1805 ; m. 
Jan., 1835, Susan H. Johnson of Canton, N. Y., h. Se})t. 16, 

He resided in Canton, where he d. Oct. 6, 1888; his wife d. 
Sept. 14, 1861. 

Their children were — 

1682. fE'lwin II.,M3. Dec. 5, 1885 (Dec. 5, 188() ?); m. Dec. 

4, 1860 Lucy Pollock. 

1683. Lucetta C.,^ h. Mar.' 23, 1889: m. Sept. 12, ls(;5 

Flerbert J. BYrne, 1). Dec. 7, 1841, d. Oct. 
7, 1885: had Willie A. Byrne,''!). June 19, 
1866; resides in P'airdale, N. Y. 


ElIPHAS a. LeOXAI-!!),' (Xo//'"/," SdiiiiirlJ' J/nsfs,^ JfiKsrs,^ 

Jiiliii^- S'l/oniDi/,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Canton, 
N. Y.. Jan. 18, ls2o : m. Jan. 10, 1844 Lucy Barnes, b. in 
Canton, July 1. 1821. 

He resided in Canton, X. Y., and d. there Jnl\- 18. Isiil ; his 
widow d, Feb. 16, 1881. 

Their cliildren were — 

1684. fWinfield S..^ b. Nov. 8. 1845; m. Jan. 20, bs75 

Mi'Uina Ib'own. 


1635. Lucy Elizabeth,^ b. Mar. 20, Lso2 ; )ii. Jan. 7, 1<S78 
Benjamin F. Cleflen ; had Candacc Clelien,'' 
b. Feb. bS, bs80. 

1(330. Ada AmeHa,^ I). Jan. 16, 1858. 


JOHX LK(.)XAHI),' [Fj-Ktiris,*' Junits^^ Mose-'i^^ A/nscs/' Jn/ni,~ 
fSoloriw/i,'^) son of Francis and Sarali (Blake) Leonanb was b. 
in Warwick, Mass., June 13, 1806; m. Mar. 5, 1832 Mrs. 
Louisa* (Conant) [Raymond] Jones, b. in AYarwiclc, June 8, 
1798, dan. of Asa and Martha (Merriam) Conant and wi(h)W 
of Levi Jones. 

In liis earlv nianliood he tan;a-ht sdiool in his natix'e town ; 
in the year is2'.», acctunpanied by his cousin Jonathan Blalce, 
he went to Ilbnois and located near Lowell, LaSalle Co., where 
he carried on farming quite extensively for twenty years. In 
184'.:', lie removed to G-alesl)urg in order to give liis children 
better educational advantages: he bought, a small farm near 
town on which he resided for several years. 

He was an earnest Christian and an active mcml:)er of the 
Presbyterian church of wliich he was made a deacon. In 
1856 he was emploved by the American Bible Society and 
was engaged for two or three years in Bible work', canvassing 
Knox and adjoining counties: and suljsequently was chosen 
City Missionary of Galesburg, in which work he spent the 
remaining vears of his life. iVs a sample of his faithful devo- 
tion to this work, we quote the following from his memoranda 
of one year's labor, tliat of 1860: "Visited 1('(>7 families: 
personal con\-ersation with 953 persons: prayed with 412 him- 
ilies : made 376 visits to the sick ; attended 150 prayer meet- 
ings: also 44 funerals." His reports for several years were 
similar to this. Li all his life lie was striving to do some kind 
deed or speak a word that might \\-a\c a good influence on 
those with whom he was l)rought in contact. Feeling the 
need of a mission S. S., in 1S58 he called a meeting in the 
passenger de]»ot of the C. B. ifc Q. li. li, and oi-ganized a 
scliool which he conducted for some time in the depot and 

*Louisa Conant m. 1, Feb. 4, 1820 Daniel Raymond ; had one sou Daniel Conant Ray- 
mond, who m. 1, Mar. 13, 1843 Eliza H. Snow who d. Oct. 23, 1851, Cchil Daniel Lew is 
Raymond and George S Raymond"), m. 2, Dec. 15, 18.52 alary A. Sherman, (chil Mary 
Eliza Raymond). Daniel Raymond d. Sept. 20, 1820 and his widow m. 2, I^v. 28, 1S21 
Levi Jones ; had Jlary Louisa Jones, b. Sept. 24, 1822, m. Dec. 30, 1841 Daniel Little : 
Susan Allen Jones, b. Sept. 13, 1825, d. May 25, 18(33, m Oct. 10, 1854 G. D. Colton : 
Caroline R. Jones, b. .Ian 15, 1829 ; Levi Jones, d. Oct. 3, 1831 and his widow m. 3, Mar. 
5, 1832 John Leonard. 


passt'iigtM' coaciies luitil tlic citi/iMis ln'l|)ril liim IniiM ;i cliiipcl, 
ill Avhicli tlir sclidol is still (•;ii-ric(l on. In Lsii;! he cntci'ci 1 tlic 
service of tlii' ( Miristiim ( 'oiimiission lint \v;is soon (iIiUliciI to 
resign on account of ill licaltli. 

He (1. in Galesl)nrg -Ian. l-".. Isc..'.. His name still lix'o in 
the hearts of all who knew him and his caiMicst nntiiing lahoi' 
f<jr the a.ilvaneeinent of Christ's k'ingdoni is known 1o all tlir 
coininuiiity 'in which he liveiL He was especialh' Urloxcil 1)\- 
the children for whom. ('\'en to the pooi-est raL^gcd child on the 
street, he alwavs had a kind wor<l : at the head of his gi'a\c 
stands a nKjniinient given l>y the Mission S. S. which hears 
the inscription '' Tlie Chihh'en's Friend. " 

J lis widow d. ^[al•. (). ls7'2. 
Their children wei'e — 

1(337. Levi Jones;^ b. Oct. 2(). IsB:; : d. ^^av Ki. ISoL 

1638. Sarah Blake.'^ I). Fel). 28, ly3() ; d. Apr. U. Isr.T. 

1639. tHenrv Fuller/ h. :S[a.v 22, 1842: ni. Jan. 31.;:, 

Sarah J. ]^)rimmer. 


Iirr. Francis Leoxakd,' [Fraiicis!'' JnnasJ' J/^ JA/>v'>-.'' 
Joliii^' iSoA////o//,^) brother of the ])recediiig. was b. in AVarwitdc. 
Mass., Oct. 19, 1S19: ni. Feb. Ki. 1S4S Lois Jane Morse, dan. 

of Mark and Meliitable [ ) ^[orse of G-aleslntrg. III. lie 

went to Illinois at an early date, was a Congregational ist min- 
ister, preaching for a time at Knoxville and later at (lalesbiirg 
where lie d. Sept. 2<>, 1856. His widow m. 2, Ivew Xahniu 
Gouhl who d. — : she d. — . 

The cliildren of \\e\. Francis ;md Lois .1. were — 

1640. F^dward Blake," b. Jnne 10. lSo3: d. Oct. lo. Is77. 

1641. Isabelhi Mehitable.M). Apr. L4. Isoo : .1. Dec. 4. 



Jonas LKOXARD.' {Jnnns:' .Innns.'^ Mnsrs,^,:' Snin. 

inoj/.^) son of Jonas and Patt\' (Daxds) Feonard, was b. in \\"ai-- 
wdck. :\[ass.. ()ct. 3, lsi4 : m. Mav 1. ls;-;!i Flizabeth C. Croft. 
1). Mar. is, 1S18, dan. of Joseph and Chloe (Collins) Croft of 
Ware. Mass. 

Fled. Mar. 4, Isiio and his widow m. 2, Sejit. 2(i. Is68 
Warren Stratton of Xortldield. 

The children of Jonas ami Fli/.abeth were — 

1(U2. Elvira An^'usta." b. Mav 22. Fs41 : m. Nov. 30. IsC)."". 


Andrew A. Wilkins, son of Barnard C. and 
Maria L. (Stevens) Wilkins of Guilford, Yt.\ 
had Lizzie Maria Wilkins,^ b. in Northlield 
Sept. 2i, 18(36, m. June 14, 188(3 Charles H. 
Haskell; Fred Herbert Wilkins,^ 1>. in 
Montague Sept. 21, 1868, ni. Dec. 25, 1887 
Grace M. Truein, (chil. Jessie Marion Wil- 
kins,i" b. Feb. 26, 1889 ; Clara Hazel Wil- 
kins,^" b. Aug. 12, 1890) ; Jessie Louise 
Wilkins,''b. in Athol Julv 24, 1880,d. Mar. 14, 
1884 : Clara Bertha Wi]kins.''b. Julv 18,1888. 

1(343. William Franklin,M). Feb. 17, 1843; d."" Sept. 2, 
1871 ; m. Sept. 26, 1868 Maria H. Hill, dau. 
of Caleb and Pollj (Howard) Hill of Win- 
chester, N. H. 

1(344. Ellen Jane,^ b. Jan. 15, 184(3 ; d. Oct. 23, 1848. 

1645. Frederic Mason,Mx Dec. Ki, IS47 ; d. Mar. 2, 1869. 

164(3. Dwight E^ugene,^' b. Jan. 9, 1S5() ; d. Sei)t. 5, 1875. 

1(347. fEdward Everette,''^ b. Aug. 22, 1853 ; m. Sept. 7, 
1876 Ella L. Chandler. 

1648. Addie Laurene Elizabeth,'' b. May 29, 1857 ; in. Dec. 

11, 1875 Jose})h Herbert Sargent, b. in 
Boston, Jan. 13, 1852, son of Joseph A. and 
Jane F. (Johnson) Sargent of Erving, Mass.; 
chil. Ava Leona Sargent,''^ b. Aug. 15, 1879 
in Northlield ; Gertrude May Sargent,'' b. 
May 14, 1884; Jonas Leonard Sargent.'M). 
Dec. 12, 1885 ; Wavne Allen Sara-ent,'' 1). 
Nov. 24, 1889. 

1649. Cora Aut(^inette,^ b. Nov. 18, 1859 ; ni. Se])t. 13„ 

1879 Edward Marcus Turner b. in Noi-th- 
field, Feb. 4, 1859, son of Chauncey Turner ; 
chil. Knote Euo-ene Turnei'," b. Nov. 28^ 
1881, d. Mar. 1,' 1882 : ( )ren L. Turner, ''b. 
Aug. 5, 1883. 


JoxATiiAx D. Leonard,' {JnrlS' Fr<iurisJ' Mn.^rs.^ J/,s;' 

'lnl/u,~ Sn/niiini/,^) SOU of Jocl aud Abigail (Delvce) Leonard, 

was 1). in Jamaica, \"t., (Jet. 17, 1837; ni. Jan. 1, 1860 Marv 

J. Osgood. 

^J''h('ir children are — 

1()5(). (.'ari'ic J.,"^ b. Feb. 3, 18(;1 in Towushend ; m. Se])t. 

— , 18S5 Jaincs F. Wood of Keene, N. XL 


l(v)l. Kix'd ,1..^ 1». Sri)t. lM. ls(i4 ill (Iriiftoii. 
l(\Sl. Kva .\[..' 1>. -lull. K), is?.', in ( i r;ifl( -ii. 


Samuel T. Leoxaim)," (.A/,/.'' I'^imrisJ' Mosrs,^ .]/(isrs,'K/(i/n/,'' 
tSoloiiiou}) brother of tin' ju'ccciJiiiL;-. was 1). in AVai'dsboro', \'t., 
A])]-. 80, 1S41 : 111. Srj.t. Li), LsC.lj'Kalic 11. IMidps. 
Their ehihlmi were — 
IHoo. Pheljis V.,^ 1). -Inlv ;!1. Isils in Xcwl'aiic: d. .lunc (i. 

16r)4. Flossie S.,M). Mav ?k Ls74 in (irai'ton. 

1655. Abbie II.,'' b. Aii"i|-. 12. Ls7r, in (irafton. 

1656. Samuel Ilarland.'' b. Nov. 5, bSSL in (iraftoii. 


EzKA Lkoxaki),' ( A'c/v^'' A''/^//.-'^ J/ .IA/.sv.s,-= .A/////,- Ao/o- 
moii,^) eldest son of Ezra and .Vbigail (Clark) Leonard, was b. 
probably in Keene. N. H., Mar. 'i. 1S()2 : ni. An,u-. 16, 1.S27 
Luej Wait, b. July 25. 180(» in Sprin-licld,, dan. of 
Daniel and Dolly (Gates) AVait then of Ttica. X. V. 

When a lad he lost his leg by ani|)iitation in conscMiuence of 
a fever sore and for the remainder of his life was dependent 
upon erutehes. He was not strong and ne\'er enjoye(l ^dod 
health, but in spite (.)f his weakness led a useful and busy 
life, tie began the study of law, but not liuding it eongeiiial 
to his tastes abandoned it at the end of two years, and after 
learning the trade of tailoring made this his business ior some 
years, first in Champion and later in Pamelia, N. Y. His 
father having taken upland in Jlei'moii he e\-eiituall\' joined 
him in subduing it, li\ung for twenty years with his himily 
on a farm, after which he removed to the village of irernion 
and engaged in the dry goods and grocery business, lb' tilled 
a number of public offices, among them that of assessor, col- 
lector and school connnissioner. while he held a commission as 
Justice of the Peace for many years. His good judgment in 
business matters made his ad\'ice and counsel often sought for 
bv his neighbors. He and Ids wife were faithful and consist- 
ent members of the Congregational Church and assisti'd in 
manv wavs in forwarding the work of the church. 

He d. in Hermon, N. Y., Aug. 18, LScSl : his widow d. l"\'b. 
7, bs85. 

Their children were — 

1657. Clarke Wait." b. — : d. — . au-e<l 21 ni.niths. 


1<)58. Alma Mariali,* b. A])r. 8, 1830; d. May 12, 1868; 

111. FeV). 7, 1850 Degrass Foster of Hennon ; 

eliil, Yiola Amelia Foster,'' Annie Augnsta 

Foster,'^ (Jelia Yinca Foster. '^ 
1659. fVoliiey Clarke,^ 1). May 3, 1833 ; m. 1, — , 1856 

Estiier Keynolds ; m. 2, Jan. 1), iSlili Mary. 

Jane Davy. 
1()60. Lucebia Ann.M). Aug. 7, 1835; m. Aug. 4, 1852 

John (J. livel (if Copenhagen, N. Y. ; has 

2 daughters and 1 son. 
16(U. Frmiiia A.,'' l).'jan. 11, Ls38 : m. Feb. 4, 1859 Ethan 

A. Clai'ke of Hermon : one dan. 

1662. Celestia D.^ b. June 9, 1841 ; d. Jan. 26, 1857. 

1663. Lucy E.;"^ b. May 17, 1844 ; m. No\'. 20. 1876 Albert 

W. Parrish of Pamelia, N. Y. ; resides in 
Utica, N. Y. 
1(]64. tAur.'liaii AVait." b. ■ Jan. 8,1846: m. :\[ay 2, 1868 
Mary J. Yanatter. 


CEPilAS LEOXAKD," i^Ezni,'' \nul/j' Mnsrs,^ J/oxrs/' J(Jl U ,~ 

>S'o/o///o//,i) l)roLher of the jireeeding, was 1). in Champion, Jeti'er- 
son Co., N. Y., Dec. 9, LS()3: m.'jan. 24, 1826 Clarissa Liv- 
ingston of DeKalb, N. Y., 1). 0<-t. 11, 1806. 

For .the greater part of his life he resided in Hermon. N. Y., 
where he was a prosperous dairy farmer. He and his wife 
wei'c earnest, faithful members of the Congregational Chuivh, 
and their hospitality was often extended to ministei's and 
friends of the cause thev loved. 

Fie d. Nin'-. 16, 1883: his wife d. May 2. bSS3. 

Tlieir children wei'c — 
1665. Lucy 0.,M). Aug. 31, 1828; m. Mar. 22, 1848 AYil- 
liam (jr. Bingham of Flermon. N. Y. : diil. 
George Bingham,-' Charles Bingham,'' Frank 
Bingham.-' Ella Bingham,'' Helen Bingham''; 
resides in Summerhill, N. Y. 
16(;6. Bethiah \Y.,^ b. July 7, 1830; m. Apr. 27, b^57 
Charles Williams of Hermon: chil.. (Mara 
Williams,'-' L(niisa Williams,'-' llerndoii AYil- 
liams.^ Ettie AVilliams.'-' 
ir.iH. Xathauicl 1).,M). Julv L8, 1834; d. Sept. 3, 1S35. 
l(ii;s. tCcphas (\.M). l),r. ^, 1835; m. Mar. 7, bS57 A[ary 

]()()9. Marv M.,'~^ b. Juno 26. bS3S : ,]. Dec. 9, ls73 ; m. 



-Ian. l^S. ls:,s Tlioiiias 'riioi'iiliill of Ilcr- 

iiioii ; cliil.. \\ iiiii;i Till )niliill.'' Mi'iH'st Thoni- 

Inli;-' Minna Tlioi-nliill.'' 
1()7(>. t(T(.rliani ('.,' 1.. Xox. :.. Isjii; m. l),v. ;;i. Isi;;; 

l'>iiiilv Smith. 
11)71. Sojjliia ('..' 1).' Drc. '1:k \M:\: d. I*'cii. 1:;. Is7s: ni. 

Mar. 7. isiw; Man-iis 1 ). I^vn.-li ol llcni 

l()7'-\ Sal-all ('..' 1). July 24. IS-IC: d. .laii. jI 1. Is7(): m. 

l)cc. ;U, I'Si;;; lr\-r ('omstock of llcniion ; 

cliil.. Jcri'N' Coiiistock.'' IJowcn ('omstock'.'' 
l(i7M ( Marciicc ( '..'^ 1). Mar. o. is.'i'j ; m. .Ijm. ;;. |s74 llan- 

iiali Wood; no cliildiTii : resides in llcr- 

iiion, N. V. 


Iloi!.V(.'K LkoN AIM),' (^ '"''■''".''' \"'ih:' .l/"-'s' .\l"s, s.' -lolni? 
Snlniiidii}) eldest son of CaKiii and ()cta\ia (i)\viiiell) iicoiiard. 
was 1). in Iveene, N. 11., Nov. oO. m. .Ian. ll». \>^'.V1 Vn-x- 
sev Woods, 1). in Keeiie, .liil\- is, Islo, d;in. of Solomon 
Woods, (Ij- Oet. 14. 177-2: d. Oct.. ls;;7 : m. >[ai'. 2:.. 17'.i7 
Betsey Meade, 1). Oft. 11, 1774. d. Apr. lo, Isiis. ) 

?Iis earliest vears were spent in (iilo\'er and l>artoii. \'t.. Init 
at the age of elex'eii lie went to Kcene and tliat Uecame his 
place of residence until the time of his marriage, when he 
returiie<l to (ilover and houglit a farm: he resided u|)on this 
and other farms in close |)ro.\imit\- until the time of his ileath 
which occui'red .luue 80, iSSi). lie was .always considered an 
honorable and upright man. In xrvy early life he united w itli 
the (J.)ngregatioiial (Jhureh. hut soon after his i'emo\al to 
Glover, he allied himself with the rni\'ei'salists : during the 
late vears of his life, he was a, tirm heliewr in spiritualism. 
Ilis widow d. Mar. 24. Is'.),-). 

4die children of Horace and l)(4sev were — 
1()74. fllorace Ileiirv,' 1». Oct. D. 18:52 :' ni. An,-'. 2:!. IsiiO 

Saraii A. Merrill. 
l()7o. Sarali Aline(la." 1 1. ,Ian. 1. is;',!',; m. Jan. 1. Isofi 
J(_)hii Alartin Shei'liurne : cliil. iM'rtie M. 
Sherbarne,'M». ^^ar. 2(i. is.M). m. Sept. 12. 
1.S80 Ida 11. Dexter. 1>. Sept. is. Is.Mi. irhil. 
Burleigh Sherhurne.'" h. M;ir. l-"!. lss-_>|: 
Etta \. Sherhurne.'' h. Feb. 27. Isii], m. 
A])ril 2S. isso Chai'les Dexter, h. Dec. lo. 
IS04, son of Jonathan De.xter. b. June 22. 


1825 and Louisa (Bancroft) Dextei'. U. May 
5, 1833. (chil. Pearlie Dexter,"' h. Oct. 12, 
issl: Opal Dexter, 1^). Sept. 1-1 1887). 

167*1 fSaulord Aloiizo.''^ b. Aug. 15, 1838 ; d. Dec. 29, 18B2 ; 
111. Ma}- 1, 1860 Hannah Brown. 

1677. Emnia Elizabeth,'" b. Feb. 9, 1842 ; d. Apr. 1, ls69. 

167S. f Elmer D\vinell,Mj. Feb. 3, 1850; m. Feb. 13, Ls71 
Sarah Lance. 

1679. fOra Joseph,^ b. Dec. 1, 1855 ; in. June 2, 1878 Ella 


Chauncey C Leonard,' {Kjihniini,*' XnaliJ' M(,s,s,^ M<i.s(^s,^ 
Jo/iji^''^ So/o'ii/oii,^) onlv son of Ephraini and Maria (Sti'ong) 
Leonard, was 1). in Barre, Vt., Oct. 22, 1814 ; ni. July 30, 1843 
Jane Town, 1). June 28, 1817, dan. of Major Town of Barre. 

Owing to the earl}^ loss of his father he was Ijrought uj:) bv 
Mr. Joseph Wheaton of Barre. Most of liis life was devoted 
to fanning, he being the owner of a farm in Barre. Before 
the time of railroad transportation he carried goods by team 
from Barre to Boston for several years. He was an <'arnest 
Methodist and held the office of steward of the cliureli fortv 
years, most of the time being recording secretary and was ;dso 
a class leader many years. 

He d. at the home of his son J()se})h A])i'. 18, 1891 ; his wife 
d. some years previously. 

Their children were — 

16.S0. fllerbert C.,^ b. July 3, 1844; m. Feb. 15, 1870 Fllen 
S. White.' 

1681. Lora A.,^ b. Sept. 9, 1846 : m. Sei)t. 23, 1872 G. 

Yernon Lewis; resides in Crowley, Louis- 

1682. fK'lward O.,-^ b. Feb. 7, 1849 : m. Mar. 30, 1871 Abbie 

11 Hill. 
16.s;3. fdosei.Ji AV.,M). Jan. 12, 1852: m. Mar. 6, 1873 Lora 

E. Cults. 
l()S4. fFivd A.,M). Feb. 4, 1855; m. Apr., 1874 Alice A. 

16S5. fWilbaiii Hanson," b. duly 16, 1S57 ; m. Nov. 27, 

bs7!i S;ii-:di A. Cutler. 
l(iS6. fArthur d.." 1). Apr. 24. 186(» : m. Dee. 29. bSS4 

dessie McDonald. 
1687. Nellie J.," b. May 12. 1862 ; d. Oct., 1887. 



WiLLAlM) Kl,(>NZ() Ll-:tiNAi;ii.' (.1/"-^' s'' Xnuli,-' .lA-.<,.,.' .I/o>v.sJ' 
Jiilnir Sdlniiioii,^) eldest soil of Mosrs iilid Liiiir;! ( ( "li;i|Mii;ili) 
LeoiianL was 1). in Keeiie, N. II.. ( )ct. 11. IslS; m. Sept. '1<1 
184H Lois I). :\[ik's of Nashua. N. II.. dan. of Sewdl and 
Susan (Welsh) Miles. 

He was engng'ed in the lii>ot and shoe luisiness in (ilo\'ei', 
\X.. whieli he left to enter the arMi\- dui'iuL;' the ('i\il War. was 
a nieuibei" of Co. II. oUtli Mass. Keut. ; was taken prisoner at 
the Battle of the Wildei'ness and dieil in Andersonxille Prison 
iSept. 2 1S64. (Xunil)er of his tomhstone. "o-fSj. His widow 
d. in West Burke. \\.. dan. 7. iNDi;. 
Idieir (diildixai wei'e — 
K388. Alfaretta K.M). dune 2-1. Isds : d. at the aw of 4 

yea IS. 
1089. Nora L.," h. June U, Lsr)!); ni. 1, Get. il. lS8l Wm. 
C. Blood of (Nnieord. X. IL. wdio d. Dec. 2:.. 
1881 and she in. 2, Dee. 24. Iss4 d. d. Lind- 
say ; resides in (ireenshoro". \'t. 
KiiH). fOrhindoLi'l). Ajir. l().ls:)2: ni. d une ;'.. Is7(i Xanev 

KiUl. Lilla D.,Mx Sept, ID, is.V, : m. didv o. LS/O Henri 
G. Blaisdell: ehil Carlisle W. Blaisdell.'' h. 
Noy. 11, 1878; Adetor J. l^laisdell. -d). dune 
8, 1882: resides in Coneoi'd. N. H. 
1H92. fFrank K.Mi. Anu'. 4. ls:.7 : ni. dune, ls7s Lizzie 


GEORGK F. LKONAKI).' (d'/V-O/V/r/' Xnilh:' J/,' .lA/.sv.s,"' Jnlm,'' 

■Solo'iinni}) son of (deoi'ge and Mary (Russell) Leonank was k. 
in Gloyer, Vt., :\Iar. 81, 1827: ni. Fek. 28, 1858 Marv Aim 
D\yinell, k. in Keene. N. II.. Fek. 28, Ls2s. dau. of daiiie> II. 
and Alniira (Ilolbrook) Dwinell. 

He d. dan. 4, 1892, at Los An-des. ('a!., his wid^.w d. at the 
same place. Jan. 24. 1890. 

ddie <-hildr(_'n of Georg'e F. and .Mar\- A. were— 
1H98. fEdwanl Burt.M). Fel). 17. ks:.4 • m. Od. 2:.. Issl 

]\Liy ^raekinnon. 
1()94. +Frank Dwinell. M,. Apr. 2(;. Isd7 : ni. Jul\- 7. kss;; 

Aliee S. r>aker. 
I(i9r). Fred Georg-e,'* k. Aug. o. 1 So9 : I'esides in I>cn\-er, 



Charles Seward Leonard,' (^rw/v/^.*' XoahJ' M'lsrs,^ }[oses^^ 

JoJni^^ Soloino'it}) l)rother of the preceding, was 1). in Glover, 
Yx.. Sept. 17, 188('; m. June 'lb. 1855 Serocia Frendi. eldest 
(lau. of Lin<lal and Sophia ((_''lark) French* of (Tlo\-cr. 

He was a jeweler in (fh)ver and a man liighly esteemed in 
his own and surroimdinL;' towns; lie d. suddcidv ^fay 0. 181)8; 
his widow survi\-es him. 

Tliev had one daughter — 

U\'M\. Laura L.,'" b. Mar.'^B, 1857 ; d. Mar. '20, 18<)-1. 

891 . 

CiiAPiN Leonard," ( WilJunH'' XmiJi;' J/,^ Mnsc^^ .hilm'- 
SdJdiiinii}) youngest (diild of Willard and ^Vmy (Lary) Leon- 
ard, was 1). in (ilox-cr, \{., \\)V. 14, l8o7 : m. Se])t. 8. 181)1 
Llarriet S. Bean, I). July 8, 18-12 in (il(.)vei', dan. of Amos P.-'* 
and Phila (Sartwell) Bean. 

He received his education at district school and the ()rleans 
Liberal Institute of (plover. He has held man \- town (_)itices ; 
has l;)een town clerk and treasurer since 1883 and tax collector 
since 1885: was ]^ostmast<n' from 187() to 1884. He owns and 
resides upon a hirm in (Jhn'cr \dllagc, l)ut ])revious to LSiM), 
was employed in a genei'al store for over twenty years. He 
and his family are members of St. Paul's Universalist Chui'ch 
in (ilover. 

The (diildrcn of Cluij)in and HaiTiet were — 
1H07. Hattie Eudella,^ h. June 30, LS(i6 ; d. Auu'. 31, 1882. 
1(')1)8. fWillard Chapin,'" b. Mav 18, LS70; m." Aug. 27, 

1892 Kate Owen'. 
li;'.i!). Almon Kvans.M). Mm: 29, 1873; he has shown great 
interest in the comj^ilation of this book, 
being mainlv instrumental in the ac(|uisi- 
tion of so full a record of the descendants 
of Noah Leonard, (140), and John Leonard, 
(141); resides in Boston, Mass. 

*The chil. of Lindal French were— Serocia m. Chas. S. Leonard : Heman of Lyndon, 
Vt. : Sophia L. m. L. B. Willey of Glover; Charles d. young: Helen L. m. G. W. Mc- 
Gaffey of Glover ; Dean C. of Barton Landing:, Vt. ; Charles L. a physician in Clinton, 

**Anios P. Bean was a farmer, b. and d. in Glover ; ni. Phila Sartwell at Glover in 
1834 : d. Nov. 15, 1875. His father, Samuel Bjan, went fi-om Sutton, N. H., and was one 
of the first settlers of Glover, (about the year 18000 

LEONARD a EXE. 1 L0(; } : 2.S3 


George Erskine Leonaud.' (./m//,,,'' .A,///,.' .!/,,>,<. ' .l/ x;' 
'/oIiii,~ SolohiDii}^ eldest son of Major .lolm ;iiiil I)clior;ili 
(Erskine) Leonard, was 1>. in Winclicstcr, N. II.. .linn' (i. IslO; 
in. May 2. IS-tl :\[eliital)le Little. 1). Mav 2M. 1^20. dan. of 
Benjamin and Sally (^Kind)all) Little of ^\'arl•en, N. II. 

When but fourteen years of age he began (h'i\ing a team 
from Bartcm. Yt., to Boston. Mass.. trans|)()rting goods for the 
merehants. and e(^ntinued this l)usini'ss until about the \ear 
1850, when he renio\'ed to Warren. X. IL. and engaged in 
farming. All of the town ofRees were held 1)\- liini nml in 
1882, he was a memljer of the State Legislatui'e. He was a 
member of the Methodist K])iseopal (Miureh for half a eentnrw 
He d. in Warren. X. 11.. dulv (I. iMI-i: his wih' d. .Mar. .".O, 

Their ehildren wei-e — 
17(10. fCharles K.,-- b. May b*. Is42: ni. dan. 17. Is7;> 

Emilv E. Swain. 
17(»1. George.M). ^[ar. ■_>(). is-fc, ; d. F(^b. s. ls47. 
17<.i'2. Saraii J..' b. Nov. 21. bs4s : ni. -June (i. bsd'.i dames 
B. Eastman of Warren. X. II. : ehil.. Frank 
L. Eastman.'-' b. Mav 21. bs7i>: Laura M. 
Eastman,-' b. .Vu2'. 2'k I>!7>; : resiiles in 
West Somerville. Mass. 
17no. Mary D.,Mx Oct. 1. Ls.'.ii : d. An-. 2'.i. bs(;2. 


JOHX GiLMAX LeoXAIM).' (-/"////.''•/' ///,/.•■' Mns, s,^ .\/ns,s/-./<,/ni.'' 

Snliininii}) luotlier of the preeeding. was b. in Barton. \ t.. May 
oO. 1812 : m. 1. Fefi. 4. is;-',.") Lueinda Thomas, dan. of Stephen 
and Svlvia ^L (Li/eti Thomas of (Mai'eniont. X. IL: she d. 
Aug. 3(.», Ls37. and he m. 2. Jan ;-;ii. Is42 Mrs. Lnthera 
(Thomas) Riehards. a sister of his lirst wife and widow of 
Nathan Riehards of Nashua. X. II. 

At the aire of eighteen he went to Methneii. Mass.. and lati'r 
removed to Lowell where lie was engaged in the mannfaeture 
of e.Ktraets and frietion matehes. undei- the hrni name o| (lood- 
win c^ Leonard, one of the first to manufacture friction matches. 
Later he resided for some years in Xew Ipswich, X. II.. whei-e 
for a time he held the offiee of Deputy Sherilf and aftei-wards 
beeame Postmaster of the town during Buehanan's administi-a- 
tion. In 1862 lie removed to Boston where he I'esided until a 
few m()ntlis befoi'e his death whicii oecnri'ed at Petei-lioi'o. X'. 


IL. Nov. 5, 1886. He was a prominent Odd Fellow, niemljer 
of tlie Grand Lodge. His widow survives him and resides with 
her son in Peterl)oro'. 

Jolm (t. and Lncinda had one daughter — 

1704. Ellen Lucinda,^ b. A\)\: 4, 1887: m. 1, Mar. 8, 1854 

Samuel W. Ryan of Sharon, N. H. ; had 
Geo. Henrv L. Rvan.'' h. June 2, 1858. 
m. 2, Oct. ,"1866 Calvin C. Paine of Boston, 
Mass. ; chil., ^Valter Noah Paine,^ b. Auo-. 
2, 1867; Chester C. Paine.'' b. Nov. 18, 
1875, d. Apr. 4, 1877. 
Tlie children of John G. and Lnthera were — 

1705. fjohn Gilman,M:). Mar. 27, 1844: m. Oct. 15, 1864 

Sarah A. Smilev. 

1706. Eliza I.J h. Feb. 3, 1850: d. Julv 3, 1852 in New 

Ipswich, N. H. 


ChaKLES ^VlLLIAM^< LkuXAHD. '(•/'/// /^'■' JnlniJ' Mns(^s,^ MoseS.^ 
Jo]ni^~ S<_)l(iiii<iii}) brother of the preceding, was b. in Barton, 
Yt.. June 9, 1816 : m. Dec. 8, 1839 Eleanor Lucas. He d. in 
Camlundge, Mass., Jan. 6, 1873 : his wife d. in Caml_>rido-e in 

'^idiev had one dan. — 

1707. Eleanor B.," b. — . 


Nathan Deax Leonard,' [J<>lni!''Jnl,nJ' M(is(^s^^ Mast^.s^^^ Jnln,^^ 
Snldiiuni^'^) eldest son of ^[ajor J(.>hn and AVatev (Dean) Leon- 
ard and halfd)rotlier of the preceding, was b. in Sheffield, Yt. 
Nov. 25. 1831 ; ni. May 31, 1854 Marv J. Bailev, \\ in Iras- 
burgh, Yt., Dec. 1, 1836. dan. of Levi X. and Achsali ^l. ( Aius- 
wortli) Bailey. 

He resided in liarton, AYest Charleston and Kvansville, Yt. 
Aug. 15, 1862 he erdisted in Barton, in C<>. D, 3.d. Regt. Yer- 
niont Infantry Yolnnteers : was detailed at head(piarters Sixth 
Armv Cor})S as a teamster (that Ix-iiig liis ()ccu])ation before 
enlistment) where he served until tlic close of the war: was 
discharged June 19, 1865. 

He d. at Evansville, Yt.. jSfar. 15. 18N7 of disease contracted 
in the army. His widow I'csidcs in Irasburgh, Yt. 
Their children were — 

1708. Florence Gertrude,* I). Oct. 29, 1855 : d. Aug. 2, 186(). 

LEOXARI) a EXE A LOG v. 285 

17<»!'. Alimi';i A./ !). \ov. 17. ls:,<): ,1. M;i\- i<). Iss4; 
111. I'V'lt. 12. lNS4 Krxiii AlcxMiidi'i'df luniis- 
ville. Vt. 

1710. +Eliner L." 1). ^[;l^. 17. isil-J : m. An--. 2. Iss;-; Le..ii;i 

R L.'laiHl. 

1711. (xertie [Mav.' 1). May 22. Is77. 


Caleb N. Lhoxakd,' {./nhn:'' Jn/n,:' Mn.....,* J/' ./,,/,,,:' 
SoloiiKJii.^) brother of the preeediriL!'. was li. at Barton, \\.. A ml:'. 
23. 18-41 • 111. Mar. 11, 1877 Freelove <). Brown of Barton Land- 
ing. Vt. 

'Idiev liave one son — 

1712. Wa'Mo ]l,M.. Jan. 28, 1878. 


Samuej. 11. Leonard,' {Jns, pliS' X(ii]i<iii,''Ezr(i,^ J/nsrs,''./n/n/,~ 
Sdloniun}) son of Joseph and Abigail (Hall) Leonard, was b. 
in Skaneateles. X. Y.. A|.r. 12. 17V»8; m. 1, Nov. 1, 181 J» ^[aria 
Austin who k\. and he ni. 2. Mav 12, 1845 Louisa M. Rial. 

He d. Aug. 81, 1858. 

Th'e eliihb'en of Samuel H. and ^[aria were — 

1718. Marv.' 1). — : m. Henrv Vail: had Ella Vail.'' 

1714. Charles.''^ b. — : m. Sarah Wood. 

1715. Anna,''' b. — ; ni. (leorge ^lason. 

The ehiltlren of Sanuud H. and Louisa were — 
171(1 Ella.^ b. — 1846 : d — , Isijs. 

1717. fdeorge L..'' b. June 4. Ls4S: ni. May 8, 1872 Cliai-- 
lotte Everson. 


Joseph Xokmax Leoxai^).' (•/"•^■'7'/'.'' V^'/A'o/.'' A'■./■'^^ .l/'w^s,'^ 
./'V///,- SdldiiKui}) brother of the ])reeediiig.\vas b. at Skancateles, 
X. Y., Se]it. 1. lS(t4 : ni. 1. June 14, 18 — Lucimla ilammni : 
ni. 2. — . AVealthy Hannuin. lb' resides in Syi'aense. X. V. 
The ehihb'en of Joseph X. are — 
1718. Henry, '^ b. — . 

17iy. Esther,*" b. — . Is4(i: ni. — .Geo. (b Amiable: had 
Hattie .Vmiable.'-' b. ls(;7 : Emma Amiable,'' 
b. 18Hi» : (Jraee Amiabh'.'' b. 1.S7H. 



ClIAKJ.E.s J.EOXAKD,' [-Jnsrph ,''' XdlliiinJ' Kzra,^ J/uscs;' Jn/t)i,~ 

>So/o//;o///) l)n)tlier <.if tlie })rer('<liiig, was 1). Sept. 8, 1809; lu. 

Aug. 16, I'So'i Hannah M. Kood. Resides in Syraeuse, N. Y. 

Tlieir eliildren are — 

[7'2(). Ellen l)J 1). Dee. i, 1888 : m. Ezra P. Howlett ; had 

Leonard Howk'tt,'* 1). Oet. (i, 1858. 

1721. Edward D..' h. July 7, 1888: ni. — , Ada Denton; 

IK.) children. 

1722. Lillie P.,« h. Nov. If), 1848: ni. ~, Charles W. 

Barnes ; had Wni. L. Barnes,'' b. Se])t. 19, 
1869 ; George W. Barnes,'' b. Aug. 10, 1872. 


CuYLER Leonard,' ((W//■/'/^" Xmlnin;' Ezra,^ Mosrs;'' Jnlm^- 
SnJiniKiii}) eldest son of (Jalvin and Try^diena (Root) Leonard, 
was b. in Birmingham, Ohio, Jan. 12, 'LS21 ; m. Oct. 25, 1849 
Julia ^V. Seelye, dan. of iVaron and Maria ('I'cuney) Seelj'e of 
Dan bury, Ct. 

He graduated from AVestern Reserve College ; was a tutor 
there several years, studied law and jn'actieed in Sandusky, O., 
where lie was jurLi(.)r })artner (jf tiie lirm of Beecher & Leon- 
ard ; was one of the elders of the Presbyterian Church in that 
city. Lie d. suddenly Aug. 11, 1859 of paralysis, in New York 
Cit\' while thereon lousiness: his widow resides in l)ard)urv, 

Their children were — 

1728. AVilliam Augustus,Mj. Dec. 24. 1852: is a lawyer, 
resides in Danburv, Ct. 

1724. Waldo Converse,'^ b. June 24, 1855 : ,1. May. 24, 1S56. 


Hervey Leonard,' {Oi/r/'uS' XdZ/nni,'" hknu* J/osrs,^ Jolmr 
Sohniinu}) l)r()tlier of the preceding, was b. in Birminuliam, O., 
Mar. 9, 1823: m. 1, Jan. 10, 1849 Maretta O. Whcdon. dau. 
of David and (Jlix'c (Wilson) "Whedc^n of Hebron, N. Y; she 
d. Sept. 19, 1868 and he m. 2, Nov. 28, 1871 Mrs. Helen M. 
(Kcllog) Dart. b. in Worthington, Mass., Sept. 29, 1825, dau. 
of <iil("s O Kcllog (1). in Andrerst, Mass.) and Eunice P. (Cott- 
rell) Kcllog, (b. in Kinderhook, N. Y.) 

He inlici'ilc(l his father's farm in Birmingham and remained 
there until 1^72. when he ivnioved to Oberlin and bnilt the 
New j-'h-a Kloui'ing Mills and continued in the grain and mill- 





iiiu' luisiiirss for a iiumlKi'dr year.-. He imw resides in Sai'a- 
toga S|>riiiL;s. X. ^'. 

The eliilili'eii of ller\e\- and Maretta wert — 
172:>. fDavid Calvin. Ml. ( )et. H. \^:,:\: m. I )ee. iM.lsrcS Klla 

17'2(). Mary 'ri'\'itliena.'' \k Sepi. li). ls,',(;: m. {)r\. 7. Isso 
I'Vaneisll. l)art: had I'Vaiieis Siihii'\ I)ai1.'' 
h. Mav \-2. \ss-2 at Oherlin. 
17-27. Jessie Maretta.'' 1 1. .Inne 'Jli. ISC.I ; d. Sept. 28, ISSS ; 

.u'railuated from Ohei'Mii Colh'LiV in 1881. 
IT'lx. Chivh'i' \Vhed..n.M». ^[av 11. IsiU: d.' ( )et. Id. 1S(;4. 


BK-X.IAMI\ ('iTLKK Lvj)^ \U\).'' { h'r:r<i,'' \,i//ni ,>.'' I'hni.^ Mnsrs,'' 
JnJni.'' Snlniiimi}'! eldest son of Ezra and Laura (Ilnwe) Leon- 
ard, was li. in Sennett, CaYii,L!'a Co.. X. V.. Mar. !•. 1S2."): m. 
Oet. II. 1S4V) Martha Austin.' (hiu. of Sed-v\vi(d< and Al)i-ail 
(Conistoek) Austin of Sennett. 

''He reeeived tlie edneatioii of tlie district scdiool near Ids 
father's liouse in the oriniiti\'e methods of those da\'s. l"'or- 
tunatelv, liowever, he was enaMed to attend luLiher schools for 
a brief time at Skaneateles, at Elbridge. and at ( )nonda,L;a. at 
whieh schools he ae(|uire(l some knowledge of lan(hsin'\-e\ Iul;' 
wdiich he sul)se([uentlv put into extensi\-e practice in the \ icin- 
itv of his home and in ^•arious parts of Cayuga and ()nonda,L;a 

" Hc> ena'ac'iMJ in farming;' in 1847, on a jtart of Ins lather's 
farm, hut (dian^vil his location after his niarria,L:e in ls4l) to 
the homestead wliere he afterwai'ds li\ed and where \\v built 
his family residence in 1857). 

'"He has held most of the ollices of the township and man\' 
])ositions of res})onsibilitv and trust and has enjoyed to a 
marked (h?_u'ree. the iiicreasinii- conlidence and i-espect of the 
people. He has with him his familv of wife and twosur\-i\-- 
\\vi_ dau.Liliters, and three \-oiinL;' lirainlchildi'en to enli\-en his 
home and mak».' occupation for the leisure of the pleasant 
household. " 

4du' children of Benjamin ( '. and Mai'tlia wei'c — 

1721). Frank." b. Mav 7, l'S:)l : d. Sept. 2(;. Is.ji. 

1730. Hattie;^ b. :\IaV. 17. 1853. 

1731. Marv,^ 1). Auu'. 2. 1857). 

1732. Martha,'^ b. Auo- 2. 1855: d. .Mav 21. Iss5: m. Nov. 

5. 1S7U Levi S. Davis: 'had Laura Da\ is.'' b. 


Dec 2(», 1881 in Bradford, Pa.; Leonard 

l)a\-is;-' 1). Se|)t. 1'2, 1883 in Greenwood, N. Y.; 
.lolm Davis,'-' 1). Mav 7. 1885 in Hornells- 
ville, N. Y. 


Bowers Howe Leonard," {Ezra,^ Xafhau,^ Ezra,* Moses,^ 
JnJni,- Snlonion,^) l)rother of the ]n"eceding, was b. in Sennett, 
N. Y., Oct. 81, 18o5; m. June 3, 1858 Elizabeth Cuvkciidall, 
dau. of AYilliehniis and Mary (Austin) Cuykendall. 

'• He enjoyed in his earlier years the benefits of the connuon 
seh(>)l and the usual experience of a boy on a farm. His 
mother died when he was eleven years of age, and his father 
l)efore lie was fifteen and he thus l)ecame the charge, and part 
of the fannly, of his sister and brother-indaw, Mr. and Mrs. J. 
L. Clift, who had at this time the possession of the old home. 
Subsequently he attendcl iov a shc^rt time the academy at 
Homer and the Institute at Clinton, N. Y. After leaving 
school he engaged in business in Connecticut, but the enter- 
prise jiroving a failure he remained less than two j^ears. He 
then visited the Western States, remaining nearl}' a year in 
Minnesota, l)ut returned to New York ia 1857. In June, 
1858, he was married at. Owasco, and engaged in mercantile 
business at that place which he continued some fifteen years, 
holding meantime the office of Postmaster for five years. For 
the l)etter education of his five children he removed in 1876 to 
Auburn, the county seat, and soon after t(_^ok some part in the 
city government : but retii'ing from that he gave attention to 
private business, spending some time in the Western States 
and journeying witli his wife in California and Colorado, in 
which latter State he had mining interests. Of later years he 
has been j^artly engagecl in closing the estate of a friend, and 
in o'i\'ino; some attention to the familv srenealoo-y. " His inter- 
est in the latter has been unflagging and tlie students of this 
book are mainlv indebted to liim for so full records of the 
descendants of Nathan Leonard (1-15). 

The children of Bowers H. and Elizabeth — 

1733. Mary Annette,*' b. June 6, 1859. 

1734. fWilliam Ezra,*' b. March 15, 18(31 ; m. Feb. K), 1885 

A^ii'ginia Bowman. 

1735. tEdward,M). Apr. 27, 18(33; m. Sept. 3, 1888 Ao-nes 

A. AValker. 




17''Uh Clara Au,-iista.M). M;i\-'il. Is7(): m. ,Julv Is. lsl)4 
Bt'u jaiiiiii ('. W'irkc's : had Lronard W'ickcs,'' 

1). ^iav s. isii:,. ,1. S('i>t. 4. is'.i:). 

1787. Lewis F./ 1.. l')(v. 2;!, Is71. 


AViLLiAM KiLK^' Lkoxakd,' 1 J/' xrv.'' Duvi'l:' Ezra,* MosesS' 
Jijhn^' S'jlomon}) only son of Moses ami Amelia (liiiev) Leonard, 
was b. — , in ^riddlelmi'v. \X.: \\\. .lulv 1», is,",;', Afarv .lane 
Wells, dau. of David \Vells ol M iddleburv. He ivsided in 
Cleveland. Ohio, where he d. ,)ul\- s. Is4-1-. 

The ehildren of William W. and Mar\- .1. wei-e — 
1738. AVilliam Riley,' b. Aj.r. 2'.i. bs;;4 a't Cleveland: d. 
June 5, 1864. fi'om wounds i'eeei\-eil at the 
battle of Cold liai'bor. \-d.. while ser\diiL:' in 
the Confederate Ai'niy. 
1781:). Sarah Elizabeth,^). Xov. 17. Is:;:) at Cleveland; m. 
Dee. 21, 1854 Alfred C. Foree of Augusta, 
Ga.: had Wm. Leonard Force," b. Sept. 29. 
18.V) ; Marv Adelia Force.'' b. Feb. IT), bsdo. 
d. — , 18(52; Adelia Miller Force,'' b. Oct. 
8, 1862, in. Jnne 6, 18S(» Chas. Irvine 
McLaughlin of New York, (cliil. Edith 
McLaughlin,!" b. Apr. 6. 1881 at Augusta. 
Ga.); John Paine Force.'' b. Jan. 28, 1866; 
Helena Marv Wells Force,'' b. dune 23, 1.S74. 
174<». Marv Ehza,'" 1). Se])>. 16. bS8S at .Mid.Uebury. Yt.: 
(1. July 8, 1.S42 at Clevelan<l. 


Jonx AYrKtHT Lkoxard,' iJuJin,*' David-' Ezra} Moses:' 'LjJrnr 
Silomon}) only child of John and Lueina (Y^ right) Leonard, 
was b. Xov. 2, 182('i ; m. Dec. 2. lSo2 in Cleveland, X. Y.. 
Elizabeth Taylor Knildoe of Cleveland. 

He resides in Detroit, Mich., where he was f<_)r many years 
eno-aged in the produce commission business. 
Tlieir children were — 

1741. Charles Knibloe,'' h. Oct. 1, 1855. 

1742. Kate Austin,' b. Apr. 28, 1.S61 ; m. Nov. 25. 1885 

E. F. Hastv of Detroit. 



Chakles Rich Leoxakd,' {John^*' JJavklJ' Ezra,^ Moses^"^ Juhn^^ 
Sdomon,^) son of John and Artemisia (Foster) Leonard, and 
lialfdorother of tlie precedino-, was b. Sept. 8, lSo2 ; d. at 
Saranac Lake, N. Y., Ajjril 19, 1890. 

He was greatly interested in the subject of family history 
and was instrumental in obtaining the facts relating to the 
descendants of his grandfather David as they are published in 
this book. He was a man of quiet and retiring disposition ; 
fond of reading and literary in his tastes, -writing poetry occa- 
sionallv. He was fond of flowers and a great friend of chil- 
dren ; it was remarked at the time of his death that •' ihe chil- 
dren of the village lost a good friend when they lost him." 
He was never married. 


Capt. Newton Leoxaed,' {Arnos,*' Amcs,^ Aralreiv.^ Mtses}'' 
John,'' S>lomon,^) son of Amos and Susan (Terrell) Leonard, 
was b. in Pitcher, Chenango County, N. Y., June 13, 182.5 : d. 
May 7, 1864:; m. about l8^30, in Jefferson Citv, Missouri, Eliza 

He lived with his parents until the age of sixteen years and 
then began to learn the trade of printer, working in the office 
of the Norwalk Experiinent (Ohio) for live years. He enlisted 
in the war with Mexico June 20, 184:6, at Norwalk. in the 
Second Ohio Vol. Eeg't. He served one year as private. w;is 
promoted to corporal, was discharged and came home. He 
soon re-enlisted in the First New York Mounted Rifles, was in 
several battles, among which were Molino del Rey, (Sept. 8, 
184:7), Chapultepec, (Sept. 11-13, 1847), and the taking of the 
City of Mexico, (Sept. 14:, 1847). On returning from Mexico, 
he enlisted in United States Regulars, and soon after deserted, 
at Fort Laramie. He then went to Jefferson City, Mo., married 
and worked on the Jefferson Enquirer. In 1852, removed to 
St. Ijouis, Mo., where he worked on the Miss-mri Republican. 
At the breaking out (jf the Reljellion he went to Grand Rapids, 
]\[ieh., and enlisted May, 1861, under the name of Milton Leon- 
ard in Co. F., Third Mich. Inft, as cor])oral. This regiment 
was engaged in the first battle of Bull Run, Chancellorsville, 
Fair Oaks, Malvern Hill, Fredericksl)urg and all the ]irincipal 
battles of the Potcmiac ; he was gradually advanred till he 
became ca|)tain. 

He was killed at the Battle of the Wilderness and is buried 
at Ar lino-ton Heiu-hts. 

LEOXA RI) (tKXK. I IJX ; ) '. -J'.t 1 

•■DuriiiL!' tlu' \v;ii' I lis faiiiilv lixcd wii ii 1 )r. W. mh 1 ni ,|;icl<si •ii- 
ville, 111. : till' lioy r;iii ;i\v;iV ;iliil \v;i> licxci' lu'.-irij of ;i'j;iili ; 
the girls were l)<>tli iiKU'ricil ainl lixcil in St. I>i)ui>. .M,,. All 
trace of his wife ami cliildrt'ii has unw lu'cii lost." 

The chil»h'(ii ol Xt-wton and Mliza were — 

1743. Helen Krliecka.M). —. ls:,f j,, JrllVi'son Ciiv. Mo. 

1744. Fanny Arnell."~ h. — . 1^;,,", in Jrll'cr>on Ciiw M... 

1745. James Hollin," 1). — , ISoo in JcllVa-son ('it\-. Mo. 


Jane A. Leoxahd.' (ri/^''^-.'' .1/// >■.'' Ainlreic.^ J/ av.s-.-' .Jnlni.' 
Sohrni'iii}) sister of the precnMliuu'. was li. in Piti-licr. N. V.. 
July 12, 1827: m. Dee. 5. 1S44 in Kid-dicld. ().. Wiiliam 15. 
Hubbell, son of Julius Iluhl •»■]]. 

They emigrated to California in ISoii ;ind now resiiK' in 
Sutter Creek where Mr. Iluhhell is a dustice of the J^eace. 

The eli-ildren of Jane .V. ami W\\\. W. llidihcll were — 

1746. Heleu S. Huhl.ell.M.. Dr,-. S. isd:. in .MonrorviUe, 

O. ; m. in Sutter Creek Fel>. 25, l.S()l Jacob 
Steimnetz : had Frank V. Steiumetx.'' b. 
Feb. 10 isiVi: Fdward \\ . Steininct/..'' b. 
July!:), 1S(J3: llemw C. Steinnietz." 1>. Krl). 
14, '1866 ; Flelen A.' Steiumetz.'' b. .Innr 2;;. 
1872. Resides at Sutter Creek whciv Mi'. 
Steiumetz is a merchant. 

1747. Augusta Carmelia Ilnbbell.'- b. Sept. 1. Ls5(i : m. 

May lit. bs74 at Sutter Creek (leoigc \Vig- 
glesworth : had ()i'vil](' Wiggleswortli.'' b. 
Jane 21, 1875 : Cora Wigglesworth.'di. Frb. 
5. 1^77: (Tcoi'ge Wiggleswortli.'' b. i)er. 8,, all at Amador City. Cal.. where .Mr. 
Wigglesworth is a mining cnginci'i'. 

1748. Fred X. Hubbell, "' b. Jiuu' 3. Isiif: m. in ^'nnKl. 

Arizona. .Vgncs A. Long, who d. — : hail 
Louis Hubbell,'-' b. .Innr (i. Iss-f. at .\c\ada 
City, Cal. He is in railroad enqdoy at San 


Charles Leoxakd," {Amos.'' AmnsJ' A iKlri-n-A J/"sr.s,-^ ./<,/, nr 
S'lloiiton}) brother of the ]U"eceding. was b. in Solon, Cortland 
Co.. X. Y.. June 5. 183<»: ni. .bin. 2. l^^'A in Hart. Oceana Co.. 
]\lich., Laura L. Dagle, b. Sept. <). 1 >'4o in A^ermont. dau. of 
Francis Dau'le who was b. in France. .Ian. 2", Ixns and cmi- 


grated to tlie V. S. in 1833. Mr. Leonard went on the lakes 
as a sailor at the age oi lifteen and followed that occii])ation 
more or less until at the breaking out of the Rebellion he was 
captain and part owner of a schoonei-. In the spring of 1862. 
he eidisted as private in Co. A, 26tli Mich. Infantry and was- 
promoted to Corporal ; he was in the Battle of the AVilderness 
and was killed at Spottsvlvania Court House. Ya., May 12,, 
1864 and lies in an unknown grave. 

His widow m. 2, Mr. Pottgen and resides at AVaco. Texas. 
Charles and Laura L. had one dau. — 

17-11). Helen Melissa,^ W Jan. 2^, I8(i2 : d Dec. 12, 1863 in 
Hart, Midi. 


Elias Leonard,' {Auw-s,^ Anms;' Aixlrm-^^ Moses,^ John^^' 
Solomon,'^) brother of the iM'eceding, was b. in Eaton, Lorain 
Co., 0., Apr. 13, 1836; m. Fel). 21, 187() Mary Frank, b. in 
Gnilford, Medina Co., 0., Oct. 1<». 1S31), dan. of Jolni Frank, 
Jr., (b. Oct. 30, 1802, in Penn.: d 1S()4 in the war), and Cath- 
erine (Trump) Frank, (b. Alav 1, Lso-1 in Pennsvlvania : d. 
Sept. 29, 1890 in Bradley, Mich.) 

Mr. Leonard left h(jme to earn his own living when luit a lad 
of fourteen and while living in various places among diii'erent 
nationalities learned to speak and wi'itc a nund.>er of different 
languages — French, Spanisli, Italian, German and Holland- 
Dutch ; also becoming quite jirohcient in Swedish. 

He eidisted Aug. 8, 1861, in Co. C, 6ih Afich. Infantry, was 
taken prisoner at the Ijattle of Baton Eouge, Ln., Aug. 5,. 
1862 and after being imprisoned five weeks at Jackson, Miss., 
was paroled and exchanged at Vicksburg, Sept. 7, 1862 ;, 
was sent to the \J. S. hos].)ital at Columbus, 0., and discharged 
from the armv in Jan., 1863 h)r disability. In Feb.. 1865 he 
again enlisted in Co. B., 16th ALcli. lidantry and was mustered 
out in August of the same year. 

Since 1865 lie has traveled extensively through the United 
States. After the close of the war he learned to ]>aint and 
engrave and became a ra}tid and most expert draftsman and a 
laudscjipc paintei'. He was a stannch Democrat until 1881 
when lie joined the Prohibition party. He is a Xew Cliurch- 

He lias no i-hildrcii. Resides at \Vavland. ^MicluLian. 

L EOXA RD a em:, max;)-. 298 


Jul[aLe()Xai;|).'u 1 '/'"■-.'■'- 1 ///"^■.•\ I //'/rr//-.' Mnsrs ■'.!,, In, r Snh,. 
rnon^) sister c^f the pivcediug, youiiuest child of Aiiios ;iiitl 
Susan (Terrel]) Leonard, was h. in Ridiz-clield. Huron Co.. ().. 
Juno 4. 1^41: m. 1. Si'pt. 1. isci in l)(,\v. Midi.. rxMijaniin 
A^ineent Stone. M. D.. 1». Se[>t. — . ls.">7. son of 1\l'\-. C'hanneev 
and Sarah (Biixl) Stone l)oth of \'ci-nioMT. 

Her fatlier's family removed to l)i)\v. Mich., when she was 
but Hve years of a^u'c. Her husltaiiil. l)r. Stone, was h. ii: tlic 
st:ite of New ^'(:)rk : his parents in liis c;irly ciiildhood rcnio\-- 
iiiL;- to ()hio. He stiidic(l mcdiciiir with l)i\ Willcv in ()liio 
and attended lectures at ^Vnii Ai'hor. Mich.. ;inil had hcfii in 
practice three years when the war hroke out. While wauinu' 
for tlie ap}3oiiitment to the position of Asst. Sniyeon in the 
2<5th Mich. Infantry he eidisted as ])ri\-atc soldier to escape 
being drafted. He was made hospital stewai'd and ne\-er 
served in the ranks and at tiie time of his (leath was acting as 
Asst. Surgeon. While taking a jiart\' of woimdiMl soldiers 
from Nashville to Aleximdi'ia he conti'iicted a sex'cre coM and 
d. of tvphoid pneumonia in the hospital at Alexaudi'ia. Mai', 'i. 
1865. " 

Mrs. Stone in ls71 went to Sutter (.^'cek. Cal.. and m. '_?. 
June 2H, 1872 Lambert LittlehehL who was b. May bs. 1^24. 
in Frankfort, Me., and who went to California in iSob the 
son of Jeremiah and Al)igail (Twining) Littlefield. 

Jidia and Benjamin V. Stone had one dan.— 

17.J0. Helen Bird Stone." b. June 2. bs()2 in l)ow. Midi. 
Julia and Lambei't Littletidd had 

1751. Yerne Clement Littletidd."' b. Jan. 2s, ls7l) in Jack- 
son. Ama(h:)r Co., Cal. 

L752. Zenas Clifford LittlefiehLM). Feb. 14, lss2 in Jack- 
son, Amador Co.. Cal. 



Out; IN WlIEKl.KH LkoNAIM*.' {Jurnl.''' A /,/".<.'' An' If "•.' .I/">'.v,'' 
./o////,- .Vo/o///o//,i) eldest child of Jared and Xaiicy ( Wdiccler) 
Leonard, was b. Aul;'. Ki. bs-ji; in Aslital>nl;i. <)|iio: m. L Jan. 
1. 1850 Polly Webb. 1,. Mar. 24. 1^2".> in Fawroice Co.. ill.. 

dan. of Fzra and Susan I 1 Webb, she il. A pi\ 27. 1^51. 

and he m. 2 Jul\' 4. l^'u) l/mi-.-i A. lb-bee. K. X^w b"!. ls:-!.'-{ 
in Sprinu'rield. Vt.. dan. of Abnci- .\ndei>on and Adaline 

He was brou'jht up on a farm an 1 when a boy made per- 


inaiientlv lame l»y a fevei sore caused l)y taking cold while 
washing sheej). Since 1860 he has l)een engaged in mercantile 
business, hrst in Ohio, then in Taylor, N. Y., from 1861 to 
1866, when he remo\-ed \o Earl\-ilk\ N. Y., and remained until 
1884, since whicli time he has been located at Watrousville, 
Midi. He was appointed postmaster l)y President Harrison in 
]^^a^^ 1889; has held the office of town clerk and served as 
town trcasui'cr for tlii'ee tei'ms. Sohei-, industrious, honest, 
npi'ight and conscienti(His. he is a dee];) thinker and has literary 
alnlitv. " Wlierevei' he has live*] has l)een well known as an 
outspok'cn Spiritualist."" '• To do unto otliers as he would have 
them ih> unto liim is the constant I'uh' of his life.'" 

The children of (Jrrin ^V. and Louisa A. were — 
IToo. f Eugene AYai-ner,'^ 1). May Ml, 185() : ni. Aug. 7, 1886 

^[ai'Liarette E. ^VlcCrum. 
ITol:. Ered Bisbee.''^ b. Aja-. 19, 1858: m. 1, Nov. 25. 1886 
Satie Sage b. July i), 186() and d. Sept. 13, 
1887 ; had one dan. who d. in infancv. 
m. '2, Eel). 2s, 1,S91 A[]-s. Lucv (McArthur) 
:\lai-shall (widow of K. J. Marshall) I). May 
28. l8<>o in Ijimcko, Canada, dau. of Dun- 
can AlcArthur. b. in Illie, Scotland, and 

^larv ( ) ]\[cArthur, b. on Island (_)f 

Collins, Scotland. 

Eesides in Saginaw, Mich., where he is con- 
nected with a wholesale grocery lionse. 
1755. Cora Augusta,- b. Feb. 15, 1860 in Saybrook, O.; 
m. June 22, 1887 James A. Bliss (2d wife) 
who was b. June 6, 1847, in South Boston, 
Mass., (son of James Hem-y and Sarah J. 
(Matthews) Bliss*) d. Sei)t. 27, 1890 at 
Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Bli.^s has V)een a puldic 
reader, is now j)ublishing " I'he Sower,"" a 
monthly magazine in the interests of s|)irit- 
ualism ; resides in Chicago : had Cora 
. Louisa Bliss,'^ 1). April 14,' 1889 at Elm- 
wood, 0. 
175(;. :\[av Belle.Mj. Nov. 10, 1868 at Earlville, N. Y.: m. 
1, May 20, 1888 Frank Ibu-dick. a farmer, 
b. Jan. 8, 1866 in \Yatrous\-ille. Mich.. s(^n 
of Aaron and P^lizabeth ( Watrous) Burdick; 
. divorced Apr. — , 1892 : m. 2, ]\[av 7. 1892 
F. M. Beraud, caterer at the Calumet Club, 

*Bliss Genealogy, P 548. 

L tJOXA RD <; AW AVI IJ)( ! \ \ 095 


(Miica-o. li. Jan. "Jn, lsi;-_> ;,! !,,.< W-ms 
( Anlc.'lic) l-Vaiicc. smi of .loscpli A. aii<l 
\'ri Liiiiic ( M iclicl I iM'i'ainl. 
Cliii(livn-^|"'iv,l.lic ri.'iTc I'.iirdick.'' I,. Mar. 
7. iSSi): W'TLiiiiic ('i»i"a licllf 1 M'l'aiM 1.'' 1 1. 
Scj.1. -J! I. Is;);;. 
17')7. Orriii \\'illn\M). An--. 2."), ls74 ; d. .Iiiiic .".(». Is7(;. 

9S1 . 

ClIAIiLKS .lollXSOX l.K(»NAi;|t,' (Jii riil f' .l///</.</' J;/(//v//-,' 
IUdS'-s.-' ./>,////.'' Snliiiiinii,^) 1>1'( itllCl' ol' tllC | il'( '(•( M 1 i I lu'. \\;|S 1 i. ,Iall. 

8, 1830 ill Aslitalaila, ().: iii. A|.i'. :.. ls:,s Kli/.;i Ilulihnrd. 1). 
June "24 IS'-M in IIai-|ici-slicM. ().. dan. of IJciilicn II. and 
rollv" (Newton) lIiiM)ar(l. 

lie cnlistL'd dnrini:- tlir war for tlic I'nion, Init afterward.-^ 
}i]'oeure(l a substitute. For \'eai's lie was cii.Lia.Li'fd in tlic nicr- 
eautile I)usiuess, was d(_']intv ])ostniastci' for scxci'al xcars at 
l)(.'niiiai'k, Mieli.. ami |iostnKistcr from 1S(;7 to 1^7;-*): is the 
owner of a large farm at J)eiiiiiai-i<, l)Ut has rctirril froni acti\'e life and resides at \^issar. Midi., wiicrc lie has con- 
sideralile inlliu'iicc in politics, in luiblic schools ami iiiiinicipal 
affairs ; is honest, |)roiii|it and ujiright. and a radical lJc|iul)lir;iii. 

He has an ado[)ted son. All)ert Wai'iicr. Ii. '\\:\\ — . Is74. (a 
great-grandson i)f Samuel Wheeler who was brother of Xanc\' 
OYheeler)** Leonard): m. Dec.C), l.Sli;j Maude Max well, dau. /)f 
George ]\Taxwell of \'assai', Mi(di. 


(A'HrS I'ool.KI^ LeONAKD.' (./'Ovv/,'' Anins.-' A i,ili->')'\^ Mn.srsS' 
•Jnli 11^^ Siihiiiinii}) l)rotherof the |irece(liiiL:. wasl). in Ashtalnda, 
()., Kel). 17, l.s;;2 • m. dan. I, 1^:.!) Frances Ar\illia ("ovill.^, 
I). Dec. 7, fs;>S in Ashtabula, (J., dan. of Allen and Sophronia 
(Henrv) (Joville (of Scotch descent). 

He enlisted Jan. — , l.S(;4 in Co. M.. 2d Ohio Ilenvv Artil- 
lery. In 1S()() he removed to heiimai'k. Michigan, and engaged 
in fanning whieli he still continues. He is an cMer in the 
Presbvterian church and esteemed by all as ;i iiol,|i' ni;iii. 
The idiildreii of (\-rus P. ami I''ram'(_'s A. were - 
17o8. fArthur Jarcd' l'.. Jan. s. IsHO: m. I. II;ittie M. 
Rifenbnivh : m. 2. ( )ct. 2n. Isni Fillim, b. 

*Pol]j^ Xewton, b. June 21, 1813 in Connectiiiit. dau. of Obadiali and Luciviia ( ) 

Newton, m. Oct. — , 1830 Reuben H. Hiilihard 
**Page 180. 


1759. Florence Belle," b. Mav 8, 1«(d2 in Ashtabula, O.; 

m. Aug. 80, 1884 Charles Russell at Sagi- 
naw, Atieh.. who is clirf in a restaurant: 
had Edith EusseU,'* I). ' 188.3, d. May 26, 
1888; Charles L. Rnssell,'-' b. 1886; 'Flor- 
ence B. Russell,-' b. 1889, d. Felj. 1890; 
Thomas Russell,'' b. 1890. 

1760. Jerniie,'" b. Feb. 17, 1867 in Denmark, Mich.; m. 

Fel). 18, 1885 John AV. Pries, a farmer in 
Arthur, Mich., b. July 30, 1864; had Harry 
Pries,'-' V). Noy. 9, 1885; Frances Pries,'-' b. 
Aug. 9, 1891. 

1761. DeForest,-'^ b. Oct. 16, 1869 in Denmark. Alich.; 

resides with his father. 


Isaac Fitch LEOXAiiD,' {Jumi''' AnmsJ' Aiidrm-} Moses^^ 
JoJni^~ Sohjiiion}) brother of the preceding, was b. Feb. 22, 
1834, in Hartsgroye, Ashtal)ula Co., 0.; "m. Mar. 28, 1858 
Nancy Bisl.)ee, dj. May 8(». LS40 in Springfield, \X.. dau. of 
Al)ner Anderson and Adaline (Warner) Bisljee.'" 

He w^as by trade a brick' and tik' manuhicturer. He enlisted 
Aug. 3, 1863 in Co. M. 2d Ohio Heavy Artillery and was dis- 
charged at the close of the war witliout haying been eno-ao'ed 
m any large battle; he then removed io Michigan and engaged 
in farming, is now retired from active l)usiness, retaining his 
farm of 120 acres wdiile residing just outside the city limits of 
A assar. Tuscola Co., Mich. He is a man much esteemed by 
all \\\\n know him. 

The children of Isaac F. and Naiicv were — 
17H2. Adaline,* b. Oct. 2, i860, in Ashtabula, 0.: m. 1, 
July 4, 1883 James Flldridge, a steanil)oat 
captain, b. in Chicago, 1860, son of George 
AFlford and Alary^Aiin (Aluir) Eldridge, 
from wdiom she w^as divorced 1887 ; ha<l 
Ceorii-e Rodney Eldridu'e,'' b. in Denmark, 
Micli., Aug. 3i, 1884. 

m. 2. July 11, 1889 John Bai)tisteI)elmotte, 
a hotel clif^h b. 1853 in Brussels, Belgium ; 
had dolin Leonard Delmotte," b. P'eb. 7, 
1891 in Detroit, AFch. Resides at San 
Diego, Cal. 

*Al)ner Anderson Bisbee, b. Sept. 8, 1811 : d. June 29, 1S8S ; m. Dec, 1832 Adaline 
Warner, 1). June 21. 1815. 


I'iiVA. Loiiuctte Louise.^ li. .Iiil\' S, ls71 : rcsidi's ;it Sun 


Ezra GAHIiKTT T^KoNAIM).' {.Inn 'If' Aiiins-' Aiiilrnr.^ Mnsrsf 
Jnlni.' Sdliiiiioii.^) brother of the | n'ccci Iniii', \\;is 1 1. in Nelson, 
Porta.uv Co.. ().. I^'rl). 14, l.s;-;:) ; m. ,l;in. I, \s\Vi M;ii'\- KlJza- 
betli Wriu'lit, 1). Mar. '.i-'!, 184(! in Aslitahnla. ( ).. dan. of' Samnd 
WnVht. ^ 

He eulist^Ml An--. :'.. Isi;;;. in Co. M. iM Ohio llca\A- Anil- 
lcr\' and \vas (liscliai\L;cil ;it the (dose of tlic war. In isi'iii lie 
settled on a farm in l)('nniark. Mirli.. and is now in (|nitf jjood 
linaiieial rircnnistances. He and his lannK" arc noted their 

Idle (diildren of Ezra (i. and MaiA' \\. were — 
17(U. Nellie Kli/.a,M). Nov. -JO. isc.c'; m. Apr. — . is!).'! 

Kol)ert Hall a farmer of I)enniark. ^lieh. 
17(>). Loiiis.M). Xw'ji. 111. IsTo: m. dniy 4. Is'.io Mntilda 
F(ix. dan. of Klihn l*'o.\ ; is a farmer in 
Denmark, ^^i(dl. 


ChAUNCEV SaMI'KI- LkoN.MM).' ('/nr<tlf Aiii'is:' Ainlrrir,^ 
Jfnsrsf .Jolnif Solnniiiii}) brother of the ]il'eee(liiiL;, was 1 1. in 
Harperslield, xVshtaljula Co.. OJiio. Apr. 'l\l ksdo ;' m. An-, o. 
1<S()(:) Pe)llv Annette Bi'akemaii. dau. of Stephen ib-akeman of 

lie enlisted in the sj>rin-'()f 1S(V2, uiidei' Capt. \"on I'nlk'amei- 
in the llth New "^'oi'k ])atter\' and was en^-a-'ed in a nnndier 
of liard fon-'ht battles — Frederick's! mr-'. Cliaiieellors\ille. 'Jd 
Bnli Unn. (rettvsbnri;'. the Wihlern ess. and a nnndier of smaller 
engagements, and was disidiarged ;it the (dose of tin' wai'. 
From ex])osnre in the armv, he eonti'aeted ;i disease wliieh 
resiilte<l in insanit\' and for a lime he was an inmate of I'ontiac 
As^dnm, Mieliigan. lie d. at his home in |)eimiai'k. .Mi(di.. 
Dee. 2o, 1885, of heart di.-ease. lliswi(low resides with lit.'i- 
dangliter at Geneva. ()hio. 

The ehildi'eii of ChannecA' S. and I'odx' A. were — 

17<'>l). Chai'ies IleiMA-.'' li. Jnne.'Ki, l'^(;7: a dry goods iderk' 
in the Stale of Washington. 

17<)7. Stephen dai-ed.'' k. Oct. I'.. iMiH: a hirmer in l)iai- 
mark. Mi(di. 

1708. Lonretta Kati'.' b. Mar. 17. Is71. 



MaIULLA SA]iHA LE(>XAHI),' {JnrifiV' A iiinsj' Aiiiln-n\^ J/',^ 
Jiilni'} SohiiiKiii}) sister of the }ii'eeediiig. and youu^u-est child 
of .Tared and Xanev (AVlieeler) Leonard, was Ij. in Anstinljurg, 
at Aslitalnda Co.. 0., Jnly 12, 1S49 ; m. ^[ar. 15, 18H.S at Den- 
mark. Micli., Sevrnonr ^Vldrich, 1>. in (xraftorj. (J., Oct. 22, 
LS-IT, son of James and Harriet ((Jlark) ^Vldrieh. 

Tlie dangliter of a farmci- in a remote rui'al district, her 
o])|ioi-tniiitics for ol)taining an edncation were limited. -Her 
atterulance at a small district schi)ol six months of each vear 
and one year at the Grand River Institnte at Aiistinliurg Vil- 
lage. ]»re])ared her at the age of seventeen to undertake teach- 
ing, and for two years s1ie was a suecessfLil country school 
tcaidier. In the spring of iSlKi. slie removed with her parents 
to Michigan and after her marriage resided f()r two \"cars in 
Lorain Co.. ( )., suhseip.ieiuly removing to Denmarlc. Mich., 
wliere her hushand is a farmer. Slie is a woman of strong 
charactei' and of unusual elticiencv. 

The children of Marilla S. and Seymour .Vltli'icli — 
17<)9. Cfjarles X. Aldrich.M). June 10, Ls7(»: a macliinist 

in Lorain, (J. 
177(1. Linnie A. Aldrich,M3. July 1, ls72 : m. Fel). 1. 1891 
Frank C. Bunt, a farmer at Peniield, O., 
who d. Jan. lo, 1893 (son of David Bunt);, 
had Iva .A[ai'illa Bunt," h. Jan 11, 1892. 

1771. :\[ert W. Aldrich,'^ h. Apr. U], 1.S74. 

1772. Mvra M. Aldrich."^ h. Julv l(i, ls77. 

1773. Bertha x\I. Aldrich,'" Ij. Oct. is. Isso. 
177L Llattie Irene Aldrich,^ b. Mar. 8, 1883. 
1777). James Jared Aldrich,'^ b. May 2(i, 1885. 
1770. Ceorge D. Aldrich,'^ b. Nov. 17, 188(3. 

1777. Howard Aldrich.M). Oct. 8, 18.S7. 

1778. ILizel Aldrich,'^ b. :\[av 12, 189(J. 

1779. XelHe Eliza Aldricli,"\). Mar., 1893. 


/>/•- Paek Maxwell Lkoxard.' {L<rif' JnuasJ' Amh-rir^^ 
Mosrs^'^ Jolin^- Sold III Oil}) •:HM\ of Lcvi aud Tiuma (Hill) Leonard, 
was b. April 5, 1.S22 : m. 1, May 9, 1851. in Fairfield, Huron 
Co.. ().. Bebecca V. Whitman, b'. June 12. 1^31, in Xew York 
State, dan. of Bev. Ivers" and Maria ( Eaton'""-'^) Whitman ; 

*Rev. Ivers Whitman was a Baptist clergyman located for many years in the state of 
New York, removed to Indiana and d. in Fort Wayne. Dec 58, 186S. 
**Maria Eaton.'; b Dec 28. 1798, d. Ma.r. -28, ]8r2 in La Porte, lud . dan. of Comfort 


she d. Au,u'. 4:. 1S()"2. in l'"i>i'l Wiiync Iml.. ;iiiil lie in. 'I. .May 
n. isii,') Harriot ^[. AVliitnian. h. June :!.■;. ls;;(;. a sisttM- <>t' lii's 
tirst wit'i'. 

"He began the stiulv of medicine with a precepnir. Dr. 
Brunson, in or near Greenfield. OJiio. He gi'adnateil al W'il- 
loughbv Eclectic College in (.)liii>. and KcLian |iraclicc ai j-'air- 
held or Greeniield. In Is.')! he located at i^'oH \\'a\-nc. hid., 
where he continued a very successful and sl<illfnl lionico-patliic 

"His daughter savs in many respects he has one of llic finest 
minds she ever knew. A prominent law\cr of l<'t. \\'a\ne 
(Judge Ninde). sai<l of him — most people in reading ,L;i't the 
substance nK.'rely as tliev I'cad, I)r. Leonard gets e\-er\- wonl 
and the meaning of every woi'd.' Although not a I'niNersiiy 
gniduate he had read much of ancient history and hadolitained 
scMue knowledge of l/atin and German. His woiah'i'fnl meiii- 
orv is shown in his discussions of the battles of ('a'sar. liaimi- 
bal. etc.. of which lie often spok'c ; he I'cmcmbcrcil (e\-eii al the 
age of 7t*) the movements of troojis etc.. down to the minute 

"He was always a reticent man, one upon whose silence it 
was not [lossiblc to intrude : vet he was far from morose and 
no man ever lived who was more faithful to his friemls. .\n 
instance of this is his leaving home to treat a friiaid ill of small 
pox in another town, altliongh he himscdf had ne\-er had the 
disease. He was exceecbngly generous in his practice, treat- 
ing the poor without compensation as faithfully as the richer 
patrons wlio were 'sure ['ay.' 

"He is said to have been the only physician in l-'t. Wayne, 
who saved any patients ill of cliolei'a dui'ing the e])ideinic of 
1851 or 1852. An old school physician of Fort Wayne once 
said he consi<lered ])r. Leonard one of the liiiest diagnoslicians 
he ever knew. ,\. x'ounger ph\'sieian of his own school, s;iid 
he believed him to l)e one of the best [)rescri]itionists in the 

" Li his earlv life he was a frcipuait contriliiitor to the ]>ress. 
He was at one time the best chess player in l^'ort Wayne and 
liis (office was the scene of many a lengthy hard fought chess 

Eaton, 3 (John4 [and Hannah Johnson]. Jonathan^* [and Lydia or Abiah Starr]. Johnz 

[and Alice ], Johm [and Mrs. Abigail ( ) Damon], probably of Dover, Eiik-. and 

d. in Dedham, Mass.. Nov. 17, 16.58), and Polly (GrIfflnK,'') Eaton (Capt. Seth GrifflnK' 
[and Anna Peck], Samuels [and Elizabeth Landon]. Kobert-' [and Lydia Kirtland], 
Jasperi [and Hannah ], b. in Wales about 16tS, d. at Southold, X. S , .\pr. U. ]718». 


He resides in Fort AVavne, Ind.: his second wife d. Jan. 29. 

The ehihlren of Park M. and Rebeeea U. were — 

1780. Park Douglas,^ Ix — : d. young. 

1781. Eva R.,'^ h. — : d. in infancy. 

1782. fl-Iattie Maria,' 1). Dec. 9, 1858: ni. Ang. 27, 189() 

Hon. Robert M. Wright. 
1780. Rebecca Livia.M). Jan. 6, 18(:)1 ; d. Nov. 17, 1870. 
The chi](h-en of Park M. and Harriet M. were— 

1784. I vers AVhitman,*^ b. April 9, 1866 ; is a typewriter 

and stenographer, court re})0i'ter for Judo-e 
Adair of Cokimbia City, Indiana. 

1785. Mary Josephine,''' b. Aug. -1, 1868; a stenographer 

at F(_)rt Wayne. 

1786. Harry Park.' / T / .^-, \ d Feb., 1871. 

» T - ^ ,■ i». Jan., LS( I ; - -, 

A dan. ) ( d. soon. 



David Hayks Leonakd,' {.Ezra!' . f nuns;' Andtrir,^ Mo 
'fnhnr SnIniiKin}) SOU of E/ra and Riitli (Haves) Leonard, was 
b. Mar. 2i». 1827 in RoyaUon, Ohio: ni. Sept. 22. 1851 in Ridge- 
held Ohio, Helen Maria Chandlei'. b. ALar. 14, 18^)o in Niles, 
X. ^'., dau. of Enos PhiHi])S and Sai-ali \'an''J''yne (Robinson) 

Soon after his marriage he renio\-ed to Hojie, Mich., a new set- 
tlement containing only ele\'en voters in the whole township. 
He was a car|)enter ami during the fonr years he resided in 
^liehigan. was constantly em])]oyed in l)uilding foi' the ]>eople 
of the eounty. In 1n55. he removed to Savanna, Ills., wliere 
he assisted in l)uilding a bridge across the Mississippi. Later 
he removed to Ogalla, Wis., where he remained two years: at 
one time working with men representing nine different n.ations, 
u]^on a building whieh was consequently called the " Tower c")f 
l>ab(d." Subse([uentlv he I'eiinn'ed to Voi'k, 111., I'l'tnrning 
iinally to Sa\-amia from which place he enlisted in tlie L'nion 
army in March. 1865, sei'ving four months under (len. Slier- 
man: while in the army he contracted the disease fi'om which 
he <1. Sept. 16. 1S65, in Sax'anna, 111.: his widow now resides 
ill Irving, Mich. 

Their childi-en were — 

1787. Sarah Sophronia,' 1). Aug. 9, 1852, in Hope. Midi.: 

m. July 31, 187'1 Ernest R. Bunnell: had 

Harvey Otis Bunnell.'' b. Nov. II, 1874. 

ClarenVe Pomerov Bunnell,'' b. Oct. 27, 1875. 

LEOXARD (lEXEALOay. :;()! 

IT'"^'":^. Diivid Ivlwin.Mi. Au-j-. 11. is;.;) jn ('1kmt\- (!i-(i\-e, 
111. il. M;iy 1. L^r.i; in S:i\:iiiii;i. 
" 17Si'. Klics K/r;i/ 1). Jiilv'il. 1S:)S ;it Voi-k. III.: is ;i l';il'liicr 
;iiit| tcaclicr : resides in IrxinL;-. Midi. 
17'.n). l);i\i(l Ilarxcy,"^ li. .Ian. .'!. Isi;;',, in Sa\anna. 
17'.'l. (leoi'^ue Monroe.'^ 1). ( )et. IS. Isii.'). in Sax'anna. 


. 1 

Chakles Lee Leoxaku.' ( '/'//"/•//'//'/■'/' KxrkirJj' .\n,lr<,, 
Moses^^ -John'} Soloiiioi)}) son ot Tlioi'iidike ami Ilannali (Claf- 
lin) Lemiard. was 1). in Westlioro'. Mass.. Api'. 'l-[. Is.")l : m. 
Mav 2S, 1^78. in r])t()n. Ella C. IJrewer of (irai'ton, 1). .\[ar. 

l-'or some years lie was in hnsiness in (irai'ton Imt lias reeentlv 
renmxH'il to Westlmro. wlua'e lie is eni^aLi'eil in the luaiinfaet nre 
of l)laekiiig. ink. wax. polish and other shoeinakt'rs' sii|i|ilies — 
a business established by liis fathei'. 

The ehildi'en of Charles L. and Klla (.'. \\r\\ — 

17!:)2. Ei'iiest Lee," 1). Sept. 27. l'S7L 

1793. Charles Wilfred." b. ( )et. 20, Ls7i). 

17i»L Henry Gardner.M). An.u-. 11, Ls7!-». 

171I5. Grace Marion,M). Nov. 14, 1882; d. July 21, ISSI). 

Sr:MXEK F. Leonahd,' ( Tlinnidiki-f' _K?:rkir//' ^ 1 //rZ/v //•,' .lA/.-v-.s, 
./'V///.- ,SV;/o7/;o//,^) brother of the preceding", was b. in (ii'afton 
Get. 24, 1856: m. Sept. 20, 1882 Grace Mabel 'rimi'ston. b. in 
U|)tc)U — , 1862, dan. of dohn 'idnu'ston. 

He resides in (-irafton where he is engaged in the grocer\- 
and general C(^untrv store business with Air. 1). S. Chase, nnde)- 
the linn name of Leonard A: Chase. 

Lhe ehildreii of Sunnier F. and (irace — 

1796. Winifred" \k Jan. 2. Lsss. 

1797. ]^Iildri-(h^ b. didy 2s. ISMi. 


Levi A. Lkoxak]),' (X/A^s-.'' Am,".'' .!//'//■"'•.' .]/.,.<,...■' ./u/n>. - 
SnJnninii}) eldest sou of \\v\ . Sihis aiid Iliddah (Mixer) Leon- 
ard, was b. June lo, 1S2S ; in. 1. Mav (i. Is.^ii Lmnvtia W. 
Stubbs, 1.. Nov. 5. 1888. dan. of le^be'ri ^'. Siubbs of Well- 
fleet, ]^[as.s. (b. Dec. 8, l>-oi;. d. Apr 2^. ls<')7), and Ik-t.-^ey M. 
(Smith) Stubl)s. (b. Nov. 14. I^(i7. d. Sej-t. 22. ]S42): sJi.' d. 
Julv 8, 1874 and he m. 2. .Inlv lo. Isso. Mrs. .Ics-ie Iv ( Fai-c) 


Ham of Portland, A[e., dan. of Charles W. Pais-e, (b. in Dennis- 
ville, Me., Dec. 15, 1798, d. Sept. 12, 1874, m.^Mar. 10, 1858), 
and Louise A. (]\[arliO(>d) Pai^'e, (1). at St. Stephen, N. B., 
Mar. 18 1883). 

Mr. iA'onard was ern})loyed in the Custom House for fifteen 
3'eai's and at the time of his death winch occni'red in Portland, 
Maine, A].)r. 21, 1887, he was engaged in the sign-painting 
business for himself. His widow, who still survives, resides 
in Portland. 

Levi A. and Lucretia had two c-hildi'cn who died in 
earlv infancy. 

The children of Le\"i A. and dessie E. were — 

1798. Elsie Louise," I). Jan. 2, 1882 ; d. Oct. 4, 1886. 

1799. Carrie Mav," b. Julv 5, 1884 ; d. Oct. 22, 1886. 


Dr. Edwin Silas Leonard/ (AV/a.s," Anna;' Andrew,^ Mnses,^ 
'Jolni^'-' Solomon.^) brother of tlie preceding, was b. in North 
Adams, Mass., Feb. 1, 1880 ; m. 1, — , T^ydia Beals, 1). in Cum- 
mington, Mass., who d. — , and he m. 2, — , Harriet S. Dan- 
forth, b. in Pennsylvania: she d. — . and he m. 8, — , Susan 
tlicks, b. Feb. 19/1849 in Canada. 

His mother dving when lie was but two years of age he was 
sent to live witli a friend of the family, Mr. Warriner King, 
with whom he remained nearly twelve years and was then 
thrown u})()n his own resources for a liveliliood. He found 
employment, at small remuneration at first, worked hard, 
saved his earnings, going to school a. part of the time, and in 
Oct., 1857 entered the medical department of the University 
of Michigan, where he remained through his Junior Course, 
aftei'wards continuing his studies with a pi'cceptor until 1862, 
when he entered the Medical Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, 
from which he receiver! liis degree the vear following. In 
Jan., 18()4, he was made contract surgeon to the 27th ^fich. 
Vol. Infantry. After Ids return lie resided in Ovid, ^[ieh., 
where he still ])ractices his profession. 

The children of Dr. Edwin S. and Lvdia were — 

1800. Ella ALaria,^ 1). — . 

1801. Willis Edson,^ b. — . 

Dr. Edwin S. and Harriet had one son — 

1802. Dclois Edwin,^ b. — . 

LEOXARD dEXKALCxn'. :]ty.] 


EZKA AloXZO LkoXAIM).' (.SVA/.v." Ain/>i.'' Aix/rrir.^ J/o-.v-x.'' 
'Tolin.' Solonioii}) lirotlicr (if llic jil'ccL-iliiiL:. \V:i> 1 1. ill XiM'tli 

Adams. Mass.. ^[;ir. '2^. ls;;2: m. — . 

He lias Iteeii eu^aLiril in \;iri(>iis ()ccii]»;itii>iis. luis Keen a 
saili»i". slideiiiaker. farmei'. ('diTtii'. and soldici' li\' turns: was 
in the i^tli ]\Iieli. JnfaiiTry during' the (_'ivil War. lie now 
resides in Bur]in<2."ton. Mich.: his wife d. — 
Their children were — 
.1808. Ennnn,M). Dee. 2(». LS()2 ; ni. May 2(;. h^7^ Thonias 
Eog-ers : had Edward Jioiivrs.'' 1). Apr. 24. 
1879: Thomas Kogers.'' h. June. iSNl : 
George Rogers,'' h. June 8, 1888: Laura 
Eoo-ers.'-' b. Julv 81. 188(1: resides in Detroit. 
180-4. Marv,^ b. Sept. 18, 1871. 
180.3. Lottie,^ b. Oct. 14. 1874. 


MiLTUX LEOX'AI-il),' {J<i]n, J/..'' . I niiu.'' Audi'tir,^ J/>y' Jolinr 

Soloiiion}) son of J()hn ]\[. ami Polly (AVilbiir) Leonard, was b. 
in Burlington. ]\[ieh.. Feb. 11. Ls4(i: m. June 9. 1865 Lisle 
Sehermerhorn. dan. of Thomas and Mary .Vnn (II\"att) Scher- 

He resides in Burlington. Mich.: is a stone-mason liy trade; 
liis wife d. Sept. KJ. ls'87. 

Their children were — 
180(1 Hattie.M:). Mav 24. IsCH: m. \\v^. 24. Isx.-, Allen 

PI Wood 
LS(:i7. ^[attie.' 1). 'Shvy 17. i^(>7 : m. July 2('). Ls,88 

18(;)8. John." b. Sejit. 12. l.-S()S. 
180!:'. Edna.- b. — : d. young. 
An infant b. — : d. — . 


CkEIGHTOX LeoXAKD.' (./"//// J/.," Anna.;' Aiidn ir.^ J/'* 

Johiu- Solomon,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Burling- 
ton, Mick, Apr. 15. 1848: m. July 3, 1874 Jane Bushman. 
Resides in Lake View, Micliigan. 
Their children — 

1810. Fred." b. — . 

1811. Lottie." 1). — . 



Charles Leuxahi*. '(-/"/'/' J/./' J ihhiJ'A //f//T/'-/J/r>.sY^s-.^/o////,- 

Sdhininii}) l)r()tllCl' of tlic ])l'('('(Mlil|o-, WUS 1). ill Blll'li llgtoll. 

:\Iicli., Dec. o(>. is:,4 : 111. Jan. 1, 1878 Sarah Engle, dan. of 
John ami ^[argaret ( ) Engle. 

He resides in ]>urhngt<.)ii where he is engaged in the lousi- 
ness of ])ainting, jiaperdianging and liouse decorating. 
The children of Charles and Sarali — 

isl'i. Pvov;'^ 1). Nov. 27. 1878. 

isi;5. Mahel.M). Aug. lo. 1S8;-!. 

1814. Darwin M.,'' V).~Fel). 4. 1887. 


Dnxin" W. Leoxakd.' [Alrun W.f' AiukiJ' Aiulri^ir^^ Moses,^ 
Jnlmr SiilniiiDii,^) only son <.>f Ah'aii \V. and Hnldah (Brown) 
Leonard, wash. Nov. 2, ISH!) ; m. Apr. 18, 1861 Emma A. 
Remington, 1). ^lar. 2(.), 1840, dan. of Benjamin and Lydia 
(Hice) Reminoton of Savov, Mass. 

lie (I Oct. 17, ISC,:.. 

Thev had one son — 

1810. llenrv W.,' b. Mar. 4, 1862; d. Nov. 13, 1865. 


WiLEiA>r Leoxahd," {Mlln //.,'■ Aiuki'' Aiidreir,^ Jloses,^ 
Jii/i,/.'' Sdliiiiinn}) son of Milo 11., and Mary A. (Colman) Leon- 
ard, was 1). in Burlington, Mich., Aug. 11, 1858: m. 1, July 
4. 1877 Marian Eckler, from whom lie was divorced and he m. 
2. Dec. 13, 1885 Josephine Scott. lie resides in Burlington,. 
Calhonn Co., ^licli. 

William and Marian had — 

ISKi. Erven," 1). Apr. 11), 1878. 


Joiix >r. Leonard." (.SV/// S.S' Ainm:' Aiidrrnr,^ 3/oses,^ 
Jiihii.- SnhiuKiii}) eldest son of Setli Salisliurv and Louisa 
(Li'ask-) Leonard: was 1). in Nortii Adams, ]\iass., xVug. 5,. 
1.S43; 111. Alar. 17, 186(5 Eda L. Pratt of Williamstown. 

lie resides in Broad Br(n.)k, Conn. 
Their children were — 

1S17. Bertie H.,H). Mav 4, 18(>7 : d. Apr. 21, 1879. 

isls. Maude F..'" 1). \{vi. 2(», ls7I. 

1SI<). D.'lla A.,M,. Apr.' 1, 1874. 

LEOX. 1 H D a EXE. I LOG Y. ;?0.j 


Al.VAN \V. LKt).\AI!l).' (X'/// S..'' Aniui.'- . 1 //r//-, //•. ' Mnsrs.'-' 
./o////,- iSw/u///';//,' ) IjlMtll.T (>r tllC pi'C'Cllilln'. \V;iS 1». ill Xdl'lll 

xVdams. :\lass., I)t\-. lo. isl.'): m. X(.\-. 12, isiis l<;il,-i S. IJidi 
of North Adams. 

Pie resides in Xortli Adams, wIhmv lie is Siiiicrimrinlciit of 
woolen mills. 

Tlu'ir cliildrrii were — 

An iniant. 1). An,-'. IT.. Inc.!) ; d. Aii-'. 1."), isiii). 
1.S20. Emerv M.M). Aiir. !». Is72. 
is21. Hattic L.,M,. .Ian. is, ls74. 


Seth Leonard,' {Xehi-ni'mh,'' Sr//i,'' Jnsiu/iJ ./ns;,i/,:' JnJn,."- 
,S'//niinjii,^), onl}^ son of Nelieniiali and Plichc ( Pralt) Lcdiianl. 
was 1). in Bridgewater, July 11, 1792 ; m. Nov. S, 1X22 Cliai'- 
lotte Dean. dan. of Lazelle and Rnth.^fLeonai-d) (.'")!)<)) Dean of 

He resided in liridgcwater, where he d. .Vug. 9, 1S7(». 

The ehildi'en of Seth ard Charlotte were — 
1S22. tSeth llarrison.M.. Oct. 1. 1S22 : m. — , ISoO, :\Iyra 

l.S2;"5. Charlotte Maria,Mj. Oct. 7, 1825; m. — , 1848 Isaac 
H. Snell, son of Henry C. Snell of Bridge- 
water : had Ella Leonard Snell.-'l). Is.Mi : m. 
Wm. Mesick of Brockton. ^[r. Snell .1. 
Jan. 15, 1871. 

1824. fPliilander Hean,''^ 1). Nov. S, 1827: m. Xov. 1. ls.".4 

Georgianna Barst( )w. 

1825. Amelia,'^ K Mar. 17, Lsyo: d. Mar. 17. ls(;5: m. 

Nov. 2s. 1852 .Joseph Sampson of j^l)'- 
nioiitli. who d. Aug. 2(.'. 1857. 


Fraxklin Bonaparte Le< )X a i; i >.'( 1/"/V/,/.'''.s;/ ,,///. /,''.s;/ ///////,' 
Josiali^^ John^~ SdhiiiHiii}) only son of Pew Martin ami Ilaiinali 
(Stetson) Leonai'd. was li. May Is. IsiMi in 'runier. Maine : m. 
Oct. 30, 1831 Almira Benson,!). Aug.. IsdS, dan. of <'\-nis aii<l 
Lydia (Wood) Benson of Bridgewatei-. 

He resided in Turner. Monmouth and Leeds, Maine : in two 
of these localities was postmaster for o\-er twenty years, ami 
also held various other oltiees of trust and resjtonsiliilit \- in the 
connnunities in whieli he lived. 


He d. at the home of his (hiuu'hter in Kand()l})h. ^Fass.. June 
27, 188(3 ; liis wife d. April lo,' l«r2. 
Their children were — 
182(1 Franklin Benson,* b. Ano-. 81, 1832; d. Dec. 8(), 

ly27. John Ossian,*^ b. Feb. 13, 183(3; unmarried; resides 
in Monmouth, Maine. 

1828. James Stetson,* b. May 10, 1838 ; d. Oct. 1, 1839. 

1829. Lydia Wood,* b. Apr. 23, 1810; m. 1, Sept. 19, 

1858 'Edwin S. French who lost his life in 
the War of the Eebellion July 5, 1865 ; had 
Frank S. French,"' b. Apr. 7, 18(30 ; m. 2, 
Aug. 14, 18(3(3 Samuel B. Harmon of Lew- 
iston, Maine: had S. Milton Harmon '•' b. 
May 30, 18(37. 
1«3(_). Hannah Stetson,* h. Felj. 1(>, lbl:3 ; d. Noy. 4, ls()l. 

1831. Oliye Hemans,* b. June 8, 1845; m. May 1, 1890 

Charles Beale Lincoln of Brockton, ^Fass. 

1832. Orpheus Milton,* b. Apr. 5, 1,S47 ; d. July 10, LS(35 

in the Arm^•. 

1833. fFrederic Alton,* b." Julv 21. 1S49 ; m. June 27, 

1872 Lizzie A. Parker. 


SiMEOX Wood Leonard,' {Spencer,^' Saiuur];' SamvA,^ 
Josiah,^ Johit,- Solomon,^) eldest son of Spencer and Mary 
(Wood) Leonard, was b. in Bi'idgewater Feb. 7, 1807 ; m. 
May 25, 1828 Betsey Leonard,' (lo'(;9) dan. of Nehemiah and 
Phebe (Pratt) Leonard. 

He resided in Bridgewater, where he d. Aug. 25, 18(33 ; his 
widow d. May 2(3, 1874.. 

Their children were — 

1834. Sarah,* b. Mar. 21, 1829 ; m. June 9, 1850 Philander 

Pi'att, I3. Feb. 8, 1825, son of Elienezer and 
Oliye (Wood) Pratt of Bridsewater; had 
Amanda F. Pratt,'' 1). ]\[ay 23^1851: Sarah 
Abbie Pi-att,'' b. July 16," 1854, m. Sept. 8, 
1883 Fred Maury Leonard,* (1852); Herbert 
Elton Pratt," 1). Sept. 28, 1857, d. xoimg. 

After the death of Mrs. Pratt, her'hus- 
band m. Mrs. J^ethiah (Cushman) Spooner, 
b. Dec. 15, 1831, dan. of Thomas and Luc}' 
(Pratt) Cushman. 

1835. Mary,* b. Noy. 5, 1830; d. Sept. 28, 1832. 





l8o(). tFr;iiikliii.M». |<\.l,. 27. l,s;;4 ; m. M;i\ 17. Isr.e, S;ir;ili 

A. M.u'loii. 
lyo7. Marv Kliz;il)ctli/ li. Kcl.. 1 i. Is;;!',: ,|. V\^K 2ii ls7l: 
. 111. Mar. is, isi;;; Joseph (\ l'„.;ils of Mid- 
clleboro" : " left (Hic son."' 
1838. ^[arcia Tliomas "^ li. Sc|)t. l.S, l.s;;s : d. .Iim. -j I , lNr)7. 
i88i-». Kllfii l)a\is.M.. Srpi 2. |S42. 

1840. t^^'iciiis Kiiiihall." 1). Mar. L>S. Is4r. ; d. Dec 22. Issl ; 

111. Mav l!l. 1S72 Afaitha M. Sims. 

1841. Clara Kraiuvs.^' 1.. .Ian. 1:;. 1847. 

1841 PJlnier,-^ ( , . ., ^ ,1. Apr. 14. Is7u. 

1848. Carolcna.M ' " "^^ '^ ^^' " / 4. ( )rt. 12, is4ii. 

1844. \Vrl)ster.M). .I;in. l;',. I8r);i 


]\[Airi'IX Lf:oXAi;i».' {SjH-nccr,^' Siinnn-I;' Sii,h'"/.^ Josh///,"- 
JoJni,' S(ili)iHnii}'^ Iji'otlicr of tlic ])rec('(liiiL;', was 1). in UridLit'- 
water, Feb. 19, 1809; m. 1, 4an. 2, ls;;7 Joan D. Bradford' of 
Kingston. ]\Iass., who d. Dec. 81. l8.jl and lie ni. 2, June 2. 
1858 Elizabeth A. Stnrtevant of Portlan<l, Maine, who d. Ma\- 
2o. 18(;i and lie 111. 8. ^[ay 2, 18(i9 Mrs. IJiitli 11. (('Iai-k) Divw 
widow of James Drew. 

He d. July 20, 188(3. 

Tlie eliildren of Martin and Elizaljetli were — 

1845. Lizzie Martina,'"^ b. May 20. 1.S57. 

184(i Willie Speneer.M). Feb. li;. iSdO; d. Aug. 8, Isno. 


Si'KXCEH LeoXARD,' { Si ir ,,,-<■ i\''' Sail, ml:' S>i ni 'n /.^ ./,,s/\i/, ,'■' 

Jnlnir Snlnmoii.^) brother (jf the preeeding, was b. in IJi-idgt'- 
water. Aug. 18, 1814 ; ni. Aug. 12. 1840 Ceinciitha Taber 
Stnrtevant, dan. of Isaac and Polly (ChaiKller) Stni1i'\ant of 

The llistoiA' of Pl\-nioutli County, jiublishcil in IssJ. has 
quitr an (.'.\tend<'(l sk'etdi of his life from wliidi we ipioteat 
lengtli : 

'•His vouth and earl\' nianh 1 were oeeuj)ietl in the labor 

of the farm and his e<lucatioiial advantages were limiicd to the 
schools of that day. At tlir age of twi'uty he engaged in the 
dry goods trade whieli he followed for eighteen years, when he 
changed his vocation to that of farmei'. aiid has sueeessfully 
carried on the business of farming, in (•()nneetioii with the man- 
ufacture of wood and bimber. until the jiresent time. .\boiit 


eiglit rears since he purchased an orange orcliarcl in Florida. 
" "'^ "" During his long and useful life Mr. Leonard has 
l)een elected to many offices in the gift of his fellow citizens 
and performed the duties with acceptance. He represented 
Bridgewater in the State Legislature for the years LS-i6 and 
1847. He was elected selectman in 18,"),") and has served in 
that capacity and as assessor, overseer of the pooi-, member of 
the board of healtli, etc. He was appointed Justice of the 
Peace for the county of Plymontli by Gov. Bullock in 1867 
and was ap})ointed by Gov. Washburn and again by Gov. Long. 
He took an active interest in sustaining the government in the 
late war l)v procuring enlistments, filHng (juotas and caring 
for the soldiers and their families. He served as United States 
enrolling officer during the Rebellion. He has also been pro- 
bation officer for Bridgewater from the lirst creation of the 
office. He has been a member of tlie board of the trustees of 
the Bridgewater Savings Bank fiMui its incoi'poration and its 
vice-jn-esident for several years ; in l.S8o lie was elected presi- 
dent which office he now h(_)lds. He has continuc.nisly held 
office in the Plymouth County Agricultural Society since 18-46. 

'■ Mr. Leonard is an attendant of the New Jerusalem Church, 
enjoys the confidence and esteem of his townsmen and has 
repeatedly served as referee in settling dis])utes to prevent 
litigation in various towns in tlie county." 

He has taken much interest in the coni])ilation of tliis work 
and has rendered much very valnal)le assistance in fui'nishing 
items, searchino' through records, verifvino- dates, etc. His 
wife d. Dec. 18^ 1892. 

Tlie children of Spencer and Cementha, T. are — 

1847. Mary Louisa,^ b. Aug. 2, 1841 : m. :May 24, 1866 

Marcellus (_t. Howard of Leeds, !\[aiiie, who 
d. in Florida Dec. 24, 1881 ; had :\Iyr(,)n 
Leonard Howard," b. ^lar. 25, 1868 ; resides 
in San Mateo, Fla. 

1848. Al)bie Frances,^ b. June 23, 1844 ; m. 1, Dec. 81, 

186.5 James Williams Lee who d. Mav 18, 
1868; m. 2, Jan. 15, 1872 James Whitman 
Leach; had Cora May Leach,'' b. Nov. 26, 
1878 ; resides in Bridgewater. 

1.S41). tAustin.M). Oct. 26, 1849; m. Aug. 10. 1878 Cora L. 

1850. Cora Cementha,M). Oct. 5, ls51. 

1S51. SixMicci-.'^ 1). Jan. 17. l8(il. 



Lewis Leoxaim)/ [SiH-tirr,-!'' Sun/w /,■' S,in/"< /,*./,,.■<;, >/, .'■'•./,,/, u.- 
jSuio/iKni,^) brother of the [UveetliiiL;'. \v;is li. in l>i-i(lL;('\v;itei' Xi>\ . 
16 1824: 111. Nov. 28. 1846 Lucy Ix \V;itcriii;iii of Kiiiwsi..ii. 
Mass. He resiJiMJ in llridLicwiitri-. hitrr in Wrinh'!! wlicrr he 
was sele(*tniaii one _ve:ir. renioNiiiL;- IVom tiiei'e to M idiUel.oi'o" 
where he seiA'ed the town in the snnie cuiuiritx' lor se\-ci':il 
yeai's. He was thi-own IVoni ;i ciu'riaLie in KinListoii ;inil kiUeil 
A[ir. 1. 1880: his withtw d. of eonsiiin|iti.on Jiil\- j|s, Isso. 
Their eliihh'en W(.'re — 

1852. fFred ^[aurv."' 1>. Sept. 2s. Is:,:.: ni. Sept. s. Iss;-*, 

Sarah Al.hie Pratt. 

1853. fGeorge AVatennan." h. Mar. 2. Isiid: ni. dnlv 7. 

18S(i Eiiiina ,1. l)illiii,u-s. 


MlXOT M. LeoXAHD." (J//.^v/.'■' Snni'n/J' \,/, /,//,/.' ./o.wV//,.'' 

JnJtii^' Snldiinm}^ eUlest SOU of ^\iiS(,'l and Dehorah (( 'ouaiit ) 
Leonard, was V). in Bridy-ewater ])ee. !*. lN(i!i : m. Mav. lSo4 
Merey Jeuuev. (hiti. of Weston and Fannie (C'ornisli ) .Ieiuie\' of 

He was a earpeuter aud builder daring the acti\e years of 
his life. Heresided witli his son Chark's in l)a\'cnport. Iowa, 
for several vears l:)ut is now liNing in Xewton ('entre. Mass.. 
with his son Alonzo. His wife d. in La Salle. 111.. Now "^5. 

Their children, all b. in Kandolph. Mass.. wvw — 

1854. Fniilv F.,« 1). Auir. 3, 1835. 

1855. tCharles M.,^ b. Mar. 12. 184() : d. Apr. Id. Is'.i4: 

m. Xov. 30, 1870 Anna F. Mi'ller. 
185(1 t Alonzo XL." b. Aug. 23, 1S43 : m. Feb. i>5. jscc, 

Kate French. 
1857. f Frederick A.. M). April I. Islii: m. \'>rv. \:\. l^ils 

Amanda Sweet. 


George C. Leox'akI'.' i .k/-'/.'' ,sW/,///< /."' Snninrl,^ Jnsinhr 
Johit'- Sohniioii}) brother of the jircccding. was b. in Bridge- 
water. Mass.. Mar. 7. 1^12: in. Scjit. 14. ks43 Sarah A. Lyons, 
dau. of John X. and Mar\- W. (1^'ivnclii L\ons of Randolph. 

He was a box manufacturer in Randolph until about ls,(). 
when he remo\'e(l to Billerica where he owned aud cult i\ateil a 
farm and where he d. Mar. n. l.^s'.i. 


The children of Geo. C. and Sarah A., 1). in Randolph, 
were — 

1858. Sarah E,.,M). Apr. 19, 1«1:6 ; ni. Jan. 15, 1868 Sam- 
nel E. llawes, (son of Samuel and Sarah B. 
(Ellis) Hawes) who d. Feb. lU, 1886; had 
Everett L. Hawes,'' b. Mav 8, 1872 ; Charles 
W. Hawes,^ b. Oct. 12, 1873 ; Fannie Louise 
Hawes,^ b. Aua. 31, 1875 ; Edith F. Ilawes,'' 
1). Mar. 27, 1878. 

185!:>. (Treorsre A.,-b. Oct. 17, 1848; unmarried; resides in 


William Gary Leonard,' {Ans(d,^' SaraneJ,'' SainueLKIosiah,^ 
John,' SoJornon^^) brother of the preceding-, was b. in Bridge- 
water Aug. 19, 18LS; m. Oct. L 1844 Martha Copeland,"h. 
Sept. 13, 1825, dan. of Caleb and Olive (Porter) Copeland of 
North Bridgewater. 

Fie resided in North Bridg'ewater, (now Brockton) until 1851 
when he removed to Avon, (formerly East Stoughton), where 
he now resides. He was formei'ly a boot manufacturer, but 
later a mechanic. 

The children of William C. and Martha were — 

1860. fWilliam Elbert,^' b. Feb. 26, 1848 ; m. Sept. 26, 1872 

Lemira H. Blake. 

1861. Charles Alton,* b. Hec. 27, 1850 ; d. Auo-. 30, 1852. 

1862. Edith Hale,* b. Sept. 19, 1853. 


Samuel Laeayette IjEoy-wu)^"' {Sam lu^i^'Sain m^lj' Sain ik^I^^ 
Jns/((//^^ J()]iii^~ >So/o/y;o//,-^) eldest son of Col. Samuel and Mehit- 
able (Bennet) Leonard, was b. in Bridscwater, Julv 18, 1824; 
m. Feb. 19, 1867 Jane M. Tattle. 
Their children were — 

1863. Samuel Isham,* b. Oct. 18, 1868 : d. Afar. 20, 1869. 

1864. Jennie Frances,* b. Feb. 20, 1870. 

1865. Julia Maria,* b. May 22, 1873. 


CaKY ^flTCIIELL LEONAKD,' {S((iHiir//' Sdii/nrl,^ S(liini(/J^^ 

Josiiih/' ./nil II ^~ .S'o/o///oy/,^) l:)rotlier of the preceding, was I). June 
3, 1829, in Bridgewater; m. Apr. 11, 1866 Mira "(Glover) San- 


1)01-11. 1). S('[it. 25. l^X). (1:111. (ilMo-t'jili W.iiikI S:ii-;i1i C. ( 1*(i|h") 
Sanltoni of (:^aiiu'y. Mass. 

lie has always residnl in IJriiliiTwntci-. wlicrc he is ('iii:;i,u'c(l 
ill the Imsiiu'ss of a nia'-hiuisl. 

Tlie ehih.livu ol' ('ai-\- M. ami Mira (t. were — 
186(3. :\[iia Louisa.' h. -lu'lv 22. 1m;7; .1. .Imie ;5. I.STI. 
1S(>7. Sarali (lerti-ude.'^ I), l^'cl). 1. Ln7<>. A Lirailuatc from 
l)ri(l,i2-ewater State Xoi'inal Schutil .June. 
ls;i(i : a tcachci'. 
18<38. Lizzie (Virter.^ 1). ^Nlav ;•. IsTM. 
LS(Jl). Jost'ph Saiil)orn.M). July ol. 1^75. 


. AVaI;I!KX LK()XA1;I).' (Sunm,!,''' Snumrl-' Sninini^ Jusiid,^^ 

Jolin^' S'lloiiioii}) lu'otlier of the joveediui;'. was h. Fcli. 2S, 
1882 iu Bridgewater : lu. Au--. 2(». 1870 Susan (iill. dau. of 
Thomas and Elizabeth ( llollin,L!shead.) (iill of Moorcslown. 
Chester Townshi|i. X. d. 

AL\ Leonard is a shoemaker and resided in Pliilad<'l|ihia. 
Pa., for several vears. wliere his eldest three ehildren were 
l);)rii : lii> i)i-e-;eiit plae;' of resideuee is Cainden, N. J. 
The ehildren of Warren and Susan were — 

1570. Samuel W..' 1). June -S. ls71 : d. Mav 18. 18i)l. 

1571. Thomas.'^ 1). Jan. IC. 1873. 

LS72. Frank G..'" b. Sej^t. 2. 187o : d. M:\y 2'.i. Is7'.'. 
LS73. Susan M..' / , ^^ .^ ,^^. 
18 < 4. Be.<sie (t..'^ \ 

1 094. 

Wallace Leoxard." {Sun/ '/'■//' SoiimcJ,^ Snuinrl} Josiuli,'^ 
Jitini'} S'lhniion..^) In-otluM' of the ]ireeedin,L;\ was b. A]ir. 27, 
184(:). ill Bridgewater : m. ATai'. 12. 1^71 KUa A. Pcrrv. dan. 
of Kilborn E. and Rebeeca A. ((lurney) Perry of South Han- 
over. AFass. They reside in South Hanover. 
Their children — 

ls7r). Ella Wallace.' b. :Mar. 2o. Issl. 

187(). Lla Rebeeca.Mj. Eeb. 111. lss;i 


LeAXDER LeoXAHD.' (7A"'/'Oc/.'' llnUnni:' Sunnt,!} .Ins'nih? 
Jolinr SoJomrin^) son of Rowlaiiilaiid J*oll v (Chilil » Leonard, 
was b. in Stockbridge. Vt. Jan. 2'.i. Isicfni. Feb. 22. Is49 


Freelin'c Owen, dau. of Ileiii'v ajul Susan (Ilubbard) ( )\v(_'n of 
Oak Grove, Dodge Co., Wis. 

He was a fanner and resi<led in Cortland, Colnnd)ia Co., 
Wis.: in the s])ring of ISoT lie removed to Trenton. Dodge 
Co.. Wis., where he d. Dec. 17th of the same year. liis widow 
still survives. 

Their eliildren were — 
1S77. :\[arv E.,^ b. Dee. 2fl, 184M : m. Dee. o, 1872 Rev. C. 
B. Wilcox ; had Lottie F. Wilcox,'' b. Apr. 
28, 1875 : Cora A. Wilcox," l). Sept. 30, 
1879 ; Stella M. Wilcox," Ix Julv 12, 1882 ; 
resides in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. 

1878. Clara," 1). Mar. 2(». 1853 : d. Oct. 13, 1857. 

1 102. 

AZRO B. LeOXARD,' (Notr/(iu(/,'' Rn/oi/tl'^ Sum ml, ^ JnsuAll^^ 

Johii^- SoldiKon,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Stock- 
bridge, Vt, Apr. 10, 1823 ; m. N(n-. 27, 1848 Martha Trask, 
b. in" Ro(diester, Yt., 1819. dau. of John and Marv (Winslow) 

In 1851 he removed to northern Wisconsin and engaged in 
the lumbering business : resided for seventeen years in 
Eureka, Wis., where all liis children were l;)orn ; later he 
became interested in the pine lands of Michigan and removed 
to Manistee and ena'ao-ed in the manufacture of lumber; has 
now retired from business and is enjoying the fruit of his 
labors in his very pleasant home in Manistee. 

The children of Azro B. and Martha are — 

1879. Frances M.,« b. Sept. 30, 1852; m. Nov. 3, 1876 

John Mee who d. Feb. 1, 1885. She now 
resides with her four sons with her father 
in Manistee. 

1880. John Trask," b. July 9, 1857; married: has a farm 

in Dakota. 

1881. Marv A," b. Dec. 2, 1859. 

1882. UcnVy Ward," b. Oct. 1, I8(;i ; m. June I, 1S87 

Cora Secor of Manistee: isengagcil in hard- 
ware business in Manistee. 


SaVH'KI. IlrTCIITXSOX LK()NAH]>.' ( 0///v-/.^' Ro/'Utd/' Sdni- 

vel.^ 'f'lxidh:' 'Jnlinr tSnlniiioii^^} Son of OHvcr and Rachel (Pratt) 
Leonai'd, was b. in Pomfret, Yt., Apr. 18, 1818 : m. 1, — , 

LEOXAIU) (rEXHALoay. :]]:', 

Sarah I)ana, dan. of Jdim aiul -Icnislia ( < it k h1s|u'ci1 ) l);iiia: 
she (I. — , and he iii. 'J. — . Cortldia Maxhani. 

He a. Oet. 29. 1S08 : his second wife d. Mav '!:). l.s!i;i. 

Sanmcl II. and Sarah liad nncsnn — 
l.Sbo. AVard.M). X,)\-. s. Is:,;,. 

Tlie ehilthxMi (tf Sanind II. and ('i>rdrlia were — 
1884. CMiarlcs U..' 1.. — . 
188.'). .hi,hl.'^ 1). — . 
188(i. :\r;u-\-.' 1). —. 


ArSTIX LEOXAin).' ( 0///T/-.'' h'n/dni/.'' Si',u i" 1} Jnsinh:' Jnlni.' 

Sn/onio/t,^) brother of the preeediim', was 1,. in PonilVd. \'i.. 
Jan. 80, 1820; ni. Mar. 21. 1889 Aliet' S. Child.- 1,. Apr. 2. 
1822, dan. of Dax'iil Jr.. and Snsanna (Tinkhani) Cliild of 

Thev reside in Rochester. \'t. 
Their children were — 

1887. Lenora."* 1). — . is^ii; (L at the aiie of nine nionTlis. 

1888. Caroline S..'^ b. Mar. 28. 1842:' m. Kel,. 4. \srA 

Georo-e K. Marsli. 1). Jnne 4. Is;',!); had 
Cari'ie M. }*rai'sli.'-' 1,. Mar. 21. iM'io: Clinnie 
E. Marsh." 1,. Sej.t. 2o. 1S(>7: Leslie L. .\rai'sli.'' 
1). Jnne 29. 18()S. d. Feb. 17. bsiiH: Dana (i. 
Marsh.-' b. An--. 20. ls74. 

1889. Elmer J.,Mx An.o-. ">. bs44 : d. ^fai-. 8. ls(;4. killed 

in the Civil War: a niembei- of 1st \'ei'- 
mont Cavalry. 


IIaRVE^' B. Lf:oXAR1).' [Olirrr'' Ui.Uiinl:' Snimnl^ .Ios'hi},:' 
J'llinr Sniiiiiioii}) brother of the jM-ecedinL;-. was b. Se])t. 8, 
1822: ni. 1. — . Caroline R. (iro\e of Bethel who d. Se]it. 28. 
1848 at the a,u-e of 24. and he m. 2. !><'(•. 8. 1S49 Jernsha Dana. 
b. Get. 8. 1^^27. dan. of John and Jernsha ( ( io( ids] >eed ) Dana. 

He th Jan. 29. iN'tl : his wi<low ni. 2. .\n--. in. ls:,l S. L. 
Kin.ii- of Xorth Pornfret. Vt.. and d. Mar. 22. X^^'l. 
Ilarvev B. and Jernsha had one (Ian. — 

1890. Caroline Jernsha.M). Se])f. 1. Is.'.O: d. Dee. !>;. l^'.o. 

*See page 205. 

Benjainitii Child of Roxbur}- and Mary . .Tdhii-' and Elizabeth . NatlianiH- 

and Dorotliy Johnson, Elijah" and Rac-hd Palmer, Capt. David'' and Rntli Bn.wn, 
David«.Jr. and Susanna Tinkham, Alice S." and Austin Leonard. 



John IL Leonard,' (Jn/n/,'' /-tn/aj/<//' -SW/z/'/p// ■/(i.^ial/,^ J'Jmr 
Sn/nii/iiii,^) Son of John and Lois (^Vllite) Leonard, was 1). in 
Pomfret, Vt., Jnne '2!l, LS'25 ; ni. Apr. 10. IS.")! Charlotte 
Adams dan. of Aninali and Frances (Kinihall) .Vdanis of Roy- 
alton, Yt. 

He resided in (raysville. Vt.. wliere lie d. Mar. 1^1, Ly82. 
Tlie chihb-en of John IL and Charlotte were — 

1S91. Nellie,^ 1). Apr. '!'>), lSo^2. 

fSU2. Kate,'" 1). Jnne 19, LSoi) ; ni. Dee. 4, 1883 William 
C. Boutwell. 

1898. Mary,^ 1). Mar. IS, L8()'2. 

1894. Charlotte," b. Apr. 2. ISCm ; m. June 29, 1877 Fred- 
eriek Thomas Ahii'tin (.)f Rochester, Vt. 


J rSTlN L. LeOXAHD,' {Jo/i //,'• RolamK'' Sum Hi 1,^ .Jiisi(i!,^'^.J<i!iii^~ 

Suhinion,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Pomfret, Vt, 
Feb. 9, 183-2; m. Jan. 22, 1856 Abbie E. Stanley, (bin. of 
Verres B. and Eliza S. (Johnson) Stanley of Leicester, \\. 

Lie resided in Rochester, A^t, where he d. Dec. 9, 1871 : his 
widow m. 2, Sept. 2H, 1876 E^nocli Dana Emerson. 

The cliihb'en of Jnstin L. and Abl)ie E. were — 

LS95. Vrinnie J.,' b. Nov. 18, 1807; d. Nov. 7, 186(1. 

1896. Mirmie Lois,'*^ 1). Dec. 15, 1863 ; m. F]uoene Martin. 

1897. John Stanley ,M3. Aug. 21, 1867. 

1 132. 

AViLLIAM LeONAKD," {Daiiirl I/./' Ddiiirl:' XalliClii,^ .Insid],^"^ 

Joliii,' /SoJonioii,^) son of Daniel Howard and Sarali (Densmore) 
Leonard, was b. in Sharon, A^t.. P'eb. 24, 1816; m. Dec. 12, 
1839 Emilv Durkee b. Oct. 26, 1814 in Rovalton, A"t. 
He d. in Royalton, Sept. 22, 1879; his wife d. — . 

Their children, all but the ytmngcst b. in Royalton, 
were — 
1S98. F^mina Dnrkee,* b. June 14, 1843; m. 1, Jnne 13, 
1867 AVm. A. Perrv of Cabot. A^t.; had 
Abby Alav Pei-rv,'-' I'Ved \Vm. Perry,'' AVm. 
JA'onard Perry." all b. in AA^isconsin. Mr. 
Perry d. Apr.^24. ISSO and slu- m. 2, Jnne 
3, 1884 Ed. Cowles of Iowa. 

1899. Daniel Howard.^^ b. May 5, 1845 ; d. Afar. 13, 1871. 

1900. Lani-a (\.rnelia,'' b. Apr! 21, 1847 ; d. Jnly 26, 1849. 

LEOXARD OEXK. 1 L0( 1 \ '. ;U.j 

1901. llciiuui Diirkcr.M). Nov. '_'. ls:.l ; ,|. M;,r. ic, ls:,-_>. 

UI<)L>. ^[al•v Slicpard.M). Srpt. lo. ls:,i, 

1908. Doinia Maria.' 1.. Fcl>. \'l. is.M; in K;,ir Ihivni. \'i. 

1 136. 

(teokgk Washixcton Lk( »n a i; I ).'(/''""" ^ //••'' l)'nii>l:' 

Xafl/(ll/.^ '/ns/'il//:' ./n/ni,'' Sn/i>ul<>i/.^) ln'iitlicr (if llic l)lVC'L'dill,U", 

wasl). Alio-. li>, l,s2-l:. in Shai-oii. \'t.: m. 1. Apr. 2.S. 1847 
Persis Sophia Tliorniisoii 1.. June IT., 1S2-1:. in Wdddsnx'k. \'t.; 
shed. Sept. 8, 1847 and lie in. 2, \\>v. 11. Is.'.o Mrs. I\nrv- 
dice (Twiss) Thompson. 1). Sept. 22. 1^2-1- in Pomrivi. \'t.: 
she d. Oct. 21). 1877 and lie m. H. .luiv (i, ls7!i llnn'in K. 
Moiilt()n, 1). Sept. .J, Is,"),") in Timl iridic, \'t. 
He resides in S(.)Uth Eovaltou. \'('rni(iiit. 

(xeorge W. an<l KuiA'tlicc hail one son — 
1904. fGeoro-e Wa.^hinotdii." Jr.. 1.. Oct. 17. l^^'A : ni. Dee. 
11, 1S7S llrkMi K. Whitcond). 
(ieoiye AV. and Harriet liad one (hinu'htcr — 
19o:). Pcrsis Kh/a.M). Se])t. 21. Issl. in r,;irnanh Yt. 

1 138. 

./>/•. HaKHV l^AX'l'EH LeoNAUD.' {<j(iiiis,''' Dmiirl.'' Xul/nn/.' 
Jo.sid/i,^ ./n//i/r S<ilniiinii}) (,d(h.'st son of (iaius and Mnnice 
(S})ahling') Leonard, was b. in Sharon, Vt...lnly ■'^. l''>17: m. 
1. — . 1844 Nancy Swazev, (hm. of ()l)adiali S\va/,c\- of North 
Haverhill N. H.:' slic d. An--. :!. ls(;7 and lie m. 2. Si'pt. 2(), 
1867 Elizabeth M. Dunklev, dan. (jf M(.)ses and Lncv \V. 
(Jeffers) Dnnklc.v of East Haverhill. 

He was a j)hvsician in Hav(M'liiIl. X. H.: was a man of line 
alnlities and had a larjjc praetici': in 1S(;() and bst)7 Ih' r<'prc- 
sented his district in the New Jlampsliirc Icjislat n re. lied, 
of ajioplexv. Feb. 17. 18H9. 

Dr. Harrv ]>. ami l^lizab(■1ll M. had onr son — 

190(1. Harrv i3axter.' Jr.. 1). Sept. 8, 1808; resides in 
Malone, N. Y. 

1 1 50. 

HaHVEV LeOXAHI).' (ilnnniliri:' Dnunl? X^llmn.^ Jnsnfh'^ 

Jo/u/r Snhniinii}) son of (iamalici and Iliddah (Child) bconai'd, 
was b. ill Sharon, Vt.. Oct. (j. 1827: ni. Apr. 2:;. L^o 1 .lose- 
]»hine K. Davis of Sharon. 

Their children were — 

1907. Howard (r..' b. ,lnlv 20. \<u . in l^.valton. Vt. 

1908. Jas])er D.,' b. May lo, fsco in lii'id-vwater. Ct. 


1 1 57. 

Levi F. Leoxakd,' (rry/V/n/^ R.,^'' Xathdii B.yXdiJurn.^JosiaJt,^ 
■Jnhii- SnJdiiKiii}) son of Curlton li. and Sally (Cox) Leonard, 
was 1). Jan.. ISiX » : m. Feb. Is, iS-ii Johanna Giffonl. 
Tlunr children were — 

190M. Marv F.,^ b. Nov. 28, l«4i. 

1910. Addie B.,*^ b. Oct. 23, 1847: d. Alio., 1854. 

IHll. Levi C," b. Auo-., 185.'). 

1912. Julia A.,'" b. — .' 

I 1 58. 

'J'nioTiiv Augustus Leoxaki),' [Cai-ltnn A^./' Xnihai, B.J' 
Xaf/iaii.^ Jnsia//^^ Jolin,^ SoIoiikhi.^) l)rother of the preceding, 
was 1). in Seekonk. now East Pi'ovidence, R. I., Julv 15 1822 ; 
m. May 12, 1844 Martha A. Jones. 

He was one of the Selectmen of Seekonk before tbe town 
was divided and after the town of East Providence was organ- 
ized he filled the position of Town Sergeant a number of 3'ears ; 
served as Councilman for a series of years and was also one of 
the Assessors and Overseers of the Poor, and also served as 
Ilighwav Connnissioner. He was elected State Senator in 
18()9 a.nd 187(> and again in 1875 : in 1887 and 1888 he was 
elected Representative. He d. Sept. 15, 1895; his widow sur- 
vives him. 

Their children were — 

1913. Franklin A.,'' 1). Feb. 5. bS45. 

1914. Martha X.J 1). Nov. 12, 1847. 

1915. William A.,^ b. Feb. 15, 1855. 
191(1 Hattie X..^ b. Dec. 12. 1856. 

1917. Eleanor X.J h. Jan. 21, 18(54. 

1 1 76. 

Bethuel Leonard,' {DmiJ Dan J Joseph." J<>--<<.^i)liJ Jw-oIk- 
SoloiiLon}) eldest chiM of Dan and Hope (Cla])p) Leonard, was 
b. Sept. 14, 177(3, ])robablv in Ware, Mass.; ni. (pub. .Vpr. 14, 
180(3) Zil])ha Wetherell Ik in Norton. 

Soon after his marriage he removed to WallinghM-d, Ver- 
mont, and afterwards reiurned to Wai'c where he d. Sept. 3(J, 
1853 ; his wife <L Sei)t. 17, 1853. 
Their children were — 

1918. fllinini W..' b. Apr. 10, 1807; d. Jan. 27, 1.S74 : m. 

Feb. 23, 1834 Huldali S. Billinu-s. 


r.llll. Hope or IIopcc CMi. Scjil. -J!!, iMi'.l: d. X,,\-. IC. 

167t); 111. .\..v. ;;. ls;;i Siiiinicl Pike <.r 
Coiinri'ticnt. Ii. l''('l). 8. lsi»l. ,1. A'ul;-. ."), 
l"^*):^, ill l)i-;i1tlcii<)r()'. \'t.: ill) cliildi-rii. 

1 1 77. 

Daxikl Lk()N"aim».' (/A'//.'' Dim:' .Ins, j, I, ,^ .lnsri,h:' J,i,nhr 
Soloinnn}) brotlier ot the iircccilinL:, \v;is K. in UriilLi'cwntcr. 
Mas.-=;.. Fel). U). 177^: m. J»cc. ;!. Isol Kiinicc Tdwns. 1>. in 
Greenwich, Mass., A])r. 22, 17^-1-. 

His early life was passed in Wai'e : nt'ter his ni;irri;i,L!-e he 
resided for a short time in Richliehl, X. V.. reinoxiiiL;- xioii to 
Henderson, where he remained until abont Is-i-s, when lie 
rem(:)\"ed to Streets! )oro", (Jhio. He was a farmer. Amoiiti' 
the puljlie offices held by him at vai'ions times, was that of 
Depnty Sheriff" in Henderson, and of Townshij) Treasurer in 
Streetsf)oro\ He was a Y. k A. Mason and liail attained a 
high degree. 

He d. in Streetsl)i:)ro" .V})r. IS, fsiU; his wife d. at the same 
place Fel). ?,, l^oo. 
Their children, (all f)Ut the eldest 1). in llen<lcrson. 
N. Y.,) were — 
li:l2<». Delos.M). Mar. 8, 180() at Kichheld, N. Y.: d. Aug. 

3, 1835, at Ft. Wavne. Ind.: unmarried. 
11121. Betsey.'" b. Apr. 26, 1808 :" m. Jan. 13. fs2:. Wm. 

Boomer of Hendei'son. 
U)22. Lucy,''^ b. Sept. 19, l-SlO; d. Jan. s. Is,s4, at Streets- 
boro" ; m. Oct. 3. I.s31 .Vlonzo J^'aeh of 
Ellisf)urg, N. Y.. who <1. Aug. — . l>^>^.s in 
Streetsboro" : had .Vugusta f>eacli.'' b. Aug. 
29, 1835 m. Dec. 14. 1x53 John i^irsons of 
Aurora, 0., (diil. Carrie .Vngusta Parsons.'" 
b. Se})t. 1(). ISC)!): Kuniee Fii/aUeth beai-li.'-' 
b. June 4. 1.S39, d. Jan. 5. fssii. m. .\hiv f9, 
I'SiU C. H. Case of Streetsboro". (ciiil. Fdwai'd 
L. Case,^" b. An"-. f5. 1m;2 : Anna D. Case."' 
b. Oct. 24. bS()4. 111. Apr. 24. Isss Wilfn-d 
T. Hart [chil. Hu-h Hart." b. Feb. 1!). 
1889: Ralph Hart." b. Julv — . ls'.ir|: 
Frclerick A. Case.'" 1 >. .\hiv 2t;. Is;;;.- 
Julian Rav Casi'." li. J une 2, fN7i;r Sai'ah 
Jane Leac'li.'' !>. Se])t. 20, 1843. d. June 15. 

f SOli. 


1928. Eunice,^ 1). Jan. 17, IbU ; <I. Apr. 8, 1<S29 at Hen- 

1924. Jane.M). Apr. 25, ISlH; ,1. Avio-. 28, 1816 at Hen- 


1925. Jane,M:). Nov. 19, 18LS ; d. July 81, 1854: m. — , 

A. G. A^•ery of 8ti'eets]x)ro'. wIk.) d. Oet. 
28, 1885 : had Flovd Aver\-.'' b. Se])t. 2, 
1848, d. Sept. 25. 1876, ni. Mar. 12, 1878 
Alai'v P. Smith ; Lucy Inez Avery," 1). Oct. 
80, i850, d. Feb. 15, 1879 ; Jane L. Averv,'' 
b. Julv 20, 1854, (L Mar. 15, 1892. 

1926. Sarah IslJ h. 'Feb. 8, 1821 : d. Nov. 80, 1894 at 

Streetsboro' ; m. Nov. lO, 1844 Noruian B. 
Jenkins of Streetsboro" ; had Delos Jerdcins." 
d. vonng ; Flora Jenkins,'' d young. Mrs. 
Jenkins was blind from the year 1854 until 
her death : an earnest and de\'out Christian. 

1927. Amos,M_.. July U), 1,S24 : d. May 6, 1828 at Hen- 


I I 79. 

Simeon Leoxard,' ( Mo/,'' Dan J' ./o.<ry///.' Jnsi pl,^^ Jacol,- SnJ- 
oiiKiii,^) brother of the ])reeedinL;, was b. in \Vare, Oct. 18, 
1781; m.l, — , 1808 (?) Elizabeth or Betsey Hill, dau. of John 
and Rachel (Rice) Hill of A\^allino-ford, Vt.; slie d. No^-. 7, 
1823 and he m. 2, Nov. 21, 1825 Eo(Miah Cole of Windsor, 

He resided in Wallingford where he was engaged in the 
business of shoemaking. He d. in Wallingiord Jnlv 14, 1859; 
his second wife d. Dec. 27, 184(». 

The chihlren of Simeon and Betsey wei'e — 

1928. Sophronia,^^ b. Jan. 8, 1811; d.' — , 1880; m. — , 

1828 Jose])h Bixby ; left one dau. Flsworth 

1929. Alesworth,'^ b.^Apr. 8, 1812 ; d. Mar. 11, 1818. 

1980. Sally,^ b. May 8, 1818 ; m. — , 1857 (?) A. W. White 

of Salisbury \X. 

1981. tLucius,« b. May 12. 1815 ; ni. 1. Apr. 18, 1S45 

Adaline Wardner ; ni. 2. Feb. 11, Issd 
Letitia Boynton. 
The children of Simeon and Roenah were — 

1982. L(_)renzo Dow,'^ b. Nov. 7, 1826 ; m. — . 

1983. Elizabeth Annette,^ b. June 30, 1829 : m. — , Hiram 

LEOXARD aEXEAl.Oay. - 819 

Kildv ; 1i;h1 Ihilii.'" Sniilonl IvMv."' 
.ACarv Kddv.'' 

1904. Aiit<'iiti;i.^ li. .Iiiiic is. ls;;i. 

1905. Oraii-v;^ K. Kr!). ;;. ls;;4: m. — . 

1 1 SI . 

Seth K. Lkoxaui).' (Dill,:'' /A///.'' .I,,sri,li,^ .fus,/,!,:'- .hu-nl,;' 
.<Sofo//a>y(,^) l)r(itlier of the [trccciliiiL:. was li. in \V;irc l^'cK. 22. 
1785: 111. JuiK' 4. ISIL Sallv IkihIcII. 1». Krli. ;i. 17!M). (hm. ,,r 
Elijah and Clarissa (Claiip) I)artlctt nf West liro.iklicld. Mass. 

He ivsided in Wallin,u't'ord. \'i.. wlici'c lie was I'oi' w time a 
blaeksmitli and later a hotel keejici'. Tlic land records of the 
town show nnnierons (•on\c\'anccs to niid li\' liiiu of land in 
the town, lie and his wife were nuanhcrs of tlir ConLirciia- 
tioiial Chnredi : aftei' his dratli in WalJinuford Mar. 4. Isl;', Ins 
widow was dismissed to the ehurrli in West l>rooklield, Mass., 
and later wa.^ dismissed to the Vl. K. (dmrcdi in the same town : 
she m. 2, Xov. 1». 1856 Joseph (lilhcrt of licnssclaer Kails. 
K Y., and (1. there May 6. 180;!. 

The ehildren of Seth PI and Sall\- wci'e — 

193(1 AEarv Ann ]l.M). Feh. L>(i. isL:!': d dnnc l!), Is22. 

1987. fllenrv Harrison.' 1). Apr. 7. hsU : d. Nov. Is. ls,-,(i; 
m. ^[av 11. Lsl:() Marv A. Torlii'an. 

1938. Sarah Ann.' h. "Fel). 22, iSLs :' d. dan. Is. Is22. 

1939. Hidiard Baxter,'!). Nov. 28, ls23 : d. Srpi. 17. 1«48. 

I I 84. • 

ALVIX LK(_)X'AF,I).' (/AO'.'' />'0/,'' ./o.svy///,^ ./oAr//A.-' .//^roA,- Si>h,- 

ni'iii}) l)rt;)ther of the preeeding, was 1). in \\'are Jniu' 29. 17".'(; ; 
m. 1, Dee. 9. 1^24 Laura Rice of Brooklield. h. dan. 17. Iso;!, 
whod. Oct, 8, 1825, and he m. 2, Apr. 16. 1833 Rntli Cond).s, 
I). Mar. 27. 1803. dau. of Joliii and Eunie(MShepard) Cond)s of 

" His earh' edncational ad\"anta,L;'es weri' limilcd lo those of 
the avera,2'e farmer's son in those days, hnt he made the most 
of these and always ke^it himself well inh)rmed of the ] ii-o,i!ress 
of events without partaking- of the amlhtions of tlu' u'reat woi'ld 
of which he saw so little. Being the youngest ()f the himily 
and his services not being of urgent necessity at home, he was 
apprenticed to a shoemaker and aeipiiivil ipnte a reputation 
for the excellence of his work in that business. He did not 
follow liis trade continuously. l)Ul was at one time iderk in a 
o-eneral store and again emjiloyiMl in some capacity by the 


lla)ii})(l('n MaiinfactrLriiig Company. With the exce})ti()n of 
several vears spent in Walliugford, Yt., and Ogdenshurgli, 
N. Y., he was a resident of his native town. His life was |)rin- 
cijiallv sj»ent as tluit of the New England farmer of the l)etter 
class, possessing his home and worlcing on year by year,, eon- 
tent with doing well the task of each day. 

"Ilewas a good conversationalist, well ird'ormed n])on enr- 
rent e\'ents, correct in his haljits. generous to a fault, and a 
favorite among his friends. At one time he was interestetl in 
the milittirv and hcM a lientcnant's corrnnission. He took an 
active interest in j)olitics and was an ai'deiit anti-slavery Whig. 
In liis later vears he often rt'called the time when he found a 
fngiti\-c slave in his l)arn wdioni he jiromptly transferred to his 
house and. after a i^eriod of rest, assisted by substantial aid on 
his wav to Canada. Yery cai'efnlly was the secret kept, for 
the time, w^ell knowing the penaltv foi' liarl)oring a fuy-itive 

•• His l)usiness ex]ierienee and familiarity with legal forms 
was such that he was frequently called upon for services 
which sti'ictlv belonged to the legal profession, and his opin- 
ion w^as genci'ally accepted without question. He had strict 
views of morality and intense hatred of inconsistency and 
ci'ooked dealing. He retained his hiculties until past the age 
of eightv, wdien he received a sti'okc of paralvsis, from which 
he d. No\". 2<), I'SBl. His widow to whom he largelv owed his 
success in life survived him until Apr. oO, 1887, wdien she 
died at the Ikmjic of her son in \Yestlield. "' 
xVlvin and Laura had one son — 

1940. Norman,'' b. Sept., 1825: d. Oct. U, 1825, aged four 
The children of Alvin and liuth w^ere — 

11)41. fdohn :\[yron,M). A])r. 18, 1841; m. Mar. 19, 1888 
'Marv Elizabeth Phelan. 

H)42. fAustin Lyman,M3. Feb. 5, 1844; d. Sept. 10, 1891 ; 
m. Nov. 5, 18()7 Maria Eastw^xxl. 

I I 89. 

Zir.A Lkoxard.' (Zilidf' ])iin:' 'ln.-«'j,li} Jo^^itli':' .hicoh^ Shlo- 
///"/,,') son of Ziba and Chloe (^Shaw) Leonard, was b. in Buck- 
land. Mass.. Hec. 17, 1792; m. 1, April(?) —, 1820 Mary 
Tavlor, dan. of Isaiah and Ruth (I^rvant) Tavlorof Ashheld : 
she d. Mny 2^5, 1822 and he m. 2. (pub. ()<-t.' [<», 1829) Philo- 
mela Cook, b. Oct. 19, 1798 in Shelbui'iie, Mass., dau. of Noah 
and Rachel (Kemp) Cook of C'harlemont. 

LKOXAli]) ( ; HM-:. \IJ)(;\ '. 


lie i-c'sidrd in Aslilicld. l^iickhmd. (.'oiiwav ;iiid ( ii-ci'iilicld, 
dy'wvji in tlic latter plarc. dan. 10, ls7(; : liis wife d. in the 
same town. dan. 'i:\. Is7-J, ^dan. jid-. |S72?); l,otli arc lan-icd in 

Zilia and Mai-\- liad unc dau. 
U)48. .Maria." U. dan. — (?) IMM : d. duly 6, IH'1\). 
Tlu' (dnldrcn of Ziha and ndlonida were — 
Twill .-^on.-^. 1). and d. ()cl. - . ls;Jl. 
1H44. tllorati..." 1.. Mai'. ;'.o. Is;',;;: ,1. ( ),-i. 1. ISIH ; m. Jan. 

1. ls;)(; |^l!^.n S. r.iii'niiani. 
1945. t^faria Louisa," 1). V\A^. '_>i). ls;;i;. ( |.\di. -jo. ls;;7?): d. 
An--. !l. issii; ni. dune 4. Is.')!) llciirv 


iy4(>. fLcra {'.: 1). Fd.. l;j. l.S4(»: in. June 1-2. iSfU 
AIluM-t r,. Clark. 

1 1 92. 

ReI'EI. LkONAKD," (Zihd!' Dan:' Jn.^rj,!,,^ .losrithj' .fui-iihr SnJ. 

oninn,^) brotlier of the [)rer(.'(lino-, was 1). in Bu(d\daiiik diineo. 
1799; in. May 6, 1884 Elizal)e^tli Taylor, dan. ..f dolm and 
Louie (Barnard) Taylor of llawUw. 

He was a farmer and li\'ed in ]lawle\- wliei'e lie d. ^[a\' 27. 
1846: liis widow in. "2. .May — , 1S4S Cliaiuicev Ste|>heiisoii, 
son of Jerome and Kexiali (I)amon) Steplieiisoii and d. Ma\' 7, 

The (dnldren of Keuel and Klizaheth were — 
1947. James Densmore," h. Dee. 2, l<s;57) ; ivsidt's in AVil- 

liainsl)ura", Mass.: unmarried. 
194S. fWilliam Tayl.)r,"'d). :\[ay 27, ls;^57 ; m. 1, :\[ay. isiiC 
^[rs. Lizzie C. (Jones) l^'olsom. 
m. 2. June 14, Ls78 Martha M. l-dsk. 

1949. Eeuel.M). Feh. 28, LS89. 

1950. Chloe.M). (_)et., 1840: d. soon. 

1951. Chloe Klizalu'th," 1). Dee. 28, 1841 (Dec. 27, 1841 ? ) : 

m. S.'jit. 27, 18()0 William F. Bas.sett, 1>. 
June IL LS25. in Ashliidd. son of William 
and Xaiiey (Aldeii) Bassett : had Fllcn M. 
Bassett,-' l'). Julv 2i). Lsiil .- Frank L. Ikis- 
sett,'* 1). Fel). :5,' LS(54, m. Xov. 28, lss4 Lil- 
lie Vansant,((diil. Aliee V.^ett,!" 1). Nov. 
17. 188()): William IL Bas.sett,-' 1). Mav 28, 
1866, d. All,--. 28. 1866 : Alice L. r)assett,'' 
h. JuiH' 2(i. h^i;7. d. Sci.1. IC. ls(;7: JmImi 


M. Bassett;-' 1.. Sept. 9, 1869: George W. 
Bassett,^ b. Nov. 1, ISJI. 

1952. Betsey Eozelia;^ b. May 27, 1848 : m. Oct. (3, 1861 

Jerome Steidien.sou, (2(1 wife), son of Jer- 
ome and Keziali (Damon) Stephenson. 

1953. Sylvia Maria,'' 1). Jnly 2, 1845; m. July 17, 1867 

Daniel Griflitli, b. Dec. 10, 1841, in Swan- 
zev, N. H., son of Samnel and Maliala 
(Grimes) Griffith ; had Myrtie Maria Grif- 
iitli,'' I). Sept. 9, 1868 : Murray Daniel Grif- 
fith,'' b. AuD-. 6, 1870: Winfred Samuel 
Griflfith," b. July 25, 1871 : A>rnila Eliza- 
beth Griffith,-' b." Sept. 30, 1873. 

1 193. 

ZeBIXA E. LeONAKI),' {Zil>a!'' Dun;' 'Jost^jth,^ Joseph ■'' J(Ar<_)Ii^~ 
Solomon,^) brother of the preceding', was 1). in Buckland, Noy. 
28, 1802 ; m. Nov. 25, 1842 Phileiia Richmond Bassett, b. 
Dec. 13, 1819, dan. of Allen and Philena- (Packard) Bassett, 
of Cummington, Mass. 

He resided in Hadley, Plainfield and Goshen, Mass.; was a 
manufacturer of gimlets and other tools, also a shoemakei-. 

He d. Aug. 13^1848; his widow m. 2, Jan. 28, 1851 Obed 
Sinith of AVhately and d. Mar. 6, 1886. 

The children of Zebina and Philena were — 

1954. Cvnthia Elmina,'^ b. Sept. 11, 1843: m. Sept. 28, 

1859 Jairus S. Tyrrell, 1). in Plainfield, Mass., 
June 11, 1838;' had Mary A. Tyrrell,^ b. 
Sept. 21, 1860, d. July 4,''l863 ; Walter V. 
Tyrrell," h. Sept. 22, 1864, m. May 4, 1887 
Luella Miller of Sterling Centre, N. Y., 
(chil. Mabel Tyrrell,"' b.'june 24. 1889); 
Geo. F. Tyrrell? b. Feb. 7, 1867, m. Noy. 
16, 1887 Cora E. Miller of Sterling- Centre, 
(chil. Hattie E. Tyrrell^^ b. Oct. 2^0, 1888); 
Mal)el L. Tyrrell,^'b. May 4, 1871, d. Noy. 
30, 1872 ; Leila Belle Tyrrell," b. July 5, 
1875, m. Noy. 14, 1894"^ Artluir E. Brew- 
ster of Fair Hay en, N. Y. 

1955. fZiba Allen,'^ Ix Nov. 7, 1845; m. 1, Dec. 25, 1870 

]y[ary Ann Newton. 

m. 2, Dec. 25, 1878 Bessie Moulton. 

*b. Apr. 10, iri)(j ; d. Feb. r, 18S4. 

LEOXA HI) a EM-:. \L()(;\ : ;}0;} 

ll»r)(). -f-Zi'liiiia K;it()ii.Mi. June ."). I,s4>i; m. Scjii. Lin. \^~\ 
Kllrii (). ll;irns. 

1 195. 

Betsey I.koxaim)." iZihn:'' D^u:' .!<,>« i>],} Jns, /J,:- .luml,:' 

*S'o/o;/?o//,y) sisti'l' of t lie prccfiliiiLi. \'i>illi;icst (1;mi. of Zili;i ;iiiil 
Chloe (Sliaw) Leoii;n-.l. was I), in Aslil'n'lil. Ma>s., Dec i'., Iso'.t; 
m. Apr. '2!». LSH-t Aliol Dcnsinorc Newton." 1>. in Xortli 
Leveivttc. Mass.. S.'pT. 2. isoii. son ,,f Ivlwacil ami Ivtii.T 
(Montao-iie^*) Newtc )n. 

Mr. Xewton served an a]i|U'enticeslii|i to a lilacl<sniitli ami 
later, luivinu' pi'ejiared himself fur niissioiiarv work, joineil the 
mi.ssiori of the .Vnieriean IJoanl at ^Faekinaw. Mieh.. where he 
taught the Iniliail hoys. After nearlv three \-ears his health 
became impaired fi'om o\'(.'rworls and he retnrned io Massachu- 

Soon after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Newton weni lo 
LaPoiiit, Lake Superior (wdiere a mission had heen estaMished i : 
]\[i\ Xewtou here engaged as l>laeksniiili to the American l-'nr 
Comjiany witli the umhn'standing that he conld gix'e as mneli 
of his time to missionarv work as he saw ht. After fonr 
years thev removed to Green Bay, Wis., and in fs.M to l»(d^'re 
wdiere Mrs. Newton still resides, tenderly cared hn' hy her 
daughter, Mrs. Leonard. Xx the age of Si; she joined the 
Society of the Daughters of the American Bexolntioii : is an 
actual (ioiiiihtcr. Mi'. Newton continued to work at his trade 
until 1860, wdien thev removed t() a farm a few miles from the 
city and wdiere he d. Jan. 7, l^SS!). 

**See Montague Family of America, p. 367. 

*See footnote p. 49, Mary (Leonard) Newton (8). 

Jonathan Xewton,^ (Moses.^ Richard, i)b. Sept. 30, 1679, d. 1753, m. Oct. 28. 1708 Bethia 
Rice,* (Daniel,:5 Kdward,2 Edmuud.i) b. Oct. 29, 1682, dau. of Daniel and Bethia OVard) 
Rice: had Tirzah,* b. Aug. 1(5.1709, m. Mar. 31, 1730 Ezekiel Xewton of Soutliboro": 
Jonathan J b. Nov. 3. 1710 ; TabiUia.* b. Jan. .30, 1712, d. 1712 : Bethia.' 1). Apr. 17. 1713 : 
Joanna,^ b. Dec. 8, 1714 ; Hepzibah.-i b. Nov. 1. 1716 ; David, ib. Feb. 23. 1718 : Thankful,:, 
b. July 27, 1719 : Gideon, ib July 1, 1721 : ^Vaf/tad.* b. June 23, 1723, m. 1, E.xperience 
Stow, m. 2, Lydia Hager ; Elnathan,* b. July 15, 1728, m. June 19. 1730 Jemima Joslyn. 

Ebenezer Newton,^ (Moses,"^ Richard, i) b. July 26, 1692, m. Oct 2,i, 1722 Joanna Larkin t 
(Edward.R John,2 Edward,') b Mar. 19, 1698-9, dau. of Edward and Mary (Walker) Lar- 
kin ; had Ebenezer.* b. Oct. 16, 1724 ; Edii-nrd,^ b. 3Iar. 16, 1726, m. .June 5, 17.'i,") Silence 
Bartlett : Joanna,^ b. Feb. 28, 1728. 

Nathan Neivton,* (Jonathan.:' Moses,-' Richard.') m. 1, June 5, 17.50 Experience Stow.j 
(Thomas.-tSamuel.^Thomas;-; John.nb. Feb. 24. 1727. d. 1755, dau. of Thomas and Han- 
nah (.Johnson) Stow : m. 2. Jan. 13. 1757 Lyilia Ilager, had Paul,-' b. Aug. 11. 1751, d. 
Mar. 2, 1837, m. Jan. 23, 1770 Martha y<'irton-> ; Silas.'' b. May 24, 1753. m. Lovina Newton'': 
Lovisa.5 b. Apr. 15. 1755. m. Joel Brewer : .S'athan.'' b. Sept. 4, 17.57, d. soon ; Nathan,'^ h. 
Jan. 23. 1700, m. Polly Nichols : Lydia.-' b. July 25. 1702. 


Tlie children of Betsey and Abel I). Newton were — 
1V»07. Mercena Leonard Newton.*^ 1). Jnly 18, 1835 at 
LaPoint, Lal<e Superior; iii. July 8, 1851: 
Charles Fuller Diekinson, I), in DePere, 
Wis., Apr. [), LSo4, son of AVni. and Kliza- 
beth (Irwin) Dickinson (_)f Middlebnry, Vt.; 
had Eola Mercena Dickinson," b. in DePere, 
Aug. 27, 1855 ; ni. Dec. 6, 1882 Jacob 
Alonzo Lindslev, b. in Plyrnonth, AVis., 
Nov. 8, L854, son of Alex and Amy (Car- 
])entc.r) Lindslev, (eliil. Stewnrt Montatiaie 
Lindsley.i" V). in Plymouth. AVis., Dec. '31, 
1884: Kate Lind^ley,'" b. in Sheboygan, 
A[:iy 2(.», ISST); AVm." Hugh Dickinson,"^ b. 
July 15, LS57 in Kan Claire, d. Oct. 15, 
LS71 : Adda Dickinson,''!), in Ean Claire,, 
Oct. 27, LS51), m. Dec. 2, 1879 Charles M. 
Mi:)risette. b. in (^)iu'l)ee, Abii'. 3. 1852, son 
of Josejih ;ind Lmilie (Addalle) Morisette, 
(chil. Chai-les Allen Morisette, ''^' b. in Nicol- 
let. AA'is., July 24, 1882 ; AA^m. Newton 
Morisette, ^^' b. 'in Nicollet, Nov. 28, 1883; 
Eleonor Alerccna Alorisette,^" 1). in Nicollet, 
Alar. 8, 1885; Eohi A[(_)risette.i" b. Jan. 25, 
I'SSH : Newton A[orisette,"' h. Se]rt. 4, 1887); 
Harrv Newton Dicdvinson,'-' 1;). in Eaa Claire, 
J Sept.' 20, Lsill, (1. Aug. 17, 18H5 ; Fred 

Leonard J)ickinson,'' b. Se])t. 1, 187() in 
■ DePere. ISlr. Dickinson d. Apr. 15, 1885, 

in DePere. 
11)58. Alartlui Newton,M;). Sei)t. 8, 1^37 at LaPoint; m. 
Aug. 29, 1853 Pdchard Fisher AAmIsou, b. 

Edward Newton i (Ebeuezer,?' Moses, ^ Richard, i) m. June 5, 1755 Silence Bartlett who 
d. Mar. 4, 1796 ; had Martha,'^ b. May 15, 1756, d. Feb. 27, 1837, m. Jan. 23, 1776 Paul 
Newton^ ; Ebenezer,5 b. Feb. 8,1758, m. June, 178) Sally Rice : Lovina,5 ni. Silas Newton. 5 

Paid Newton, i m. Jan. S3, 1776 Martha Newton'^\ had Martha,6 b. Dec. 9, 1776, d. Oct. 
17, 1843 ; Edwardfih. Jan. 16, 1779, d. June 14, 1869 ; Paul, 6 b. Oct. 27, 1780, d. July 20, 
18S7 ; Stephen,6b. June 13, 1782, d. July 17, 1864 ; Walter.e b. Nov. 13, 1784, d Mar. 15, 
1880 : Silence,B b. Sept 18, 1787. d. Oct. 29, 1851 : EleaQor,« b. May 1, 1790, d. Oct. 8, 1852 ; 
Lovina.G b. Feb. 27, 1795. d. May 30, 1875 : Sophia,u b. Aug. 24, 1801, d. May 10. 1888. 

Edward, Nf;ivton.^ (son of Paul^ and Martl)a\), m. JIar. 7, 1803 Esther Montague," 
(Medad,5 Daniel,'* Samuel,^ John,^ Richard.i) b. Dee. 5. 1781, d Feb 29, 1819, dau. of 
Hon. Medad and Ruth (Densniore) Montague ; had Marvin," b. Dec. 9, 1804, d. Oct. 14, 
18i6, m. Feb. 7, 1832 Lois G. Smith : Abel Densmore.' b. Sept. 2, 1806, d. Jan. 7, 1889, m. 
April 29, 1834 Betsey Leonard,? (1 95); Esther.Tb. Jan 5, 1809, d. Feb. 11, 1834; Rufus 
M.,? b. July 23, 1811, d. Feb. 16, 1839, m. Julia Filbourne ; Ruth M ,'' b. Mar. 17, 1814, d. 
Aug. 17, 1S15 ; Walter,? b. June 26, 1816, d. Feb. 22. 1849, m. Feb 10, 1841 Lucinda Smith. 

LEOXA RD (!KXI-:. 1 LOd Y. :;o,-, 

ill P'Tt IJcpiiMic M;ii'vl:iinl. M:i\ 14. 1 ^'jI:.. 
smi of (icMi. \\';i-liili'_;l(ili ;iiiii .\l;ir\ Alili 
(Wilson) \Vil>Mi, of \'ir;jil,i;, : li;i,| j-^wnrd 

Newton \Vil>oii.'' li. in Dd'civ. An-. 1 1. 
ls.')4. :i iili\sici:in in Porlliind, Oi'CLion. m. 
.Inly Is 1S1I4 ('lii-i>liii;i McDom-I.''; Ni-llii' 
Wilson. It. al l^',:in Claiiv. Apr. 'Jli. lsr)7. 
ni. Sept. Iii. ls,s4 l/,'>lic Willson. 1,. in 
Siiiiar (iro\-e. |\i.. Mav 1. Is47. son of 
^[ark anil Maiyaivl I Allen) Willson of 
Winona. Minn.: .Iose])li l-'isliei' Wilson.''!,. 
Dee. IS. Is(i2: Kale Wilsoii'' 1,. Mav 1 1. 


19.39. Edward I )ensniore Newton." !>. An,-'. 'I'.K ls4o at 
(Ireeii ])av. Wis.- d. Nov. 1' 1 . IsC.,', at I)(d*ere. 
He eidiste(i in the 1st Wis. ('a\-. and 
ser\'ed three years, was in iiian\- skirniislies 
and l»attK's; d. of eonsiinipt ie,n soon after 
liis diseliar,Li'e. 

1960. Zebina Xewton.M,. '( )<'t. 20. Is41 ; d. Api; 1:-;, ls4.-.. 

1961. James King Xewton." li. .)an. 1.3. 1 s4;] ;ii (iivcn ])av ; 

d.' .Inne •_>(*). lS!i-2 at XordliolT. Cal.: m. 
An,L!-. 1(1. ls7n. at Warren. ( ).. Mv>. I'" ranees 
E. (Kstal)rook) Woodrow. \k in l)rooklyn. 
C't.. dan. of Simon IJ. and I'Vanees (Sear- 
l)oi'on,L;li ) I'iStaltrook : had Sin;oii Kstahrook' 
Newton.'' li. at Jjansanne, Switzerland. .Inl\' 
14. 1S72. .1. Mar. 17, ls7;:} at ilerlin. Prus- 
sia: .Jaeipieiine KiiiL; N(_'Wton.'' 1 1. .Ian. 1.3. 
1S73 at Oherlin, O. 

lie enlisted in the 14th Wi.<. lidl.. was in 
a rinnd)er of haltles. tak'en ]irisoner and 
exeliaiiii'eil : afti.M' the war stiaheil at IJij'on 
and ()l)erlin ('oIIclics. also two and onedialf 
A'ears in lvii'oj>e: |'rofc>soi- of Modern 
Eani.!naLi'es at ()lieiTin ColleLif n.ntil his 
health lieeaii to fail : the last four vt'ars of 
his life were spent in ( 'alif< irnia. 

1962. Samuel Newton." ii. Mai-. 23. 1 s4 f . in (irccn llav. 

Wis.- m. A]ir. 14. Is7(; Jnlia Ann (iane. h. 
in ("anada. Apr. 2;). Isri2. tlaii. of Jkieliai'il 
and Mar\- .\ nn ( Bi'adl'onl ) ( iai^'e ( natives of 
^AM•mont) had Mabel Xewtoii.'' h. Mar. In. 
1^77: IJiehai'd Sehlen Newton.'' !i. .lune 24. 


I'STs : Xellie Xewtoii.'' b. Xov. 12, 1879 ; 
Florence Newton,'^ 1). Aug. 13. 1881 ; Min- 
nie.'-* and Myra Newton.M'). Nov. 10, 1883, 
all h. in DePere, where Mr. Xewton is a 
blacksmith. He enlisted Aug. 24, 1864, in 
Co. G., 1st Wis. Ca^'. Vol and served until 
the close of the war. 

llM53.( + )Erniina P^lizabeth T\'ewt(^n,''* b. ]\[ar. 14, 184B at Green 
Bav : ni. June 2, 1888 Beniard A. Ltoiaird^ 

I!)<i4. Sarah Amanda Newton,'^ h. Julv <x 1847 at Green 
Bav: m. Nov. 1, 18(-)9 Isaac Selden Clifford, 
b. 'Mai-. Ill, 1841 at Waterville, Me., son of 
Isaac 11 and Betsev (;\[orrill) CHfford ; had 
Cora Clilb.rd.^ b. ' May 15, 1871 in Mib 
waukee: Alice Clifford.'' b. June 5. 1873 in 
Milwaukee, d. A])r. Ki. ls77 in Milwaukee; 
Ursula Clift'or.l." b. Jnlv 20, 1883 in Manston, 

Thev reside in IManston. ]\liini. 

VMV). Marion Almira Xewton.M). Jidy 21, Is^d; d. May 
28, 1873 (if ('onsum]iti(Ui. 

1 197. 

SKTU LeoXAR]),' {Call-ill!' JJonJ' .f(,s,ph} ./o-svy///," Jiii-oh^" 

Snlniiioii}) eldest son of Calvin and Sallv (Temph.') Leonard, 
was b. in Buckland, Mass.. May 7. 17!;)1> ; m. — . isll) Electa 
Davis of Buckland. They removed to Wisconsin al)ont 1837. 
Theii' children were — 

liKJl'i. Emcliia'.'' b. — . 

I*)(i7. Clive." b. — . 

19()8. Enos,^ b. — . . ' . 

li)H9. Hem-v,* b. — . ' " . 

11)70. Elv,"'b. — . 

11)71. A'son.M). — . 


Calvin W. Leoxakd,' {('nlrln!' J)<ih!' .Tn.^i'iili.^ Joi^epli^ 
Jdrnhr SiihniKiii}) vouugcst cliild ot Calvin and Sally (Tem- 
ple) Leonard ; was b. in Buckland, Mass.. \\n\ 30, Lsls ; m. 
A])r. o. 1845 Christina Bunce, in Brighton. ( Jhio. 

He resided in Huntington, Ohio, where he d. Jan. 18, 1875. 

The children of Calvin W. and Christina were — 
11)72. Cornelia." 1). Dec. 17, 1845 ; m. Mar. 27. 1872 Harvey 

LEOXA Rl> (; KXE, 1 l.Od Y. 


lit;;"!. K'lwiii/ i.. ()>•!. 2. 1S47: >1. Srpt. -27. 1m;:.. 
11:174. llarrietlr.' 1). .Iiin.' -j!:;. 1n:.2: m. Oci. '.'. Is;.", J, ,1m 
.1. r>.Mi'.l>lcv: li:i(l Kstrlhi (i. Urnr.lsl.-v.'' 1.. 

Al'i'. 1. isyc). 

1 206. 

Sa^II'EL LEONAIM).' ( lrl,,lli,„l!' Dun:' .li,s, i,h} Jus, 1,1, ■• Jurnl,^' 

tSuluiiiuii}) fl(l(_'St fliild 111' lcli;ili(i(l :niil S;ii';ili (Stcnnis) Leon- 
ard. \v;i< 1). in J'inslirld. Mass.. July :'M \~\n\ : \\\. Jan. 1 s. 
I.SUI ^[aro-aret Lindlcv. 

He residc'd in Pcnticld. \. V.. until a'loul tin- vcai'. l^;!i>. 
when lie reniovnl to Midiisian. He d. in I'eerlield. .Mieh., 
:\[ay 1, I'SiiS. 

The ehildren of Samuel and Mai'-jaret were — 
VM:). tralvin W..' 1.. An--, ol. iSlH: ni. dune Is. Is4;; 

JiUe\- \. Stevens. 
II17I). -fAllen." li. S.''i>r. U. isiM : d. Sept. '.'. Issd; m. Dee. 

•J'.i. isr.-jl L;i\-ina Ilvatt. 
11>77. Sarali Ann."^ 1). Se^.t. "J.'). Is-J.',: ni. (/ah in W. I'dlis. 
in ^[ichiu'an : liad Horace Kllis.'' 1>. Se]it. '1, 
1S40: ^iavv Kllis." 1). An--, s. LU:.. m. May 
21. isiv) \Villiani Skinnei". 1). Mar. Hi. 1 s;;m ; 
Kdiil. Charles kinnei-.''' d. Fed. 22. Isc.ii: 
(xt'orw-e Skdnner,^" d. dune.'!. lS()7 : Minnie 
Skinner.'*'],. Aj.r. 27. ls<')-S : Floi'a Skiimer.'" 
d. June d. isi'ili ; Hattie Skimiei-.'" d. d;in. 
27. ls72: Inez Skiimei'.'" d. An--. .'.. 1^7:').) 
l!»7s •fWdliant." 1>. Nd)v. is. Is2;t: m. A]ii-. 24. Is.'.H ^fnnha 

A. Seott. 
I!i7l». Klizadeth.M,. Xov.. ls;H : d. vouno-. 

1980. Harvev,M). Oct. Is. Is27: d. '^Far. 27. ls4s. 

1981. Mary Jaiie.M,. ^[ar. 21. ls;J7; m. Mav 24. ls:.9 Wni. 

H. Ba--sd. Jiinel8. Isdo. d. dan. 17. Iss4: 
had FraiK-is K. na,u---s.M ,. F.'d. 21. IsC.d. 
19-S2. fOranoe W..^.. Nd>v. 19. ls;;9: ni. 1. lsi;7('assie 
\'. ddlliuan. 


ICHAimi. LK<».\Al;ll.d Irhuhuilf' l)uil-' ./n-xvy/A.' .Jusri,l,-'.lur,,l,'- 

Suluinun,^) Ijrother of the preeedin--. was d. m Pittslield. Mass., 
Apr. 26, 1798: m. July d. Isd4 Laiira Hannah .Vorthrup. d. 
adout 179s in Snnthtield. Nd >d 


AYlieii lie was l)ut cii^litccii years of ;iL;e. In.' went To tlie 
state of New York and settle(l in Brio-hton, rennn'inii' a few 
years later to Penlield. wliitiier liis fatliei" and fViniilv eanie 
soon after. lie was a farniei' and l)y dili^u'onee and prudence, 
secured a comfortaljle home and was one oi the suKstantial 
citizens of Penfield, wliere lie d. Fel). 18, 18(i7 ; his wife d. 
J\[ar. 1(1, 1S4(;. 

Their eliildr(.'n were — 
1988. Charles Xortliruj.,M). Jan. 28. 1887; in. Nov. 28, 
187(; Sarah Pe(dv De Shon, h Apr. 8, 1841 
in Bethany, N. Y.: no children; resides in 
Penlield, N. Y.; he has heen of innch assis- 
tance in securino- items for this work. 

1984. Laura Emilv.M). Fel.. 17. 1889; d Pel, 22, 1,S51. 

1985. fGeorire Bensselaer," b. Oct. 11, 1^41; m. Jan. 15, 

1879 Marv A. P. Thomas. 
19SH. Sarah Elizal.etli,M'). Sept. 19. 1844. 


Chauxce^' M. Leonard,' [IvIiahixW' DanJ' 'J<>s,-^,li,'' Jos(^pli-'' 
Jacoh^- Soloiiioit^'^) brother of the preceding, was b. in Pittstield, 
Mass.. June 19, l8in ; m. 1, :\[ar. 4, 1840 Elizabeth :\r. Strow- 
ver, b. June 9, 18o<) wlio d. Dec. 24, 1883 and he m. 2, Auu'. 
7, 1884 Mrs. Elizabeth Crofts. 

lie resided in Penlield. N. Y., nntil about 1852 when he 
removed to Michigan and resides in Linden. 

The children of Chauncey ami P^lizabeth (Strowyer) 
were — 

1987. Mary ?^I.,M). Dec. 10, bs40 ; m. June 15, 185(5, in 

Linden, ALch., Wcsle\' ]bickl)ee, 1). Apr. 2, 
1832, in \Yaterbury,' \\.: had Edith M. 
Buckl)ee,'' I). Ajir. 13, 185S, in Fenton, 
Mich., m. Sept. 18, 1878 John U. AYillard, 
(chil. Marv R AYillard,'" b. Mar. 2(1, L881): 
Charles E. Buckbee,'' b. Nov. 15, 18ri2, in 

1988. fEdward V..'' b. July 20, 1845; m. May 28, 1878 

^[aggie A. Berry. 

12 17. 

SkTH IjKONAHD,' (r/nsi/J/,^' JitsijihJ' Jus, jih,'' .h)S,'p]i:' Jilcnii.- 

Snlniiioii}) eldest son of Capt. Joseph and ^fary (Scott) Leonard 
was b. (Jet. 2, 178() probably in Pittstown, Pa. ; m. — , 1818 
Hannah Allison. 



Ilr ivsidi'i! ill ('lh'ii;ni-d Cu.. X. V.. until ls;i2 wlim he 
went to MicliiL;;in ;iii<l lion^ht ;i I'nriii of ciLiiitv' iici'cs in TrtA'. ;i 
small |i(irtii)n d' wliirli liad liccn cli-arci I : cct iiriiini:' |oi- liis 
family lie was talscn ill and s<Min died. Tlir lollowinLi' \'rar 
his widow. notlimL;" dannlt'd. i'cmo\cd willi lirr nine <-lnlili'i'ii 
and took' jiossc-sion o|' flic land lie liad iHHiLiiit. She d. wIkmi 
nearh' ninctx' x'rars i >!' aiiv. 

^Jdii' cliildiTn of Sctli and Jlamiali wrw — 
ID.SU. +Samurl,M). Oct. 'IW. IM:; : i|. — . Is,s2: m. X.,v. hi. 

\s:'A\ l-aniU" (iiM)s. 
IIIDO. t-'-'>('l'li.' !'• — ; 'l. --: 111. —. Kuiiico Ci'awlord. 
lll'.ll. Amasa.M.. — ; d. — . 1S41 (?) a1 I.iltic IJock. Ark., 

at the ai:'!' of l!o ^■('al•s. 
\W1. Malinda." 1-. — : 'm. 1. --.' KIca/rr Marvin ; m. ■>. — , 

Solomon ('a>W('ll. 
UlHo. Olivc.M). — : m.— . Oi-lev lIil<-hco,-k. 
1!>1)4. BL'tscv.M). — : m. -— . IJannisirr llowland. 
iDli:). Launina.M,. — ; d. — • ni. — . Thai'les Phclj.s: had a 
dan.. \i\\i-\ l^licl|)S.'' who ism. and has '1 
chil. li\dnL;'. 
191MJ. fCharh's." 1>. Oct. 2.' Is:i7 : d. .Ian. VI. Issii; ni. An-'. 

'22. ls:,4 Ksthei' Al. Starr. 
11)97. (diristophcr." h. — : d. -- a-'cd !> years. 

1 21 S. 
A.M.vziAir lir'renixsox Lk<)Nai!I».' (J(>.«j>IiS' ■I"--<'i>Ii.'' Jos, j,h.^ 

Jascjih:'' ./(ti-nhr Sniniiinu} ) lirollicl' of the ] il'ece( | i n^LI'. was 1). 

Sept. 2."). 17'^'^. n"ar Ijinuhamton. X. V.. and was llie Hrst 
white ehild hoi'ii in Broome ( 'onnt\'. lie m. - . Laui'ana Uen- 
iiett, 1). Xov. ls„ 17i»2, ihm. of Silas I)ennrll. 

lie resided on the fai'ni where hewaslioi'ii until lii> death, 
whieh ofcnned .Inlv2(i. Is(i7 ; his wih' d. Apr. jn, lsv;-;_ 
'Jdieir eliildren wei'L — 
1998. fP^zekiel Cro(d<er.' h. Jiil\- ;;i. 1^12: m. .lune 2<i, 

ls4(i .lA'/-// Ann 'L'n,Hirl.^ 120112). 
199!l. ■f-Levi,'" I). 1)(M-. ;;o. islo: m. 1. Xo\-. 14. K.2 Char- 
lotte : m. 2. ( )et. C. 1 '^oS M r.~. Sar:di 

M. Jones.' 

2(100. Juliette.^ h. Mai'. 2o. l^l".': d. .Ian.."!. l^iiS; m. — . 
Morris K. W'aite : had ('harlotte Kstelhi 
Waite.'-' m. Wilhiir Day. 

2001. rareindaiiia l'>..'h. .Ian. 17. 1^22': d. Mar. ;il. 1 ^9o : m. 
1.—. Parhw- W. Foster: lia<l Leonard A. Fos- 
ter'' : Kliza l^'ostei"': m. 2. .Miehael Sealmrv. 



-Joseph Leoxard.' {Jo.srp/i,*' JnsrpJi'' Josi^pi,,^ -Joxcith:' Javoh'^ 
Siihninni}) l)i-()tli('i' of the preceding-, and youngest cbild of 
Cajtt. J()sepli and Marv (Scott) Leonard, was b. near Binghani- 
ton, N. Y., June 3(), 17^)8: ni. Nov. 2, 1817 Margaret "llani- 
nier. b. in SonuM'\"ille, N. J., Jan. 12, 17iMi, dan. of CorneHus 
and ]\rary (Vail) Ilannner of Bingiianiton. lie I'cnioved to 
Afirliigan when it was still a territor\' and settled in Troy, 
lie d. Mar. — , bS()(j, among strangers in the luniljci' region of 
^fichigan, whei'c he had gone to l(_)ok after his intei'csts. His 
\vid(.)W d. in loina, Mich., (Jet. 22, iSSo. 
J'lndr children were — 
2()()2.(t)Marv Ann," 1). Ang. l(i, iSlS; m. June 2U, 1S40 

Ez'^kh-l (\ ):,^nunn}^ (UJ9.S). 
2008. fSeth,M). Mar. 2<), 1S20 : in. Kel). 2(>, Ls4o P]sther 

Jane Perkins. 
2004. Catliai'ine." 1,. Jun.' 1<;. 1.S22 : ni. Xov.. bS42 Alan- 

sou Iving; had ^Marshal Iving,'' b. Dec, 1848; 

Shepard G. King," b. Nov. 25, 1851. Mrs. 

King is a Avidow and resides in Ionia, Mich. 
2(105. Elizabeth,' b.'july 24. f 82() ; m. Dec. 80, bS45 Ilirarn 

King : had Julia E. King,'' b. Eeb. 15, 1847 ; 

Delzier F. King," b. May 81, 1849 ; Justin B. 

King,-' 1). Mar^ 9, 185i ; Mary J. Kinu'," b. 

Dec. 9, 1858: Ora Dean King,M). Oct 18, 

1857; Amy L. King,'-' b. Jan. 21, 1859; 

Herbert li. King,'-' b! Jan 20, 1872. Mrs. 

King resides in Saginaw, Mich.: is a widow. 
2006. Sarah Araria."" b. Aug. lO; 182S (Aug. 14, 1828?); 

m. (_)ct. 80, 1851 Di'. John Ellis* (2d wife,) 

b. in Ashheld, Mass., Nov. '2(), 1815, young- 

t'st child of Dimick and Polly (Amiable) 

Ellis; had Lilly Ellis,'' 1). l8o2, d. 1852; 

Edward Dill Ellis,'-' b. 1855, d. bS55. Mrs. 

Ellis " graduated from the Medical (College 

in Cleveland, Ohio, and at one tinu' HlJed a 

]>rofessor's chair in the Female Homccvpathic 

Medical College m N. Y." 

1 224. 

JoSIAlI ]jK(»NAi;i).' (.SV/r^v,'' .I(}srj)li ■' Jusi-pli ^^ Jnsi'iih^'' Jaroh^~ 

Suhiiiion,'^) son of Silas and Anna (Tyler) Leonard, was b. in 

*See " Biographical Sltetches of Richard Ellis," p. 177. 


Kent, Conn.. ^Tny 1, 17sr) : m. M;ii'. M. \s\:, Uinli (IrcLiorv of 
WashiiiLiton. Conn. 

He (].' Jnne 27. l_s;",7 at IJr^l Hook Laihlin-. X. Y.: his 
widow (1. A|)r. It, Ls7') in Kcni. 

Their cliildiTii. all li. in Kent, wen' — 

2l»(l7. tSila.sM). l),v. 2(l. \^\7 : iii. - . Pollv >[ai'slial. 

200S. Channcy.M). Nov. 2. IM'.t: d. .\|m-. 'l7. 1^7(1 in New 

J*l'(.'Stoli. Coiili. 

2(l(iU. Lney," 1). An-', (i, ls21 : ni. .Ian. 21. 1M7 Cnni.s 
Kinney, win. d. .\pi'. 12. jssl ; h.-id .Mary 
Kinnov.'-' 1). l)cc. 7 1x47: Xrlson W. Kin- 
nev.'-' ]'k Kfl). 1. ls:,l : Charles C. Kinnev.'' 

b. JS'o\-. lo. jSoS; ^[i-s. !\iiiiie\- iiow r<;siileS 

in Noi'tlndlie. ( 'onn. 

2010. fCliarles.M,. An--, o. Is-_>1 ; m. An-'. 2s. lS4s llnldali 


2011. tXels.)n,M). Oet 24, ls24 ; ni. Nov. 17. K.2 Marv K. 


2012. Zelia Sopiiia.M). AjU'. 2!i ls-j!<i ; d. ,Iul\- ;;o. isr.S; 

ni. — , lSo7 Arnold Pa\ iie. 

1 225. 

David Lkon.vki*.'' ./o.vy,//."' ./ns./ih.^ .Jns,imr Jurnl,;' 
Solomon}) brotlier of the preeedinii'. was U. in Kent ('onn., 
Nov. 17. 17^8: m. — , Hannah Alorev. 

He resided in Kent, when^ he d — . a.Li'ed (io years: his 
wi(low d. in Kent. — . agt^.l 72 year.<. 
Tlndr (diildren wei'e — 
20lo. tP]d\var(h" 1). — , ls2:'>: ni. 1. — . Lani-a ])i-onson : 

ni. 2. — . 
2of4. Harriet.'^ 1). — . 


AMASA J.EOXAlil).' (XVA/.v.''' .Jns, 1,1,:' .lns<i,ii} ./ns,/.!,:' J,lr,,l,} 

SohiiiKiii}) brother of the ]irece(lii|M. was b. in Kent. ('01111., 
X])\\ 11. 17!ll: rn. — . bsl7 Diana Ka1<iii. 

He resided in Kent, where he d. An--. 21'. IxiiO; his wife .1. 
in Kent Seiit. 25, l-Sol. aged ()(»yeai.<. 
Their children were — 
20I0. ■fOrvell.- b. Oct. lb 1S20: d. :\rar. 21'.. \^\'u> : in. 
Xov.. bs47 I'lnebe Cnniiiiiiigs. 
'201(1 fJeronie H..' b. Sept. 2:5. bs22 : m. ^b•lr. lo. lSo2 
Snsan M. White. 



^\.i)|>isox LeoxaeI),' [Sila.'i/' Joseph:' Joseph,'^ Juseph;^ Jcicohr 
Solumon^), twin ln'otluT of the preceding, was 1). in Kent, Coini., 
A]ir. 13, lTir)l ; in. — , 1,S18, Clarissa Bennett, 1). Ayr. H, 1799, 
dan. of Thomas and Anna (Stratton) Bennett of Sherman, 

lie served in the war of lsl2 ; resi(h'(l for tlie greater part 
of liis hfe in Kent: d. in Harwinton. (JoinL., Dec. 28, 1875; 
his wife d. in Kent. Fel). 19, 1868. 
Tlieir chihhvn were — 

2017. Ferris,'^ 1>. .Ian. 28, 1822 (Jan. 24, 1822?): d. Jan. 10, 

l8o<>. in Kent: never married : wasa phvsieian. 

2018. Jane.M). Aug. 27, 1827: d. Fel). 28, 1848. 

2(»li». tLevi,M). Jan. 10, 1829; m. 1, — , ATan/ J. Leounnl.^ 
(2029): m. 2. Oet. -3, 18(')() Ohve A. Harvey. 

2020. Fnmia.M). Dee. 11, 1882: m. 1, — , 1852, Glover 

Himgerford of New Preston, Conn., who d. in 
Illinois, Dee. 25, 18(56 : had Hattie Hunger- 
ford." 1). Jnly 12, 1858, Samuel Hungerford,'' 
1). Se|)t. 24, ls,')5 ; Simon liunu'erford," h. and 
d. — . 
m. 2, Fdwai'd Lane. 

2021. Reuhen,^ h. Aug. 21, 1.S8(): resides in Harwinton, 

Com I. 

2022. Clark.M). Julv 2V), 1,S89 ; d. Jan. 1, 1S49. 


Joseph Leonard,' (''^VA^s■." ./wsryy//,-'^ Jasrpji^^ Josej)]i:' JwoIk^ 
.S"himi}it}) eldest S(.)n of Silas and Hannah (Hawley) Leonard, 
and half brother of the preeedini;', was 1). in Kent, Conn., 
Sej.t. 15, 1799; m. 1, — : m. 2. (Jet. 21, 1824 Lueena EiUvards. 

He d. in Kent: his wife <!. in Kent. 
Jose})h's ehildren were — 

2028. Israel^ 

2024. Frank.'^ 

2025. Pattv." 
202(1 Susan." 

1 232. 

Ph.I.JAH LeoNAK]),' (X/Ars-,'' .Jn.^ipli'' .l<,s,p]i ^KJnsi' ph ^ .hicnh^~ 

Solnnioii}) hi'other of the preceding, was 1». in Kent, Conn., 
Junes, 1808: m. Nov. 18, 1822 Ai.hv (Jiliiert of (rreenlield. 
Conn., 1). — , 1808. 

He d. in Kent, Dec. 7, 1872. 



Till' cliililrcii of l^lij;lll ami AM>\- — 
2027. fliiu'T-.u Wnsliliiini.'" 1.. Sc|it. 24. Is-j;!; m. >[;,,■. 2. 

l->4ii Mini I \- Anil W'liiiiicw 
2(»2.s. Aluiii V..: li. Div^ •!'.). \s-is: ,1.' |-\.l,. ii. is;,;, j,, 
Ivistoii. ('(.nil.: HI. M;ii'. 11. Isl'.i I'lnici-N' 
Il:ill of K:,sto,i. 
2029.(t)M;irv J..M.. Oct. 211. ls;:2: m. — , L,,-; L.nunr'K'' 


ChAKLKS llAWLl-n' J.KoNAKD.' ( .SVA/x.'' Jus, /Ji .'' ./,/.vry,A,' 
,Tf_)S)'ji]i ."^ J<ic<ih.~ SnltiiiKni}) liri>lli('i'()| the I ii'cccdini:', \v;is 1>. in 
Kent. Cdiih., N()\-. 14. 1S(I4: m. Dec ;;i. 1 s2s Ar;irtli;i l'ciiin:i 

AVilkes. dan. of and Catliarinc (JKirniiin) Wilkes of l);iii- 

l)urv, Conn. 

lie Avas a fanner and resided in New Knirlieid. Kciil ;iiid 
AVatertown. dvinii'at tlit.' latter place Sept. 2>>. \>>'u : his widow 
d. in AVatertown.'Conn.. ^lar. 20. isiiH. 

Tlieir children, lioth 1). in Kent, wvvv — 
2<i;5(). ]\rarilla Selina.M). All]-. 1.'). Is;i4: m. Api'. lo. ls:,2 
l^'raiieis Asi)urv .Vttwood of W'aterlown. 
(A)nn. : had Alice Catliai'ine Alt wooil.'M). Mnv 
:». ls:,4,n I.Nov. P. 187!) Kdward A. I'opnette. 
(cliil. A-nes ^L Poiinette"'): IdaMnrilhi .\tl- 
wood,-' 1). Sept. 24. is.-)!! d. De.'. 1.".. Is71 : 

Franei.s Leonard Attw 1.'' 1). }il;iy in. Is(i2, 

d. Jniu' 27, 1S(;7 : M:ii-tlia AVilkes Attwood,'' 
1). Alav 2S. ISlM. ni. M:ir. 11. 1S84 Osmond 
Bnwe of Wallinu-foi'd. C\)nii..(chil. I'VaiieisO. 
Bowe.i"!.. Jnlv P. l-Ss;. : Mimne K l',o\ve."' 1.. 
Dec. 21. 18N7'): P.nrton Wiik'es Attwood.'-' 1.. 
:\[ay 12. ISC.s. d. Mny 2(). Is71 : Marv 
Curtis Attwood.'' Ii. Mar. IM. Is7(i: 'Idieo- 
dore Francis Attwood.'' li. Mar. 14. 1^74: 

Grace E\'el\Mi Attwoo 


2<>81. James AVilkes.M). Mai-. 2o. \^'.\i\ : d. Ma\- C. l^.'.n in 
Watei'town : killed l>y li^Lilitniiig. 


Jus>y>/t,K/nsfj,L--./nro/,:'Sn/nu>nH^)iAi\e^\ clldd of Dr. HeCOlll- 

pense and Knnice ( Hnntiniiton i Deoiiai-d. was li. I )ec. 11. 17!'!> 
in Chaplin. Ct.: m. 1. Apr'il 1^24. Kleeia Owen ..f Man>lield. 
Ct.. wliod. Dee. i>. 1x27.. and he m. 2. O.-t. 2(1. I ^L'C dcmsiia 


Woochvai'd, 1). June 2(i, 1799 in AVilliiigtoii, Ct., clau. of Abiier 
Woodward of Asliford, Ct. She d Oct. 27, 1847 in North 
Hadley, Mass., and he m. 8, May 25, 18o8 Joanna Wilkinson 
of Williniantie, Conn. 

He was a farmer in Mansfield, Ct., from 1824 to l88o, then 
went into a store and also eiiga,u'e(l in the manafaeture of sewing 
silk : was chosen to fill the principal offices in tlie town at 
different times with that of Deputy Sheriff, and Justice of the 
Peace. In 1839 he rem(_)ved to North Pladley, Mass., where he 
was engaged in mercantile husiness and where he held the 
oifice of Postmaster h)r ten years. In 1850 he removed to 
Providence, K. I., where he was a bookdv'eeper and later mem- 
ber of a manufacturing company. 

He d. in Providence, P. L, July 4, 1858. 

Dexter M. and Electa had one son — 
20-32. fWilliam Huntineton," 1). Dec. 2, 1825 ; m. 1, Oct. 
11. 1.S53 Jane A. Preston; m. 2. Oct. 11, 
188() fIosc})hine C. Y . AVakt-man. 
The children of Dexter A[. and Jei-nsha were — 

2033. Ehzabeth Perkins,'^ 1). Mar. 27. 1828. 

2034. Jane Grev." b. Oct. 5, 1831 ; d. Jan. 7, 1835. 

2035. Edward Francke,M). Dec. 30, 1835. 


J<Aroh!r Solomon}) brother of the })receding, was b. in Chaplin, 
Conn., Jan. 19, 1l>02 ; he went when a voung man to Bing- 
hamton, N. Y., where he m. May 20, 1829 Jnlia A. Sampson, 
b. July 31, 1807, dan. of Elnatlian- and Polly (Demenons) 

In 1<'S72 he removed from Binghamton to ]\[orrison. III, 
where he d. Jan. 30, 1882 ; his widow still survives. 
Their children were — 
2038. Mary Elizabctli,M). Apr. 24, bs30 ; d Jan. 1, 1860; 
m. Dec. 2, 184(j, Alexander Wilson at Bing- 
hamton: had Helen Wilson'': Carlos M. Wib 
son'-': Frank L. Wilson''; Mary H. Wilson,'' 
m. — , Bavlies Hinman. 
2()37. Lydia Emeline,'' b. :\[ar. l(i, 1832 : m. 1, AFay 9, 
185t) Alonzo M. Bennett, who d. in Cali- 
fornia ; had Flora A. Bennett,'' m. "William 
m.'2. May 29, 1859 D. C. Pugsley, who d. 

♦Whose father was from Wareham, Mass. 

LEOXARl) dKXKALOcV. ;5:{,j 

ill l)iii-li;iiiitoii : li;i,l l-;stcll:i A. I'lii^-sK-v.'-'in. 

M;m'. s. iss;; Win. W Tuilor,!. 

111. ."!. l-"rli. 10. isi;:, llciirv 11. Cnnlicld ..f 

MiM'l'isoli. 111.: Ii;ii| Imiiiiui 1'.. ( ";ililirlil.'' 

2038. Lovisa JaiK"." li. Xws. '1\. ls;;i;: <l. Jan. 11. 1^7;.: 
111. Jan. iM. ls:>:; William 11. M.-.^Ikt: lia.l 
Frank M. .slier': Ki-(m1 Mc-Imm''. .Marv A. 
Moslu'i'.'-' 111. Ma\' l.'l, Is^i) Jdliii M. Lawi'ciici' 
of r)iii'liiiu1on. HI., (cliil. lJii]ici1 Lawi-ciicc.'" 
1). Auu. l:;. 1SS7): Ihitiic Mi.>Ih'1'.'' m. Oct. 
9, 188-i (MiaHrs K. M.M,ix' of Lvii.l..n. III., 
(rhil. Vida M. .Monrr."' 1.. An-, s. issC); 
Cliarli's K. :^1.)s1ht'': (ira<-c M, -sIht.'' 

20o!i. Dexter ^[Haiictli. .11." li. Juiu' '20. In^O: .1. An-'. 2s, 

1 252. 

EVELVXE ]\[aHIA LK()NA1!1).' {hnriJ J.,'' I},iri,l.'' .fn.-<i-i,}i } 
Joseph;'' Jiicn])^- SiiJininni}) eldest eliild of Ive\'. l)a\id .\ Uii'Ustils 
and Mary (Peircc) Leonai'd, wasl). in ^^[iddlelioro'. ^[as.<.. Dee. 
22, 1797; ni. May 3, 1821 in Laeonia, Ilai'i-ison Co.. Indiana. 
Jolm Hay Farnham. 1». in Xe\vl>uiy])ort, ]\[ass.. July 22. 17'.'1. 
son of W'illiani'^^ and llannali B. (Emerson""") l^'ai'iiliaiii. 

They resided for a tinii' in Jefferson\ille. Ind.. and then 
removed to Salem. Ind.. ■•wliere ^NFr. Farnham stood at the 
head of the in that rcLiion of eonnti'\'. IF.' was a Lieiiile- 
man of edueation and relinement, of exeejleiit eoniieetion.-^^ — a 
brotber-indaw of Dr. (Jrville F^ewey." Mrs. I'Virnham was a 
lady of unusual aeeoin[)lishments. heiiiii- t lioiv.iiLihlx' educated 
by her father. 

She and Mr. Farnliam both (L with eliolera. he Julv IF I'^M^ 
and she July 22 of the same year. 

* "Daniel Farnham, father to Wm. Farnham, was b. Nov. 15, 1710: m. in 1740 Sybil 
Angier of Canibridge, Blass. He settled in Newburyport and was a respectable lawyer 
and a kind, hospitable gentleman. They had a large family of children, several boys 
died in infancy, one while a student at Harvard. William was the only surviving S'>n 
and was greatly cherished b}' his widowed mother and four sisters, (his seniors in agt- ). 
who were distinguished in that day for their culture and breeding. Daniel Farnhaiu 
died in comparatively early life in 1776 "" [Mrs. Orville Dew.-y.] 

**"Rev. WiBiam Emerson of Concord. Mass.. Cgrandfather of the well-known K W. 
Emerson), was the father of our mother, Hannah Bliss Emerson: he married I'hclic 
Bliss, dau. of the clergyman in Concord, :Mass , Daniel Bliss I think was his name. 3Ir. 
Emerson was chosen Chaplain in our Revolutionary War and was ordered to Canada, 
leaving a wife and five children, one boy and four girls. He died of bilious fever of 
seven months' duration which he bore with christian fortitude, at Rutland <>n Otti'r 
Creek Oct. 20, 1776, aged ;54, and was l)uried with the honors of war. His son grailuated 
at Harvard and was settled as minister over the First Church in Boston." 

[Mrs. Orville Dewey.] 


Tlie e-liililren of Evflyiii' and John Hay Farnliaui 
wei'e — 
204<». C'atliarino Ilav Farnliam,'' 1>. June 18. LSj!'2. d. Se[)t. 
14. r-SL>2. 

2041. Catharine Hav Kanihani.'^ h. (Jet. 20, Ls2P). <L Mav 

2*1. isys. 

2042. William Sawver Karnhani.Mx Feb. 6, 182(1 d. Mar. 

21. 1S47. 
204o. (Charlotte Evelvn F.irnham." b. Dec 14 1.S2S, d. Dec. 

14. 1S28. 
2044. Deonard Emerson Fandiam.M). M:\y 23, iSoO, d. 

An^u'. o. ly^l. of (/holei'a infantum, at Aladi- 

son. LkL. while on a visit. 


Sarah I1(.)AK Lp:(.)Nak]),m Dnr'nJ A.'' JJai-iiV'Jns, p]i^^ J^.^rp],^-^ 
.fitrnlir .SnlninDii}) sister of the precedino-, was b. May 28, 1799, 
(May 2(i. isoo?); m. Feb. 22, 1822 David Meriwether, b. Oct. 
'm 180(». in Louisa County, A"irii-inia, thii'd son of William 
and Elizabeth (^Winsl(_)\v) [Meriwether.* 

•■^Iv. Da\-id ]^Leriwetlier was eleete<l Representative in the 
Kentucky Le,i:'islatnre irj 1(S82 and was re-elected fifteen times 
aftei'wards. While in the Le.u-islatuiv. was elected S|>eaker of 
the House ; Avas appointed Secretaiy of the State of Kentucky 
by GoA". Powell in 1851, sei'ved in that capacity until 1852, 
when he was ap])ointed to lill the \'acancy occasioned by the 
death of Henry (Jlay and was in the U. S. Senate a part of 
two sessions, hi ls58. was ap[)ointed b^' Presi<lent Franklin 
Pierce, (lovernor of and Superinten(U:'nt of Inibau Affairs for 
the Teri'itory of New ]\[exico ; ser\"ed for four years in that 
position, wliicli he resigned afterthe election of James Buchanan, 
lieing tired of the ]jlace. Hisoccu])ation was tliat of a farmer, 
although he lield diplomas ivoxa universities (^f law and medi- 
cine. "His sons divided at the e]>och of the Cixdl Wai' : one 
took the side of the Confederacy, another, AVilliam A. Meri- 
wether, became a jirominent advocate of tlie Union cause and 
served for several years as U. S. Afarshal for Kentufkv."" 

Mrs. Meriwether was an anuable, cuItiA'ated and acc<jm- 
pbsheil ladv : she d. at their home near Louisville, Kw, ^Eav 
4. 1^59 ; Mr. Meriwether d April 4, 1893. 

^^William Merhvether b. in Hanovt-r Couutj', Virginia, in 175.5. d. in Hickman County, 
K v., in 1842, aged 87 yrs.: m. about 17'95 Elizabeth Winslow. who was b. iu Hanover 
County, Virginia, about the year 1760 and d. at Lexington, Ky., in 18-,>S, aged 68 yrs. 


TIr' (•liildiTii nf S;ir;ili II. ;iihl l)a\i(l Mcriwcl lirr 
we IV — 

204:0. Catheriiu' IlanlcMiia Meriwether. " h. ,\Iar. 2. Ls2o : 
Jii. Capt. K. A. <irave.-^i.f St. Matthews. Ky.: 
a captain in The Me.xican war: liail ciuht 

2u4(i AVilliani Aniiiistns ^rei'iwethei-.'^ li. .Mav 2(;. Is2.") : 
m. i. Dee. 24. Is.')!'., in l.onis\ille. I>illie 
-Mol'srll..; had I.illie M. .Mefiwet her.'' 1 .. — 
(1. Mar. 1. 1S(;(I: H. Travilla Meriwether,'' 
b. Apr. 22, IbOS. 

m. 2, July H. 1S64 >[i's. .Inlia 'IVvon. who 
(1. .liilv l<i, issi: li;i(l Frank '!'. Meriwether,'' 
b.- Aj.r. 20. isiio: l)a\-i(l Leonard :Meri- 
. wether," b. Kel). 17. iMlT : l>enianiin M. 
Meriwether,'-' b. ,lul_v 24. bs7(i: .Inba D. 
Meriwether,'-' b. Dee. 1, bs7r». 
Resides at LouisviUe. Kv. 

2U47. Maria Louisa Aleriwether,'' h). — : in. — . 

204S. David Leonard Meriwether,''* b. Jan. s, 1829 : d. — . 

2049. Orlando Eayniond Meriwetlier.-' b. Dee. 1. l-SoO : m. 

Nov. 2, 187(i Alartha K. Owen, wlio »L Mai-. 
30. 1881, dan. of AVilliani W. and KH/.ab.'ili 
( ) < )wen. 

2050. James Beverly Meriwether,Mj. Dee. 23. 1831: ni. 1, 

July' 1, 18.36 Martha RecMl, of Jefferson- 
ville, Ind., dan. of James (i. and !Marv 

( ) Reed; hail James \i. Meriwether.'' 

b. Jan. 28, 1859; Frank R. Meriwether.'' b. 

June 15, 1861. 

m. 2, Oct. 1, 1873 Rebeeea Reeder. .hin. of 

Joseph and Tabitha ( ) Keeih^r. of Jef- 


2051. An infant b. — : d. — . 

2052. Edward Augustus A[eriwether.'~ b. — . is;^;! ; •■ aeei- 

dentallv killed b\- being run ovi'r 1)\- a 

2053. Elizabeth AVinslow Meriwether." b. Jan. 29. ls;i5: 

m. Jiil\- lo. Is55 Jojin Wibiams. b. in 
Montie(''lio. Ky.. Dee. 25. 1^;;2. son of 
Sherroib" and .lane'"'--' Ervin (Stone) Wil- 
liams: had George David Williauis,'' b. 

*Born in Wayne Co. Ky.. Sept. 18. 1805 ; d. in California. Mar.. 1870. 
**Born in Wayne Co.. Ky.. June m. isio ; d. in California. June ."i, ISrS. 


Auu'. 11, 1856. (1. July o, 1863; Sarali 
Menwrtlier Williams,-' l{ Aug. 20, 1858. d. 
June 24. 1863: Sherrod AVillmms,'-^ 1). Sept. 
22. 1S59. d. Mar 5, InH-1 : Jane Stone 
AVilliaiiis." 1). Jan. 15, Isiil, d. Xov. 8, 
IbTT : Catharine Josephine Williams," b. 
Mav 23, 1862, d. June 17. 1863: Bellza 
Williams.-' 1). Fel). 19, 1865 : John Wil- 
liams,'-' 1). Jan. 8, 1867, d. June 17, 1868 : 
Elizal:)eth Meriwether Williams,'' b. Ma}^ 
28, 187<) : Marv Thomas Williams," b. June 
6. 1874. 
2u54. Marv Leonard ^Meriwether.'' Ix Feb. 21, 1837 : m. 
Jan. 10, 1^61 John H. Bartlett. 

2055. Evelyn Farnham Meriwethei-,^ l). — : d. young. 

2056. Ellen liav Meriwether,*^ b. — : d. younu'. 

2057. David Albert ]\[eriwether,'' 1). Dee.^ 28, 1842 : d. Felx 

— , 1871 ; m. - — . 


Helex Leonard,^ {David A.f' DnridJ" Jv-^'-ph} Joaepli'^ 
Jacob {■ SoJomon^'^) sister of the |)receding. was l\ in Assonet, 
Mass., Feb. 7, 1803; m. Oct. 12, ls3l"l)r. Charles Hay. b. 
Feb. 7, 1801, in Fayette County. Ky., son of John and 
Jemima (Coulter) Hay. 

Mrs. Hay, who had received a classical education through 
the instruction of her father, was liighly accomplished and 
cultivated: she was devotedly attached to her family and was 
distinguished for the many graces of her mind and heart. Dr. 
Hay was a graduate of Transylvania Universitv, a physician 
of remarkable learning and purity of character. They resided 
for a time in Salem, Ind., where all their children, except the 
yciungest, were born, and in 1841 removed to Warsaw, 111. 
i)r. Hav was universally esteemed and respected and regarded 
as the foremost citizen of tlie county. He d. in AVarsaw, 
Sept. 18, 1884 : Mrs. Hay d. in Warsaw, Feb. 18, 1893. 

The children of Helen and Dr. Charles Hav were — 

2058. Etlward Leonard Hay,^' b. Nov. 9, 1832 ; d. Oct. 8, 184( ». 

2059. Augustus Leonard 'Hay,^ b. Dec. 3, 1834 ; m. Dec. 

25, 1869 Blanche d'Osmond. At the break- 
ing out of the war he was engaged in a suc- 
cessful business in St. Louis which he left 
to enlist as a private, was rapidly promoted 



;iii(l is now (';ii>t;iiii in tin' SMli Inl';inti'\- i>f 
\\\v IvOLiulai' Arniw 

201)0. Man- iViivf Ihiv." 1.. Dec 17. Is;;)',: m. Ort. >. Isc.:; 
.Viistiii Colfiiiaii Wnolfiilk, ('ajitaiii anM 
( ^)iiart('niiaslci' in llic lu'L:iilar Ann\': lir 
was 1 u't'XTttcil niaji>|- ;it the clusc nf ilic wai'. 
rcsiuni'il IVoni the arni\' ami rcsiinicl lin' 
] iracticf of law wliicii he liail li'I'l lo riilist. 
was niaiK' a Circiiii .hitlLiv: i|. at l>cn\ri\ 
Colorado. Fell. i:. Issd. 

2<»(U. Jolm ITay.M). Oct. s. ISo.S; m. Krl.. 4, ls74 Clara 
Jjonisc Stoiii'. dan. of .\niasa Stone ol 
Cleveland. Ohio: had llrlen .Inlia Ilav.'' 1 .. 
Mar. 11, Is7o: AdrHu'ii Ston,. Hay.'' li. 
Nov. 1, 11S7<1 : Alice Evelyn Hay.'' 1.. ,l;ni. 
6, 1880: Clarence Leonard' 11a v,'' 1.. 1 )ec. lH. 

lie was a jSIajor and Ass't Ad. (ien. of 
Volunteers, brevetted Lt. Col. and Col., one 
of the .seeretaries of President Lincoln. 
Seeretarv of Le,L!'atioii at Paris and .Madriil. 
Charge d'Ali'aires at Vieinia. was Kii'st Ass't 
Secre'tary of State in I87i)-8L : jircsidiMl 
over the International Sanitary Coiderence 
in 1881: a\H"11 known in the litcrarv world 
as the author of •• Castilian Hays." '• i'ike 
County Ballads." etc.. and joint antlior with 
Col. John (i. Xicolay of tin' •' History of 
Ahrahani Lincoln." He has heeii of nmch 
help in the |)re})araiicin of this work in which 
lie has taken a livelv interest. 

2()H2. Charles Edward Ilav,^ b. Mar. 2;:}. ls41 : m. Ma\ !<•. 
18(v) Marv'Riduelev. b. Is4:;. dan. of N. Jl. 
Pvidu-elev.' Es.i.. of Siirin-lield. 111. : had 
Joh'n Leonard ILiy.'' b. didv 1^. HHH. d. 
Eel), is, issl: Arthur ilav.'' i'. dan. P.*. 
1«H8: Anna Hidwlev llav.''l>. Oct. l'. 1^7<' : 
William Kidu-elev Ilav.'' b. Nov. !•. 1^7•J: 
Charles Edward Ilav.'Mr.. b. Nov. ".^1. 1^74. 
A Seeond Li<'nt. in the '-'A V. S. Cavalry he 
was Aide de Cain)' on <leii. Havid HumeEs 
staff for several years: after the war was 
brevetted Capt. of Cavalry: later resigned 
from the arniv on account of ill health and 


entered into business in Springfield, 111., 
from wliieli lie I'etired with a competence 
several years since. He has been four times 
elected Mavor of S]_n-ingfield. 
2(H);i Helen liay,^' b. Scj)t. 18, LS-ti.^in Warsaw, 111.; d. 
June 19, 1878 ; m. July 12. 1870 Harwood 
0. Whitne}^, "a good soldier and has since 
held im})ortant and responsible positions in 
the management of several railroads." 


Chakle.s Frederick Leoxard,' (/A^//V/ .1.,*^ Dav'ul,^ Josepli^^ 
Jnsrj,]!;' Janjh^- Snlniiion,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in 
Bristol, R L, Nov. 1, 180i ; m. 1, Aug. 27, 1833 Lucretia 
Knowles, I). Jan. 14, 1817, who d. from cholera, Aug. 12, 1852, 
and he m. 2, .May 23, 1853 Mrs. Mary E. (Pierce) trafton, at 
South Port, Maine. 

When he was quite young. Ids father removed liis family to 
Laconia, Ind., where he soon after died, and liere Charles 
remained until 1836, when he settlctl in Mt. .Vernon, Ind., 
where he was a successful mcivhant for many years. His 
uprightness and kindlv dis})osition gained f<.)r him universal 
esteem and I'espect from his fellow citizens. 

He d. in ^[t. Vernon, ]\[ar. 31, 1884 ; his widow is still liv- 
ing in Mt. Vernon. 

The children of Cliarles F. and Lucretia were — 

20(34. Edward Auo-ustus,^' b. Dec. 20, 1834 ; d. May !>9, 1887. 

2065. Mary Sophronia,^ b. Feb. 25, 1837 ; d. Feb. 20, 1879, 

in Denver, Col.; m. Nov. 17, 1864 James F. 
Welborn ; had Joseph Leonard Welborn," 
b. Dec, 1869. 

2066. Charles Edward,* b. Mar. 29, 1889 : d. Oct. 15, 1839. 

2067. t Charles Henry,^ b. June 8, 1841 ; ni. June 8(», 1881 

Florence M. Gorman. 

2068. Isaac Julins,« b. Nov. 30, 1843; d. May 19, 1863. 
2<J69. Ann Elizabeth,'* b. Nov. 8, 1846 ; m. May 9, 1866, 

Edward Peter Klliott, b. Feb. 2, 1841, in 
Evansvillc, Tud.; had Charles F. Elliott,'^ 
b. Feb. 5, 18()7 ; Mai'v Leonard Elliott," 1). 
May 12, 1868, m. May 12, 1892 Charles 
Elhvood Bennett, of Cinchmati ; Bessie 
Early Elliott,'^ b. Sept. 23, 1869; Nettie 
Elli6tt,«b. (3ct._16, 1.S71; Joseph P. Elliott,'' 
b. Oct. 15, 18(8; James Manning Elliott,'' 

LEOXAh'l) (;K.\/:.\lJ)(;y. 341 

1>. Apr. •_^';. INM). ,|. Ail-. 1.",. Iss2; 

K(l\v;inl J.coiianl Klliott.'' !>. .Iiinc ;;. 1 s,s,3 ; 

\Villi;iiii ^[amiiii.i:' Klli( .tt.' 1,. l-'rl,. 11. jssT. 
'207<>. Laura ("oniclia.M). , Ian. 17. Is.')!!; il. j-'d,. -js, ls:,l. 
2071. William Park.'.M,. Fcl>. i:.. \<>2 : rc-i-lo in K\aii.<- 

\illc. iinl.. wlu'ic 111' is cnLi'a.u'cij in pension 

ami real cslalc luisincss: has |>uMislic(l a 

" History of l'osc\- ( "onnt\'.'" 
''J'lie cliildrrn of Cliarlcs 1^'. ami Mar\- wrrc — 
2(I7l^ Lncn.'tia.'^ \k .lunc 7. lSo-1 : d. X(,\\ 'j:.. Js:),'). 
2m7;:). ^[artlia I*.," 1>. Nov. 2-1:. ISoii: m. Xo\-. 1. I.sa2 

• lames ]>. Tate. 
2074. fFrederick Pierc-e,M). Nov. 4. ls.-,s. 
2077). Auousta IT.,M). ^fai'. 2s. Isiil : ,1. An-. 2\K ls()2. 
207(1 fAFark TraftomM). ,Iaii. 14. Isc,;;: m. June 24, L^86 

Alai'v K. Snllixaii. 

1 257. 

Charlotte Leoxard,' { /)</,■;,/ .!.." I),nn/J' .Ins, j,!,} .J,,s, i,],}'' 
<Juroh,~ Soloinoii}) sister of tlu' preccdiiiL;. \va> 1 1. in IJristol, 
E. L, Mar. 7, 1806 (Mar. 7, 1«07 ?): m. Mar. 'j:.. Is2s William 
Poinclexter Tliomasson, b. Oct. n. 17!'7. tliinl son of I'oiiKlcxtcr 
and Sarah (Dupuy) Thomassoii of Ileui'v CoiniTv. Kcnlucky. 
They resided in Lat;raii,£;c, Ky.. whei-e she d. ^tar. ."!. 1 >;").') : 
her husLaiid d. Dee. 29, Lsy2. ]\Ir. Thomasson when a lioy 
volunteered in the war of 1.S12 : he was a ]a\v\-cr 1)\- profession 
and be,si"an his i)raetice in Corydon, Indiana, in 1><17. lie wa.s 
a member of the Legislatui'c in that State l)efore he became of 
age. In 1841 he removed to Louisville. Ky.. and was soon 
elected to Congress as a Whig, serxdng fi-om Lee.. 1 ^4M, to 
Mar., 1847. He practiced law in Chicaiio for a time and at the 
breaking out of the war ill bsill, eutcrcfl the Lnion Army as 
Colonel of an Illinois regiment and was woniKh'd at the lirst 
battle of Bull Kun. lie was one of the most earne>i Lnion 
men in Kentucky. 

The children of Charlotte and Win. I'. Tliomasson 
were — 
2077, Charles Leonard Tliomasson.- b. F,L. 1. bM>'.t : killed 
at the battle of Cliiekaniauga. Sept. ]'.'. 
Lsiio : was a Federal soldiei- and for meri- 
torious sei'\iees was ] iroinoted Major (it the 
otii Kcntiieky Infanti'y. 
207'S. Sara Lnpnv Thoma>son.- h. l''eli. 1. 1 ^.'Jo : d. Lee. 7. 
bsii;!: m. Oel. 21. Walkei- Kan- 


kin, a distinguished soldier and lawyer of 
Keokuk, Iowa, who d. July 10, 1869 ; had 
Mary Love Rankin,'' b. Mar. 1, 1852, m. 
June 6, 1871 John Nichol Irwin, (chil., Alice 
White Irwin, I'M). Dee. 21, 1872; Elizabeth 
Stephanie Irwin,"' 1). A])r. 27, 1875; Stephen 
Irwin,io b. June 17. 1878, d. Mar. 2, 1882 : 

Irwin,^^' b. Aug. 24, 1883); William 

Thoniasson liankin,'-' 1). June 28, 185-1, m. 
Nov. 29, 1877 Harriet Garst Morrison, (chil, 
Louise Morrison Rankin,^^ b. May 19, 1879 ; 
Lida Hollan.l Rankin,^" b. Dec. 25, 1881 ; 
Edith Rankin.i'J 1). Sept. 25, 1882); Sara 
Burns Rankin,'' b. July 27, 1857, m. Junel, 
1887 Jackson II. Ralston; John Walker 
Rankin,'' b. Feb. 29, 1860, m. June 22, 1886, 
Miriam Charles Kellogg, dau. of Dr. George 
M. Kellogg of Carthage, 111. 
. 2079. :\[ary Peirce Thomasson,'^ b. Aug. 26, 1831 ; d. July 
7, 1862 at Keokuk, Ic^wa ; m. June 7, 
1855 James Madison Love ; had AVilliam 
Thomasson Love,'' b. May 25, 1856, m. — , 
Jean Maine : George Jones Love," b. June 
30, 1858 ; Mary Thomasson Love," !:>. Aug. 
14, 1860 ; Henry King Love,'' b. July 1, 
20.^0. Laura Helen Thomasson,'^ b. Jan. 19, 1834 ; m. Mar. 
2. 1858 James Richard Goldsborouo-h, b. 
May 13, 1832, son of Brice J. and" Leah 
(Goldsborough) Goldsborough ; had Char- 
lotte Leah Goldsborouii'h,'' ]>.' Jan. 1, 1859, 
d. Dec. 17, 1880; Amia Brice Golds- 
borough," b. Mar. 12, 1860, d. May 15, 
1870; Charles Nelson Goldsbor(mgh,"b. Jan. 
25, 1862 ; Mary Cornelia Goldsborousjh," b. 
Apr. 23, 1863 ; Sarah Rankin Golds- 
Ijorough." b. Aug. 12, 1865, d. July 21, 
1866 ; William Thomasson Goldsborough," b. 
Jan. 7, 1867, d. Aug. — , 1887; Martin^Brice 
Goldsborouo'h,'' Ij. May 25, 1868 ; Louisa 
:\[agill Goldsborough,"'!). Sept. 26. 1870, d. 
Jnlv 19, 1873; Lida Pettit Goldsborough," 
b. Se])t. 10, 1873, (L Aug. 22, 1875; Nina 
Christine Goldsborough," b. July 10, 1875. 

LEOXA RI) (t EM-:a IJX ,' ) \ 


'20^1. Aim Conicli;! 'I'llollKISSnU.- li. M;i|-. -Jit. Is.-IC; ,1. 

(»rt. 1;;. lsi;i: 111. Xnv. -Js. \s:,\\ \)\: .Imiucs 
\V;i\iM-l('v Sinilli : li;ii| CIkii'Ics Smitli.'' li. 
Nov. IT), ls:,7. ,|. M;ir. ;; isiKi; Lilli;iii 
Smith.'' 1). ( )ct. ;;. lsi;i. ,1. ( )r\. -js. l^Cl. 

2082. Xrlsi>ii 'rii()m;issoii,Mi.( )ct. l.'i. Is;!'.) : m. ,1 iinc 1 < i. 1 s7o 
Xnimii.'iif Xortdii; hail LiMinai-d Thuma.^i- 
S(»n.'' 1). Aiil;-. 1.'). rs74: Xclson Thoiiiasson,'-' 
1). Mav M, ls77 : Xaimicnc 'I'hi miassoii.'' 1). 
An--. '14. issl. 

20s3. John .luliiis Thomassoii,'' li. Sept. 7. 1^41 ; m. Jan. 
14. 1n74 Mrs. Sai'ali ("hi-i>tinc (I'cnision) 
Hill: hail Ilrli'ii ('hi-istinr Thoma.^son.'' 1). 
l)i.'c. 2(), 1S74 ; Cai'olinc Louisr 'I'hoiiiasson,'' 
1). Oct. 17,ls7t): Mai'\- Mthi'rrhonia>son.''l.. 
Dec. ;-J0. 1S7S; William I'cniston Thomas- 
sou.'M). Frl). 1(1, 1SS2. (1. .hilv 10. 1SS4. 

2084. Charlotte Kvelvn Tliomas.^on." li. .\iar. 8. 1^44. d. 

Julv K). 1844. 

2085. William Poinilextt-r Tlioniasson." b. Ort. !>. l8')l. d. 

Sept. 7. 1N.')2. 


MaKV PeIHCE \jVA^^\\\\K' (I)nrnl J..'' I ).ir nl .'' Jus, j,!, .' Jns- 

ej)/i,^ J'l'-'j/ir So/(>ni"N.^) ^ly^tvv n( the preceding, wa.s 1). in IJi'is- 
tol. R L, Julv 2;:!. 1810; m. in New AlhaiTy. Jml.. Mar. 2o, 
•1831 Thomas'j. llmch. 1). in Kcntnckv .Inlv'2o, Iso.".. 

Mrs. Hinch resides in Warsaw. 111.: hei- hnsliand d. in War- 
saw in 1885. 

The cliildren of Marv W and Thomas .1. llmch 
were — 

2086. Cliarl(nte II. liincli." 1). Mar. 7. 1882: ni. .Inlv s. 

1858 Osniand C. 1 )usonclict. 1). in ("am- 
hridge. O.. July 8, l82!t: had Jidiu- J»iisou- 
chet.'' Fi'ank l)nsonclict.''( 'orndia 11. I'lisoii- 
cliet,'' Allicrt Dusouclift.'' 

2087. Leonard LlinclK" 1). June 14. i>;;!7 : m. 1. No\. •2:>, 

1858 (Nov. 17. ls58?) Jidia Daviess. 1). in 
(jeoru-etown.Kv.. Julv lo. l>:;i;: had Thomas 
Hinch.-' 1). Man M. IsCl : Leonard 1 liiich.'' 1,. 
Oct. 2. l-s<;'!: William Ilinrh.'' 1.. No\-. Hi. 
ls72: Marv P. llim-h.'' 1>. An- 1. 1^74 : 
Bertha Iliiieh.'-' li. Mai'. 2!*. Is7<i. 


m. 2, d\n'y. 17, 18^1 at Cincinnati, O., Clara 
Onken ; resides in Cincinnati. 

2088. Laura Ilineh.M). Jnlv 19, 1848; m. A|)r. 28, 1862 

William Hill, 1). in Devonshire, Eng., Nov. 
3, 1833: had ^larv II. Hill,'' m. June 16, 
1886 Capt. Julm li. Finlev ; Evaline llill,'^ 
Madeline Ilill.MVilliain Ilill." 

Mr. Hill has several times been Mavor of 
Warsaw, 111. 

2089. Anna M. Hinch.M). Sept. 17, 1846 ; m. May 1, 1866 

James B. Doclo-e, I), in Watertown, N". Y., 
May 11, 1837 ;"had William Dodge,'' Nellie 


Laura Seraphina Leoxard,' (JJarid A.f' Darld^ Josepli,^ 
Jostpli" Jacoh'} Solomon}) sister of the precedino-, was h. in 
Bristol, R. L, Dec. 13, Isll ; m. July o, 1832 Henry ^V.)rth- 
ington Smith, b. at Trenton, N. J., Nov. 14, 1807; sou of 
Wui. Lovett and Eliza (Lacy) Smith. 

Mr. Smith was engaged in steanidjoatiuu; and they resided at 
New Albany, Indiana, wliere Mrs. Smith d. Apr. 2," 1«40. Her 
husband m.' 2, Dee. 17, 1840 Amelia G. Foster,* b. June 2, 
1813, in Lexington, K}^, d. A|)r. 8, 1887. in Weatherford, 
Texas. Mr. Smith d. Oct. 15, 1865. 

The children of Laura S. and Henrv W. Smith, were — 

2090. Eliza Lacy Smith,^ b. Apr. 6, 1833 ; d. Se|)t. 3, 1846, 

a't New Allxmv. 

2091. Julius Augustus Smith,M3. Dec. 20, 1834; d. Jan. 

18^^ 1866 at Louisville, Kv. 

2092. Mary Leonard Smith,^' b. Mar. 9, 1837 ; m. Dec. 2, 

1858, at Middletown, Kv., Nicholas L. Tilah- 
rnan, b. Dec. 19, 1829 \-it Nashville, Tenn., 
son of Jacob Morris and Julia (McGregor) 
Tilghnian : liad Laura ^Vmelia Tilghman,'' 
b. *Felx 14, 1^60, d. A])r. 2, 1866 T Henry 
Lewis Tilghman.'-' b. Julv 7, 1862, d. Mar. 
8, 1866 ; Julia McGreor.r'Tilyhmar,'' 1). June 
28. 1865, d. Mar. 1, 1876 : Frank B. Tilgh- 
man,''!). June 17, 1867. d. Sept. 15, 1868; 
Nicholas Lacv Tilghman,'' b. Oct. 31, 1869; 
Marian Augusta Tilghman,'' I). Aug. 30, 

*Cliildren of Henry W. and Amelia G. (Foster) Smith— Henry D. Smith b. Mar. 3, 
1843, d. Feb. 1, 1853 ; Laura Nita Pahiier Smith, b. Feb. 10, 1845 : Antis Lacy Smitli, b. 
Feb. 9, 1847, d. Apr. 14, 1847 ; Robert Jlarsliall Sniitli, h, July 18. 18.50 


IsTI : AlluTt F1..\\-(T 'ril-iiiiiaii.'' 1.. All-. 7. 

1S7;-! : S;ii';ili M;irsli:ill Ti i-iiliKi li.'' 1 .. ,I;iii. '.I. 

l'^-<i: .l"liii Ilm.lri.-k 'ril-iiiii;iii.'' K. M:ir. 
2:.. Is7!t. 

1261 . 

COKXELIA l.K()XAi;i».' ( /A/ //'/ . 1 ./' /Vr///,/."' .A,.v, y,A. ' . /o.svy, //.■'■ 
Jacohr Snhinniii,^) sisTlm' n{ tlic pivecdiiio, wns h. in Ilristnl. 
R I., Se])t. 17), 1SU5: m. ,Iiilv 2:^. LS47) "Williaiu X. (ii-Mvcr. 
of Warsaw. 111. 

Mrs. (irovi-rs iifaltli was mwcr \rv\ liimxI. and t'oi' iiiaii\- 
years betV)re her death she was a conHniKMl iii\-alid : she d. in 
Warsaw Apr. H. IS^a Mr. (ir<i\-er wasl)(ini ••near I'rincctdn. 
IS". J.. July 17. Isl7. His early ancestors were I'lnLilisli. <iii 
the inotlier"s side the luuue was Seott, on the |iatcnial side of 
Quaker stock. Both lines of ancestors were settled in LimL;- 
Island as eai'ly as KUO. and the ]iatei-nal line in New Jci'scn' 
as early as 1(')H8. when one dames (iro\-er as co-pi-oiirieloi' with 
AVin. Pennant] ten others, fonndetl a settlement in Monmouth 
County, under an extensive <i'rant of land from the l)uk'e of 
York, a portion of which is still in the possession of some of 
his descendant.s. The father of AVm. N. reino\-ed to central 
Ohio, then a new country, with his famih- in 1822. whei'e he 
d. in 1824. Tw(.) years latei' his mother with hei' children 
removed to Susquehanna Co., i*a., where most of her I'elatives 
were then settled. This was also tlien a new counti'v. liea\il\- 
tind)ered, and known fai- and neai' as the 'Px'eeh Woods.' 

"At the a^fj'e of 17 lie he.uan life for himself and euLiaiied in 
civil engineering, in which he was*em]ilo\ed fm- two \-eai's on 
the preliminary surveys of the X. V. and i'h'ie I J. \\. in ls;;7 
he was offered a position in the west and spent tla; nexi three 
years on the |nif)lic works of Illinois. He next studied law 
and was admitted to jn'aetiee in Illinois in 1>;4."!. whei-e he 
practiced (making his home in A\'arsaw) until Is^o."!. when he 
removed t(_i St. Louis. Mo., where he practiced law nntil I'^iii;. 
In 1863 he was conmiissi(_ine(l li\- I'l-esiilent Lincoln as I'. S. 
Attornev over the Kastei'u district of ALs.-oui'i foi- the tei'm of 
four vears, and I'esigned in iMHion aecoimT of iniji.-iired liealth. 
retiring to a fruit farm that he ownetl neai" \\'ai'saw. where 
he engaged in nii-al ]iui'suits. ehielly on account of health, 
until 1877 when he again settled in \Varsaw and resumed the 
practice of his profession." 

^[r. aui] Mrs. Crovei' had no children. 



Axx DeAVolf Leoxard," {Davul .i.," iJuchl-' Jiisrpli,^ 
Josepli^^ Jdcol)^' Soloiuoii}) sister of the ])i'eee(ling, voungest 
(lau!i'hter of David A. and Marv* (Peirce) Leonard, was b. in 
Bristol, R L, Jan. 29, 1817 (Jan. 17, 1817?); m. June 30, 1840 
Hudson Parke who was h. in Mt. Sterhng, Ivy., Aug. ID. 1816 
and d. in New Orleans, La., Feh. 6, 1852. 

They resided in Mt. Yernon, Ind., wliei'e all their children 
were b. and Avhere Mrs. Parke d. ( )et. 29, 1850. 

The .children of Ann DeW. and Hudson Parke 
were — 

2093. Charlotte Cornelia Pai-kc,-^ b. Sej)!. 7, 1841; d. Oct. 

9, 1843. 

2094. Julius Leonard Parke." b. Mar. 20, 1843 : d. Apr. 30, 

1868 of consumption, at Charleston, S. C. ; 
gradnateil with distinction from Yale Col- 
lege and pui'sued liis scientific studies at 
Tulungen and at Paris, wdiere his prece})tors 
entertained the briglitest ho])es of his future. 

2095. Charles Augustus Parke,^ h. May 8, 1845 ; rn. May 

7, 1870 Nina Dale Owen, dan. of David 
Dale Owen ; had Caroline Dale Parke,'' b. 
in New Harmony, Ind., Mar. 23, 1871 : Ada 
Owen Parke,''' 1). in Mt. Yernon, Ind., Dec. 

16. 1872 : Julius Leonard Parke," b. Nov. 

10, 1874 ; Anna Crawford Parke,'^ b. Aug. 
27, 1877: Nina Dale Parke," b. Julv 26, 

Resides in Avondale, a suburb of Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

2(»^)6. Hudson Thomas Parke,^ b. Oct. 13, 1847 ; d. Oct. 
10, 1858. 

2097. Gecjrge Nettleton Parke,*^ b. April 23, 1850 ; <1. Aug. 

17, 1850. 


Mary Anx Hall Leoxard," {Zenas L.f' David,^ JnsrpJi,^ 
Josrph^'^ Jaroh'} Soloirtoii}) eldest dan. of Rev. Zenas L. and 
Sally (Fiske) Leonard, was b. in Sturbridge, Mass., Jan. 4, 
1803: m. Aug. 31, 1829 Rev. Francis AYhiteiield Emmons, 1). 
Feb. 24, 1802 in Clarendon, \X.., son of Horatio and Abigail 
(F'ostcr) Fmmons. She r(_'('cived a good education under the 
tuition of licr fatlier and in a j)rivate sehool in Providence, 
and |iiN'\ idiis to licr marriage taugiit scliools in hei' native town. 


Mr. Emnions graduMtiMl IVmhi Pn'own l'iii\crsiiv in ihc class 
of 1828, having previously sTudictl at ColimiMa CollrLif. W'asli- 
ington, D. C, and also conipletcd the cmirsi' at ilic baptist Lit- 
ei'ary and Theological Scnninary at Uaniiltnn. N. V. lie was 
settled for a sliort time as minister of a r>a|ilist clinivli in I'iasl- 
])ort, Maine, antl later tanght in Killingwdiili. ('mm.. New 
Lisbon, C)hio, and AVellsburg, \V. \'a. Wliiic I'esiding at llic 
latter two ]>laees he was associated with Ucw Alcxainlcr 
Campbell in revising his translation of tlic New Testament. 
In 1834 they removed to Noblesvillc, IihL, wIktc in addition 
to ^[r. Emmons' lal)ors as a teacher and preachei'. he held the 
office of postmaster for several years. 'I'liey reside(l m Xoldes- 
ville until 1842, when they removed to Stui-bridge, Mass., 
where thev lived for the ivmainder of ilieir li\es. Mr. 
Emmons never enjoved verv robust heakh and his death 
occurred suddenly, Se])t, 2<1 1881, in \Vorcester wdua'e he was 
attending the annual meeting of tlie ■" ( diui'ch of the Disciples." 
]S[rs. Emmons d. in Sturliridge, Nov. lii, l^s'.i. 

The children of Mary A. 11. and l''rancis ^V. I'lmmoiis 
were — 
2098. Sarah Abigail Emmons.M). Fel). 29, Ls;;2 ; m. Nov. 
18, 1856 Thomas Spooner- (third wife), of 
Cincinnati, ().: had Thomas Knnnons 
Spooner.''^ b. Oct. 2(>. bs.')7. m. Sej.t. 211, 
188o bill's. Laura A. (Printzi ^'eargin : 
Frances Elizabeth SjH.oner.'' b. .lime l<j. 
1859, d. Julv 'S. Isco; \\';dter Whipple 
Spooner,'-' b. A].r. 7, l^Cl, m. Oct. I'.i, lss(> 
Mrs. Helen Moessner (<'hi]. Charlotte 
SiKJoner,"' 1). Sept. 12. fssT : Walter Ki'cd- 
eric Spooner,'" 1 >. Feb. ;;. Isiiii): Kmily Fos- 
ter Si)ooner,'' b. Feb. 21, l8(Jo : ^[ary Alice 
Spooner,'' b. Mar. 2:-). isi;.') : Cliai'lotte 
Lewis S])ooner,''' b. j-'eb. 2s. lsi>7. d. Feb. il. 
,18B8: W^arren Adams Spoonei','' b. Dec. 21, 
1868, d. Aug. — . l^'.il : Beatrice S])ooner,^ 
b. Oct. 12, 187(1: Fthel Si-ooner.'' b. Dec. 
22,1872,(1. Oct. 111. I^'.i2: Decima Spo.Hici'.'-' 
b. Api-. s. 1^7<). 

.\[r>. Spooner was a graduate fi'om Mt. 
Holyoke ill the class of 1^5;! and latci- a 
teacher at the .simc institution: resiiles at 
G-lendale. O. 

*See (1208). page 3-19. 


2099. Ileiirv Fiskc Eiamons.M). Dec. 2, 1^34: d. Oct. 1(1, 


2100. Frances Matilda Einmons.M). Dec. 15, 1838; grad- 

uated from Mt. Holyoke in 1861. 

2101. ]\[aiT Catherine Emmons,^ 'b. Apr. Ki, 1840: ni. 

Apr. 16, 1866 Samuel Morgan (second wife), 
h. Feb. 27, 1813, son of Alicajah and Eliza- 
beth (Perrv) Morgan ; resides at Sharonville, 
0.: had Katherine Emmons Morgan,'' b. 
Feb. 18. 1867: George Henry Morgan,Mx 
Sept. 27, 1.S6S. d. Jan. 16.' 1886^:' Mary 
y Ednah Morgan,'' 1). Mav 2, 1871, d. Dec. 3. 

1880 : Margaret D. Morgan,'' b. Feb. 6, 1873, 
d. Oct. 15,"l895; Sarah Lucy Moro-an.'' 1). 
. Mar. 7, 1877 : Eva Morgan,^ b." Oct. 31, 1880. 

2102. Julia Caroline Emmons,^ b. Sept. 28, 1842. 


Yernera Leon'ard,' {Z'^i/as L.,'' Dm-iilj' Joseph, ^ Jostpli^ 
>]aciih^~ Solomon}) sister of the pi'eccdiiiL;'. was b. in Sturbridge, 
Mass., June 20, 1805; m. Apr. 25. Is31 Francis E. Corey, "b. 
in Sturbridge, Sept. 25, 1804, son of Dr. Jacol) and Matilda 
(Walker) Corey. 

She studied with lier father and in a select school in Provi- 
dence, R L, and Ijefore her man'iagc taught for a time in a 
l)rivate school in New York City. Mr. Corey was engaged in 
mercantile business in AYorcester, ^Nlass., also in Madison, Ind., 
removing from the latter ])lace to Chicago in 1856, "wdiere he 
was engaged in tlie lumber business until shortly before the 
great lire, when he retired from active luisiness. Both Mr. 
and Mrs. Corey, who eacli li\'ed to be 87 years of age, were 
noted among the large circle of their friends and acquaintances 
as of remarkalde energy and efficiency until nearly the close 
of life, and for their devotion to their children and grand- 

]\rr. Corey d. in Chicago Mar. 19, ly92 : :\[rs. Corev d. at 
the same jdace July 10, 1892. 

The children of Yernera and Fi'ancis E. Coi'C}' were — 

2103. Helen Maria Corev,M3. Sept. 28, 1^32: m. Apr. 27, 

1854 James Mix, b. Aug. 6, 1820: had 

• Nellie Corev Mix.'' b. Apr. 28, 1855. m. 

Feb. 18. 1877 Georoe H. Tavlor, b. Oct. 6, 

1850 (chil.. Marv Hel.m Tavlor,^" b. Mar.' 


■-'•'•. 1^7^. <\. .Iillw 1S!I.-,|; CiiiTi.' Lc.,|i;i|-(1 
Mix.'-' 1.. l)(v. 1. \s:,i\: ,I;,incs 1\h1,1 Mix.-' 1,. 
.luiH' 2;!, ISill ; ,I,.iiiiir l)r;ikc Mix.'' h. .hilv 
2. 1^(;4. 111. Ort. 1 1. Isss Il,,w;ir.l IIiiMkii'.I 
<Killnii, (if ('liic:iL:-o. Tlicx- :ill ivsiilc in 
21(_U. Sarah M:itiM;i (A.ivv.M.. I)(v. .-5. is;;!: m. Apr. ;;(), 
Is'iT Tx'ii jaiiiiii 1^'. ('arxcr. 1 1. M;i\- 17. 1882, 
(I. .Mav 2o, iSii;; : li;i,l Anna LmuIs;! ( 'nrvci-.'' 
1). A[)r. 1. 18.")S, (I. .M;iy 2. Is.'iS: r.cnj. 
Franklin Carvn-." li. Apr'. H. ls:,',i. ,1. !),■,■. 
81, ISH!; ^[arv K\aii,Livliiir ( ";ir\tM-.'' K. !),■,■. 
12, ISljO, ,1. Apr. 2, LSI)!. Mrs. Carver has 
a sninnier residence ill A[anrlicsti'r. \'cnin>nt. 

2105. (Tcoro-e Henrv Corev," 1». ^^av 21, is;;;) ; ,{. An- l;!, 


2106. Jose})hine Charlotte Coivv,'^ 1). A])r. Ill, ls4;-; : m. 

Fel). 24. l8i)o .lolin 1]. Drake ..f ('iiieao(x 1). 
Jan. 17, 182(1, d. Xov. 12, Is'.);,; luul Tracv 
Corey Drake,'' 1.. Sept. 12, 18()4, m. Jan. 12, 
1893 Annie Colton Danohadav of St. Lonis, 
M0..I). A])r. 1. 1S()7: Helen \'ri'iM'ra Drake'' 
1). Fel). 28. LS(;7: John 4)iirroinj|is Drake.'' 
1). ^[av li», 1872: Lillian Carver Drake.'' h. 
Sept. 30, 1874: Franeis Fdwin i)rake.''i). 
May 9, 187(1 

Mi's. Drake resides in Cliie;ig(). 


Sarah Leonard," (Zenas />.,'' Dnr ;,/.■' Jnsrj,/,,^ .fns,y,/i:^ 
Jacob^' Sohniion}) si.ster of the preeediiiL;'. was li. in Sinrhridu'e, 
]\[ass., June ll». isKi: ni. Sejit. 7). 1^42 Thomas S|iooner-'"' li. 
in Cineinnati. Ohio, Jan. 17. lsl7. son of Heed and Ahi.Liail 
(Lewis) Spooner. 

Before marria.u'e she tauiiht school for se\-eral ycai's in Mai'Mi'- 
liead, Mass., Brooklyn. N. '^'.. and in othei' places. Afier 
marriage she resided m ('ineinnati where her imsliand was 
engaged in business: and where she d. ol eholcr;i July ;>!, 
18.j(), her death being h)llowed by that of her oldest son a few 
davs later liv the same disease. Her hushniid afterwards mar- 
ried her sister Frances ^f. Leonard,' ( 1271). 

Mr. Spooner was actively engaged in hai'dware or iron busi- 
ness until about l8o4, afti'i- whieh iie;ii-l\- all of his remaining 

i^William.i Samuel, 2 Samuel.:! Elnathan.4 Seth.'> Reed,'! Tliomas.' 


life was given to public l)usiiiess. lie lilled many public oiilces 
witli ildelity — among- tbem Ij^ing tbat of City Councilman, 
Clerk of tlie Courts. Scbool Dn-ector, Collector of Internal 
Eevenue for (Jbio, and Mayor of Glendale, Obio, wbere be 
resided after 1^79. He was Senatorial Representative for 
Oliio to tbe Convention in 1860, wbich nominated Al)rabam 
Lincoln as jjresidential candidate. 

In 1871, be publisbed tbe " Sjxjoner Memorial,"" and iu 
1883, tbe first volurjie of tbe " Records of Wm. Spooner and 
His Descendants," botb of wliicli contain full genealogical 
records of tbe Spooner family and tbeir connections. Tbe 
second volume was nearly ready for publication at tlie time of 
bis deatb, wbicb occurred at Glendale, Mar. lO, 1890. 

Tbe cbildren of Sarali and Tbomas S})Ooner were — 

21()7. Henry Leonard Spooner,''^ b. July 9, 1843 ; cb Aug. 
5, 1850. 

2108. Sarab Al:>igail Spooner." li. July 3, 1847: d. Feb. 25, 

18<)-1. wbile a student at Oxford Seminary, 

2109. William Reed Spooner," b. April 14, 1849 : m. Dec. 

29, 1889 Martha Catbn. dau. of Alexander 
and Margaret (Tabnadge) Catlin of Lancas- 
ter, Ohio: bad Thomas Sherman Spooner,'* 
b. June 2(3, 1871, d. Sept. 28, 1875 ; Reed 
Effinger Spooner,'' b. Aug. 25, 1873 ; Henry 
Wood Spooner.'-' b. May 30, 1877 : Harlan 
Catlin Spooner.'-' b. Apr.' 10. 1880. 

Mr. S})ooner is a lawyer in New Vork 


Manning Leonard,' {Ztnas />.," DaruJ:' Josepli,^ J>>stpi,!' 
Jacoh^~ Solomon,^) brother of the })receding, was b. in Stur- 
bridge, Mass., June 1, 1814: m. Se].t. 15. "l840 Mary Fisher 
Ammidown. b. in Soutbljridge, ]\Iass., Aug. 23, 1817. dau. of 
Ebenezer Davis and Rel)ekab (Fisher) Ammidown. 

His early 3'ears were spent upon bis father's farm and bis 
education gained partly under bis fatber's tuition. For a sbort 
tinre be attended Amherst Academy and subsequently, wben 
but seventeen years of age, taught one term in Soutli Amlierst 
in what was considered "a bard school"" of seventy ])upils, 
where bis salary amounted to tbirteen dollars a montb, to wbicb 
tbe committee, as an expression of tbeir appreciation of tbe 
satisfactory manner in wbicb be bad conducted tbe school, 
added a present of two dollars. His life was principally devoted 

(y (/ LP a^^T^V^^^Myi^^ /c^J^ C^~^L^ c:i^i^^ 



to business, ]»ei:'iuililiL;- wlim he \\;is ciLllllfi-ll \-r;il'S oM. ;is 

clerk ill a dry uooils lioiisc in Nrw Vn|-1<. In \^:',', he rf!M(i\-t.'(l 
to Iiidiaiin. and was I'liLi'au'cil in inci'caiitilc luisincss in N()l)k's- 
ville t'oi' a sliort tiuic, ami latri' in Mailison. truni wliidi jilaci' 
he returned to Massarlinsctts in 1^44. and lailcrrd inlo the 
maiiufaeture of rottoii cjotli in Soiitldii'id,L:v. in wliicli liusines.s 
be eontinued until Isi;;!. when lu- rciiml Ironi adixc luisiness. 
He tilled many olHces o[ \v\\>\ in llic town, was appointed a 
Justice of the Peace in Is.jd and licM tlicollicc until his death. 
Was an active nieniher of tlie ('oiiLi'rcLi'ational ('liurch, and a 
man noted for liis inteu'ritN'. l)en('\'oh'ncc, and moral worth: 
lioth he and his wife, wdio was a person of rare loveliness ol' 
eharacte]', were constanth' doini;- ileeils of kinilness to those in 
sorrow or trouble. 

To his interest in. and tireless efforts in tracini;- out. his Livn- 
ealogieal connections, the I'eaders of this hook are indehted for 
its existence. 

He d. in Southbridge, July 81. lsS5 : his widow d. at the 
same place. May 81, 1892. 

Their children were — 

211(». fCharles Heniy.' b. Dec 'iH, 1841; m. June 1. 1872 
]\rarv (t. Beecher. 

2111. -fBernard Annnidown.M). Julv 25. 1-844: m. 1. May 

81, 1871 Nellie T. Burr : m. 2. .lune 2. 1888 
Ermina E. Newton,^' (ll»(i8). 

2112. Geort>-e Manning,'"' b. Sei)t. 4, 184H : d. Sept. 8, 1863. 
2118. Arnia Rebekah,"^ b. Apr. 8, 1849. 

2114. Marv Frances,^' 1). Aug. 2, 1851. 

2115. Sarah Catherine,' b. Dec. IH, 1854: m. A])!-. 9.187s 

AVilliam H. Green. 1). in Southbridtie. Julv 
28, 1853, d. in Hardy, h.wa. June 22, 1892, 
son of Abel and Ann (Williams) (Ireen ; 
had Katherine Kinse\- (ireen.'' b. Sept. 80, 
188d : ]\[arv l^eonai'il (ireen." b. June 2*7. 
1882: William Manning (ireen.'' b. j-'eli. 1, 
1885. Mi's. (ireen resides in (irundy (Cen- 
tre, Iowa. 

2116. David Fiske,M). .Inly 2(i. 1^57 : d. Mav :;]. ls(;4. 


Linus Lkonai;!).' iZn^s L," /hn-;./.-'. /...., ^,h.K/nsrj>h:-J.n;J,:^ 
<SV//o///o//,i) brother of the jireceiling. was ]>. in Stiii-bi-i<l-c. Dec 
28. 1^19: m. Mar. Is. l"^5i; Sarah P. Ihii'adon. 1). Aug. 8(.», 


1830, (lau. of (jeorge and Lorauda (Butterwortli ) Ilaradon 
of Holland, Mass. 

He was a pi-()S[ien)Us fai'iuer and always resided njxm the 
farm where he was lioni. He d. Aug. 12, 1862; his widow 
snljsequently ni. lienrv G. Aminidon and d. May 25, 1880. 
The children of Linus and Sarah P. were — 
2117. t^t'i:as Lockwood,^ b. Jan. 28, 1857; ra. Dec. 29, 

^1881 Georgie A. Dennis. 
211s. fHenr^- Fiske,M). L)ee. 18. 1858; rn. Sept. 8, 1880 
Katharine H. Anirnidown. 


Frances Maria Leonard,' [Z^nas L.^' DavUlJ' Joseph,^ 

J(js(^l)h:'' Jacoh,~ Solo I no n,^) sister of the in'eceding, youngest 
child of Rev. Zenas L. and Sallv (Fiske) Leonard, was b. in 
Sturbridge, Mass., April 17, 1826; rn. Get. 9, 1851 Thomas 
Spooner"" of Cincinnati, Ghio, his second wife. 

She was educated at the Charlestown Female Seminary and 
for a short time previous to her marriage was a teacher. Her 
exce])tionally lovely Christian character endeared her to all 
who knew her. 

She d in Cincinnati Dec. 1, 1855 ; her husband afterwards 
m. Sarah A. Emmons,'^ (2098) and d. in Glendale, Ohio, Mar. 
10, 1X90. 

The cliildren of Frances M. and Thomas Spooner 
were — 
2119. ^[anninu- Leonard Spooner,M3. Oct. 22, 1852; m. 1, 
June 22, 187i Ida L. Edgerton, b. Feb. 11, 
1851, dan. of Solomon H and Martha L. 
(Belding) Edgerton ; had Frances Martha 
Spooner," b. Feb. 12, 1876 ; George Custer 
Spooner.'' b. Jan. 4, 1878 ; Mrs. Spooner d. 
Se].)t. 12, 1880 and he m. 2, July 20, 1887 
Ella Hanna of Wooster, Ohio ; had Mar- 
garet Spooner," b. 1888 ; Thomas Spooner," 
'b. Nov.. 1891. 
212U. Francis Leonard Spooner/ I). Nov. 30, 1855 ; d. Dec. 
26, 1855. 


Ci>ARiNi)A Leonard,' (J/^/-//,''' Darhl-' Jusi^jili} Joseph;'' 
Jacoh^' tSolo/uoi/^^) dau. of Mary and Capt. Daniel Leonard, 

*See (1268), page 349. 


was b. ill ^[idaieljoro." :\rass., Oct. 'I'd. ITlJi*: ui. Nov. 21. LS21 
Henry Willis Pratt, 1». June H. 171'7. son of Sinieou''-" and 
Sarah (Willis) Pratt of Rrido-ewater. 

Her liusl land was fiiLiau'cd in tlie inaiinfacture '-•^'i slnn;u'les 
and laths and in ruiinin.i:' saw and L;i-ist mills. Thex' ivsi<led in 
Halifax, Mass., Treniont and St. iMiarles. 111. Mrs! Pratt d. at 
Tremont. 111.. ]\[av :>, 1^40, and her husband at St. Charles, 
Feb. 1(1 1.^4ii. 

The children of Clarinda and lienrv W. Pratt were — 
'2121. William H. Pratt,^ b. Sei)t. 6, 1822 : d. Dec. 8, 1893; 
111. Feb. 8, LSI:!) Elizabeth Matilda, Christian, 
b. Ai)r. o, 1N28, in Halifax, Eng., dan. of 
John S. and ^[atilda (Rainsford) Christian 
(who emigrated to America in 18-12): had 
Ella Louisa Pratt,"' b. Dec. 2!>. Is49, m. 
Sept. 14, 1871 Ceorge W. Jenkins, 1). Sept. 
K;, LSI:!) (cliil.. Ceor-'e H. Jenkins, i" b. 
Aug. 16. 1872: Chester P. Jenkins."' b. 
Mar. 20. 187o): Lucv Matilda Pratt,'' b. 
Mav 8. 1851 : .Marv Elmira Pratt." 1). July 
2<).'l853, d. Sept. o, 1862: Erankie Laura 
Pratt,'' b. Mav <i, 1856: Chester Loammi 
Pratt,-' b. Oct. 17, 1858, m. July 27, 1882 
Jennie Chandler, b. Sept 8(), 1864 (chil, 
Chester ^\m. Pratt.^" l). :\rar. S. 1885: 
Gertrude Pratt,"' I». Dec. 8, 1886). 

He was for many years at the head of 
Pratt's Commercial College in I)aven]>ort, 
Iowa, and later Curator of the I)aven}iort 
Academy of Natural Sciences. In 1890 he 
removed to Minneap()lis, Minn., where he d. 
Dec. 8, 1893 : he was an enthusiastic stu- 
dent oi genealogy and had takt'u great inter- 
est in the compilation of tliis book. His 
two daughters Lucy and Erankie arc talented 
and successful teachers, formerlv in Daven- 
])i:)rt and now in ^Iinnea})olis. 
2122. Harrison Pratt.'' 1). Oct. 11. 1824: d. Oct. i». 1825. 
2128. Lncius Pratt. M). Apr. 11. Is26 : d. Apr. 18. Lv27. 

2124. Edwin Leonard Pratt.M). Eel). II. LS8I : d. Sept. !), 


2125. Elmira Pratt.M.. Feb. II, 1881: m. Se])t. 18. 1850 

Isaac Wilson, Jr., b. Sept. D, Ls2!) : had 

*Matthe\v Pratt, 1 Joseph, 2 Joseph, ^ Xathaniel,^ Seth,"' Simeon. « 


William II. Wilson.'' I). (Jet. lo, Ls.-,2, m. 

Feb. 24. issl : Eva Wils.^u.'* 1). Fcl.. 18, 

1856.111. John <iivui)r\-. (eliil. E\'a (Trcii-nrv^"); 
Clara Wilson.'-' 1).' Mav (i. isr.'l. ,1. Mav 7, 
1859 : AlonzoAVilson.'-' and Melissa Wilson,'-' 
1). and d. Jan. 1, IsiU. 


ClEMEXTIXA ]\IaRIA Le(JXA1;I),' {(JoMi /','' DaridJ' 'JoSiqiJi,* 
Josej'j/i,^ Jacolj,- iS'o/yy//o/'.') eldest eliiM ()!' Caleb F., and Naney 
(The)mpson) Leonard, was b. in l>rid-z'e\vatei-. A}»r. 2!i. 18U8 : 
ni. June 11, 1829 Levi Paine b. Jan. 15. 179s. son of Silas 
and Lvdia (Wiiite) Paine, of Jiandolpli. ^^lass. 

She was of a gentle, retiring disposition, a sineej'e Christian 
and beloved by all who had ever been e(_)nneeted with her. 
Mr. Paine was a shoe mannfaeturer. They resided in East 
Randolph, now Holbrook, Mass.. \vhere ]\[i's. Paine d. June 25, 
187<:». A[r. Paine d. Get. 26, Lsso, at the home of his daughter 
in AVal})ole, Mass. 

The children of Clementina ^i. and Jje\'i Pain^' were — 

2126. Levi Leonard Paine,^' b. Get. 10. LS32 ; m. July. ISCl 

Jennie Holmes, dan. of George Holmes of 
Xorwalk, Conn.: had Leonard Gn\u-<_)ry 
Paine.'-' 1). Apr. o. 1^6;-] : Antoinette Lang- 
don Paine.-' Ij. Aul;-. 27. 18(U. m. Nov. 12, 
1890 Mervyn AV. Clark of Portland : Fred- 
eric Holmes Paine.'' 1». I'eb., 18(.)6 ; Helen 
Isabel Paine,'-' b. July 16. ls(>,s, d. Aug. 81, 
1871 ; Mary Clemen'tina Paine,'' I). Dee. 25, 
1869, d. Aug. 22, 1870 : Mary Louise Paine.'' 
b. Nov. 12,' 1872: Edward 'Stetson Paine.'' 
b. Aug. 31, 1882. 

He graduated fi-om Yale College in the 
class of 1856 and \\'as afterwards tutor at 
tlie same college. He studied theology at 
Yale and was a colleague of Dr. Porter at 
Farmington, Conn.: has now been hn- many 
years Professc^r of Church History at P)an- 
o'or Theological Seminarv. Maine. 

2127. Bernard Paine,* b. Sept. 21, 1884 ': d. June U. ls<i4 ; 

m. Dec. 4. 1867 Eliza Smith Pdossom. b. 
Scjjt. 80, 1843, dau. of Bennett AV. and' 
Abby (P(ibinson) l^lossom of Sandwich. 


Mass.; had Isadora Bennett Paine.'' li. Jan. 
H, lS(i9 : Clementina Paini'.-' 1). X()\-. 11. 
LS71. d. Jidv 17. 1S7-J: (Ir;,,.,. A^leiia 
Paine.'M). MaV. 14. I.s74 : (ici'trndr Roliin- 
son Paine." li. dan. 1.'). Ls7(): Bernard Leon- 
ard Paine,'-' 1). Fel.. 14. Is7s. 

A ^u'l'adnate from l)artmoiitli (.\)]k\L;'e. 
1863 ; studieil tliet:>lo,uy at I'nion 4dieol<jgi- 
cal Seminai-y. X. Y., and Andover, Alass.: 
was pastor of elm re lies in Xew Bedford, Fe)X- 
l)oro", Sandwich. !\[ass.. and Savhrook'. 
Coini., at wliich latter place he dit^'d. 

2128. Clementina Maria Paine.'^ h. Dee. 27. 1886 : <1. Apr. 7, 


2129. Adelia Clementina Paine.M). Auo-. 11. 1841: m. 

Nov. 18, 18<iS Kdward V. Stetson, a son of 
Everett Stetson of \Va]i)ole. :\[ass. 
2l;-!(). Antoinette Afaria Piune.M). Fel). 8. Ls4s : d. An-: 
80, 1848. 


James Madisox Leoxakd,' {CaJf^h F.S' JJaridJ' Jnsrj,],,^ 
J^(j.'<epJi,^ Jacob.- Solomoii,^) In'othev oi the ])reeeding. was 1). in 
Brido-ewater July 28, 1810: m. Sept. 28. 1842 Jane X. Tho i ji- 
soii, " b. Oct. lo, 1819. dan. of Isaac''- and Ahiah"" (Haskell) 
Thompson of ]\[iddleboro". 

He was a man of strict integi'itv and tirm religious priiu-iplc : 
a thriftv and successful fai'uier. he always resided upon the 
farm upon which he and his father were both Ijorn. 

He d. Dee. 11, l88U : his widow tl. in Rochester, Mass., Jan. 
28, 1892. 

Their children were — 

2181. Ennna Frances.'M). Mav 15, 1S44. 

2182. Elizabeth :\[orton." 1). Feb. 2. 184(). m. Dec. 14, 1878 

Kev. Truman D. Childs. 1). :\[ar. 28. Is47, 
son of Albert Heniy and Miranda (Fly) 
Childs of Bainbridge. ()hit>: luul Xina 
Leonard Childs.'-' b. Aug. 10, 187S. <1. Feb. 
11,1881: Albert Leonard Childs.'-' 1). Se].t. 
22, 1879: Wilfred Leonard Childs.'' b. Apr. 
11. 1881: Elizabeth Leonard Childs.'' b. 

*Son of Hon. Isaac and Lucj- Tliompson. 

**Dau. of Zebulon and Abigail Haskell of Middleboro". 


Feb. 27. LssM. d. ^[ar. 3. 1883; Marv Leon- 
arcl Chi Ids.'' 1). Ft'l). 18, 1887. 

Mr. Chilcls has been a Home Missionary in 
several difl'erent towns in Kansas : was 
obliged to give u[) |)reacning on account of 
his health. They now reside at x\nthon_y, 
2138. ^[ary Hall.'^ b. Dec. 4, 1847. A well known teacher 
in the Xoi'nuil Sidiools of Bridgewater, Mass., 
and Columbia. S. C. : has |)ublished a book 
of poems, '• The Stoi'\' of Portus and Songs 
of the Southland." 

2134. Clara Farnliam.^ b. Dec. 27. 1849; m. Sept. 28, 

1875 Chester Irving Fisher, ^l. D., of Can- 
ton. Mass., b. .V]ir. 27), bs47 ; bad Leonard 
Irving Fisher.'-' b. Oct. 10. 1876; Louise 
Marion Fisliei-,'-' b. Oct. 11, 1878; Gertrude 
Fisher,'' b. Feb. S, lysi;). 

They reside in New York City, where 
Dr. Fisher is Su])ei"iiitendent of the Presljy- 
terian Hos]>ital. 

2135. fJames Henry.M). Mar. S, 1,S52 : m. Jan. 11 18S2 

Marv Johnstone. 

213(). Fdith,'^ V). Aug. 21. 1804. A teacher to the Indians 
in the sch(_)ol (_)f tlie American ^Missionary 
Assoeiation at the Santee Agency, Neljraska. 

2137. Caroline Louisa,'- b. Dec. 31, 1856; m. Aug. 22, 
1878 Eev. IlerlxM-t Delos Goodenough, b. 
May 22. ls,")2: lind Leonard Delos (rood- 
enough,''!). June !i, 1879; Herbert Harold 
(Toodenougli,'-' b. ^lay 30, 1881 ; Aubrey 
AVard CTOodenough.'' b. at Adams, Nat;d, 
S. Africa, :\[av 'i\ bS83 ; Charles Douglas 
Goodenough,'' b. at Adams, Nov. 30. 1884; 
Edith Dora Goodenough,'* b. at Durban, 
Natal, S. Africa, Mar.'ll, 1888; Carolyn 
Lilian Goodenough.-' b. Dec. 7. 1891. Mr. 
and Airs. Goodeiiougii (lioth graduates from 
(.)berlin College). ha\-e been missionaries of 
the A. B. C. F. M. in South Africa since 
1881; tlieir present location is Johamies- 
l)urg. Trans\aal. 

213S. Jennie Thoni]>son. Ml. Sept. 30, bs.V,) ; d. Jan. 25, 



Frances Cawolixk Lkoxahd.' [(nn,-,/, ir..''' Dm-iil:' .Ji,xri,]i} 
JoH(^p]i^ Jncol,} Snidiiioii}) eldest rliild of (ic(irL;r W. and 
Sarah (Baker) liconard, was 1). in Madison. Ind., Jan. 14, iS'io : 
m. .\nnk^ 2<S, ib-i2 Oe(.ro;e ^[akel)eaee Phelps. 1 1. Nov. 2!>. ISKI. 
in AYorcester, Mass.. son of ('aj)!. .Azor and Dolly (Make- 
peace) Plielps. 

Mr. Phelps went to AFadison in Ls;!() ;iiid lieeaiiie en,L;a,L!ed 
in mercantile business which he continned in ditrcreiit branches 
until l<S7(i. His death occni'red in A[a<lison. Mar. 10, 1887. 
Mrs. Phelps still I'esides in Madison. 

The children of Frances C. and (ie()ru'e AL I'ludps 
wei'e — 
2139. Sarah Klizaheth Phelps," b. June 21, 1848; ni. Sei)t. 
K-i 1SH2 (leoro-e C. A^ail of Aladison : had 
Frank Phelps Vail,'-'b. Apr. (i, 18(10, ni. June 
12, 18.S1) Paura Palmer; Harry Leonard 
A^ail,'-' I). Dec. 8, 18(18. 
214(1 Frances Caroline Phelj.s,'^ b. Au- 15, 1844. 

2141. Marv Phelps,^^ b. Fel). 28. 1847 : d. Jan. 7, 1848. 

2142. A^iruinia Pheli)s,M). Sept. 2, 1848; m. ()ct. 28. 18<i0 

lAicluird V. (rahr of Madison; had (irace 
\. (iahr.'-' 1). Afav 2:), 187(»; Charles P. 
Gain-,'' 1). Dec. 2(i, 1872; George P. Gahr,'' 
b. Apr. 2, 1879. 

Resides in California. 
2148. Charles Baker Phelps,^ b. Sept. (1 18:)0 ; m. Jnnc :., 
1888 Maude Sliaffuer of LaFayette, Ind. 

2144. Georoe Leouard Phelps,*^ b. Auo-. 1, 1858 ; d. Oct. 

25, 1857. 


Julia Axx Leonard,' {(Iror'jr IF..'' Duriil:' .lnsriJ,Kfi,s('i>]i:' 
Jarol)^- Solomon,^) sister of the ))i'ecedinL;\ was b. in Alailisou, 
Tnd.. Fel». 8. 1825 ; m. — , Jose])li AV. Cliai)man. b. Jan. lH. 

1814, son of Judge Ste])hen and A[ar\- ( ) Chapman of Alt. 

A^eruon, Ohio, 

They resided in LaPorte and Aladison, Ind. Air. I'hap- 
man d. Alar. 18, I8(i5. Airs. Chapman resides in Aladison. 

The children of Julia A. and Joseph AV. Chapman 
were — 

2145. George S.'," b. — . Ls45 : d. Alav 7, bssl : 

m. Jttne 7. 1>^78) Fhira A'. Cain, b. Se])t. 80. 
1S51. in AI(Afinn\ille. Tenn., d. Jnne 12, 


LSS-J: : liad (iranville (Jlia|»iiian,'^ Leita Leon- 
ard Clia|in)aii.'' 
21-1:6. Jose})li B. Chapman,^ 1). — . 

2147. Charles L. Chaprnan.M). — . 


Ezra GEORf^E Leoxahd,' {(r'/^u/yr W./' Daild,^ Josepli^* 
JijsrjiJi^-'' ./(tcohr Sohiiiioii?) brother of tlie preceding, was b. in 
Mailison. Ind.. Dee. is, 1^31 : m. Dee. 8, 1X52 Henrietta Dana 
Ward. 1). Mar. ol, ls30 in Marietta. (J., dan. of Gen. Nahum 
AVard. (1). in Slirewsbnry, Mass..) and Sarali Catliarine (Skin- 
ner) AVard. 

Pie was engaged in l)usiness in ALadison and later in Cincin- 
nati, where he resided for a nnniher of years. In 187(), as 
president of the Monte Grande Gold Afining Co., he \v(nit to 
Nicaragna to j^iersonally sn})erintend the transpc^rtation of 
impi-oved niachinery for the working of tlie mine, in which he 
owned a large amonnt of stock, and the task was nearh' rniw- 
pleted when he was stricken with fever and died at Matagalpa, 
Oct. 3. His widow resides in Chicago. 
Their children were — 

2148. George AVard." 1). Nov. S. 1853 : d. June 15, 18(39. 
21411. Florence.'"' 1». July 18 1855: d. Alar. 24, 1887: ra. 

Xo\-. 1, ls77 Cliarles A. Kel)ler of Cincin- 
nati : had Jolm Keldei'," l^eonard Kelder.'* 
2150. Gertrude.M). Aug. 7, 1851;): ni. June 1. Lssu Alex- 
ander H. Lewis of Cincinnati. 
■ 2151. Harrv AA^ard.'^ 1). Fel). 8. 18(-)1. 

2152. A[ad(-leine.' 1). (.)ct. 211, 1803: d. A])r. 2, 186(3. 

2153. Gene\-ieve,''' h. Se])t. 21. 1872. 


Sarah Ttcker Leoxahd,' (^V^oryr- I]".," DdridJ" ,Jnsrj,]i,^ 
Josf^pJi^ Jiiiyj],^' Sohniniii}) sister of the })receding, was b. in 
AIa<lison, In.L. Dec 22, 1833 : rn. July 10, 1851 Robert F. 

A[rs. Bower d. in i^iris. Fran.-c. Alay 1. ls(;3 (June 1.18(13?); 
is bnric'd at Alontniartiv Ccinetcry. All'. l)o\ver m. 2. Afrs. 
AVilhaui Worthingtou. and d. Afay'll*. 18S2. 

Saraii L. and liobci't F. l>ow('i' liad one dan — 

2154. ALav Ala.lcl.'iu.' Bower.M.. Alav 12. 1852 : d Feb. 

U, LS71. 



.IaMKS MaNNIM; L KO.X a i; I >. M -/"///'•■■ .1/..'' Dar'nl,-' Jnsrpli} 

Jn.sf^pji:^ Jarohr Snhiiiinn}) o\\\\ SOU of ,l;niies Manning' and 
Clarinda (Wood) Leonard, was li. in Middlrlioro". ^[ass.. Aug. 
lU LS27: ni. Ort. 11. Is:,;', Mi-s. Opliclia A. (Suniucr) Brown, 
1). in Kc'liol:)(_)tli \)rr. 2n. Is'js. dan. of Karnuni A. and Alice 
D. (IMaekington) SnmntT. 

He resided in < )tta A a and Toniea. 111., where lie eontinned 
the mdliiig Uusiness of his father. He d. in Toniea of eon- 
suni})tion .Ma\- 11. Is7(). His widow resides with hei' (lanu'hter 
in Oak Park.' 111. 

Their ehildren were — 
^lo.'). AVilliain Faruhani.M). ()ct. ^li. iSoo; resides in St. 

Touis. Mo. 
21o(i. James Manning.M). Jnly o. Ls^s : (h X,,v. 17. iSo^i. 
217)7. Carrie Eliza Ward.'' b. 'Dee. 10. isi^ij : in. June Id, 
LSSH All>ert Chapin Chihls of Sprinii'tield, 
Mass. : had :\Iildred Sumner Childs.'M'); Jan. 
1, 1889: Leonard Cliapin . Childs.'* 1). Oct. 
24. ls90. Besides at Oak Pai'k. 


I)i\ JoXATIIAX LeoXAHD.' {'/'u/'if/i(niS' Jrn/iif/irrii,'^ Jnsrjil/.^ 

Josi'j, //,'■' ./iiru/),- S'lhiiiKiii }) son of Hi'. Jonathan and Temperanee 
(Llall) Leonard, was 1). in Sandwich. Mass.. Jan. 7. ISO.") : ni. 1. 
Dee. ol, 1S84 Alice Cordelia Babcock. K Dec. 21, lsl2 in 
Bi)ston, dau. of Samuel H. and Pdiza (lirazer) Bal)eo(d< : she d. 
in Sandwich I)ee. 7, Isti.'x and he m. 2. ^Irs. Marv Thayer 
(Watei'inan) Jarves. b. Mar. 8. LS37. dan. of C. C. V. and 

Charlotte ( ) Waterman of Sandwi(di. and widow (^f John 

W. Jarves. 

\hi was educated at the Sandwich .Veademy. fi'oni which he 
was graduated with high honors in 1827); studied meilicine at 
Harvard, from T^d^ell institution he received his meilieal degree 
in 1827 and began practice with his fathei' in Sandwich wheiv. 
with the exception of a few \' sjient in Boston, he contin- 
ued until his death. He was uni\-er>ally lionoreiland l»(do\-ed 
1)V tht; conmmuitv in which he dwelt. He was a d(A'oted 
friend of education, for manv vears was a nuanberof the l>oard 
of Trustees of the Sandwich .Vcademy ami held the ollice of 
President at the time of his death : he was a prominent and 
efficient meml)er of the First Parish Society and had hlled tlu^ 
various offices of the church witli lidelitv. His death occuitciI 
Jan. 2i). 18S2. 


The cliiltli't'ii of Jniiatlmu and Aliee V. were — 

2158. Samuel IL.we B..'" 1). Apr. 2'2. ls;3H: d. Get. 4. ls.54. 

2159. Alice Conlelia.Mi. A[ar. 15.1844. 

21(iO- Charles Theodore." 1.. June IS, 1848: d. :\Iav2l, 
Jonathan and ^[ary had one son. 
21(>1. JonathaiiMi. Afay'lT, IS75. 


Georcje Kix(t:\[ ax Leonard, ' {JnntiiJi au/' Jmidtli au-\I<<s,q)h,^ 
Joseph? -Jacol)'- Solomon}) bi'otlier of the ])receding. was 1). in 
Sandwieh. Mass., Sept. 15, 1807: ni. Now (3, 18o3 Caroline 

He resided in Sandwieh (?) where he d. May 12. 1850; his 
wid<^w afterward inarri(Ml — . 

Idle children of George K. and Cart)line were — 
21(i2. tl''i":ii"^'i^ ^>:^iia'' !'• Fel). (3, 1835; in. Aug. 9, 1868 

Elsinor ()liver. 
21(33. Sarah Caroline,'!). A\)v. 12. 1837; in. May 1(>. 1853 
Henrv A. Llovd ; had Geo. Francis Lloyd,'-' 
b. July 3. 1857 : Harry A. Lloyd,'* 1). J'nne 
5, 1859, (L Jan. 12. 18(33. 
21(i4. fGeorge Alljert.M). Jan. 29, 1839; ni. dune 18, I8r32 

Sarah A. Pierce. 
21(35. xAlelaide Elizabeth.*!). Apr. 21, 1840: (L Oct. 15, 

21(3(3. Martha Ann,'" b. A])r. 2, 1842; m. June 1, 18(34 
William F. Pierce: had Bertha Pierce.'' 1). 
Dec. 2, 186(3: Frederick J. :i'iere(\'' b. Dec. 
4, 1873. 

1 323. 

DaVIT) LeoXARD,' [Do.r/'d,*' JunatJidii.^ Joseph} Joseph} 
JiH'uh} SnJnni,ni}) cldcst SOU of Dayld and Al)igail (Clark) 
Le(.>nard, was b. in Biidgewater, Mass., May 13, 1797; m. (.)ct., 
1833 Jane Hill. b. — . 1805. (bin. of Eleazer and Hannah (Han- 
nafoi'd) Hill of Cousins" Island. Maine. 

A niece writes of him as follows : '• INfy recollections of my 
mothers oldest bi'othei". David Leonard, are \-erv pleasant ; he 
was tall and diiiiiihcil in his a]i])earance. genial and entei'tain- 
ing in con\ei'sation and mannei's. As a child I regarded him 
with the most |)rofound reyei'ence and res})ect. He was skilb 
ful and ingenious as a mechanic and inostapj)roved as a teacher 


ill liis (l;iy. (1 li;i\'e \)vv\\ told ;iii ('xc»>llciit (l;>cipliii;iri;iii ) wliicli 
profL'Ssioii lie coiituiucil ;it iiitcr\;ils till l;itc in life. He t:iii,L;iit 
school on the island when lie niaiTicd. I tliiiik his wifi' was 
one of his ])n])ils. ldi('\' settled in Ijockjioi't. Mass." 

lie <1. Xo\-. 7. 

Their ehildren were — 

L>1(37. David Ai)i)leton." h. Mav 1, ]s:!(i. 

2168. Ira Pavson.M.. Apr. 1, is42 : ni. —. 

'^riie sons are supposed to he lixinu in 
IJ( >ek] lort. 


LUCV Al.l>KX \jVA):s\\\\k' ('/niKlx}'' Snurai/.'' Jnsrp//J Josrjih:' 

Jacohc Si)i<inn<ii}) eldest child of Jonas and Cliloe (Allen) 
Leonai'd, was 1). in ( )akhani, Mass., Jnlv oO, l.sOo; m. Jul\- 2(i, 
1881 Rev. Spencer Field Beai-d, h. in AYest Bi'ooldield. Mas.s, 
July 4, 1799, eldest son of Dr. Daniel and P>etsey (P'ield) Beard. 

She was educated at A\^.'tliei'slield Seniinarv and was for a 
time an assistant teacher in that institution. Jh'r hushand was 
a graduate fi'oni Andiei'st College in 1824, and from Ando^•er 
in 1827; was settled in Metliuen, N(M'ton, and East l^'alinoiitli, 
Mass., and in Greenville and Montville, Comi. 

Mrs. Beard d. in IMontville, Mav 23, 1842, and her hushand 
m. 2, May 7, 1848 :\larv Ann Fellows, dau. of Di'. hlphi'aim 
and Dorothea (Chester) Fellows, of Montville, and d. in 
Andover, Mass., Jan. S. 1,S7(). 

The children of Fnev A. and Hew S])encer F. ])eard 
were — 

2169. Fdwin S])eneer Beard. "' li. in Methuen, Mass., Mav 

15, 1882: (1. Dee. 27), 1891, in Brooklyn, 
Ct.: m. June 2, 18.S4 Mary Fmma BaVd, 
dan. of George Bard, of Bro<,)klyn. Gradu- 
ated from Yale College in 1859, iVndcn'cr 
Theological Seminary 1862. Filled pas- 
torate in \Yai'i-en. Me., fi'oiii 18(i-l to 1^78. 
when he was called to the Trin. Coiig'l Cli. 
of I)i'ookl\ui, Ct., where lie remained, a 
mueh lo\'ed ])astor, until his death. 
217<>. Susan Huntington Beaivl.'' h. Feh. 14. Is.-U. in Nor- 
ton. Mass.; m. istid \Ym. Augustus Cor- 
with; had Anahel J. Corwith.'' 1». Aug. 15. 
1861: Fliza Milh'i' Corwith.'-' h. Sejit. 28. 
1862, (1. — : \Ym. Spencer Corwith.'' h. Feh. 
14, 186(), d. Aug.. 186(); Lucv Miller Cor- 


with,'-' 1.. Vvh. 14, 1866; Cornelia, Kdo-ar 
Corwitli,'-' 1). A[ar. 19, 187a 

Resides at Biido'ehainptoii, Long Island. 

2171. William IIenr\- Beard.M). Apr. 1, 1836 in'Norton; 

ni. June 10, 1869 Marv Adelaide Parker of 
Montville, Conn.: had Wni. S]:)eneei' Beard,'' 
b. June 9. 1870 at Harwich, :\Iass.: Edward 
Chester Beard.'' h. July 11, 1874 at S. Kill- 
inii'lv. Conn.; ^[orris Lvon Beard." 1). Jan. 
26, 1884. 

Mr. Beard is |)astor of the Congregational 
Chureh in South Killing] v, Conn. 

2172. George Miller Beard.M). May 8," 1839, in Montville, 

Corni.; d. Jan. 23, 1883, in X. Y. City ; m. 
Dee. 25. isdii Klizal.teth Arm Alden. dau. 
of AVilliam 11. ..Vldeii of New Haven, Conn.; 
had Edith :\[ay Beard,'^ I). Jan. 7, 1873, d. 
Jnlv — , 1873; (jraeie Alden Beard,-' b. 
Sept. 27, 1874 : Mrs. Beard d. Jan. 31, 1883. 
George M. Beard was a |:)hysieian widely 
know by his writings upcjn Nervous Diseases 
in the treatment of whidi he was a distin- 
guishei] s])ecialist. 

1 34 1 . 

Herman Lk( )^x\U).'{Siine(jii,^'Sinn'oiiJ'Jos<^p]i,^ Josi-pli'' J<i<-<)h^~ 
SoloiiKiii,^) youngest child of Simeoii and Boadicea (Thompson)- 
Leonard, was b. in Bridgewater, Mass., Oct. 1, 1831 ; m. Mar. 
11, 1857 Angenette Hoyt, b. Feb. 7, 1837. 

He is a carpenter and resides in East Bridgewater, Mass. 
^Jdieir children were — 

2173. Chester Simeon.M). Get. 7,1863. 

2174. Fannv," V). Julv Ki. 1869. 

2175. AVilliam Thompson,^). Mar. 11, 1871 

2176. Herman," 1). June 23, 1872 ; d Aug.. 13, I8r2. 


JoXAS LeOXARI),' (Xa/nni),'' S/nn'oi/.'' JnsrpJ/ .K/ns'r-j,Ji .'■' .fiirnh^'' 

Snlnnnm}) cldcst SOU of Xahuui and Hhoda (Snell) Leonard, 
was 1). in West Bridgewater. ^[ass.. Alar. 31, 1813: m. 1. Sept. 
20. ls;j5 Fannv W. Dnn]);ir, dan. of Barnabas Dunbar; she d. 
Dec. 7. 1-^55 ;iiid lie m. 2. Get. 22, 1856 ^Uu-y E. Dnnakin of 
Canton, dau. of .Inhn and Rebecca ( ) Dnnalsin. 


The rliililreii of .Imias and l''aiiii\' were — 
•2177. Laura." b. Dee. 27, is;:5i): d. Mnv. 14, iSill : m. (Jot 

I. 1859 Mark W. Dunbar. 

2178. Herbert,^ b. Feb. 4. 1842 : d. May 2s. 1867. 

2179. (Teorgiaiia,M). Get. 24. 1848: m.' — . -loshua Oiliuore. 

Eesides in Wilbani.'^ljui-g. N. ^'. 

2180. Franees,Mo. Sept. 22. 1848: ni. — , George K. IVites : 

resides in Broelcton, Mass. 

2181. Frederie,'^ b. Get. 17. 'Is.")! : d. June 22. 1802. 
The eliildren of Jonas and Marv were — 

2182. Frederie,'" b. April 16. ls:,s. 

21S3. Cvrus,^ b. Xov. 17, l^oil : d. Mav 28. ls6o. 

. 21S4. Aliee M.,M). Mar. 19. 1S(;2. 

2lSo. Georg-e F.,* 1). May 1. I.s7(»: d. Sept. 4, 1871. 

2186. Artluir Lester,"' \). Mar.. Is72. 


CyHI'S LeOXAKD.' ( A'"//"///.*' Sin/r'i,/J' JnsrjJ/,* Jnsrplu'^.Jiiciilir 

»yo/o//.(!o;^^) bi'other of tlie preeeding. was 1). in West Bridge- 
water, Mass., Sept. 12. 1.S20 : ni. L Nov. 28. ls47 Eliza J:me 
Cook. V). June 1, l'S24 : she d Mar. 1. 1858, iuid he m. 2. Aug. 
14, 185V) Marv S. Isaacs of Easthanii)ton. Lonu' Island, b. Maj^ 
10. 1829. 

The ehil(b-en of Cvrns and Eliza J. were — 
' 2187. Rnfus B..' b. Jan. 10. 1847 in Sandwich, Mass.: d. 
:\rar. 12. 1847. 

2188. Franklin Paekiinh'" V). Mav 6. Is48 in Lowell, ^hiss. : 

(L Mav 23, 1848.' 

2189. Cvrns." b. Feb.' 26, 1851 in Foxbor,)". Mass. : d. Sept. 

25, 1859. 
219<). Frank Porter." 1). Mar. 6. ls5() in Foxl)or(/ : d. ..Vuu-. 

II. 1S56. 

The children of Cvrus and Marv S. were — 
21!»1. Curtis Kahnrn.^" b. Jan. 6. 1864 in Boston. 
2192. Eliza Cook," b. Dec. 26, 1865 m ^X. Bridgewatei-. 
2UI8. Gscar B.." b. Dec. 20, 1868 in AV. P,i-idgewater. 
21'.>4. Bci-tlia Christina." b. Dec. 25. ls7o in W. l')ridge- 


Ciij,!. XaHTM LeoXAHI).' ( Xn/nin/S' Si iii<-ni, :' ./nsipli } Jasiqili :' 

■Jarnhr Siihniinn}) Son of Xaliuni and Hannah (Snell) Leonard, 
and halfdjrother of the precdling. was b. in AVest Bridgewater, 
]\rass., Sept. 24. bs25 : ni. Xov. 26. Is56 Phebe J. Cowen, 1). 


Dec. 27, Ibo.") at Matta})()isett, Mass., dan. of Jcreiuiali and 
L\-dia (Platliaway) Coweii. 

'■ Ilavir),!^- liTaduated from the State Noniial Seliool at Bridge- 
watci' lie taught school for several _years, after which he studied 
law in the ollice of the late Jndge Riehaivlson of Lowell, 
and was admitted to the har in l(So2. He remo\-ed to the 
west and engaged in the successful jiractice of his })rofession. 
Returning to Massachusetts npon the breaking out (.)f the 
Rebellion, he served throughout the w^ar, becoming C'a})tain of 
Company I of tlie 58th Miissaehusetts Regiment in I86i and 
Judge Advocate of the Seeond Division of the 9th Army Corps 
in 18B5. He was early identified with the Republican partv, 
and in 1868 w^as chosen to represent the peojile of his native 
town in tlie lower lu'ancli of the Legislature. In 1872 he w^as 
a|)]3ointed to the Supei'intendeney (^f the State Work House at 
Bridgewater, where he served until his resignation in 1884:. 
Ca]»t. Leonard's twelve years' conduct of the Work House w^as 
highly snccessfnl, l)eing marked by characteristic intelligence 
and lidelitv, and ])lacinu' it as a model in management amonu' 
similar institutions throughout the conntrv. In 1885 he repre- 
sented Ins district in the Genei'al Coni't, serving upon impor- 
tant connnittees. By a])])ointment of the Regiment Associa- 
tion he w^as engaged at the time of his death in writing a history 
of the Fifty-eigiith Massachusetts Reu'iment."" 

He d. Jan. 4, ISDI. 

The children of Nahum and PheVje J. were — 

211)5. Arthui'.M). Julv 12. 1859 in West Bndgewater; d. 
Oct. 2i), 1859. 

2196. Louise,M). Feb. 12, 1867 in Charlestown. 

2197. Nahum,' b. Dec. 11. bS7() in Bridgew\ater. 


I>i: William Smith Leoxakd,' (Rrr. h^ri IT..'' .Jaciil,;' 
iSdlnnioii,^ Solouion^^ Jacoh^^ Snlonion,^) onl\' son of Rev. Le\'i 
AV. and Elizabeth Morison (Smith) Leonard, was b. in Dul:)lin, 
N. IL, Oct. 13, 1832; in. Ajm-. 30, 1861 Martha K. Greenwood, 
dan. of Jackson (Ireenwood of Dublin. 

He was edncate(l at Phillips Kxeter Acadeiii\- and Dai't- 
moutli College, graduating fi'om the latter in the class of 1856; 
studied medicine with his uncle, Albert Smitli. M. I).,LL. D., of 
Peterboro', N. H.; attended medical lectures at Dartmoutli Medi- 
cal School, taking his degree in May, 1<S()0. In October of the 
same year, he began the praetit-e of his pi'ofession in Hinsdale, 
N. H., where he has i-emained in acti\e ]»ractice until the prcs- 


ent time. In Xox-eiiilx'i', 1SS7, lie ilclix-crcd tlif aiiimul address 
l)efore tlie ,^radiiatiiiu' class of the ^[('dical l)c|)artineiit of l_)art- 
montli College, tak'ing as a suKject. ■• Uamhles in the lligliwavs 
;uid Byways of a Doetor's Life." In Jnne of the same year he 
also read a paper before the N. JL ^[edi(•al Soeietvat Coneoi'd, 
upon "The Conlidem-e (.)f tlic PnMic in Xon-pi'ofcssional 
Preseriptions,"" \vhi(di has sinee been ])nl)Hshed. 

The ehildren of William S. Martha were — 

2198. Annie K.,M). — , 1862; d. Aug. 27, 1S(;2, aged six 


2199. Walter (j.,M). —, 1808: .1. duly is. bsi;.\ aged 2 


2200. Frederick Smith.'' b. May 21, bSfio ; a member of the 

Hrm of Barrett & Leonard, Printers, o(> 
Hanover Ave., Spriuo-field, Mass. 

22(>1. Marguerite Elizabeth," I). Feb. 18, 1867 ; has been 
associate princi})al of the Winchester, N. LI., 
Fligli School, a student at Westtield Normal 
School one year, two years at Padcliffe Col- 
lege, and lately a teacher of Latin, Fuig. 
Literature and History in Ih'ospect Hill 
School for dills at Green Held, Mass. 

2202. William Jackson.M). Feb. 23, 18()9 : is an artist, a 
student first with I). ]\[. Bunker of l]oston 
and later a pupil of Jean Paul Laurens and 
Benjamin Constant at Paris in 1891-2 and o; 
has i'eeei\'ed se\-eral ] arizes. Resides in 
Boston, Mass., or Hinsdale. N. FI. 

22o;i. Cora Fl,'' b. — , 1872: d. Mar. 17. 1872. aged 8 

220-1. Dolly F:.' b. — , 1S74 : d. Apr. 9, bs77, aged 2 yrs., 
8 months. 



AViLLIAil A.AIOS LeoNAIJI).'' ( JA^/t///,' Anhk^/' Aiikj.^/' Khrn- 
ezei\* Sarnw-'!,^ Sail) i"^J,~ Snhiiiinn}) rMcst son of Mjir\'in ;iih1 
Laura J. (Coon) Leonard, was 1). in IIinesl)nr_!4', Vermont, Sept. 
5, LS28: m. Dec L LS-ti; ]'liel)e Ann Sniitli.' 
Tlieir eliililren were — 

220."). Kate.'-' 1.. ~: (1. — . 

220(1 Emma K.,'' \k — : d. — . 

2207. Charles A.," b. — . 


George DHArEi! Leoxaki*,'^ (JAo/-///,' Aiuo.s,^' AmoxJ' FJxm- 
ez(^i\^ iSamuelj'' Soiii"<^/,~ S'llnninu}) brother of the preceding, 
was I), in Hinesbnrg-. Yt., Sept. 2(i, lS3(j ; ni. Dee. 22, LSfe 
Marv A. Rising, (hiu. of Hodriek \i. Rising, (li. in Southwiek, 
j\Iass., Jan 19. 1794, a slii])-earpent('r. (L at 8-1 vrs. ) and Lv(ba 
•C. (Fitch) Risin--. (b. in Warren. N. V., Mar. 'is, ISOl, d. at 
91 vrs.); 

AA'ith the exception of tlnve years, (hiring whieli he was 
empkjj'ed in a store, Mr. Leonard has always li\-e<l njion the 
farm where he was Ijorn and whei'e he follows the Inisiness of 
his father tlu' raising of line hoi'scs and cattle. During his 
father's term of ollice, he was assistant jiostmaster; has been a 
Justice of the Reace, selectman, a mend)er of the school com- 
mittee, and has filled other town ofhees. ■ 

The ehildreu of (icorge D. :ind Atarv ^V. are — 

220S. Knnna Louisa,'* b. Aug. 9, 1<S(;7: u'l. Mar. 7, 189'H V. 
a. Ilensdil. 

2209. Anna Lnura.'-' b. Juh" l.S. IS(;9 ; m. Jan. 17, 18S9 

L. M. Bnrritt; liad Bertha (J. I^urritt.'" 
Mvr;i L R>urritt,'" Mar\un L BniTitt."' 

2210. Liz/ie ('..'■' 1). A[;ir. lo. 1<S71 ; m. Dee. 9, 1S9;1 John 

1 365. 

John JLvijeax TjEonak'D.'^I.IAo-/-///,' A mos^' AumsJ' KJimizriA 
,S(//// //</,■' .S'r^/// //</.'• ,So/o///o//.') brother of the preee(ling. w;is b. 
in llinesl)nru-, \'1.. Dec. 9, lS41: : m. Oet. oO, LS(i7 kinma M. 


Aii^Li'icr of Ikiitlaiid. dan. <il' Liitliri' AiiLiici' ( 1 >. iiiWrstjn m. X. \ .) 
and Catliariiie 1\ (IJisiiig) Aiigier ( '». in Westpoi't ,) iinc 2<». Ls2()). 
'V\\v cliildiHMi of Jolni II. ami Kiniiia ^f. — 
•n\\. Don M.:' 1). Apr. 9. ls7(i. 
■I'lVl. AVilliani II..'' 1,. \)vv. Vk Ls71. 
Both ill l)nsiiH'ss in Untland. \'t. 


Samuel Leoxakd.'^ (Jnsifih.'' Jnsri,l,f' Shiuik'U' Sdmnrl,^ 
Stun 1"'/,'^ Sj-in fi(/.~ iSoloiiKi//,^) cldcfit son of Joseph and Lanra 
(Johnson) lAMniard, u'as b. in Griswold, Conn., Apr. 2S. Ls'27: 
ni. 1. Jnly 11. ISoo Nancv Kinno. (dan. of Charles (?) Kinne): 
she d. d'ldv 31, I87t». and he ni. 2, A])r. 3, 18«3 Camilla S. 
AVhitney. lie d. in Wiseonsin A})r. 14, 1.SS4. 
Sanmel and Cannlla S. had one son — 

221^5. Josei)h K..'' 1). Dee. 2o, 1SN3. 

1 371 . 

Joseph EdWAKD LeONAKD.'^ (./'/^'V^//.' JosirjJ/.'' SninnelJ' 8am- 

nrl} Samuel,^ Sarmti-]^' Sohmu}!!,^) brother of the })reeeding, 
was li. in (TrisAvold. Conn.. Se]»t. G, 1838: ni. Mar. o, 18^2 
Martha P_]liza Northrop, 1). Aug. 24. 183(i. dan. of KeA". B. CI. 
and Martha (Stilman) Northrop. 

Fie is a grain dealer and earries on an extensi\"e business in 
Jewett City, Conn. 

The ehildren (.)f Joseph E. and Martha E. wert' — 
2214. Frederie Stilman.'' 1). Jan. 21. LS(-)3 ; is in Imsiness 

with his fa,[her. 
2217.. Bessie Nortliroi>.'-' 1). Feb. 12. 1870. 
221(1. Georo-e Blanchard.'' b. June 1<). Ls77 ; d. Sept. 1<», 


Dr. BvKOX Stephen Leoxahd,"^ (.E/no//.' J.s•r^'' Ji,lni.'' Sam- 
aeJ} Samw^U' Sdnnu-lr SnloiiKj'n} ) son of ^Vnsoii and Elizabeth 
(Baker) Leonard, was b. Xw^. 21. Ls43 : m. Mav 3o, bs7u 
Clara T. Tubbs. b. Mar. K). 1843. 

He was a graduate of Cleveland Medieal College ami a 
])ractieino- jihvsician in Colbui'!i\ (Jhio. at the time of his death. 
Get. 13, i.s77' 

His widow with her <-liildi'en resi(l('S at Pierjtont, ( )liio. 
Their (diildren were — 

22 L 7. Fred Anson.'' b. Aug. 3(». 1^73. ■ - 

2218. Mary L..'' b. Se])t. 1(». bs77. 


1 383. 

EmKKSoN I)AKKlt LK(_)XAI!I),'M,^1/'--^'"".' A-sd,'' Jo// j/J' Sdiiiurl^^ 

Sill// >/r/,^ tS" lit iiri,- So/uiiiou^'^) bi'otlier of tlie precediiiiz', was b. 
Aug-. 27, 184i) : ui. July 12. 1876 Amanda Lewis, daii. of 
David C. and Marv ( '-} Lewis of Mt. Yenion, (). 

His t'arlv edneati(jii wasol)tained at the common schools and 
at KniL!'\'ille Academy. Having- decided to make the practice 
I if law liis jii'ofcssiou, in A[)ril. 1870, he entered the law office 
of his l)rother-indaw, Hon. W. P. Howland of Jelf'erson, O.; 
Avas adiiiitteil to the V)ar in 1871, and met with good success, 
having l)een elected at the ag'cof twenty-six, prosecuting attor- 
nev at JelTerson, iVshtabula Co., and again re-elected and per- 
formed tlie duties of his oflice a])ly and well. A fluent and 
forcible speakei', he is energetic and zealous in his profession. 

He resides at AVarreu. (Jhio. 

Emers()n 1). and .Vmanda have one daughter — 

22li). Alice Lillian,'' b. Sept. 8, 1880. 


]^)ii!i) Axsox Lkoxahd,''^ {A//so/i^'^*' JoJ/u;' Samuel,^ 
Siiii/ /n /S' Siiii//i('l.~ Sn/n/imi/.'^) ]n\)t\\ev of tlic preceding, young- 
est eliild of .Vns(.)u and Llizabetli .(Baker) Leonard, was b. 
.bdv 17, Ls,')H: ni. — , Alice Roberts b. lsr)(l 

The\- reside in Cleveland, O. 
Lheii' children are — 

2220. AVilliam Auson,'-' b. Aug. 8(», 1875. 

2221. Clyde Isaiah.'-' b. ^[ar. 2t), 1878 


Ep?xest H. Lp:oxak]).'^ [Milinu J.,' Amf' JoJi//,^ Smi/////,-^ 
Stiii/in]'''S(iii//ii'l^~Sidiiiiii_/ii}) youngest sou of Milton Asa and 
Harriet L. (Billings) Leonard, w\as b. in Piia-pont, O., -Julv 28, 
Lso8: m. -bin. 28^ bss7 P)lanelie Lillie. 
Lhev liaye one dauiihter — 

2222. Lura I.,'' b. Apr. 1,' LSHO. 


I'oirrEt; Leoxai^o,'' (AVry>//r//,' ,S'/ry>//r//,'' Jt)]/i/;' S(iii//ii:K^ Sarii- 
/i' //' .Sdii/iiJ,' Sdhni/nn}) son of Stephen and Sarah ^f. (Crof(^ot) 
Leonard, was b. in Sangerfield, N. Y., May 22, ls;',l.) : in. at 
St. Louis, Mo.. Api'.. 1S()1 Posaline A\'insor. b. 'at Crand 
Raj.)ids, Mich., Pel)., LS44. 


Tliev reside at St. Louis. Mo. : had one son — 
2-223. Purtie/Mj. Ang. 16, 18(U at St. Lonis : d. Apr. 17, 
1870 at Yicksbnrg, Miss. 

1 406. 

Nathax Leoxaki )/ ( ( '//(//■JrsJ S/ritl/eti,''' Jo/i /^/^ Scin iirl,'^ jSam- 

iiel,^ So/ituel''^ SohjiiKiii}) eldest child of Charles and Betsey 

(Williams) Leonard, was !>. in Sangeriield, N. Y., Aug. 25, 

1839; m. Jan., 1S(:)1 Frank Ilnlett, dan. of Anson and Luranda 

(Ames) Hnlett of Byron, N. Y. They reside in l>arre, N. Y. 

Their ehildren are — 

222L Efi'a,'* b. — in Byn^n, N. Y. : m. Charles Stevens ; 

had Jolni Stevens,"' Ij. 1893; resides in 

Middleport. X. Y. 

2225. Roy,'-' b. May, 1870 ; m. — ; resides in Barre, X. Y. 


George Leoxard.''^ (Cliar/'-sJ St<^phen,*' JolmJ' Samuel,^ Sam- 
icel,^ Samuel'^ jSoIoniou^) brother of the preceding, was b. in 
Sangerlield, K Y., Aug. 11, 184:1 ; m. Jan. 27, 1876 at Byron, 
N. Y., Linnie Dibble. They reside in Byron and have one 
daughter — 

2226. Stella,'* V). — , 1882. 


Ja:mes Ezekiel Leoxard,- {Charles E.,'' Ezrl-ieU^' Jolm,^ 

Samuel,^ Samuel,^ Samuel^^ Solomon^^) eldest child of Charles 

Ezekiel and Catharine xVnn (Yendes) Leonard, was b. May 1, 

1836 in Lowville, K Y.; ni. Nov. 9, 1859 Elizabetli Campbell. 

Thev had one son — 

2227. fCharles Campbell,'' I). — ; m. Mar. — , 1890 So])hia 




George Yexdes Le(.)Xaki),'^ [CJ/nr/es E.'' Ez(A-i<']f' Joh 
Samiiel} Sam>(el,^ Sa/n >i/^/.~ jSolonion,^) brother of the preceding, 
was b. Dec. 22, 1840 ; m. :\ray 6. 1865 Charlotte Jeanette 
Bliss. They reside at Tonlmanville, Alabama. 
Their children were — 

2228. Cyrus Bliss,^ b. Nov. 10, 1866 ; d. Sept. — , 1867, at 

Rochester, Minn. 

2229. George All)ert.-* 1). Nov. 2, 1868, at Rochester, Minn. 

2230. Katliarine p]milv,-' b. Julv 4. 1870. 



Ika L. Leoxari),'- {Lcir/s^ Ludaiclck A.,^' Dunhd;' Saniuel^^ 
^ainutd'^ Soiniij^,- Solomon}) son of Lewis and Lnc_y A. (Winch) 
Leonard, was 1). at Padanaram, 0., Feb. 12, 1854: m. — , 
Lola Brooks. He is a farmer and resides at Padanaram (?) 
The cliildren of Ira L. and Lola were — 

2231. Betsev,^ b. Dec. 10, 1881. 

2232. Hazel," b. Dec. 2, 1892. 


Ellixgtox 1). LeOjSTARD,^ (Z'//'-/.sJ Lodair id- A.!' DanielJ' 
Samuel} Sainuc/} Saravd} Soloiaon}) l)rother of the |)recediug, 
was b. May 23, 1856 : m. — , Ella Rockwell. lie is a farmer. 
The children of Ellington D. and Ella are — 

2233. ^lai-v Asenath,-' b. Jmie 23, 1886. 

2234. Pearl,'^ b. Julv 7, 1888. 

2235. William Glenn,'' b. Jnlv 17, 1890. 


JoHX M. Leox^ard,^ {LetcisJ Lodavir-k A.}' iJouiel} Som- 
uet} Sarnii'd} Saiiiuel} Solomon}) was b. in Padaiiai'am. (Jhii), 
Apr. 30, 1858 : m. — , Elizabeth Piatt. 
Tlieir children are — 

2236. Walter,-' b. Dec. 11, 1881. 

2237. Minerva," b. Dec. 25, 1883. 

14 19. 

Bates L. Leox'ard,^ "(Tye^r/.s,' Lodan:idc A.}' Daniel:' Sam- 
uel} Samu.el} Saniuel} /Sb/o/z/e//,^) brother of the preceding, was 
b. in Padanaram, O., Jidy 17, 1860; m. Oct. 1, 1882 Fanny 

Thev had one son. 

2238. Roy," b. Aug. 16, 1883. 

1 420. 

El:\[er Myrox' Leox'ARD,*^ {Levris} Lodau:ir]x A.} Dojiid} 
Samuel} Samuel} Samuel} Solomon}) brother of the preced- 
ing, was 1). in Pa,danaram, 0., Oct. 12, 1862 ; m. May 5, 1882 
Myi-tie Gaskell. 

Thev have — 

2239. Montie." b. June 20, 1885. 

2240. Cline," 1). Nov. 1, 1892. 



Charles Wright Leoxari)/Xj''''7>^"''/'// y--' lircucl,,^' XailKni,^ 
Natltaii,^ /S'a i)t/frl,'^ Suniin-l^- <SoA(///o//.') eldest sou of Tiiiiotli'N' 
Kelson and Kniily (l)ir(l) Leonai'd. was 1). Ma\' 20, 1.S41 : m. 
Jan. 8, 1^70 Sai-ali Jane Woodwonh. 1). \\\^j[. 17. LSJ:.'), in 
West Cornwall, Conn., dan. df .V. .1. and Harriet P. (Levin^u's) 

In 18(.)1 he eidisted and sei'ved three years in Co. E, 27th 
Regt. of Massachusetts Volunteers. Since his marriage, with 
the exce]~)tion of three yeai"s s|>ent in Windsor, he has resided 
in Cheshire, Mass., where he is now living: is engaged in fann- 
ing and teaming. 

The children of Charles AV. and Sarah J. were — 

2241. Levi J.,'' h. FeV). 12, ls71 in Cheshire. 

2242. Cora J.,'' 1). Mar. 3, 1.S72, in Cheshire. 

2243. Harriet K,'M). Nov. 23, 1873 in AVindsor: d. xVu- 1!). 


2244. Arthur E.,'' b. Aug. 15, 1876 in Cheshire. 
224:). Franklin B.,'' b. Dec. 7, bsyCl in Windsor. 


Charles Sumner Leonard,^ {Charles IF.,' Bninrh'' 
Nathan,'' XoAhan^ SaraaelJ^ Saui/irJ,''^ Sohyiuon,^) only child of 
Charles W. and Lorina J. (Burt) Leonard, was b. in Middle- 
field, Mass.. Apr. 14, 1858; m. Sej^t. 8. 1881 Mary CI. Avery, 
b. in Easthampton, Mass., Sept. 8, 1853. 

He is engaged in tlie manufacture of carriages and wagons, 
and has resided in Southampton, Mass., until recently when he 
removed to Pittsfield, Mass. 

Charles S. and Marv G. have one daughter — 

224('.. Althina A[.,'' b. Jan. 11, 1888. 


Levi Bartlett Leoxard,*^ {Ehentzer'' Ti'nmau,*' Ezra;' 
Xatjain.^ SarniijflJ' Samuel,- ISohi nam}) eldest son of Ebenezer 
and Elizabeth P. (Wetlierl:)ee) Leonard, was b. in Chatham, 
Ohio, Dec. 1(3. 1838 ; m. 1, July 4, 1861 Mary Feasel of Har- 
risville, Ohio, h. July 25, l83f, who d Apr. 15, 1865 and he 
m. 2. Dec. 8, 1865 Anna Le(jnard.' (711), dau. of Alarvin'' and 
Anna (Lewis) Leonard, she d. June 26, 1867 and he m. 3, 
Julv 27, 1868 her sister Charlotte Leonard," (7(_»9), wdio d. Dec. 
10,'l8(>9, and he m. 4, Oct. 27, 1870 Caroline Delin. 


lie is a farmer and resides in Williarastield, Ohio. 

Levi B. and Mary had one son — 
2'247. Allen,M). Dec. 25, 1.S64; d. Mar. 21, 1890; m. :\[ay 
20, 1889 lohi llerington : had a dan. b. 
Mar. 3, 1890 : <1. Mar^ 18, 1890. 
Levi B. and Anna had one (Langhter — 
22LS. Ilattie A.,'' b. Jnne 26, 1866; (1 Dec. 27, 1880. 


Ezra Marvin Leonard,*^ (i^^A'^//^.cr/V Tnmiari ,^Ezra° NafJian ^^ 
>Samiiel,'^ tS(imneI,~ /Solomon}) brother of the precedino-, was b. 
in Chatham, Ohio, Mar. 24, 1842 ; m. Oct. 19, 1882 Agnes 
]\Lller \vh(_) was b. in Sarnia, Canada, ^lay 12, 1856. He resides 
near Grand Kapids, Mich. ; is a stone mason l)y trade, but 
devotes his attention mainly to farming. 

Tlie cliildren of Ezra M. and Agnes were — 

2249. Helen M.,» b. Sept. 2, 1883. 

2250. Fra.nkie E.,^ b. Sept. 14. 1884; d. Mar. 19, 1885. 

2251. Marguerite L.,M:). Sej^t. 9, 1890; d. Oct. 27, 1890. 

2252. Arthur M.,'-' b. Dec. 9, 1891. 


Prentiss E. Leonard,'- (7'>7/.>//^.ir/-,' Tnunaiu^ E?:ra.^ Xatlian,^ 
Saniud,^ SaiiiHt^f,- Solo/i/on,^) brother of the preceding, was b. 
in Chatham, Ohio, April 3, 1845; m. Nov. 22, 1881 Nailor 
Marks of Abingdon, 111. He has l)een a teacher and has 
resided in Michigan and Illinois, and now resides in Madison, 
Nebraska. Ilis'wife d. Oct. 19, 1889. 
Their children were — 

2253. Ercd,'' 1). — ; d. — , ao-ed 1» mos. 

2254. Clare,'' l). Auo-. 31, 1885. 

2255. Asel Marks,'' b. Sei)t. 13, 1889. 


George Milton Leonard,'^ {Kzra}' Tririnan.^'Ezra,^ XiAilum,^ 
Saniiid} /^~ Solomon,^) eldest son of Ezra and Elvira 
(Weston) Leonard, wash, in Akron, Ohio, Mar. 15, 1845; m. 
May 28, 18(i7 Mrs. Charlotte (Reed) Joyce, b. in Somerset- 
shire, Eng., Sept. 7, 1842, dau. of Charles and Anna (Bailey) 
Reed, who came to America in 1851. 

Mr. Leonard was for ten or twelve vears teamster for the 
Shuniat'lici' Milling Co. at Alcron, later for three or four years he 
served the Lake View Coal C(\ in tlie same capacity. Since 


tlie (leatli of his wife lie lias made his home with liis father in 
Chatham. Oliio. 

The eiiihh'en of (leor^-e M. and Chai'h)tte were — 
225(3. fWilliani Adelbert.'M). Feb. 24, LSOs ; m. 1. April 
1<», 188s Carrie Brewster: m. 2, Mar. L2. 
1S!)1 Lillian Dire. 

2257. Sadie Allis,-' 1). Jan. 1, 1«70 ; d. -June 12, ISSG at 


2258. Frank Wadsworth,'M). Oct. 9, 1872: d. Oct. 4, 18l»l 

at Akron. 

2259. Bertha Adelia.'' 1). Mav 29, 1874. 

2260. Grace Maude,'' 1). Apr.' 20, 187(i 


Alfeeu Eugene Leonard.^ {F^nnikJiH: Tnininn,*'' Ezro^ 
Xathan^^ Samuel,^ Samuel,'^ >So/(^y//ny/,') eldest child of Franklin 
and Harriet N. (Kellogo-) Leonard, was l». Jan. 26, 1855 : m. 
Jan. 15, 1888 Susan pl^Weable, .hau. of John Weable (b. in 

Germany) and Kate ( ) Weable (b. in Maryland). He is a 


The children of Alfred E. and Susan E. are — 

2261. Roy Clifford," b. Jan. 1, 1889. 

2262. Clyde,'' b. Apr. 24, 1891. 


Herbert Hewitt Leonard,'^ {Fruulcliii,"' Trnmnii!' KzruJ' 
Natlian^^ Samiiel^^ tSa nnu:'!,'' Sohiiuoi/ ^) brother of the jtrecedinu', 
was b. Sept. 12, 1859 ; m. Aug. 7, 1888 Alice Weable, (hui. of 
John and Kate ( ) Weable. He is in the em])loy of a rail- 
road com|)ariv in Missoui'i. 

The children of Herlx'rt D. and .Vlice are — 

2263. Elbertha Madge,'' b. .Julv 11, l.s,s5. 

2264. Floyd Emery ,^ b. Sept. 4, 1S89. 


FrAXK AdELBERT LkoXARI),*^ {Fr'iji/.-h'iiJ TriiiiiiiiiS' Ezra!' 
NufJLan,* Sanind!' S<i/ii.'i(^J,~ S'lbmuni}) brother of the ])reced- 
ing, was b. Sept. 6, 1868 : m. Ov't. 14, bssN Lucy Eeynolds. 
dau. of Jesse Reynolds. He is a fai'mer. 
Thev have one dauo-hter — 

2265. Lucy Jane," b. Septf 17, l.ss9. 



James Pratt Leonard,'' {Worreii B.,~ Spicer,^ Jonas,^ 
XdJiiaii} SanixeK^ Sanniel^^ Solomon^^) youngest son of Warren 
B. and Mary S. (Rilev) Leonard, was b. Auo;. 25, 1859 ; m. 
Jan. 14, 1886 Estelle"^A. Crane of Hartford, Conn. He d. of 
consumption in Hartford, Conn., Jan. 31, 1891. 

James P. and Estelle A. had one danglitei' — 

2260. Gertrude Estelle,'' b. Jan. 3, 1888. 


Edward C. Leoxard,- (//o/•acv^' Spicrr/' Joiias,^ Xallian,^ 
S'aii/H('/,^ S(fjiiiir/,~ SnhjiiKHi}) son of Horai/e and Lucv A. 
(Harding) Lei,)na]'d, was b. in Middletown, Comi., July 18, 
1849 ; m. Dee. 2(», 1882 Nellie A. Cannon, 1). Jan. 15, 1.S58 in 
Cromwell, Conn., dan. of Benjamin T. Cannon (b. in Portland, 
Conn., Dec. 6, 1883), and Elmira J. (Beebe) Cannon, (1). in 
Glastonbury, Conn., Dec. 6, 1836, d. in Cromwell, Conn., Jan. 
19, 1876). Mr. Leonard is an agent for the New York and 
Hartford Transportation Co. and resides in Middletown, Conn. 
Edward C. and Nellie A. luive one son — 

2267. Howard C.,-' 1). :\ray 29, 1885. 

1 498. 

Horace S. Leonard,*^ {Horacp,'' Sj>/n^rS' JunasJ' Xntlmii,^ 
Sa/fiiN_eI,^ Samiirl^- iSoIomoii,^) hvothev ()( the ])receding, was b. 
in Middletown, Conn., June 18, 1860; m. Jan. 25, 1882 Ella 
Mary Grumley, b. in Mori'isania, N. Y., (Jet. 28, 1851), ado]»ted 
dan. of John E. Grumley, (1). in Sayhrook, Ct., June 9, 1823), 
and Ella J. (Havens) Grundey, (b. in Lyme, Ct., Mar. 19, 1837). 
Mr. Leonard is a conductor on the Conn. A-^alley R. R. 
l)etween Hartford and Saybrook ; has no chihh'eii. 


Cyrenus B. Leonard,'^ {AliMm R,' BarfJrit:' Lrri^^ XatJiau,*^ 
jSaiuuf'l,^ Saniuel^" Solomon,^) eldest son of Alvan P). and Eme- 
line (Black) Leonard, was b. in Williamsheld, (J.. ^Nfav 20, 
1840; m. Apr. 17, 1862 Abbie J. Morse. 

Lentil 1889 he was engaged in mercantile l)usiness in Wil- 
liamsheld and held the office of postmaster (ha\-ing succeeded 
his father) from 1872 to Apr. 9, 1889, when he removed to 
^■Vndovci', (.)liio, and became assistant cashiei' in the Ixmk of 
And(_)ver which p(.)sition he still fills. He has no children. 


1 52 1 

BaRTLKTT D. LK()XAI!1>,''( />"///'/ 11'..' finrlh'll!' L^r'i^^ Xnllnni} 
Samne/,'^ Sninai-J^- Sohiiiuiii}) son of \{v\. Dniiicl AV. iiiul Mli/.a 
W. (Reed) Leonard, was !>. in Hidmiond. Ashtalmla (\\. ()lii(). 
Apr. 6. 18r)(3: m. Sept. 11. Isjs Liiev .1. P>rink. 1). in l')i-i<l--e- 
])ort, Mieliigan, July, 1S(>(J, dau. of Henry and Amanda 
(Thomas) Brink. His father removed to Akron, Afieh., in 18()4, 
where Bartlett D. has remained ever since. lie is a farmer; 
his P. ( ). a(hlress is Union ville, Tnscohi Co., ^[icli. 

Tlie chihlren of l^arth'tt I), and Lucv J. are — 

22(38. :\[aude Amanda,''!). Jan. 6, 1880. 

22(3a Chnrh)tte Ennna.-'l). Jan. 20, 1882. 


Cart3us E. Leonard,^ ('S'///////'^/' />.,' Amlwlf' LniJ' Xaihan,^ 
SannteL^ Samiitlr' Solomon}) son of Sumner Levi and ]\[aria L. 
(Ileatli) Leonard, was 1). in AVilliamsticld. Ohio, June 2.j, 18<31 ; 
m. July 4, 1881 Addie AVriglit. lie was a l.)rakeman and at 
the time of his death, Sept. 15, 1887, was a resi<lent of Cleve- 
land. Ohio. 

The children of Cardus K. and Addie were — 

227(». Charles R..^ h. Xov. 2, 188(3; d. Nov. 2. 188(3. 

2271. Ray C.,^ b. Sept. 20, 1887. 

1 529. 

NORRIS 0. LeOXARI),^ (S'lutj/'o- L.~' Amlu-lf' L'-ri:' Xnllmi,} 
tSa/iU"'/,^ S(t//i/it/,~ Solonioii}) lirother of the precedin^i;'. was 1). 
in AVilliamsheld, O., Aug. 28, 18(33 ; ra. Nov. 1, 1887 Ella 
Gane. ilan. of John Crane. He resides in Andover, Ohio. 
Xori-is O. and Ella have one (hiu«'liter — 

2272. Edith,'' 1). Nov. o, 189L 


Charles W. Leonard,''^ (C'/^'f/'^'-s- C." W>'/h\im F.,*'' Sim ran}' 
N'athan} Samuel.;^ Samuel,' Soloiiion}) eldest son of Charles 
Collins and Anna (Mollooly) Leonard, was h. Aug. 8. lSo4: 
m. Aug. 3, 1880 Eugenia O'Harra. 
Tlieir children were — 

2273. Ida M..» 1). Apr. 2. 18s2. 

227L Charles IL,'' h. Eeb. D. 1884: d. Jan. 30, LSs.x 
227o. Frank E..''l). Dec. 17. 1885. 



1 560. 

IIiRAii A. Leoxard,^ {Mos'^s: Caleb,*' 3foses,^ Moses,^ Moses^ 
JoIlil'^" Solomon^) son of Moses and Julia (Shaw) Leonard, was 
b. July 15, 1847 ; ui. May 1, 1879 Ida C. Hawkins. He was 
an enterprising and prosperous farnier residing in Malone, N. Y., 
where he enjoyed the confidence and esteem of his fellow citi- 
zens. He was an active nienil;)er of the Ba]:)tist Church, an 
energetic ile})ublican, and president of the Malone Lodge of 
Patrons of Industry. He d. in ^Malone June 7, 1895. 

The children of Hiram A. and Ida C. were — 



^ ::■ 9 - b. A])r. 3, 1880. 
JNettie,M ^ ' 

Florence,'^ b. Auo-. 80, 1882. 

Orrin H.,'' b. May 3, 1887. 

Benjamin H.,»K Oct. 28. 1888. 


Cyrus A. Leonard,^ {Carl'isb- T.: CahA,!' Jfo.^rs,^ Jlose.^,^ 
Moses,^ JoJin,^ Solomon,'^) son of Carlisle Tyler and Miranda 
(Albee) Leonard, was b. in Malone, N. Y.,\Ldv8, 1838; rn. 
Apr. 13, 1865 Mary A. Hawkins. He d. Aug. 29, 1893 at 

The children of Cyrus A. and Mary A. were — 

2281. Bertha A.,^ b. Aug. 3, 1866. 

2282. Hattie F.,^ b. Aug" 5, 1868. 

I 568. 

Addison PL Leonard,^ (Ca/V/.s-A^ T.; CnhA>!' Mostly Mos^^} 

Moses^. Jnhrt{' Solomon,^) brother of the preceding, was 1). in 
Malone, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1846 ; m. Sept. 2, 1874 Ella L. Mat- 
toon, who d. Oct. 26, 1887. He resides in Del Norte, Cal., 
where lie is tlie pro})rietor of the Del Norte Dairy. 

The children of Addison H and Ella L. were — 

2283. Arthur M.,'' h. Aug. 22. 1875. 
228L Birdie Grace,'' 1). Sept. 22, 1878. 
2285. Lillie Pearl,'' b. Julv 13, 1883. 


Marcellus Leonard,'^ ( Willie n> Jf..' foh-h/' J/,^ J/,-' 
Moses,^ John? kiolo I n on y)ow\\ son of AVilliam Moore and Eliza 
Ann (Wilcox) Leonard, was h. in ^Falone. N. Y., Sept. 18, 
1844 ;'in. Sept. 11, 1866 Maria Taylor. 


Their dwldrcn wcrr — 
-2'2<S(i. Emilia A.,'' 1). ,Iulv V). 1S()7: d. Jan. 2s. [ss:). 
22S7. William C'Mk Auu-. 17. Ksiiii: m. Se]>t. U. Isi:i5 
llattic L. S]taiil(liiig. 

2288. Cora B.." 1). Jam' 17. Ls7(). " 

2289. Frank S.,'-' !>. Julv 29, l.s7.S. 

2290. Ralph B.,'^ b. Apr. 29. 1882. 


Joseph IxaRAHA^[ Leoxarj).'' ( '' 'IiristjipJu'i- ir.,' Mosrs,'' Suni- 
i/e/.^ Mosrs,^ Mosts.^ JoJiii,~ Solnnimt.^) eldest son of Christo- 
pher Willson and Laurinda (Winslow) Leonard, was b. in 
Pierrepont, N. Y.. Feb. s. Is29 : m. Fel). 12, 1856, Mrs. Abigail 
H. (Brown) Craiy, b. at Farishville, N. Y., Mar. 27. 1821, d"an. 
of Parish Brown. He resided at Pierre})ont, X. Y.. until a 
few years since, when he went to li\"e with his daughter in 
Marinette, Wisconsin, llis wifed. in Ma.rinette Aug. 15, 1888. 
Their children, born in Pierrepont, were — 

2291. Anna Laurinda,'' 1). Feb. 15, 1857 ; m. Se])t. 1, 1881 

Everett Eastman, \\ at Lisbon, N. Y., Feb. 
19, 1859, son of M. L. and E. H. Eastman ; 
had Leonard Morgan Eastman,^" 1). Nov. 3, 
188-1; Luna Katlierine Eastman,"' b. :\rar. 7. 
1889: resides at Marinette, Wis. 

2292. Lucy Katherine.'* b. A\n\ 15, 1863; m. May 26, 

1887 John AVard Follett, b. at Green' Bay, 
AVis.. June 21. 1851, son of Burlev and 
Elizabeth A. (Ward) Follett; had Richard 
Hillinan Follett,^^ b. Aug. 26, 1888. 


James Harvey Leonard,'^ [Jlirisfojiln'r 11'.,' J/^s-,'' Sam>"'K'^ 
Moses,^ Moses,^ John'- Soloinoii}) brother of the })receding. was 
b. in Pierrepont, K Y.. Mar. 14, 183-1; m. Get. 11. Is(i5 Afary 
E. Eastman, b. at Oswegatchie, N. Y., Dec. 6. LSl:2 : dan. (')f 
M. L. and E. H. Eastman. He has residc(l in Canton and 
Parishville, X. Y., and Royalton. Wis. 

The children of James II. and Afarv E. were — 

2293. Arthur E..'' b. Jan. 2. bs67, at Canton, X. Y. 

2294. E. Christopher.'-' b. Dec. J IsiiS. at Parishville Cen- 

tre. X. Y. 

2295. Pearl,'' 1). May 2(1 187(i; d. Ang. 26, 1870 at Roy- 

alton. Wis. 


229(). Hope,'' b. Oct. 20, 1872 at Royaltow. 

22M7. AVinnie,'' b. Fel). 28, 1879 ; d Sept. 21, 1879. 

22V)S. Morgan E.,'' 1). July 4, 1882. 


Philo T. Leonard,^ {Moses,"' Moses, ^ Samnel,^ Moses,* Moses,^- 
John,'^ Solomon,^) only son of Moses and Lucina (Thornton) 
Leonard, was 1). in Pieri'C[)ont, N. Y., June 13, 1883: rn. Dec. 
26. 1855 Ann PI Goodwin. 

Tlieir children were — 

2299. Ernest Arthur,'' 1). Nov. 29, 1856. 

2300. Ervin Phihi,''l). Afar. U. 1858. 

2301. f^rilton Sylvester.'-' b. Jan. 28, 1860; rn. May 3, 1885 

Rosa Brown. 

2302. Moses Ira," 1). Jan. l-t. 1862. 

2303. Clara Jane,'-' b. Xov. 17, 1863. 

23(4. Lucina Al>io-ail,'' 1). Jan. 22, 1866; m. A^jr. 18. 1885 
Elmer Plundj ; liad Theron E. Plundj/o b. 
Jan. 30, 1886 ; Jane L. Plund),io 1). Nov. 8, 

2305. Eliza xVnn,'' b. Nov. 9, 1867. 

2306. Cora Eveline,'' b. Aj.r. 27, 1870. 

2307. Leon Waldo,'' b. Se])t 13, 1873. 

2308. A¥arren Alvah,'' b. June 9, 1876. 

2309. Leander xVlphonso,'' b. Nov. 2, 1878. 

I 597. 

Hexky W. Leoxard,'- ( nV///V/ry? C.^ Moses^ Samuel^ Moses,* 
Moses,^ Johji,~ Solomon,^) son of William Cable and Almira 
(Axtell) Leonard, was b. in Pierrepont, N. Y., A])r. 12, 1836 ; 
m. 1, Oct. 16, 1871 Sadie E. Piich, who d. Sei:)t. 18, 1875 ; m. 
2, Oct, 12, 1876 Mary E. Ruch. 

The children of Henry W. and Sadie E. were — 

2310. Lucina Mav,'' 1). July 16, 1872. 

2311. Henrietta W.,-^ b. Apr. 12, 187L 

The children of Henrv W. and Mary E. were — 

2312. Gertie E.,'' 1). June 17. 1878. 

2313. Sadie E.,'' b. July 22, 1881. 

1 598. 

Wili.ia:\i H. Lkonaki).'' ( Wil/iom C," Moses,*' Samuel,^ 
Mnsrs,^ M,)s<<^:' Jiilinr SnliiiiKni}) brother of the preceding, was 
b. in J'iciMvnoiit. X. Y.. Feb. is. 1S41 : m. June 26, 1867 Ger- 


trnde Leonard,^ (1627) dau. of Charles K.' autl Kuiiirc ((irilliii) 

Their ehildren were — 

2814. Jessie,-^ b. June 27, 1868. 

23ir). Lnwson," b. June 20, 1875 ; d. Feb. 11, 1877. 

2316. Yernia;-' b. Oct. 25, 1878. 

I 602. 

Al^manzo B. LeoxaPvD.'^ ( William C.'' Mosc^!' SamuelJ' 
Moses,^ 3Iosf-s,^ John;'' Soiomou,'') son of William C':il)le and 
Mar}^ M. (Axtell) Leonard, half-bi-otlier of the i)reeedin,u-. was 
b. in PierrejHwt, N. Y., Nov. 17. bs54: ni. Julv 5. 18.S() Ettie 
K Uuse. 

Their children were — 

2317. Edith Lueina.'' b. June 1(\ ls81. 

2318. Halph AYilliani.'' b. Jan. 6, 1S87. 


John ThURMAN LeONAKD.'' {Jnlm S\J Pihr J'./' SnninrJ;' 
Jloses^ Iloses,^ Jolin," Solomuii}) onlv son of John S. and ^Vbi- 
gail (Olmstead) Leonard, was b. in Pierrepont, N. V., -bin. 7, 
1826: m. Jan. 28, 1848 Marv dane Brown of Canton. N. Y. 
They reside in Morley, N. Y! 

Their children were — 

2319. John W.," b. Axui. 16. 1841) : d. :\r:ir. 20. 1S.V2. 

2320. Clara W..'' b. July 19, 1S53 : ni. Julv 5. Is73 (b'oro-e 

K. Mids-elev ; had Bessie 1. ^^Ld-vlev.^" b. 
Mar. 9,'l,sf4: Elsie L. Midgelev.^" b. dune 
21, 1877 : Ettie C. Mido-eley,!" b. Apr. 25, 
1883; resides in AForlcv. N. Y. 

2321. Enmia H.,''!). Ana'. 17. l.S55;'(L Auff. 3, 1880: m. 

Julv 4, 1874 AVilliani H. Snnth ; had AVil- 
liam Snnth."' 1). A].r. 15, 1S75 : Daisv M. 
Smith, 1" 1). Jan. 27, bS77, d. Sei)t. 13, is80 ; 
Mr. Smith resides in Morlev. 

2322. Walter B.,'' b. Julv 1, ISHO. liesules in Canton, 

N. Y. 


Theodore II. Leonard. ■M/>''"s' P'-i'^r R.,'' Som.)"/,-' Musrs,^ 
J/rj.seN,'^ Joln/r Sdhmoii}) voungest son of Dorus and Abnira. 
(Langdon) Leonard, was b. in Canton, N. Y.. -July 10, 1n45 ; 
m. Feb. 24. 1870 Hattie S. Baker, dan. of Emery and Cldoc 
W. (]\[ead) Bakei' of Canton. Tlicy reside in (/anton. 


Their children are — 

2323. Theron C.,« b. Dec. 17, 1872. 

2324. AbV)ie A..'^ b. Mar. 18, 1874. 

2325. Emery B.,« b. Feb. 14, 1877. 


Mahlon R Leonard,^ {Cl/ar/t^s R," IMrr /?.," tSanmelJ' 
Moms,^ Moses, '^ JoJni,'^ SoJomon,^) eldest child of Charles R. and 
Eunice (Griffin) Leonard, was b. Jan. 9, 1836 ; m. 1, jMar. 8, 
1864 Martha R Day, b. in S. Dedham, Mass., dau. of Joseph 
and Hannah E. (Rhoades) Day; ni. 2, 'Oct. 30, 1874 Emma M. 
Francis, b. in Waltham, Mass";, Mar. 24, 1845, dau. of George 
W. and Adeline E. (Ayers) Francis. 

fie was for some years a Universalist clergyman, but retired 
from the ministry several years ago and has since been engaged 
in business. He resides in Waltham, Mass. 

The children of Mahlon H. and Emma M. were — 

2326. Charles D.,-^ b. Dec. 30, 1875. 

2327. George Francis,'' b. Aug. 2, 1881. 


Adelbert W. Leonard,'^ (.SW»</^r/ i?.,' Pcfer -Jt,*-' Samud,^ 
Moses,'^ Moses,^ Jolin,'^ Suhrnion,^) eldest child of Samuel R. and 
Angeline A. (Winslow) Leonard, was b. in Pierrepont, N. Y., 
Nov. 16, 1849; m. July 23, 1873 Lizzie Burkett, dau. of 
Henry and Al)igail ( ) Burkett of Chelsea. 

He resided in Chelsea ; for two years previous to his death 
he was in Colorado seeking restoration to he?dtli, l)ut died soon 
after his return, at the home of his sister, Mrs. March, in Cam- 
bridge. His death occurred Dec. 9, 1885. 

The children of Adelbert W. and Lizzie were — 

2328. Mabel C.,'* b. June 5, 1874. 

2329. Harrv A..» b. Feb. 7, 1876. 

2330. Ella,'A.,M). July 13, 1881. 


Edwin H. Leoxard,'"* {Bciijiifnirt //.,' SttrniKd^' SamudJ'' 
Moses,^ Moses,^ Jolm,'^ Solomon}) eldest chihl of Benjamin 
Horsley and Susan H. (Johnson) Leonard, was ]). in Canton, 
N. Y.,Dec. 5, 1835; m. Dec. 4, 1860 Lucy Pollock, in Pierre- 
pont, N. Y. They reside in Canton, N. Y. 
Their children were — 

2331. Benjamin F.,'' 1). Dec. 24, 1862. 



Carrie A'iola. 

■■M). Jnlv 15, 1867. 


Cornelia W.. 

'■'1). Anu-. 23. 1809. 


Susan II..'-' 1. 

. Dec !.■). 1871. 


WlXFIELD S. LeoXAR].),'* {Elij:]nis A. J Sam^rlJ' SaminJ,^ 

Mnscf^} Moses,^ Jn/rur Sn/omoH.'^) eldest ehild of Kliplias A. and 
Lucy (Barnes) Leonard, was 1). in Canton. X. Y., X(_iv. 8, 1845 ; 
m. Jan. 20, 1875 Melvina P)ro\vn, li. in Canada, Get. 17, 1850. 
Tliey reside in Canton, X. Y. 

They ha^•e one dauu'liter — 
2335. Ella Maud,'' 1). Oct 21, 1875. 


Hexky P'l'ELEU LeuxaK]),'^ [JoJin,' FvcnK-is/' Jonas;' Moses,^ 
IJoses,^ Jo/tn,~ Solomoiu^) youngest son of John and Louisa 
(Conant) Leonard, was b. near Lowell, Lasalle Co., Ill, May 
22, 1842 ; rn. Jan. 31, 1865 Sarah J. Brimmer, dan. of Henry 
and Matilda (Claycoml)) Brinnner of Galesl)urg, 111., formei'ly 
of Breckenridge Co., Kentucky. 

^[ost of his life he has heen a resident of Galesburg;, 111., 
Ins father having renioyed his family to tliat place in 1849. 
His youth was passed in sehool and at work on the farm or in 
a grocery store, until the breaking out of the Civil War, when 
ht^ enlisted Aug. 10, 1861, in Co. C, 42nd Eeg't, 111. A^)l. 
Infantry, reenlisting as a veteran in the same i-egiment in East 
Tennessee. Jan. 1, 1864. He was engaged in over thirty 
V)attles and skirmishes, among them some that are reniend)ered 
as some of tlie severest of the war. Island No. 10, Murfreesboro', 
Missionary Kidge, Peach Tree Creek, Kenesaw Mountain, 
Eesaca, Pine Mountain. Pocky Face Pidge, Jonesbor(y, and 
Atlanta. During the Atlanta camp:ugn he was pr(.>nioted h>r 
meritorions conduct to the rank of Sergeant. At the battle 
of Spring Hill, Tenn., Nov. 29, 1864, he was wounded in the 
left thigh and obliged to be absent fi'om his regiment abont 
three months. He received his linal discharge Jan. lU, 18()6 
after a term of service of four years and live months, during 
the last six months of which he had act(Ml in the capacity of 
Brigade Commissary Sergeant ami for a time Post Commissary 
Sergeant at Port Lavacca, Texas, on Matagorda I)ay. 

After the war he spent six years carrying on a hirm, after- 
wards enterino- the sfrocerv business in wliich he is still enii'ajjT'fl. 


He, with most of his family, is a member of the Congreo-ational 
Church ill Galesburg. 

The chikh'en of Henrv F. and Sarah J. were — 

2336. John Henrv.« b. Mar.' 1. 1867. 

2337. Mark Loraine.'' I). Jnlv 1(), 1870. 

2338. Kate M..« b. Apr. 7, 1873. 

A tlan., '■'!). and d. Jan. 10. 1876. 

2339. Edward B.,'' b. Feb. 1-1. I,s78. 

2340. Hubert,'-' b. Sept. li», issd. 


EdwaH]) Evkhkttk LEoXAin),'' {Jonas: Jonas,*' Jonas:' 
Moses, ^ Moses:' Jolinr Solomon,^) youngest son of Jonas and 
Ehzabeth C. (Crofts) Le(,)nar(h was b. Aug. 22, 1853: m. Sept. 
7, 1876 EUa L. Chandler, b. in New York City Se])t. 4, 1859, 

dan. of Lorenzo H. and Ellen ( ) Chandler, of Templeton. 

Tlieir ehildi'en were — 

231:1. Bertha Ella." b. Apr. 7, ls7!l : d. Mav 4, 1879. 

2342. William F.,'' b. Dec. 28, 18«5. 


VoLNEY Clarke Leoxakd,'^ [Ezra: Ezra,'' Xoah/' Moses,^ 
Moses,^ John^ Solomon}) son of Ezra and Lucy (Wait) Leon- 
ard, was b. in Painelia, Jeffei'son Co., N". Y., May 3, 1833 : m. 
1, — , 1856 Esther Eevnolds. of Cedar Eapids, Iowa, who d. 
— , 1863, and he m. 2'. Jan. 9, 1866 Mary Jane Davy, of Cedar 

He was a ])ainter by trade, and followed that business until 
the breaking out of the wai', wlien he enlisted and served 
through a number of campaigns ; was \\\\\\ G-en. Sherman in 
his ''Marcli to the Sea,"' escaping without a wound, but with 
broken health. He resides in Iowa. 

Vol lie V C. and Esther had one son — 

2343. -fEzra John,'' b. Apr. 5, 1859 : d. — . 1888, m. Jan. 3. 

1878 Maggie Hays. 
The children of Yolnev C. and "Siiwx J. were — 

2344. xVdelbert Y..'' b. Dec. 1, 1868: unniarried. 

2345. James AVait.'' b. July 11. l87o : unmarried. 

I 664. 

Ai'KELiAX AYait Leoxari),'^ [Ezra: Ezra,'' Xoah,'' Moses,^ 
Moses:' Joint: Solomon}) brother of the preceding, was l). in 


Hermon. St. Lawrence Co., N. Y., Jan. iS. 1X4(1: m. ATav 2, 
18(38 Mary J. Yaiiatter of Ilennon. ' 

At the age of seventeen, he enhsted and served two years 
in the Civil AVar : after his discharge and retni'n Imnie lie was 
taken into partnershi]) with liis father in mercantile Imsiness at 
Hermon. and eondncted a prosperons Imsiness nntd IXMi. At 
present lie is interested in the oil region at Petnilja. ( )ntario, 
but continues his residence at Ilermon. lie has idled several 
town offices, having been town clerk for live years from 1881. 
Anrelian W. and lslm-\ J. had owv dauo-hter — 

2;31:(3. Leah :\[ay.'' b. Aug. 17. 187(3: d. Feb.'—, 189(>. 


Cephas C. Leonard,^ {Ceplias: Ezra!'' Koah,^ Moses} Mose>,^ 
John!~ Solomon}) son of Cephas and Clarissa (Livingston) 
Leonard, was I), in Hermon. X. Y., Dec. 7. 1835 ; m. Mar. 7. 
1857 Mary Williams of Hermon. He resides upon a farm in 
Emeryville, St. Lawrence Co., X. Y. 

The chilcb'en of Cephas C. and Marv were — 

2347. HeniT,^ b. Oct. 27. 1859 : m. — : had one child, 1). 

Aug. 11. 1892. 

2348. Afartha," b. Sept. 8. 18(31 : m. Oct. 7, 1882 F. N. 

Absalom : had IMarv Al_)salom,"' I). Dec. 12. 
1883; Cleveland Alsalom.^" b. Mav 14, 
1889, d. Apr. 5. 1891. 

2349. Agnes,^ b. Dec. 7, 18(34 : m. Jan. 1, 1882 Oscar Par- 

ker : had Leonard A. Parker. i" 1). Xov. 9, 
1884 ; Isadore M. Parker, ^^^ 1). Jan. 15, 1892. 

2350. Sophia,^ 1). Feb. 14. 18(36 : m. Aug. 29. 1887 William 

W. Hull: had Harrison'llull.i" b. Sept. 14. 

2351. Judson,-' 1). July 5, 1869. 

2352. Sarah,-' h. Oct. 10, 1874 : m. — . 

2353. Bethiah/' b. May 19. 1879. 


GoEHA:\r C. Leoxakd,'^ {Ceplias} Ezra} XoaJi} Moses} Moses} 
John} iSolomori}) Ijrother of the preceding, was b. in Hermon. 
K Y., Nov. 5, 1840: m. Dec. 31, 1863 Emily Smith of Her- 
mon. He is a farmer and resides in Oouverneur, St. Lawrence 
Co.. X. Y. 

The children of Gorham C. and Emilv were — 

2354. Claron G.,'' h. Jan. 14. 1866 : m. Dec. 12, lcS,ss Lona 


Eielianlson ; one dau. Einiiia,^" b. June 12, 

iSi-MJ. ■ 
28:).'). Walter F..'' b. Feb. 28, 186S ; m. Jan. 31. 1891: 

Fditli Ilanlv. 
28o(-). Bertha A.,'^ b. May 19, 1874. 

2357. Florence G./' b. June 23, 1880, 


HoKAGE Henry Leonard,*^ ( //orace,' Calvin ^^' Noah, ^ Moses, ^ 
Moses,^ John'^ Solomoit^) eldest child of Horace and Betse}^ 
(Woods) Leonard, was I), in Glover, Yt, Oct. 9, 1832; in. 
Aug. 23, 1860 Sarah A. Merrill, 1). in Illinois, Nov. 25, 1841,. 
dau. of Henry and Delilah (Hose) Merrill from Genesee Co., 
N. Y. He resides in Rantoul, 111., where in company with 
his son Charles he is engao-ed in the house furnishino' business. 
The children of Horace II. and Sarah A. were — 

2358. Ora II.,'' 1). Aug. 5, 1861 : d. Aug. 25, 1875. 

2359. Enuna P.,'' b. He . 29, 1862 ; m. Sept. 11, 1884 J. Q. 

McConnell from Indiana ; had Cora A. 

McConnell,!" b. Sept. 4, 1885 ; Ida M. 

McConnelVn^. Mar. 27, 1887; Nellie E. 

McConnell.i" b. Feb. 28, 1889; Charles M.. 
■ McConnell,!" b. Oct. 30, 1890; Ethel May 

McCoiniell,!" b. July, 1892. 
23(^0. Charles C.,'^' 1). Jan. 8, 1865 ; m. Auo-. 22, 1893 Ellen 

xVda AYilliams ; had Yida Fern,i" b. Dec. 23,, 

2361. Minnie E.,'' 1). Aug. 9, 1868; m. A|)r. 6, 1893 

Edmund J. Coon c^f Hantoul. 
23(i2. L.wn A.,'-' b. July 6, 1871 ; d May 15, 1876. 

2363. Effie May,'' b. (~)<'t. 27, 1876. 

2364. Harry M'errill,'-' b. May 12, 1879. 


"^^ Sanford Alphonso Leonard,^ {Horace'' Calvin,^ Xoali,^ 
Moses,'^ Moses,^ John? Solo mo n ,^) brother of the preceding, was 
b. in Glover, A^t., xVuo. 15, 1838 ; m. May 1, 1860 Hamiah 
Brown. He d. Dec. ^29. 1862 in Sheftield, Yt. ; his widow 
sultse(piently m. 2, AYilliam Streeter of Franconia, N. Id. 
Sanford A. and Hannah had one daughter — 

2365. ZellaEstelle,'' b. June, 1861. 


I 678. 

ElMEK D\VIXELLLEOXAKD,''(//0/-(/ce'/ CalvmS' Xniili,^ .]f,sr.^,* 

Mo-se-s,^ John, ~. SoJomo It ^) brother of the precedin.L;'. was h. in 
Glover, Tt. YeK 8. ls:)0 : m. Fel). 13, 1871 Sarah Laiicc b. 
in Canton, Illinois, Uct. 7, 1802, dau. of John K. and Katharine 

( ) Lance of Pittsburg, Pa. He resides in Friend, Neb. ; is 

a dealer in agricultural implements, carriages, etc. 

The children of Elmer 1). and Sarah were — 
2Sm. Eov.-* b. Dec. 11, 1872. 

2367. Edward E.,'' 1). Oct. 2!), 1877; d. Apr. 29, 1888. 

2368. Pearl,« 1). Dec. (5, 18S,-,. 

2369. Maud,M). Mar. 21, 1890. 


Ora Joseph Leonard,^ {Horace,"' Calvin,^ Xoah,^ Moses,* 
Moses,^ John,'^ Solomon^) brother of the preceding, was b. in 
Glover, Vt.. Dec. 1, 1855 : m. June 2, 1878 Ella Sherburne, b. 
Feb. 7, 1861, dau. of Chester Slierburne, b. Mar. 12, 183-1, and 
Harriet (Lawrence) Sherburne, l). Mar. 31, 1837. Resides in 
Glover on the home ].dace of his father. 
Ora J. and Ella have one son — 

237(». Archie Lee," b. Nov. 2, 1885. 


Herbert C. Leonard,^ {Chauncey C."' Ephraim^ Noah,'' 
Moses,* Moses ^ John^- Solomon^) eldest child of Chauncey C. 
and Jane (Town) Leonard, was b. in Barre, \\., July 3, 18-14:; 
m. Feb. 15, 1870 Ellen S. White of Barre. They reside in 

Their children were — 

2371. Ernest C.,'' 1). Sei)t., 1875. 
Ason,'M). Feb., 1879: d Felx, 1879. 

1 682. 

Edward 0. Leonard,'' ( Chauncey C? Ephraim,''Xoah.'Moses,* 
Moses,^ Johnr Solomon}) brother <>f the preceding, was b. in 
Barre, Vt., Feb. 7. 1849 : ni. Mar. 3(), 1^71 Abl)ie B. Hill. 
Thev reside in Chicago. Els. 

Their children were — 

2372. Nina F..'' 1>. Dec. 3i», ls71. 

2373. Harold K..'' b. — . 18s4. 



JoSEril ^V. LeOXARJ).'' {CIiau7/ce// C!,' Ephruni},*' Xuah;' 
Moses,^ AIoscs,^ John." Solomo)/,^) brother of the preceding, was 
h. in Barre, Yt.. Jan. 12, 1<S52 ; ni. ]\[ar. 6, lb78 Lora E. 
Cntts. 1). Jan. 2S, LSoC), dau. of Samuel and xVuroi'u K. (Slier- 
burne") Cutts. The}- reside in Barre, A^t. 
Their children wei'e — 

2874. Gertrude M.,'' K Jnlv S, l,s7(>. 

2375. Harley J.,^ 1). Jan. 14. LS7!.» ; d May 17, 1^7!:). 

2376. Homer H.," b. Nov. 14, 1882. 

2377. Lester E.,-' 1). Apr. 22, 188(1 

2378. Stanley J.,-' b. Jidy 31, l-sss : d. Feb. 14, iSSf). 


Fred A. Leonard,^ {Cl/auj-tce?/ C' Eplrraim,^' Noah,'' Moses,^ 
Moses^^ John^ Solomon,^) l)rotlier (_)f the preceding, was b. in 
Barre, Vt, Feb. 4, 1855 ; m. Ai)r. — , 1874 Alice A. Sheplierd. 
They i-eside in Barre. 

Their cliildren are — 

2379. Burton,'-' b. Aug. 1, 187(3. 

2380. Lena A.,-' b. June 8, 1878. 


William Hanson Leonard,"^ {Chaimcey C,' Ejyhraim,^' 
Noah,^ Moses,^ Moses ° John^" Solomon,^) brother of the preced- 
ing, was b. in Barre, A^t., July 1(3, 1857: m. in Chicago, 111., 
Nov. 27, 1879 Sarah A. Cutler, I), in Hojikinton. N. Y., Aug. 
30, 1856, dau. of Gilbert Cutler, b. in Orano-e, A^t., and Adeline 
C. (AYallace) Cutler, b. in N. Y. He resides in Denver, Col, 
where he is order clerk in a meat market 

''J^'he children of AA'^illiam H. and Sarah A. are — 

2381. Cliauncev C.,'' b. Sept. 26, 1881, in Chicago. 

2382. Ethel Lara,-' b. Nov. 6, 1885, at ^Yillow Lake, Dak. 


Arthur J. Leonard,^ [Chuuncey C!,' Ephniim,''' Noa/i.'' 
Moses,^ Moses,^ John^" Solomoyi,'^) brother of the preceding, was 
b. in Barre, A^t., Apr. 24, 1860; m. in Chicago, Dec. 29, 1884 
Jessie McDonald, who was b. in Nova Scotia, daa. of Donald 
and Effa (Johnston) McDonald. He resides at AA^est River 
Hebert, N. S., and conducts a meat market at the Joggins 


'I'Ik' «_'liililivii of Arthur .1. imd Jessie are — 

2383. Effa J.;-' b. Oct. 10. Iss:.. at Willow Lake, Dakotn. 

2384. Florence xV.,'' 1). Mar. 7, l.siH. at West Kiver lldert, 

N. S. 


Oklando L. LeuxakI),^ ( Willanl E..' Moses.'' Xoa/tJ' J/oses.^ 
Mo-'ies;' John,- Solomon.'^) son of AVillai'd ^Vlonzo an<l Jjois I). 
(Miles) Leonard, was I), in (ilovei\ \^t.. Apr. Id. ls,'i'2 : m. 
June 3, 1876 Nancy Miles of Alliaii\-. \\. He resides in 
West Burke, Vt, where he eonduets Ijoth a retail and whole- 
sale harness l)usiness. 

()rlandoL. and Nanev had one dau,L!'ht(M' — 

2385. Lla Idieressa.-' h. Oct." 1, Lssi : d. at the age of four 



J)r. Fi^AXK E. Leonard, ■ ( Willard E.; JfosesS' Xooh,-' 
Jloses.'^ Jloses,'^ 'JoJ/ii,~ fSoIomoi/.^) brother of the ])reec(lin;i'. was 
b. in Glover, Yt., Aug. 4, 1807 : ni. .lune, 1878 Lizzie Eeed. of 
W^est Chnrleston, Yt. He is a jilivsieian and resides at (frox-e- 
ton, N. H. 

The children of Fraidv F. and Lizzie wei"e — 

2386. Jessie N.,^ b. Auu-. 31. 187^): d. A])r.. Ls89. 

2387. W. Raymond,'* b! Sept. 1. 1881. 


Edward Burt Leonard,^ (George E..'' OeonieJ' Xoah/' 
Moses,^ Moses.^ Jo/ni," Solomon,^) eldest son of (leoi'ge F. and 
Marv Ann (Dwinell) Leonard, was*l). in Glover, Yt.. ¥eh. 17. 
1854: m. Oct. 25, 1881 May Mackinnon, 1). Dec, L^62 in 
Danville. (Janada. They resi<le at Los xVngeles, C;d. 
Thev have one son — 

2388. Herljert George,'' 1). May 8, 1884. 

1 694. 

Frank Dwixell Leoxard.'' (George E.' George.*' Xoah.^ 
Moses.^ Moaes,^ John,- Solomon.^) Ijrotliei" of the preceding, 1). 
Apr. 26, 1857 in Barton, Yt; m. July 7, 1883 Alice S. Baker, 
b. Feb., 1860 in Nova Scotia. 
Thev have one son — 

23S9. Frank Dwinell.'' b. Oct. 4, ls87. 



AViLLARjj Chapix Leonard,'^ {C/iajiiitJ Wi/lanl,*^ Noah,'' 
J/o-se-s/ Moses,^ John^-^ Solomoit,^) eldest son of Chai)iii and Har- 
riet S. (Bean) Leonard, wash, in rrlo\-er, Vt., May 18, 1870; 
m. Anu'. 27, 1892 Kate Owen, dan. of Hon. Clarence P. and 
Annie (Chase) Owen of Glover. He is a drnggist in New 
London, N. H. 

Willard C. and Kate have one danu-hter — 

2890. Hattie,'' b. Mav 23, 181)L 

1 TOO. 

Chakles K. Leoxaki),'^ {George E.,' Juhnf' John," Moses,*' 
Ifoses,^ Jo/tn," Solomo-ii,^) eldest son of George Erskine and 
Mehitahle (Little) Leonard, was h. in Barton, Yt.. May 10, 
1842; ni. Jan. 17, 1878 Emily E. Swain, dan. of Josiah and 
Sarah (Eaton) Swain of Warren, N. II. He is a farmer and 
resides in Warren, N. H. 

Charles K. and Emilv E. have one daughter — 

2891. Edith May,M3. May '4, 187(5. 

1 705. 

John Gil^^ian Leoxakd,'^ {John G.,~ John,*'' John.'' Moses,^ 
2Ioses,^ John,- SohnLon,^) only son of J()hn Gilman and Lnthera 
(Thomas) Leonard, was b. in Lowell, Mass., Mar. 27. 1844; m. 
Oct. 15, 1864 Sarah A. Smiley of Peterl)oro\ N. H. 

He learned the watchmaker's and jewler s trade in Peterboro', 
went to Boston in 1864 where he resided three years, going 
from thence to Bangor, Elaine, at which place he remained 
until 1880 when lie returned to Peterboro' where lie still resides. 
He is an Odd Eellow, member of the (xrand Lodge of Maine. 
The children of John G. and Sarah A. are — 

2892. Mary Ellen,^ b. May 11, 18B5 in Boston ; m. Dec. 

20, 1889 'E<lwin H. Ib'own ; had Arthur 
Leonard Brown,"' b. \)vv. 9, 1891; resides 
at East Dununerston. A't. 

2898. Hattie Erances,^ 1). Sept. 7, l'S72 in Bangor, Maine. 

2894. Eugene Smile\-,'-' b. Jan. IS, 1.S74 in Bangor, Maine. 

17 10. 

Ei.MKi; L. \ iVA)^ wu)."^ (Natl Ki) I D.," JoJm!' John;' Mases,* Moses ^-^ 
JoJntr S'Aomon}) ordy son of Nathan Dean and Alary J. (Bailey) 
Leonard, was b. in West Charleston, Vt., Mai'. 17, 1802; m. 
An--. 2, bS,S8 Leona R. Lelaiid, dan. of C. W. and Elvira (Pol)- 


iiisoii) Lelaiul. lie is a haniess-inakcr liy ti'adf. I'csidcs on a 
small farm in Barton. Yt. 

The cliildrcu of Elmer E. and Lerma R. are — 
2895. Lawrence Dean.'' !>. Feb. 23. 188o. 

2396. Homer Morris.'' b. Julv 11, 1887. 

2397. Ralph narrison.'' b. ()\-\. 17, 1888. 


Geokge L. Leonard,** {Samud //..' Joseph.*' Xathan!' Ezra,* 
Moses,^ John," Solomon.^) only son of Samuel 11. and Louisa M. 
(Rial) Leonard, was b. .lun'e 4. 184S : m. May 8. 1S72 Char- 
lotte Everson. 

Tlieir children ai'c — 

2398. Lucius G..'' b. — , ls7:). 

2399. George Everson,'' b. — . I,s79. 

1 725. 

David Calvix Leoxard,'' [Heruey,' Calvin,'-' Nathan/' Ezra,* 
Moses,^ John,- Solomon}) eldest son of Hervey and Maretta 
(Wbeclon) Leonard, was I), in Birmingham, 0., Dct. 9. 1853; 
m. Dec. 21, 187H S. Ella Hershey, b. in Doylestown. 0., Feb. 
27, 1858, dau. of Benjamin and Susanna (Wellhouse) Hershey. 

Until recentlv, he resided at Birmingham, 0., on the estate 
first reclaimed from the wilderness by his grandfather, Cahin 
Leonard, one of the earliest settlers of the town, and wliicdi 
has always been occupie<l by his descendants: he is now 
located in Toledo. 0. 

The children of David C. and Ella were — 

2400. Edward Hervev.'' b. June 23, 1878. 

2401. Helen Maretta.'" b. A])r. 21, 1880; d. Aug. 8, 188a 

2402. Jessie Susanna.M). Feb. 7. 18N2. 

2403. Gertrude Ma\'.'' b. Mar. 2(1 lss4. 

2404. Ralph Cah-in.'' 1). Dec. H). Iss5. 

2405. Cuvler Hershev.'' b. Jan. 17. Isss. 

2406. Roger,'' b. Nov. 3, 1890; d. Nov. l(i. isiio. 

2407. Hubert Benjamin.'' b. Apr. 2(;. ISO-J. 

1 734. 

William Ezra Leoxahd."^ [Bovrrs //..• Ezra/ Nathan/ 
Ezra,* Moses,^ John/ Solomon}) eldest son of Bowers Hfnve and 
Elizabeth (Cuykendall) Leonard, was 1). Mar. 15, 1861 in 
Owasco. N. Y.: m. Fel). 1(>. 1885 Yirginia Bowman, dau. of 
Francis and Ruth C (AVilk'ini Pxiwman of Aidjurn \. '^'. 


He occupies the tine fai'm in Sennett JST. Y., which was the 
homestead of his sireat-gi'andfatlier Howe, iind which has 
always remained in the family since the couiitiy was hrst 
opened to settlers. 

The children of AVilliam E. and Yiro-inia were — 
2^08. Elizabeth,'-' b. xVpr. 13. 18<S(3. 

2409. Jolm,'' 1). Aug. 13, 1888; d. Oct. 4, 1894. 

2410. Lawrence,'-' b." Nov. 18, 1893. 

1 735. 

Edwaed Leonard,- [Bowers //.,' Ezra,'^ Nathan,'' Ezra,^ 
Iloses^^ John^' Solomon}) lirother of the preceding, was b. in 
Owasco, N. Y., Apr. 27, 1863; m. Sept. 3, 1888 Agnes A. 
AYalker, only dan. of Dwdght and ALary (McAlpine) Walker 
of Aul)nrn, N. Y. He is engaged in the bicycle ti'ade in 
Aubnrn, in wliich he carries on a thriving business. 

The children of Edwai'd nnd Agnes A. are — 

2411. E.lward Walker,^ b. June 25, 1890. 

2412. Laura Mav,^ b. Mav 5, 1894. 

2413. Jessie,'M).'ALn-. 21.' 1896. 


Eu(4EXE Warxer Leoxard,''' {Orrin IF..' Jaredf' Amos} 
AndreWj^ Moses} John} Solomon,^) eldest son of Orrin Wheeler 
and Louisa A. (Bisbee) Leonard, was 1). in Say brook, Ashta- 
bula Co.. 0., ]\[ay 31, 1856; m. Aug. 7, ls86 Ma.rgarette 
Elizabeth McCrum, b. July 9, 1866, in Brockville, Ont-^ Can., 
dan. of Heiny ]\IcCrum, I), in Drummons, Ireland, and Amiie 
(Parkin) McCrum, h. in London, Eng., Oct. 12, 1846. He is 
in partnershi]) with his father in tlie leading general stoi'c at 
AVatrousvillc, ^ricli.; is a great w(_)i'lver and of good l)usiness 

Tlie children of Eugene W. and ^[aruarette E. were — 

2414. Erie Orrin,'' b. Sept. 29, 1887. 

2415. George Phigene.'' 1). Apr. 7, 1891 ; d. April, L893. 


Arthur Jaued Leoxwrd,'^ {Cyrus P.} Jared} Amos} 
Andrew} Moses} John} Solomon^^) eldest child oF C^•rus Pooler 
and P^rances A. (Coville) Leonard, was b. m Ashl;ibida, O., 
Jan. 8, ISCO; m. 1, Hattie :\I. Pih-nlxirgh. d;iu. of Alfred 
l-vif('iil)nrgh, from whom he was divoi-c(.'d, and ni. 2, (let. 20, 


1891 Lillian L. l)ral>l». \k -Ian. S, iSliO. llr is a inccliaiiic 
ami i\-si(U's at Gaylin'il. Mirli. 

Arthur . I. and ILattic M. had (Uie son — 
241(x LcRoy,'' h. Frl,. 17, Lss^}. 


Hattie Makia Leoxard,'^ {Park M.,' Levi,*' Jonas, ^ Andrew,* 
Moses,"^ John.- Soloinon}) dan. of l)r. Park M. and liehccca 
(Whitman) Li^onard, was 1). in Foil AVavnc, Ind.. Drc. S), 1858 ; 
ni. Au,u-. 27, 18i-»0 Hon. Robert Mnllins Wri-'ht." 1). Nov. 1, 
1844 in Sheffield, England (his second wife). \h' was the son 
of Thomas and Afary (Mullins) AA'right who came to America 
in 1850 and settled on a farm in Illinois. 

She was a graduate from the Fort Wayne High Scdiool and 
later from the Training Scdiool : taught in the |inl)lic schools 
of Fort WaNUie, als(,) sciiools in ^VUen Co., Indiana, and near 
Chillicothe, Ohio. xVt the time of her marriage she was Pro- 
fessor of Music in tlie AVayneTownslii}) schools. Tlie iutei'vals 
between ])eriods of school teaching had heen devote(l to music 
teaching and to newspaper work. She has contributed to the 
pi'css articles in prose and rhvme. Sin- has been identihed 
with the W. C. T. U. of Fort Wayne and moi'e lately with the 
Equal Suffrage Association of Fort Dodge, Iowa. She has 
shown some ability as an artist, haxdiig found time to paint and 
sell a few portraits. 

Her husl)and spent his eai'ly days in the oi'din;irv occu])a- 
tions of a farmer's son; stu(Ued in the coiuitry school, the 
seminary at Auroi'a, 111., and hnally at the Universitv of ^[ich- 
igan where he received his degre(_"s of A. P. and A. A[. After 
graduating he taught school h)r some years, h)r four years 
being principal of the I'ort Wayne High School. He is an 
attornev-atdaw at Ford ]-)odg(_'. Iowa., where they reside. 
Thev had one son — 

2417. Robert Leonard AYright,'' b. July 2, 18U2. 


Setti Harrison Leonard, '' (Set/i/ Xeliemia/i,'' ^^et/i;' Jus/a/t,* 
Josia/h^ Jo/in,~ Solomon.^) eldest chilil of Seth and Charlotte 
(Dean) Leonanh was b. in P)ridgcwater. Mass., Oct. 1. 1.S22 : 
m. Dec. 2. 1850 Mvra Holmes, dan. of Charles Holmes of 

*Mr. Wright m. 1. Aug. '27, 1872 Elizabeth Fowler who d. Sept. 8, 1S89 ; had Florence 
E. \Vright. b. Nov. 15, 1,^73. d. Feb. 1, 1888 : Herbert Wright, b. .\ug. 4, l.sr7, d. Apr, s, 
ISSl : Laura R. Wright, b. May 1-5, 1886 ; Elizabeth G.. Wright, b. July 1-^., 188!). 





He resides in liridgewater : his wife d. Aim'. 2, 

241 S. 

'241 !» 

Their children were — 
Laura Frances,-' b. Nov. 20, 18(30 ; d. Aii< 

27, 1.S95 ; 

m. Josejih Perkins of Middleljoi-o' 

Harrison Llovd Perkins.'^' 
Lucv Morton,-' b. Nov. 15, 1862 ; d. Aug. 28, 18(33. 
Cliarles Bailev,-' 1). Se])t. 25, 18(34; d. Apr. 28, 1873. 
Henry Morton,'-' b. Julv 27, 1868. 
Abce Myra,-' 1). May y, 1871 ; d. Mar. 8, 1873. 
Mary Louise,'' b. July 20, 1873. 


Philander Dean Leonard,*^ (&//?.' NehemiahJ' Seth;' Josiah,^ 
Josiah^^ John^" Solomon,^) brother of the preceding, was b. in 
Bridgewater, Nov. 8, 1827 ; m. Noy. 1, 1854 Georgiana Bar- 
stow of Ma,tta|)oisett. They reside in Bridgewater. 
Their children were — 
2424. Mary Munro,^ b. Dec. 13, 1856 ; m. Noy. 1, 1881 Wil- 
liam II. Rust of New" Brunswick. N. J.: had 
Louise Barstow Rust,^*^ b. Dec. 16, 1882; 
Schuyler Leonard Rust,i« b. Feb. 3, 1884. 
Resides in New^ Jersey. 



Edgar Francis," b. Noy. 9, 1858 ; ni. Sept. 25, 1888 
Rachel I. I"])hani, of Stouu'hton, Mass. 

Richard Barstow," b. Ann. 19, 1861 ; d. Jan. 15, 

Amelia Barstow,'-' b. July 22, 1865 ; in. Dec. 25, 


Hector M. (xordf 

I 833. 

)f Camlu'idoe, 

Frederic Alton Leonard,- {FranMin B.,'^ Martin,^' Sam- 
uel° Samuel,^ Josiah,^ John;' Solomon^) youngest son of Frank- 
lin Bonaparte and Almira (Benson) Leonard, was I). July 21, 
1849, in Leeds, Maine; m. June 27, 1872 Lizzie A. Parkei-. of 
Grreene, Maine, dan. of AVilliam Stinson and Mary Arm'" (Jack) 
Parker. They reside in Brockton. Mass. 
Their childi-en are — 

2428. William Alton.'' b. A])!-. 8, 1873. 

2429. Frederic Bickford.'' b. May 9. 187(3. 

i'Born in Lisbon. Maine 


I 836. 

Fhaxklix Leonard,*^ {Simeon TF.,' Spe7icer,'' iSumuclJ' Soid- 
?/t^/ Josiah,^ Jo/in^''^ ISohiuoii}) eldest son of Simeon Wood ;iiid 
Betsey (Leonard) Leonanl, was 1>. in l>i'idue\vater Fell. 27, 
1884; m. May 17, ISoli Sai'ali A. ]\[oi'ton. of Kin^Li'ston. FIk^' 
reside in Bridgewater. 

Their ebildren are — 

2430. Carolena Morton.N). June 20, LSHO. 

2431. AVilliam Franlxdin.'' 1). ( )et. 20, 1S(J3. 

1 S40. 

LiTirs KiMEALi. Leoxard,*' {Simeon IF.,' /S/jtncer," SamiieV' 
Samuel,^ Josiah,^ John,- Solomon,^) brother of the preeeding, was 
I), in Bridgewater liar. 28, 1845; m. May 19, 1872 Martha M. 
Sinie, 1). in East Abington now Roekland, Mass., dau. of John 
Sinie b. in St. Andrews, N. B., and Martha Bradford (Morton) 

Sirne (dan. of Osborne and Celia P. ( ) Morton of Plymouth, 

Mass.) ]\[r. Leonard was a shoemaker by trade. He d. Dee. 
'22, 1881 in Taunton, Mass. ; his widow resides in Campello, 

Their children were — 

2432. Herbert Elmer,-' b. Jan. 18, 1874; d. Auo-. 19. 1879. 

2433. Emma Florence.^,. Oft. 17, 1875. 

2434. Louisa May," b. Ang. 24, 1877. 

1 849. 

Austin Leonard,* {Spencer,' Spencer,^ Samuel/'' Samiiel/ 
Josiah/ John/ Solomon/) eldest son oi Spencer and Cementlia 
T. (Sturtevant) Leonard, was b. in l'>ridgewater Oct. 2(i. 1849 : 
m. Aug. 1(.), 1878 Cora Levena Battey. They reside in Nor- 
wood, R. I. 

Their children were — 

2435. Cementha Edith ■' 1». June 8, 1879 : d. Oct. Ki. Is7!>. 
243H. John Llewellvn." 1). June 27, 1881. 

2437. Bertie," b. Aug. 21, ls«2 : d. Aug. 31, 1S^^2. 

I 852. 

Fred Maury Leonard "^ ( Lewis/ Spencer/ Samuel/ Samuel/ 
Josiah/ John/ Solomon/) eldest son of Lewis and Lucy Ix 
(Waterman) Leonard, was 1). Sept. 2S. ls55 : m. Sept. .s. Pss3 
Sarah Abbie Pratt, M-). July IC. is.Vf. dan. of Pliilan<1er and 
Sarah (Leonard") (1834) Priitt of P)ridge\vater. Afr. Lcduard is 


a wholesale and commission merchant of fruit and produce at 
112 Commercial St., Boston, and resides in Winthrop, Mass. 
The children of Fred M. and Sarah A. were — 

2488. Amy Louisa,'^ b. Aus;. 21, 1884; d. Nov. 13, 1889. 

2l;31». Fred Rosc<ie.'' 1). June 1, 1889. 

1 853. 

GEORrxE Watermax Leonard,'^ {Lewis,'' Spencer f' Samuel,^ 
Samuel,^ Jo-sia/i,'^ John^~ Solomon,^) brother of the preceding, 
was 1). Mar. 2, 18()0 ; m. July 7 188B Emma J. Billings, b. in 
Providence, B. L, dau. of Henry A. and Emily E. (Handy) 
Billings. They reside in Hastings, Florida, where Mr. Leon- 
ard is manager of the Wetumjika Fruit Company and dealer 
in general merchandise and farming implements. 
Tlicir children arc — 

2140.- Faith Lillian,'' b. Apr. 27, 1887. 

241:1. Florence May,'' 1). Apr. 5, 1889. 

2442. George Vernon," 1). Julv 17, 1890. 

2443. Stella Emily,9 b. Feb. 8, L892. 

2444. Lewis Henry," b. Nov. 8, bS93. 

1 855. 

Charles M. Leonard,'' {Minot J/.,^ AriseJ^' Samuel,^ Samuel,* 
Jos/'iih,^ Jobv^' So/onion,^) eldest son of Minot M. and Mercy 
(Jenney) Leonard, was b. in Ban(l()lj)h, Mass., Mar. 12, 1840; 
m. Nov. 31, 1870 xlnna E. :\[iller. b. in Catskilh Green Co., 
N. v.. dau. of Joel B. and Eunice B. ( ) Mdler. 

He served in the army during the Civil AVar, afterwards ofoina; 
west and was tor a number of years foreman of tlie car shops 
of the C, R. I., & P. R.. H. at Daven})orc, Iowa; later was 
master cardniilder h)i' the Davenport and Council Bluffs, and 
the ( )skaloosa divisions, with his office at I)aven|)ort. He was 
considered one of the most com]_)etent men in tlie vocation in 
the country. He d. Apr. 10, 1894, at Haven] )ort, where his 
widow still resides. 

Tliev had one dau. — 

2440. Edith,''!). Feb. lo. 1888. 


Ai.oxzo H. Leonard,'' {Minot M.J Anself' Samuel^ SamueV 
JosidJi/' Johni'-' Solomon,^) brotlier of the ]M'eceding, was b. in 
Randolph, ^lass. Aug. 23, 1S43 : m. Feb. 25,' 18(>(.) Kate 
Freii'-h, dan. of Nelson and Carohne P. (P>ates) Fi'cneh. 


During the Civil Warhe served his country witli fulelity and 
luis since been engaged in the li(~)i)t and slioe l)usin('ss. Ix'iiig 
resident agent in Boston of a St. Louis lirui. His home is in 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

Tlie cliildren of Alonzo II. and Kate are — 
244(1 tWalhice M.,'' 1). June 18, LS()7 : m. Oct. 25, 1S1»2 
Mivniie C. Enierv. 

2447. Fannie I.,'' b. Apr. 8(>. 1878. 

2448. Owen L.,'' h. Mav 9, 1876. 

2449. Eleanor C.,'' b. Aug. 22. 1882. 

1 857. 

Frederick A. LEONARi),'^(il//?;oiJ/,' /l»,s«/," SamuelJ' Sarauel,*' 
Josiah,^ John^^ iSolonion,^) Ijrother of the pi'cceding. was b. in 
Eand.:)lph, Mass., April 1. I84(j : ni. Dec. 13, 1868 Amanda 
Sweet, b. in St. Catherines, Canada dau. of Cornelius and Alniira 
(Prentice) Sweet of New York state. He has a fiourisliing 
store and hardwai'C business in Collins. Iowa. lie has no 

I 860. 

WiLLrA:\i Elbert Leonard,' ( William C.,^ Ayisel,*^ Samuel,^ 
Swtnuel^^ Josiah^^ John^" Solomon^) was b. Feb. 26, 1848. in 
North Bridgewater (ncjw Brockton), ^lass.; m. Sept. 26, 1872 
Lemira Hathaway Blake, dau. of William Tisdale and Betsey 
(Hathaway) Blake, of Taunton, Mass. He is h)rei4ian in a 
shoe manufactory in AVevmoutli, ^lass. 

William E. and Lemira H. have one dau. — 

24.j(:). Bessie Hathaway," 1). Sei)t. 2. 1876. 


Geor(;e Washixgtox Leonard," {(jeorge IF..' Daniel //.,'* 
TJanielJ' Nathan,* Jo-sink,^ John^' Solomun,^) only child of George 
"W. and Eurvdice (Twiss) Leonard, was b. in Barnard. A^t., 
Oct. 17. 18oi : m. Dec. 11. 1878 Helen E. AVhitccMidt. b. in 
South Koyalton, Vt.. June o'l. IS.32. 

Tliev have one dau. 1). in Barnard — 

2451. Sejit. 21. 18S1. 

19 18. 


Hi HAM AV. J.eonard," ( ^'V//'/f/,' Da/i,'' Dan J' Jospph.* Joseph,'^ 
./'^roi," &/o?770?;,') only son of Beth ucl and Zili>lia ( AVetljerell) 
Ijeonard. was b. Api'. 1<*. 1807. ])robabl\' in AVallimii'ord. A^t.; 
m. Feb. 23, 1834 Huhlah S. Billin-s. V.. in Hardwick. Alass., 


Alio-. 28. lsi4. (lau. of Dr. David l^illino-s. Mr. Leonard 
resided in Ilai'dwiek. later in Ware, llieu in West Brooklield, 
and ti nail}' in Greenwich, Mass., wliere lie d. Jan. 27, 187i: 
his widow d. Jane 5, 1893. 

Their children were — 
2^52. Marv A.," h. Mar. 12. 1837. 
2-153. fDwiglit H.,M). Jnlv 27, 1839; d. Dec. 7, 1869: m. 

Jnne 2(i. 1866 Nellie A. Sniitli. 
24:04:. ■fWlUnun II.,-' b. Jan. 29, 184-t : m. Oct. 8, 1868 
L nth era Barjies. 

2455. Charles E.," b. Jan. 28, 1846 ; a farmer residing in 

Greenwich. Mass. 

2456. Maria E.," 1). Se^)!. 8, 1848; d. Mar. 13, 1870. 

2457. Al)l)ie J.," 1). Oct. 3, 1851 ; d. Oct. 21, 1869. 

1931 . 

Lucius Leonard,'' {Shneon^' Dan,'" Dan,^ Josepli,^ Joseph^-' 
'JavAjh^- Solomon,^) only son of Simeon and Betsey (Hill) Leon- 
ard, was b. in Wallingford. Vt.. May 12, 1815; "m. 1, Apr. 13, 
1845 Adeline Wardner who d. ^[ai-. 21. 1876 and he m. 2, 
Feb. 11, 1880 Letitia Bovnton. He resides at Reber, Essex 
Co., N. Y. 

Lncins and Adeline had — 

, b. — : d. in infancy. 

* . b. — : d. in infancy. 

, b. — : (1. in infanc^■. 

2458. Adeline Estelh;' b. — : <1. Oct. 24, 1883; m. May 

10, 1882 ; left one son. 

1 937. 

Hexry Harrison Leonard," {SetlL E.; Dan'' DanJ' Joseph,^ 
Joseph^' Jacoh,- Solomon,'^) eldest son of Seth E. and Sally 
(Bartlett) Leonard, was b. A] )r. 7, 1814 in Wallinoford, Yt.'; 
m. May 11, 1846 Mary A. Cochran of Y^inhall. Yt., dan. of 
Dea. Edw\ard(b. in Londonderry, Yt,.)and Esther (1». in Grafton, 
A"t.,) (Gibson) Cochran. In ls4(i he removed fi'om Y^alling- 
lord to AYare, Mass., whei'c he was engaged in cotton maniifac- 
tnring. He d. at AYest Brookfield Nov" 18, 1850; is bnried 
at Ware. His widow resides in Chicojiee Falls, Mass. 
Their chihlren were — 

2459. Celia Jane," b. Mar. 5, 1847 : d. Any-. 1, 1866. 

2460. Edward Baxtei-'' b. Sei)t. 27, 1848; d. Feb. 15, 1849. 



24(31. tII<-'i'iT Harrison, '■' 1). Jmi. :>, Ls:)(»: ni. .luiu- 11, 1870 

Eveline Carx'ci'. 
24()2. Kllen Kosrlla.'' 1.. Apr. 20, ls:>l ; m. .Iimc 2, 1870 

James Elliott of ^fannton. Mass., wliod. Mai'. 

25, 1884: had Alberta Louise Elliott, ^^ b. 

:\[ay IK 1871: Joseph Harrison Elliott,'"' b. 

June 26, 1873. ]\[rs. Elliott resides with 

her ni<Uher. 


Joiix Myron Leoxard,'"^ [^Alvin,'' Dan/' Dan,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseplt/ Jacob/ fS'vlomon/), eldest son of Alvin and Knth 
(Cornbs) Leonard, was li. in Ware, Mass.. xV})r. 18, 1841 : ni. 
Mar. 19, 1883 Mary Elizab)etli J'helan, dan. of John Phelau of 
Westtield, Mass. His earliest years were s])eiit on his fathers 
farm in Ware. In 1808 he en,L!a,L!-ed in the grain and milling 
business in West Warren and afterwards in Monson ; after 
selling liis interest in the business in 1871, lie worked tor sev- 
eral years in mills in Belehertown. Bai-re and Southwiek, 
subsequently removing to WestHeld where he h'ased the Little 
River Mills and soon after hired the (ireat ]-{i\-er Mills, whieh 
lie ran for several \-ears in ])artnershij) with H. C I)outon : he 
afterwards earried on the mills sueeessfully alone until I'^'.Hi. 
when he elianged his business and opened a llour and fee(l 
store in Westlield. Finding that he eould not be eonteiited. 
awav from the sound of maehinei'v he sought ioi- another mill 
and, feeling als<) the need of a ehange of climate, he reni(_)ved 


to Bhickstdue, ^"a., wliere lie leased the Bluekstone Roller 
Mills wliieli lie eoiitiinied with ^lireat success iVn- four vears. 
In 1895 lie went to Battery Park, A"a., and engaged in the 
manufacture of hricks and is a member of ihe firm of Harrison 
& Leonard, contractors and Imilders : has taken all the degrees 
of Odd Fellowshij) and Free Masonry, exce]»t the ood. He is 
a nuMnber of Trinity M. K. Church south, iu Kichmond, Ya., 
in which city he makes his home, except during the brick- 
making season whieh lasts from ^Vpril to November. He has 
no children. 


Austin Lyman Leonard,'^ {Alviy-i,' Dan,*' Dan,^ Joseph^^ 
Joseph,^ Jacob,- /Solomon}) brother of the preceding, was b. in 
Ware. Mass., Feb. 5, 1844,: m. Nov. 5, 1867 Maria Eastwood, 
<lau. of William Eastwood v\' Wai'c. His boyhood and youth 
were sj.ient on the fai'm with his ])arerits. After serving an 
a]>})renticeship\vitha watchmaker and jeweler inWare, he went to 
Northani]i)tou and was iu the employ of a jeweler there for sev- 
eral years, removing later to S})ringheld where he subsequently 
became a member of the firm of L. S. Stowe & Co.; ill-health 
compelling him to give u}) active liusincss. he sold his interest 
and after a period of rest, in 187*J he accepted a position with 
Tiffany & Co., in New Ycork, where he rtMuained until his death 
from consumption Sept. 10, 1891. AVliile in Springfield he 
was made a deacon in the First Congregational Church and was 
alwavs prominent in religious work. He was a man (^f most 
]')leasing manner and of a veiy high character and was greatly 
beloved bv all wdio came in contact with him. 

The children of Austin L. and Alaria were — 
24(33. Alice Eastwood," 1). Jtui. 11, 1873 in Springfield. 
^ 21(U. .A[abel Combs,-' b. :\ray 19, ls7.3 in Springfield. 


Horatio Leonard, "" {Ziha.'' Ziba,'^ Dan} Joseph} J<iseph} 
Jacob} Solomon,^) onlv son of Ziba and Philouiela (Cook) 
Leonard, wash, in Aslifield, Mass., Mar. 30, 1833; m. dan. 1, 
1856 Ellen Sophia Burnham, b. Mar. 8, 1838, in Conway, Alass., 
dau. of Luther Burnham, b. in Montague, Mass.. Nov. 5, 1795 
and Miranda (Holton) Burnham, b. in Northfield. Mass.. \\n\ 
15. 179S. 

For fi\'c years following his man-iage Mr. Leonard resided 
iu Coiiwa\-. then I'or a liricf time in Sliclburnc Kails, from 


Avliicli plarc lie mii()\c(l in ISCi'l to SpriiiLiru'ld. wlic-c U>r li\-c 
years, lie was eiiiployeil in the I'liitetl States Ai'iiKirv, wlieii 
lie \"<)luiitarily resiu'iied this hicratixc eniploNiiinit ainj rt'iiH»\-ei| 
to his father's farm in (ireeuliehh to earc hir his parents in 
their deeliiiing years. ()\viii,L;- to an aecideiit in childliooij, 
which left him pei'iiianeiith' lame, the farm work' was delcualtMl 
te) others ami he workeil in a cutlerv shoji in l)eriiarilstoii. 
Here he snbseiiiieiitly contracted " _L;rinders" consiinijition," 
from whicli he d. Oct. 1, 1<S1I1. He was an honored iiieiiil)er 
of the Congregational (dnirtdi in liernardston, a man of integ- 
rity, loved and esteemeil by all his acquaiutances. Ilis widow 
still resides at the farm in (Treenlield. Her P. 0. address is 
Ben lardston, Mass. 

Their children were — 
2465. Jnlia Pamelia," 1>. Jnly 31, 1808 in Conway, JNTass.: 
in. May 15, 1884 Frank E. Hager,' b. Jnly 
17, 1855, son of Elisha and Al)l)y (Brigliam) 
Hager of Heath, Mass.; liad Ernest Enssell 
Hager," b. June 18, 1885 ; Alice Lacile 
Hager,'" b. Sei)t. 9, 188(3: Grace Evelyn 
Hager.'° b. Ang. 13, 1889. Eesides 'at 
Anbnrn, R I. 
24(iH. Edward Engene," b. Sept. 12, 18()2 in Springfield: 
m. Jan. 2(5, 1890 iViinie T. Sherman, 1). in 
Providence, P. I., Se^jt. 12, 1867, dan. of 
Horace D. and Phoebe (Sesson) Sherman. 
Mr. Leonard is empiloyed in the Corlis Safe 
AA^orks at Anbnrn, K."!. 

2467. Cora Estella," 1). Mar. 1, 1870 in Greenfield. 

2468. Ellen Bertha,'' b. Jnly 1, 1878 in Greenfield. 

2469. Arthnr Bnrnham.'' 1). Aug. 7, 1879 in Greenheld. 

I 945. 

Maria Louisa Leonaj^d," {Ziba,' Ziha''' Dan^'' Josppli.^ 
Joseph''' Jacuh^- Solomori,^) sister of the preceding, was h. in 
Bnckland, Mass., Pel). 13, 1840: m. June 4, ' l85i; Henry 
Alden,"" of Conwav, Mass., 1). in Ashfield A})ril 9. 1832. <on 
of Henry and Hannah (Richmond) Alden. They resided up(,)ii 

*Joh.ii Alden,'^h. 1599, came to America in the Mayflower 1630; d. Sept. 12, IGSi", m. 
Priscilla Mullens : one of their ei^it cliil , Joseph,'! b. itii?', d. Feb. 8, 16.)?, had Jnhn,.i b. 
Sept. 39, 1674, d. 1730, who had Ebenez<-r,-i b. Oct. 8. 1720, d. Feb. 1810, who had H-^nry.:, 
b. Mar 30, 1767. d. Feb 7, 1831. m. Hannah Smith (b Sept. 21, 1772, d. Jan. 30. 1842). 
and had Henry,(i b. May 5, 1801, d. Sept G, 1877, m. Hannah Richmond (b. Sept. 25. 1802. 
d. Feb. 11, 1877), who had Heiinj,-, b. .\pr. P. )8il. d. Dec. IG, 188i m. .Time 4, Is.-jG .Maria 
L. Lt/onard. 


a fanii in Conway until 18<>9, wlien they removed to Aldeiiy 
Iowa, wliere Mi\ Aldeii was engaged in the meat marl^et busi- 
ness, in which he was very successful. Both Mr. and Mrs. 
Alden were higldy esteeiiied V»y their neighbors and friends 
tV)r their kindly disposition and hel})ful deeds. Mrs. Alden d. 
in Alden Aug. 9, 1886; her Ims'oand d. at the same ])lace 
Dec. 1(3, 1883/ 

The children of Afaria L. and Henry Ahhni were — 

'2470. Ella Maria Alden,'* 1). May 11, 1857, in Conway : ni. 

Feb. 11. 1881 Charles Lewis Furry.' b. in 

Plymouth, Ind., Auu". 2, 1852; had John 

Alden Furry/" 1). Jan. 11, 1885. Kesides 

. in Alden, Iowa. 

2171. Xellie Leora xVlden,' b. Feb. 7, 18(31 in Conway; d. 

AFay 21, 1877 in Alden. 

2172. AVilliam Henry Alden," b. Apr. 8, 18(34 in Conway ; 

m. Dec. 25, 1884 Clara Caroline Wood, /). 
June (3, 1864 in AVyoming, Wis. ; had Nel- 
lie Leora Alden,'"'!). Dec. 28, 1885; Nina 
Clare Alden,'" b. Aug. 18, 1888 ; Henry 
Alden,'" b. Nov. 12," 1890. Resides in 
Alden, Iowa. 

2478. Charles Addison Alden," b. Dec. 3, 1869 in Conway. 

2474. (jeorge Eoy Alden," b. Se|:)t. 19, 1879 in Alden. 


Leora Cornelia Leonard,'' {Ziba,' Ziba,'' Dan,^ Joseph,^ 
Joseph,'^ Jacob,' /Solomon,^) voungest sister of the in-eceding, was 
b. Feb. 18, 1840 in Buckland, Mass. ; m. June 12, 1861 Albert 
B. Clark of Conway, b. Nov^ 24, 1889, eldest son of Sanuiel 
A. and Clarissa-^'" (,' Williams) Clark of Hawley, Mass. Mr. 
Clark enlisted Apr. 80, 1861 in Co. H, lOth Mass! Vol. Infantry. 
His company was sent to guard Washington, D. C, and until 
the regiment was ordered to the front, Mrs. Clark b()arded near 
tlie camjj making herself useful by mending for the soldiers, 
etc. M]-. Clark was in the battles of Yorktown, Williamsluirg, 
Fair Oaks, (jaines' Mill, Savage's Station, Malvern Hill (where 
he was severely wounded), Battle of the Wilderness, and 
Spottsvlvania (wliere he was again wounded). He was <lis- 
charged July (>. 1864. They then resideil for a short time in 
(xreenlield, Mass., remoying in 1866 to Hawley, where they 
have since remained on the farm where Mr. Clark was born. 

Since 1878 Mrs. Clark has been unable to walk, in c<^nse- 

*Daii. of Ezra Williams of Ashfield. 


qiieiK/e of a lit oi illness and being thrown tVoni ;i ean-iage iiiid 
is contined to a wlieeled eliair. xVltliough a givat surt'erer slie 
has heroically eared for her family. She has been imu-h 
interested in the })r()gress of this Ixiok and lias rendei'e(l \-;dua- 
ble assistance. 

The children of Leora C. and Albert B. Chirk— 
2^75. George Leonard Clark/ b. Mav lU, I860 ; resides at 

Shelburne Falls. :\[ass. 
247(-). Charles Sedgwick Chirk. M). June 4,1866; m. Apr. 
IH, iSiM) Hose G. Ames of Williamsburg, 
^rass. : had Elmer Carlton Clark/" b. Jufv 
11, 18^)1, d Aug. 11, 1891. Resides at 
Nortl la 1 npton , ^lass. 

2477. Lucy Maria Clark,'-' b. Aug. 28, 1867; a, teacher in 


2478. Clarissa Philoniela Clark,M). Ain-. 4. 1869; m. Jan. 

3, 1894 George Allen Thayer, b. Aug. 24 
1868 in Plainlield, Mass., son of Frank L 
and Eliza (Guild) Thaver. Resides in Ash 
licld, Mass. 

2479. Josliua Williams Clark,'^ 1). July 24, 1870 ; resides in 

Shelburne Falls, Mass". 

2480. Albert Dexter Clark,'' b. Dec. 25, 1871. 

2481. Maud Leora Clark,'' b. Mar. 11, 1877. 

I 948. 

Dr. William Taylor Leonard,* {Reuel,' Ziba,*' Dan/'' 
Joseph,^ Jo-seoh,'^ Jacob/- Solomon/) son of Reuel and Elizabeth 
(Taylor) Leonard, was I). May 27, 1837 ; m. 1, May — , 1866 
Mrs. Lizzie C. (Jones) Folsom, dau. of Roswell Jones ; m. 2, 
June 14. 1878 Martha M. Fisk, dan. of Reuben and Phebe 

( ) Fisk of Claremont, Minn. The early death of his father 

caused tlie family to be lu'oken up and William was received 
into the family of John AVarriuer King of Hawley, who, after 
a short residence in Cheshire, removed to Macdonough, N. Y., 
and later to Newport, Wisconsin. At the first call for troops 
in 1861 lie enlisted in Co. G., 3d AVis. Yol. Infantry, after- 
wards re-enlisting for three years and serveil out his time : was 
twice wounded, first at ^Vntietam and again at ChanccUors- 
ville. After the close of the war lie resumed the study of 
medicine which he had begun before enlisting and graduated 
at Rush Medical College in Chicago in 1870. lie practiced 
liis profession foratime in Fergus Falls, Mimi., and Woiiow(^e, 


AVis..l)nt sinre 1885 has been located at AVasliburn. Wis. He 
has l)eeii local sLirgeon for the Chicago, St. Paul, ]\L and (Jniaha 
R K. for more than nine years and served in the same ca})acity 
for the C. and N. W. nearly as long. Pie has no children. 


ZiBA Allen Leonard," [Zebina E.,' Ziba/' Dan; Josrpli,'- 
Joseph^ Jacob^'' Solomon^') eldest son of Zebina E. and Philena 
Richmond (Bassett) Leonard, was h. in Goshen, Mass., Nov. 
7, 1845 ; m. 1, Dec. 25, 1870 m Providence, R L, Marv Ami 
Newton, b. in Holliston, Mass., Sept. 11, 1847; d. in Elizal)eth, 
K J., Nov. 25, 1871; m. 2, Dec. 25, 1878 Bessie Monlton. b. 
in S. Act(.)n, ]\[ass., Aug. 23, 18(io, dau. of Alljert and Iluldah 
( ) Moulton. 

Li the sju-ing of 1862, he cidisted in the 49th Mass. Regt., 
but was rejected as being too small ; Dec. 18, 1862, he again 
enlisted under the name of Allen Leonard, in Co. K, 2d Mass. 
Cavalry and served until June 30, 1865, when he was dis- 
charged. He was in the battles of South Anna, Ashl)y Caj), 
Cojde Tavern, Fort Stevens, Rockville, D. C, Winchester and 
Halltown, Ya., and was wounded bv a mime ball in left 
thigh, Se]^t. 2, 1864, near Smithfield, A^l. 

After his discharge from the army he returned to Massachu- 
setts, and for six or eight 3-ears worked in cotton mills in 
N. Adams and Ware, afterwards learned the jjainters' lousiness 
in wdiich he has been engaged since 1872. He now resides 
in Worcestei-, Mass. 

Ziba A. and Mary K. liad one dau. — 

2482. : b. Nov. 21, 1871 ; d. Pel ). 21, 1872 in Fitchl )urg, 

Idle children of Ziba A. and Bessie were — 

2483. Albert William," b. Jan. 1, 1882 in Fitchbura-. 

2484. Mabelle L.," 1). Aug. 8, 1884; d. May 8, 1885 in 


2485. Clarence Alonzo,Mj. Aug. 24, 1887 in Soutli Acton. 
248(1 Marion H.,' b. May 8, 18^90 in Worcester. 


Zebina E. Leonard,* {Zebina E.: Ziba!' Dan, Josepli! 
Joseph! Jacob! Solomon!) hvoiliiA' of the preceding, was 1). in 
Goshen, Mass., June 5, 1848; m. Sept. 20, 1871 Ellen O. 
Harris, b. in Charlcmont, Mass., Jan. 19, 1850, dau. of David 
and Cynthia M. ( ) Harris. He is in the em])loy of A. (i. 


Spalding- l^rotliers, foi'incrlv tin' ^[assacliiisctts Anns Coin- 
paiiv. ill Cliicojiee Falls. ]\I;iss. 

Tlie children ofZel)iiia K. and l^llcn ( ). were — 

24S7. Charles Ileiiiy," h. Apr. 2(i. Is7(;. 

2-iSb;. Cora Ellen," 1). An--. oO. Ls7s ; ,1. Keh. 2'il, IsT'i. 

2489. Franklin Kiiu-ene.''' 1). Nov. 2!), Lss4: d. Jiil\- 21. 


Calvin W. Leonard." [Samuel.' Ichnhod." DanJ' Joseph.' 
Jomph!' Jacobs' S'domon.^) eldest son of Samuel and Maru'aret 
(Lindlev) Leonard, was 1). in Penlkdd, (?) N. V., Aii,u'. oL 
1819; in. June 18, 181-0 Lucv A. Stevens, win.) was 1>. Se]»t. 
15, 182L His wife d. Jan. "24, 18,s;i \lv resides in Dccr- 
lield. (?) Mich. 

The children of Cah'in W. and Liicv A., all h. in 
Deerlield, Midi., were — 
249(1. Jane E.," b. Sept. 18, 1844; d. Mar. 21, LS()2. 

2491. Mary M.,M3. Sept. 10, 1850; m. —, Edwin Hender- 


2492. John C. F.,^ b. Oct. 21, 185(^ ; m. — , Elsie C. Lamb. 
2498. Cora E.," b. July 5, 1858: m. Julv 12, IsTT Joscj.h 

Smith,' -b. Aug. 12, 1860 ; rhil., Elbe E. 
Smith.'" V). Nov. 22, 1878 ; Jennie Smith,"' 1). 
Apr. 15, 1880; Nellie May Smith,'" b. Nov. 
8, 1883. 

2494. Ella J.," h. Apr. 19, 18H3 ; d Sept. 19, 1866. 

I 976. 

Allen Leonard,- {Samuel,' Ichahod,'^ iJan.'" Josejjh.' Joseph."^ 

Jacob,' Solomon,^) Ijrcjther of the preceding, was b. in Pen- 

lield, (?) N. Y., Sept. 9, 1821; m. Dec' 29, 1852, Lavina 

Hyatt, 1). Ai)r. 7, 1831. He d. Sept. 9, 1880, in Linden, Mich. 

Idle children of Allen and Lavina were — 

2495. Ida A.,'-' b. Feb. 22, 1855; m. Dec. 23, 1880 Guy E. 

Clark, b. in Albion, Mich., Mar. 18, 1856; 
chil, Leonard B. Clark,'" b. Auu". 6, 18s4. 

2496. Eva A.,Mj. Nov. 23. 1857; m. Nov. 23,' 1882 Fred 

Slocuin, b. in Holley, Mich. 

2497. Otis A.,'' b. June 17, 1868. 


Wii;ija:\[ Leonard,- {Saittwl,' /c/iabod.'' /kin/' Joseph.* 
Jusejjii.'' Jacob/' Solomon.^) l)i'otlier of the preceding, was li. in 


Peiitield, N. Y., Ncn-. IS, 1S2VI : m. Apiil 24, 1859 Martlia A. 
Scott who was b. A|:)r. 18. 1831. 

Their children all h. in Deertield, Mich., were — " 

2498. Monie D.." b. :\[ar. 3, ISHO: d. Mar. 18, 18H6. 

2499. lienriett E.,'' b. Mar. 21, 18(32 ; d. May 18, 1862. 

2500. Carrie M.,'' l). Jnlv 27, 18(33. 

2501. Wdlis G.," b. N(_)v. 3, 18(35. 

2502. Royal B.,'' b. xVpr. 27, 18(38. 

2503. Rosa B.,^ b. Apr. 18, 187(J. 

2504. Florence M.,'^ b. Feb. 2, 1875; d. Oct. 2, 1878. 

I 982. ' 

Oran(4E W. Leonard,- {Samutl' Icliahod,'' Dan,'' Joseph,* 
Joseph^' Jncoh^' Sohmon,^) youngest l»rother of the })receding, 
was!).' in Deerheld, Mich.,' Nov". 19. 1839; m. Jan. 1, 18(17 
Ca.-^sie V. Tillman, 1). Apr. 12, 1845. 
Their children were — 

2505. Ellie," h. Sept. 9, 18(38. 
250(3. Byron S.,' b. Mar. 28, 1870. 


George Rensselaer Leonard,^ {Ichahoc/,'' Ichahod,^ Don.^ 
Josepli,^ Joseph,^ -Jacobr Solomon^) youngest son of Ichal)od 
and Laura (X(_)rthrnp) Leonard, was I), in Pentield, N. Y., Oct. 
11, 1841 ; m. Jan. 15, 1879 [NLary A. Thomas. Thev reside 
m Peniield, X. Y. 

Their cliildren all b. in Peniield, were — 

25(»7. George Rensselaer,^ b. Xov. (3, 1880. 

2508. Charles Wintield,'^ 1). Apr. 12, 188(3 : d. :\Iay 7, 1887. 

2509. Laura Adelia,'' l). Apr. 12, 1889. 


Edwar]) F. JjKoy \rd,'^ {C/t a uncey M.,' Ichdhod,^' Dan,^ Joseph,^ 
Josepjh;^ Jacob? Soloynon}) only son of Chauncey M. and Eliza- 
beth (Strowyer) Leonard, was I), in Pentield, N. Y., July 20, 
1S45 : m. :\[ay 28, 1873 Maggie A. Berry, b. Nov. 4, 18o2 in 

Their children were — 

2510. Bertha E.,» 1). Oct. 24, 1874 in Fenton, Mich. 

2511. Georo-e E.,'' 1). :May 28, 1878 in Argentine, Mich. 

2512. Julia" M.,-' b. x\pr.' 23, 1880. 


I 989. 

Samuel Leoxakd.' ( Sri],: Jnsfj,],: Jusej,!,: Joseph^ Joseph j" 
Jacoh,'^ Sohinoi,^-) eldest child of Setli and Hannah (Allison) 
Leonard, was Ix in Chenango Cc. X. Y.. Oct. 2(3. 1818: m. in 
Troy, Mich., Nov. IH, 1S3H P]niily (lil)lis, !>. Jnne 1. 1821. He 
removed from Troy to Byron. ]\[irli., where he remained a 
numl)er of years and sidjsequently removed to Chesaning in 
the same state where he d. in 1^82. His ^vidow resides in 
Eeno, Nevada. 

Their children were — 

2513. fJanies C," b. Nov. 1. 1838 : m. — . iSHfi Crusen. 

2514. fJewett G.," b. June 17, 181:2 ; m. Dec. 3(», 1873 Nel- 

lie A. Jones. 

2515. Frances,*' b. — ; d. young. 

I 990. 

Joseph Leoxard,'* {Sdli.' Josepli}' Josej)h.^ Jnstpii} Jnsiq,],-'' 
Jacolic Solomon}) In'other of the pi'cceding. was 1). in Chenango, 
N. Y., Apr. 26, 1815 : m. Jan. 17, 1836 Eunice K. Crawford, 
b. Feb. 1. 1819. After his marriage he removed to Byron, 

Mich. He d. — , 1869(?). His widow sul)ser[uently m. — . 

Tuttle ; resides in Lvons, ^Nlieh. 

The children of Joseph and Eunice were — 

251H. Seth Bvron,9 b. Dec. 17, 1836 ; d. Jan. 22, l,s(;(). 

2517. Sallv Anna.'-' b. Sept. 1. 1810: m. 1.—. Is5.s Ki.Jiard 

Peter who d. — , 1873 : m. 2, — . Hall : 

resides in Los Angeles, Cal. 

2518. Edgar M..-M:). Nov. 19, 1842: d. Feb. 4. I,s72 : m. 

Jan. 1, 18()8 Edwina Barber; had one 
dau. Fannif,"' now living at !\[t. Pleasant, 
Mich. He enlisted at bs in C(X F, 5th 
^lich. Pegt., and ser^■ed three years, losing 
his left arm at Gettysl)urg. 
25U». :\[arv L..' b. Se])t. 25. is^t : in.^Nov. — . 1868 0. 
H. Brooks: had Fl.^vd Brooks.'" Harry 
Brooks'": resides in (Tran<l Rapids. 

2520. Robert C," b. Jan. 19. 1,S1:5 : d. Julv 2. 1845. 

2521. Emily H.,M3. —.1853: m. — , bsHS Milton Good- 

enouo'li : had E\"a ^[. Goodenough."' m. 
George E. Perry ; Riley C. Goodenough.'" 
Resides with her mother at Lvons. Mit-h. 


1996. Leonard,- {,Se(/i,' Joseplt,*' Josiyli^' Joseph, ^ Jos(q)h;' 
J(irnl)^~ ySohnnoit}) brotlier of the j3receding, was b. in Chenauffo, 
N. Y., Oct. 2, 1627 ; m. Aug. 22, 1854 Esther M. Stan-'of 
Royal Oak, Midi. He owned a farm a.nd I'aised stock in Troy, 
Mich., until about 1873 when he reuKivcd to Birmino-harn and 
three years later to Pontiac where he d. Jan. 12, 1880. His 
widow resides in l-Jirniingham. 
Thev had one son — 

2522. fMason N.,'' b. FeV). 29, 1856: rn. Nov. — , 1876 

Maggie E. Bingham. 


EzEKiEL Crocker Leonard,'' (,iy/i(^4/V^// H.^' Joseph^ Joseph^'' 
Jospp)h,^ Joseph^ Jacoh? Solomon,'^) eldest cliild of Amaziah H. an<l 
Laurana (Bennett) Leonard, was b, near Bino-hamton, N. Y., 
Julv ;-',!, 1812; m. June 20, 1840 Mary Ann "Leonard,^ (2002) 
b. Aug. 16. ISLS, dan. of Jose|)h" ;nid Margaret (Hammer) 
Leonard. He is a membci' of the ])ros])erous firm of Leouard 
& Ellis, manufactui'ers of lubi-iratiug oil, with office on Cliam- 
V)e]-s St., New York City. He resides at Edgewater, N. J. 
Ezekiel C. and Marv A. had one son — 

2523. fTheodore Martin,'^ 1). June 2s. 1841 : m. 1, Sept. 21, 

1871 Martini A. L'niHini'' (1550); m. 2, 
Mar. 30, 1892 Fi,]dl<i A. L^onard^ (1554). 


Levi Leonard,''' {AmaziuJi //.,' Joseph^'' Jos<p)h,^ Josip>li,^ 
Jf>--<(p)li;'' -Jacoh'} Holnmon^) brother of the ])receding, was 1). 
near Binghamtou, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1815; m. 1, Nov."l4, 1852 
Charlotte Taggart, in Evansville, Wis.; she d. Mav 31, 1856, 
and he m. 2," Oct. 6, 1858 Mrs. Sarah Maria {- — ) Jones. 
They i'(.'side at F^vansville, AVis.; have no ."hildren. 


Seth Leonard,^ {Joseph; JosephA' -Lis, f,],^^ Joseph,-^ Joseph,^ 
Jdcohr Solojiioit,^) only son of Jose[di and ^Margaret (Hammer) 
Leonard, was b. Mar. 26, 1820, in Clienango, Broome Co., 
N. v.; m. Feb. 26, 1845 Esther Jane Perkins, b. in Trov, 
Mich., dan of FLarvey and Elizabeth (Pearsall) Perkins. ""^ In 

*Mr. and Mrs. Perkius were m. in Scipio. Cayuga Co., N. Y., in 1830; removed to Troy, 
Asliland Co., Mich., in 1855, then a wilderness. Mr. Perkins d. Oct. 17, 18S2, and Mrs. 
Perkins afterwards m. Gilman Alexander and d. May 3, 189], 


18o5 his father 1'(.miio\c(1 with his I'aiiiilv to AI icIiiLiaii, and 
boiiglit wihl hind in Trov. ami was assistcil in I'cchiiiiiiii;.;' it 1)\' 
his son, who hiter aided othia' faiMnta's in tlie same wa\- nntil 
the time of his marriage, when he honght a iMiiiii)n of llie 
farm which had belonged to iiis wife's L'atliei': he remained 
here a few years and aftei'wards 'oonght and sold other farms 
ill the same town, is now residing witliin a few miles of his Hrst 
purchase. He is a man of nundi intelligence, well I'cad, 
possessing an excellent memory, domestic in his tastes very 
hospi table and C(^mpanional)le. 

The children of Seth and Esther are — 
■io'ii .1 uliaettc'M ). Noy. 27, 1S4(5 : m. Dec. 1, Lsnii Artliur 
AVatkdns. b. in Onondaga Co., N. Y., son of 
])arius and Elizabeth (M(dbirney) Watkins ; 
chil, Mabel Elizabetli Watkinsd" b. Sept. 8, 
bSHT, m. May 2. bsill Arthur (diilds ; IJarry 
Watkins.'" 1). June 14, bsc.l) ; AFvrta Wat- 
kins."' b. Oet. i:), 1870: (jrace Watkins."' b. 
Nov. 12, 18S2 : Don AVatkins,i" i,_ j,,„(_. ,^,_ 
1889 ; resides at Bellaire. Mich. Mr. Wat- 
kins was four years in the army. 
2r)-_>r). Major Allen,'' b. Sept.' 7, I8d8 ; m. Kcl). 22, 1871 
Afai'y Lawrence, dan. of Ivev. Russel and 
Lncinda (d''hom[)Son) Lawrence of Oakland, 
Mich. : no clid. ; engaged in real estate busi- 
ness : resides in Detroit, Micdi. 
27)2(3. Orisa Star,'* b. Dec. 6, 185-1; ni. Aug. 3, 1874 Elnna- 
E. Lawrence, son of Eev. Russel and 
Lucinda (Thompson) Lawrence: chil. Nina 
Lawrence,'"!). Api-. 20, 1876: Gertie Law- 
rence,"'!). Afar. 4, 1879: Eloyd Lawrence,^" 
1). June 24, 1889: i-esides in Avon. Mich. 

2527. fCharles lioljcrt.'-' 1). Scjit. 9, 1,S56: m. Eel). 20, 188(5 

Katie A". Cutting. 


Silas Leonakd,- {Josiuli'' Sihis^^' Jnxcph:' Jns,'j,li^^ Jns,'i,li^'' 

Jncdh^- SoloiiKjn,'^) e\(\QAt. child of dosiali and Hutli ((iivg(.ry) 
Leonard, was b. in Kent, Conn.. Dec. 2(.». Isl7: m. — . Po]|\- 
ALirshall in Kent. Tie was a resident of New l?rcston. Conn., 
in 1884. 

The cliildren of Silas and Polly were — 

2528. Emily.'-' b. Alay 24. ls51. 


2529. Flora,'' 1). Sept. o, 1854. 
253U. Mvra.'-' b. Jnlv 24. 1858. • 

20 10. 

Charles Leonard,^' {Jo-siah,' /Silas,^ Josepli,^ Joseph,^ Joseph'^ 
Jacoh^~ Solomon,^) brother of the precedino-, was b. in Kent, 
Conn., Aug. 5, 1821 : ni. Aug. 28. 1848 Huldah Buell. He 
resides on Fuller Mountain near Kent, where he owns a good 

The children of Charles and Huldah were — 

2531. G-arwood,'^ b. June 2(3, 1850 : d. Ana-. 23. 1860. 

2532. Martha.'-' 1). Feb. 11, 1852 : d. Nov. 23, 1861. 

2533. Evelyn,'-' b. Mar. 3, 1853 ; ni. Sept. 10, 1872 Andrew 

Ilodo-e ; resides in Kent. 
. 2534. Yesta.-' 1). Jai^ 1. 1863 : d Mar. 12, 1865. 

201 1. 

Nelson Leonard,* {Jos/a//,' -SV/r/.s,''' JnsepliJ' Jos(;ph} Josuph;'' 
Jacoh^- Solomon,^) brother of the precedino-. was b. in Kent, 
Conn., Oct. 24, 1824: m. Nov. 17, 1852 Mary Eliza Morse, b. 
Oct. 29, 1S24 in Coventry, R I. dau. of Calel) and Huldah 
(Arnold) Morse. He resides in Lewis Centre, Ohio: has been 
engaged in teaching and cultivating a farm. 

The children of Nelson and Marv E. were — 

2535. fJohn Henrv,-' b. Jan. 6, 1855 : m. Feb. 8, 1881 Marv 


2536. Emma Delilah,'-* b. :SIay 4, ls57 : m. Jan. IS, 1879 

William C. Cruickshank. b. in Delaware, 
O., son of Wm. and Cynthia (Fisher) Cruick- 

2537. fCalel) Morse,'^ b. Oct. 20. 1858 : m. Oct. 22, 1885 

Anna M. Eastman. 


EdAVAKI) LeOXAKD.^ {Dnrid.'' AV/rt.s," Josep]i° Josepli ,^ Jos(q)]i^^ 
Jarnh'} SdJonton,^) only son of David and Hannah (^Moi-ey) 
Leonard was 1). in Kent, Conn., 1823: m. 1, — . Laura Bronson 

of Kt.ixbury, C(.>nn.. who d. Ls72 and he m. 2, — , . 

Edwai'd and Laura had one son — 

2538. Frank Ibitler,'' Ix — , 1<S71. 


201 5. 

( )i!VKLL Leonard,^ {Amasa.: Silas,^' Jus<'ii],J' J<i-^' i>li,^ Ji^scjil,.'' 
Jarijlir Solomon}) eldest sdu of Anuisa and Diana (Katoii) 
Leonard, was 1). in Kent, Conn., (Jet. 11, 1Sj!(»: m. X(>\-.. ls47 
Phcel)e Cunnnings. He resided in Kent wluax' lie d. Mar. '1{\. 
lyOo: Ids widowed. Feb. 24, 1867 aged 81) vrs. 
Their ehiidren were — 
2.-)3*). p]zra,''l.. Aug. 26, 1848 : d. Apr. 11, 18(58 : ni. — , 

George Sterr\- of Kent. 
2r)40. Charles,'^ b. O'et. i>. I8r)0. 

2541. Aim EHza,'' ]). Anu'. 20, 1802: m. John Chase of 

Do^•er, N. Y. 


Jerome R Leoxard,^^ {Annisd.'' Silos*' Jnsrj,],}' Jnsrp]i} 
Joseph,'^ t/acoh,^ Solomon}) l)rother vi the j)reeedini;', was b. in 
Kent, Conn., Sept. 23, 1822 : m. Mar. lo, 1852 Susan M. 
AVhite of Dover, N. Y. He resides on the homestead of Ins 
grandfather. Si his, in Kent. 

Tlie ehiidren of Jerome R. and Susan M. were — 

2542. James H.." b. Feb. 8, 1854; resides with his father. 

2543. William R..'M). Jidv 27, 1855 : d. Apr. 3, 1884 : m. — . 

2544. Aliee,'-' b. Se])t. 3, 'i860: d. Apr. 3, 1883. 

2545. Burton," 1). Oet. 31, 1863: d. j\[ar. 4, 1885. 

201 9. 

Levi IjEOXARD,''^ {A(]<risnit} Silos,^' Jnspph!' Jn^riil,} ./(LSrjilir 

Jacob} Soloiiioii}) son of Addison and Clarissa (l>emiett) 
Leonard, was b. in Kent, Conn., Jan. 1(>, 1820: m. 1. — . 
Marv J. Leonard." (2029) dau. of Elijah and Abby ((Till)ert) 
Leonard: m. 2. Oet. 5, 1866 Olive A. Harvey, b! Sept. U), 

1845, dau. of P]dwin and Bessie ( ) Ilarvev, of Iladdam, 

Conn. He served as a Sergeant for three years in the 1st 
Conn. Cavalry during the Civil AVai': is a farmer and resides 
in Durham, Conn. 

Levi and ^Sfai'v J. had one dan. — 

2546. Lizzie W..'' b. Feb. 22, i860: resides with liei' 

mother in Bridgeport. 
The ehildi'en of Levi and Olive A. were — 

2547. Jose])liine A.," b. Auo-. 10. LsHT. 

2548. Ida A..'* h. Nov. 11. i8(;8. 

2549. Hattie R..'' b. Apr. 22. 1873. 



Burton Washburn Leonard,- {Elijah,' ^S(Ia■s,'' Joscji/i,^ 
Josepli,^ Joiiepli'^ Jocoh'^ Sohinun,^) only son of Elijali and 
Abby ((rilljert) Leonard, was b. in Kent, Conn., Sept. 24, 
1823 ; m. May 2, 1846 Emily Ann Whitney, dan of Rev. 
Aaron W. Whitney. As one of the firm of Leonard & Silli- 
nian, he is an extensive mannfactnrer of flouring and grist 
mill machinery at Bridgeport, Conn. It is mainly through 
his aid that the descendants of Silas,'' {bi^'o) are here so fully 

The children of Burton W. and Emily A. wei'e — 

2550. Gu.^sie L,** b. Jan. 2, 1848 ; d. Feb, 15, 1882 ; m. Oct. 

20, 1870 ErvaB. Silliman in Brido-eport : had 
Harry L. Silliman,^*' b. Mar. 14, 1874. 

2551. Grace Frances,^ b. — . 

2552. W. Whitney," b. June U), 1867 ; a jihotographer m 



l)r WrLLiA:\i Huntington Leonard,'^ {Dext'^r J/,' Recoia- 
peuse!l' Benjaram," Joseph,^ Josi^ph;'' Jncoh^' Solomon,^) only child 
of Dexter M. and Electa (Owen) Leonard, was b. Dec. 2, 1825 
in Manslield, Conn.; m. 1. Oct. 11. 1853 Jane Augusta Preston. 
b. Aug. 19, 1825, dan. of P]arl C. and Harriet (Fox) Preston of 
Eastford, Conn.: m. 2, (Jet. 11, 1886 Josephine C. Yichoe 
Wakeman, dan. of J. A. and Huldah (Styles) Wakeman. He 
was graduatc(l froui tlie IS'ew Haven Medical College in 1853 ; 
practiced his profession for a short time in Wyoming, N. Y.; 
in 1855 removed to Minneapolis, Minn., where he still resides 
and where he has enjin'cd a large and luci'ative practice. 

The children of Dr. William H. and Jane A. Avere — 

2553. fWilliam Edwin,'^ b. July 27, 1855 ; m. Oct. 6, 1881, 

Marion Louise Marshall. 

2554. Earl Preston," b. Jan. 16, 1858; d. Jan. 17, 1859. 

2555. Gei-trnde Jane," b. Dec. 13, 1860. 


Charles FIenry Leonard,'^ (C//ro'A.s' F.~' T)ari<] A..*' JMr /</,■'' 
'/its>j)Ji^^ Josepli,^ Jacoh^ ^olomoii^) son of Chai'les Frederick 
and Lnci'ctia (Knowdes) Leonard, was b. in Mt. Vernon, Ind., 
June 3, 1841 ; lu. June 30, 1881 Florence Marguerite Gorman, 
b. ill (Jvvensvillc. Lid., ^^lav 22. ls,")6, dan. of Col. George W. and 
(^^c(^uad(') (ioi'tuan. He was educated in tIh^ oublic 


schools of his nativetown and at Wabash CoUow. Wliilc lllliiig 
a position in the County Clerk's otliee he enlisted in May, IBiid. 
lov tlie ''100 days" call. .Vftcr tlie expiration i>f his tei'iu of 
service he filled several elerkships in l)ank and store, until he 
eng-aged in l)usiness for himself as a merchant. Since 1878 
he has been located in Owensville, Ind., his ].)resent business 
l)eing the sale of wall papers, school supplies and fancy articles, 
diaries H. and Florence M. liave one son — 
255(3. Ernest Manning," h. Nov. 4, 1884. 


FeEDEHICK PiEKCE LE(_>XAR1).'' {('jiiirlr.i F./ l)<iriil J..'' 

Dacid.'' Jo.iejjlt,^ JosephJ' Jacoli'} Snhniinii}) half-brother of the 
preceding, eldest son of Cliarles F. and Mai'v E. (Pierce) Leon- 
ard, was b. in Mt. Vernon. Ind., X(^v. 4. LS58 : m. in ^[t. 
Vernon. Oct. 27, 1892 Esther Harrow. 
Their children are — 

2557. Mark," b. Xov. 5, 1893. 

2558. Juliette,'' b. Jan. <!. 1895. 


MaEK TeAFTOX LeoXAHD.'' {Glmrh's F.,' Dur'nl A.f' Dar'nl:' 

Ji)siq)]i} Jo><i^p]i'^ Ja':(jh'} Snlontoii}) brother of the jtreceding, 
was b. in Mt. Vernon, Ind.. Jan. 1-1. l8()o : m. in Mt. \'crnon 
June 4, 1886 Mary R Sullivan. He is Ass't Cashier of the 
^[t. Vernon Banking Company. 

Mark S. and Marv R. have one son — 

2559. Frederick Cliarles,'' 1). :\rar. 12, isVMj. 

2 I 10. 

Dr. Charles Hexry Leonakd,"* {Mannhirj^'' Zenux L..*' 
J)iiri(]} Jo.^ppli,^ Jofieph? J(i.coh!~ Solomon.^) eldest son of Plan- 
ning and ]\[ai'v F. (Ammidown) Leonard, was b. in ^Fadison. 
Ind.. Dec. 29.' 1841 : m. in Southl)ndge, .ALiss.. June 1, 1872 
Mary Grace Beecher, !>. in New Haven, Conn.. June 13. 1841, 
dan. of Smith and Mary (Short) Beecher. Wlien he was but 
little more than an infant his parents removed to Southbridge. 
Mass., the early home of his mother. He attended the schools 
of the town and cora])leted preparation for college at AVilliston 
Senhnary, Eastliam})ton, Mass., and entered Vale in Sej^t., 1860, 
with the •• Class of 1864." At the beginning of Junior Vear 
he eidisted and joined Co. A. 45th Mass. Vol. iJegt. for the 
term of nine months, which was sjieiit ia sei'viccin Xonh Cai'o- 


liiia. Returning to Yale he completed the course and grad- 
luitril with oration honors Jul}" 27, 1865. He graduated in 
medicine, College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York 
City, March, 1868, being the I'ecipient also of the first Harsen 
prize for the hest report of cases seen at the clinical lectures 
at Xew York City Hospital: received an appointment to the 
medical staff of Charity Hospital, Blackwelhs Island, N. Y., 
and served for the term of eighteen months. Since January, 
1870, lie has been in |)ractice as physician and surgeon in 
Pi'ovidence, R. I. ; has l)cen for many years in charge of the 
public vaccinations for the health department and is one of the 
consulting physicians for the Lying In Hospital. For two 
years (1889-1890) was president of the Providence Medical 
Association. He has written a jiamphlet upon "The Original 
Jennerian Vaccine Virus as used in the City of Providence,'" 
1886, and a " Memorial Manual c^f the Union Congregational 
Chui'ch," 189-1, whicli has Ix'cn pronounced a model of com- 
])leteness and accuracy. 

The children of Charles H. and Mary G. are— 

2o60. Grace Fisher,'' b. A]^r. 11, 1873. 

'i.KU. Mary Beecher,-^ 1). June 27, 1876. 

25(;2. George Manning,'' f). July 2, 1877. 


BeKXAKI) A^LMIDOWX LeoXARI),- {MiiiniiiKl,"' Z(ntas Z.,'^ 
1 )(iri(1;^ Josijili.^ .jnsi'pli:'' .Jiiciih'} SoJoiii'iii}) brother of the pre- 
ceding, was 1). in Southbridge, Mass., July 25, 1841 ; m. 1. in 
Warsaw, III, May 31, 1871 Nellie fucker Burr,* 1). in 
Leicester, Mass., Oct. 17, 1852, dau. of Heman Merrick and 
Ellen (Russell) Burr: m. 2, m DePere, Wis., June 2, 1888 
Elizabeth Ermina Newton, b. Mar. 11, 1816, at Green Bay, 
Wis., dau. of Abel Bensmore and -Betsey (Leonard" (1195)) 
Newton.** His eaidv vears were spent in the town of his 
birth. AVhile in his third year in the High School he showed 
liis loyalty and patriotism l)y enlisting when Ijarely eighteen 
years of age, in Co. A, 15th Mass. Vol. Regt., but, to his life- 
\o\vy regret, his strength ])roved unequal to the strain of army 
life, and he was unable to accompany his comrades to the 
front. LTntil the past fifteen years his life has been mainly 
devoted to business, for which he made special ])re])aration by 

*St^e " Burr Family in America," page 36i3. 

**See No. 3049 " History and Genealogy of the IMontague Family in America," page 
47(i ; and " American Ancestrj'." Vol. 4, page 78. 


a eour^^e at ;\ liusiness eolleu'c in BostDii. lie was at one lime 
engaged in the Innibev business in Detroit. Midi., in the linn 
of IT Hi. M. Diriij],! ^i• (',,__ later as a stove niannfactnivr in Cin- 
einnati in the Greemcond Slarr {\,., and snl»se(pient]\- in a spiee 
mill and grocery in Jaeks(Mi, Mieli.. in the hrm of 
FunL D'^Ldiitnti^r tC' (_'n., as a jiartnei" in eacdi. For the last 
ten years he has spent mueh time in tr\-ing to eomjilctc his 
father's nntinished record of the Deseendants of Solomon 
Leonard and his efforts to add to the material for this hook have 
been indefatigalde. He is a member of the ordei' of ( )dd 
Fellows: a gra(biate in 188fi of the Amei-ican Institute of 
Phrenology in X(_'w York : a member of the Institute of 
Heredity in Boston: alst:> a member of the ( )ld Colony His- 
torical Society, Tauntrni. Mass.. and of the AVorcester Society 
of Anti(|uity : in jxilitics he is a Prohibitionist. Since 1888 
he has resiiled at (Enon Farm. DePere. Wisconsin. 

The children of Bernard A. and Nellie T. were — 

2563. Heman Burr.'' h. Aug. -I'l. 1872 in Detroit. Alich. 

2564. Russell Ammidown,'' h. Xov. 1, 1874 in Southbridu'e, 


2565. Eleanor Tucker.'' 1). July 8. 1876 in Southbridge ; 

d. July 3. 187(:'). 
25i)(). ^[anning.'' 1). Dec. 15. 1877 in Jackson. Mieli. 

2 117. 

Dr. Zexas Lociv\yo()i) Leoxar]).'' {Lin usj Zenas L.!' Daci'JJ' 
Jij^itpli,^ -Az-sey ///,•' Jo.col)- Suhjiiion}) eldest son of Linus and 
Sarah P. (Haradon) Leonard, was b. in Sturbridge. Mass.. Jan. 
28. 1857: m. Dec. 29. 1881 Georgie A. Dennis, b. in New 
York City. Dec. 6. 1858. dau. of George W. and Mai-y ^V. 
(Huntington) Dennis. He prepared for college at AVilbraham 
Acatlemv and AVilliston Seminarv. entered Brown l'ni\n'rsitv 
arid later transferred his ronncction t() Cornell l'ni\'ersity. 
where he took a special course in chemistry preparatory to 
medical studies and graduate<l from the medical de|iartment 
()f tlie University of New York in the class of 188(.». He 
resides in New Yoi'k city, where he has secured an excellent 
practice. For some vears he has l)een attached to the X. '^'. 
Eve and Ear Intirmarv. throat dep»ai'tmcMit. as sui'geon and 
lecturer, making a sjtecial studv of this bi-andi of niei brine 
and surgery. 

Dr. Zenas L. and Georgie A. have one dau. — 

2567. Edith.-' b. Fel). 8. 1891. 



Dr. Hexky Fiske LEoXAiii),'' {Liii/is,^ Zriias L.!' Durld:' 
'Jos(.'j)]i.^ Jd-si^iili .■^ Jarnh^- Suhniinii}) l_)r()tliei' of the jtrecedin^u', 
was 1). in Sturhridge, Mass.. I)ee. 18, 1858; in. Sejit. 8, 1880 
Katharine IIele]i Ammidown. 1). in Southljrido-e, Sfass.. July 
2(5, 1858, dan. of Henrv Chiy and Marv Town (Litehlield) 
Ammidown. He recei^"ed his pre|.)aratoiy edneaticjn from 
varions }»rivate instrnetors and entered Harvard Medical 
School in the fall of 187(i. l)nt after one }'ear's stndy at that 
institntion he reinoved to New York city and entered the 
Colleo'c of Physicians and Surgeons (now a dejiartment of 
Colnml)ia) and in two years received the degree of M. D. He 
])racticed one winter in Chicago, going from there to Boston 
where he has established a large and lucrative })ractice. 
Always fond of animals he l)ecame interested in C(-Mnparative 
medicine as a pastime. At the solicitation of a friend lie pur- 
sued the requisite course of study at the Harvard A^eterinary 
School, taking the degree of M. D. \ . in June, 1891. The 
following autumn he was appointe(l clinical lecturer in veter- 
inarv medicine and in January, 1892, lecturer in veterinary and 
comparative anatoni}- at that institution. In August, 1892, 
without solicitation on his part, he was given a three years* 
appointment and became a memlier of tlie Facultv of Harvard 
Universit}^ ; this position he still retains as an interesting and 
instructive recreation in the life of a busy ])ractitioner of 
human medicine. 

Dr. Henry F. and Katharine H. have one son — 

2568. Edward lienry.'^ b. May 4, 1884. 

2 135. 

James Henry Leonard,^ {Janu^^s JI..' Calrb F./' Dacid,^ 
Joseph,^ Joseph^' Jacoh'^ Holomoii}) (july son of James Madison 
and Jane N. .(Thompson) Leonard, was h. Mar. 8, 1852, in 
Bridgewater, Mass., in the house which was built by his great- 
grandfather David Leonard; m. Jan. 11,1882 Mary Johnstone, 
b. Dec. 20, 1857 in La Grange, (J., dan. of Charles and Mary 
(Fisli) Johnstone. Pie obtained his education at the Bridge- 
water Normal School and 01)erlin College, being a graduate of 
the latter in the class of 1878. In the intervals of study he 
taught school and after liis graduation studied law. was admitted 
to the bar and began the practice of his profession in Elyria, 
C)liio, where he still resides in successful pi'actice. 
James H. and Marv have one son — 

25(>9. Charles Mannino-,""]). Dec. 25, 1885. 


2 1 62. 
FkAXCES DaXA IjEOy A\U).^ (O'Oiyr A'.' Jf>ii(i///iiii.'''Jni,'i//niu.^ 

tTosejih,* t/ose/ih,'^ Jacob,'~ jSoIoiiioii}) cldi'sT son of (icdi-n'r King- 
man and Caroline (Ayres) Leonard, was li. in Sandwicli, Mass., 
Fel:). 6, 1835 : rn. Ang. 9. 18<is Elsinor Olivn'. 
Thev liad one dan. — 

2570. Caroline F.,'' 1). Oct. 17. ls70. 


George Albert l^Yioy:xBJ),^{G<:orijf^ K.''Jnii(i.i]inii!'Jniniilinn:' 
Josejtli.,^ Joseplt^^ Jacuh- Solornon}') l)rotlier of tlie ])rece(lino', 
was b. Jan. 29. 1839: ni. Jnne 18, 1862 Sarah A. I'ierce. 
They liad one son — 

2571. Georo'e Theodore,'' 1). Ana-. 4. Fsiil:. 



Charles Campbp:ll Leonard,'' {James K,^ Cliarks E.: Eze- 
k'leW' 'John,'' SaiJt/'cL^ Samuel,^ *Sarnuc4,^ Solomon,^) sou of James 
Ezekiel and ElizaV)eth (Campbell) Leonard : m. Mar., 1890 
S<»}iliia Pliinij^s of Minneapolis. 
Their children are — 
2^72. Charles Eov.^" ■ 
257^!. Mariraret.i"' 


William Adelbert Leonard,'' ( (T-Voz-yr- M.,"^ Ezra,'' Truman,*' 
Ezra!' XafJnrn,^ Sarnud,^ Samuel^' Solo'moii}) eldest child of 
Ge<M'ge Milton and Charlotte (Reed) Leonard, was b. in Well- 
ington, O., Feb. 2T 1868 ; m. 1. xVpr. 10, 1888 Carrie Brewster, 
wh<:) d. Jnlv 31, 1889: m. 2, :\[ar. 12, 18l»l Lillian Dice. He 
has a store for selling confectionery, tobacco, etc., at Akron, 0., 
and is postmaster oi South Akron. 

William A. and Lillian have one son — 

2574. Burt Elsworih,'" b. Feb. 13, 1892. 


Milton Sylvester Leonard,'-' {Philn 7'.,- Masts,'' Moses,^ 
Samuel,'' Iloses,^ Moses,^ Jalin,^ SoJomnn}) son of Pliilo T., and 
Ann E. ((TOiMhvin) Leonard, was b. Jan. 28, 1860; m. May 3, 
1885 Kosa Brown. 

Tlieir children are — 

2575. Edwar.l M..^" 1). Jan. 12, 1886. 

2576. Ervin,"'l). June 7, 1888. 


Ezra John Leonard'^ {Voluri/ C.,^ Ezra,'' Ezra,'' Xii>(h!^ 
J/nsts^ Moses;' John'! Sohmou,'^) only son of Yolney Clarke and 
Esther (Reynolds) Leonard; was b. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 
iViir. 5. 1859 ; m. Jan. 3, 1878 at Cedar Rapids, Maoo-ie PLivs, 
b. in La Salle, III., Ang. 31, 1859. He was killed 'by a rail- 
road accident neai- Waterlo(^, Iowa, in 1888. 


Tlic cliildi'cii (if l^zni ,1. ;ni(l MaLiLiic wci'c — 
'i:ul. (Mini'lcs \V:iit."' li. Dec. j!2, isTs'in Cnhir IJnpids. 
'lol^. William \\\'stk>v,"' 1). .lulv 20, i-SSl in WatcrhH.. 


AVaLI.ACK M. LkoNAI!!..'' {AInirj, //..' Mnn.l ,!/..■ Ans.i:' 
Sdniinl,-' Siimnrl.^ .Ii isin h ;' Jiihn.'' Si ih i iin i ii .'' ) cldcsl soil of 

.\](iii/,o II. and Ivatc ( Krcncli ) Leonard, was l>. .Iiiiic Is. lS(;7; 
ni. in l)()ston, ^[ass., ( )ct. 2.'), 1S!I2 Minnie Caroline l<anei'\- of 
Oraii.uv, Mass., 1). Sept. 4, 1S(')S. H,. was fitted lor cojlcuv at 
the Wevmonth North Iliiiii School, iiradnated from Amherst 
Colle^u'e at tlie :vj:v of 'Jl. standing second in a class of eightN'- 
nine men. l^'oi' two \eai"s lie was head jM'ofessor of the Ho\a] 
Normal College for the l>lind in London. JMig.. and is now 
with tlie house of P. Ulackiston, Son \- Co., 1012 Walimt St., 
Philadelphia, and resides in ( iermaiitown. 

Wallace M. and Minnie C. Iia\'e one son — 
2r)7U. Wallace >L."Mr.. 1.. dan. S, lsil.\ 


DWKillT 11. LK()XA1!I»,'' (///'/v//// ir.," I'xlhnrl: Dnnf' I)<i„A 
.JnA,ph.^ .Jiisriih:'' .Idi-nhr Sniniiini,}) eldest Soil of I I i I'a ill W. 

and ILnldah S. (l)illiiigs) Leonard, was li. in I lard wick. >Lass,. 
.lnl\- 27. LS81); m. dnne 2(1, 18(>H Nellie A. Smith of jirookline. 
Mass. l[e was emplo\'ed at the gas \V(.)rks in ])rookliiie. in 
which town he d. l)ec. 7, iSlii). 

Dwi-ht II. and Nellie A. had one dan. — 
2:)S0. Nellie 1)..'"1). .lime 17. PSCl) : d. An-'. 1. Ls7o. 


WlM.IAM II. LK(iNA1;|).'' (////■"/// ir.,'' lirlliinl: l)uii,'' l)iii,:' 
.fiisijili} .Josijiiir .jiloihr Snlniinni.^] lil'other of the | HVcim j i 1 |g. 

was 1)." ill Ilardwick, Mass., dan. 211. IMd: m. Oct. S. IsC.s 
Lnthera l)arnes of ( ii'eenwi(di. ]\Iass. He is a hirmer in Liifu'ld, 

The (diildreii of William II. and Lnthera were — 

2581. Arthur K..'"!.. Apr. !». 1-^72; d. Sept. ;;, ls7'.». 

2582. Marv,i" 1). Nov. 12. 1875. 

2583. Gee )ru-e, '" 1 >. J n 1 \- 2 , L8 7 7. 



IIeXKY IIaKRISOX LeOXARD,'' {Henri/ //;- Srfli E.: Dan!' 
Da 11,^ J<is('i)]i,^ JoscpJi,"^ fliirnli'^ Solomon}) Soil (.)t' IIciii'\' Har- 
rison ;iii(l Mar\' ^V. (Cochran) Leonard, was h. .Ian. 5, 1850; 
111. Jtinr II, IcSTiJ Eveline Carver of '^ra.unU)n, Mass. 
'^riiev have two (lauu'hters — 

L>.Jb4. Edith Adelaide,!" 1). Dee. 18, 1880. 

2585. Esther Florence,'*' b. May 15, 1885. 


I)l-. JaMKS C. LkoNAHD,'' (.SW/////'// Sell,: Josriih,*'' Joseph J' 

.jdsrpji} Jnscjili } JdCiili} Soloiiinii}) eldest Soil of Saiiiiiel and 
Eiiiilv ((iil)l)s) Leonard, was 1). in Uvroii, Mich., Nov. 1, l8o8 ; 

111. — , 18()() in California, Criisen. His father removed 

with his faJiiilj to Chesaning, Mieh., and from there JamOvS C. 
went to California and remained for sexcral vears engaged in 
the practice of dentistrv and then reiiio\('(| to l)oise Cit\', Idaho, 
where he still resides. 

Thev have one dan.- — 
258(>. Kay.'" !>■ — . l^''^- 

25 I^ 

Dr. dEW'ETT ( T. LeOXAKD,'' (Stl n/ or/,'' Sr/// / Jnsrj,// ^'' ./n.srj,// ,'' 

Jiisijih} ./o.s7y>//,'' Jwoh^- Solonooi}) brother of the [)receding, 
was I), in lU-ron, Mich., Jniie 17. l.Sl:2 ; m. Dee. oO, 1878 
Nellie A. Jones. He is a dentist and lived a nnmlier of vears 
in Snsanx'ille, Cal., from which phu-e lie rciii()\'ed to Reno, 
Nevada, that he might l_»etter educate his children, who are — 

2587. E. Maude/" b. — , 1870. 

2588. Le(),i" b. — , 1878. 

2589. Rav NowlaiKb"' b. Dec. L<), 1880. 

2590. J. Frank,!" ],_ i)^,^._ ^^^ ^y.^^. 

2591. Otis Trow,!" b. Julv 28, 1884. 


MaSOX N. LkoX.ARD," {('Jiorlrs.'' Srlli} ,J,isrj,li.'' Josopli}' 

Ji>srjili} .Jnsf'pli,''' Jacoh^- Solomon}) oiil\' child of Charles and 
Esther M. (Starr) Leonard, was b. in' Troy, :\Lcli., Feb. 29, 
1850: 111. Nov. — , 1870 Maggie E. l)iiigliain, who was b. 
Mar. 20, bS55. lie is a farinei- and dalryiiiau, keeping a herd 
of from hfly to sixty cows and has about 270 acres (jf land ; 
has been sujKM'visor of the town of Trov for the past two years. 

LEON A HI) GENE. 1 IJH / ) ' 


Tlie cliildi-cii of Mason N. ami MaijLiic Iv arc — 
2of»2. CMiarlcs M.,"' 1). Sc].t. 14. Is77. 'is stn.lviii- .Icnial 

snrL!('i'\- ill I)flr()il. 
259;l Stewart I..'"' 1).' An-'. H. ls7!i. 
27.94. llarrv IV.'" U. Oct. Ki. Issl. 

2r^\)r,. Bui-t'K.."' I.. ,iiilv i;-!. iss;*,. 
27.; m;. Hav N..'" 1). .Ill lie 17., isss. ' 
27)97. lio'mer G.,"' 1). June 27, IS91. 


TlIKODOltE MAirriN LkoXAIM).'' (A'-.v/'/V/ ([.'^ An/<r./<i/, 11..' 
'Josi'jtiif' .fdscjih:'' .Jnsrjih^ ./(iscjilr'. .Idrali^' ,Si i/nm m/ .^ ) oliK' child 

of Kzckicl C'l'ockcr and Mwrv Ann'' ( Leonard ) (2(H tj! ) Lediiar'l. 
was 1). -lunc 2S, 1S41 : iii. 1. Sc|it. 21. Is7 1 Martha .\. Leonard'' 
(l.").")*)) 1>. ill Rouse's Point. X. V.. Sept. 7.. is4.'".. dan. of r.arn- 
nrd' (7!'l) and Alta (Peirv) Leonard : she d. Sept. 4. Is.s7 and 
he in. 2. Mar. M), LS92 hi'r sister Ki(h'lia A. Leonard' ( 1 7.7.-I ) I'. 
.Iiiiie 10, l'S.~)7». He resides in New ^'orl-; eitw a ol 
the linn (.f Leonard & Kllis, inanufaeturers of Inlirieatini^- <.:K 
with olliee on Chand.ers street. 

The children of Theoih.rc M. and Martha .\. were — 

259S. llarric Theodore,"'!). Nov. .5, ls72. 

2599. Bertha Martha,"' 1>. dan. 19, 1.S7.S. 


Charles Robert Leoxar]/', (A''////,^ ./n.svy>//,' ./o.s7y///,''./o.s7y,//,'' 

Josi'j)li^^ Jo.'^eph^'^ Jarah^' tSoIoDhni.^) N'onnii'cst clidd of Seth and 
Esther Jane (Perkins) Leonard, was 1.. in Trow Jklicli.. Sept. ',K 
lS7>(i ; in. Fel). 20, 188(1 Katie \\ Cuttin--. d;in. (.f Fi-aidx and 
Lucv ((Toodinan) CnttiiiL;' of Trov Corners, Mich. lie is a 
i.utcher ami has a meat market in Tro\' where he owns a small 
hi nil. 

Charles R. and Katie \\ iiax'c one ^nn — 
2000. Frank,"' 1.. An-'. 19. Iss7. 

.JoHX Henry Leoxard,'' i.Xr/snu.^ Jns'nth.'' Silas.'' Ji,sriil,:' 

.Joseph,^ .] use p] I ■'.] Ill-ill)'} Siiliiiiinn.^) eldest soli of .Xelsoii ami 

^[al•v Kliza (Morse) Leonard, was 1 .. -Ian. <i. Ls,".,'. : m. l^'el.. s. 
iSSi Marv MeMaln.n. 1.. in (ialeiia. 1 )ela ware Co.. ( ).. dan. of 
.[(.hn and Iloiiora (Skaiilou) .MeMahon. They rcsiih' near 
Lewis Centre, ().. where .Mi'. Leonard is a hiriner. and ha\-e two 
eliildren — 


2(iOl. (irance,^'^ b. Jan. 14, 1882. 
2r;()2. (niy Orvis,!" 1). .Ian. 10, 1884. 


Caleb Morse Leonard,'' (Xf/smi,^ Josidh'' Si/a.^J' JascpliJ' 
J<isi'j)]i} J(is('j)]i^^ Jacnh? Sohiiiniii}) brother of the pi'ccHMlino, 
was 1). Oct. 2<l, ls:)8; in. Oct. 22, 1885 Anna M. Kastuian, \). 
ill Delaware, ()., dan. of Lorcii and Henrietta (Farrar) Kastiuan. 
He is a farmer and resides with his father at Lewis Centre, O. 
Caleb Ar. and iViina M. have one dan.— 

2()()o. Ik'ssie,"' b. Jan. T), LSSJ. 


Dr. Wll>LlAM EdWTX LeoXARD.'' ( 117///Vo// //.,'' I),:tlir J/.,' 
Reciilll jiiiisc,^' liriijaiil i li:' 'Ins, jih,^ .}(isi-p]i;' .liiCdh^" SdlniiKiil}) 

eldest child of Dr. William lLintiii;:i'toii and Jane A. (Preston) 
Leonard, was 1). Jnlv 27, l8o5 ; m. Oct. 6, 1881 Marion Lonise 
Marshall. He *i-radLiated from the Hahnemann M(^(b('al Cob 
leg'e, Philadelphia, 1879; Editor (^f Minnesota Medical Monthly 
1888 : Medical Ins])ector, City Health I)e})artment, Minneapo- 
lis : Professor of Materia Mediea and Thera})eutics, Colle.oe of 
Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, Department of Medicine, 
University of Minnesota, since 1888. His address is 1809 
Portland Ave., Minneapolis. 

The children of William M and Marion L. were — 

2604. Elsie Preston,"' b. d ^w.-liLJJ;i;^^ d. Jan. 17 -r4^^^ 

26o:). (iei'trndc Jane.'" b. -4-Ve;-b8-r-U8^>a- 


Aaron'' Idl 

Al>l)ir' !()(» : Al)lii(" A.'' ;!S(> : 
A1)1m(' P>.' 1S1»: Alil)ie K." 
P,()S: Al)l)ieir/'277 : Al)l)i(" 
.1.' 14S: Al)'' :51)(i. 

Al)l)v' 187; Al)l)v C' 'ioc. 

Al)i'' 109. /7^^' 

AbiL^aiP 36, 4:5 • Al.i-ail^ 71. 
7S, SO. 81. SI. 110: Al.i- 
u-nir''l(M). 110 : Al)i-air Vl^K 
KU, 188. 

^Vl)raliain''' 9.'), 1,');5 ; ^VUraliaur 


Aclisah'' 93. 

Achsie' l.")!). 

Ada A.'' 274 

Adaline*^ 251, 29(;. 

Addie B.^ 31(>: Addio L. K^ 

Addison' 217, 332: Addi- 
son A.' 2(>1: : Addison 11.^ 
20o, 370. 

Adelaide'" 272 : Adelaide E." 


Adelhert Y.'' 382: Adrll.ert 
W.^ 273, 380. 

Adeline YJ 39(>. . 

Adna' 195. 

A^nes" 383. 

Alanson" 90, 145 ; Alanson' 
13s, 251 : .Vlanson' 251 : 
Alanson C' Kill. 

Albert' 200: All)erf202: Al- 
bert E.' 145: Albert E.-^20(;: 
All)ert IL' 203: Albert -I.' 
140: AUtert W.'' 4o2. 

All)ina E." 200. 

Alesworth' 318. 

Alexander" 248. 

Alfaretta E." 2S1. 

Alfred VJ 250. ;;7;!. 

Alice' 2(;7 : Alice'' lo'.i ; Alice 

A.' 15l>: Alice A." 255: 

Alice ('." .".CO: .Mice D.- 

24!i: Alice K.'-' :;;is: Alice 

L.'' .".tis : Alice M.' :;('.:;: 

Alice -M.'-' ;;!I2: Alice S.' 

Alicia' 1S5. 
Allen^ 327. 4o;! : Allen'' 372 : 

Allen K.''251 : Allen ll.Miit. 
Alma" 252 : Alma K." 3;;;; : 

Alnui j\[." 27'\ 
Almanzo B." 27o, 37'.>. 
iVlmira' 135 : Almii'a .\."2s5. 
Almon' 20(1: Almon Iv" j!s2. 
Alonzo' 207 : Alon/o II.';'.o'.>. 

Althina M.'-' 3,71. 
Alvah' 15(;. 270. 
Alvan 1).' 147. 2('.o : AKaii 

:\[.' 11)4: Alvan W ." 112. 

193: Alv:m \V.' l'.)4. 30.".. 
Alvin' 201). .■!r.i-2o : .\l\in 

I). "2(11. 
Alvosa IV 200. 
Amanda' 129, 205. 
Amasa' 21('), 331 : Amasa" 

Ama/.iali II.' 210. 329. 
.Vnielia' 172 : Amelia'' 305 : 

Amelia P.." ;!1)2. 
Aniitv' liil) : .\mitv .V.' 20(;. 
Amos'' t;i>. 7>;. >~;i'>. los: Amos" 

sc. lo;t. l:',2. 17l'-S0: 

Amos' si; : Amos'" .".1^. 
Am\-'' 71 : Am\' l;i>^ : Am\- 

L'.' 255 : Amy L.'' ;;!)1. 
Amlrew^ lio. 77-S : Andrew' 
7s : Andi-e\v' l."!7 : Andrew 



lU' 93; Andrew S.' ir>(), 
Ann" 9,") ; Aim' U3, 2^S ; 
Ann DeW.' 223, 34(i ; Ann 
E.«340: AnnR-'-tOU: Ann 

M.'14(>. irr.. 

Anna-'^ 78, 112 ; Annn'' Si). 
lU, 127: Ann;i' U3. 2ls, 
371 ; .\nn;r'' 2^,") ; Anna 
L." 3H(>, 377 : Anna j\" 
2()2 ; Anna H/ 3r)l ; Anna 
S.' 193, 239. 

Anne" 117. 

Annet' l^S ; Annet" 271. 

Annette''^ 272: Annette E.' 2<U). 

Annie" 143 : iVnnie K.~^ 31).") : 
Annie ^F." 2:>r>. 


Ansel" 114. 129. 19,S ; Ansel' 

Anson' 13'), 244-.'). 

An stress" 117. 

Appliia M.' 237. 

Archie L.'' 38.'). 

Ariadne J.' 229. 

Arthur'^ 2().\ '.WA : Artlmr vV.'^ 
2()(): Artlmr 11'-' 399 : Ar- 
tlmi' (.'.' l.')() : Artlmr K'' 
371, 377: Ai-tlmi' K."' 417 ; 
Artlmr J." 2S(». 29.'). 3.S(-)-7, 
390-1; Artlmi' L.'" 3H3; Ar- 
tlmr M.'-' 372, 37H. 

Arvin'' 120. 

Asa'^ 70 : Asa" .S7, 134-(^ : 
Asa' l.')4, 2(1:. : Asa' 24:. : 
Asa A.' 2(;:.. 

Asahel" 92, 147-8. 

Asel M." 372. 

Asenatli'' 103. 

Asuba" Si I. 

Auo'usta' 203 : An'justa II.'' 

An^ii-iistiiic' 2.'.7. 

Anrelian \V.' 27s. ;5S2. 

5.' 232 ; 

vVnrilla' 18.'., 200. 

Austin' 201, 313 ; 
308, 393; Austin 
Austin C 270 
L.' 320, 398. 

Autentia' 319. 

Azel S.' 20.3. 

A/i'o 11' 200. 312. 

r,acclms" 11(1. 

I Barnard' l.")3, 2(13-4. 

Jkrtlet 1).' 2(il, 37:.. 

Bartlett" 91, 14H ; Bartlett' 8(i 

Bates L.^ 2.50, 370. 

Benjamin'^ 44, 45, ()7-S ; Ben- 
jamin'* (is ; Benjamin'"' 74, 
S2. 122-3 : Benjamin'' 87, 
103, 123, 127, 171 : Bx-n- 
jamin' 217 ; Benjainin C' 
171, 287-8 ; Benjamin F.' 
25(i ; Benjamin F.'* 380 ; 
Benjamin " H." 158, 273 ; 
Benjamin II." 37(1 

Bernard" 12(% 22(^-7 : Ber- 
nard A.' 326, 351, 412-3 ; 
Bernard F.' 229. 

Bernice" 89, 139. 

I'xM'tha A.'-' 373, 37(i, 384 : 
Bertha C 3(v5 ; Bertha, FJ 
382, 404: Bertha A[.'" 419. 

Bertie-' 393 : Bertie II.'' 304. 

Bessie"' 420 : Bessie (I.'' 311 ; 
Bessie 11.'^ 395 ; Bessie N." 

Beth i ah" 113, 11(1; 
161; Bethiah"383 
W.'' 278. 

Betliuel' 209, 316-7. 

Betsev 114; Betsev^ 
se\^" 97, 121, 130 
133,145, 195,210, 211, 215, 
306, 323-6: Betsev' 317, 
329; Betsev" 370; Betsev 
R.« 322. 

Betty" 102, 113. 

: Bethiah 

61; Bet- 
: Betsev' 



Boiilalr^ 78, l»H-4 : ]mmi1;i1i'' Hi;. 

Bi'z;ilcel' 210. 

Bird A.'* 24:0. 8()S. 

Binlie G." 87H. 

l^oadicea T." 28S. 

Bowers II.' 171, 2SS-1). 

Bradford 1\^ 2:.-k 

Branch'' 81), i8U~40. 

r>rcc"d'' 102. 

Burt E.i»-J:l(l 

]')Urtoir'88(), -toil; liiirtoii W.' 
888, 41(». 

Bvron S."^ 24o. 8Im. 

Cald)^ (>S : Calc!)'' Do. 102. 
llo. lo8-4. 20-^ ■ (\mIc1) a.' 
lo-t, 2(i(; : ('aid. F." 120, 
227: Cald) M.'* -los. 420; 
(Add) X.' KiC). 2<sr). 

Calvin'' 100. 101. lo;!. 121. 
1(>2. 17(;-7, 211: Calvin" 
2ol: Calvin W.' 212. 82(1-7 : 
Calvin W.' 827, 408. 

(Jandac-d l(i2. 

Carcindania B.'^ 821^'. 

Cardus R.« 2(n, 37:.. 

Carlisle T.' 1.14, 2(;4-r.. 

Carlton Pv.'' 117. 20(i-T. 

Carolena^ 807; Carolcna M." 

Caroline" 90: Caroline' 14:., 
194, l9o: Caroline K.'' 417. : 
(Jaroline J.'"^ 818: Caroline 
L." 227 : Cai'ojine L.^ 8.1(» : 
(Airoline S.^ 818. 

Cai-rie" 14!) : (^an-ie E. \V." 
8ol) : Carrie J.' 27() : (Jairie 
M.*^ 302: Carrie M.'' 4o4 : 
Carrie Y.'* 381. 

Carv M.' 199, 310. 

Cassius W.« 261. 

Catharine^ 330. 

Celestia D.'^ 278. 

Celia J:' 396. 

Cdmda" 271. 

('enicntlia Iv'' 81i;;. 

Cej.lias'' 11.'.: Ccplias' ICl. 
27s-!i : Cephas (\"27'.i. 8s;;. 

Cliapiw' l(i.'.. 2S-J. 

Charles' 187. 144. 1(;7. 1 so. 
1112. 24!), 2sr.. 2!»l-2. 80 1 : 
Charles" 247. 2ol. 2S.-,. :;-,!!), 
8;;i, 406, 40S • Chai'lcs'-' loii : 
Charh's A." 810 ; Charles 
A.'-' lUU) : Charles T..'' ;;!I2 : 
Charles C.' 14'.i. 2o7. 284, 
2(i2 : Charles ('.'' :U\\). ;;s4. 
41(i Ch;irles l).'';;s() Chaiies 
K.' 184. 187.248-4.2411 oO • 
Charles KA2:.7, 8.40 Charles 
K.''81I6: ("hailes K.''1I8,. l-JC. 
17. 1- Charles K.'222. ;:40 1: 
Ciiarles 1 1.' 2 17.88;; Charles 

IL'^ 2:.i». 2117. 818. 840. :',:<[. 

410-1. 411 2 : Charles II.'' 
877.. 40;: : Cliai-h's .1.' Isl. 
2l>o : Charles K." 2s;;. -jis'i. 
3SS ; Charles L." IHO. 280. 
801 : Charles M." 8011. 8114 ■ 
Charles M.'' 414 Charles 
M.'" 4U): Charles N." 8.2 s ; 
Charles R' i:.S.272: Charles 
R.''87:., 407. 4111: Charles 
R.'^' 41(; ; Charle.^ S.' 164. 
282 : Charles S." 2:.o. 27.8, 
871: Charles T."8,(iO Chailes 
W.' 140. 166. 2:.8, 2S4 : 
Charles \V." 2:.8. 262, 8,0 1. 
371, 877) : Charles \V.'' 404 : 
Charles \V.'" 41 1;. 

Charitv' 2LS. 

Charl.ltte' 148. 168. 222. 2:.8. 
841-8). 871 : Chai'loiie" ;;14 ■ 
Charlotie A.' 1;'.4 Charloitc 
K." 147 : Charlotte Iv'' ;;7o : 
Cliai-lotie M." 8o;, : Char- 
lotte R" 244. 

Chaunecy C' 162,280: Chann 



cev C.'' oN(i ; Cliauiirev ^i.' 

218. o2S ; Cliauncev S.''l8l, 

Chauncv' 881. 
Chlce' J!)4: ('hi. .("'821 ; Cliloc 

K.^ 821. 
Clii'istiiia' ir)rS; ClirisTiua'271.])lier*' 821J ; Cliristo- 

plier W.' I.IO, 2136-7. 
Clara« 265, 312: Clara A.^ 

256, 289: Clara E.'^ 246: 

Clara F." 807. 856: Clara 

J.-' 87S : Clara W.'' 879. 
Clare'-' 872. 
ClareiH'i''* 251 ; Clareiu/c A.'' 

4(»2 : Clarence C 279. 
Clarinda' 225, 852-4. 
Clarissa' 167. 
Clark*^ 882. 
Clarke \N .^ 277. 
Claron C'' 888. 
Cleuientina M.' 227. 854. 

Clyde'' 378; Clvde 1.'' 868. 
Cora A.^^ 276, 294 : Cora ?>.'•' 

877: Cora C."* 8(»S; Cora. 

E.«865: C.ra E.'' 378, 399, 

403- Cora J.'' 371. 
Cornelia' 222, 345: Cornelia^ 

2(i(>, 269, 326 : Cornelia 

AV.'' 381. 
Crei--liton' 192, 308. 
Crumwell" 129, 241. 
Curtis N.*^ 863. 
Cutler" 108, 171. 
Cuvler' 170. 286: Cuvler II.'' 

8Si) : Cuvler W.'' 287. 
Cvnthia,' 150 : Cvntliia E." 322 ; 

'Cvntliia. M.' l52. 
Cyi-enus W 260, 874. 
Cvrus" 127 : Cyrus" 289, 8(i8 : 

'Cvrus' 368: 'Cvrus A.*^ 264, 

376 : Cyrus B.'' 829 : Cyrus 

P.' 181. 295-6 : Cyrus T." 
148, 262. 

Dair^ 82, 120-1: Dan'' 120. 

Daniel 126, 225 : DanieP 70, 
80, 81, 88, 115-6; Daniel" 
88; DanieF 209, 218. 225, 
817-8; Daniel H."" 116, 202- 
3 ; Daniel II.' 206 ; Daniel 
H.« 314; Daniel ^N ? 147, 

Darius' 216. 

Darwin M.^ 804. 

Dayi(P67: Dayid-'74. 82, lo8- 
4. 128-6: David'' 127, 284- 
7: David' 161. 216, 285, 
881, 860 ; David A.'' 126, 
220-8: David A.' 228: 
David A.« 861 ; David C.'"^ 
287, 889 ; David E.' 206 ; 
David E.' 801 ; David V.^ 
851 : David 11.^ 189, 800-1 : 
David H.^ 801: David M.' 
145, 154, 265. 

Deborah ^V^ : Del ...rah'' 114: 
Deborah' 198. 

DeForest" 296. 

Deliverance'* 45. 

Delia A.« 263, 804. 

Delois E.« 802. 

Delos>' 317. 

Dexter M.^ 219, 333-4; Dex- 
ter M.^ 'do:\ 

Diana' 187, 247-8. 

Diantha' 162. 

Dolly E." 3(i5. 

Don'M.'-' 367. 

Donna M.' 815. 

Dorcas' 141. 

Dorothy'" 78; Dorothy S.'' 109. 
IS 1-4. _ 

Dorus' 15/ , 2/ 1. 

Dwi-lit' 158: D\vi.u-htE.''276: 
Dwiuht 11." 396, 417. 



E. Clirist.(>])luM''' -i??. 
E. Maiulo'" -tls. 
Kai'l P.'' 410. 

Kli' si;. 

HI ills' ISO. 21I-2. 

Klii;ilr LM7. ;i;;'j ;i. 

Ehcnczcr' (!1. (1!» : Khrii- ' Klil'lias A.' Iwil, 27;l 

ezer^ Q^), <(), S7 : Kl)riK'/AT' 

141, 2r,8-4. 
El )(■!■" 110. 
Eda. C' IS!). 
p](l,ii,-av' 201; E(l-ar 11' 200; j Eliza A.'' ;;7.s ; Kliz;, ('.■ 

Edgar E.'' 31)2'; Edirar M.-' ! ^'i^J : Kliza 1.." 270. 2S() 

l^li|)lu•l• 210. 

Klislia"' 72 ; Klisli;i ( '. jo 11. 

Kliza' 172. 207. 2;!s : KM/;, 

A.' 2;!2 ; Kliza A." 2(;!i ; 


Kliza .M.' 2o;l; Kli'/;i P.'2o7. 

K(]itli' r]:)(; ; Kiliili'' 877), 8,!)4. : Kliz:il)ctlr' ;;(;. ;;s, (11. lie. 121; 

418; Elitii A.' 282; E.litI 

^lizahctlr' (ill; Kli/aKctli 

A.i" 41S; Kditli 1!.'^ 8,10:^ i»S. 122; Klizahnii'^ 27.1, 
Editli L.'-' 87l> ; Edith M.'' I -'!2<. 880; Klizalu-lli'' 8i)0 : 

Ediiioud D." 1)8. 
Edna" 808. 

Eli/alK'th A." 272. 8,1s ; 
l^liznlK'th r,.' 207 : \\\\/:a- 
l.ctli C' 112 ; Kliz;d),'il. E' 

p:(l\vard' 1(')1; Kdward' 2ss, i 144, 20!i ; Klizalu'tli M.'" 

881, 81»0, 40S ; Kdwai-d A.' : 87)7); KJi/alx'tli P.' PMi; 

222; Edward A." 27)7. 840; Klizahdh P." 8,;; k 

Edward \\^ 277), 281, 887; ! Kil;i"27.4. 2s7) ; KMa A.'^ 278; 

Edward B.'' 882, 896; ¥a\- \ Klla A.'' 8S(); Klh, E A." 

C." 2oS, 874; K, 

27)7.; Kll;i ,).'■' 408 ; Kda M. 

ward ])." 2S(; : Edward E.''^ 27,7, ;;o2; Klla .M.'' 8M ; 

27(5, 8S2 ; Kdward E'' 8s7.. Klhi W.'" 8,1 1. 

81)f; l^Mward E' 82s, 884, Kllni P,.'' 81)ii ; \\\\r\\ 1).'^2S(;. 

404; Edward Ii.'-' 8S1). 414; 8o7 ; Kllcn K.' 211; Kllcn 

Edward M.'" 41(; ; Edward H.' 27.S : Kllcii .1.' 117,: 

O." 280. ;;s7); Edwai'd W.' KllcM .1.- 270; Kllcn L.'' 

17,1; Kdw;ird AV.'-' 8!I0. 2s4 ; Kllcn M.^27,0; Kllcn 

Kd.wiir^827; Kdwin II.' 140; P.'' 81)7 : Kllcn S.' 101. 

Kdwiu 11.^ 278,. 8S0; Ed- Kllic''404. 

wdn M.' IDS; Kilwin S.' Kllin-t..n D." 27.0, 87o. 

184, 1!I2. 802. 
Ella"' 881) ; Ella J.'' 8s7. 
Effie M.''884. 
Elhertha Al.'' 878. 
ElbridiiC' 184. 247)-(i. 

Eleanor II'" 2s4 ; l^lcaiior ( l'' Klniira' 2;',; 

: KL.isa' 28S 

'dnicr" 807; KInicr D." 2S(). 
8S7) ; l-idnicr J.'' 8 1 8 : I'^lnici' 
L." 2s:,, 8SS-i): Kin Id' M.^ 
27)0, 870. 

dniinii' 17,8. 

397); Eleanor T.''418. 
leazcr' S( 
leeta''' 10- 

145. 19H. 

Eleazcr' sr, ; Eleazor C' 8(1. ; Klsic E^ 8o2 ; KIsi.. P."' 42o. 
Electa''' 104. 170-7; Electa' I Klvirn' 1 do : l';i\ ira A." 277) ; 

KUira P.~' 21; 1. 



Elmclinc' i>8 ; Emeline' I08, 
141, 1()1 ; Emeline' 32H ; 
Emeline S." l(v>. 
Emerson^ 260 ; Emerson B.''^ 

245, 3B.S. 
Emery B.'' 8S0 ; Emerv M.'^ 

Emilv' 143 ; Emilv''407 : Em- 
ily 11.'' 40:); Emilv AV.' 
Emma;' 242. 261, 303, 332 ; 
Emma A.'' 377; Emma C." 
174 ; Emma J).^ 314 ; Emma 
D.'-' 408 : Emma E/' 280 ; 
^ rf _ Emma F/' 3<)3 : Emma H.' 
<^/; ^<r*r 271: Knnna 11.^ 379; Em- 
ma J.^ 255 ; Emma K.'' 
366; EnnnaL.-'366; P^nnna 
M.'250: Emma P." 384. 

Emmet 0.' 265. 

Enoclr* 37 ; Enocli^ 38 ; En(K-lv^ 
85, 128-9. 

Enos« 326 ; Enos E.' 301. 

Ephraim^ 42, 63, 83-4: Epli- 
rainr^ 84; Ephraim'' 101, 
110, 162. 

Era.smns D.' 192. 

p]rastus'' 87 ; P^rastus' 135. 

Eric O.'' 390. 

Ermina ().'' 278. 

Ernest A." 378 ; Ernest C.'' 
385 ; Ernest II.' 247, 368 ; 
Ernest L.' 301. ■ 

Erven' 804. 

Erviu'"41(!; Ervin P.'' 37S. 

Ei-za'-' 409. 

Estella E.' 272. 

Esther' 69; Esther' 86, 89; 
Esther' 285; Esther A.' 246 ; 
Esther E.' 245; Esther I.'" 

Etliel P."' 386. 

Pttie'-' 376. 

I]ugenia E.'' 255. 

Eugene S." 388 ; Euo-ene W.« 
294, 390. 

Eunice'' 72, 80: Eunice" 99, 
113,115; Eunice' 159, 218; 
Eunice' 318 ; Eunice I).' 
145 ; Eunice P.' 200. 

Eva A.-' 403 ; Eva M.' 277 : 
Eva R' 300- 

Evelyn" 408. 

Evelyne M.' 222, 335-6. 

Experience;'' 43 ; Exjierience* 
65, 66 ; Experience" 120 ; 
p]xperience' 152, 153. 

EzekieP 61, 80 ; Ezekiel'^ 7S. 
80, 111 : E:zekiel'' 88, 113, 
137; Ezekiel C 329, 406. 

Ezi-a' 60, 73-4 : Ezi-a'' 72, 74. 
Si), 90 : Ezra" 100, 103, 110. 
112,161-2,171, 188-9,193; 
Ezra' 141, 161, 187, 254-5, 
277-8 ; Ezra A.' 192, 303 : 
Ezra A.' 271 ; Ezra C' 158 : 
Ezra G.' 181. 231, 297, 358 ; 
Ezra J." 382, 416-7 ; Ezra 
M.'254, 372 ; Ezra K' 255. 

Faith L." 394. 

Fannie^" 405; Fannie L' 25( ; 
Fannie I.'' 395. 

Fannv"l02, 104, 126; Famiv' 
288; Fannv' 362; Fani'iv 
A.' 291: Fannv S.' 138. 

Fay"' 418. 

Fayette' 271. 

FernandcV 129. 

Ferris' 382. 

Fetnah' 139. 

Fidelia A.' 264, 419. 

Flora' 251; Flora'' 408 : Flora 
E.' 194 ; Fh>ra W.' 307. _ 

Florence' 358 ; Florence" 37(> ; 
Florence A.' 246 ; Florence 
A.'' 887 ; Florence B.' 296 : 
Florence G.' 2'S4 ; Floi-encc 

LEOXA R n ( ! ?:yE. \ u )('; r 


G.-' 384 : Floiviu'c M.'' ;!1I4. 

Florelhi A.^ 250. 

Flossie S.^'* 277. 

Floyd E.^ 378. 

Frances^ 3(i3 : Fnuices" 405 ; 
Frances A.^ 2()() : Frances 
C' 231, 232 ; Frances TL^ 
189 ; Frances M.' 225, 349, 
352 ; Frances M.« 312. 

Francis^ 73 : Francis" 98, 159 ; 
Francis' 147. 151, 15!». 275: 
Francis D.' 234 : Francis 
D.« 3(^0, 415 : Francis \\ .' 


Frank' 129: Frank« 140, 287, 
332: Frank'" 419: Frank 
A.^ 257. 373 : Frank B.^ 
281 ; Frank D." 281, 387 : 
Frank D." 387 : Frank F.'^ 
281, 387; Frank VJ 375: 
Frank G.' 311: Frank K.'^ 


Frank W.'' 

Frankie F.^ 372. 

Franklin' 136, 142, 154. 24(>-7, 
256, 266; Franklin" 307, 
393; Franklin A.'^ 316: 
Franklin B.' 140, 196, 305; 
Franklin B." 253, 306; 
Franklin B.'-' 371 : Frank- 
lin E.''403; Franklin P.'^363. 

Fred" 303 ; Fred'' 372 : Fred 
A." 263,280,386: Frc<l A.'' 
3(i7 ; Fred B.*^ 294 : Frc(l 
E." 257: Fred (i." 2s 1 : 
Frc.l.I." 277: 
Fred ^r.^306. 
Fred W 394 ; 

Fred .1.' li>4 
309, 393-4: 
Fred S." 261 
Frederic' 363 

Frederic A.'* 
306, 392 ; Frederic B.'' 392 ; 
Frederic ]\[.~^ 27i> : Frcilcric 
S.'-' 367. 

Frederick A. '^309, 395; Fred- 
erick C' 411 ; Frederick W^ 
341,411; Frederick S.^';65; 
Frederick W." 25<i. 

Freelove ().' 1()5. 

Friend' 213. 

Gad II.' 169. 

Gains" 116, 204-5. 

Gamaliel'' 116, 205-6. 

Garwood'' 408. 

Genevieve''' 358. 

George 197 : (icorLiv" 101, 
163-4; Georue' 145, 25,S-i) ; 
Georo-e^^ 140, 249, 283, 3(59: 
George'" 417 : Geora'e A.'- 
259, 310, 3()0, 415 ; Georo-e 
A.'' 361): Georo-e B.'' 2ol, 
2(i2; GeorireB.''3()7: Geori^e 
C' 198,309-10: Gc<.ro-cD.^ 
242, 366; George F.' 1()6, 
283: Gcoro'cF.''*243); George 
F.'' 389, ;-U)0. 404 : (icoi-gc 
F. 195: (n'orgc F.' 164: 
Georu'c F." 363: (icoi-iie 
F.'' 3S0: (icoi-gc II.' 152 : 
(-reorge K.' 234. 360 : ( icorgc 
L." 2:85. 3S9 • (icorgc M." 
255, 301, 351, 372 : GcoriK' 
.M.'-' 412 ; George P.' I<t0: 
Georuv K.''^ 328, 404: (Icoi'gc 
R/' 404; (;,.,,rov T.'-' 415 : 
George A\'' 394:' <icoi'gc W." 
126. 230-1: (icoi'iic \V.' 
143, 174. 203. 231. 315: 
(icorgc W." 3.0!), 315. ;;5,s, 
394, 3!I5 : (Icorgc V." 250. 

Gcoi'gian;!'"" 363. 

(lertie F.'' 37s : (icrtic .M."* 

Gertrude'' 270, 272. 358 : Ger- 
trude E.'' 374: (icrti-udc .1.'' 
410: Gertrude. I. "'420: (in- 
trude ^r.'-' 3S6, 3S!). 



Giles N.' 147. 

iTonlius P.' 1()9. 

Gorliani CV^ 271), 883. 

Grace F.^ 2(53; Grace F.'' 410, 
-112: Grace G.' 2(U : Grace 
II.'^ 2^^o ; Grace M." 301 ; 
(irace M.'' 373. 


Gurdon' 170. 

Gussie LMlo. 

Guv O.'^' 420. 

H. 'Henrietta' 142. 

llaiiiialr'' 44; I IninialrMU. OS; 
Hannah-' OH, 7S. So ; Han- 
nah'' 07). 00. 113. 120; Ilan- 
nali' S(\ 17).'!, 217: Hannah 
]).'' 00; Hannali D.' 100; 
Ilannali K.' 140; Hannah 
K.'240; Hannah L.'^ 204; 
HaiMiah M.' 103 ; Hannah 
S.^ 300. 

JFulev J.'*3S(i. 

Harold'^ 202 ; Harold E." 3S7). 

Harriet' 132, 143. 17)3 ; Har- 
riet' 242. 331 ; Harriet A.' 
134, 142. 140, 104; Har- 
riet A.'" 245 ; Ilai-i-ier Iv' 
27)7; Harriet L.' 17)S : Har- 
riet L." 242; HarrietN.' 147. 

Harriett C.' 201. 

liarriette' 327. 

Harrie T.^" 410. 

Harry A.' 2(>2, 2(53 ; Harrv 
A.''' 3S0; Hai'rv B.' 204, 
317); Harrv 11^317); Harrv 
F).'" 410; 'Harrv G.' 17.S ; 
Harrv C." 2(iO ;' Harrv ^f.'' 
3S4 ;' Harrv W." 35s. ' 

Harvey' 187! 201, 2o(), ;!17) ; 
Harvev'"* 327; Har\-e\- F.' 
201, ;;13 ; Harvev 1).''272 ; 
Harvey W.' 2(;7.' 
Hattie'2's7, 303. ; Ilattie'' 3,SS ; 
llattie A.' 27)0), 310 ; Ilallie 

A.'' 372 ; Hattie V.:^ 27)7, 
282 ; Hattie F.'' 37(>. 38S ; 
Hattie L.« 305; Hattie M.« 
300 301 ; Hattie IV 400. 

FLazel" 370. 

Helen' 222, 338-40 ; Helen'^ 
254, 207 ; Helen D.'^ 240 ; 
Helen M.'* 250, 202 ; Helen 
M.-' 372. 389; Flelen R«291. 

Ilernan B."413; Fleman D.'^ 315. 

Henriett E.^ 404. 

PIenrietta^247 ; Heni-i(-tta W.^ 
257 ; Henrietta W.'' 378. 

Henrv 10. 11 ; llem-v" 88 ; 
Henrv*^ 247, 2s5,' 32(5 ; 
Henrv-' 383; Henrv F.' 224 : 
Henrv F.-'^ 275, '352. 381, 
414;'Hein-v G.''^30l ; Henrv 
H.' 150, 203 ; Henrv H.'' 
310,30(1-7; Henrv H'-'307, 
418; Henrv M.'-' 302; Hemv 
S.' 145, 250-(5O; Heiu'v W'.' 
103. 304: Henrv W.^ 270, 
304. 312, 378. 

Herl)ert:'^3()3; Herbert A.-'^ 247; 
Herbert C.« 280. 385 ; Her- 
bert ])." 250, ;',73, ; Hcrbri-t 
E.-' 303 : Herl)ert (i." 387 ; 
Ilei'bert R^' 273. 

liernian' 238, 3(52 ; Ht^rman'' 

Hervev' 1*1, 28(i-7. 

Hirani' 157 ; Hiram A." 2(54, 
37(5 ; Hii-aiii \V.'31(5, 305-(;. 

Homer G.'" 410 : Homer H.'-' 
38(i ; Homer ^T.'' 380. 

IF )] »e' 20.S ; IF )] )(•'•' 37S ; H"o| )e 
G.'^ 317. 

Horace' 144, 1(52. 25,S, 270- 
SO: Horace IF" 27)S, 270, 
3S4; Horace S." 25S, 37 F 

Horatio' 321. 308-0. 

Howard' 243: Howard C.'-^ 
374: Howard G.' 315. 



riowlaiid' 140. 

Hubert'-' a«2 ; IIiil)ert B.'' 389. 

lluldalr^Sl, 84; Iluldali^ 218, 
Iluklali M." 193; Iluldali 
U.' 254. 

Ichabod" 121, 212-3; Tclia- 
l)()d' 213, 327-8. 

Ida A.'^ 2<U : Ida A.^^ 403, 
409 ; Ida L.« 257 ; Ida M." 
375; Ida R' 311. 

Ha T.« 387. 

Inez P.« 261. 

Ira' 237 : Ira L.« 250, 370 ; 
Ira P.'"^ 3()1. 

Ireiia G.' 212. 

Isaac- 27-9, 33, 44-5; Isaac'' 
44 ; Isaac^ iu ; Isaac F." 
181, 29H; Isaac J." 340; 
Isaac N.' 192. 

Isal)el' 138; IsabeP 251. 

Isal)el]a M.^ 275. 

Isam'' 128. 

Israel" 128 ; IsrncP 332. 

Ivcrs W.« 300. 

J. Frank^" 418. 

Jacob- 33, 34, 38-43, 65 ; 
Jacob'' 43 ; Jacob^ 85, 128 ; 
Jacob*"' 129. • 

James 10, 11 : James' 133, 202 ; 
James^'' 251 ; James B.'' 159 ; 
James C.^ 404, 418 ; James 
D.« 321; James E.■^ 250, 
369: James G.'' 90, 146; 
James lU 267, 356, 377, 
414; James 11." 409; James 
M., 195; James M." 126, 
231-2 ; James M.' 227, 232, 
355-6, 359 ; James M.^ 359 ; 
James P.' 160 ; James P.'"* 
258, 374 ; James U.^ 291 ; 
James S.^ 306 ; James W.** 
333 ; James W.» 382. 

Jane^ ni) ; Jane" 202 ; Jane" 



'A -A') 



180, 291 ; Jaiic K' 150 ; 
Jane E.'-' 403; J;meG. «334. 

Jared" 109, 180-1. 

Jarusha S.^ 204. 

Jarvis" 130, 241. 

Jnspca- I)' 315. 

Jav FJ 261 ; Jnv S." 249. 

Jeanne A.''' 249.' 

Jeannettc' 170; Jcainirtic A.' 

Jemima'* iMi ; Jemimn'' Si) ; 
Jemima' 161. 

Jeimie" 262, 296 ; Jennie F.*^ 
310 ; Jennie T.''^ 356. 

Jerome K' 331, 409. 

Jerrc.ld R.« 252. 

Jesse" 110, 186-7. 

Jessie'' 379, 390; Jessie M.« 
287 ; Jessie N.« 387 ; Jessie 
S.'' 389. 

Jevvctt G.-' 405. 41 S. 

Joaima" 113, 129. 

Joannalr* SO. 

Jo1)" 113. 

Joel'' 99, 160-1 ; Joe] S.' 160. 

Jolin 10, 11, 3() ; .loliii'-' 24-30, 
33, 37-8; Jolnr 37: .lojni-' 
60, 78-9; Joliir'^ 70, 73, 78, 
80, 87-8, 101-2 : dolm" 98, 
102, 104, 113, 115. 165-6, 
174, 201-2 ; John' 15!), 274 
-5; John'' 251, 303; John'' 
390; Jolm C." 25() ; John 
C. F." 403; John F." 263; 
John G.' 166, 283-1; dolm 
G.''' 284, 3S8; John II.' 201, 
314 ; John II.** 242, 366-7 ; 
Jolm II." 382, 408, 419-20; 
John L. ''393; John M.'412, 
192-3; Jolm M." 160, 194, 
304; John M.' 250, 320, 370. 
397-8; John ().'';!()(); Jolm 
S." 91 ; John S.' 157. 204, 
271: John S.^'J14: Jolm T.*^ 



271, 312, 379; John W.' 
174, 289 ; John W.'' 379. 

Jonas'* 60, 76-7; Jonas^ 72, 
73, 78, 98, 109-10 ; Jonas*' 
98, 99, 110, 127, 159-60, 
187-8, 237-8 ; Jonas' 1(50, 
187, 239, 275-6, 362-3 ; 
Jouas 11.' 1.S4; Jonas K.*~' 

Jonathan''' 83, 127 ; Jona- 
than''' 122, 127, 218, 233-4; 
Jonathan' 1()0, 218, 234, 
359-60 ; Jonathan D.' I(i0, 

Joseph'^ 38, 40, 43, 44, 45, 61, 
62-3 ; Joseph^ 61, 63, 82 ; 
Joseph^ 82, 121-2 ; Joseph"' 
86,101, 103. 122, 134, 166-7, 
213-6: Joseph' 134, 162, 185, 
216, 217, 238, 243, 330, 332 : 
Joseph'^ 329, 405; Joseph 
E.^' 243, 367; JoscjJi E.'-' 
367 ; Joseph U 267, 377 ; 
JosepliN.'167, 285; Josepli 

W.« 280, 386.rtf j^p-U.^i// 

Josephine^ 409. * 

Joshua'' 86, 115. 

J.-)siah'^ 38. 40, 43, 60 ; Josiali* 
()0, 79-80 ; Josiali^ 79, 80 ; 
Josiah" 113, 121 ; Josiah' 
209, 216,330-1. 

Jndali'' 110, 188; Jn(hih 11' 


Judith'^ 78, 83. 

Judson'-* 383. 

Jnlia' 149, 202, 293 ; Julia A.' 
231, 241, 357-8; Julia A." 
264, 316; Julia M.' 147, 
230; Julia M." 310; JuHa 
M.'-' 404; Julia ().■' 256; 
Julia P.'-' 399. 

Jnliaettc'' 407. 

Juli:in(i."25<l; Julian M." 262. 

Juliette'^ 329 ; Juliette'' 411. 
Julius A.' 230; Julius C' 

Justin L.' 202, 313. 
Kate« 314 ; Kate^ 36(^ ; Kate 

A.'^ 289 ; Kate M.'^ 382. 
Katharine E.'' 369. 
Keturah" 123. 
Kezia," 92, 116, 121. 
Keziah' 218. 
Landon A.^ 270. 
Laura*"' 92 : Laura' 137, 145, 

203, 20(^; Laura^ 363; Laura 

A.'^ 243; Laura A.'' 404; 

Laura C' 163 ; Laura C." 

314, 341 ; Laura E.*^ 328 ; 

Laura V.'' 392 ; Laura L.^ 

282; Laura M.'-' 390 ; Laura 

S.' 222, 344-5. 
Laurana" 329. 
Laurinda^ 267. 
Lavina^ 85, 130-1. 
Lavinia''' 78 ; Lavini;i'' 129 ; 

Lavinia' 141. 
Lawrence'' 390 ; Lawrence D.'* 

Lawson^ 272 ; Lawson" 37i>. 
Leah M.'-' 383. 
Leander' 199, 311-2 ; Lean(h'r 

A.-' 378. 
Lemuel'' Ho, LS9. 
Lena A." 386. 
Lenora*^ 313. 
Leo^« 418. 
Leon AV.'' 378. 
Leora C 321. 400-1. 
LeRov^ 391. . 
Lester E." 386. 
Levi^ 72, 74, 91-2, 104; Levi'' 

91. 1(19, 147, 184-(); Levi' 

145, 147 ; Levi^ 329, 332, 

40(). 409 ; Levi A.'' 112 ; 

Levi A.' 192, 301-2 ; Levi 
11' 253,371 : Levi C." 316 ; 



Levi F.' 20(1 ;U(); J.evi J.'^ 

"27') ; ]jevi J.'' -JTl ; Jjcvi 

W." r2.S, 240-1. 
Lewis'' 114 ; Lewis" 188, 197, 

250-1, 309 ; Lewis I)." 93, 

ir)2 ; Lewis R' 198; Lewis 

F." 289 ; Lewis H/' 39-4 ; 

Lewis M.' 143 ; Lewis W." 

Lexnna' 21L 
Liberty' 138, 251 ; Liberty'^ 

Lida F.'^ 259. 
Lilla !).« 281. 
Lillian P.« 245. 

Lillier.'^28(3; Lillie P.'' 37(1 
Linns' 225, 351-2; Linus R.'' 

12(1, 229-30. 
Lizzie C.« 311; Lizzie C.'' 3(^(5 ; 

Lizzie lU 307 : Lizzie W.'' 

4( »9. 
Lcdawiek A.'^ 88 ; 137-8. 
Lois 114 ; Lois'^ 79 ; Lois'' 90, 

127 : Lois' 143, 21.S ; Lois 

IV 252. 
Lonnette L."^ 297. 
Lora A.« 280. 
Lorcn A.^ 384. 
Lorenzo' 203 ; Lorenzo T>.^ 

318: Lorenzo IL' 203; 

Lorenzo I.' 142, 257. 
Loretta' 148, 157. 
Lottie** 303. 
Louis« 297. 
Louisa^ 135, 200 ; Louisa' 

2(v) ; Louisa F." 253 ; 

Louisa M." 393 ; Louisa P.' 
Louise*^ 3(54. 
Louretta K." 297. 
Lovina" 88, 109, 177-8; Lo- 

vina' 212. 
Lovisa' 211, 21(5; Lovi^a A.' 
154 : Lovisa J." 335. 

Lucel)a" IK;. 
Luechia A." 278. 
Lneena ^\\~ 154. 
Lueetta C 273. 
Lueieu P.' 230. 
Lueina^ 2()9 ; Lneiiia A.' 171 ; 
Lueina A.'' 378 : Ijiicina 
1L'270; Liieina M.'' 37s. 
Lueinda F.' 151 ; Lneinda 

P.'' 112, 191. 

Lueius" 3 is, 39() ; Lneins (1.'' 

389 ; Lueius K.'' 307, 393. 

Lucretia" 147 ; Lucretia- 341. 

Luev' 73, 98 ; Luev'' 89, 92. 

99, 100, 113, 122; Lnev' 

133, 154. KU;, 194. 21('); 

Lnev^ 2()5. 2(i7, 317, 331 ; 

Luc V A.' 147, 190, 238. 3(U ; 

Lucy A.^ 242, 264 ; Lucy 

F.' i45; Lnev F.*' 274, 278 ; 

Lucy J.'' 373; Lucy K.'-* 

377 ; Lncy L." 104 ; Lu('\- 

M.' 244;' Lucy M.'' 31)2; 

Lnev O.' 278'; Lucy P." 

11-1 '; Lncy P.' 207; 'l^ncv 

R.«270; Lucy T.' 154, 19s. 

Luna' 217. 

Lura L^ 3()8. 

Lurane** 272. 

Luther" 103, 104. 109-70, 175; 

Luther (J.'^259. 
Lydia^ 5(3, ()8 ; Lydia''^ 70,80, 
81; Lydia" 8(^87, 91, 90, 
99, 113, 115; Lydia' 139. 
21S; Lydia A.' 220; Lvdia 
F.« 334; Lydia V." Ill : 
Lydia U.' 2"()9 ; Lydia \V.' 
197 ; Lydia W.^ 3(.'»(). 
Lyman'' 92, 148-9; Lyman F.' 

M. Charloltc' 241. 
^[al.el^304; Mabel C.'' 380,398. 
Mabelle L.'' 402. 
Madeleine^ 358. 



Mahlon R.« 272, 3S0. 

Major A." 407. 

Malinda^ 329. 

Manning^ 225, 850-1 : Man- 
ning'' 413. 

Maralr^ 79. 

Marcellus' 230; Marcellus''* 265, 

Marcia T.^^ 307. 

Marcus'^ 85. 

Margana' 235-6. 

Margaret*^ 251 ; Margaret'" 416. 

Margine^ 61. 

Marguerite E.° 365 ; Marguer- 
ite IJ 372. 

Maria' 136, 138, 150; Maria^ 
321 ; Maria K.' 185 ; Maria 
E.9 396; Maria G.' 145; 
Maria G.'^ 260; Maria J.« 
243; Maria L.U66; Maria 
L.^^ 242, 321, 399-400; 
Maria T.« 244. 

Mariali' 217. 

Marian^ 213. 

Marilla S.' 181, 298; Marilla 
S.« 333. 

Marion li.'' 402. 

Mark'^ 411 ; Mark L.'' 382; 
Mark T.« 341, 411. 

Marrvette^ 162. 

Martha^* 47 ; Martlia^ 63, 84 ; 
Martha" 127, 232-3: Mar- 
tha'^ 287 ; Martha" 383, 408 ; 
Martha A.' 186; Martha 
A.« 263, 270, 316, 360, 419 ; 
Martha B.^ 163 ; Martha II.' 
152 ; Martha .1.^ 204 ; Mar- 
tha P.' 341 ; Martlia T.' 201. 

Martin 195; Martin'^ 113, 

195-6; Martin' 114, 196, 

307 ; Martin ]..' 192. 

Marvin' 87, 90, 132, 143, 242. 

Marv- 33, 48 ; Marv=' 36, 43, 

49 ; Marv' 61 ; Mary-' 70, 

82, 85; MarvS86, 103, 113, 
120, 122, 126, 129, 132-3, 
167-9, 207-8, 225-6 ; Marv' 
138, 196, 200. 225, 238; 
Mary« 249, 285, 287, 303, 
306,' 313, 314; Mar/" 417 ; 
Mary A.U62, 165, 169, 185, 
192,' 201, 204, 241 ; Mary 
A.«250, 270,288,312, 33o'; 
Mary A." 370, 396 ; Mary 
A. i3.« 319 ; Mary A. D."' 
212 ; Mary A. H.^ 235, 
346-8; Mary A. N.' 166; 
Marv B." 412 ; Mary C' 
171: Man- D.'^ 283;^ Marv 
E.' 140, '143, 229, 240; 
Mary E.« 254, 263, 289, 307, 
312,' 334; Marv E." 388; 
MaryF.U37; Mary F.« 316, 
351 ; Mary II.' 149 ; Marv 
11.^356; Marv J.' 200, 24f; 
Mary J.« 300, 327, 333; 
Mary L.' 134; Marv L.*^ 245, 
258,' 270, 308 : Mary L."367, 
392, 405; Mary M." 392, 
403; Mary M? 255, 256, 
278, 328; Mary R' 202, 222, 
343-4 ; Mary R.' 220 ; Marv 
S.« 257, 315', 340 ; Marv IV^ 
244, 287 : Mary W.' 189. 

Mason N." 406, 418-9. 

Mattie'^ 303. 

Mau(? 385. 

Maude A." 375; Maude E." 
261 ; Maude F." 3(i4. 

Mav V>} 294. 

Meiiitahel^ (>1. 

Mehital)h>^^70: ]^[c'hital)U>' 133, 

Mehincthon L.' 169. 

Mercena^ 211. 

Merev"' 36,50; Mercv*60, 75-6; 
Merev'> 73, 74, 95, 106-7; 
Merev''' 99, 109. 

LEOXA h'i> a KM'J. 1 fjx; y. 

Mildivd^ ;;ol. 

Mil.) II.'' llL>. It);; 4. 

Miltnii' is:,. 1112, ;;(i;;; Mil- 
ton" 2(il : Milton A.' l;;(i, 
247 ; Milton D.'^ li;'., i:,l-2 ; 
Milton (J.' 147; Milton S.'-' 

• ;-!7s 41(;. 

Miii('rv;i'' 111 ; Min(>r\;r' ;')7(). 

Minnie' I-ss ; Minnie A.'' 2o!), 
2()4; Minnie K." 2()1 : Min- 
nie K'-' ;;s4: Minnie (i/ 
2(v!; Minnie J."" ;-!14; Min- 
nie L.'^ ;!14. 

Minot M.' ll»<s, :;(»!). 

Mira T." ;311. 

Moliie I).''4()4. 

Montie'-' y>70. 

A[or,U'a,n K.'' i'uK 

Moses'' ;:?<s, r,7-(;() ; Moses' CO. 
(U, 72-;-! ; Moses'' CI), 7;!, SO. 
1)4-7) : Moses" SC, I)(i, lol. 
104, ir,4~(5, im, 172; Mos- 
es' io;;, 15H, KU, 2(14, 2()7- 
9 ; Moses T.'' ;-578. 

Monlton N.' lo7. 

Mvra''4U.S; Mvi'a M.'"24o. 2(i0. 

Mvrou M." 2(54. 

Nabbv" !);» : NaUl.v' KU. 

Nalinni''' 12S, 2;-U)-4(): Xa- 
liuni' 240, rJl^J-T); Nnlinni'^ 


Naomi' 211. 

Nathan^ .',(;, (il, 70-2, Si ; 
Nathan-' 71, 74, si, ss 1), 
102-;;',; Nathan''' 1)4, lo;!, 
117. i:.2-;], Kii), 207: 
Nathan' ir)2, 17,4: Nathan" 
249, o()l) ; Nathan I',.' s|. 
11(3-20: Natlian D.' ICii, 
284; NathaiMi.' 147. 

Nathaniel i'.»7 ; Nathaniel' 
1(;2: Nathani.'l D." 278; 
Natlianiel W.' 2l;i 



Neheniiah'' 1 1;;. iin :, 

heniialr SC. 

Nellie" ;;i I ; Nellie D.'" 117: 

Nellie K."2!»7: Ndlie J."2S0. 

Nelson" ;;;ii. los. 
Nettie'-' ;i7(i. 
Newton' ISO. 21)0. 

Nina K.'' ;;s:,. 

Xoair' 7;!, 1)1) lol : Noah'' DC, 

loo ; Noah' Hi;;. 
Nora L." 2Sl. 
Noi'iiian" ;!20. 

Noi'i-is ()." 201, ;;7o. 

Noves K.' 147. 

Oli'n' k;;;. 

Olive-' (111, 70. 74, 107 s : 
( )live" 110. III. 120, 227 !) ; 

Olive" ;;2(;, ;;2!) : oii\c \\/ 

iDo ; Olive K' 111 : Olive 
Ji." -SOO : ( )li\-c S.' IDO. 
Oliver'' 1 lo, 127. 200 1: Oli\-ei' 
W 201. 

phir^ SO, i;;o. 

ra II.'-' r',S4; Ora 4." 2S0, ;;s:,. 

rah D." 2ol. 

i-an--e' 20!) ; < )ranLic" ;U1) ; 

Oran-e \V.^ ;;27. 4()4. 
rin' !(>;!. 0»-<?«-<^<j>'^jp ^ g S.'-' 407. 
i-Iando j,.-^ 2S1, ;;s7. 
i-loir ('. 15.'^ 2o2. 
riiani'' 120. 
roll ('." 2ol. 

l-pha' 200; ( )r|fli;i I-].' 2o4. 
rphalr' 71). 
rpheiis M." ;;0(). 
i-riii'' lot), |sl : On-in I!.'-' 

;;7(i : ( )i-i-iii .M." 20 1 : ( )n-iii 

w.' io4. is I. 2i;:, (1. 21);;-:) ; 

Orrin \V." 21i:.. 

orvei I";;;; 1,4011. 

Orville' l;;7: ( )rvillr l>'.' 2o2. 

( )sear ]')." ;;<;;;. 
Othalia A.' 2^51. 



Otis A.M08: Otis T. 'MIS. 

Owen L.'-' ottw. 

Pardon K/' I'JO. 

Park D.^ 800; Park M.' 18."), 

29.S, 3()<». 
Pasrlial' 1()9. 
Patience'' 12(1. 
Pattv^' 382. 
Pearl'' 870, 377, 38;'). 
Peletiah" 89, 140. 
PersisE.^Slo; Pcrsis E.'' 81)5. 
Peter R." 1)6, 157- 8. 
Phebe 115, 202; Pliebe'^ 3H 

Phebe'' 81, 83 ; Phebe" 12<» 

Pliebe' 195, 218, 219 

Phebe M.^ 185. 
Phtt^be^ 205 ; Pha^be A.^^ 24H ; 

Phelps F.« 277. 
Philander D.' 805, 892. 
Philip 10. 
Philo T.'" 269, 378. 
Phinehas''' 72, 78. 
Pollv'^ 102, 103, lU, lie, 127, 

167-9 ; Polly^ 138, b")8, 194, 

215, 225: ]\>llv E.' 154. 
Porter^ 249, 868-9. 
Portie'' 369. 
Prentiss" 90, 142-3; Prentiss 

C.'165: Prentiss E.*^ 254,372. 
Prisrilhv'79; Priscilla E" HI. 
Prudence'' 118. 
Rachel 36;. Rachel'' 90, 127 ; 

Rachel B." 117-9 ; Rachel 

S." 238. 
Ralph B.-' 877 ; Ral].h C." 389; 

Ralph !!.'•' 389; Ralph W.'' 

Ray G.^875; Rav N.'"418. 
Rebecca^ (11; licbecca'' 79; 

Rebecca" 114, 115 ; Rebecca' 

198 ; Rebecca B.' 159 ; Re- 

l^ecca L.^ 300. 

Recomi.ense''' 128, 219-20. 

Relief'' 78. 

Reul)en'' 332. 

Reuel'211, 821-2; Renel^321. 

Renmah' 210. 

Rex et Ciuardio'^ 262. 

Rhoda'' 94, 95, 99.2()(i; Rhoda 

A.' 185 ; Rlicdii S.' 289. 
Rice 11, Hi^. 
Richard" 88; Richard P..'^819; 

Richard rx''892. 
Roa" 91. 
Robert 0.'' 405; R()l)ert P." 

Rocrei--' 389. 
RohuuP 80, 114-15. 
Rowland'' 115, 199-200. 
Rosa B.''404. 
Rosamond" 121. 
Rose''* 251 ; Rose A.' 249. 
Rosetta E.'"* 260. 
Rosiiia'^ 2()(1 
Rowena T.' 185. 
Roxa" 90. 
lioxanna A.' 142. 
Rov*^ 304 ; Roy'-' 369, 370, 385 ; 

Rov C.''373. 
Royal Px'' 404. 
Rozilla V.^ 14S. , 
Rufns" 90, 148-4 ; Rnfns B.« 

Russell A.'-' 418. 
Rntli"118. 127, 805: l^itli A.' 

190; Ruth C' 207 ; Ruth 

]).' 185; Ruth S.' 281. 
Sabra" 86, 89. 

Sadie A.'-' 878 ; Sadie E.'' 378. 
Sa,llv"88, 104, 113, 173; Sallv^ 

134, 206, 211, 217; Sallv'' 

818; Sally A.'' 405; Sally 

D." Ill, 190-1. 
Samuel" 24-9, 33, 34-6, 89 ; 

Samuel' 84, 35, 51-7 ; Sain- 

iiek bi^, 61, (59-70, 80 ; Sam- 



nePTO, 73, 80, 86, 95, 113^4; 
SunuieF' 86, 97, 114, 133, 
158-9, 199: SininicP 133, 
138,213.327; «;iiniiel'^243. 
329 405 ; Sainiiel II.' 167, 
2i»l, 285, 312-3: Siniiiicl 
II.''* 277: Samuel L' 3Lo ; 
SaiiuK'l L.' 199,310; Sarn- 
nel N.' 207 ; Saumol W 
158, 272 ; Samuel T.' Id I. 

SanfoixV' 89 ; Sani'ord' 139 : 
Sanfonl A.'' 280, 384. 

Sara G.'^ 257. 

Saralr^ 43, 47: Sai'alr' (ill, 73, 
74, 78,80, 81,82, 102, 107: 
Sanili*'' 87, 94, 99, 101. 113, 
121, 126: Sarah' 153, 172, 
LSI, 1112, 197, 225, 233, 
349-50; Sarah' 233, 243, 
256,306; Sar;ilr'3S;; ; S;ii';ih 
A.' 142, 143, i()2, 170, 174, 
175, 206, 213, 241 : Sarah 
A.**254, 279, 319, 327: Sarah 
B.«251, 275; Sarah C' 15S : 
Sarah C.« 279, 351, :;r.O: 
Sarah E.' 203 : Sarali K." 
259, 289, 32s ; Sarah (i." 
311; Sarah II.'429 : Sarah 
H.' 222. 237, 336: Sarali .1.' 
190, 207, 230: Sarah .I.~^ 
283 : Sarah 1..' 23S : Sai'ah 
M.' 140, 193: Sarah M.^ 

318, 330: Sarah W 151) ; 
Sarah R«31(»: Sarah S."25'^. 
300; Sarah T."' 231, 35S. 

Seneca' 139, 251-2. 

Seth-* 61 ; Setlr' 79, SO. S2. 
112-3; Seth'' 117, 127: 
Seth' 194, 211, 215, 2l(i, 
305, 326; Seth' 330. 4n7-S : 
Seth P>.-'405: Seth K.' 2i)!t. 

319, 328-9 : Seth IP ;5(»5, 
391-2; Seth S.*' 112, 194. 

Sibvl'- 99. 

Silas^' 78, 80; Silas'' 112, 122, 
191-2. 216 S: Silas' 218; 
Silas" 331, 407-S. 

Silence'' 97; Sihaiee T.' 155. 

Silvanus^' 80, 232. 

Simeou"' 72. s;',, •);;. 127 S; 
Simeon'' (i2, 128, 23S; Sim- 
eon' 209, 238, 240, 318-9; 
Simeon \7.' 195. 196, 30(5. 

Smith' 251. 

Solomon^ 13-33, 46; Solomon"' 
33, 46-8: Solomon-' 43, 63- 
6; Solomon' 05, S4-5 : Sol- 
omon"' so, ,s5, 11;',, 129 30. 
! Sophia'-' 3S3; Soi)hia C 279. 

Sophronia' -J IS. 

S|ieiicei'" 1 14, ItM) S; S|)encer' 
196, 307-8 ; Spencer" 30S. 

Spicei-'' 90, 144-5. 

Stanlev .i.'' 3S(;. 

Stella'-'' 3011 : Stella Iv'' :;!)4. 

St(^phen'' ss. 1 10, 1 1 1. l;:(; 7: 
Stephen' l;;7, 24S-i) ; Steph- 
en .1." 2i>7. 

Stewart I.'" 4111. 

Si ill man'' 127. 

Sullivan'' 1 I 1. 

Sunnier'' Dl : Sunnna-' 147 ; 
Sunniei- K.' ll»o. ;;ol ; Sum- 
nei' L.' 14S. 2(;i. 

Susan' 332 : Susan 11.'' ;;sl ; 

Susan .M.' ::i 1. 

Susanna' 00 : Susanna-' 71'. 
Susamiair' l-"! : Susannalr' SO. 
Susie' 140: Susie .M." 20o. 
SvKia'' 104. 175-(i: S\-|\-ia 

'ral)itlia' 23.'). 
'ramma'' S7. 
^remperaliee'' IM. 
Tessa \'." 202. 
Tliaukliil' 01 : 'riiaiikl'ul-' Si : 

Thaiihrur' 110: Tliankful 

B.'^ 121). 



Theodica^ 211. 

Theodore^ 234; Theodore H.« 

272,379; Theodore M.« 264. 

406, 419. 

Theophihis-' 84. 
Theroii C.''3.S(). 
Thonuis^ 67; Tli..iiias' 216; 

Thoiiuis''^ 811; TIk-iikis YJ 

2.')!): TIh)1ii:is IJ 140. 
I'll. M-i 1(1 ikr'= HI. 1!I0. 
Timotliv^ (il : Tiiiiothy A.' 

206, Mc; TiiiK.tliv N.' 140, 

TripheiKi" 2(i4. 
Trvplieiiia'' Ho. 
Trniiiaii'' 90. 141-2 ; Tniinaii' 

142,255-6; Truman . I. ^ 255; 

Truman M." 25(;. 
UlvssesG.^ 250. 
Yernei-a' 225, 34S-!). 
Vesta'' 40S. 
Viola' 163. 
VohieyC.'^ 27s, 382. 
W. EaA'mond'' 3S7. 
W. WiiiTnrv'*410. 
Wald.>B."2N5: Waldo ( \^2S(;. 
AVallace' l!l!», 311 ; Wallace'^ 

2(>5: Wallace A[.'' 3i)5, 417: 

Wallace M.'" 417. 
Walter' 370; Walter 11'' 37i» ; 

Wa]tei-F.''3S4: Walter G.^ 

2(i3. 3(')5. 
Warren' 19!), 311 ; Warren" 

251; Warren A.'' 378: 

Warren 15.' 144, 257-8. 
Watev W.' KK;. 
Wealthy' 145. 
Weleon'ie" 120, j!()7: Weleome' 

Willai-d'' lOl, l(;4-5: Willar.l 

C." 282. 388; Willard K' 

163, 281. 


William'' 87, 88, !-)9, 104, 138- 
9 : Wm.^ 150, 160, 167, 194, 
203, 262, 304, 314; Wm.« 
327, 403-4; Wm. A.« 242, 
28(;, 316, 366; Wm. A.** 
368, 373, 3112. 41(; : W m. 
B.'^251 ; Wm. ('.' 15(i, iHS, 
269-70. 310; Wm. C.'' 377; 
Wm. K.' 143; Wm. R'^24(), 
288. 310. 38!»-90, 395: 
Wm. K'-' 410, 420; Wm. 
F.'' ii:'.. 14!)-50 ; Wm. F.' 
145 ; Wm. F." 251), 27(;, 
359 ; Wm. F.-' 3S2, 31)3: 
Wm. (i.-' 370 : Wm. II." 
270. 272. 2X0, 334, 378. 386, 
410; Wm. H." 367, 31)6, 
417; Wm. J." 243, 3(;5 ; 
Wm. M.' 154, IS!), 265; 
Wm. N."270; Wm. H.' 172, 
289; Wm. R." 280; Wm. 
Ii.'-' 409; Wm. S.'= 128: 
Wm. S.' 240, 364-5 ; Wm. 
T." 321, 3(52, 401-2 : Wm. 
W.' 139. 

Willie S.^ 307. 

Willis K." 302: Willis G.'' 404. 

Winlield S." 273. 381. 

WinilVed' 301. 

Winnie" 378. 

Wvnian" 248. 

Za'ida L.« 272. 

Zel)ina'211, 322; Zehina E.« 
333, 402-3. 

Zelia S." 331. 

Zella ¥J 384. 

Zenas' 219, 334; Zenas L." 
126, 223-5 ; Zenas L." 352, 

Zerviali A." 26)6. 

Ziha" 121, 201); Zil)a' 210. 
320-1; Ziba A." 322, 402. 

Zilpah^^ 80. 

Ziporah^ 69. 

INDEX^-Namks OniKk Than Lf.ona 

Abbe 1'2;5. 

Abbott '2i)\. 2(ij!. 

Al)ell 2iu>. 

Absalom -'iS;!. 

Ac'kcrsoii !I2. 

Adams ;!(;. oil. l;;s, 144. j!<»l, 

i^r.i, >;i4. 

Aiiiswortb '2S4. 
Albec L')4. 'j;:;. L>(i4. 
All)ri.-iit K'.r. 

Aideii Hi. (Wi. 1)7. n;;. olm. 

Aldricli LSI, 2<is. 
Alexander 78, i»S. ir.,'). t^s:). 
Al--er 2yi>. 
Alien 41». ()4-:). (!('.. 74. lo'.i. 

127, lo4, 177. 11»7. 20;;. 20(;. 

217, 287. 2r>:.. 825. 
Allis ;m), 141. 
Allison 21(), 82s. 
Ames 3(:)V>, 401. 
Ammidown 227), ;:>,3u, y,J2. 

Amos oC). (I'.i. 
Anderson 2118, 2!m;. 
Andrew 2(.)(i. 
Andrews 242. 
Angel 17)4. 
Ano-ici- 181. 242. 8(17. 
A unable 2sr.. 880. 
Annise 247. 
Arminoton 224. 
Arresdale 8(1 
Ashbaugli 1711. 
Atkinson 22S. 
Attwood 883. 
Atvvood 148, 17(1 
Austin 104, 1(17, 171, 178. 

2S5, 287, 288. 

Aiiteii I8(;. 
A\("rdl l.V>. 

A\crv 70, s7. 142. 2:>8,. 818, 
87 i. 

AxtcU i:>:., i:)(;. b".7. 2(i'.i. 270. 

Avers I'.ll. 8S0. 
Avi-cs 28,4. 2(;!i. 8(;(l. 
Babbitt 28S. 
r>al)co,.k 284. 8:.!). 
liaciHi l.'iO. 
Badc.M'k lOS. 
Ba-lA 117. 
Ha--s 827. 

l>aii«'v (■>('>. HiCi. 2S4. 872. 
r)ain 28(1. 
I'.aker 12('). 187). 2 1 7, 221». 280. 

244. 272, 2sl, ;;7!i. 8.,s7. 
]>ald\viii 70. 7S. 14'.>. 1:..".. 2(;0. 
Ball 78. !)S. 
P>all(.u 2(»7. 
Ban<'roft 2S0. 
Barbel- CO. 77, i»4. 4o:). 
r.ard 8(il. 
Bardwcll 204. 
Barker K'.S, 211. 24S. 
Barnard 8,21. 
I)ai'nctt ICS.'nrs 147, l.".i», 17;t. 208, 

278. 2s(;. ;;<!(;. 417. 
r.ariH'v 128. 
U.-iriiiim '.'>'.'>'.'>. 
Barrows 1»7. 10(». l.')S. 
P)arstow 27, 285. ;;(i.',. ;;ii2. 
liartjett 141. 20'4. 255. 257. 

819, 828. ;;2 1, 8;;s. 

Bassett 2S. Ids. 121;. 1 1)5. 211. 

JKites 121). 20s. 808. 8;(4. 
Batron, 188. 



Battev 308, 393. 

Baxter 218. 

Beals 192, 19r), ;-;()2. ;!(t7. 

l')caiii:iii T)!). 

Bean 120, 1 <;.■), 249. 282. 

Beard 238, 3(il. 

Beanlslee 92. 

Beardslev 327. 

Beattj 91, UC. 

Bedieiit 141. 

Beel)e 109, ITS, 374. 

Beecliev 351, 411. 

Beedle 179. 

Beekinaii 155. 

Beers 183 

l^clcli.M- 132. 134. 243. 

Beldcu 92 

Belding 352. 

Bellows 80, 134. 

Bemis 151. 

Benedict 112, 193,. 

Beiiiamin 71, 72, 91, 135. 

Bennett (56, 114, 199, 21('., 

217, 329, 332, 334, 340. 
Benson 112, 195, !!)(;. 1!)7. 

Bent 14<). 
Bentlev 155. 
Berand 294. 
Berry 142, 32S. 4(»4. 
Besse 61, 80, 81, 195. 
Belts 264. 
Bevier 215. 
Bickford 104, 2(»3. 
Billinss 111, 136, 247, 309, 

316^ 394, :!95. 
Binuliam 134, 271, 27s, 4(»(*), 

Bird 140, 252, 293. 
Bi.sbee l.Sl, 22.S. 293. 296. 

Bisho]) 12:;, i>(;3. 

Bix1)v 31 S. 

Bhick (58, 92, 147, 148, 236, 


Blackburne 117. 

Blaei^tield 204. 

I^laekington 359. 

r>hnsdel] 170, 281. 

r.lakc 159, 310, 395. 

r.hiiicliard 184, 19.S. 

iiliss 8(), 134, 243, 249, 250, 

294, 335, 369. 
Blodgett 165. 
Blood 281. 
Blossom 114, 354. 
Bhnlwortli 126, 22(5. 
I liolton 183. 
lionnell 145. 
iJonncy (»3,. 22tf, 326. 
Boomer 317. 
Boswortli 82, 139. 

)onrne zo;_). 
Boutwcll 314, 
Bowe 333. 
Bowen 231. 
Bower 231, 358. 
Bowers 152. 
P>()wker 182. 
15..\vni:in 158, 288, 3S9. 
Bowron 264. 
Bovntoii US, 318, 39(:5. 
Brahl) 295. 391. 
Bi-al)v 257. 
Bi-aeket 121. 
Bi-aden 119. 
Bradford 16, 32. 34, 43, 196, 

233, 307, 325. 
Brakeman LSl, 297. 
l-iram.'in .S(5, 133. 
l-)rancli 71. 88. 
Bi-azcr 234, 359. 
Bi-ennan 102, 1()(). 
Brett 28. 

Brewer 190, 301, 323. 
Brewster 133, 165, 322, 373, 

Bridge 159. 
Brioi)]) 13(5. 



Brigo-s 82, 122. 
Brio-ham si. IdT, :',W. 
Brimmer 27."), -ISl. 
Brink 2()1. ;;7.\ 
BrinkerliolT 110, ls7. 
Britton 4ii. 
Broadheiit l:'M 
Bronsoii ;-!;!!. 
Brooks 27. Kii). 111. 144. 

2:.(», o7i, 4(>r». 

l^rowu ()8, 72, 87, s;i. 112, 

];;;:, 1B4, 188, 14m, 

155, 1(>H, 176, 182, 1^)8, 
205, 208, 211-2, 219, 
207, 271, 273, 280,285, 
o5l), 877, 878, 879, 881, 
88S, 41(i. 

Brvaiit 228, 820. 

Bnekliee 828. 

Buell 881, 40S. 

Bull 249. 

Bullock 215, 220. 

Bunce 211, 212, 826. 

Bunnell 800. 

Bnnt 298. 

Burdiek 294. 

Burkett 278, 8so. 

Burnliam 187, 821, 898. 

Burnside 2(t5. 

Burr 351, 412. 

Burritt S(U). 

Burrougli 224. 

Burt 140. 258. 

Burton 70. 

Bnrwell 155. 

Bush 88, 18(;. 147. 

Bushman 192. 808. 

Bustament 177. 

Butler 121. 205. 

Butterwortli 852. 

Byrani 25, 28, 88, 

B^■rne 278. 


Cain 857. 

( 'allciidci' 1 ( .'!. 

CaniiilM'll 7s. 1 12, I'.i'.i, 250. 


(•aiilirld 217. y>-WK 

( 'aiinon 25s. ;',7 1. 

CaiMiK n 1 |s. 

('ar|M'iitcr 204, 824. 

Cm IT N;;. 20(1. 


( "lllTIC 1 IW). 

( "arringlon 1 8S. 


Carrntli 140. 


(\-ii1cr 140. 


Carvel- 08. 06, 126. 225 (>. 


349, 897, 41s. 


Carv 11'8. 


Case 817. 

Castle 154, 2(i(). 

Caswell 141, ;',29. 

Catliii 10 1. 170, ;;5o. 

CI la Hill 2o;;. 

Cliaiiiherliii 155. 

Ciiaiidlcr 18. 1 1. ;;;;, ;;7. 8.s. 

i7s. Isii. •_'70, 800, ;io7, 858. 


(Miapiii 1 IS. 100. 201. 

Cli;i|ilii;iii 91. 101. 119. 140), 
1 ~. 1 1 (■,•' •'•' 1 " ". ~ 

I'll. 1 ( (.>. J.) 1 . .).•(. 
Chiirtcr 1 70. 

Chase 8SS. 409. 

CI i('( 'SI It i|'i ' 1 ■ >0). 

CllccsiiKili SO. 

CliCllcN 104. 

Cli<'>t<T 801. 

Cliild 107, 1 i:>. 11<;. 154. 199. 

201, 2(»5, ;'. 1.".. 

Childs 200. :',:>:>. 85ii. 407. 

Cliipiiiaii 170, 194. 

Cliristiaii 858. 

CliiiUhiick 284. 

Cliinvli ;;o. ;;i. ;;2. 

Clalliii 111. 11»0. 

Cla|.|i 12(1. 1 15. 151. 20^. .".lO. 

(4;M-k 10(i. 127, N2. 151. 150. 

157. 161. 108, 196, 200, 



234, 2S2. 21>s. 807, H21, 

854, 400-1, 408. 
Clarke 80, r>0, 51, 282, 278. 
Claycoiiil) 8Sl. 
Clefleii 274. 
CleveliniO Kll. 
Clift'ord 111, 82(i. 
Clift 171. 
Clyde 200. 
Ccxitts 147. 
Cobl) !Hi, 15(>. 
Cochnui 81!). 81)0. 
Coder 252. 
Coo-swell 150. 202. 
Colbuni 201. 
Cole 2011, 818. 
Collins 72. 08. 120, 220-80, 

C.)luiaii 112. 1!I8. 
Col ton 274. 
Colvin 107. 
Combs 200, 81i». 
Comstock 141, 271». 287. 
Conant (i(i. 78. si. s:), 1(J2. 

114, 157. 15!i. 172, 104, 11)8, 

225, 287. 274. 
Congdon 1(5<S. 

Cooiv 210, 280, 270, 82(>, 808. 
Coolidge 72. 
Coon f82, 242, 8,S4. 
Cooper 81. 

Copeland 104, 108, 810. 
Corl)_y 185. 
Corey 225, 848-9. 
Corning 188. 
Cornish 800. • 
Corn well 14.5. 
Corwin 145. 
Corwitli 801. 
Cotton 171). 
Cottrell 280. 
Conlter 888. 
Coville 181, 205, 

Cowen 240. 808. 
Cowles 187, 814. 
Cox 117, 200-7. 
Cojle 148. 
Craniond 248. 
Cra.iii|»fon 154. 



Crane KH, 255. 25S, 874. 

Crarv 244, 207, 270, 877. 

Crawford 820. 

Crofoot 18,7, 248. 

Croft 100, 275. 

Crofts 218, 828. 

Cross 108, 15S, 107-1). 

Crossiiian (U. 

( Voneli 18S, 251. 

Ci'over 218. 

Cl'owell 1)0, 148. 

Cruicksluink 408. 

Cruscn 405, 418. 

Cuihvortli 45. 

Cnendet 11)7. 

Culver 155. 

Cuniniinus 128, 2111, 881, 4011. 

(Nire 215. 

Curtis 00, 71, 78, 78, 240. 

Curtiss 254. 

CnsliiiKin 281, 288, 8O0. 

(^itiei- 74, 102, 107, 250, 280. 

Cutting 407. 4111. 
Cutts 2S0, 8S(;. 
Cuvkendall 171, 2S8. 
Dade 180, 201. 
Da'ilev 188. 

Dai'non 208, 201), 822. 
Dana 201,-818. 
Danloitli 128, 1112. 802. 
Daniels 251. 
Dart 171 280. 2S7. 
Dangliadav 841». 
Da\('ii]»i>rt 254. 
Daviess 848. 

LEO^\ 1 HI) (f ENK. 1 lA HiV 


Davis IS, 100, 130, 18s, 
145, 14(J, loo, loU, 184, 
211, 287, 815, 32(). 

Davy 278, 382. 

Day 1<)1, 272, 32!», 3s(). 

Dean 82, 1(>2, 122, 12(i, 
166, 182, 188, lt>l, 
225, 233, 305. 

Deane 10, 182. 

Debeck 237. 

Debell 178. 

De Forest 217. ■ 

Delano 120, 140, 208. 

De la. Noye 208. 

Delin 25^], 371. 

Delniotte 2n(). 

Delvee UO, 160. 

Dciiicnoiis 334. 

Deniiiaii ()3. 

Dennis 352, 413. 

Denny 18. 

Dc'usuioi-e 116, 202, 324. 

Denton 286. 

Dewev 335. 

D.'Witt 252. 

Dexter 279. 

l)il)l)!e 211», 361». 

Dibblehurst 120. 

Diee 373, 416. 

Diekey 263. 

Diekinson 324. 

Dikenian 138, 251. 

Diniiek 15(5, 266. 

Dimniick 231. 

Dininioek 126. 

Dix 257. 

Diyoll 174. 

Doane 31. 

Dodo-e 229, 344. 

Dooiittle 94. 

Dorman 215. 

Dot-n 203. 

Donglass 146. 

Dow 128, 240. 



1 )o\v(li(l I ( 7. 

Dow St 235. 

Drake 19S, 34! ». 

1 )iM|)ci' 225. 

l)i'(_'ssci' 253. 

Di-ew 164, llMi, ;;()7. 

Drury 152. 

Diiuakiii 3(12. 

DiuiWar 82, 112, 120, 129, 

239, 3()2, 363. 
Diiiicaii 23'.t. 
Dunk ley 2(l4, 315. 
L^u[iuv 341. 
Durlee 248. 
Durkee 201, 2(»3, 314. 
Durnt'ord 167. 
Dusoufliet 343. 
Diistoii 51 5."). 
Dwincll 1(»1, l(j2, 104, j:8 
Dver 1()8. 
Earl 255, 256. 
Kastinan 267, 2.S3, 377, 

Kastwood 320, 3! 18. 
Eaton 94, 21(;. 29.S, 331, 
Eekler 194, 304. 
Eddy 63, 228, 238, 319. 
Edgarton 15(5. 
P]dgerton 192, 352. 
Edmister 140, 182. 
Edson 29, 117-9, ltl7. 
Edwaids iis, 141, 217, 33: 
E-ulestou 144. 
Eld ridge 2i»6. 
Elliott"l73, 340, 31»7. 
Ellis 129, 310, 327, 330. 
Ely 140, 355. 
Emerson 73, 94, 230.314, 
Emery 395, 417. 
Emmons 225, 346-8. 
Engle 192, 304. 
Entriean 150. 
Erskiiic l(tj!, l(;5. 
Estabrook 325. 






Evans 138. 

Everett 93. 

Everson 285, 389. 

Fail-bank 153. 

Fairbanks 90, 14(3. 

Farington 115, 2o2. 

Farnllam 126, 222, 230, 335-0. 

Farrand 186. 

Farrar 420. 

Fassett 168. 

Faunce 128. 

Faj 74, 76, 107-8, 201. 

Feasel 253, 371. 

Fellows 361. 

Felton 78, 111. 

Ferree 144, 258. 

Fessenden 158. 

Field 63, 361. 

Fields 144. 

Filield 269. 

Filbourne 324. 

Fish 414. 

Fisher 84, 118, 350, 356, 408. 

Fisk 321, 401. 

Fiske 126, 223, 224. 

Fitch 171. 366. 

Flynt 74, 106-7. 

Foabcs 132. 

Fobes 9, 10, 11, 34, 35. 

Fogg 235. 

Follett 139, 203, 377. 

Followay 34. 

Folsom 321, 401. 

Foote 136, 139, 252. 

Forbes 90, 94, 159. 

Force 289. 

Ford 88. 

Forrest 218. 

Foss 165. 

Fosten 84. 

Foster 104, 174, 278, 329, 344, 

Fowler 252, 391. 
Fox 186, 297, 410. 

Francis 272, 380. 

Frank 180, 292. 

Freeman 70, m, 169, 177, 

French 100, 164, 183, 
239, 243, 250, 260, 279, 
306, 307, 370, 394. 

Frill k 243. 

Krost 110, 121, 188. 

Fry 109, 181. 

Fnller 80, 112, 173, 191, 
233, 241. 

Furry 400. 

Gage 109, 181, 267, 325. 

Gahr 357. 

Gale 96, 153. 

Gallui) 349. 

Galuslia 168. 

(iaiic 261, 375. 

Gautley 104, 175. 

Gardner 230. 

Garfield 81, 240. 

Gaskell 250, 370. 

Gassett 72. 

Gates 69, 277. 

Gay 200. 

Gaylord 98. 

Geer 133, 183, 243. 

George 81. 

Getchel 150, 263. 

Gibbons 258. 

Gibbs 329, 405. 

Gibson 111, 190, 396. 

Gifford 206, 316. 

Gilbert QS, 217, 261, 319, 

Giles 18, 110. 

Gill 199, 311. 

Gilmer 44. 

Gilmore 363. 

Gladden, 152. 

Gleason 185. 

Goddard 95, 153. 

Goldsborough 342. 

Goodenongh 356, 405, 

Goodman 419. 







Goodrich 272. 

Goodspeed 313. 

Goodwin 269, 378. 

Gordon 392. 

G orb am 93, 149. 

Gorman 340, 410. 

Gould 159, 200, 275. 

Gowner 156 

Graves 134, 183, 337. 

Gray 100, 117. 

Greeley 49. 

Green "78, 108, 169, 179, 183, 

Greenfield 145, 259. 
Greenwood 240, 364. 
Gresg 118, 136. 
Gregory 216, 331, 354. 
Grey 114, 158. 
Gridley 231. 

Griffin 144, 158, 272, 379. 
Griffing 299. 
Griffith 322. 
Grimes 322. 
Griswold 93, 152, 259. 
Gront 72. 
Grove 201, 313. 
Grover 222, 345. 
Grundey 258, 374. 
Guikl 401. 
Gnrney 311. 
Guthrie 110, 187. 
Hackett 202. 
Eager 141, 323, 399. 
Hale 158, 235, 237. 
Haley 264. 
Hall '38, 57, 59, 82, 103, 123-(). 

127,157, 166, 1()9, 195,215, 

218,233, 239,297, 333,405. 
Ham 192, 302. 
Hamilton 146, 156, 235, 2()8, 

Hammer 216, 330. 
Hammond 85, 112, 128, 173, 

193, 198. 208, 227. 

Handy ;!!ll. 

Haiina 352. 

ILiniiid'ord 3(10. 

ILn Ilium 1 67, 285. 

Ilniisdii 155, 256). 

H;ir;i(|(tii 225. 35 1. 

Harherson 92. 

Harding 144, 258. 

Hardy 13(), 236, 384. 

Harlow 130, 234. 

Harmon 306. 

Harper 119. 

Harrington 61,71, 81-2. 115, 

168, '^236. 
Harris 67, 88, 323, 402. 
Harrod 18. 
Harrow 411. 
Ilarshberger 119. 
Hart 112," 193, 317. 
Harvey 211, 332, 409. 
Haskell l8i), 22.S, '27('), 355. 
Has kins 212. 
Hastings 153. 
Hasty 289. 
Hathaway 97, 156, 232, 364, 

Hotch 139, 166. 
Havens 374. 
Hawes 310. 

Hawkins 164, 193. 2(;-l. 37<;. 
Hawks 78, 191. 
Hawlev 122, 182, 216. 
Hay 220, 222, 33S-40. 
Hayes 110, 188, 227, 23(;, 272. 
IIa'vs382. 416. 

Havwnrd 20. 17, 4S. CC. 120. 
Ihi'zcii 71. ISC, 205. 
Hc:illi !•!, 14S. 200, 2til. 
Ilcmcnwiiy 1 77. 2(> I. 
Ileiidcrsoii 403. 
Ilt'riiigloii 372. 
XL -red ii2. 

Herrick5(i, (;!t.7o. 71.72. '.Ml. HI . 
I-LmtIii-- 140. 2:.3. 



Hershey 287, 389. 

Hervey 123. 

Hesham 269. 

Hewitt 131. 

Tlieks 153, 192, 23ri, 302. 

Ilill)ert 248. 

Iliggins 93, 151. 

Hi if 4?>, 63, 67, 78, 95, 109, 
119, 164, 184, 209,235,276, 
280, 318, 343, 344, 360, 385. 

Hinch 222, 343-4. 

Hincklov 31. 


Hippie 260. 

Hitelieock 329. 

HoJo-e 408. 

Hodges 208. 

lluiWey 178. 

Holl'man 138. 

Holl.rook 152, 228, 281. 

Hokieii 112, 192, 193. 

Holland 209. 

Hollingsliead 311. 

II ol lister 182. 

Holmes, 34, 305, 354, 391. 

Hoi ton 73, 98, 398. 

Hoidc 185. 

Hooper 37, (S'o. 

Horslev 97, 155, 15s. 

Hosford 110, 187. 

liosrner 202. 

Hotchkiss 90, 144. 

Hougli 133. 

Houghton 241. 

Howard 63, 239, 272, 276, 308. 

Howe 49, 59, 82, 98, 103, 171. 

Howlaiid 245, 329. 

Howlett 286. 

Hoyt 238, 362. 

Iivil.l):ml 93, 181, 295, 312. 

liubbell 138, 180, 291. 

Hudson 61, 62, 80. 

Hnlett 249, 369. 

Hull 383. 

Humph]-ey 103, 172. 

Hungerford 332. 

Huniiewell 114. 

Hunt. 183, 22(). 

Hunting 119. 

Huntington 123, 219, 413. 

Huntley 135, 148. 

Hurlburt 145. 

Huse 270, 379. 

Hutcliins 229. 

Huttleston 208. 

Hyatt 303, 327, 403. 

Hyde 123, 140, 219. 

Ide 220. 

Ingersoll 140. 

Irisli 30. 

Irwin 324, 342. 

Isaacs 239, 363. 

Jack 392. 

Jackson 123, 149. 

Jarves 234, 359. 

Jeff ers 315. 

Jenkins 318, 353. 

Jenncy 198. 

Jennings 38, 117. 

Johnson 18, 95, 111, 142, 

149, 151, 154, 158, 160, 168, 

180, 190, 243, 244, 256, 264, 

266, 273, 276, 299, 313, 

314, 323. 
Jolmston 356, 386, 414. 
Jones 115, 143, 159, 202, 20«;, 

265,274,316,321, 329, 401, 

405, 418. 
Joslin 49, 323. 
Joy 211. 
Joyce 255, 372. 
Judd 155. 
Kebler 358. 
Keeler 139. 
Keise 110. 
Keith 18, 21, 81, 84, 121, 157, 

Kellog 171, 286. 



Iv('ll(>--,u- IH."), Ul>, '24;'), 2r)(;. 

Kciii]) o'iO. 

Kcmiall, '2r»,"*). 

Kcniu'dv 171. 

Kent Si, IIC). 2;!s. 

Kenvou 182. 

K('t('h;un ''li')''!. 

Kil.l.c ls4. 

KiinlKill 'is;5, ;il4. 

Kino- 8;5, ;5<). 7s, -jol. iM 1. 

8i3, aai). 

Kingman 7'.', I'i?, 2;!'.). 
Kingsbnrv T'.l. 
Kingslcy so. 
Kinne lo4, 24:!, 'Mu. 
Kinney 331. 
Kinsley 80, 232. 
Kirtlrind 2!)!). 
Knap}) 20, 88, iif), 137. 
Knihioe 174, 280. 
Knight 235, 237. 
Kn(i\vl(-s 222, 340. 
Knox 111. 
Knndson 107. 
Koch 259. 
Laeey 344. 
l.ak(^ 107. 

Lainl. Ill, 1S5, ISO, 403. 
Lauilierton 115. 
La nee 280, 385. 
Landon KiS, 290. 
Lane 220, 332. 
Langdon 157, 271. 
Lanulioi-n 207. 
Lai-kin 49, 323. 
Larned 243. 
Lury 101, 10)4. 
Laselle 101. 
Lashway 8<)0». 
Latham' 18, 0>2, (;3. 111. 
Lathro]) 120. 
Latimer 254. 

Lawrence 103, 100, 218, 335, 
385, 407. 

iiaws 1 10, ISO. 
Leach 30S, ;! 1 7. 
Lea\itt 1 IC), 2;;7. 
Lee 150. ,",0S. 

Leet 2s;;. 

Leiaiid 190. 2S5, 388. 

Ti(Mid('v 185. 

Lester' 134, 243. 

Leviiigs 3)71. 

Lewis 90. 92, l:'.0), 1 13. 245, 

2S0, 349, 35S, 3()8. 
LieiO 2()0. 
Lillie 247, 308. 
liincoln 144, 300. 
Liid<(iii 123. 
Lindley 213, 327. 
Lindse'y 88, 10s, 137, 138, 

Lindsley 324. 
Litehhcdd 414. 
Little 100, 274, 2s3. 
Littlefield ISO. 29:5. 
Tiiviiigston 10)1, 278. 
Ll.)^■(i 3(iO. 
Long 2O0, 2i)l. 
Loomis 145, 151. 107. 
Lord 3"(;, 138. 
Lorinu' 235-7. 
Love 342. 
Lovej'iV 103. 
L()\-e'hi'iid 139. 140. 
Lowry 150). 

Lucas 145, 10)(;. 259. 2S4. 
Lnfkin 237. 
Lutlier 200), 207. 
L\ man 20)5. 
L'vons 198, 309. 
Mack 147. 

Maekiimon 281. 387. 
MacMaster 118. 
MeAlpiiie 390. 
Me Arthur 29L 

MeAiiisier 2:;<;. 

Me r. I in lev 407. 



Mc-Clintock 92. 

McConnell 384. 

McCorniiek 244. 

McCrnm 294, 390. 

McCmic 204. 

McDoiuild 280, 3'86. 

M(',Douo-le 325. 

McGaffey 282. 

McGregor 344. 

Me 1 11 tyre 172. 

MeKn\o-lit 88. 

McLaiioliliii 289. 

McMnlioii 4<»8, 419. 

McMott 148. 

MeNuU 2(^2. 

MeQuadc 410. 

Macon 230. 

Madden 175. 

Makepeace 357. 

Malone.v 245. 


Manley 45, 177. 

Manning 75, 257. 

Marc-h 193, 273. 

Marliood 302. 

Marikle 178. 

Marks 183, 254, 372. 

Marsli 72, 73,89,93-4, 112, 313. 

Marslial 157, 331. 

Marsliall 138,294,407,410, 419. 

Ma,rst()n 67, 237. 

Marten 154. 

Martin 155, 200, 314. 

Marvel 238. 

Marvin 244, 329. 

Mason 73, 150, 285. 

Mather 170. 

Mathers 134. 

Matthews 184, 294. 

Maltoon 2(55, 376. 

Maxhiim 201. 313. 

Maxwell 2il5. 

May 229. 

Mayliew 208. 

Mavnard 72, 158, 272. 

Mayo 94, 15(i. 

Mead 379. 

Mea(k' 279. 

Meader 87. 

Meadows 255. 

Meaney 144. 

Means 92. 

Mee 312. 

Meech 80, 132. 

Meecliam 88. 

Mellish 190. 

Mengons 110. 

Meriwether 222, 336-8. 

Merriani 274. 

Merrill 279, 384. 

Mesick 305. 

Meyers 212. 

Mirliel 295. 

Midgeley 379. 

Miles 162, 163, 281, 387. 

Milliu-d 185. 

Miller 81, 110, 117, 160, 

193, 238, 254, 255, 309, 

372, 394. 
Miner 93, 149. 
Mitchell (), 18, 23, 60, 62 

85, 113, 195, 218. 
Mix 348. 

Mixer 82, 112, 191. 
Moessner 347. 
Mollooly 149, 262. 
Montague 323, 324. 
M(^ore 72, 93, 98, 99, 152, 

1(50, 172, 176, 335. 
Morey 216, 331. 
Morgan 131, 133, 348. 
Morfsette 324. 
Morley 91. 
Morrill 326. 
Morris 107, 152. 
Morrison 342. 
Morse 44, 45, 71, 91, 95, 

260, 275, 331, 374, 408. 







Morselle 3o7. 

Morton US, 185, oOT, ;>;>o. 

]\rosher 335. 

Moultoii 03, 83, 1^03, 315, 3'J:>, 

Mo\vl)i';i\- 158. 
^[iiir 2 ;»'('). 
ALnlleiis oljl). 
Mulliii.^ 391. 
Munger 145, 1(:)(>, 25! I. 
Munsell 205. 
Munsoii 150, 2iVS. 
Murdock 12!). 
Nash 71, 9(1, !)7. LSS, 22(). 
Neal 179. 
Needham 149. 
Nefl" 51-55. 
Nelson 78, 229. 
Newell 14(1 
Newman 111, l!)0. 
Newton 3(>, 38, 44, 45, 4!), 57, 

75, 211, 295, 322, 323-(>. 

351, 4()2, 412. 
Nichols 137, 323. 
Nickcrson 141. 
Nixon 121. 
Northrop 243, 307. 
Northru}) 213, 270, 327. 
Norton 259, 343. 
Nnrss 73, lOl. 
Noxon 107. 
Nye 34, 233. 
O'Brien 134. 
Ogden 228. 
O'llarra 2(12, 375. 
Oleott 141. 
Olds 93, 151. 
01 in 254. 
Oliver 3()0, 415. 
Olmstead 15(», 157. 
Olmsted 271. 
Orcutt 43, 4!), 04, 05, 7!», 80, 

84, 85, 12!». 
Ormsbee 170. 

Oniisl.v 144. 

()s-.M)i'l 1 (')(», iiyci. 

(!'( )sin( Hid 33S. 
0\('rli('r\ 2.")5. 
Owen S4, lliii, 2I!I, 2S2, .".12, 

33;;, 337, ;!l(i, 
P;i<-kard 45, C.;;. 00, so. S'_>. 

112, 121, 194, 240, ',172, 322. 
P;idd(K-k 31, S4. 
Page 84, 24(). 
PaWe 301-2. 
Paine 227, 284, 354-5. 
Palmer 91, 132, 133, 147, 178, 

313, 357. 
l^irk 50, 223. 
Parke 340. 

Parker IS!), ;;()0, ;;02, 38-"., 3i)2. 
Parkin 390. 
Parks 1^2, 15s, 272. 
Pari'ish 141, 27s. 
Parsons 107, 317. 
Pa,rtridi^e 18, ()!), !)3, lOO, 1(»1, 

137. '' 
Pat(-h !)0, 143. 
Patt 120. 

Paul 183. 

Pavn 13(1 

I'aviie 331. 

i^-illH.dv 31, 32, 115 

Pcarsali 40(i. 

Peai'soiis 182. 

Peek 120, 134, 2o7, 


Peckham 1()7. 

Peiree 120, 220. 

Penistoii 343. 

Pennimau !•(>, 107. 

Pe]iper 182. 

Percy 158. 

Perkins 38, 43, 47, i 

3, SO. s;; 

127, 129, 131. I(i4. 

Ills. '_>41 

330, 3!)2. 40(i. 

Pcri'iiic 1()7. 

JViTv 47, 41), 153, 

l(iO. 19!> 

2(»5, 2()3, 311.314. 




Peter 405. 

Phelan 3^0. oDT. 

Phelps ill, 1)2, loi). U2, 147, 

U.s, ir)2, Kil, lyy, 281,277, 

82!), 857. 
l^lnllil.s 8t), 45, (;7, (lb, 7!), 

121, US, 282, 2(;2. 
J'hiUipps li)(>. 
Pliiiiiiey 127. 
Pierce 60, 7o, 77, 87, 151), 222, 

285, 340, 800, 415. 
J^ike 817. 
Pitiuau 142, 257. 
Plaisted 117. 
Piatt 1)8, 151, 250, 370. 
J'liiiiil* 878. 
P..llar.l :V.\, 4S, 175. 
Pc.llock 278, 880. 
Ponieroy 117, 207. 
Pond 101. 
Pool 82. 
P.H)le Kil. 
Poolei' 101), 177. 
Pope 208, 811. 
Poquette 338. 
Porter 96, 104, 176, 218, 244, 

271, 310. 
Potter 272. 
Pottgen 21)2. 
Pratt 47, 61,85, 110, 118, 115, 

127, 180, 11)4, 201,225.282 

-8, 304, 806, 809, 353-4, 

Prentice 71, 188,144, 151,244, 

249, 395. 
Preston 384, 410. 
Pries 296. 
Prin.Ue 182. 
Printz 847. 
Prior 258. 
Probasco 129. 
Prosser 92. 
Pugsley 334. 
Pullen" 180, 290. 

Par])le 88. 

Putnam 121, 133, 217. 

Painsford 'ob'6. 

Palph 78, 109. 

Ralston 342. 

Uainbo 92. 

lianisdcll 205. 

Randall 44, 67, 218, 269. 

Randolph 200. 

Raiddn 841-2. 

Rasev 97. 

Ralli'bnrn LS8, 184. 

Raymond 159, 274. 

Read 189. 

Record 122. 

Redding 120. 

Reed 86, 147, 244, 255, 260, 

281, 387. 872, 887. 
Recdcr 387. 

Remington 93, 198, 304. 
Reneffe 82, 128, 219. 
Reynohls 31, 71), 257. 267, 

278, 378, 382. 
Hhoades 880. 
Rhodes 157. 
Rial 167, 285. 
Rice 49, 60, 72, 141, 209, 285, 

804, 318, 319, 323, 324. 
Rich 96, 157, 175, 17(), 189, 

194, 805. 
Hie hard 122. 
Hicliai'ds45, 85, 237, 283. 


chardson Joo, o 


Richmond 899. 
Ridgelev 839. 
Rifenhuro-h 295, 390. 
Riley 104, 144, 172, 257. 
Ringer 187. 
Ripley 78 95, 96. 
RisinL^ 242, 366, 367. 
Roblnns 148, 158, 254, 273. 
Roberts 146, 166, 178, 245, 

Robei-tson 198. 



H<)l)iiis()ii ()(,). 78, 75"(), }).-), 148, 

154, 2(')5, 800. f^b^, o^><. 
Rockwell 250. 870. 
K( nil lev 231. 

Roucrs 78, 158, 205, 808. 
Rood 155, 167, 28(3. 
Root 103, 170. 
Roi-al)ac-k 11)8. 
Rose 384. 
Ross 220. 
Rounsevillc 220. 
Rowell 129. 
Ruch 270, 378. 
Rudd 246. 
Rude 51, 13S. 
Ruf,w 162. 
Russel 129, 170. 
Russell 101, 168. 16,S, 1!!I», 

261, 296. 412. 
Rust 892. 
Hutherford 172. 
Rvau 218, 2«4. 
Ryel 278. 
Safford 7(). 
Salmon 169. 
Sam].)S(jn 151, 20S. 21'.)'. 26)(k 

805, 384. 
Sanborn 199, 272, 311. 
Sanchez 176. 

Sanford 104, 139, 147, 17<), 271. 
Sanger 152. 
Sargeant 117, 265. 
Saru-ent 100, 276. 
Sartwell 282. 
Satcrlee 182. 
Savage 6, 20, 23. 
Savers 198. 
Sajres 270. 
Scarl)()rougli 325. 
Scliernierl'iorn 192, 808. 
ScliolT 288. 
Scott 122, 194, 213, 804. 827. 

Seaburv 829. 

Searlcs SS, ls;i. 

S(\i\-ci' 74. 

Seliasi i;iii ls(i. 

Sechlci' 1,S5. 

Secoi' ;! !'_!. 

See he 17<), 2.S(i. 

Sells 197. 

Sesson 399. 

Se\('r;ilicr liil. 

Seymour 187, 247. 

SI la liner 857. 

Shattuek 211. 

Shaw 20, {\:^, liM, 128, 
168, 165, 209, 28(i, 264. 

Shedd 192. 

Sheldon 148. 

Shepard 97, 200, 819. 

Sliepardson 145. 

Shepherd 121. 280, 38(). 

Sherburne 279, 280, 385, 

Sherman 274, 899. 

Short 411. 

Shuin\va\' l()(i. 


Sime 807, 8!l5. 

Simonds 78, 99. 

Sine 185. 

Si sell o 808. 

Skanlon 419. 

Skill 112, 192. 

Skinner 327, 858. 

Slade 169. 

Slater 141, 255. 

Slocum 403. 

Smead 96. 

Smilev 284, 388. 

Smith" 60, 73, 80, 83, 91 
100, 107,112, 114, 121, 
127, 128, 132, "138, 154, 
191, 192, 199, 200, 207, 
218, 220, 222, 225, 240, 
265! 279' 801,^8 18 '824; 
344, 3()6, 379, 383, 396, 
403, 417. 





Snel] 128, 239, 805. 

Snodgrass 131. 

Snow" 115, 151, 205, 252, 27-1. 

Soule 233. 

Soutliwick 193. 

Spaldino- 116, 204. . 

Spauklino- 90, 377. 

Spencer 244, 258. 

Spendlev 215. 

Sperry 179, 201. 

Spooner .43, 107, 225, 233, 

306, 347, 349-50, 352. 
Sprague 122. 
Sproat 229. 
Squires 239. 
Stafford 14S, 262. 
Stage 92. 

Standish 31, 34, 35, 133. 
Stanhope 257. 
Stanley 202, 314. 
Stanton 56, 69, 133. 
Starks 155. 
Starkweather 69. 70, SQ, 88, 

Starr 299, 329. 40(i. 
Stearns 94, 95, 121, 152, 213. 
Steel 88. 
Steinnietz 291. 
Stephenson 321, 322. 
Sterry 409. 
Stetson 27, 111, 113, 121. 127, 

195, 355. 
Stevens 60, 69, 77, 198, 203, 

259, 276, 327, 369, 403. 
Stilhnan 367. 
Stockwell 160, 200. 
Stoddard 244. 
Stone 90, 100, 101, 1<;1, 180, 

209, 293, 337, 339. 
Stow 323. 

Stratton 190, 275, 332. 
Streeter 150, 384. 
Striekkmd 245. 
Strong 101, 139, 162. 

Strowyer 213, 328. 
Stubbs 192, 301. 
Sturdevant 148. 
Sturtevant 114, 196, 227, 228, 

238, 307. 
Styles 410. 
Sullivan 841, 411. 
Sumner 195, 204. 232, 359. 
Swain 288, 888. 
Swazey 204, 315. 
Sweatiand 78, 108. 
Sweet 168, 309, 395. 
Sweetser 236. 

Swift 76, 85, 127, 128, 226. 
Sylvester 202. 
Svmonds 100. 
Tabor 201. 
Tao-o-art 329, 406. 
Tahnad-^e 350. 
Tate 841. 
Taylor 84, 121, 15(5, 210, 211, 

265, 266, 320, 821, 348, 376. 
Teal 157. 

Temple 111, 121, 190, 211. 
Tcnnant 266. 
Temiey 73, 95, 220, 28(1 
Tennv 156. 
Terrell 109, 179. 
Terry 136. 
Thatcher 189. 
Thayer 141, 157, 215, 401. 
Thomas 81, 94, 149, 154, 1 ('.(>, 

178, 208, 217, 226, 227, 

2(35, 288, 828, 874, 404. 
Thomasson 222, 341-3. 
Thom])son 92, 118, 126, 128, 

149, 208, 227-9, 281, 288, 

238, 315, 355, 407. 
Thornhill 279. 
Thornton 156, 267. 
Thurston 190, 301. 
Tibbits 264. 
Tice 139. 
Tidd 102. 



Tilolunan 344. 

Tilhnan 327. 404. 

Tilson m. 

Tinker 71. 

Tinkhfim 115, 313. 

Tisdale 240. 

Todd 232. 

Tdlevton ir)0. 

Tc^ppaii 242. 

Toi-ivv 89. 139, U»(). 

Touruee 92, 147. 

Tower 2(54. 

Town 1(V2, 2 so. 

Towne 205. 

Towns 209, 317. 

Tracv 69, 70. 

Trafton 222. 340. 

Trask 112. 194, 200. 312. 

Treat 34. 

Trip]) 120, 208. 

Truant 15. 

Truein 27(x 

Truni]) 292. 

Tryon 337. 

Tiibbs 245, 3H7. 

Tucker 84, 229, 230. 

a\ift"ord 335. 

Tapper 200. 

Turner 184, 230, 27(5. 

Tuthill 241. 

Tuttle 90, 199. 31(). 405. 

Twining, 293. 

Twiss 2>)3, 315. 

Tyler 8(1 122, 149, 187, 21(5, 

Tyrrell 322. 
Upton 119. 
Underw(xxl 150. 
Utley 178. 
Vail 85, 130-1, 241. 285. 330. 

Vanatter 278, 383. 
vanBuskirk 263. 
VauDeusen 255. 

Vansant 321. 

Vauo-lian 232. 

Yauu-lm 206. 

\'idalle 324. 

V^iniiij^' 237. 

Vo^burgli 134. 

Waddington 239. 

Wade 91. 

WadswoHh 141, 112. 255. 

Wait 15(). 101, 277. 

Waite 93, 152, 329. 

Wainwriglit 172 

Wakeman 91,14().2()0.334. 1 10. 

Walker 112. 151, 1!I3. 2C.5, 

288, 323. 348, 390. 
AVallaee 38(1 
Walton 137. 
Wan'_:li()p 254. 
Ward 121, 227. 231. 323,35s. 

3 ( ( . 
Wardner 3ls, 39(5. 
Ware 121. 

Warner 179. 293, 29:.. 290. 
Warren 32, 72 81. 120, 129, 

208, 209. 
Wasldnirn 18, 38, 43, 45, (50, 

61. 62, (i5, 79, 83, 84, 127, 

128, 19(^ 213, 218, 225. 
Waterman 1_97, 234, 309, 359. 
Watkins 40 7. 
Watrous 294. 
Watson 178. 
Watts 184. 
Weable 256. 373. 
Webl) 11(». 181, iss. -Jli;;. 
Webster 7(5, HI, ill. 151, 

191, 257. 
Weed 197. 
AVelborn 340. 
Weller 88. 
Well house 38i). 
Welling 255. 
WelliiiLiton 107. 
Wells 172. 271. 289. 



Welsh 134, 172, 281. 
Wentworth 198. 
Weston 141, 254. 
AVetherbee 141, 258. 
Wetherell 73, 99, 209, 316. 
Whedon 171, 286. 
Wheeler 45, 109, 110, 112, 

177, 226, 295. 
Whipple 74, 103, 107, 131. 
AVhitaker 227. 
Whitcoml) 202, 315, 395. 
White 95, 115, 142, 179, 201, 

255, 272, 280, 318, 331, 354, 

385, 409. 
Whitman 112, 122,193, 298-9. 
Whitniore 258. 
AVhitnev 81, 118, 185, 243, 

333, 339, 367, 410. 
Wickes 289. 
Wiggin 118, 166. 
Wigglesworth 21)1. 
Wii'ht 121. 
Wither 195. 

Will)ur 112, 177, 192, 218. 
Wilcox 154, 265, 312. 
Wilkes 217, 333. 
Wilkin 389. 
Wilkins 27(). 
AVilkinson 219, 334. 
AVillard 207, 328. 
Willes 133. 
AVillett 265. 
AA'illev 282. 
AVillianis 43, 56. 57, 122, 126, 

135-6, 137, 166, 172, 218, 

248, 249, 278, 337. 351, 383, 

384, 400. 

AVillis 28, 43, 68, 156, 237, 

243, 270, 353. 
Wilson 163, 164, 252, 286, 

324-5, 334, 353. 
AVillson 96, 154, 325. 
Winch 138, 250. 
AVing 139. 
AVinslow, 156, 158, 266, 272, 

312, 336. 
Winsor, 13, 249, 368. 
Withenbui'g 92. 
Witherbee 38, 57. 
AVitherell 153. 
AVitnian 256. 
AVolcott 148. 
Wood 33, 34, 104, 114, 118, 

126, 196, 229, 231, 233, 

243, 276, 279, 285, 303. 

305, 306, 400. 
Woodford 169. 
Woodrow 325. 
AVoodruff, 91, 146. 
AVoods 38, 57, 162, 279. 
AVoodward. 51, 111, 219, 334. 
Woodworth 253, 371. 
Woc.lfolk 339. 
Worcester 267. 
Worthino'ton 144, 358. 
AV right 31, 104, 167, 174, 181, 

261, 297, 300, 375, 391. 
AVvman 185. 
A^ale 153. 
Yeargin 347. 
Yendes 137, 250. 
Ynuui^ 194. 243. 


Frontispiece — Mannino- Leonard. 


8. CoixX of anus. 

123. David Leonard, engraved from a portrait painted l)y his 

son-indaw, Cephas Thompson, about l^lO (pi'rha])s a 
vear or two later). He was then aliont 70. 

124. ^farv (Hall) Leonard, liy the same arlist at ihe same 

time. Sh(> was alxnit (>(.•. 
12(x Kesidenee of David LeonarcL (M-eeted ahout 17'^<*. ami 

view of Nipiniekit Poml opposite' tiie lioiise. 
220. David A. l^eonard and wife, ^fary (i'eirce) Leonai'd, 

from |)ortraits ])ainted hv Mr. '^riionqtson ahoul ISO"). 

when he was 34 and she 2S. (These ma_\' ha\'e liecii 

I'jainted two vears later hut this is douhtful). 

223. llev. Zenas L. Leonar(h engraved fi'om a silhouette like- 

ness taken in Bi'istol, K. L, while on a \-isit to his 
brother David A. in 1800. He was then 33. 

224. Ba})tist Chundi, Fiske Hill. Starbridge. 

227. Caleb F. Leonard, fi-om portrait b\' Mr. Thom|ison 

|)ainted in 1808. He was then 3(1. 
229. Linus R. Leonard from portrait bv the same artist in 

Aug., 1808. He was then 24. 
231. James M. Leonard at the aiie of 3<». from jtortrait b\- Mr. 

Thompson in 1822. 
240. liev. Le\-i W. Leonai'd. 
286. Hervey Leonard. 
288. Bowers XL Leonard. 
807. Spencer Leonard. 
350. Manning Leonai-d, at the age of 24. engi-axcd from an 

ivory miniature painte(l in 183S Wy (Icoi-gc L. lii'own. 
397. John Myi'on Leonai'd. 

411. CharlesH. Le..nard. M. D. 

412. Bernard A. Leonard. 







Elevoiitli line, Mercij should Wc Mari/. 

Fifth line, Brarnuii should l)e lin minu. 

No. 809, WiUian, should ivad \V'illi<iui CiiJ>h^. 

Under 929, Mar. If) should he \Vm: 0. 

luidei" 1147, F/riiir/-^ iS. A'//"/'','' should he ^'raucix S. 

Si I oil-. 
Under 1.S40, Si nix shoidd he Simp. 
Last line, {(Tlorcr) slioidd he (llnri-r. 
Fifth line under 1195, Lcm-rUr should be Lcrcrofl. 
Sixth line from the hottc^ni, Kxpi riiuicc St>>n\^ should be 

Ej: per I Pace Sfp/i'-J' 
Sixth line, Xp/Hp Wilson should be XpUie Tr/Asryy/.'-' 
No. 2539, Ezra should be Erza. 
Sixth line under 2076, JA/y/- S. should be Mar/,- T. 
First line /'Va^ces should be Fmnrlx, 
First line, strike out 17>>-f>. 
Seventh line, add 17S-0. 
Idiird line from the bottom. /.'/-S' shoidd bc^ 11^9.